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Daniel 7—The Judgment

Norman McNulty


Part 6 of 11 in Daniel Prophecy Series given at Maraval, Trinidad SDA church.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 17, 2011
    7:00 PM
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with all of all I is him straight is some viewing again in the middle of the release and tonight 's topic is a very exciting time for the latter that you're here and I'm either looking for at all days of this presentation and reminding it is very interesting material for four weeks out of work personal power is our father in heaven what a privilege it is to be in your presence we thank you that we can be here presentation really was he threw me and made a message from Daniel seventy four year and may we have hundreds family for the time in which we live this is my prayer in the name of Jesus and in so send I we are going to get into Daniel chapter so now we have already laid the foundation for Broncos see in the book of Daniel and the kingdoms of this world hate us down at the end of time when we study Daniel chapters to however Daniel chapter seven marks such transition in the book of Daniel because from the plan on all the chapters are primarily related to vision that Daniel receives in June Daniel chapter Cablevision was first given in any other gang overseeing the adventure of it starting Daniel Salomon all the visions of argument in the annual directly and they are as related to the kingdom of this world let's head down to the very end of time when a specific focus in each of the divisions in Chennai were going to see the focus on the so our final is in Daniel seven and the judge then read you one quote is from the book profits and Changs page five forty seven written by Ellen Wyatt as she makes commentary on the book of Daniel Jesus as we near the flows of this world is three prophecies recorded by the annual demand hours the initial attention as they relate to the various high in which we are living in the labor and so I'm glad to see all of you here with them should be weighing the teachings of the last will of the New Testament Scriptures I was allowed to in Revelation were going to do a little window that nice tri- action is going to hell revelation Satan has led many to believe that the prophetic version of the writings of Daniel and John the rebel leader cannot be understood that the promises flying special blessing what's happening the study of these prophecies so I really believe that each one of us have been coming throughout the series we are receiving a special was that will prepare us and help us to be ready for the second coming of Jesus now let's get in Daniel chapter seven Morgan Marine versus one three three so you have your Bibles I'm trying to turn with me to verse one Daniel chapter seven and seven verse one bill shadows are saying about on the annual had a dream and visions of the setup on the then he wrote the dream pencil with some of the matters on the first thing you notice the actual persona gem that time she was a first year old daughter thing about a week solving in El Salvador chapter five and then we saw the rise of meter earlier process now or something that is high to first-year rebels thinking about it long enough because Daniels case is through chronologically his wife and now want in the first six chapters and then we got back to the prophecies in Chapter seven continuing ever see the annual statements that I saw in my vision I will the four winds of heaven strove upon the graves D and three beasts came up from the sea died verse one hundred here in your sleep and you have is rain and you see the rain when blowing on the sea and is based throughout policies that will remain is a rather must be some kind of straw so I shrugged that is taking a firm when you blow on the season the sea to be true not only that your interest would be generated even further as you before reading these out of the eight now first of all we see Daniel 's vision at night we see the floor when there's driving upon the sea and we see the authorities around with the talk about them you can see on the screen here Daniels is itself helps us understand what these four B we don't have to guess they were these be possibly be Daniel is really a season these are now maybe they represent different side of animals populate year before Jesus comes back that we don't have to guess together Daniel seven him for the easier it will apply once for interpreting results and when the client Web server dissolve we don't have to guess is that enhance so in verse three for rabies from the sea but I'm person seen Daniel is solving the same chapter these great beasts which are former are four games which shall arise out of the earth now some may say okay if I go back in history and learn out for powerful gangs who ran on here and I cannot believe these are the November twenty three gives us an even better ways these are just changed their actually seeing them notice in verse twenty three is for fees shall be the fourth chain upon the easier solo will be the fourth kingdom so in the Scripture say anything can be used interchangeably and beast represents a similar role as in that Daniel is receiving is about working back I see now when we start again on Sampras United Kingdom for their there were four main canyon gold brass and iron and iron the way I continued on others for making Daniel C and here in Daniel chapter seven p.m. there are remains in so Daniel she laid the foundation and Chapter seven is repeating met with additional information now we also want out what does the sea rivers presumably out of the sea blown Revelation chapters seventeen him there really receives the waters represent Stifel multitudes nations and top service see more waters in the Bible represent populated areas which tell the diaries for Greece or kingdom out of heavily populated areas at that time in Earth history than I have out in the middle of nowhere where you have any existence these are countless here of the world at the time from which they so that the first three verses of Daniel chapter seven sedan with having you have the vision that he remember that he can answer was given