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Does God Exist, Part 1

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina



  • April 8, 2011
    3:15 PM
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hi yesterday we came up to the point where we felt that there was a supernatural being in existence and the evidence was pretty strong we didn't do anything with a look at everything but for what we did the evidence was strong so let's call that supernatural being gone so does God have one named Martin of the many names that's the next question if he has only one name exclusive is a just one if you have more than one it's called the orderly some more than one world and this is what liberalism says all religions lead to God that different pots but end up at the same destination this is a statement by Debbie Hall God is in the world but with the Jesus month out of their little closets we should thank them but never return to them to understand God is to listen listen to Jesus and Mahomet and with the but don't get caught up in the names listened beyond them listen to God 's rest that a profound as it sounds I would like you to remember this to phrases on that's on the screen here listen tool and listen beyond will come back to the middle so pluralism recognizes not only the existence of other religions by their intrinsic equal value you see if they didn't say that they're not seek are like me would say that which is the best so if you want to say that all of the parts you need finding to the same conclusion the salable value will have to make the menu will have to make the claim that all of them are equal in their value so that not only valid and true but equally self but that's their claim to have to make again you you can't get away from that game what I did was enough where did they get that idea when it's anyone get the idea that all these different games equally drove above finally they land up in the same destination with its all that it is heaven or whatever you want a colored padded eyes out in all of them will go there so I asked number one op is not the ideal gift from leaving their different Scriptures so went to the different scriptures in his lead like to show you that is what is written in the difference the difference is Hinduism augmented by witches the court here is inside a another book and epic a big story Gautama hot pot at the end of the love you best known as the kind of cargo of the core up in the pot although it is not the only opponent of God viewed by song song of God is the description is that talk between God and a human petting him his duties this is what Bhagavad-Gita says about Krishna Krishna the seventh incarnation of God Vishnu but in some circles Krishna has really lifted up to the top level electrician SS and Bhagavad-Gita I am the goal of the uphold the must the witness to hold the Sheldon the most dear friend I am the creation and in isolation the basis of good so when I just go and read okay to this is all very happy resting precedent unless he enough on the introduction the bottom of the abundant than the one scheduled for the more love about you Linda the one God for the hold was the Krishna one hand one mantra one for the charting of his name that's the Hindu Islam in the Koran the second chapter in breast two hundred fifty five it is known of the coronation on legal advice of the Koran is what it says a lot that is no God but he living the self subsisting supporter of all his honor how much all things in the heavens and on his throne this extent of the key is being most high the supreme Buddhism this log got the top is truly the other hot artifact is a plus and was greeted the highest date of an agreement is truly identify the fully enlightened Buffington 's knowledge and conduct well-done boiled Miller on so I need a man to be vintage of gods and men though the definitive article the Lord did you see a trend here that each saying that they are the only way Judaism is from the Bible Old Testament on the profits for that said the Lord who created the heavens who is God who formed the island a lot of that about twenty others know I am the law then there is a Christianity for that is how many other names no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved you go to the writings every single religion claims to be the only way I have not yet found a single religion with says I am a path and of course that is also an alternate is equally good not new acclaimed to be the only way so hard liberalism get around it was with some people trying to avoid conflict they were not wanted about but short of the matter they were only trying to avoid conflict and that's what you're thinking around but in the Scriptures themselves of various religions you will not find any idea of an organism you find only exclusive is so in the heart of every religion is an uncompromising commitment to a particular way of defining who bought is or is not and accordingly undermining lacks focus and religion is exclusive what a story out of them to the postmodernist guru 's image and then assume about superficial tolerance negotiates away the ultimate commitment by which any religion government commitment is to say that he is the only way agreement is what they try to do compromise will agree you agreeing us all get together but agreement cannot be made without substantial compromise off or be aggregated a lot of examples impossible to say that one is equal to the other and even if there are lots of similarities even one in irreconcilable difference when they get all the similarities in the lot you can find a hundred thousand similarities between dual complex organisms only one difference this is called Hitler and business called Mother Teresa on anything