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Where are all the SDA Christian Apologists?

Anil Kanda



Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 12, 2011
    10:15 AM
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I love you many to coming to the seminar called cutting-edge apologetics or apologies the name of the session is called where are all the Christian apologists were all the Christian apologists is that with awarded print in a breakdown this seminar destroys on the things that you can expect that without heads toward a prayer right now father in heaven we thank you so much again for your grace for this time what we can learn from your word from instruction ultimately Lord Major Holy Spirit and so we pray and ask that you lead us and guide us and instruct us with your eyes we thank you in Jesus name amen I did want to say to steal you came to the right class but you also came to the wrong class if this is only going to be that such a pointed tenderness apologetics seminar will be coming in this first session were going to be covering the spectrum of apologetics and then in the second session will want to become ranks questioning the questioner disarming Pharisees and fantasies the third session which is going to be very interesting to avoid becoming lost biblical truths found in world religions lost biblical truths found in all religions it went to find the gospel stories in Hinduism and Islam and Buddhism and so this is going to be something that you want to attend to however if you can't attend all three sessions each one of these sessions is contingent upon the other session at policy this by the end of this session is going to walk away extremely blessed is a mentor that I also like to interactive group I like a man's I like how Louis Etzioni is Sand opens a appraisal of you want to dance about that who want to have a question answer session if time permits there's also going to be a part rumbling to ask for some feedback Tucson went to be needless to pay attention and just to be following our will begin its name the seminar is called cutting edge where all the Christian apologists where are all the Chris all you look out world today all worlds it is just covering darkness right heel attendance in the newspaper for example you will find all sorts of things when it comes to Christianity when it comes to the Bible and the wind of doctrine is being carried out was reading the other day about a pastor in London for example is now said that he does not believe in the Bible is literally what you thought pastor but you see this is the world that we live in today all sorts of things are just being carried through and all sorts of things are being preached out we say this everybody gets assignment is just from where everyone gets assignment lathers from the devil rather it's from God everyone gets assignment and walking the Bible says you an idea of the Denver 's fourteenth justice is turned away backward we ask your question is actually not that is called just enough I mean you leave the newspaper you read what you don't read newspaper you read Google front page right and you look onto the various news articles you will find all sorts of things and what they said about our justice system our justice system is the best justice system you can afford that's who they say about our justice system justices turned away backward and righteousness stands for all this is that the current status of side now watch what the Bible says is the reason for this justice is turned away backward and righteousness stands props for truth has to fall in in the what in the streets for truth has fallen in the streets why is just as turned away backward why is righteousness stands wife of Senator Bob because the Bible makes it very clear because truth has fallen in the street by the way what is your definition of the word truth and your new definition of the word truth Finnegan okay John seventeen verse seventeen that means nothing to iPhone Dev ninety about the Bible heart what this site America by the way I like doing that okay at what is your definition of the word truth twenty four rebounds on consumer sentiment Jesus they sanctified by the word by word is true but to somebody out there knows nothing about the Bible how would you do find what truth is how would you define which reflects both a very good Dragon anybody else how would you define truth okay you know would you join the false okay here the very definition the big Greek word for truth is the failure to make me that which is not hitting that's what it actually means in its literal meaning that which is not in now folks I want you to understand something what is the truth that is most hidden in this world the character of God the character of God and so the Bible makes a very clear right here Justices turned away backward and righteousness and swap why because the truth of God is hidden in this world analyzes talking about when Jesus came to this earth that Google 's darkness covered the surface that the character of God was located in this world and the reason why this seminar is extremely important because they want to understand ways methodologies in which meeting of further communicate the truth of God 's word to this world amen now what else is it an uprightness cannot answer the answer should be yes truth is what Lackey and the Lord thought and it displeased him he saw that there was no man I wonder that there was no intercessor no one intervenes on behalf of truth and right not looks upon this will negatively affect the outcome there's nobody who's willing to stand up for the truth and folks this is why Christian apologetics it's extremely important Wikipedia says right here first Peter chapter three verse fifty is a sort about the calling card of Christian apologetics rightly or sanctify the Lord God and always be ready to give a what a friend to everyone who asked you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and with what they are the ones offense is from the Greek word V N I went with me D if not apology is Apple via and what will be a means to