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  • April 9, 2011
    3:15 PM
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even the last today so far a man you know we're doing something new we tried it out at our last camp and it was such a success that we decided to do it again on how many of you comments Utes type of meetings and there is usually a question and answer July be question-and-answer and the speakers are on the panel and you get to ask them all kinds of questions which change it around just a little bit before I tell you exactly what were doing you now our family with driving one day in the car and I'm always asking Ivorian you know Bible questions and I finally was like you know what I need to go deeper and study deeper for myself I need to be able to explain it for myself if somebody called me and asked a question and it's too hard I quickly say hold on the math meta- and Tina one day he may not be there I need to know it for myself and so we were talking in the and in the car one day with optional wind that be fun to do that at Army Bible can do like a courtroom scene selling on a courtroom you have well you use it I have this big of a team of prosecutors but we have a big team of prosecutors here you have a judge and then you have those who are called on the witness stand we were reading a devotional one day it was for prayer meeting on the prayer life are the worship height of the remnant at that the chapter something like that and they were just saying how you'll have to did the danger they children will have to defend their faith and you will not you may not even have a Bible fair to refer to and you will not have your pastor or your elder to call or teenagers your parent be with you you hope they won't be with you will have to stand there and defend your faith on your own and so we are going to do a mock trial this afternoon and you guys are on trial be excited it's a lot of fun you'll be years believe it or not you're going to be able to answer some of your questions and some of them you may not be able to answer but that will sell you that you need to go home and study the brain we all need to do that under the rules of our trial you if you think what could happen is one of the prosecutors and come up and ask a question and it's their doctrinal questions write correct all doctrinal questions okay and if you think that you know the answer you cannot just raise your hand and give the answer you have to prove it from the word of God so you have to come up here will choose you you come up here to bring your Bible and you can give your answer and then proven from the word of God why that's your answer so again you cannot get say what we've always heard growing up at Adventist because I know in my youth that little class we do this the kids know all the right answers that they work in improvement in the Bible and they don't know where to go sell it you raise your hand be ready to have to proof in the Bible if you don't get the question right will give somebody and a chance to do it but we only get two chances chances per question is pretty self explanatory I'll just say no to come up with the best to come up here Taylor is acting as our famous but it is time every courtroom have to have attached that this time we would like to Honorable David Stewart to the bench him the Supreme Court for the state of Georgia is now in session him to the steward was that I may left Taylor is wrong Sergeant has just challenged you in the back he said if you don't need a real bailiff know he's a sergeant in Ventura County will wait to the sunset urine will talk about how I think it all right now this is like most public courtrooms it was probably built by the lowest bidder so that's too hot or too cold I apologize you in the best we can understand they left Taylor that you have summoned our maybe head hauled into court approval of Christians today is that true this writer on the role here present and I understand that the rulebook that they live by they claim to believe is the Bible is that correct is correct Your Honor well first Peter three fifteen says be ready always to give an answer to every man ask if you are reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear so today we have on trial this group of Christians Allah they can defend their beliefs according to the rulebook that they purport to live by is that correct is correct Your Honor and in front of us we have a panel of distinguished prosecutors here in the state of Georgia one two three four five six seven are you folks a match against seven skilled prosecutors hi oh yeah okay we'll see it's already wrong answer Your Honor I'd like to call it the first prosecutor would just go ahead and go in order since I'm not very well with the spring of the first prosecutor Ira Myers here do you have a question Mister prosecutor deciding I understand that you at Seventh-day Adventists believe that 's south is on Saturday is that correct I like that to your Bibles to accept the twenty acts chapter twenty please open your Bibles to twenty the Bible says in verse seven August first day of the week when it finally came together to break bread Paul treats other than regular part of the model and continued his speech unassuming this verse is evidence that the service can something the first of every Saturday the answer to the charge zero witness who would like to come forward to to answer the question posed by man would you please volume you can stand behind output arteries please state your name my name is Claire Anna they go you have a criminal record is that okay measure against the question him he was accepted to and that is what he wanted what Aziz says then they that gladly received his web about five in the same date added that about three thousand souls and it continues than five beneath a postdoc in the ability to make their bread and impress Anna said that I went from being a species and a continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house to eat the meat and blood oozing with hot celebrating bread said each day we interview with Heather that was my evidence is the system the fifth him to present a sufficient answer for you a question that is going on him to the far right Doctor blended is our next prosecutor of you know your owner that way the devious bunch I found them to be reviewed Austin to open the Bible it might missed you around so that the Aspen something about the Bible with your permission yes Jesus was a completely fabricated figure the old religious leaders fall back story on what was in his mouth and made into a book because they wanted to have the power and the community so that they could twist the conscience of the people and subjugate them so my question is very very direct and simple if I said I'm telling the truth and if you asked me why and if I set you said it would not be circular reasoning yes so I would like the somebody why would they say Jesus ever existed by some solid evidence up on from what they hold in their other Judeo-Christian scripture times when a minute wait a minute the only questions from the audience have to come from the witness stand are you prepared to come forward and answer this man's questions yes or no yes or no yes come forward please with the record reflect he just took off his jacket is no fighting around this courtroom high day please take your name Angela have a criminal record we don't answer that have to discuss it does the credibility don't count anyway would you please answer this man's question that is under that being that I'm answered that the viewer by other than I than the Bible I just said if you say you're saying the