but you can find a hundred thousand similarities one had wanted to live in an lots of similarities just one different in our mother to know even one irreconcilable difference needed on this matter so they are definitely difference evidently contains itself to be the only way now what shall we do we are sure that they're not saying that all of them unequal so inevitable been assigned each one is saying they are the only way now one of the options sort of options when multiple claims of the unmade as the champion I am the chairman within the law act as if was a no I have allegedly due options the first is utterly absurd to be said that autocratic and okay it's quite it unreasonable you can't have two presidents of the United States is only what one gold medalist even one zero zero one second you also that his gold-medal so all of the Salem clinic is not treatment all could be wrong that's not unreasonable but how do you say anything is wrong without knowing what is so here in my searching and looking forced for the truth I don't have a yardstick how can I possibly caused anything wrong icon I don't have a script in the reference point so I can't thought any of them gone but I would have to if I want to bring them and they're all wrong remember while one category I have to block the moment and say sorry I know you if you made a big game about going up multiview that I'm eating Angel gave him that he enough it's all on Armistead the juice in my salmon on the amount of rubbish country I have no authority to no knowledge no position to that secondly if I say that all of them are wrong is one thing that all of them I say that there is something supernatural so this got back-to-back condo that the gloom a previous session we just established that dating is something supernatural so I could not say all wrong I was left with only one option and that was the only one of them that is in the diplomat and correct when it says and claimed that it is the only way this to me about six months because I knew that in a free anger like I cannot find it and went through it not a nasty calendar of an intellectual challenge can you find any other option than all are wrong all are correct and seventy one if that are more than one claiming to be the only way I find that the only way the last with critics of this to me a very amazing crucial pivotal conclusion that there's only one good leader that can make unmentioned to let correct authentic game but it is the only way is one and only one way any questions if you use dining think about it yet houses of manifestation back is not housing denominator that the people of the estimated time from that country 's old I'm from being invention I come from that's all you wanted me to guess benefit emitting their manifestations there is one ultimate being called drama gremlin one fourth of himself with one for himself he created all that PC but all the other than this that they worship all talk about our manifestations of one how the triune God of being those his grandmother creative Vishnu the preserver and shoot the destroyer Krishna is the eighth incarnate of the incarnate of the barred mission the snow came to this in different forms starting with Moxie the fish that interesting story of Mono the first man loaded with a weekend and we can do so much that God has described the flood and so when the floods came Mono had saved his fish on the CD and rolled it in his own and his own fish tank and result big-name release in the sea and inland this thought came model got into the ship there is being tossed about so wildly I was going to be capsized in the fish came swinging by and got a hold of the rope that was type of the harem of the ship and guided in the safety that's the first incarnate for additional Krishna in a incarnate from the seventh Obama didn't have the common ones the study on ability one way that a lot of significance is the one goes with that if there is just one way then my next question was which is not possible way and at that point in a value if you have been really such a neck I was I was desperately searching when you come to that immunization that there is only one you get scared because of a squishy Oscars of them in that way RMI can tell that I've might be regulated at all and it's a frightening thing is that you think it needs myself that there have to be just one switches that way you cannot you cannot compare apples and oranges out of the top one weeks and months scratching my head how can I compare one with the other and then I really that's one thing you cannot compared because you do not have a yardstick there is no reference point and that is you cannot compare the doctrines under the business always you can look at one answer this better than the other so I had to shift out from the house looking at is Apple than oranges it were not for the known and understood by this impossible to say which is better but I might like an Apple Volvo U my leg and orange how do you compare those two Videocon on D bought oppose the absolute was nice shiny and fashion 's lead and I like oranges okay Apple is here I'm hungry and the orange which I like was on the Cleveland doing underground and when we printed up there already should load a little bit big black blotches on the skin holes inside the middle of the blotches and leaving the creatures began out there now and she was beaten and Apple knowledge needed to guide juvenile laundry in the right extremely easy but did I chose between the apple and orange I like oranges he got scheduled out of the caviar is not normally idea that I did not it might appear that I think that a nap already but actually I think between freshness and Robin still also when you go through these different religions you cannot