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The Apologetics of Paul

Anil Kanda



Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 12, 2011
    12:15 PM
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father in heaven thank you Deborah Grace for your power thank you that you are not just the light of our world the world Lord you are shiny and every man's life in some way father we pray that you would expose us to the greater picture of the pan back and seek all that you are doing the one who does wondrous things thank you God in Jesus name we pray amen I know it's what was up with no Michael Dassault powerful regular guy but which is right near Caracas was the originator of all the ancient jams on what true is like abandoning these truths have been displayed knowledge of our displacement will contend with award this place means taken out of context and placed in another context which is same here through the work of the enemy beast to that band displays they had been disconnected from there to envision and place in the framework of error notices what you think of these foods were taken away they were uprooted and placed in entire guilt entirely different framework a framework of error Chrysler was to readjust and militias of the liquidation reset readjust and establish the precious gems in the framework of truth the principles of Judah had been given by himself and left the world had to think of agencies had been buried and apparently become extinct Christ rescued them from the rubbish America gave them a new vital work and commanded them to shine as precious jewel and to stand fast forever Christ himself can use any of these whole foods without borrowing the smallest particle board see himself had originated in all he's a mentor that this is important to understand because you see that the author all trip is Christ the Bible starts off with Matthew jump into first wanted to know after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king behold I believe came from Jerusalem by the way what do you think men will come from the east and from the West deal at those obtained from the username in any business you were the Magi and the Greeks at the very end of his life came from the West as of this was a fulfillment of that Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king behold why do you think in Jerusalem thanks to see what they want to reduce what we have seen the stars you and have come to worship him but with the diabetes basically set the white men from the East what what philosophers belong to a large and influential class that included men of noble birth and provide much of the wealth and learning of their nation others were all men will study the indications of Providence in nature and were honored for their integrity and wisdom on this character were the wise men to come to Jesus the light of God is ever shining amid the darkness of the heathenism and by the way what does you say I am the light of the URL in my lap highly recommend that happened because I be just because she makes it very clear that Jesus is not just in the Christian church but he is working every single man's world golf of whether Christian or not Christian and leave NASA's latest oriented and slept badly mistreated in the right path they beheld the glory of the creative thinking clearer knowledge they turned to the Hebrew Scriptures in the old now this is extremely important works regular topic writings that predicted the coming of a divine teacher mail him belong to the magician and though one time a prophet of God and by the Holy Spirit he had report for the prosperity of Israel and the appearing on the site is positive had been handed down by tradition from century to century the Magi learn the joy that is coming with you and uphold what was to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord these magic than I have been tired in the totality of the restricted they only had one Scripture and who was it it was the writings of bail on the profit the writings and the bill got bounded numbers and what happened is when Dylan was sent to Chris all the fighting and prophetic utterances and talking about this star that would appear that would herald the coming of the Messiah did you know that what Magi is actually related people many people think of the Magi came from what is was then known as Persia the audience still have the writings of billing today did you know that they still have the right of the billing today marks what this event is Lexi found out that there are a inscription or bail on the side of your 's prescription from it was it was data eight forty seventy six he has printed a copy what this was as found in nineteen sixty seven and these were writing a bill and the prophet Amos fantasy if you want to find out how far he up half the size from God you might value type therapy provided up in Google and you will find out what he says in these writings you'll find how far he apostatized and got and when he showed up and begin to attempted to Chris Israel God spoke to him but also want you to understand something there were people there are people who are in a variety of nations in a variety of countries in a variety of religions just like these wise men were searching for pleading for truth and understanding they want to know what is right and what is right what is true and God is meeting up through his Holy Spirit and by the witnesses ran point to understand God is not judgment based upon what he does not know but based upon what he knows and is faithful