get a court room defense of courtroom defense and with the same regardless if you need to get a very logical and precise defense a reason of the things that you believe in one of the reasons why people don't know the truth is because people don't know how to communicate the truth and it's extremely important that we understand this not just understand what were communicating but understanding the mind of the person that were communicating to you a lot of people I was born raising Hindu not ten and a half years ago I became Christian leaders say something I come across a lot of people who study Hinduism in order to reach hundreds and what that the promises that they will come up to me they said Sunday August ten you would think I can reach a single human person in the baldness they're not understanding how Hindu thinks they're not understanding how he thinks you are understanding what he believes in but they're not understanding how he thinks as the apologetics helps us in this appear makes it very clear to think of my blog on your heart and always be ready to get a defense to everyone who asked you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear knowledgeable when it comes to apologetics that will be lost on some reason why apologetics is no good why he shouldn't be talking about apologetics she mentioned to a group of people who also seminar speakers listed your talk about apologetics and they went at it with me they are right there that day when I thought wow these are the misconceptions regarding apologetics a lot of times you hear things like this when it comes to apologetics you can't argue someone into the kingdom that was long that statement is assumed unapologetic fogging back on itself and an argument want to this apologetics only caters to pride you know that apologetics conversion is about it's not about the intellect is about what Hartnell Matthew need to love the Lord God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind right is not just the heart it's the mind is not just the mildest of our daily branches and going downstairs last night you might have recognized there were that last night whether this Pentecostal preacher just in a Pentecostal preacher digital divide and the piano is going in August and I went there I could not even think at all but I need to step out you know there's a think Christianity has become very emotional very emotional guy no need to avoid the other pitfall were just becomes complete intellectual enough to send them to fall into but we need to bring these two together right it's important that we understand not just the heartfelt reason but we need to understand the intellect when it comes to the troops by the way I like that she sucks his intellectual Christian one percent got the best she says that his intellectual Christian understands Jesus the best and felt the need to understand what you can argue someone into the kingdom that of itself is an argument apologetic only caters to pride you know that is only bad apologetics and number three conversion is not about the intellect is about the heart folks that in itself is the greatest misconception when it comes to apologetics C S Lewis said something he was considered one of the worlds greatest apologist this is a powerful quote the question of being apologists is not so much bonding use an apologetic in answering someone's question about what happened the apologetic you already use is a good one everyone uses an apologetic when someone says why do you do the things that you do what you say when you give them a reason and folks as Christian apologists need to understand you can give a defense without being defensive amen and you can present an argument without being argumentative that is what proper apologetics is all about and someone comes a safe everyone prevents an apologetic and apologetic about apologetics number one familiarizing oneself with the most up-to-date material and communicating in a culturally relevant manner in one thing that really gets to me it sometimes are Seventh-day Adventist advertisements you see them to look at them and they have a picture of someone in bellbottoms everything up before all you see somebody millions of the hippie hair is a fair and there's like each other and I have feel it all muscles in the body when you read understand and you can see these clothes are not coming what's happening is that we're using old material will cover up to community these beautiful truth so when it comes to politics we need you the most up-to-date with your major scholarly work we need to power and communicating a culturally relevant manner sound like wonderful inhabitants of both of me being willing to engage in a variety of context i.e. classrooms public wants churches and personal settings personal settings apologetics is very useful in personal settings preventing information that Reynolds intellectual barriers to beliefs and ultimately the goal is to lead individuals to the truth as it is and who Jesus if apologetics does not have this truth is not good apologetics in fact one for the Bible State University to captivate the thirteenth sanctify the Lord God in your hearts what does the word sanctify me a means to what make room right or set apart set up our God in your life hearts apologetics without Jesus is not good apologetics one computer server nursing by the Lord God in your heart and always be ready to give a defense to anyone who ask your reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear right now when it comes to apologetics folks I want you to understand something apologetics is not about I think the listener apologetics is not just about silencing the listener in one of my friends as much as some kind what if necessary when I find with executing a course on apologetics happened as he was talking today's arguments about he was writing among the top work some in the classroom the students wanted to get the teacher and three raises an advantage I have a good question for you and the teacher turns out that okay with the question he says it cannot make a not so big that he himself cannot