is enjoying the chapter she because he wandered what would have after he passed on the scene now our online Texas statement that Daniel was also wondering about prophecy is SOC received this is probably an page five three shortly before the fall of Babylon when Daniel was meditating on the prophecy and seeking God for an understanding of the times the series of visions was given during the rise of all opinions were the first vision as recorded in the seventh chapter of the book of Daniel and interpretation was given yet not always made it clear to the profit here's what's interesting first of all Daniel was thinking about these prophecies and because he was thinking about Ron he was thinking about how I'm not seeing them and you will dance to replace them on to warn how I joined Fessler is further information before Babylon all notices teaches us on him from these sure what is going to happen before Jesus so that we can have a clear understanding women on television like Daniel that we can have a clear understanding and goggles records the data centers and not always make clear to the annual by Lee as we study these problems now there were way at the other hand we can actually have an understanding of these broccoli in the prophet Daniel so that when he was given these is not everything here we are living in twenty eleven and we can know more about what Daniel seven and annually is so continue my typing about when Jesus Windsor is almost drive the four winds of heaven striving upon the crazy representatives here are seen the was an revolution by which kingdoms of it three hundred eighty four forty solution is at least working there is any terrible strife as they combat with each other as they compete with one another to rise to the top of the world now read chapter seven personal living on this describes the first of these the first white online and have it deals with civil liberties life will so one of the authorities the first one with a wide continuing on I be helpful the wings thereof were blocks and was lifted up from the years and may stand upon the fee as a man and a man hard was given as a here with you number one is interesting in Jeremiah chapter is versus team and we should read that Jeremiah chapters and verses seventeen here is what we read him as relatives scattered she worldwide have driven him away as we were driven away earlier and why first the king of Assyria in our lab is an integer in error and management hazard King of Babylon wrote in his blog so in Jeremiah fifty percent is a serious and negative arguments the drive so Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon are described while I am in the line similarly we just level reliable interpretive zone we don't have to guess at the whim of my represents not only is it we have online here this is why I have Eagles wings and then we see the Eagles wings or what have you been giving her a bath the bad thing in a sample develop our of the of a man personal anything about along the line is the head of the animal kingdom of the strongest and fiercest animal you would think about life so seeing them would be the strongest kingdom of the kingdom just as in Daniel chapter two the Heather Gold go with them out of easier to say Babylon is representative of my Nebuchadnezzar is described as the lion Jeremiah Saturday fever seventeen so that the wine is representing the kingdom of Babylon and again is resigning Objective-C is this line ran from six over five to five thirty nine BC now interesting to see the picture here on the screen what you see here on the spring that will write in him from the Pergamon Museum in Berlin Germany which transforms from ancient time on a lot of the ruins from now on you ever got over Germany I have that I got the address you this is partly ingrained in our game which was one of the main entrances into the city about one and more lands were the main animal that repeats it on my gaze so that will help you will have the representatives of so when I see is the annual is an e-zine that will be as if you want to see happen out of as representing Babylon just had a goal represented when you see that because the Babylonian themselves you will want to describe himself not only did God describe anything other of my heels that sometimes drives many answer is why he describes about one I will orient themselves describe themselves when the line so the first visa clearly represents that you receive in the wind reply a man's heart is given to simply see you have your wings and fly and you go from being a wine and having your heart on why she's in the heart of a man you see that your kingdom is weakening because the man is not as strong as the line digital why a man had been about the demand of them having gone in the so why about so that once drank his weekend before of all the media version Celeste Daniel chapter seven in verse four was made on certain way when reviewing the kingdom that we learn from dance check is him as a person five oh three that is a whole another beast the second wife to bear and raise liposome on one side and had three ribs in the mouth of it between this season is in a seven thousand two arise devour much flesh so here's what we see as there is raised up on size passengers and we studied in a lifetime see that the universe is represented by a RAM has to mourn a higher one becomes upset and hear easy to bear a reasonable side this shows that Medo Persia had two divisions in the kingdom and one part of the kingdom with stronger than the other version was stronger than media Zimbabwe means when the bear is raising the bonsai and we'll talk about that again we come to Daniel chapter eight in our next presentation not only that there is inferior to the lien just as over as inferior to go see that so the same time enhance to his bank seen here is being used with different samples now we have supposed the metals and it's interesting that there really is now an scholars believe that this represents the Paris seeing them that you are on hard and rides the world power and everything is there you see Jeff and I will so interesting however the size and your Bible prophecy is so you are from rain five thirty nine to three thirty one BC soon as