look at their features human milk at what I call had remedied just feature that which they claim is the base on which they made their dreams of the religion that our souls and the I had to shift out the finer than that although what we would glove pattern it is our second brief features of the religion and find the credibility of that that is highlighted I will demonstrate you are sure you what I did number one I looked at them and said I'm not I can decide which is better than the other I'm going to call all of them champions run by look for the job in all champions that's what I mocked therefore a bit tell me something I'm not going to controvert them on the loss band questions three of them I will donate to the writings and seven of them I will donate to the flesh and blood founders him for every question I Oscar I will both of the right things on some writing that is friendly filled the religion and because of the response from my question of each of these five and see what happens I'm not going to dispute what they're going to say I'm just going to need on the table I live me that's all and I'm not fighting with anyone I'm just looking for the champion of champions if there is such a thing in there is not that I didn't buy such a vacuum up with nothing but that is what I do this is Holland going to do it on the issue for those questions but I must question was for the five religions Hinduism Islam Buddhism percent in Judaism classification literature ancient it's just classified into full tales legends myth or historical folk there is not that the state of the original story the main intent of this is to be interesting and bring out the next Memorial they know that the story is not true the trees were talking assignments my island but an animal development committee meeting they know it's not true but it wasn't the guy tomorrow legend is probably based on true story the changes creep in overtime exaggerations the superhuman proportions of these changes begin here the key point generations off of the actual story when there are no longer any witnesses to dispute the chain that is an engine it takes a long time to make an reelection centuries myth is so far back in history the generally accepted as somebody's imagination and how many homes what the PVR defense actually than ten thousand historical yet that is the state of story of the laws that are no significant changes local additional orgy ever free ancient piece of the digesting this nonhazardous game the question is all those changes or changes that that could change the story on minor changes and a close up of the even the greater the current credibility and other lifts this event happened here this is the story that happened the people made up the story the time gap between the actual story and the formation of the story and the mind is one then from that time and they start talking is called the old world tradition October the first manuscript that was written regarding the story of another and then from that first initial manuscript of the audience that is good we possess even about the focus of the experience give us an idea of credibility in the opinions of any clothes then the credibility of the historic city all that piece of all lipids is much better than one in with their huge gaps that sound okay because what I'm come to that what I did was I went through them and found that the New Testament appeared for a historical maybe we should just glad and that was the time I don't have one with me how much more time do we have looking at this is going to the removal that's okay find the the above photo pretty strong so let's go with this writer sees is getting more than handled assistant after the finals are accepted as historical pieces of literature in any university in the world you can go up the history department and get her MA and PhD is holding them so it is accepted look at the gaps to get it one was written in hundred BC and oh yes manuscript data nine hundred eighty a gap of one thousand years nonetheless we do not know what happened to the actual Latino for one thousand years had out of history nine hundred four fifty four hundred fifty nine and eighty eight hundred years after that I know that one thousand unit one news in the Elm in which you need to know what happened to the actual text and still we accept it as historical look at the difference in New Testament really is not as good to hear and was written around here for the gap is just about the and this is the gospel okay you know which of the earliest writings of the New Testament that writing dog all and not the Gospels and Paul came into the movement so the story had already been farmed by the time fall came around and in his writings which are dated within fifteen years of the life of Jesus they have found some tools which they have dated to aid the forty one ten years and on those illnesses Jesus be ascended one eighty forty one in other words taking the time gap that you require for forming a legend on the mythological story this book the New Testament has no gap at all got thing that gives as a credibility is the number of manuscripts you see about it three minus could land the school in the Netherlands ousted Lycan I can change all of them and nobody in the lead changed them and the text had become corrupted investment in all the chain but about five hundred of him when he and one in Canada when he named the Avenue Congo agenda all of them the Jango figured out that your jaded end of the connected you cannot corrupt easy a text that has many many manuscripts print out geographically sees as Gaelic wars is based on ten ministries worldwide have noticed John eight estimates are mostly the champion of the literature is homeless and yet Homer 's