truth and I say why is it because I said so that is circular reasoning so if you agree that the BR Bible and say that the Bible that is circular reasoning okay give me some historical evidence outside the Bible outside you are right about my mother and I him and him LOL out by the preorder yours on Angela don't split hairs that he wants extra biblical support to validate and verify in some way verify that Jesus Christ is a real historical figure okay well on according to the history books that I say easy about school date is those that think that there was Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified on a cross you have the reference O'Reilly just guessing on this is a court of law leaders thank you it is going to show government and private water Your Honor if he does not have any evidence let him say so no evidence of not add no evidence as no substantial evidence at this point eventually thank you thank you for trying down this farmer well Your Honor there's a couple that you think of the prisoners Josephus who was a Jewish historian and a second one is that a Roman historians think his name is characterless I can remember how to say it he calls Jesus Kreis destiny was that he was crucified by Pontius pilot phase two one was again following that you can continue asking if you satisfied with the answer and number five also will I I am you don't need it I am going I am impressed enough to join use of selective use of more evidence of Sherry Cornelius Tacitus known as the great historian of ancient room about me Roby said he falsely charged with June the buses commonly called Christians Christmas the founder of the name was that by Pontius Pilate for punitive Judy in the reign of Tiberius this is the only mention upon just find that in secular history of this refers to the depth of Kristof 's vision of summer status of the Christians worship the Mac so long as the Roman historian said the Jews were making disturbances at the instigation of Christmas by Vivi Anna who was governor of living in Asia minor wrote contract of them but I'm may design made of course Christ we do genuine Christian cannot be induced to do palace history and who wrote the history of the Eastern Mediterranean vegan ED fifty two he said there was a darkness in the land on a certain day of the game was mentioned as a sixth the day of the week and he described as an actor 's of the world and accepts of the moon cannot happen when there's a full moon mockup I set up in mention the figures of history imagine Socrates and is one of the unions gain out of giving Socrates dimension five essence of what the people of some most gain while learning up archivists and then he went on to say what they wanted bondage that Jill is gained from executing their wives King the Babylonian Talmud I called on the last yes you may not just a second because I think you covered a very important point what was the last point you just made my bicep you set up in hiding quite catch the reference I just gone by the substance something about why would they crucify their own king what advantage did the Jews gain from executing their wise King and why is that important because that's what historical figures and so he was writing historical figures are thank you the Babylonian tablets is on the eve of us over they hang the issue Joseph assume you mentioned here are his words now there was about this time Jesus him he says in another place the brother of Jesus the so-called Christ whose name was James was stoned to death thank you thank you Sergeant wanted to Ms. Farmer writes out prosecutor all film are you prepared to ask your question notion thank you Your Honor I understand the state of Georgia has recently started a law efficiency and law is a law against the discrimination race sex or sexual preference and the legislature recently added religion as as discrimination disfigured for the Dutch understanding that the Seventh-day Adventist church speaking against the Catholic Church and his partisans it can't call the Catholic Church the beast of the categorized because the Protestants at and I think that the tradition of the members the church should be prosecuted for violation of our paper so much a question my question is erotic as they should get reason why they are not violating can you please summarize exactly what the law prohibits in terms of discrimination against religions because there are discrimination laws that say you cannot refuse to hire someone for a job for instance because their religion or to assault someone because their religion but for what particular discrimination law is behind using the wrong terminology about that he alright has you no prescription here's Canada has had a hate crime that prohibited speaking against the sexual preference Georgia we gone a step further and say that hate crime to speak against other religions and we him that his church is in violation of this law and as you understand that this is a law prohibiting as you call it hate crimes against religion in a public forum or even in private or do you know the scope without law I I guess this would be in a public forum I personally acquainted with advantages to it as your same name is related or not him I think publicly preaching that you both churches and the Catholic Church is the beast and I think the seventh evidence should be the should be punished for this to the full extent of the law 's the question is that they should give reason why they are not as we have accused him as a state of violating the hate crimes law I think I think that they should show this court that they're not I deserve someone who would like to accept this question always please come forward Sir know I want you to come to this witness them please see my bailiff there make sure people behave in court would you please state your name Alvin Brooks thank you you may answer the question of the way I understand the question or something being said is for the Seventh-day Adventist church being in violation by saying something related yes finally make harmonic prohibits you from speaking against another religion in the public forum and what important in a hate crime what you say must be a true what we're saying is that untrue Your Honor and him and as you noted can you speak up to your design and you will hear him that you have each only are you okay yes we are secluded on the sexual programs know that there would be that we shouldn't speak against the homosexual lifestyle and now I have the homosexual Israel you know it made actually says okay when and when you don't speak up enough you speak too loud okay then we can't equalize the volume thank you again this was built by the lowest better and sound system going to get lata about never Native American but I'll take on what you understand is where we're not saying anything that's untrue still all were things that there will I guess other words if you're saying if using a deposit churches that the Catholic Church is the anti-crime groups in the bed they are looking on the meet let me ask one clarifying question would you acknowledge that if in fact he's speaking the truth about the defense of a hate crime law well I only got here on empathy that the homosexuals are true away from the section is one of him and were just talking about hate crime in terms of religion so he he raises a valid point he says him he can prove that this so-called hate discrimination is actually stating truth as well as even though people may not like it the fact is if it's true it does that provide a defense to stating those facts if you will zip in your other further it is true Otis issuing on and on the other he says what he