our surrogate same thing on the same order similar characteristics listed on our advantage versus date is December six is him as I beheld and while other like the letter which have upon the back of the four lanes of the valve the reason also for and onion with you as you will ever put forth as for paying them in the latter as far as we can what you know what I learned is very and hear whoever is not only China is all it also helps for a way to help you master syllable is an and not only is this house for an even faster civil liberties towards the company that so we now that as we study from the images and Daniel Q and we silently read replaced down woman Danielle occasionally agrees replaces the meters we never talk about here is our top of the world rapidly under Alexander the great much more so than in the kingdom that proceeded it now you see the beast has warned that the letter is this represents the four division recently split up into after Alexander the great you have what is on the absolute is generally allowing Alexander was asked on the truth and you and his answer was the strongest in this turned out to be a division into four kingdoms and degrees range from three thirty one ten one sixteen BC and again is very interesting God shows that this be when our world and sure enough the kingdom with him I him him or him him this library you can see the four divisions of your release you can see because Sander to the northwest of my Senators of the easement is still there this was the largest division is hollow we were come back to these divisions again in a annual letter and Daniel was severely humiliated by Daniel eleven thirty for another ten are the king of the South is where I keep our house are in the North and King of the software is freely for when we get to the Chapter 11 continue on so we understand so far so good the first three kingdoms parallel likely with always on dance he is one of her seven after this I saw in the night visions and behold of four beasts sure for an terrible and strong exceedingly and I had great iron see it is our great MPs as Stanford residue within feet of it and it was diverse from all that were before it and it has more power to your attention very here you see that it is for these singular sense is recruited as is her son and hemorrhagic fevers in the other piece wanderers is for a short description right herein versus Hamlet is like never some of them are you seeing more from this fruit is like you said you never really in the first three uses a price on that evening special mention of the four him as well I will always we know that that is the way it is the power really is this these are the movies that she that we should give them our attention to an answer the fourth beast terror to read strong exceedingly have great iron see their break and devouring refuses staff the residue with a feed of it was the birth from all the hats in this endeavor is different from the three visa came forth or is it strong when you see now you remember how that compares the fourth kingdom dance Saturday the fourth kingdom in Daniel chapter two way out I is as iron so we mostly talk about in this interesting how it parallels the perfectly now in Daniels and you know who the first night as because you will and you are left out of all and MVC and Daniel by the amigo version replaces Babylon in January is the reason replaces Medo Persia the wieners as we and Daniel in the book of Daniel the name of Ron mentioned that law givers and reasons and specifically in the book of Daniel God God is the latest that he doesn't necessarily give inhuman we compared him to his yes it is a requirement that of the kingdom doesn't know about the medals but in this comparison we have the most general comparison of all the kingdoms when we come to the fourth kingdom him away from the iron will be how I see so you have a resume comparison needs to the Internet is for your direct comparison and God is that he will know exactly who is the fourth these represent just the way I represent around an day to this dreadful error please he represents the kingdom of room looking around as we studied in Daniel chapter two range from one sixty eight BC to four seventy six eighty units we talk about is diverse from the other release at one that came out of it now just to be clear again we want to apply what spirit is so in Daniel seven twenty four the very same chapter it smells about these is and is worn out this kingdom are ten things that shall arise so these are ten kings or King that will not tolerate kingdom around so what about these ten forms the floor below them more carefully now inverse of a chapter seven is a license there the beholder came up among them another little before there were three of the first horns slot by the root and behold in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man and now baking in our thing here is that this is to be the king around and is for the reason and on which represent you in him or him the kingdom of my home you also have a little there comes a out of the kingdom of the room and lots of three of those worn by either route is behind the man and a mouth speaking great things first of all the ten horns that after Kagan run our detonations of the line you're a remember how it started out how the feet of iron a representative line of your sure to clearly show that this want of the kingdom underlining your following up a little thumbs-up on this one for him here are several it should be our system throughout little more and I will mourn on Monday nothing here is the head is letting the Bible and terrorism in the Isle of Man have now seeking greater than three hundred dollars for the Pentagon just so that we know they are the ones represented as ten nations or key that are deleted Western Europe is fine that Hagan is these are the people you can see it on the screen the online that represent the Germans the Anglo-Saxons represent the English remember and while all waivers earlier in the France representative friends in the area life along the Ostrogoths the sweating the Vandals in the Visigoths those arts and kingdoms him I will very resign is not so why am I thinking this time to talk about the reason is because