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Do Not Enter

Peter Neri


Pastor Neri does an excellent job of detailing the dangers of the Emerging Church Movement.



Peter Neri

Pastor and teacher from Las Vegas



  • August 12, 2011
    12:15 PM
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I want to welcome all of you here I guess it's this afternoon now you know that it's no longer morning afternoon July third our third session and I want to say to you and those of you who stayed through all three are on the bore you here that the title of this series is it happen because of prayer and I want to highlight that it didn't happen because of me it happened because of prayer and that happens to be what I do is pray and I'm convinced that that's what all of us need to do and so please keep that in your mind on you have a power available to you that it's is even greater than my power or the power available to me I should say I'm convinced that's why share it with you because you can take this to a whole new level which needs so ordered a new part three now I am going to pull a fast one and I move to pull a fast one on you because the union president did that this morning in the key said this sermon I was going to preach I changed you are there larger this morning everyone hello and so I want you to know that God really impressed me was a yesterday last night I don't remember that I'm going to make a different presentation then is in your brochure that's called spiritual warfare pray but I'll guarantee you the content of this presentation him him will help you in the area spiritual warfare I'm going to apprise you to what's going on in the prayer movement the Christian prayer movement that is horrifying and it is even made inroads in the Adventist church so that's what were going to do in the title of it is do not enter so let's start with prayer in the amount it started father I want to thank you for bringing us together and I want to pray I guess I want to thank you Lord because you made it plain to me to make this presentation for obviously there are those here that need to hear this and be prepared so they will have understanding and know how to deal with it if it ever comes up in God for bid that it would Lord so please help us now to this end and thank you in Jesus name we pray amen this is my Wednesday morning prayer spot I told this story in the second session and now I have missed another story to tell for those of you are new when I first got to paradise my IT guy brought me up to the mountain on Sunday morning after my first church service showed me where our antenna was that we have placed on the mountain for three AVN to be brought to the whole Valley of Las Vegas and when I got up there I saw this and by the way you're missing all to the south and west here and all to the north and east there that's just what the camera could get and so I stood there and I thought this is right have to come and pray and I remembered that HMS Richards used to climb a mountain that overlooks Los Angeles and pray over that onward Los Angeles while when I first started doing it it was a really neat thing because you know it's a good idea in the HMS Richards did it but folks were not as I continued to do it I fell in love with the Valley you know when you pray about something in God 's bill is your burden and then I realize I've got to go up on the mountain every Wednesday I got to pray for this valley no imagine that if I asked you what comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas USA sin city or what happens there stays there you know all the these sayings that describe this place where Satan has an incredible old by the way where you live Satan has an incredible hold okay it's everywhere but this one epitomizes in my heart is aching for the city and the people who are deceived thereby safety and I pray Lord we got to do something and of course you know that this first response was that now were having citywide campaign with John Bradshaw and it is written that's a direct answer to prayer but let me tell you what else happened and this will really astound while I was on that mountain for some reason it came to my attention that there are teenagers on the strip were being victimized every day by attempt being prostituted now every other church I've been to and this is happening everywhere his irony said I have never thought about human trafficking I read some stuff by Kurds so yes is a membranous minister I am horrified but as I was on this mountain of burden began to grow in that area of which I had no attention or interest in it before and I kept picturing these young girls by the way the average age thirteen and one of my the vice squad officers comes to my church she has a case on his desk four months ago eleven euro arrested for prostitution and I said up there in a galore what are we going to do to help these criminals who probably were previously sexy abuse by a father and grandfather of nephew and and and I mean an uncle when they were a little child feeling so hopeless and desperate that they would come to Las Vegas and then they would be trade upon by by these creditors it can read situations and the next thing you know there on the street and they can't get away Lord what are we going to do and so every time I go up on Wednesday and besides the evangelism my heart was aching for these girls and I thought Lord we got to do something and then my wife gets a job in Las Vegas and I don't have the time to going to this I wish I