Iliad is based on six hundred and forty three manuscripts are you impressed that scumbag this New Testament simplicity of the New Testament did base based on six hundred and sixty four manuscripts will you be impressed okay it is based on five thousand six hundred six people and that is Greek manuscripts if you have the Latin and Armenian and dynamic and all most of them you know how many manuscripts back this New Testament twenty four thousand nine hundred where are these numbers and what is this a new seat don't let anybody fool you about the New Testament being a mythological story is not it has the characteristics of a historical piece of document visited in real-time video best of either method of integrating of the sheer number of documents but Feinstein do believe is the document of a variety of documents available to assist in a contradicted there is nothing in engine management evidence to match the specs to availability integrity no automation book on anything like a zillion bad people to estimate the respect and no unbiased would deny the fact that I've come not lessened substantially sound in the right influence of evidence on which address the fact that investments them absolutely on our parole to be alone among ancient ghostwriting ancient paroles right can not ancient religious right you'll thought the Babylonians and the soul man he has done them my hand moves and the Chinese and Indians of the Greeks and the legend of all of them on the table this New Testament will be the best attested ancient piece of picture in the world not just religious and therefore if you are going to be skeptical of their text of the New Testament that is to allow all of classical antiquity to slip into obscurity for no document of ancient out of the access of bibliographic and New Testament if you wanted you feel want to know cost aspirations on the New Testament then you would have to honestly deny anything up ancient history on planet when everything else has less credibility than this one which second question does stop frightening allow me to check it out in other words doesn't throw out a child I wish such that if I guess that I might be able to check it out for reliability and authenticity and credibility in the fair question I don't know whether they voted duly but just in case they might draw the same way you are check me out to me on this point Elizabeth accepted either this video can't take it out sending liberalism is unconditional underdone it beyond thought and word is no way you you can check it out just swallow it and expedient set of the expedients will be your test but I wanted to check it out first before I experienced it so I will be okay that's fine out of the something else somebody doesn't want to do it Islam PS industrial out a chunk pretty is one chapter comparable to all of my items to assist you do what he seems to if you fail as you are sure to fail in other words here is a test can you produce a book like the Koran and the number of businesses can you produce a chapter like that arrived to be produced in chapters like the Koran if you can good but I'm the initial Yukon because this was from a law I I know that that is okay in particular immediately to find some of the text that is the equal of NNN rent a divorce next it does not say what aspect of equal should be the doctrine should be the proles should be the vote for them should it be the poetry should be the should be the philosophy should be a tool that matter should be the description of God what is it that should be called it doesn't say that is a hollow it should be compared a point system I just looking at it and say look better of what number three who will be the judge to say that this is better than that a worse than that with the somewhat allotment in Saudi Arabia over the in the committee chosen by the United Nations of something only be me it doesn't say who was being judge the fourth one for the author box Muslim anyone language of divine communication as I I have in my leg VB English translation of the Koran and Orthodox Muslim would never consider that the Koran the Koran is the Koran on the Internet of the soulful meet is called the Koran out how to write it in traffic I know scores of my Muslim friends who would pollute with whom I grew up going to be when one line of new Jimmy had a big so I am out of that challenge the dire challenge is in the egg and has lost its universal characteristic a vague nebulous challenge that is applicable to only a narrow segment of the population is not a real child okay yeah you could challenge the foot on the demo everyone to see you come to the Judeo-Christian Scripture that put them together for the simple below that is the challenge that present your case and this is from the Old Testament presented innocent blood that them bring forth and show us what will happen to get listings to come show the thing that I forgot to get off and that we may know that you are God Netherlands I am God I'm writing a slip Virginia and insight this literature I'm going to predict and regulate you will see whether it the predictions come from Google you'll be able to check it out it's as clear as anything else I will make some predictions have I let Samuel that enables prediction anybody the printer that I will make him if Scott could be in prophecy meaning the prediction is that even of fulfillment is a separate event connected only by the prophecy of the same guy who predicted one to eight now connected that company a separate at five predictive prophecy some prediction is made and comes to box without any help from the source that predicted on the person of the computer you are right so that discarded big in prophecy the Scripture Christians consider the board and then you