says is representing himself as I would ask him why he said that he says I'm telling the truth and I guess I'm with you Your Honor Gary he should tell us why he based that could still violation of the law gave Valenzuela even if it is justified so if I prove that the so-called the court hates language is actually true would you admit that that's a defense to the hate crime law I I just think he's with the paper for this reason we click a week is Doug's big you cannot getting a straight answer go ahead and answer this question how would you all right wants you to prove that such is I understand you folks put on prophecy seminars suite talk about a little horn yes not out of some kind of crazy beast absolute and you claim out the long represents to well we we don't claimant recruitment okay you could improve it represents well it would represent set of the papers okay and he wants proof for that can you forgot to us all the first group that I want to give a myth the fact that the papacy is claimed that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ active proven this Bible that the only bigger you left it was always came and how do you tie the vicar if you will think the victory Christ is criterion in question okay I'm not shy to be difficult I you tie in the vicar of crime this is the TV antichrist well by one claiming to be the Vicar of Christ makes in the antichrist heart and how do you define antichrist what does that word actually mean of course we know that sightings against their use any other definitions for antichrist so that you have some people helping out and sang in place of wealth gap you can't have anything in place of Christ I did you have any other you have any other you have any other proof on who the antichrist is it other than the fact that the Pope claim to be the Vicar of Christ by what is at work thicker mean representative archer representative of Christ Nelson how many people complained to be representatives of Jesus Christ are they all antichrists know that the will then you better you got some splendid it was a representative representative of what he taught you that you have a moment out to him you want I need to have both sides to make it fair you might if he comes up we got available to keep the peace I got a okay and you want to speak off the record of the record okay with okay this is what if you just tell them what you told me to identify the best secretive I think the honor what were what were asking is that is that without proof or not prove to the issue of hate the issue is worse they should be able to attempt to prove this court that what they're doing whether we agree with it or not is not a violation gauge understanding clarification salute is not as since he is concerned with the truth or falsity of claims under the antichrist is but if the lock she says your motivation is eight is that in fact the motivation to some dampness charge claiming the little horn for the little the antichrist power is the papacy can you address that you know has the motivation no hatred involved whatsoever all right I like this the elaborate on yes you know it's love that motivates us to try to make them understand that the self-hatred on our part it's love when I gave you explain please don't dislike that you see your brother and troubled on the street and you happen to have enough money to feed you got lucky multiple receptor China plucked among the problem is I do you have any biblical texts that's help to justify why he would go around potentially hurting people 's feelings by Tony might belong to a system that is down the antichrist sir please is a reason we call people up because they have the floor is where the subject of okay you have a text of your I might let me look at Sergeant has sued you please quiet the audience yes right there thank you thank you what I what the quoted text and more ahead and then will be to this question so I would not leave you without a comforter him he would bring to your remembrance all the things that I have twenty and I might add that when you build the wall of truth whom the Bible character might you like and not to if you're building a wall of truth what was what does the name Nehemiah mean does anybody know it means why ask him shouldn't you have some answers it means comforter thank you very much next question Doctor all led to NG wastes please come forward are you prepared itself thank you your honor economy is in the samples can you speak up please might honor the economy has been in samples yet wars old world gas was that the seven dollars and twenty three cents and have just passed a law stating we would just rest one day a week on the first day of the week that we can bring the gas prices then again what the gas price downloaded every phase of that law impasse and just last week on CNN Jesus appeared on the Larry King show in a major time they retired him I let Jesus appear on the O'Brien I'm out of the facility until the end of the group we do is appear on Anderson Cooper's show at Anderson Cooper got converted to an whole world converted and not just use the payment all Angels Elvis Presley to Microsoft and all the while that we at Emma Anna Sabbath you know how many cold defendants claimed me they found Jesus I happens every day these little these little demons come in my courtroom charge of the most heinous crimes and they come in dressed like schoolboys hold nearby so that doesn't move this court at all but anyway please ask a question that the people at inaccessible of based on usage is a topic that will become MPs at American and I am happy that about whether I'm back Michael Jackson Elvis at all at all to block all be in the comeback a life without well God that fear the devil when all their guilt is doing good things of the world now this affidavit is short says that the game don't know anything that the damage is sleeping but my Bible tells me in the book of Luke sixteen verses nineteen to thirty one that it was a rich man and a man and Lazarus and one that rich man and Lazarus and one man died and went to heaven immediately in the moment they'll e-mail it topic on safe bet that they are when the bottles after they died it was delivered I recommend someone Mister Bivens I'm sorry Doctor Bivens would you please step forward the question is how do you prove it with Marion Lazarus affidavit of the not teach the doctrine of immortality of the soul would you say is spiritual but we believe in personal areas were happy for her to question him that regard answered assisting gentleman has put forth several flames all of which are false and in a message I heard this morning that DNAs were complicated you make one break in and in the chain the entire thing there's some my goal is to break the chain of your evidence and in Revelation one seven it says behold I come with clouds everything processors and so if they come in the clouds and every eye shall see him at all and only your garbage interrupting me connect thanks for simulated synergistic thank you my Bible says that every eye shall see him and I don't watch television and I don't know who you talking about and I haven't seen Jesus come my Bible says that every single eye shall see him and not everybody here I'm sure saw him so it is not true that this is the real Jesus and I broken the chain of his evidence and I like someone else to speak of the rest of his claims him to have a good eye and unless we go through all those willing to speak were giving every witness only one shot the podium and less as no one else I saw another hand was a gentleman young man and other wetland middle-age man would you please come forward thank you him a circle