move even before I saw the police of the semester philosophy right and felt that he doesn't have found one question will deal with it later and he continues writing and the students has no need to give me an answer for that anybody can not consulted that he himself cannot move it as of the teachers and I'm not a day without question continued writing and the student winds make that you can look that defendant cannot make a mountain something that he himself cannot move it the teacher turns around significant can you know what it is called your heart called your heart and student without now is that going to be the case in apologetic all the time no that's not even that the purpose of apologetics even when Jesus dealt with in obtaining answers and questions for what he believed it many times solicitor for silence I want you and to understand something the purpose of apologetics ultimately is to lead people closer to Jesus amen that is the purpose mileage of any of this individualist by Colonel Sanders Montella brought all their names up there this is an individual by the name will then call anything that came with me knows if half if you were to take this individual ease off the deck and if you were to take this individual today and he would say I want to place on the chart from the resurrected emplacements are trying to probably be the top SDA Christian apologists would say about this guy this guy was so supersharp I think I'm trying to the base with spiritualist name if they wait a second now I debate about the connection to enter into debate with spirits up and he would utterly destroy them in their debates he would study spiritualism and the when using arguments against them when the truck of really budding bellydancing like so much all commendation but mentioned against him a morning stupid by the law if you want to go to these debates dealing to make sure the other brethren out there it'll happen to stop bringing the brethren listen alike continue to warn them one energy said the devil is targeting the end she describes a vision she had with the in conversation it came to brother Paul and she said that he is targeting you be careful he shows up a debate what happens when it is surrounded by spiritualist they're just surrounding in the debate gets very confused and she says that the double response angels were there the double attack them in the double one after him because of what he was speaking about spiritualism a what is the most uncomfortable silence for me to preach the cover spiritualist the devil does not want his deceptions exposed especially what he is planning the last days feel himself but all began to give up into pretty jolly face and he began to attack him with the firm of having his books are still around what what what you said something about all God wants you to come nearer and nearer to him what you can take hold and to strengthen my living faith claim to salvation if you are devotional godly man in the popping out a mighty influence would attend your preaching you do not close research on heart study many works to make their discourses store out able and pleasing but you'll neglected the greatest and most necessary study the study of your self what else he says it's only knowledge of yourself meditation and prayer I hung in as secondary things you the minister depends upon your keeping the own heart he'll oversee more strength by spending one hour each day in meditation at midmorning over your feelings and heart corruption and pleading for God 's party luck bidding you wouldn't by spending many hours and days and spending the multiple authors and making yourself acquainted with every object into Arctic and with the most powerful evidence is in his favor is in the spotlight the fact that he was studying these books allowed to the fact that he was still smiling powerful evidence is what we believe in this problem was that he was not spending an hour each day abiding in Christ busy with a promising therapeutic empathy perspective sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give an answer the hope that is in you with meekness and fear the problem is that he was not incorporating the first part of that verse which is what sanctifying the Lord God in your heart will let you know this for financing apologetics it can be dry and the less time abiding with Christ my experience begins to DK so whatever your study when you're studying world religions when your study any subject which each date you are spinning in our abiding in Christ is a mentor and this is where this Christian apologists failed to do not abide in Christ and see himself eventually became a spiritualist this is the problem both you need to abide in Christ right and are a variety apologetic flamingos were going to go through a spectrum of apologetic and in the next session went to be doing with questioning the question of how to deal with these questions that sometimes come out a sort of variety apologetics self-defeating statements were going to deal with first number one cultural apologetics cultural apologetics you look in a culture to what type of culture without the society when a consumer society what do they call a society a postmodern society right and what is postmodernism the backlash of the evening out rational rational with a rationalism is that the backlash of the Roman Catholic system people were so upset with this idea that the obese baseball field with the basic assumptions about God and about the universe and about purgatory all be think that they actually moved away with it toward real life you can read about this in Revelation chapter let me the great controversies talking about the that a lightning and what happened is that between solar rational soldier ride became so much intellectual that people said you know what was the heart and the move towards postmodernism postmodernism is based in the dynamics of society that consists of one author said no certainty know me so let me want to believe go for it is not in fact it was on one operative said this when it comes to postmodernism language is not at the command of the author