it is really the key prophecy is why she is right is inherent in the Bible is as is accurate about and that we can surely shrug while talk about the end of the world and he so here is a representing the kingdoms of Europe now it's interesting to read one more lunch hour one volume the roof is which he is born and pick it up by a greater than we are about right for me to know that what you have a way and you completely uprooted the ruins are gone we will not really the same thing with these three and thirteen they were plucked up by the roots completely or they were nominated by the own little as one references this is very accurate table row which is named after an interim and again a little and come out which is wrong so this one must be a continuation of roundabout makes sense and is around this room I was one of the then vandalized the second is more quietly in volume thirty eight Z the Ostrogoths will run the annual receiving centuries before in the first year old shouters that the power coming out of the wood destroying everything we so painful around meet the specifications of the Lord will you than around him out around his mouth on the horns in Western Europe and destroy freedom is not completely so there is no guesswork that is a little horn has people running the specifications as I said it became the preeminent power your life five thirty eight eighty thousand interesting Daniel seven or twenty five will come out back to that that is that it would rule right time times and identify me now I just find the reliable represents one literally here is how I will be issuing here is the dividing time would be happy here is what you have are real times three and a half years or twelve hundred and sixty literal days because of mobile one year be three hundred and sixty days of Halloween at three hundred and sixty five days now any change compared about life so in the Bible and Bible prophecy one day equals one euro million numbers fourteen thirty four and Ezekiel forces so people around rule forty twelve hundred and sixty years from five thirty eight to seventeen nine eighty is interesting is when you come to the end of the twelve hundred and fifty years in seventeen eighty the only about two hundred and seventy two hundred and thirteen years ago while any history that way back in time is it not now things are starting to be relevant for the threat me show you a slight outlining all of the screen very later him around here that shows you what happened when people wrong this is a picture of just any system will cover at five thirty three Z made a three that is for the whole of all this is how religious they can control the state however that the cream did not gain force for five years and had checked forth in five thirty eight when the Roman general bubble arias drove out on all which was the third is reborn as rooted seven five thirty eight hundred and sixty year prophecy began and when you read Daniel seven twenty five they wear out the same to the most high so for twelve hundred and sixty years as you have something like a ballroom and they were even persecuting power that were around the same as other twelve hundred and sixty years and here you are on the right you see this is early eighties the general of the holy and the picture in the middle east see you can come in detail how high is the seventeen ninety days exactly true all hundred sixty years later I will be significant as it is that we table row lost in our own real estate that he had gained in five thirty eight to create a just and so is an interesting how you require your name so continue on we seen the first eight versus now we've seen is that you have for Easter fourteen I see him working you have a little more room in my table around which rules for twelve hundred and sixty years after those fourteen numbers in the twelve hundreds of years is okay so I see no way and who does not have three version IV held till the thrones were cast down and the ancient of days as an whose garment was white as snow and that hair is like a curable is wrong with white wiring land and his wheels as burning fire of fiery stream issued and came forth from you or sell thousands ministered and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him and what is shocking with that and will analysis fascinating after these four kingdoms of this world is a fear of able we see us seeing in heaven where Daniel 's vision in seeing through the ancient of days setting season is grown moving until there are real buyer off and he seizes ten found time now standing the throne of God will help me that is one hundred and one one have a band is not and not only that an additional one hundred million is it says thousand thousands ministered and ten thousand times a major that can happen that is why some time after the kingdom and the four hundred and sixty or they won't be easy that is a major event and is major of that in the sure what that is what they are more or less even and not will world so if you comes when a child in ancient days Judah jazz scene and is now and they will love what you do you will third and I will through the ride they are going to look through this again but to see what the writers are easier similar major and ways this adjustment began some time after seventeen ninety eight NEC the program has real higher indicating that it has made no talk about significance of the maven of the throne perhaps when we talk about the cleansing in the sanctuary and when it talks about the ancient of days we are talking about God the father because of her thirty fourth and was reminded she received a son of man is that he is different than the father is the difference in the sun he is the father so this is what we see so far this is on the scene and have where ten thousand times ten thousand are standing before the throne of God and John are to be the latest judgment and have now to use a network is in a relationship to work cleaning the Milano I just saw it on to the eleven and twelve see how that question is answered was rewritten on twelve ten oh seven seven five he held in oh great word is the one saying received is already bursting a advanced we see that is born that I like the Isle of Man am now