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Disarming Pharisees and Sadducees

Anil Kanda



Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 12, 2011
    11:15 AM
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father and thank you again so much for an awesome first session and Allison proceed to the second session after your Holy Spirit would lead and guide us thank you Jesus for all your goodness for all your kindness to us thank you for bringing us here to be able to learn and to experience more in Jesus name I pray amen all right the first session we dealt with apologetics and apologetics that word is apologia which means a defense or a eighties automates a defense that takes place in the courts of the things that you believe and write clear precise defense of the things that you believe in we looked at many examples of these are just original SDA beliefs but we learned that there are many scholars and John Stockton and the affluent who question the eternal burning hellfire teaching and if you are the last and I just want to say this the reason why it's extremely point to present what we believe when it comes to our teaching about hellfire is because the world right now has a misconception about God I'm using about it even the devil himself probably when I'm rendering for all eternity GM's of shutters at the results of his own mistakes but yet he has placed the image so diabolical self awakened so ugly over the character of God when people look at got been one shutter and his wife extreme and point to understand is that it was the first session you can listen to the audio recording you can talk to seventy with depths but this is interesting to share this experience F evangelistic Souza was preaching is preaching on the weekend why dealt with the state of the dead and I dealt with the hellfire are teaching the whole fire now they should always preaching house so I was deathly sick I mean I was just like I can get it all I'm just out of it and it just hit me and you think but when no candidates it I mean I get sick I get back I mean it's just like Ebola virus on the now and so when I I got sick the I will pray about it hydrotherapy I got better at half I began to preach the spirit upon the high priests and concrete clear and the greater presentation about the state of the debt and how are teaching the hellfire will be interesting that same weekend the past of the local mega- church had a vision that they weaken the vision and I found out is that when the church was the youngest vision of what he was taken to hell he was taken to the center of the earth and he was brought before all these people were burning and downloading and or just grainy of there being Barnes he came out of it and told his congregation on Sunday morning he said I saw held last night analytically when other people were burning and daughters his disappointment in because of their sins do you see the great controversy here at the same week and I was presenting once you understand something when you present the truth as it is in Jesus the devil starts targeting but we need to know the truth anything is all right and if an article questioning the questioner disarming Pharisees and fantasies questioning the questionnaire disarming Pharisees and Sadducees of the second to August twelfth two thousand eleven the conference was called I checked this for the recording and felt like life is right here in the southern walk through the timber twelve nineteen oh five there are many cases where men will defend Christianity against skeptics had the word lost their own souls in the mazes of skepticism because Larry and died spiritually and badly last session not one individual like the alternate by the wall right now the Falcons are mounted at one of the best Adventist apologist was debating spirit of utterly destroying them in the debate to himself away and became a spiritualist the reason why because he would not spend that hour Jesus we expanded our day were gossamer worse than a man amen my lady and I was doing apologetics seminar with one another five thousand representing we had done a lot of study with how we went we visited often long we visited Buddhist priest we talked a lot of these people about different religions Hindu on philosophers were talking it was so easy just to feel sort of the the influence that they were presenting and I was purple during those times of Jesus keep me close to you just keep me close to you I never got without talking to that the Buddhist precept and she was just she was like I can see in your eyes right now retired and you need the rest that comes in Buddhist knows it's like I just think nothing are united in our night out if you see what I'm saying is like me to be very careful we need to spend out with Jesus each and every day when possible were staying in otherwise we can be influenced by the world bluntly she said later they had strong arguments for the truth and what outside evidence but they do not have an abiding faith in Christ event of study apologetics one hour day with Jesus amen all there are thousands upon thousands of professed Christians who never study the Bible study the state work powerfully for you all installed in a bit this is extremely important when it comes to teaching apologetics that we teach this truth about any of the truth that our date with Jesus not just letting the lingering in his presence amen lingering in his presence I becomes a people when it comes to engaging society we can sometimes it with people at Starbucks have a have a up so it looks it will be noted on to you in on various classroom Jim taken a class on philosophy or religion are not send them as institutions but bounded other institutions you occupied there sometimes people were very antagonistic towards the very things that you believe in an understandably very difficult when you're trying to ship and you can think of that very moment what to say innovative situation like that all the time he met the United win in that situation what you don't know what to say at that very moment when someone said something something right will you be doing they will offer some principles of what to do when you're in situations like that I share with somebody was very antagonistic with all these questions is