as one has properties sure you want Jeremiah moved at about five hundred six hundred BC this prophecy was made in about five hundred ninety five five ninety six BC he said that dementia become a key without an inhabitant than the previous line he said I would make her springs dry when you wrote this was if I am ninety five EC Babylon was the strongest city in the world that this is about seventy feet nine Max is now higher than one of them that went up many of the basement up to two hundred feet all brought with it which I could run side-by-side on the whole of that imagery of a meeting of the city draw high when you go to we want to overcome a city that had huge wall event battering rams of a battering ram this closet to do strong what you don't like it is a siege to get your obvious around the city and one of them come out the conduct of the foothills and the valleys and place vacant food so they get starved and they come up with their hands up saying we give up axis each wire would you not be able to release seeds really to Babylon is the Golden sidebar in that store houses there was fooled for every inhabitant of bad blood therapy up to eighteen years all whole generation you could not be a siege to Babylon Yukon hit the long you've got to try low all ill-gotten ACH and yet Jeremiah said this about the land will become a heat and become a place where there is no inhabitants do not have an unfair it was watered by the river Euphrates that went on the one side and came on the other side of the city Titus to meet game many said he was his little window whole world of his empire he found Babylon to be the only obstacle if I can get back to our B12 and butter the game with the zombies and tradition has it that his horse died in the bibliography lacrosse he got so mad with Bette Midler he said I wonder if they were right I want to run anymore with water a general visit agenda of the soldiers they got together and dog canals on the sides of bibliographies within about eighty to three hundred Canal bedbug and drained out of the water of you everybody over these intervals canals and I saw last the above that was dry Silas saw his way into the city on the domain that is how Babylon failed to know how long it ate it would fall one nine on the riverbank he had just dreamed on the water saw his way commodities armies they got inside their Nvidia in one night see what was what was predicted I will make a spring drop today he was a book of many images ancient decadent story and prophetic doom as the Abdullah and yet the actual visits to myself is flat hot two thousand five hundred years unique you cannot deny the day with your own eyes you will see that it is not inhabited it was predicted that I've often send it and right now you can deal and I can go there and see that is not inhabit even today how many such predictions do you think you would be impressed me to say that this profit is really happened somebody great how many would you think you would be impressed that I was being about I send others what you say somebody else how many do you think predictions would that would come to would enable us to vent out my safety simple as I was a prophet you suppose I was a prophet to end up like one him me is when I came to your home and meanwhile for the last five generations has only long straight hair and your family I'm saying that your son is going to bond with black and had at the age of four your son is going to be able to read all of Shakespeare's works at the age of twelve is going to graduate from the University with a professional degree how do you have twenty in the United States the butterfly stroke and when the gold-medal and identify the human blood of the field of astrophysics is going to window will battle cry what will you think if all of these came from just five William impressed no boy you'll want to follow me the vans of Vioxx to find out what my next prediction would be now just five another five didn't think she would spin about your the best man to think that anytime you see me the Judeo-Christian scriptures have six hundred profits three hundred and twenty two of them Peter Arnett and twenty two of them was about one individual twenty four of them came to pass in one weekend not your and not my twelve twenty four in one weekend man don't you think we should sample what is the Tennessean that these Scripture is way up for our big challenge was able to meet its own child in such a way that nobody all thinking fair rational person can ever deny they can check these things out on six hundred I was happy with twelve five twenty and recognize that there's something about the Scripture that is really impressive it is definitely historical it also is the only the only Scripture that has ever thrown up a challenge to the public this is the challenge you will not find another religious Scripture that has thrown out such a challenge anyway with big break for a minute I need to include a little while we have plenty of water hidden thank you yes questions excellent question accident question because then you don't that is there then eat something equal with somebody else or some other some other writing very very few and none of them made come into the classification of what he described as the addictive prophecy meeting these two events are completely separate born they can be ready fire for instance they knew the literature does have a prediction we are living today in what is known of the country over the age that this job the previous SR off the Golden age the wickedness of so much of it only said no to the Golden age coming up at the next age and in the literature but that is going to come anywhere from a few hundred to two hundred thirty thousand years soul was going to check