to the W think is going to be held in greater responsibility in the judgment the seventh and his church will be held to the greatest standard of judgment because we had the greatest collection of truth assemble test and brought to all the ages right now she tried to stand something that people who are just a little bit of light for people to that little bit of light and God is leading and what were going to see a single to this seminar presentation you're going to see various countries a nation based nations where they are just specks of truth gospel truth that has been patient handout announcing up and you will see these truths are very much the gospel truth I like the sound Ethiopia invitation to find with a different by Fidelity pathetic they found today the numbers of Sabbath keeping are exploding Nigeria Ghana Kenya Gavin Congo and elsewhere why because the more commissioners in eighteen hundreds no the sound of describing Africa because the Sabbath roots of Africa D open Scripture and historical practice why is that found through the second book written by Seventh-day Adventist former president instead his name is Charles Bradford is beautiful the ticket out seventy found in Africa this was a fabulously much fascinating information about the history of the church if you get the clean up was Sheila was from Ethiopia and bore a son printing solid whether or not that's actually legitimate we don't know but the block was continued Old Testament religion election group of Ethiopians who don't eat unclean meat will keep the seventies out and wait here to Old Testament principles there found any claim to have their lineage from Solomon verse twenty six and forty we are given the introduction of Christianity Ethiopia with the conversion of the Ethiopian treasure by Philip the treasure we turn to canvases court as a result Ethiopia became the first Christian nation the influence of Ethiopia on the rest of Africa was an enormous help from the Queen of Sheba Winship development and asphalt question that was not deficit in second Chronicles chronicles she came back and she began to spread the truth of what you learn Old Testament light and then fill up when we converted the Ethiopian eunuch that using your Ethiopian eunuch went and completed the second phase he brought the New Testament teachings on there and then what's happening four thousand years before capital shares got there they found a group of seven a Sabbath the seventh it sounded keeping Ethiopians who were adhering to the Scriptures very interesting very interesting untouched for a thousand years trying about prophecy is also seven Dallas book is written by Samuel Wang and Doctor R Nelson you can get on Amazon I think the following year China has called a couple random guy it would appear the handed down in a meeting with ancient civilization in the annals of Chinese history we do not find a single instance of God 's anger being poured out upon a Chinese city because the moral depravity as happened to Sodom Gomorrah Pompei ancient Chinese art has never found pornography or naked female sculpture like that uncovered in the near and middle East excavations why would find a little bit more is an interesting burst down nice if we number swelled from this surely to come surely they shall come from the thought that these from the north and from the West attendees from the land of sin listen and you wonder what within a means where is this land the same acceded to get within about an idea for a name lookup in the concordant with the oriental country China according to some concordant cinemas and if the Oriental region Duncan Cordes reports and as a people device the Chinese company is still not quite clear the English dictionary for help final indicates Chinese for example sign a few with French from Latin Latin finance the Chinese a great fight and from a rate exceeding trying to China from Chinese chicken in dynastic dynastic name of the country you see that when he was over and over again by the way when the language is used a single capitalist reviews over and over and over again example word sabotage or the work on with this work for Sabbath and in Spanish Saturday BCS is just sweeping across different languages you can see that there's these moods go down deeper and further back we understand it was a little bit more about this event the Chinese had worshiped as God costing the polishing the name literally means that heavenly ruler by revering cetaceans use of the border sacrifice according the status of the Ming Dynasty A.D. thirteen sixty one and begin to understand ancient Chinese reverence fishing when this is his own verse this is a versatile for such swing dancing by confusion because it we thank the Lord has so decreased and called into existence had a pet and acts as anthropologist began to look in the Chinese culture they found a monotheistic religion I was existing in China for a long peer time they found that this blog with things saying the Pentagon that he would worship you with the full God knows the God of heaven earth and hatred in the world by the word of his now he decreed it it took place we said the possible coincidence as other religions like that will support the deeper of the old in the beginning there was great chaos without form and dark violet and I began to evolve more the sun and moon to shine new spiritual sovereign press divided with a particular human Avenue Q and an all day for the reproducing power block they are being this came from these up the similar documentation also taken