attitude a genuine certain defined by the attitude of genuine skepticism deal with them in a productive and constructive way oftentimes our discussions about what you think they can move from a time when there is a good dialogue to the time when something is said is on psychological frigate takes place in all credit cards and a very angry man raid and they begin to show all these questions will find out how Jesus dealt with this issue last time we left that you learned about somebody who left the question in the philosophy class anybody can not so big that he himself can't move it one of the answer to listen to the recording what do you do when these things happen and think about where to go to a time when Jesus actually dealt with skeptics when you actually dealt with Pharisees and Sadducees or can believe in I think that they believed in were going to Luke chapter to think about that Luke chapter two decapitated anchor their but if they meant I would assault with verse forty how did Jesus deal with people who are antagonistic toward what he believed Luke chapter two verse forty two chapter two verse forty and what the Bible says right here and the child grew and became strong in spirit filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the left Passover and when it was wonderful they went and she was according to the cost of the feast at what the Bible says about Jesus don't forget this point can't walk and the child grew and became strong in spirit right spiritually Jesus was growing he was filled with wisdom mentally Jesus was going and the grace of God was upon his release God was forcing noticed in these three characteristics that are said about Jesus prior to this time do not forget okay so what are the three characteristics about Jesus strong in spirit filled up with uncle at the thirteenth grace of God was upon and every year is transmitted of Beeston Castle and when he was twelve years old he went up to Jerusalem according to the company the beast collectively decided as a chapter called the Passover visit she said that when Jesus showed up at the Temple is all the various sacrifices taken place she said began paying out a great problem prior to this time he did not have information appointing that he was the savior it was afterwards bringing up this information at all begin to coalesce and converge upon one central point and the spirit of God was speaking to Jesus as a young boy that you are the chosen one if you are the chosen one when everything began to make sense his birth and all description and even saying the spirit was showing very clearly that he was the Messiah this is where Jesus began to realize his messianic identity and this is what he began to engage the population working on got forty three and was able to the days of the return the child Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother knew not of it but that is the volume to be in a date been in the company when a days journey and they sought him among many acquaintances among the kinsfolk and when they found him not been turned back again to Jerusalem seeking they go back to imagine Mary and Joseph morning over there they are they are mistaken as Anglican around anywhere that from their other children looking around they finally then Jesus says in verse forty six and he came to pass up to three days they found him where in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors what these are medical doctors within the doctors are they they are spiritual doctors doctors of the law both hearing them and what asking them quashed in and all that heard it was watershed is understanding and has answer the pleasing the boy Jesus Green area Stephen limits law leaves together and asking questions and these questions only been more leading lines of the Pharisees and fantasies to the truth and see if it hadn't keep all the things untrue that were given by Jesus I know what they were working in preparation for one conversation now Jesus with their young boy notice how easy to aging these teachers that will be spry desserts bearded man you don't talk down to them you don't get the announcers give them questions in an Indian culture to go in and you see someone was older which is posted posted go down there and touch the feet as a sign of respect it's showing that you are the that individual is superior he's older and so it is difficult it was ego when it comes to those who are teachers those with professional bears great respect given to them so Jesus was being with them he is aroused to prejudices befalling young boy who was very inquisitive and into the other young boys teaching them to memorize Scripture but when he came to Jesus as a young boy you can just imagine if they thought with this brilliant line this original life and he himself was believing and though in their questions and watch what happens next what happens next personally and when they saw that they were made of leather what about that with us the old iPod and I have copies our starring anything to them how is it that you thought me with you not that I must be about my father 's business and by the way when you continue reading about it now find out that when it comes to what his father then they'd is just his father now it's as Joseph and his mother he was now in knowledge and the ties to his heavenly father and what happens verse fifty one and he went down to them came to Nazareth and was subject to and but his mother kept all these things what is there to give me increase in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man what are you noticing here was the difference when Jesus practically to that I now have to visit after this expense with little happenings Jesus what you now learning to do the life stage people prior to this time he dealt with the becoming about this I went as a child in the days of conflict and engage them in a certain way as character levels collation but now he was going after this expansion in favor with men he was learning how to engage people now with the truth found in God prior to this time it was a different way that he worked with mentor now he was being too clearer perception of who God is able to want you to understand something from this time and from then on Jesus went about with your thinking began to encourage