speaking and writing after weeks see this little when it went on now be in writing immediately Johnson has mentioned and recognize somber and you have a lot of more of a mouth speaking great as I is an universal one of the very next day we see the rainwater will be integrated where the Lord is my opinion one of the judgment have in mind will mention something you mentioned the great world will little the end of related is the judgment heaven and then right after that session verses nine and ten in the racing world alone or in person what there must be a relationship to the written word is in the rating order is using anymore out the same amount continuing on I can help even so the beast was slain his body history and given the running when you visit these the way these in the beast from what little I can see that will come out these will be great words and after the judgment of reversal of the judgment is a piece of this land and its body destroyed and given the way so will the results of a shot in the disruption of the beast King is wrong you see that has to learn the relationship between the brain where the model of the him for an beginning of the members as well as is the rest of the beasts they have their dominion taken away as if their lives were prolonged for a season of time was named in the will of the judge round will be destroyed as a money is about ministry and inequities is going to be destroyed in the crime when Jesus comes the second time woman he is final destruction of the buildings is the day when Jesus but we are in Babylon you are angry there in and was taken away as a reservoir in the vagaries of the Internet the exhibit is still there today still have modern religious reasons don't exist today and true is because they nation of Iran to this very day they log in not believing world fire of their life easier continue so verses thirteen and fourteen three versus thirteen fourteen I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with well and came where the issue he is talking about is a and however interesting early so there is really the people who will become that they had actually thought this was not coming of Jesus McConnell is not because the Son of Man comes to the attention of day and where is she is seeded second in the and so forth so Jesus is coming while shooting the ancient of days they were and for him verse fourteen then you are the end result is and there was given him the neck and lower back pain that all the nations and languages should serve as a mechanism for enhanced which shall not pass away and has a kingdom that which shall not be destroyed so here's what we see Jesus while she is on so when Charlotte began and why far changed suddenly in a father say okay you have the know they made an announcement to the online universe is that this is a major setting of the show is going to come in well to this Earth that time he came in well to begin to tell you that in the beginning of a judgment getting there were significant that have father 's name to be in the Messiah came in showing and he didn't just he came on twelve so this is a major event and the result of the judgment and that Christ's kingdom is which will never be destroyed that she is represented by the reason no feelings are as rare as they are early and just as I was released John Keenan and changing driver the engine and he was remaking of the earth and those they were destroyed here we see that shot gone and was able to destroy all the necessary and so we will see many businesses are not the second coming the Internet is the judgment the Son of Man join the ancient of days for the judge now these first fourteen versus R Y Daniel saw in vision after that is an explanation of the server is twenty eight I believe yes versus fifteen hundred twenty eight are going to explains you are in greater detail what we see we have an bow on a related release hanging around followed by this is your following arrival little power as a destroy three kingdoms and Iranians for one hundred and sixty years and their judgment and have now is Daniel 's reaction to what he sees the three versus fifteen dreams I Daniel was grieved in my spirit and the mind-body and the visions of my having trouble I came near and one of them is by asking the treatable so he told me and maybe now the interpretation of the things these great beasts which are for our hurricanes which shall arise out of here that the saints of the most high shall take the kingdom is the kingdom forever even for ever an error so Daniel 's reaction to is created by what he saw her reason and it wasn't a lie while our analysis of some very enough about things that are here as soon as I saw so what does it mean change how he was shrewd of all and her favorite is to have you tell the Israelis torture for working social arise out of your Santa Clara and now you think about satisfying I says I want to know and I'll call you those for researchers working in Cali Armenia has the lion now want you want to represent itself as online another four letter rule near the entrance of the judgment the saints of the most higher going to take the kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom and here's the key point to mention how can we know that there are say seventy hundred and now the father and the son is now in the review books and they determine who the same as our latest term who really is according to what they are because if people say how I have to emphasize that enough as it is community is how God is going to judge the kingdoms of this world you inversely can we clearly see that God can determine who the savings are based on the job on CNN Sonja see that there is working and is going to bring destruction to those for these that not only see that these hands toward ensuring the same with all of the judgment that Daniel was not satisfied by answer notices were in reverse of nineteen twenty four Daniel moth to know more about Daniel he won the network is interesting he will show especially for the wanted through nineteen and I would know the truth of why will he and I is when you see the leaves the first three redirection and one person is you get as straightforward as Virginia they are and will be in the