a look at this is very similar to what's found in Genesis chapter one basin they may think where you think that's the big coincidence with people this is what was involved in the sacrifice right here in the required once a year to sacrifice the Emperor on behalf of the country erected altar of what are not high and offer a burnt offering to have been in the hopper pigs they offer both Vietnam and Emperor China was not going to sacrifices to heaven we found in the medical record then God said to Moses an altar of earth you shall make for me and you shall sacrifice it your burnt offerings is very similar think people begin to wonder when the second was there any influence in the Old Testament to China that time not simply look at the Bible to get Israel mention we just wonder when and what about the rest of the world has gotten regular light about what he does with the rest of the world one book in the Bible which show us how God dealt with other nations Daniel even if Joan she sent a prophet to pagan math one guy was selling the people look at the book and I were the ones that they are not dealing with Israel got a song of luck I'm working everywhere and bodily likeness of extra protects any nation that works righteousness is accepted with him any nation that works righteousness is accepted with him I would look a little bit into the Chinese characters and you will find booted right then the ancient Chinese language of the common well-known litigant you will find the gospel story modeling languages kiting to religions and languages tied into the very roots of the culture war for righteousness of the character for the work that the symbol of righteousness in means then questioning very interesting that a filibuster could be some quinces but the gone board create his commendation works speak dust life walk and learn what that felt like you recognize a wave just a second now the worker boat is a combination would vessel plus eight is person with my long-suffering weight in the days know what I was being prepared interview that is eight souls were saved the water there is an anti- type of states is baptism just the second door for towers the combination were dust rafts people one now will say to the people I wanted to build one language and what they begin to know nothing they propose to do will be withheld from them let's go down there confused away with it they may not understand one another's speech why how to come about because right after the Taliban and got confused the language of men begin to spread out I personally believe it I don't believe that the earth was justified at the time but I believe that there was a slow division of the continent to continent objects that had seventeen I believe a right in the beginning right after the blood because if you read the book of Genesis you will find natural gap in the VI generations of knowing about the fourth or fifth generation the balance as a member name a peg leg seven Pele Pele Pele Pele he was the son of so-and-so and the earth was divided in those days so they seem to be somewhat erratic continental drift also taken place shortly after the time of the flood and so using his nation spreading all over the world and then adapting to various climates into students than the other things that are there but you see this you see you also know everything culture you will find that the structure to structure us it is most likely what the big tower Babel was to find in almost every single different pyramids you find a goaltending company finding a simple anti- Zionism this triangular pyramid structure and point to the top why because when people took the knowledge they had when they were spat upon public the Tower of Babel about the recent flood and they took into their various nation corrupted by the things of this world and these foods were just hitting and there about this rainbow rain and final part into me when I been caught earlier but the rain was anything you can't outnumber my company which is before between me and you and every living creature of all flesh the waters never again will become a flood to destroy all flesh you see this in ancient Chinese language they hear the gospel stories are there in the flood for example you will finalize everything a culture a major flex you know I'll deliver more about this but what if after doing digitizers by design on President ICR actually said that they are more than two hundred and seventy weeks always about different cultures around the world about a devastating flood although there are varying degrees of accuracy differences in size all contain similarities aspects of the same historical event one in particular was this is what actually knew about before beginning seven demonstration when I was spilling into I learned that in Hinduism the world was just taken with my people flood and a man survived living with my new bike giant fish who has found from service cross between children and know what they are just like you know I think I heard you find this one story of devastating floods for a deluge in every single culture from any of the fish target market through the water classic into the highest mountain the Himalayas three interesting sounds will it like another other type of engine Genesis I found the mirror at a commanding kind onto the mountain peak and then the patient on that wisdom I am the creator of everything I took the shape of a giant they knew from the flood with my Blessing find it will once again filled the world with what when these words the fish to spear