did because it's just it'll blow your mind but she got a job that she is not qualified for but she's always interested in being interested in it and she was hired to do the job and because of that job occasionally we go out socially to interact and a man through her work came up to me cozy heard me talking I believe this is a secular session secular setting about the minute burden for teen prostitutes he leans over to me and says Peter if you find something legitimate let me know and I'll find and I like know who this guy is my heart starts pounding I get up on the mountain I said Lord when we going to do in fact I can tell you when it happened because I'm up in the mountains suddenly I thought I needed text Dan how can hounds a friend of mine then how is is an ASI officer if there's anybody in the denomination that knows how to treat prostitutes or somebody who's dealing with trusted team would know and so I text him and he happened to be at that very moment at the GC session so that gives you the date and he was on the nominating committee by the way I found out he never even answered my tax I said standing on anybody in the SI anybody in our denomination that has experience in this and I never got an answer and then I heard of a lady that some of you may read about or heard about in Las Vegas it used to be a hooker now she gave her heart to Christ and she goes down the strip and talks to the girls and tries to get them help and I e-mailed her on three separate occasions trying to explain to righteous want to help in any way I can and never got a response then I read an article in the newspaper reporter who reported on that how they always give their e-mail address and you know how they always answer their e-mails because that enhances interest in connection with the newspaper and I e-mailed him hiding in response going up there going large he said attorney again Peter can find anything legitimate similarly many do you go to help me because I don't just want to give this to any funny you know Jesus Christ how can they really help somebody to understand that our holistic approach can heal from God 's holistic approach the understanding of the holistic approach so I'm in my office and I get the mail and for some reason I opened a letter that I usually don't open I take number I told him not very administrative I take the junk mail throwaway I looked at this my opened it up and it said we are so-and-so in Las Vegas and we want to open this home and we want to just let you know were doing and if there's a way you can help us let us know my tip that I thought all man I said I don't know who these people are so I very administratively and organizationally took it and threw it away by going amount I said Lord where we can find me a couple weeks later all of a sudden on the mountain Lord said to me remember that letter I went that letter the Lord I didn't know who they were but he that letter no one else will answer me I get a text back from day I thought okay go back to my office so I run back to my office after the prayers over on the mound and I look to my wastepaper basket and sure enough my janitor doesn't understand my filing system but I remembered living waters so I went on the Internet I put in living waters and sure enough up pops living Waters Incorporated and then I got a telephone number I called them and setting of the people that sent out the letter or yes we are nicely can I speak to your your CEO or what is it can I speak to your boss what is it director thank you and I said hi my pastor in the Valley and I have an interest in what you're doing can I come and talk to you and she said yes we made an appointment I came right down to see her in this vivacious young energetic lady meets me at the door of her office in smiles a big smile and said then my name is Christina sit down here and tell me why you're here in my youth minister was with me and we sat down in my heart is pounding I'm thinking Lord please and I got a find out who these people are what they stand for what they believe in and so I said well I'm I'm just here to talk to you because I might have somebody who can help you and she said okay I come from Detroit didn't and I have my Masters degree a licensed psychotherapist in my in my order and my focus is on sexual trauma and we want to open this home and she and I'm going way and that we need to pray first and I'm waiting for her to get done and then she stops and looks at me and she says can we pray first he has social says a prayer then she gets up and starts again and she's talking an telling and unanswered questions I'm trying to figure out and that you know I need to know I finally I said you keep talking about your church and your pastor I see what churches it she said seemed that means everything to me when churches she said the bond of my and I go on my opponent like I said we've got an abundant life Church is your pastor Doctor Calvin Brock she said the house you are is him as she always has and I started to cry and then she started crying nice and I got a free new he said you're kidding me I said no and so I want you to miscreants need Christina Sanford who is a Seventh-day Adventist it goes to the church in Las Vegas abundant life who was brought there by God providentially it wasn't their choice to come here because she wanted to open up a practice for prostitutes it happened because of prayer noticing God put the burden in my heart I hadn't seen of children trafficking behind on that mountain it just came in and Jenny