I have done nice that when someone says young man to me I think it is a real comment by the monoamines so hot you prove that the parable of the rich manual does not prove the immortality of the undermining 's Rodney thank you Rodney and Festival we believe in Solis which were believed in the Bible and Bible and I look at the first reading of the book of the as well this is chapter twelve verse seven by Libra see you gone right into the rulebook rather than giving of flowery speech work or getting on a soapbox you run right to the rulebook that impresses a judge the key here is two years we want to look at continuity and argument we cannot base our arguments solely on just one text or on one word wrong one phrase soldier followed me along in your private viewing and we got a first for me that is a clear message first twelve percent to know him common of witnesses don't ask questions of the attorneys for fast so if you want these accelerated for it I have read and I and it says about you then shall the dust return to the earth as it was spiritual return unto God gave it what tennis was that Ecclesiastes chapter twelve verse that thank you now follow me here as I know you're arguing will be that that does not quite make a proof of a proof is built on bunch of statements that point us to the truth so let's go now to keep or forgive him acts chapter two verse thirty four that look at chapter two verse thirteen four no individual is someone a character debacle uses for David is not ascended into the heavens but he sets himself the Lord said in my book 's tip down on my right hand so was seeing here that he did not go to heaven we would also want to do that sit thou on my right hand keep your finger to him us all for building approves a step back to see what David exactly sang solemn Chapter seventeen verse fifteen the book of Psalms Chapter seventeen verse fifteen here can we drive can we agree that the words of the Psalms are in these attributable to David Adams on the song are a go with me here some Chapter seventeen verse fifteen as for me I will behold thy face in righteousness I should be satisfied when I wake with thy likeness is different in their right let's move on to first Thessalonians chapter four verse thirty team first Thessalonians chapter four verse thirteen and I can't quite plummet as quick as my own doctor they are all glad Rita for you thank you but I would not have you to be ignorant brethren concerning them which are asleep they saw not even as others which have no hope in the next one fourteen as well for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him so I will MIA would ask questions of the judge you can try okay ready for Jim and Jerry there's a pattern here I would like to notice what is that pattern word that were seeing you soon we know what David referred to what David said late date David said he was awake that he would awaken here were talking about in verse or she and her thirteen concerning those which are asleep when we refer to who was asleep I was talking about and that we talk about you met on something many of us probably would like to enjoy right now or are we talking here in in context because again somewhere in my memory remember gentlemen talking about different dimensions and we were talking about having an understanding of the holistic Scripture so we also want to understand it in context I was most only have I been told five minutes per question I'm just warming up my finest fan I understand you comprise metadata on one question but I getting it on another dozen text when I do have time by so so let me let mechanic do I do I direct you to another part of his question I understand his tax to support the fact death is just asleep but what about this parable he raised about the rich man and Lazarus I will defer to my focus is about an answer that because I think they have a very positive answer all right Doctor Jim thank you thank you thank you Mister McClellan my name is Kelly Kim in your criminal record no I do not should you have a criminal record at the homeless joy of it on record I do not pay in relation to the question that we does not know whether this was a parable Mister the Bible to discern be able to discern that which is literal that which is allegorical the problem is sometimes wanted to hold what is being allegorical of these problems as well as people who take everything in the literal if you just read the story carefully him they detail for example here the Lazarus is speaking to someone in heaven citizen if you are helping us because someone in heaven is that possible is that what the Bible teaches another thing here is for example she or he is in hell and he says in verse twenty four that he made of his finger in water and cool my tongue if you are really literal hell to do what you want them to do is pick the finger in different Patrick I would want Niagara Falls on top of me now for the second time out and hear but you just observe carefully and correctly and applies you will find that this is just an allegory which is a parable that Jesus that satisfy your question there that sounds good I do like all my brothers Tom Psalm seventy version fifteen of the units that went to give it on the interpretation of it all this is a parable now everywhere in Matthew Mark Matthew Mark and Luke we'll talk about the retribution of the wicked being cast mail every time Jesus says it is always as an event done at the Inn of the war which is confirmed in Revelation twenty after the millennium so when you read this parable year is our contract will be believing in Matthew Mark and Luke so what happens is personal testimony as I read this tax year the historical background Josephus was the veggies that the Jews on common ground based on the belief that all of the board of the afterlife he met on the own ground which may represent the Jews were which in truth and the poor man last November that the Gentiles because they were neglecting the gospel of salvation to the Gentiles Jesus wasn't necessary and the first Shelby last in the last of the first and also Jesus talked about future retribution as if it was going on right now and I looked at was read what age you need a version of our reasonable him that same interpretation beer confirming that what he was required to give a speech of retribution as if it was happening right now based on a common believe that the Jews of that time a cordial seat thank you Doctor I'll toss back love next next prosecutor so we like to keep it the question answer we could do five minutes of you to give him the ball and not the shotgun on day here on earth the seven Dennis group of people is a very interesting people they at least have the truth of the last days but I submit that they actually teach doctrines of devils they are very into teaching about a vegetarian lifestyle and they say that we can eat certainly it's the Bible says in first Timothy chapter four now the Spirit speaks especially in the latter times some shall depart from the faith these have departed from the mainstream Christian Weber Stephen first Timothy four verse one the Spirit speaks as president of the latter times some shall depart depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils one of these doctrines says in verse three forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meats which God has created to be received with thanksgiving of them that believe and know the truth for every creature of God is good and nothing to be refused if they received with thanksgiving these claim to say that we can be certain meets the Bible calls that adoption of devils do we have an AFTRA graduate in the room Andrey Aker