event in this ministry that when you work with people oftentimes he would ask questions he asked questions annihilate you want this company afterward I asked to have a document you have over a hundred questions that Jesus asked his entire ministry is in Jesus FC half a hundred questions he asked more than a hundred questions at all now to be the paper so if you want that you come talk to me about that humility okay but Jesus asked over a hundred questions when it comes to teaching when it comes to understanding questions are very good anything into that might let you know this between what is good sensible and adapt them to school when you go to the data school the teachers asking what questions she's here she is trying to engage right Lewis Potter not that great of a teacher found with the asking asking questions budget simply giving answers by the way did you know that the word education comes from the Latin word and Ducati remains to educate to draw amount to draw now Jesus was the master educator Kenny statement that he knew how to draw men out demons adults were more antagonistic toward the you know how to draw them out and Jesus would take these order that the system of asking questions that even a question or you can read all about it through all the Gospels Jesus asked the question why we didn't ASAP reply number one he revealed his divinity of the failure by these heart surgery questions when people are asking questions they were turnarounds and when you feel question what saith the law how reinstall my then he would expose assumptions held by the questioner showing the question of the fallacies of their beliefs he pointed out prejudices and avoid possible accusation can you think of a time when Jesus asked he asked the question and pointed out a prejudice that existed thing about terrible against American gravel what did Jesus after the very end of that good Samaritan parable who is the name and how do the math of what the one who showed mercy and that we even say the word Samaritan and Jesus was bringing him to that conclusion so the man with the knowledge I have a problem here he led the questioner to obvious conclusions on their own but leading them to be responsible for the answers right minutes under the return until she gives a parable about the vignette will continue due to all those who who killed his son had to go persecute honest services what will he do to all those wicked servants and how did the Pharisees and Sadducees were black he will miserably destroy them right and what does the Bible say and the Pharisees and Sadducees realized he was talking about them both a want you to understand something Jesus had a variety of reasons why he asked questions but when it comes of it ultimately few had been here for this to yearn for more when they saw the wisdom being executed by Jesus when they saw these answers that were that were sold that were not even accusing of the individual asking the questions you don't notice the person we want to have to know more about what the mouth of the book of acts that many these priests actually became converted later law as a result of these things that she does not engage people by questions by questions are yes to the question right now and I don't want you to tell me an answer I want to tell me question okay the way we deal with questions is me reply with another question and set standards and we are very good at getting answers really good at getting answers but I don't want your scheming answer I want to give me a question on some questions can be asked and are no-win with no-win questions only question is if and when no matter what you say right and these were questions that were asked to Jesus okay now quite essential sometimes asked when I was younger with this is your mother know you are pregnant volatile and asked me that question will it was designed to make me look foolish right to know that you are pregnant now what about that yes now do that but I will say no I'm filling knowledge and I'm pregnant right but I just haven't told anybody about it right so often times we are asked questions and we need to respond and we need to learn to ask a counter question not just answers were very good to be answered I want you to learn how to get questions over this and think a minute I'm going to give me some examples of this and I'm going to put the test upon using better be ready okay and getting a question to the questioner you are trying to understand the agenda that's behind the question at the same time trying to lead the person to a greater understanding of how public the truth it's okay so when someone visits your mother know you are pregnant this is just an example is just for fun got a question dear friends know that you like to ambush people with intentionally misleading questions him you know that you like them about saying yes noting on CFA do know that I like about saying no to fill in the technology that I like them like they did in it I know when when so the question do you think you're good at setting people up okay should people be permitted to carry her own weapons in this day and age will be a good counter question for this are not about this question dealing with the same time when the Constitution and the Second Amendment was written about this on to the authority should be top on domestic terrorism the way that the innocent on to our art you believe that innocent people in prison but innocent until proven guilty is still valid before you getting right down to it and these are just a simple question but unlike the test I want you getting the answers are watching any questions they ready for this book and every enjoyment of women is anything different about me only one question that if you say no they're going to feel insulted if you say yes oftentimes that if they what an entity like looking around and staring your dad always look for they had the first thing I have plans me okay I got everybody right now maybe I want to answer with me answer some unit in the danceable with the question of aerial embodies the Budweiser evil in this world how would you answer that with a question about the visor evilness what I want you to answer with a question out with an answer only answer can be found in the question who is responsible people okay