gets the job that she's not supposed to get in the guy whispers in my ear and right now we have a cash offer on a piece of property that if it's accepted we can start right now call turnkey but the property went into short sale and somehow the bank has been so we're praying Lord when you have the bank accept our offer so we can get started now I don't want anybody in here to say will that's him but not me and I want you to know that that is not true I want you to know that it happened because of prayer now I want to share with you do not enter for there is a battle for your soul and I don't want you to enter here watch this take your Bibles if you weren't in turn to Genesis Genesis the third chapter and here's what I change the serve to him maybe somebody will come up afterward and now find out why Genesis the very third third chapter of the very first book I want you to notice what Satan said and we're going to look first at the plantings of the garden the plantings of the guard okay then the serpent said unto the woman Neil shall not surely die for God does know that in the day you eat thereof your eyes shall be open and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that you was pleasant to the I and a tree to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat you out here are the plantings of the garden that are bearing fruit right here and right now you shall not surely die spiritualism your eyes will be opened in Eastern religion you shall be as God new age you will know good and evil paganism and the woman saw the tree was good for food appetite and pleasant to the eyes the mass media and Shri desired to make one wise Jesuit she took those fruit thereof and did eat and gave also to her husband of evangelism and finally he did eat and I got number nine emerging church be does it all implies that God is withholding something good from you okay take a look at that list in the garden were planted the seeds by Satan and they are now bearing fruit right now in the Christian church and by the way I prepared for each one of you a bulletin part of bulletin and insert that has all this information and I left it in Las Vegas I do have it on my computer though so let me under notion to the emerging church concept the emerging church concept of any of you heard of Rob Bell okay the emerging church concept is a Christian movement in which they are now saying that we used in the modern but now were postmodern doubt don't ask me what modern means as it doesn't matter they're just saying we used to be that but now we are postmodern and really doesn't matter what that means just understand that concept because they then say they are for reaching the postmodern world requires eyes to radically reshape the church is what beliefs and practices to conform to postmodernism in fact if you a lot this is amazing you want to do this do it I went on my Internet I went Lord I need help with this presentation so I I put down a picture of postmodernism that our guidance here's me a picture of the emerging church not as makes sense to you I picture of the merging of the emerging church is a is a movement how can you get a picture of the movement but I put that in my computer so when I come to a website a postmodern emerging church website that has all these posters and look at this poster says this poster says we are the emerging church Christian movement postmodernism it's our world don't use it it's our word postmodern don't use it don't try to define it and above all don't label us with it even if we apply it to ourselves okay hideaway do this and in two seconds on we show you what they teach in Hugo to what I said pitcher of the emerging church and you get the website and some of the posters are blasphemous you guys blasphemer fullness blasphemy and so here's what they teach and this is Rob Bell by the way in his cohorts there is no absolute truth therefore we cannot be dogmatic about our doctor we cannot be dogmatic about moral standards the folks that made the majors take a sideline your real quick homosexuality is okay it's just another way of life and if you don't agree with the thing you are condemning judgment how Christian person that keeps the church from swelling the numbers and we are better off without you and I want you to know that my Bible teaches that if you lie you're not going to heaven it also teaches if you are practicing homosexual homosexuality you're not going to help so liars kept out insole is homosexual there's nothing special or particular about homosexual interest the difference in which a practice either one you're kept that have don't tell us that were postmodern and this offends other people there are many paths to God number three the emerging church movement dogmatic preaching must give way to a dialogue between people of all beliefs do you have a preacher in your Adventist churches stands up and gives you godly group every Sabbath instead of talking about sin and judgment coming in a loving way by the way we've been guilty of that we been guilty of losing a lot but see the pendulum doesn't swing back to then get rid of the topic it teaches is instead to read the book desire of ages so that as we speak tears in our boy by the way I love I could talk to young people till I turned green the face young people read the desire pages them when you're done read the book or a controversy them when you're done read the desire of ages never undergone great controversy why this is the hardest message to give the world but it must be given but