connection with consumers as it was onward from that description and that specific pieces that is growing as a result as I think Daniel he want to know more about you want to know the truth of the four what that have lead being told anything out of orbit is reporting is that information will have easy than I would know the truth of the fourth reason which was dying versus from all the others exceeding dreadful was she horrible liar and now that we devour great pieces stamped the residue with as a verse twenty happens on is that describing what he saw him again telling verse twenty and others that were in is that the other is a little more which came out before whom three felt even when I have a high and now that they know what there is great thanks to his look was more self and is a twenty one IDL and the same one made world is an free and they only begin until the ancient of days came and shot was given to the same the most time and the time came at the same as is and is speaking that she is a heavenly baby is so enormous for these carefully what he was so what about before resuming he mentioned that divers were different from the other one is also long to know especially about that little with him now that will very great as is their time that we've heard about the little horn is these green things and specifically the note is that this little Warren made against the same-store again Silver is a you know sometimes people will say you have people who talk about judgment are just trying to scare the judge that we don't even worry about that judgment was claimed on the hotel is next hey we see that because of the judgment domain judgment against the persecutors of his people like you say will be however soliciting the last religion but John is the fact so you want to know more about before these especially concerned about the little Miami season the little horn made more with the same somewhat the heavenly name saying versus twenty three through twenty five is set for release shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth now if you notice versus Evans three which I have referred to earlier laws ensure the first papers is now see how it's just insured ridding itself as we get through the fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth which shall be diverse from all and some of our Lord Schultz shredded and celebrating of Jesus and the ten point out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arrive and another shall rise after them and he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings and he shall be great were again among either as I will amoral but who are these words are read in theaters around that again will I very directed against God you shall speak great words against the most high and somewhere on the same claim and saying to change time model and they shall be given into his hands until I had time and the dividing of time is to be in diapers is this for you and your and when you run as an alarm meter relay in the fourth reason divers were different because it is a little that is the greater the more failure than all the other born as a mouth speaking great things specifically as these again will I get our human species and can God is warped I just changed the law in which he met our that is religious in our brains sure they together persecuted the two do not agree with any religious belief that there the first briefing is primarily political but a little more and the religious dimension of this these things combine church and state had destroyed three kingdoms and to rise to power and rain were little more is mentioned four times beside her said they initially then we see the judgment that the judgment again mentioned verse eleven and again the great work the little corner mention of her him by now I mention before I than one chapter in a the rate were little more are very important specifically that great words of the little one is that the little horn so again the most time he to change as long as they didn't really change all is not as God one out of a little orbiting around trying to change Yahoo will you realize that people around that takes full responsibility for changing the version in the center of the enemy Jennifer is available 's remember the Sabbath day to keep the holy six is now later as is known as all men the only one that God is remembered in the command about the Sabbath because God knew that a power upon the earth the shrine yet as Jennifer is that in this power shrine to change the sound from the sun and the first day in the seventh grade that is the mark of God Lord God rested on the seventh day to show that he is Creator of his or her Manhattan cable room on things that changed my mama to show that you have the power of God Mister Smeeding Rainwater because it is resuming to take the power of God here on this Earth and she is replaced by changing the say something very interesting is the connection between the book of Daniel Revelation were about will him and later revelations are Thursday here in the Sierra Leone is a revelation the relationship is as John Marelli is one on the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up policy in Iraq and have written answer is none it is the past seven hundred and ten upon the name of blasphemy is not in the description of the reason received an which I thought was what will we see no reason in his rehab and his feet were at the feet of wine and there is there is the and his mouth to mouth of a wide will I know I read him him as he has now aligned or not now of Babylon and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority now just so you are clear revelation folders I'm sure that Dragon is saying since he isn't yet in his power to the beast in Revelation thirteen and is easy somehow on the other one is now of Babylon now I want you to choose now diversified and know what it says and I was given a minimum now speaking why in an all and I speaking rate is in the mouth I Revelation thirteen receiving all releases of all him the film where do their online specifically when is C is when the characteristic of Babylon is now speaking great things and now is how long the power given shooters these members by it was given power