can only take one of the time I have to pick somebody send your name is really normally around as a Sager name Sarasota and her figure high at your graduate-level schools are right gay leave unanswered question am I have a short looking at what to say but yes I like to hear you sing by the way you sing us a song that I like this to seeing the answer okay I first is about as forgetting to marry which according the church we enough or been to Mary and second boss says abstain from meats which I didn't make a short appointments I want to say is that needs refers to animals that we can eat as opposed to where God says that there are certain animals that are not meant for me how do we know it says that Natalie notes referring only to certain types of meets is for every creature of God is in conflict with the man it's been a while okay these are meats which God has created to be received with thanksgiving and he is not created all in my sorghum had what I should come back to let us know the man in the green shirt got your chance did you go to have goes well were expecting big things state your name please claim eleven Duane Leman Lane Wayne Levin I'm confused I thought we had a prosecutor named Wayne lemon your Wayne lemons lab in visiting cabin okay thank you okay go ahead him a once first Timothy chapter four verses three and four physical every creature God is good and nothing to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving now that I have a play of maggots in front of me and I pray over it with Thanksgiving is the Bible saying I should eat them are canny does that make common sense now look at the next verse for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer again I just pray over a plate of magnets is that an attorney magazine the something is palpable the nutritious note the key verse is sanctified by the word of God what does that mean he turned back to Leviticus eleven is the whole list of the meets that God did authorize for us to eat and those that we should not be filled just by praying you cannot make the food good to eat according to the word of God is a satisfactory answer your question I'm asking him somewhat but just followed the other sure that's fine follow up with another question what do you have a dream that all children specifically that we should not call any foods not behind us the Old Testament and New Testament Christian humor friend asked him to turn to chapter ten of the book of acts you'll see that Peter was envisioned he had a vision of a sheet being let down in a voice that will the same for these wild beasts and creeping things and bows of the verse twelve voice and rise Peter kill and eat Peterson also Lord for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean of these unclean meats we know their unclean because the Bible says and clean here but also from Leviticus eleven was referred to earlier doesn't verse fifteen say what God plans that call not thou common he certainly has refrained all this creeping four-footed beasts it certainly would imply that you need we don't first seventeen now by Peter doubted himself even he was wondering what the meaning of the vision was Cornelius made inquiry for Simon 's house and stood before the game of you know anything about Jewish history it was illegal for Jews to social Gentiles certainly under their own house when I was outside the house in years to come in that verse twenty five as it was coming in twenty has met him and fell down at his feet and worshiped him but Peter took him up and saying standup I myself am also a man for twenty seven is to talk with them and women together and found many that were coming together for us twenty eight this is the key verse and he said and then you knew you know that is unlawful thing for him and that is a Jew to keep him company were to come in unto one of another nation but God has showed me that I should not call any man common or unclean so here's the real answer to the meaning of the vision God is not saying anything about food here and in fact fear who needed to learn this lesson realizes now that the salvation of Holy Spirit is not just for the Jews it is for the Gentiles as well and we pray to your question in fact this is taxed him with that add your something I learned early on in court if it answers the question you should well we'll let you go that way but if your Internet I may want to stop if anything this text in the New Testament gives evidence further that God still makes a distinction between the clean and unclean foods because he's not talking about the food God is not saying you cannot eat everything under the sun thank you much thank you our next prosecutor lemon Your Honor yes counsel Seventh-day Adventists claim that their distinction to be a religion is something called a sanctuary message which deals with judgment and one of the great challenges that we have is that they teach that not only will the wicked be judged that's fine the Bible teaches that but they also claim that the righteous will be just a Jesus made it very clear he says I already know my sheep so why would Jesus find a need to judge the righteous clearly he needs to judge the wicked but I want to see from the Bible where the Bible that says no that God also judges the righteous is there someone who would like to answer this question our rights we have a young man named Joe reads from seven received fax is getting ready graduate is outright young man which integrated graduating with Matt has letters he almost as letters are you prepared answers question SIM with two text the first thing second Corinthians chapter five starting with verse nine hot here is not writing to the wicked is writing to believers in court he says therefore we make it our aim whether present or absent to be pleasing to him for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad for both the wicked who will receive the bad and the righteous who receive the good must appear before the judgment seat of Christ second text this would be Romans chapter fourteen to cooperate this Romans chapter fourteen verse twelve says something each of us shall give account of himself to God again he is writing to Christians this time in the city of Rome Your Honor in both instances both in the book of Romans as well as in the book of Corinthians we find that they were gross sins that were taking place amongst prophetic people of God this is even more confirmed in the book of Matthew chapter twenty four starting at about first forty four and I believe that these are individuals that constitute those whom Paul was addressing when he made the point about individuals who will appear before the judgment it says in Matthew twenty four verse forty four therefore be also ready for in such an hour as you think not the Son of Man cometh then is a faithful and wise servant whom his lord of made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season he says Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing but then if the transition he says verily I say unto you that he's good but and if that evil servant not interesting that Jesus refers to an individual as evil but he also called the servant which means he's a professor follow and we find that that was the issue that Paul had in the church of Rome is one of the church in Corinth there were individuals who are professor followers that the residents put a second Corinthians five because if you want to rent in five USC also some glimpse in that the so-called followers of God were committed so therefore we find that it is still true that they are wicked in the church we get people who are professing to be service of God that's certainly will