if you're not going to give and love you're going to be just like our ancestors turning people off in groups you know what the Bible teaches and now the emerging church movement which is making an impact the on the mainline churches and the evangelical churches are teaching there is no absolute truth therefore one two three four nation blow your mind you can't see it away that background is in emerging church service candles darkness sitting at tables darkness you can't see the word feeling spiritual feelings say the word feeling sad thank you and social action make up the all newly reliable substance of Christianity feelings are you starting to catch on to the plantings in the garden what's going on right now is bearing fruit it's starting to affect the administered be careful preacher what you say up front we do not want to offend visitors and by the way we're having communion with your pastor we don't watch see why it's embarrassing for people if they come to visit your church but the Bible says Blessed is he that does what I need the urgent emerging church movement all all the mega- church pastors folks if you read purpose driven current church I hope you said no because if you did you had infused in your mind Satan 's communication times I can get into the names you know you got just hit on your Internet and you'll know more than I do because your mind is a better mind the capture a sacred what really we should reconnect when and who is the agent worship forms the Catholic Church better shape Junior very tones the monks of the desert back in the third century A.D. in the mysticism that they practice in the monk worries not in their desert job contravention on convents or women I've been monasteries and got a be careful not to waste all the time on this but you got understand this therefore the ultimate goal of emerging church is to win people to Jesus Christ as to what and what is Rick Warren Vanunu he's been a limited hunger and poverty right where they are come from because the ultimate goal of the church is to make the world a better place not bring people to Jesus who was he only one that can heal them that means there's no atonement folks to understand where talking about here you get the depth of these and all that is leading back to a particular church and the evangelicals are leading the way and Rob Bell see his latest book Rob Bell there's no hell Novell guy in Michigan you wrote a book there's no hell had menstrual snail realize that that's not what it means it means every goes to haven't universe salvation plantings in the garden one of them you see emerging church movement which is taking place look at this eastern religion all men see I apologize to you guys help me because on your handout that I was going to give you to find all those Eastern religion are religions of India China and do you have plantings in the garden although not in the Christian church it got to be kidding me oh yeah the Adventists are being affected are they many go on and I'll get to it meditation meditation is altering your state of mind by coming by emptying your mind so you can connect with the divine in yourself mantra using a word or phrase over and over to empty your mind so you can connect by the way transcendental meditation templates a prayer is a type of prayer that they teach that the mystics taught that the monks practiced in which you silence yourself by emptying your mind so you can connect with the with the in in Eastern religion and New Age teaches with the divine insight of you and desert fathers are the ancients that lived in those monasteries and practice these things the New Age needs this is the age of Aquarius and now we can connect with the divinity within us remember you shall be as gods and finally ancient wisdom is the worship form the mystical practices of the Desert fathers so why did I tell you back as let's take a look at contemplative prayer since mine is a prayer seminar home before I do that let's check this out the receipt I got the time no I don't if you read this story you the own goal of the story read by the picture okay so let's look at the elements number one they both came to worship number two they both recognize the Sabbath number three they both have an offering number four they are both dressed the same way number five they all came and had an altered number six they had the same parents number seven they were in the garden but one of them took God 's way and one of them took their own way okay so plantings in the garden are bearing fruit now and right away we see the example of sin leads us to go our own way yes these other practices Eastern religion New Age is now seen out into the churches and even affecting the Adventist church by their practices why because you cannot reach the postmodern people using the modern methods we must radically change beliefs and teachings and there are many even of our pastors that believe this weather sincerely or now so let's take a look at spiritual formation I took this awful website this is called the Messiah 's college I forgot where it is now and notices says Christian spiritual formation now why would it say Christian spiritual formation because Evelyn Bentley there must be a spiritual formation which is an Christian it is the practice of certain things in order to connect with God and they called the heirs Christian spiritual formation so that there is a distinction here and by the way when when the celebration churches which some of you may not even know what that word means