language is at the command of the reader so therefore what is stated objectively is no longer considered objective so when you want to believe about it go ahead and you know when it comes to this community language itself if I was to say a second word to write what I meant twenty years ago is completely different but I said the word marriage to you what would you say that's what manages is a union of two people that I was asking a question twentieth regular to tell me is a union between a man and woman in a left and came home looking back to the hotel and I could go to talk to a clock but honestly there's anything interesting on TV like a documentary of the history channel or whatever it is I looked on and there was a house watching the news article and this whole controversy right now Barbara earning him about that right and what they're saying right now is that Bernardi should get married and that the D ninetieth Sesame Street right okay if they get generation Y okay so I think so maybe controversy right now they should get married and then the newscaster that was talking about he said why not love his love we need to get to her kids what happened to language itself the battle is being fought on the borders of when it comes to what they say so it's not whatever you want to believe it tells an adult I want you to understand something this is very important this is more than just an attack on the language this is an attack on the word of God in the beginning was that what worked and what does Peter saith the computer Scripture is of no private interpreter Tatian right when it comes to this the word of God we are reinterpreted through the spirits understanding amen see himself as the one that tells us what it means we can just come up with our own interpretations this is why fixing appointments and cultural apologetics and will deal with a self-defeating statements are number one when it comes to understanding a self-defeating statement these are statements that are made all the time when it comes to religion or just ways of thinking are a self-defeating finish of the statements defeated by phone claim or its own requirements for example also say to you I can't speak a word of English is that a self-defeating statement why because I'm speaking English to communicate this you write in other words the statement does not meet its own requirements so for the sake you there is no such thing as to what's wrong with that statement with that statement is a statement of truth and right if there is no such thing as truth in that statement is not true and that they may not does not to learn such thing as truth in a Lendale was preaching and vendor listing CHRP content of chapter ninety identity and I was all about right better good Seventh-day Adventists I preach I presented airtight argument I noticed that one of the tables there are some people that starting entry hardening at the very end of it we had one of our elders there and even after degrees of these new pastor and he was going back and forth with this guy was not getting a first-year philosophy student who is still open place attracting them for some reason and so I walked over there at the Van Pelt and present over there and I began talking to this individual and he stands up and he says he let his fifth I see what you presented but I don't believe in truth I don't believe there's such a thing as truth and I said okay first-year philosophy seminar I said what I said you know deeply that statement to be true and he said okay that's good you got me there any continue to argue with me okay you continue to argue with the intent and any switch of argument and you know how I get into any sort of confrontations but sometimes it's necessary if you want Bavarian state continues talking a neophyte in eleven in fact I believe there's many troops would present state I know that Hinduism talking again I said you know the difference between dialectic logic along on contradiction exists is ideal and I said what you're presenting his dialectic logic the idea that there can be multiple truth each one contradicting each other and then he said he said so and I said so you're telling me that is the correct way of thinking it's either this or it's not he said yes I said right now you just demonstrate a lot non- contradiction and you know what happens if you got me there is a list what type you continue to argue with me again I just kept filing another cooking away I thought about and it finally came out this is what I was waiting for folks this is exactly what I was waiting for United States needs you what this whole thing about God I just don't believe in it as it really is you don't believe in believing God whatsoever and continue talking anything you agonize if you stop right there is and how you met someone you don't believe in and here's the thing this is a was not just find it hard there was one thing I was waiting for was coming out it was coming up the real reasons for heart reasons and as we continue to talk it finally came and understand I go what was it that I don't understand is that I used to be a Christian and he said I you suffice to check in with the county job and I think Josh McDowell showed up at our church any present in all the reasons for Christ and all these things for the Bible is a you know what I stop believing God but when she saw bleatings like because I dynamite guy with a homosexual I said I know what the Bible says it condemns homosexuality and like the Bible Judaism I definitely go to hell and you just begin I can just begin to let it all out and I said this is exactly what I was waiting I said was condemned into the Bible as I said the Bible condemns homosexual and that you condemn ten people in Britain and I'll be hoping there's any hope for him the problem is not just to get the problems you and your unbelief and he just was there pin drop silence I think this is the real issue it has to do with your heart you don't trust God and continue talking it walked over to his car was at night hours the stars were out and standing by his car I walked away and he said when