very good question Megan Andreas got was a what is evil bigoted leading to more objectives okay very good anyone else why you're blaming God okay very good anybody else would you knowledge that God exists okay Baghdad did God create evil okay very good okay there's like what you have to keep a long relationship with Jesus how would you answer the question who came up with a lot that has to question who wrote the law Greg yes that's the relationship which is okay but you just got did Jesus keep on eye on him I thought the lady and a very related to my friend wetware turn when you can use the one that usually engages people quickly and so using the list people that was at this Chinese restaurants talking length is not within a start I consent there is a debate taking place over the nose like buildings that will affect advisability I settled in and out quickly I thought about their dislike well your friend is trying to show us about the seventh day Sabbath and I said merely as a chaotic it's a biblical and then went in pointless I think you don't want mom and come out with her Bible as a big mamas together a mom like that and see that you don't want to come out with revival might bring it on and thought it might open up her Bible and she is like even have to show me from Scripture I study my Bible about the seventh day about what Linda teaches you show me from the bar where the bile shows that the seven days of sentencing are currently doing and I presented and mentioned she kept interrupting me to think things like play second metal testing and we know definitely you don't believe in Old Testament what Scriptures and Jesus use she was quite energy moved on and I'm showing her front of Jesus kept the Sabbath and she said what Jesus didn't keep a license you can keep the law I said willing to take you to John chapter fifteen hundred John chapter fifteen which is that I had kept my father 's Commandments the first thing she looked up and she said you know what saying that that's exactly right the Bible is true the Bible if you are without they would definitely go to a bottom and I love you to end the slaughter of thousands in the Old Testament in question a good question don't get me answer maybe several reasons why I believe that God cannot commit genocide in the Bible very good at Agnew several reasons but I need from you a question when somebody was just a antagonistic ring on synagogues and on the blog pay attention to the assumptions that are in the question why do you command the destruction of thousands and Wetherington and implemented yet of Mary God very got been listening we'll take a good president of the convention in August six percent of the new thicket of others doing okay Teresa said what is love what is one now why is that a question I would be powerful because love does not expunge justice from the mouths of the first twenty thirteen love does not rejoice in iniquity this is the point understand this is very important to understand the work with all these questions every day went away in like a Starbucks corner weather were in a classroom people ask these philosophical questions and they want to answer and the best way you can get an answer without having them just jump on unity on his reason is to lead them on to the use of questions see what are the assumptions found in the question itself and give a response I do I have to be STA to be saved don't you question what you are named Weber that is twenty minutes day that they do anything to be said okay very good what does it mean to be safe there so they were now to be stately six at the blood of Jesus the blood of Jesus Jesus died for you on the one of salvation but the house salvation is the question needs to be a master question how a salvation or can be obtained once except in the blood of Jesus but since and what is following Jesus all about this is very important out of the front door of any vegetarian to get into heaven coordinate even having that exact to payment and a what do I have to be in addition to be had in bilingual not just of events is the skeptics you will get from Seventh-day Adventist themselves it it's a lesson that led by some not does it all the more like this be looked in the main century will often find people seven Dennis homegrown or doubting the message is very important to deal with these things therefore but dilapidated but had okay anybody else how would you answer the question do I have to be a vegetarian you can say it like it has a sort of the way that is designed to be pointing sharp in no door have to be a vegetarian have to be yes yes how did I'd affect my behavior does that affect my behavior of a bigot what do I have why do I have to meet e.g. white when I have the Bible my lap immediately why when I have the Bible and tell me I need to study right one at the rate of the Bible you understand your Bible gave a get are you okay the Bible teaches that we should believe in the profits and we shall prosper identity of an finish out this okay then I want you to think about this book you need to learn to apply with questions one we walked the art of asking questions were very good at getting answers and is very important because when you can be a Bible study if you want to ask right questions you get to the right answers not just the answers Jesus right now it's a bit deeper he has a reason but there's more to the payment and not atheism atheist not window some questions that that need to be asked when these things are being presented in around his neck like he talks about this in his book called beyond opinion in the chapter called apologetics about apologetically says this is a question needs to be answered and assigned to class science class where the teacher is antagonistic towards religion is theism science is theism science yes and what is science what a sense of our activism why is there something rather than nothing the question was asked by Aristotle and Lebanon as I like albeit with different answers but it's a start concern why they're conscious intelligent life on this planet and there's me any meaning to the flight if there is any meeting will kind a meeting house and found that human history lead anywhere or that all may think that is nearly the end of your content debate isn't what circumstances