if you're too young it's tantamount today to the mega churches and the way they approached church and are trying to tell us that their method is the only thing that will pack your house and that is that you find out what your people want that's what you give them and put a rock band upfront Xhosa people like that home that comes that comes out of this whole philosophy we got at various churches shipped within vendor bands up there for the purpose of its women bring the people you give them what they want bill highballs has that outside his office on the wall find out who your client is what your client wants and give it to them since we does the secular mind set the stage for worship of the God of heaven and so were going to look at the definition first of spiritual formation because notice what it says is the growth and development of the whole person by an intentional focus on one's spiritual and interior life now there's a flag that you probably wouldn't have picked up on interior light herself hearing this and said his son Greg I like it all right to interaction with others in ordinary life three the spiritual practices prayer of the study of Scripture fasting simplicity solitude confession worship etc. all good right except this idea of the interior life let me show you since they believe that spiritual feeling and social action make up the only reliable substance of Christianity and we must capture the sacred feeling we should reconnect with the ancient worship forms one of the ancient worship forms as contemplative prayer it's called centering prayer it's called breath prayer it's called silence etc. going beyond thought by the use of repeated words or phrases to obtain a connection with the supernatural they say God of course in its talking about interior science in silence interior silence this is what the it TM Eastern religion New Age and the Desert fathers practiced I turned to look at the company who were still bowed before the throne they did not know that Jesus had left it Satan appeared to be by the throne trying to carry on the work of God I saw them look up to the throne and say father give us thy spirit and who will say ten him him read them and on holy influence in it there was light and much power did you ever wonder how those monks and even monotonous so to speak good cloister themselves out in the wilderness and be satisfied year after year it's because they were experiencing something supernatural by their practices and the rights of those practices are New Age Eastern religion and are now bringing that to the forefront of the Christian church and people are practicing these methods of sitting in silence and by the way yoga yoga is all I need our new music Corporation after Corporation are teaching their people you'll any old is this eastern religion form they teach them how to empty their mind how to use a mantra using the Christian church today prayer is communicating with God you never empty your mind you're always staying in contact with your thought and when they wander it isn't because you're not practicing the right method it's because you need to bring it back that's all that you say all in all of these distractions must be got rid of so you will obtain silence so that you can connect with the divine inside your basic but the ones in practice a Christian so that you can connect with God and every single reference in the Bible is clear privacy is when you pray say our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name nowhere does it say empty your mind nowhere does it say use a mantra in fact doesn't it say that you are not to repeat over and over again phrases like that even still him and him I'm not now I can't say why is that in their wise that when I first became a Christian makes no sense to me and now I know why it's happening right now in he wanted to warn those is study the Bible and believe only in the Bible and spirit of prophecy it's happening even in the church why because you really do connect Satan gives you power much in line each is Abloy your mind by the way there's no divine in you the divine is outside of his Levite the Holy Spirit in the we don't sit there and talk to the Holy Spirit inside of us were communicating with God in heaven and by the way Paul says through the Holy Spirit check this out Satan with and breathe upon them holy and on unholy influence in Bali Cody they think they were praying to God see you connect and you make the connection there they believe they're praying to God Mrs. Christian spiritual formation but what lives as Christian yoga there is no such thing as Christian yoga goddesses Christian transcendental meditation there is no such thing as Christian transcendental meditation meditations were you take your Bible or you are your own memory and you go somewhere quiet and you think on and you think on Apple okay anything you focus on that and surely God speaks to us but not silence okay button but no sweet love joy and peace did you do that light in much carbinol sweet love joy peace sings object was to keep them deceived and drawn back you seen God 's children now listen to this great controversy vibrating to keep the people waiting in darkness and in penitence until the Sabres mediation is over ended and there is no longer sacrifice for sin is the object which he seeks to accomplish two things to keep the people in darkness and from reading penalty so what should new purpose of our existence be to lift the darkness and to help people come to repentance before the saviors