that prediction can you see that focus of them that have gotten one prediction but it can't be checked the most scenarios in any event in the Koran as a vague reference to my car being idle Michael Medina being destroyed by fire but was a prediction made items made by them the writer was who was a native of the other one spoke of the Koran mom okay Mama then actually made but about prediction of a large range of the agreement Republican and here's why it is not so credible because opting in the prediction that I could make a mecca would be destroyed with his army and destroyed so it came to but you don't attach the credibility author prophecy when you yourself do what Jeopardy the accident affected by the job it would not have gone there can have been beaten back to the fifty by the job but again is not called to do prophecy because they're not separate it some very good question you do not really find it yes regression again unfortunately the Koran which is in once and historical because of the many goals for the life of a month and that's hard to counterfeit knock them on the fly with the next for who knows what all caliphs the Golden age of the Muslim faith by the counterfeit before the Caliph was one long getting old monsoon rain on me who would be the fourth caliph Akil is with one of corrupting the text of the Koran so months in a not gone behind I'm not only the temporal ruler I most of the lunar of the Muslims lie I can't have this accusation against me so he instituted a committee goal and find out what the correct text should be and bring it care so these scholars excellent scholars they went out into the community country after country I'm picked out all the what they destined as deal at Dick stories regarding Mohammad 's revelations regard on monkey event on the basis and come highly back into the authentic Koran and brought it to with mine on unfortunately what with one bid was that and destroyed everything yes so we had no idea I cannot best and inability to distribute it and we don't have a number they destroyed everything with the quest seven when dealing with this half and I knew this is really to his name the same thing Sophie is an is the is a mystic form of Islamic faith Sufism has its own set of writings now Seo can't remember them of the Koran state of the Koran as a central piece of literature of the Islamic you have lots of other things lately having to Shetty do you know many of you have denominations of competent groups of Christians thirty three thousand so we're not dealing with off to bang your head against along with a few being adoptions take the main one yes so the question that an agreement talk about some vivid detail stuff here I'm I'm making a case photo of a broad foundational issue that saw this respond by saying that yes though the Koran does talk about the Sabbath and thus talk about the person 's ability beside the bed being coerced and like I said that's a very good beginning question I don't know how she was committed by that but for the corridor they damaged the initial Google as Friday the day of the most in this Friday not this so that's a holiness Friday Saturday and is not Saturday but we will discuss that on the seventh day no Saturday knowledge on related to do things the database agent let's quickly finished this piece do with it we'll see if we can go through to one of the question asked now for the found what Diaz went for the literature connected you out founder in the first question asked what the highs then you make this out Stavanger when it came to be in those this limit does not founder is one of the authors and that's all they had authors of those little doubt then to check on the highest game they made for themselves XC assayed in the ready to be an individual in society was known for his wisdom and knowledge counsel employees and piety with his mother with us that he would enlightened one Islam moments in who the scene of the profits Judaism was that he is a prophet in a long dealer and bought in Jesus is the son of God as you have the government Inquirer the line is drawn here all of these are human in the claimant said he bangs you hard with your and the Inquirer everyone claims to be something that we all can relate to this in all human can relate to because it belongs to another realm so you have the right with my perspective she will directly me you will need like me you run to the top of the shop and struggled from morning to evening and I know how much of the hands you make the film a man any letters of God the company of my income yours but the lifeless question what kind of the picture is this it's not written in the mythological interest it is not written in the legendary literature is written in the most authentic historical basil vintages here I have unable blacks of the guys game as God unable to thought him on the goods within the method of introducing the Jewish historical not what do I do I'm not a fan I can't throw it out I go to be honest I can't be in the smoke does make anybody else the only way I the enough adjusted was the final one people who are humans sunblock had order liar immediately the lad have to be pathological in quantity but I megalomaniac is not when the men of the unit was some great thinkers in the media quote somebody we don't usually quote in intravenous matters he was one of the world first Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled they told him can you consider that some of you innovative ideas about who is Jesus added I will benefit beginning of the Isabella what he wants to do that in with him and what he spoke about those days not just consider him okay lots of time exiled for McNeilly about him when he finished reading and listening to those who said there was such