asking one question about walking away from what you come up to me I turned around and said you wouldn't believe me if I told I continue walking over how that is so dramatic check him without any kind of like allowing it was one of those things that you did hear about but it was pulling gone the moment and disallow buttons car and into church a few times I want you to understand something there is a need for apologetics amen there is a need for apologetic and we need to understand something some basic self-defeating statements on asking him to need some feedback right now you ready for this all truth is relative wife in a self-defeating statement we got the ball to develop Internet statement itself would be relative not by would be a self-defeating statement about this there are no absolutes you would say are you absolutely sure right that is why that is a self-defeating statement audit out of this one is to you but not for me if you are you an opportunity images instantly like that using think that to the bank if you go to the bank and it is a magnitude of five thousand dollars may think you've will you only have forty nine cents in your account if you think you are what you think and then use it or that's true for me but not for you you still walk out of there only forty nine cents write these are self-defeating statements and votes we need to be aware of because are constantly used at my at the donors right out of this one needs to doubt everything only finds new destitute nation and God 's will that statement is a statement of document right and violated to type the judgments listed in Scripture Jesus talked about to type the judgments what are they judge not lest you be what judge first right in other words do not condemn someone to help the other one is judge righteous judgment judge righteous judgment has make the difference between right or wrong wheels judging every single day of our lives imminent judgment to come here to view I think that with a wide-open look at the books I want you to understand something new these are self-defeating statements are used all over and use information that you help people to understand these things okay that what they're saying is not making sense all right that's just your viewable that's your view bleeding up this is just my view that lets you see what is a self-defeating statement does that make sense yes or no this is just a very basic apologetics of a cultural apologetics I looked into quick Bible apologetics with Mathis out manuscripts archaeology and profit if I was to ask you and I you read why do you believe the Bible you have any reason in three minutes why do you believe the Bible and book even you think to yourself that the classic answer because my mom taught me always to or because it's true the statewide circular reasoning it's true what they do about this manuscript is very important my number is so much scholarship done on the Bible when it comes to manuscript on one instance approved description light than any other ancient documents enough for the New Testament was twenty four thousand twenty four thousand over twenty four thousand but would you know if they were treatment of every single Bible they be able to reproduce the New Testament do now by the writings of the first century and second century disciples in other words the disciples of the disciples had written so many commentaries about the Scriptures that they would be able to reproduce the entire New Testament undermining the logic separate versus even if you get rid of all that the Bible that now exists they would be able to take goals writings and put them together and be able to reproduce the entire New Testament it is a mentor that more than twenty four thousand documents when you're presenting it as an extremely important event because when it comes to seem to say whether or not the documented historical records starkly accurate what matters is unannounced of manuscripts or copies that exist archaeology there can be no doubt that archaeologist confirmed the substantial lives are often in Old Testament tradition by the way one good doctor wrong working well in the book all rivers in the desert my perspective he said something very important about archaeology he said this when it comes to biblical archaeology not only has archaeology confirm the Bible the Bible itself has been used to locate archaeology anything into that so we look at Madison Avenue look at archaeology the last and most important thing is to present the prophet when it comes to the topic you are showing that this document this ancient piece of literature is more than just something that is man-made is God made the statement that and this is so important because when you present these reasons processing this supernatural reasoning this is if it links people to the seven Dallas checking a lot because ingrained in the second dam is message is prophecy prophecy and when you present prophecy it blows people went by the way our wife says that prophecy is the greatest validity of the Scriptures prophecy prophecy pacing into outdated to be able to get a Daniel to presentation right off the bat rack payment pragmatic when it may call you exactly Daniel chapter two of when it comes to different types of apologetics we also need to understand where dealing with cultural politics widget with quick Bible apologetics now when it comes to presenting our faith this is extremely important because as one preacher said anything luckily the good dogma amen there's a lot of truth that we possess a set of damage that had been maligned by the world these are original truths that we have you know this right beside the sanctuary teaching these are traits that we just sort of came up with these actions that have existed well before there was a single seven grams churches you know that let's talk about this right now when it comes to the state of debt what do we just come up within you know that Martin Luther actually been stated that as well and so when you're talking about the stated that any approved talking to some and then your attaching it to something like Martin