to continue forty two five zero early on forty two thirty yes twelve hundred civilizations fall under the easier it will more is a brain city is going to in Revelation thirteen is an excellent reason Revelation thirteen involved in the now live in the now about wanting power is in the driving and speaking blasphemy for forty two months and four hundred and sixty days is like a little more so here is one that will was speaking rate in order to apply blasphemies will is not there than that he will run you on here and what is fascinating this is why Daniel Radcliffe mind around these things anything I see on our differently under our life and our is a religious nature but they shrewd and all it claimed to be God how on earth I still persecuted the truth saying for worshiping God and God is the worst him will him or we understand the relation is further many the unbelievable I know now about this piece of power and overall which preserves can be the church and on earth is not actually has received our from the Dragon saying the word is that it might shine to change the law is speaking again my persecuting anyone goes against and then we see Daniel seven twenty six to twenty eight is as we wrap up here Anderson versus twenty six through twenty eight here we read the judgment shall sit and they shall take away his dominion as you can see them to destroy it under the arms and they are going to be destroyed as a result that twenty seven in the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole number shall be given to people in the most time his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him it is the end of the matter as for me Daniel my consultations most troubling in my countenance changed but I kept the matter in my heart Daniel was in trouble by the fact that is power and persecute you so we see that judgment is set up for twelve hundred and sixty years we see the Dominion is taken away from the little horn the kingdom is given the very briefly what is practical for us because we see that yes it seems that this world is not as undeserved power or godliness we may only say that a time as a result it is that he will receive the way wanted to say he received the king so I allowed I receive him we were around when God is for review and Herald May seven nineteen and written my own life as an official said everyone shall be judged by the things written in the authority of God will be limited on I is from that in which it is not regarded by the Christian world Satan has blinded their eyes he is her understanding is blind and he is adamant he and my limited transgression but Walton who is raised you are through the roof is it will be recognized as fully as in all our those who transgress the law will finally have a serious is the son of God for his claims are designed to have the wine we as all people because now I changed them all and we are shown that one three angels message is that God will not change as the line and I don't want really good and continuing review and Herald September twenty two Christ without all understand the event is here that his team will take place in the forum this is a government job even if you have while you were the only engine is good enough for us humans to only just and good but the same characteristics as God so don't let anyone tell you how in the long run you know he is saying that his terror in Iraq we don't go around telling people that he has eaten on the cross is okay the own show she knows really what I really want when people say he will help you to work anymore is will not change she says is will him everything will be desired for me not all civil noninterference rather that will be seen in all that he is if you all see the relation is enough I don't want to be seen as necessary as the keeping of the law is also an internal wall represents God and God is by sending my son I shown that I transformed my so that people can be changed into the image of my care I will bring controversy page one that won't hasten their judgment for a bit he will examine the case of each individual is low in certain screwed there were not another beheading on here everyone is now without spot or wrinkle or any such soul seems connected with it will be as mown as he involved Aaron is in the sanctuary of talk about saying to him very for many years it is work in progress so now you know how it will occasion the living and the all friends of God our life is really at this time ago all others in the music every so to you to save your passion watch and pray for you when I is Mark thirteen thirty three if therefore thou shall not watch I will come only as he can also that what hour I will come upon you Jesus is coming soon as we can have more interested in the next presentation but the judgment has been she will rail I really seated on the right or interceding on our and he want each one of he is our advocate he is advocating hard that we will be ready when he comes the second time he wants to be among the same standards they came then and now was the time to be watching for hay we love our eyes on Jesus and Mary or we must be gray and never more so that when the show is will you through the searching scrutiny job father will look upon our life and what he looks upon as Jesus cannot because we committed our life completely if you want Jesus to be a representation of your life the judge is in Tijuana surrender your life completely to the time I would invite to say as we have the one our lives to be a reference to the life of Christ when the judge comes through them we are living of the universe is now the time to be right with God not tomorrow and right now he is frail and easy everyone standing in each one of us will need to even as everything is bizarre at an sender who is seating for alarming that he was the daughter as long as to be ready to floor whatever is paying online maybe later the alternator he can sleep a crush on overlapping activities is not only him from the record of course when you're from the power of prayer as well and maybe even downgraded on that rainy and wonderful day when Jesus comes back the second time my father I pray all these things in Jesus


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