would certainly open to other answers cc question of what to write down the ones of you taking notes the ones that are highlighted okay the second one what if we reject the existence of God we are left with the crisis a meeting as well easy more taken by John Papa shops art and Frederick Nietzsche by the late pregnancy with somebody who followed what he believed into its logical conclusion he was somebody would call that the pallbearer of atheism and do you know that of Paul bearer of God and genealogies and if I spent the last ten years of his life as a simple attic in a madhouse screaming out for God is leaving promoted atheism instead you know what I don't believe in God God is dead he followed to its logical conclusions happen his life ended in sanity when people have embraced atheism on historical results horrific this is tied into the second question asked in the regimes of Sally now and pull Paul Lincoln asked appalled and work to eradicate down people send you they think religion has caused the deaths of millions Bible believing Christians have caused the deaths of thousands but would you respond how would you respond if Jessica and one thing that's important to say to is that Christian biblical Christianity does not lead to these conclusions it does not lead to these conclusions but if you expect atheism and get rid of all moral objectives people should do what they say this it when was right then Hitler wasn't wrong it dominoes right than Hitler wasn't long because it meant when evolutionary is atheism is been propounded and there is no more values there is no more value on human life there is no difference between Mother Teresa and you know Hitler and this is important for us to understand because I really did Christian opponents are starting to reach onto Seventh-day Adventist here is starting to understand that there is a moral law but you can escape however there stopping right there but if they were to go a step further they would find about more law is to take them folks the entire world is on the breach of Seventh-day Adventists we need to make sure that we know what the Bible teaches that there is no God upon evil and suffering aren't always solved so where's the hope of redemption or meeting for those who suffer I watch his debate by Christopher Hitchens anyway said about like you said likely avoiding the five eight eight eight a downward struggling with die this way what has been following the also said that even if I went ahead and run out to be like healthily in particular there was something and got a subpoena had been in good health Leno also said that unlike in the books of the Christ she said about with the people right now please only hadn't it be like health to the big one from the presence of God why I asked him yes neglect they wanted and violet with the Lord 's prayer our father which art in heaven what the kingdom come thy on where the heaven is a place where what God 's will is being done subpoena Linda Paul God 's will now how to fall in any sense okay very good I've explain human questions for any purpose or in a thought like why do I feel so unfulfilled or empty the entire world cannot deny this but this is something very legitimate animals don't feel empty yesterday they don't but human beings as a hunger and thirst that no one will deny it when it was going with this one it was a Hindu of why and how planes and the deal was like when I fly a plane when coming up my commissions about just asleep and just veg out and does not talk to people that the logo is a very good about making sure that that doesn't happen to me I thought I was the executive lady and she was a Hindu lady and the inevitable question that comes up when you're talking to inconvenience this would need to come for profession because they engage your status by what you do it and it's in your employment and so when I'm stating I'm a pastor oftentimes there's an awkward silence it takes place and felt the missing so you know what he knew how I Met computer technician at work for HP Mini and outfit it what you do not like I'm a pastor would you say the other since this is awkward if that is your pastor what this woman she was a Hindu I began talking to her and she said you don't so you believe in the Bible article I believe in the Bible it's true you look at it all the evidences are there have you ever studied the Scriptures and she said no person you want to try this out if you are experiencing at this and by the way India's occultist known for its body would mediate right and you will find in Hollywood is pretty consistent besides dancing and singing and choreographed movement love story rags to riches and you will see people who live in huts will have a TV who what why would movies all that grew up among watchable I would because they're so much emptiness in the world is substituted by placing these movies where people let global beginnings and rising out of that also went to tennis at all of his empty but Jesus can fill in a mentally on the water of life are now into creationism I was afraid it in taxes went inside about here before and how do we explain Romans chapter five in a window inside this nondenominational church made big and outlook on the wall I knew I saw I thought this poster and had three different views of life wireless evolution and at that sort of that the the dude losing to you and then they had been had God created the world and thousands of years and then eventually man came to being theistic evolution and then they had all got in the world in six days now since the post I just walked into an interactive walks in and giving okay Mister Conger is on the convert of the head over that nondenominational church comes up to me as visitors about never been to this church before as well it's interesting is if you look at a post about creationism do not set the edit and that you know the past and so he began talking to me since I displayed the essay important and so I find out and that is that God really led in the TV and talk about this and that he happy what is different is about creationism this group believes that there is no God that you know that this world that cannot attend and then there's a second view that God I just took an immensely treated nap and then there's this view that