man he became the father of new resubmitting things received this flight destined for sure and placed in a system error is a biblical truths the biblical truth of God Abraham in the month this is very very important very important very important wine had PhD in linguistics while the figure language writing village in the past beneath the Magi said took called the religion he should even a half victory for religious books to Abraham who was believed to block them from having that one would these be defendants of limited traits are managed Abraham Ishmael nation alike in Israel at the son of the Abraham of the gone the Persians also claim Abraham Abraham for their found as well as the Jews that's easy according to all ancient history the Persians the Jews and Arabians are descendents of Abraham we are told that terrible father made originally came from the eastern country called Earth the counties of the police who dwelt there is to called Mesopotamia sometime after they dwelt there Abraham were Abram or drama and his wife Sarah Post arrived what's the right beside you you should watch the left their father 's family and came implicating the identity of Abraham Sarah withdrawn and thrived by students first porno pictures with missions which is talking about in with you will find that there is a similarity between one of their kind we are triune God 's not trying six three God that found the top vision new and raw and Brahman but there is a close connection between the work from anywhere it can be quite thick you put the candy becomes Abraham said looking it would be coincidental gently shaking and noticing something that Brahma 's wife thinks arrived Vashti may select Abraham and Sarah and think what that cleanses Obama made his sister calls to write busty and the tributary to the rivers called Haggai so you see that these physical and logical event elite when affecting how the world did that come about a level with his paper on the friend of God that would exemplify for the life of prayer whatever he pitched his tent close beside his altar calling all within his income into the morning and evening sacrifices when it was removed because to remain in the following years there were those among the roaming Canaanites who received against auction from Abraham and whenever one of these came to the altar he knew would been there before we had pitched his tent he repaired the altar and their worship living up not only did a Brown were simply not not only does sound was at the window but the Canaanites were influenced by Abraham this man of the East took the knowledge and wisdom and instruction they learned from Abraham anything with the houses connect with Hinduism and wasn't dates exactly a relevance of a apostle it around two thousand BC a Brown was a lot of around two thousand BC and you can trace its roots they are both most likely the cases these will maintain nice talk with some deadline they had traded and they had communicated with other people would find out at present and traces its roots about along the Bible and we seem to think you see that even like the person foot entered into and get the influence I was mad and alternative with more about Abraham this man was called the friend of God 's complement became fragmented and eventually was lost in the system of air this is very interesting but not limited if it's not that they know the people Nice surround with our puppy the call pygmies this is by John high that Doctor John had left and he spent a lot of time with the pygmies and he found some strange things in examining the culture the study found he found a story that takes place in the beginning of their sort of religious writings and tell at this sounds like one find any thoughtfulness chief helper to make the first man namely to send any mile this first network and the skin around the portable interest in punched holes into his nostrils I hear the mouth he made another one the first man's mouth and put all the organs inside then he breathed his own vital force into the little orphan statute he entered into his body can move it sat up it's that they walked in with FA the first man and father of all who came afterwards noninfected as they beget children to my voice I will give them everything they need to be happy they will never have to work they will live forever there is one Sacramento now listen I'll get my what your children and tell them transmit the damage every generations the child nutrients are absolutely forbidden to man you must not read any reason violate this law at that obey his instructions he and his children and when you're the treat in one day terrible day a pregnant woman said to her husband darlin' I want to eat the rheumatology he said you know this is wrong he said what he said it is against the law she said that in the cilia law how do you really have moved away from the diet but what do you care about we are constantly a lot again in his heart pounded a Bible reader troubled between marriage is not a new one in Scotland about the leader in Endicott County with the reasoning behind it into the DB boyfriend at what the provincial got the thinner pick the time from the field the top group in an appeal under a pile needs he returned to the cabin in the food was like a tasty GR development of a syndicated and all your pygmies had an one eight the primitive group had one thought and probably never find meanwhile the aims of the most watched on high he rushed the message of massive people deepened the problem treat dollars infuriated you disobey my