come before the judgment but again there is nothing in the Bible that clearly tells us that the righteous will be judged and second Corinthians five policies we must all including himself I him to the him and wait a minute wasn't Paula murder him and him one dealer and asking more questions as pretty good him and give him time Mrs. Sizemore Fossey was Sizemore I'll give you one go at add to that Ecclesiastes three seventeen I said in my heart God shall judge the righteous and the week is a very good now the bigger winters is that the Ecclesiastes three seventy thank you my lady another army about him as I recall he has the same with the last camp so I answer okay how's your Sizemore gave my understanding is on a bike on the last question I understand that the leaders say the Achilles heel of the Seventh-day Adventist it would be the whole I get the definite Saint because all of your doctrine and to be either that judgment Saint and down you try playing the death took place beginning in the year eighteen forty four which we all know that Babylonians is not true that as a matter fact he is himself says in the Bible in John chapter twelve Jesus says in verse thirty one now is the judgment of this world now the princes were okay conversely what does the just otherworldly place and thirty one eight eight nine eighteen forty four and so my question I guess would be how in the world can you claim is following the Bible and the Bible is that it doesn't begin nineteen forty four when he is himself said it again to place at the cross where you claiming that Jesus clearly claimed that the judgments to place analysis judgment of this world at John R thirty one I know that how do we know that the now is referring to the cross that got our monster I will write him a cult in verse thirty two Council because in verse thirty hello please adopt the attitude of the first thirty days then and I if I be lifted up will draw all men underneath referring to his prediction about being with other thank you for the clarification is there someone you'd like to answer the question rather brave soul are you just stretching of you in the back to stretching okay not option but if you do raise your hand you'll be brought up in the quest of the Adventist save Joshua Sain began in the year eighteen forty four hundred seminars but the Bible clearly teaches Jesus speaking here for a violence that have the red lettering is red here getting ready to the cross Jesus says in John seven twelve verse thirty one now is the judgment of this world now is the judgment of this world is that now the Christmas broadcast out and I be lifted up overall on iPod that's up from the earth will draw all men in the me referring to his crucifixion at that time the judgment takes place with some of its proponents question Geritol Jerred yes jury determines that correct I believe in the original Hebrew that the argument there is not just a typical judgment were used to and so when we look at the atonement at seventh Avenue sleeve I we believe and added a broad scope of network and so the judgment of the enemy was pronounced at the cross declared Anderson Dennis we believe that it's continuing onward now the investigation is going on at school receive it from sin city MySQL is not very well because it does it us again it was a dozen of the world and my understanding is you teach that it was the judgment of the world at the place in nineteen forty four least again so in other words you're claiming that the judgment across as a judgment of Satan the judgment of the king of this world I would remind my response to now you're saying that it's referring to the complete judgment of the entire world outrage from the Bible says now is the judgment of this world and then assessed separately now is the prince of this world cast out to the question with the race is now the judgment of this world is the judgment is world or to the judgment of the Prince and the world him a you please should develop after Manville and detailed enough that's fine but I don't want the audience shouting out answers a minute up the good good response my thought was more so of Seventh-day Adventist on trial that the Seventh-day Adventists of the real issues the atonement and I think his biggest picture of the judgment really comes down to the decision being made so as far as when the judgment docket were getting down to semantic of the words of this lovely person wants him up and answer more clarification I thought is on the on the answer the word the decision has been made across a utility later he was was now live in say anything she sang him I see a very good-looking man but we well I wasn't referring to the good-looking is there a lady who one answer this please come forward okay and then the other gentlemen this game whoever gets there first and don't run okay this might take a while if you read in Genesis chapter two I believe it is just God gave Adam dominion of this world and when Adam found Satan gain dominion of the world and man became sinful and you can print this by reading the Gospels where Jesus was tempted Matthew chapter four he was told you did Jesus overcame the world or to whoever he wished the same as in control and swirled at this point Satan wants to the cross and he will be judged and also his kingdom and that's the reference to the world so it's the judging of the of Satan and the judging of his kingdom which is this world how can you judge something unless you have authority over it and when Christ died on the cross he gained authority back from Satan is a second out on he took dominion away from Satan 's answer your questions and spoken like a true authority or just legal authority officer of the law they give it a couple of the shirt is sure to help you will never contradict itself so we would ask a federal digit status is the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according my gospel but it doesn't get in the future that way way way can you slow down knocking him the audit evidencing granuloma see me well enough if anybody's as long as I am about with others it has been always designing a day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according I got was putting the judgment Paul is running well and thirty one a deepening adjustment in the future the data doesn't future there in Romans two sixteen seventeen thirty one also with the judgment in the future act seventeen thirty one says because he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness by that enemy is ordained wherever he has given assurance to all men that is racing from the desert in the future judgment of the world the same as different kinds of junk yes a unit of easier adjustments on people continually in it putting it yet in the future and any entity in the same terminology found in John chapter twelve is that now the death of his world but yet you find people riding about adjustment after the crossing judgments yet but the at seven fourteen and verse seven and you find that defend the time it comes looking in the future when we would be preaching at present and judgment but says now is the judgment taking place now is difficult to write and enforce its revelers in twenty thirty one said the relative pointed out in our eleven twelve when he says everybody is unjust let him be unjust still the right of the righteous ilk the judgment is in the negative declaration the judgments over and anything I come back and quickly so they get the answer I was looking for I guess you'd say that but they would be the fact that you have New Testament text putting adjustment in the future an image of ending up with a second coming so that's when I was looking