mediation is ended so there will be a sacrifice for sin for them then we got this but the people who by faith followed Jesus in the most holy place there I beheld Jesus a great high priest standing before the father and the most holy place those who rose with Jesus would send up their face send up their faith to him in the holiest praying my father give us thy spirit notice father genocide spirit a prey and now the real Saints say my father give us a spirit then Jesus would breathe upon them light power love joy and PC and we must be satisfied with that why because the other one gets much power yeah that's what Jason they actually experience something and this is happening and people were to talk about prayer in your dating I want you to be aware of this when you run into I don't want to be shocked report while RFID always shocked no but I don't want you to we found that while shown in the Bible the only reject Satan there may be still and know that I am God you look it up in your Greek in court in your Hebrew concordance in your Strong 's concordance Edward B steals means cease it doesn't mean empty your mind when you come close to implying that be still and know that I am God that's the only text the main text that they always give in defense of themselves and the word means to cease from your activities I want you and the I want you to read every single absolute prayer in the Bible in spirit of prophecy and you will see none of them practicing silencer mantras or any of the Eastern religion New Age he planted in the garden is bearing fruit now in its coming out in the church check this out the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are that what medium through which heaven can communicate the man and effect his inmost life mark that one market down and go home and meditate on it's the Rangers you don't empty your you're always in contact with your thoughts as your and when it wouldn't when it travels your your mind wander she just bring it back he does bring it back do not enter I got something for the parents here missing something here finally using the meditation I looked this up previously seen on this is a extreme they say were not doing their okay but I want you to know that there is an Christian transcendental meditation is impossible but I want you see this a technique of meditation derived from Hindu Eastern religion traditions that promotes deep relaxation through the use of a mantra spirituality New Age astrology self-help alternate belief system a technique based on Hindu tradition what looks I reread them relaxes the mind and body through the silent repetition of a mantra disseminating by an international organization founded by Maher Rishi Yogi and here's a famous person who practices it and he levitates himself I want to see I got this right off the Internet this is actual real this is an trickery this is not Las Vegas magician this stuff is really happening and and Christians are starting to practice some of these things why because they are experiencing something don't you see I'm I'm begging you there's something more important and powerful than experience okay but experience is part of our life but when it enters any area that's for bidding and leave alone because believe me it says at first he went on while and she gave some to her husband and then after they crashed and they should themselves because they were ashamed so I didn't do spiritual warfare pray because I wanted you to be aware what's coming or what's already here so that you will stay within the prayer found in the Bible and stay connected with God and if anybody's getting mixed up in this you can help bring them back okay here's a quote for parents and I use this because you summer you young people here I have this feeling are one day going to have kids it happens you know before leaving the home for labor all family should be called together and the father father hello man the father or mother in the father 's absence should plead fervently with God to keep them through the day in June that would team with a heart full of tenderness and with a sense of the temptations and dangers before yourselves and your children by faith blind them upon the altar and Shri for them that care of the Lord by the way how often is this ministering angels will Vanguard children who are thus dedicated to God it is the duty of Christian parents morning and evening by the earnest prayer and persevering faith to make a hedge about their children first volume of the testimony three ninety seven manner write that down and women if you marry someone who doesn't understand or know that you're making a mistake big mistake it happened because a prayer let's pray father I want to thank you for challenging us I feel very feeble at the presentation I made I want you to take these active engaged mindset sincerely love you and get them to the Internet themselves so they can read this and see that there's more information and maybe even explain better than I did so that they would be alert and aware and our church would stay faithful and strong for you bless each one Lord and if anybody has been DVR deviating off into any of these areas let them know that you still love them but to come back now and not mess with it because you have a better way in a government so blessed to descendent thank you Jesus namely a media was provided by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse the more certain it is www. .com universe .org


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