God grew the world in six days I really believe in the third view of the personal acquaintance secondly you look at all the evidence is assigned and all these things and you has had elderly church and this is in you and I young kid in the health is a view those in the bank and fill you don't want to arouse a prejudice effect on after question I think asking questions that you I said it so lived and died thousands of years ago before there was a single man forgot it out of I could how would you explain the verse in Romans chapter five tested by one man sin death came upon this world and you I never forgot the moment he looks wet the poster he looked right at me and said I've never thought of it like this will go in waves of the development time know your long as all the reasons why you're wrong it would happen all his prejudices would been around Ensenada listen to what I thought to deal with it in a way that would knock that we disarm him questions said in the meekness and fear the Lord will open up understanding to cemented into a domestic agenda in the following estate agent salvation because it within the first two chapters of Genesis called symbolic that's negative that we can so we can also say that the first messianic prophecy found in Genesis chapter three verse fifteen is also figured to do where do we determine determine the line of demarcation but this question the Bible says God is good engine number thirty one got described as Justin 's creation as very good I understand the goodness of God is everything and he is evolution nature red in tooth and claw that the Chronicle on evolution and God is there that the will evolutionist is based in the product of the survival of the fittest that those killed to get on top right the public today could that everything sacred was very what good and that's a question that also needs to be still the first five books were not written by Hamilton who wrote the ten Commandments when my friend is a biology teacher who teaches creationism and he went to my bar at universities and he found a second professor was teaching something that was contrary and an Internet second department will call finance and so anyway he went there and the teacher that's the professor was talking all these reasons why you can believe that the first five books of Moses were written by Moses note that these were written by Moses Mrs. La Scala state these days of Moses you know you know I could been written by different people in this person later on so we don't know if this is accurate by Moses Biles teaches that can ask you one question if you than what the ten Commandments will God be with his own finger was working on a fixed day God created heaven the method that's a good answer also when she does that make sense only to send a question hideous enough even when denied the first five books of Moses the ten Commandments still stand out in the fourth command is very implicit about the creation account that God did in six days it is a mentor that are in concrete over millions of years amounting to an existing earth is not one but is absent always has been and thought the boldly intended to be the one you want to start entreating eleventh anywhere that makes it just enough of it I got out they understand there is no purpose no direction no goal in evolution the God of the Bible is all about purpose how do you reconcile the purposelessness of evolution with the purpose of God and what does not have to do an evolutionary world is not God unnecessary hypothesis to see all these questions that need to be raised only the Google of these questions it opens up the assumptions that lie within a minute if anything gets enough I know well knowledgeable when asked doctrine with diamonds and thirty seven seconds okay with the well-known Jehovah's Witness doctrine that the world is actually created in six thousand years and so these are not actual literal days I will be the question we can ask about that what does the word as me okay very good anyway else a very good that is the key factor that is the key when it was as uncreated the song was created later on in the week what was used to support the plant like that existed prior to that time and also its main point is to understand the unmeaning sexing the Hebrew meanings of days an year day of a week of this book right now it's like an umpire of the BRI it's called interpreting Scripture and they deal with that same question actually even more extensively so I have that book also teaches well but also to get into the Hebrew words that deal with the actual literal meaning of the word data is found in the book of Genesis chapter one okay let's go this really rapidly effective prostate like the Bible one of all the monthly book containing such needs are extremely accurate prophecies of future events and will fix is no need for possible the Bible to school prophecy that one achieves this one here if revelation of the field looked fabulous it was a cold revelation even Daniel was written later and this is while you will find this controversy take place not just in the know outside the world within our own churches to get the book of Daniel was written later on how doesn't explain how Daniel still revealed the base the Vikings after also be the review was written during six hundred BC or written after being been and so there's a book and you couldn't have known this semester and then later on but even if data was originally brought distillate precision about the divided kingdoms to see the unit meant to say about the book of Daniel was relate on these the only profit network that are tied into the very entrance precise properties that we are superficial examined that surround the thing hard about the not only follow the nephew was one of the criteria for document to be historically accurate once got an evident that this got to be confirmed to eyewitness account if I have archaeology of God have support these all things of this picture has anything into what engine people Internet somewhat menacing than any other work the Bible over twenty one thousand with just the New Testament alone in this libido but even if the entire Scriptures were done with everything one them was obliterated every single Bible gone they would still be able to reproduce the entire New