for the etiquette answer to the other delegates of the understudy Margaret you thank you very much I prosecute or Myers are you ready for your next question a lot even shorter from and another round will do that we have another honestly eighteen minutes so why hard and some are your arguments you use the leave their first I will straight to heaven and I you turn your Bibles to second Corinthians chapter five verse six second Corinthians chapter five verse six the Bible says therefore we are always confident knowing this that while we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord for we walk by faith not by sight first eight reads we are confident I say I'm willing to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord what you can set this verse we mean by that him him this verse prose that when a person is absent from the body they are present with the more how do you answer to this verse are isolated with the hand of your children come in Indiana but insurance I saw the lady first go ahead man is your core Leninism within reason I decided a short answer I just want to say that I believe that this passage is just very simply saying that women home in the religious world around us and away from our heavenly home have that's when we aren't home with annoyed is when we will go to heaven will be in heaven with God considers it very simple I went we got to go okay you want that Amanda 's death is the other gentleman a crack at this answer please walk with purpose okay well it's just cutting away from your time which an answer my name is Brian R Brian at October seven first Iraq sentences for we walk by faith not by sight now knowing that obviously your this is an from the woman you say that is not his immediate present not yet hold upon him with a hole with a house which is from heaven which receivers to not able to see him face-to-face take a look at verse chapter four verse six says for it is the God who can man's light to shine out of darkness as shown in our hearts to give the light from the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ if you want some other Scriptures you can look at first Corinthians thirteen twelve take a look at third John fourteen there's a concern for scripting thirteen personnel let's just turned whatever text you want to read about you what is a say what verse are we going to Corinthians thirteen twelve even so you since you are zealous for the asparagus bed before the application of the church that you see to the same or Sprint gives thirteen twelve celeb chapter you first Corinthians thirteen verse twelve what is this talk about him I think you sir are you sick gradients maybe first Corinthians thirteen China giving out as well I think this one okay Ryan reinforce widget first Corinthians thirteen verse twelve even so you since you see also I him to gain the my bad I can read the design is joining up yup that's right so what is the verse this seems like restraint from the question I is low I think I'll go ahead and go ahead if he finds it make you maybe augment the answer I had counsel so I sent roentgens five or six on the Bible says we are confident I say willing to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord wherefore we labor that rebate that out whether present or absent we may get second opinion when Paul is speaking here he talks about rather being in handy when Paul was speaking here talking about rather being with the Lord being absent from the body and being present with the Lord he does not tell us in this particular chapter when that actually happened you have to go back to first Corinthians the same author in first Corinthians chapter fifteen tells us exactly when that happens you would assume that this happens at death but the same author writes in first Corinthians chapter fifteen and verse fifty one behold I show you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment in the Twickenham and I I was the last straw for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be one change for this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on one so when does the mortal put on what are the last straw the last strong if we go back to second Corinthians chapter five frequently none other than these we see in verse one for we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens he's making an analogy here between the old body and the new one it says verse two for this we groan earnestly to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven if so be that being clothed we might be we might not be found naked for Weaver in this tabernacle do groan being burdened not for that we would be article by call upon that mortality might be swallowed up what life so he's using the exact terms used and can't wait for mortality to go away for me to be what immortal and then in first Corinthians he tells us that that happens not that but way at the last strong when the dead in Christ shall rise and the value you directly there's a few houses and earthly house and leave your house and in between his nakedness is there answer okay thank you note got on the amounts ten more minutes writing into the whole panel so you guys can work out make yourselves is there someone is really anxious fans are asked to question he wanted it for the Manfredo Doctor Clement would you go next Your Honor I just come back from the meeting of some top economists and religious leaders in our community and they are a unanimous view that there should be unity of belief prosperity and to avoid calamity facing our community we would be really remiss about the achievement did not make adequate funds to should one who is from the uncooperative we have no choice but to try to have rained them into our site as well been overly stubborn but pretty tricky we do not want to force them to go on this body is open fair and free we would like them to have a bad shots may I present the options that I would like to boost but before the briefly yes Buddhism is the most peaceful of all religions our committee has decided that everyone should become up with this though I wasn't in the life to come up with this just for the sake of the good of the community so here is my choice open and fair to you become a ballistic and we will all be united when one doesn't believe in the teachings of Buddhism or else he has been I guess how getting so fair the gullible doesn't belong to United or else sure convincingly why Buddhism is not a central and we will all become questions and be present on unity and certain adventure you how to I don't have a newspaper article with me but the Buddhist monks were fighting each other with sticks leaders if you figure it has just can't get along I'm the congregation do much better I would USA Today obligate uglier Your Honor I'm not beyond him Your Honor knows but this is their only professed as Buddhists the three heart failure while not a minimum respondent again please they were not following Buddhism so you cannot call that this web you are going to general conference of the year but it is each each other inside the head and the thinking and otherwise your honor if you look for bad behavior not a single video system was done in this world at least we don't use that revenue is anything else to say besides writing with with with respective pretty outrageous share of that tonight if I have an odd claim they probably weren't really living up to the faith that they were fast so there's a this with their general conference Wednesday they were okay with you and what you might get to the heart of the question why we should all be Buddhists but it was a active Buddhists Buddhist do not give you the whole the board of thy