orders he said to the ancestors for this new will die you broke your promise me you pull up and formatted to fit not want to push your body will find out what it is to work hard and to be sick and to die but you wanted since you made the trouble first he will suffer the most your babies will hurt you when they come out and you always have to work for the man who betrayed ellipsoid is that somebody similar to a public garden abuse story now here's the thing Doctor John Halley said something these people had actually no Christian influence where they had gone story because after the Tower of Babel the truth of God was fragmented and spread out to various nation so they had these respects of truth that are that are lost in their religion but Jesus took those things know what she said only for the very beginning and he beset it in a framework of truth added as well neither the reminder the online actually filled article but to look into some of those five convictions to build what we have in common by William J Johnson this is very interesting because our Doctor William Ashley Johnson went down and seeing what happens is that little bit of the juicy John Hall from a Nevada country and they said we are some questions we want you to come in without some unusual occurrences we need to know more about this the second coming and felt it but isn't it strange that the dispatch of the theologians to go dialogue with these chic Wilson shakes and they were detonated in talking with them and what comes up to him and he says since I had a dream about Seventh-day Adventists and severely suggests I've had a dream about not just one three dreams and theologian that you can read when Johnson what were the dreams about anything else we dream Scott showed me that the Adventists are the people of the book and they are not to be opposed that you are to work with them with a interest in what took place in that discussion second coming teaching and people may begin to learn about violence you will finally interview Muslims they will find one out of a fourth-quarter law converted Muslim theater came to the truth Doug of the court actually come to the truth dreams you know I left my my friend he was actually in Norway for the hilarious story Norway and that he do in the knowledge of how to refugee camp rate audience and I was visiting the refugee camp easy on you and he was a certain man who became King started keeping the seventh day Sabbath and worshiping Jesus and the American dream and so my friend was attempting to clean the house energies on the Vikings is competent and a maverick yes you know Jesus appeared to installing provides an ocean of love and he is talking about this initial neonates keep the fourth commandment from the Sabbath day and avoid these things I mean it's includes unclean meats and then my friend is sitting down eating all these rats running around the back and everything is OCD and things like all ladies Gaelic and feeling like I need to leave spaces Gujarat and the nonsense realize me from getting a little bit nervous about these things understand and see about this and after you like watching it is that you know I hit the sack I had they always enter my house pleases but on Sabbath I don't touch them when Sabbath over budget and handling everything God is working with both men were there on a man to believe in creationism some degree I used to live the condensate micros a little something about golf opening up the doors and people all of the world right now were meaningless ones whining dreams she can entire village had dreams about the second coming about the Messiah people are knowing wanting to know more about this Jesus and guess what God is asking the question will go look up and with the store right here in the Davis Indians well-known this is a pretty little sort of additive storybooks obligate opinions are very interesting this appraisal about a hundred years ago what happened was that there was this actually Adventist Michigan was all our Davis and Commissioner that was working in South America and a minor comes to him and said hey you know you keep the seventies that there's a group of Indians out of the jungle that are keeping a seventy seven and is really the guy you need to go visit them and go visit and so he gets another note later that might hesitate to check these people advocate a seventy thousand active and really never does it finally is like buying fiscal pocketful of note that the minor leper who lets his ego go check it out no effects into the jungle is basic on the way actually they get there and he comes to find out that there was a group of Indians and what they found when the middle this is sort of encampment was a white structure white building structure was clean and some commanders of the unaccounted gone to one clean and he found that the people were not eating unclean meats and found that they were deep in the seventh a sound in a wet work and do anything with them ASAP but when David showed up is like what we were just learned about this and he said the head of the transit my father chief Acoma he said he was praying and fasting and one day the great spirit appeared to have and the great Spirit said this is what you need to do a pool but you need to stop eating bad foods and eighty percent of the holy need to build a white structure and I will send a man with the black book and Mark W OR Wilson have the own the black pipe with them in selecting the next economy left in the fourth when he was walking in the got scared and later ran up the