Testament how because of the writings of the first and second century disciples the disciples of the disciples have been so many commentaries about the Scriptures that could reproduce the entire Bible the New Testament separate versus what good is it Jesus juice logs these the Old Testament what you don't but about archaeological dot notation of real events and real places and real people and not different from the epic of Gilgamesh witnesses on these make-believe characters you see wheel people that have been confirmed by archaeology real events that have been confirmed over and over again the Bible is an extraordinary piece of literature are help by okay this is very important to these questions if I create a new heaven in the north that will be well will be how you I I preach evangelistic series to a year and half ago and this man was very irate I raised him up to me is probably little thing about health that you believe it's annihilation operators can be but a bribe for all eternity at them and asking two questions he said yeah I said it got grease and you have the north will help me he said okay that's here's a second questionnaire but one with therapeutic immortality is based on the tree of life how do the wood to burn for all eternity amassing those two questions and can you give me answers to those two questions I never forgot you said you know what was a very good question I don't have the answer to the city need to think about that before you complete the rolloff this teaching is that I will think about both I want you to understand something these questions are now if I'll cannot pronounce no more pain over death if there is an eternal burning torment but when you got pronounced on the pain over death and Dana went went belatedly one but when the thousand years thousand because there will be so solid and heavy rumbling over the books of the righteous and books of the wiki shooting realizing that I got it Hell is real I got mentioned in both meeting about translation until NAFTA because they know something that most people don't know what my will not transition out nonsense windshield to see the all the guilt of the next and need a place of burning torment it just means a great where the place of departed if that was real and parking was commissioned by God to preach the Gospel to the nations why did Paul not mention health except wants to declare victory over by limitless the last session as well cannot help are not being something that could be real broad eternity but now I think everyone went up into time Rob Bell and went immediately whether we shall show how liquidation analysis that there will be another class of people who will see this revolting truth and trying to get a win for everyone everyone goes to have an authentic and vital eulogies of the great controversy she says there is no other teachings beside this teaching to heaven more people turn away from the business dealing in Darwin said this election famous always talk about eternal burning hellfire is that I cannot believe that my friends are burning in hell fire right now for all of eternity it led to his rejection to see why this teaching at exposing and what is enjoying the truth of the Bible is extremely important our last question how the consequential burning how compatible of God 's revealed justice belongs out of the Soviets if there is no moral law what is the objective basis for any morality or definition of good and bad if the wall lock the ten Commandments how do we uphold my but neglected and are no longer stealing lying committee adopt technology why is there room to alter the sound this is very important if you think I asked people two months in the Bible and I couldn't be little reluctant what is an all-time low even keeping of the law I could see when I can still attain any circumstance no googling I can have just one item is being that I felt that the note not even when I don't think it is every applicable to add or steal or lie in any circumstance counseling if we can alter any one of those commandments what makes us think that we can alter the fourth white and weight are now preaching okay why did I do everything think verse twenty three family will keep the Sabbath and had been in the front was done away with why did J discover Sabbath keeping churches in Africa specifically Ethiopia a thousand years later they got there and the like why because they found this group of Ethiopians without his untouched by capping influence and eventually persecuted that it illustrates adding why does someone picking things up and I do not praise God for the purpose of affecting coming resurrection people straight to heaven the Bible ascribed immortality command is any being inherently immoral what was the whole crispy Old Testament prescription for people who talk with the death the Bible tells that they can't understand what the Bible tells that they conquer that our love ones I hadn't or does the Bible tells of the comfort that in the resurrection these illegitimate shifting up amen okay very good pilot of an annual Islamic fundamentalist Larry King Legacy has an interesting question he said this even if there's anybody I can interview in this world be only one person is that it be Jesus Christ and asked and would only ask him one question is what would you I asked him if he was virgin born and is about asking a question he was a tell me if it doesn't answer all the other question that we had in life but guess what as much as this question is important is another question even one porn this is the this question him a little girl asked Jesus what to get the scars in other words the question of Cauvery is more important question about Damon about has the welfare father Natalie thank you so much for this class God this is exciting learning how to ask questions the right questions to the right answers father please help us to think and use our minds engaging people in talking with people to lead in these deep truths that are found in your meet and let each person had an easily this media was brought to my osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading and audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more service please visit www. audio tours .org


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