gifts is not about me talk about witnesses earlier every as talking with witnesses before but Jesus said that your are my witnesses if we believe in him so that anyway but with respect to the deep Buddhist religion they do not give you the hope that the word God gives Jesus Christ that he is not historical figures invited all they are honor is not stating the truth but have prayed all night last night but anyways okay for me why did what is he stating that's not true he sang Buddhism does not give him hope what is his vestments what is my reference as to say that both of them does not give hope when Obama but that does evil will let me just it is you hold the word of God that is the word of God actually stated transforms us it gives us not only hope should users the power of the creative God in our own hearts I will divide this question for another later time I am not convinced of add-ons thank you Mister Trujillo are to have another Daniel Keith I think you'll understand briefly go ahead and well our teachers Lansing last question the question is will I the only danger with goblin eight Anita mine but go ahead and believe it or would say that we should follow is that it leaves theaters in that we look at Romans five eight it says that God commands his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us the person who is not for us so therefore I was out appreciate that sacrifice if we do go into further verses we can let this one time I say that only one true God sent his son Christ not Buddha so you mean to say that the Tibetan book of the dead is wrong absolutely on what basis do you see the Tibetan book of the dead is wrong because I've never based on your my faithful netbook and it worked out I was not based on this is worked out so if you really you base your true about your belief in anybody's behaviors that although all the big deal base your bringing all your tools work on your belief that anybody's belief is that the only churches overbuilt or Buddha the other built for Christ the numbers don't him him as this is always count women Mister Keith are you saying that the largest Christian faith should be the one we follow God saying that I was thinking sure thank you what which you want to answer that young question briefly read my book him to all doctors about okay thank you thank you possible by the way and the fury and she has lectures but I was intrigued enough to the Bible I know I have what you couple your books to my mom give him to me she featured twenty Q okay I still felt as question please Your Honor before I called love of my the accused were vehicle than this is coming up with a good doctor it up on some of our missionaries who will read and what the Buddhist country as a couple of Buddhist priest what better plan that will because that's the hot writer ever and could end up in the the priest was burning the said C that spoke that's what Nirvana and never forgotten that the Buddha the highest of Buddha as eternal nonexistence but Jesus said I come that they might have life you might have thank you anyway I would like to come you year unstated question so we can not she didn't work down to have her up all are I don't know her name the other one okay what while they're getting your by the way what doesn't what does prosecutor mean some and some nice people confuse it with another word secure him down what a prosecutor is as a prosecutor what is a prosecutors and they know what is the word prosecute mean no not be accused no means to advance the bathroom he will do the and him and to prosecute needs to advance the truth so we should all be prosecutors anyway go ahead Melanie and let's is not clear I like to call the ability to be witnessed at the nomination you been summoned by the court please come forward it's okay it's okay since she was drafted rather than volunteered you can begin the assistance of you need a Melanie and I have a lifeline if you want its high diagnostic questionably or other outside a covert witness stand is that she's a member of staff and others of this gathering and as such as I was regretted that she speaks as a staff member for this is simple all right but even ask you before I started that is have you ever broken the speed limit your answer no I have you ever uploaded right to remain silent him and his you encounter personal up I'll go on I won't be long like reading from the words of Jesus in the sermon moreover when you fast do not be like the hypocrites with a sad countenance for the disfigure their faces to give me appear too bad to be fast as sure as you that they have everyone when you you when you fast anoint your head watched her face so that you do not appear to me to be fast I was here longest trial was your day I've been here all day and I see it is hypocrisy to distinguish on it that during the morning and several times of people been asked how many of you attend the prayer conference call last it would seem to me like going with words of Jesus to those who would attend at all last night would not say anything they would take their lesson but you made a public thing but he said the question is why I asked people to raise their hands aspire to be participated Jesus and when you do these acts to let anybody know if you can and you have these people raise their hands with which I have any host have an answer I can answer that it's one thing to pump up yourself but is not acceptable to esteem someone else it is can encourage others with the testimony and I was hoping your honor that addressing the executed note of July I know if you wait on them longer because I'm encouraged because I think that there is a Texas Scriptures is with the overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the word detestable thank you and I think that's what we were getting today and I appreciated thank you Ray much I love this time this court is adjourned out gay record is almost adjourned on odds-on is the second time we've done this this courtroom scene and him this is really a benefit because out of your condescending in this charming like I hope they don't call me like they said I don't scratch my nose I like that like you and I identify that there is an but you never know when you than to be in a position to answer for your feet you never know when you than to be called to give a reason for the hope that is within you they are people out there with real questions questions that come at some point you may not know the answer to a group of us were talking and you know we were saying that sometimes it's all right not to know the answer to the question you can tell someone this and give me twenty four hours give me a recombinant holdback search this but the most important thing is that we want to inspire you to study the word of God one day you will not have your pastor with you or worse yet your passable turn against you so how will you span will you be able to stand on your own would you have taken the time to study the word of God so well on your own that if you're called to witness for your feet you would be able to give a reason for the hope that is within you closing argument thank you much court 's adjournment of prosecutors please exit the courtroom and my printer has a nice job he's a singer is harassing a special music for us I the world are the rule to room or a him we move on liaison and so on this of moons are in a sad day and and and and and and him have him or him him or and will and and and will lose in a a a a a a a is a will a you and him for you need to do so is set as a and and and and and and and and him him him him and so on and in all and in the


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