a person does what he said everything in crisis punishes me in your effort to look at the exam everything about me everything remained grand Dragon which overpowers and neither history nor humanity now ages nonmajor offer me anything with which I'm able to compare directly yet everything is extraordinary monogram easy talk about use with event local Colombian law level across him the greatest within the spoken so you can't call him back because people have been astounded with a combat at the and a higher level of thinking of is my was he a liar not selected because of this and had been five they asked him to simply deny without you have a overview the son of God uses new with the June he knew that all raw he knew that anybody was a human being who claim to be God will give the ban on blasphemy and would be stoned to death knife in in the enough and try out would you like to bring some salt and food to look for evidence to escape the death sentence and not suppose you knew he was guilty but if your attorneys said that I can save you from the Gala or at least would you remember that because I like my human being truly blessed in that sentence you mainland risotto falsehood to ask the next sentence but nobody in his right mind would barely alive to bring on that sentence five on Wednesday night I didn't do that but the judge want me to say that if you don't mind my day life imagine I'm going to say I'd I did I didn't come it at the moment and go hang how much sense does that make it the psychological burden you cannot cross this man truly believed he was the last of God and he died for I don't know whether he really was but I know he partly believed it from the depths of his heart and app us who believe as it would be like on a Latin American mistaken but not a life of lies everyone knows is the truth and does not save but doesn't know that is not the true princes megalomaniac bandwagon again was a megalomaniac who call themselves gone the pharaohs of Egypt and the seasons of home they said they read lots that humans and there sat on the throne abolish bishops they wouldn't do it gathered around but this last one day he washed the feet of his disciples let up on the seventh that is not the picture of a person drunk with power no you sit on the throne if you are a megalomania you don't wash feet and so I couldn't run and any of the three Matt liar in a megalomaniac so maybe truly died on the but this is what CS Lewis said nipple interested in trying it relented on its innovative footage and people often say about unredacted views of the great moral the beach but I don't accept his name to be gone that is the one thing we must not say a man who was merely a madness of this RFA do this and would not be a great moral teacher he rather the unknown of a gun and out of the match was available at a order has forgiven him and him you must make a choice either this man wanted in the son of God or as a madman or something worse you can shut them out before you can spit at him including the demon Oregon followed if you go on and on and on bananas not come up with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher he has not met he did not intend to NEC before something reasoning you cannot thought and amoral would-be Morabito because the accordance of God because he does not a lot at the trilemma dynamite trilemma liar lunatic or not so can you see and read that you can so here we are faced with this lesson I like is that I'm not good this field will gather thing each of them said what they wanted nobody stop them from saying available on either stop mobile something he is God then why did he say he was God I do thought momentum thing is most a lot know when this learns that he was God said his aim section about competing confirming everyone else innovating I can't dispute is my kind as to any of the other games I've had all of the any of the others and they invited me inside this and recognize that this game is different five speed different and also like dismissing second question lasting for this evening what was the message Emily Lyons MS is an impression when it comes to Hinduism it was just saw the red argument for that the marketing budget of the human populace a sword into the soup is one of the month Buddhism for enlightenment I was born for the good of all that live by the island lack nothing to help you get like for Muslims the Koran of infallible word of God revealed to the Prophet Mohammed by the angel Gabriel so I must message and mission was to bring the word of God for the human family Judaism is a level keep my statutes and judgments which amount that he shall live Somoza 's idea was to bring the statue of the rules commandments of God which of you think of the date of feelings was that no other hologram are you and I think I have been you only founder who claim to be identical with his message and they are about hunger said I will show you the truth he said I am every other found is that I will show you the way he said I am every other found is that I will show you the light and actually hold to get enlightened he said that we join and right I am the ones I have are substantively unique there is no other phone no whoever dared to say I am the message every other founders has real-time bringing your message this is the only founder with it I have come as the message in every religion you are introduced to rules and doctrines and philosophies this is the only religion regular interviews to a person not that idols and doctrines that are from philosophy Zen and tennis of belief but this is the one place where you will find that everything else is secondary to a purse sat as but not have a little attention how come he said I am because probably not yet I'm thinking ontologically