top as he gets there and starts working with them he gets sick and dies and was very interesting he didn't get very long in before inserts a teaching pencil every Saturday the Indians would gather round Israelis didn't know what to do until more missionaries showed up than to get teach about the Sabbath and maybe found out this old this whole thing that took place events those people are called the Davis in the near keep the seventh day Sabbath friend on South America waxy showed up who within Venezuela and he was going into jungle going from the tribes or deep into force and that she tried that the people attracted with that weird dream about you and my friends willing white and white as white can be and you know kind of blonde hair anything that uses white and so I mean is that we had a dream about you that you had the special book and you would teach us his book for this is the latest happenings and just sort of like in all hundred years it's happening all over the world God is arousing his people and you know we want people to come out about life purpose come on people the cap at any system of confusion with the pains of truth are still there were men are still living up the light has been given the book for me to understand these things that we know better how to reach people amen we need to understand that their people were searching and hungering for the third for the truth as it is in Jesus which am I fixing Smith nineteen twenty one says the prophecy all my strength and my book is my refuge in the day of affliction the Gentiles shall come to you in the face surely all fathers have inherited lies worthlessness and unprofitable things with Amanda God which are not gone therefore behold behold I will this once caused them to know I will cause them to know my hand in my night and they shall know my name is the Lord do you think this is been fulfilled yet it will be fulfilled soon God is waiting for people like I fit in here I am here I am and we see that yielded so interesting you'll find that there was even though the group understand me just Google the town accounts are killing each other and he found out why to Campbell's return to know how to Garden of Eden story and a gardening store they believe there was a serpent or woman and the serpent woman hating each other and they are trying to connect but they believe that the object slide but they were worn with were descendents of the serpents and it were designers of the women that's what any of them I will put enmity between women and the serpent but the big digital point to anyone that the .net tribe was distended to the separate but when he intervened in that department in fact thankfully but they believe the other time when defendants of the serpents energize each other it was a corruption of the low gospel truth but I want you to understand some the strip as their only do we need to study these religions know we need to be aware of these things that they are there and we can use some and practices as bridges people will have the entire trip has been given to us in the page rocks and profits as I made it all the entire light the system appeared God is given to us well my favorite aunt and with this you are the light of the world do I know what she said the light of the world Christ declared that your light so shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify your father which is in had enough fiber sporting physics and gauntlet here in the last basis to reflect the light brought into the world if they dissipate the gross darkness of ages many women in the evening darkness are to be reached by those who were at one time in a similar condition ignorant but let receiving the knowledge of the truth in God 's word needs to the nations will accept eagerly and instructing them in the knowledge of God bring prices that God is his work in the earth Christ in heavenly angels are watching every moment as we draw near to the coming of Christ more and still more missionary work when data efforts the methods of renewing power of God 's grace will be kicked every country and every client I tell the truth shall the world that you shall build the world limiting about that I was in glow it was low everywhere I felt the world in fact but we also need to be below ourselves and others other countries right on the number of vendor shall be field will be null to come from every nation and kindred and tongue and people from every country will be gathered and will stand before the throne of God before the land crank salvation to our God which sits up on the phone and onto the land relations and tips but before this work can be accomplished enough experience here in own country the work of the Holy Spirit upon our hearts amen we need the Holy Spirit right can do any work without the Holy Spirit is our heads forward affair father Natalie thank you so much again Lord thank you for giving us the light the glory of the knowledge of God thank you Jesus for revealing yourself to us the most precious gift in this world the knowledge of our Savior your father in heaven help us to communicate this to the news the fund 's ability for handling the father and help us to show Jesus Reno that may be the only Jesus delivers he left a rich opportunities God in short Lord of the name of that call have earned on Jesus and I were in this media was brought to you by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about hothouse as you like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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