Luther the argument becomes even more powerful old Martin Luther Lena Martin Luther rack out that's exactly right Martin Luther believed in the state of a deadlocked race is right here it is probable in my opinion that with very few exceptions indeed the dead sleep and utter insensibility tell the day of judgment this is what he said he believed in the state of the dead but without never got one day I was to find out I was I was knocking on some north out of a cop for several several years ago many moons ago and that I am met somebody at the door and she said I'm a Lutheran I could get a Lutheran yes absolutely so your book is shorter the great controversy and I said look in this chapter about Martin Luther she's like using Martin Luther I submit you should hold on one second and she came out with her friends and they were very aesthetic and she comes down she's it right just as I can like that at the fifth and then by now but they were so excited about my letter and resume to think the life of the defendants and it comes to me I think that the judges of the dead are sleep and feel nothing at all so when you're presenting to see the dead and you attach it to somebody as credible as Martin Luther all of a sudden the argument becomes even more powerful because they realize that when the second this isn't just something we've been corner there are corruptible people a bleakness about LinkedIn now what please let me putting the departed soul to hell and purgatory to destroy the arguments were with Christ and Paul proved that resurrection to get the full pinhead tell me why they not be invented at the Angels and then what causes they are of a resurrection William Tyndale will be bought out law believes in the state of the debt okay how about this when it comes to William Miller when comes to William Miller Lucknow I think it's very interesting the father want when January twenty four nineteen oh five through the labor of Mister White wrote one of living with Miller and many others in America of seven hundred ministers in England of Bengal and others in Germany of gossip and his followers in France and Switzerland are many ministers in Scandinavia of a converted chance went about the converted Jesuit and South American potential to open many Oriental and African countries the event message with Terry to a large part of the habitable globe it wasn't just William Miller by the way they came up with this eighteen forty four by teaching digital it was not William Miller alone at the same time that window exit before Willie Miller there was a man by the name of Josephine Doctor Joseph Wolf and manual Maclean's up a Jesuit priest who began studying we are broken down on the book of Revelation and became convinced that something big was that happen Doctor Johnson tells of love actually predicted the second coming with replacing aging forty seven people all of Europe and much of Asia Nashville Lakota but that without the William Miller Philip America and when Joseph came to America to surprise and shock they were saying the exact same things but want you to understand something these are not true that I believe only by Seventh-day Adventists amen God is not isolated by the way if it's an extra content any nation that works righteousness is accepted with him any nation works righteousness is existent except with mother one feet and that their seminar is giving advertisement is Nicole Porter alright how about the Sabbath this is extremely important here the Sabbath right here all right Agnes twenty first date when the Sabbath day to keep it holy right well you shall mall the reasoning from Scripture but wait a second what is something you can use icons to present without it this did you know that when capital issues and she showed up in Ethiopia they found churches keeping seventies bitches are persecuting you can read about this in the rise and fall by Cardinal Gibbons watchmen favorite encompass on all sides by the enemies of their religion the Ethiopians slept near a thousand years forgetful the world by whom they were forgot at the six great discoveries of the thinking of victory sixteen centuries they became known into the Christian world they were now observing the ancient Sabbath to violate general liability observing the Sabbath Philip Ethiopian he went back to Ethiopia in the gospel they all believed in the Sabbath and also needs Catholics we have darkness but was found about guilty as many documents that he got you can read about it from Saturday to Sunday you can read about these documents they are describe how the patient Effexor so they begin foreseeing Ethiopian they been found with the king of Ethiopia put on the stand and watch what he said when it that way again what a way to send ASAP and want with it because God happy finish the creation will resume on Wednesday I thought when I called from the holy holy holy always sold and not celebrating thereof agree on the motion seems to be plainly contrary to God 's will and precepts who will stop her header at the pathway modeling work equipment Matthew chapter five verse excellent person keep the pathway sooner than his work and that especially since Christ came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it it is not therefore in invitation to the gym but in obedience to Christ and his holy apostles that we observe that day people will understand you happen to be eventually persecuted and to the point with this king bended knee into the right number keeping the Sabbath they started keeping Sunday as a result of this is important to understand because it lets you know that there is a world that existed unduly by Catholic influences I was kept quiet for a thousand years and by the way you want it written in Isaiah with his first cap were not exist this talk about the policies of Ethiopian if you quickly stretch out I had to split district out of hand to God both apologetics is extremely important this is getting into the house for poor are reasons for what we believe in a man about the SHS when it comes to speak what if the church regarding this afternoon about the way comes to the