if he was on this round then he would bring something that aisles would bring if I had the opportunity but if he came from another ground and if he came as a babe then he would have to bring weathervanes bringing in himself he can ask anybody else think I'm going anyway he have to bring it in seconds it is a lying with his previous statement that have come from another room I am from the relevant broad and so when I came from the download blog I brought the message in mice have and therefore I am message to comparisons with God got gobbled that these of twenty nine went on a search for truth six years he looked for two beat himself up nail on the pop-culture forms five stand sometimes he would fast for a link from Central league with only one grain of rice are I know I can see that her gait only in yes he was he would doubt how he would pull out a batter of his beard and hair of his head such a spread is such a polite finally after six years one night in a town called bald guy out under the ficus tree he came to be enlightened in four successive steps desperate search like a bad bad with the name of this man there was never any desperate search for light he never beat himself up in ever smacked himself never went on the horrible such letters you know I thought he was looking forward like he's increased adaptive equipment that I am whoever was looking for whatever they called night I'm the second out of the question the second competitiveness is with moment out of RBS six twenty eight the monument was on one night physicists call that etc. night Jenny is supposed best options have as one of the key profits of a law that he was taken up their one night from it your sleeping was woke in the angel Gabriel and put onto the heavenly horse broke and was taken from the cup of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem when he landed at the Temple Mount there was a letter it had seven parts because each spot would take him to the heavens the seven heavens and a lot of sides in the seventh heaven each heaven as recited over by a profit was John the Jake of the genes that Abraham all know you may not understand dual .net vote act which a lot well and then came back and then when he recited his Expedia is the next day to the people doesn't surely one of the scene of the profits you went up to along level and came back yes that's big but like I said I'm not going to controvert them very well probably you went up to the seventh read a lot lot else about that within this meant the place the story of Mohammed in the confession simple confession like you in mind that if we knew he and if we went there they would have to go there for a visit so that is mama 's confession he was in NZ here this is his home and he went to heaven for a visit the claims of you is exactly the opposite he lives there came here for a visit so the origins and the direction of travel is that the opposite now who know more about the truth of Cuyahoga Springs somebody who needs here or I who came for just a few hours here describe to you the link in the greatest detail what fish live in that name the one who knew cool has the right to read anything new the julep from its alternate source the one who names where the ultimate source to cite are you with me say that is home that's when demands than he knows most about that they think anyone you can go on for a visit but what you will know is what you get in two hours that there you will not name you will not be addressed have based on real foundational truths of these not that belongs to the presently knew there was born that will so this was me describe a claim that is very heating air me setting himself up from a knee of a claim on our we have not looked at some of the others lack of time with little closer amount of giving you some idea that if you want to search him and him with an inquiring mind and really awesome the question that don't pick sides that all men giving the dogs is just as they want to put it side-by-side you have no option but before move Malan that is described in this book we are are you making your images and yes you include them for this book is always yes that's the book that some over they had the last time a one-man ministries so what I've been told by the base I decide elimination of being dollars for each of those books there there is tossed the fifteen dollars into the box there is no combo box that can pickup your copy one on that I have said and the holding thank you and you have two hundred nine hundred and one quick question yes but going the other world the leaders of these other world religions you have any idea I know it's just speculation but all you knew no different than honestly making big gains for therefore themselves to making their honest feelings so I'm taking them as if they made an honest game that's how I look at it every one of them made an honest game as to what DVD poppy were and so I cannot business his game of the dishonest game now because I didn't and I think everyone is almost saved by bringing them I should leave him till I need to being all of them than one stands out like a rock of ages you about helping that straightforward thank you heavenly father in your wisdom you understood how we would ask how we would surge I will be troubled because he didn't have enough evidence as they are based as evidenced within our region I thank you so much that we can look at them with a fair inquiring mind and we can be drawn drawn beautifully to your feet and understand that this book the Bible Lagoon is is unique book that can be cannot be equaled by any other book on and it talks about Jesus still be unequal the Prince of princes this is prayer in his name amen


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