four leaf clover right thing for the coworkers I thought what Dave is very specialized synonymous with the political St. Patrick's Day right deal many people believe that he insulted the Sabbath keeper there's a reason behind the Celtic Celts using Latin Bible unlike the body and kept Saturday at the day of rest with special religious services on Sunday the tenth the Sabbath holy watchmen of the state if he Marion McAlpine churches of the early times and Ireland as well as going to keep Saturday the Jewish Sabbath at the restaurant labor they obeyed the fourth commandment literally upon the seventh day of the week this was a time that was alive and the other the other the which is well-known and when you take a look at this these men were keeping the biblical Sabbath folks want you to understand something decidedly is not a seven demonstrates the biblical truth payment these truths have existed even before there was a seven down with church about relevant issues and apologetics schools is God right here with the same Rob Bell right if you knows many else using the videos before writing another glass upon him belatedly like the same something really know anything until the very and any is decidedly short videos our paper newsgroups and all sorts of things right but recently he started controversy the multiple call Bob wins and in this book he talks about how alternately that there will not be this internal bonding tarmac that God will eventually add everybody into heaven it costs so much controversy base are calling a heretic all these evangelicals are think this guy is a heretic all the Christian apologist acting jumped on the sixties a heretic using all sorts of things the folks do you know he was prophesied by online unit is that he was prophesied by Ellen White said he was prophesied by Ellen White you fill my talk about a guy which is a you know doing weird things like that should she talked about people like him would come offices are here talking about eternal torment that doctrine of large classroom the doctrine of eternal torment is revolting are driven to the opposite in there are facing at the bottom of being a loving compassionate cannot believe that he will consign this project to the fires of internal Barney Hal Bolding at the thought naturally immortal they see no alternative but to conclude all mankind will be finally safe many regard authorities in the policy manual it's about connecting tubing it cannot be literally put built if one group of people who will say what I think people for help all eternity and eleven and would be both a waste of the second that's incompatible with the character that 's inability to visit you think maybe the Burnaby probably drink anything rebutting and that's exactly what he said that's exactly what he said once you to understand something when you have the best view of Scripture most clear view when it comes to the teaching of help ideally that came in the Bible is very clear but did you know there credible scholars who believe this to Michael Rose Julius at the proof is that a major New Testament theologian okay it seemed odd that he will annihilation at settlers the wicked will born for some duration but we put out called annihilation of finality he says that annihilation is certainly an acceptable interpretation of the relevant New Testament passage of eternal conscious torment is incompatible with the reveal character of God about this on John Sardis is a well-known theologians still alive well known in Christian apologetics I do not the position to which I can't hold it tentatively I believe the alternate of I believe that the ultimate annihilation of the wicked should at least be accepted as legitimate biblically founded alternative to their eternal conscious twenty we send them believe and on annihilation but he sees great many theologians with a later thing when I'm looking at the Scriptures when I'm looking for the Bible 's teaching it seems that this is what it's saying John went hunting my darling was extreme important Johnson on multiple called essential the New Testament Greek if you taken a great class this is then write a textbook that he was the way that you got the fantasy I feel that the time has come and I must declare my mind honestly I believe that the endless torment of any other non- spiritual doctrine which has been a terrible burden on the mind of the chart for many centuries and a terrible blot on a presentation of the gospel I should be happy indeed be happy before I got I can help in sweeping away anything under that multiplies you rejoice at the end of theologians joining in researching this great topic name and abandoning the individual with but I note that although it will suddenly terephthalic unsparing severity usually emphasizes the idea not duration the finality confinement in a destroying fire is usually treated at the distorting the meaning of a new sort that colossal and eternal eviction of diabolical attitude we cannot doubt but what happened this eternity eternal fixity implied and restoration or durational we cannot think this is that this is Lewis CS Lewis said he quashed and the question books you realize how powerful the fifth when you're presenting these things is a credible well-known people who hold in today's bleat and apologetics is about bringing these things up and showing us what what that did to the Scriptures all about the same Internet I love with this prayer if and when and what this from the towers that shrinks from nutrient from laziness that is content with half-truths and vulgarities that thinks it knows all truth of God of truth deliver us amen without it's aware of her father in heaven we thank you so much for this class and exciting book describes the service about service when it comes to Christian apologetics Lord is against the next two sessions want to pray and ask for your spirits will powerfully thank you so much Jesus for these evidences confirming what we believe in Jesus name we pray I will media was wrong audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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