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The Joy of Full Surrender

Mirriam Norte


Mirriam Norte shares her miraculous life story. From a selfish, party-focused life to a life of serving others. Join Mirriam as she shares the joys that come from being a true follower of Christ.




  • August 12, 2011
    12:00 PM
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at the question that is mingled with money and paying something is as lightheaded I think is is is is the minimum is buying on Amazon ratings and inherently eleven Arthur Holy Spirit is the heart and my heart is lovingly into me during the environment you're over his fantasies it may continue learning in Jesus name I pray okay so the question is asked in a way to explain why I can optimize in the Lords work why is it important to keep him occupied in the Lords work for me to answer that question I didn't know what is the Lords work is being to do the Lord 's work in the Lords work young people sometimes is very distorted view of what God 's word and and you remember Paul Marseille faithful before he got converted for him and was jealous religion Christians and human concentrations and try to get them to put them in jail and even nowadays you know there's some people have the mindset of God 's plan is to criticize the city got people within the church we agree people who think that God or the Lords work related activities know that they come in high and Susan and I suggest very what is good to church single Saturday the seventh cool and you know the Jesus they increase it how does God read more but at the same time they are denying its power like this kind of seconds and eighty three the eleventh position there is from the people writing them in their high there is some sense that they cherish that how is it a large library that even the Lords work with the Pharisees people think the nine eleven ministry just like Judas Genesis pod the twelve disciples I he was living beings human everyday and you and spending time into everyday and you and you and he had fish and he wanted temporary tales princes and Howard wanted to know to be to get in we know he wanted the birthday gratification that he thought Jesus can bring the children had something greater that could be than some people think that God select something grace of God answering how many times and they are ministries that care more about the money and actually the sole administering is that I like some people you got where like my who gets daily organizing and planning going here and there had a meeting there at all they forget to send time it's interesting that God Swank and ISO mice know what people in a sad time when having a later meeting or the outcome of the next day forget that hey this is not about me it's about my chief for God 's work is being a Bible design six verse twenty nine you will need your finally tiny because I would like to go like handset and all many things it is designed exactly twenty nine if you're there these laymen okay these mice are falling in at anything she answered and said unto them then in the work of God that ye delete line hand he had sent with him here Jesus Christ got to try to believe in Jesus Christ who is black when he was on as a design one versus one to five and twenty five and a defendant in any way the beginning like that and I then got in the way of life if anyone in the beginning when God all things were made by hand and with him was not any a name that was nearly examined what I am though the high life life the light of men and the life sciences and the darkness comprehended it not the lack of Jesus Christ led what I you want and that life let's turn to second Corinthians four him and him as far as understanding of the Bible 's song and then forgot the command and the last to sign a document signed in our high to get an outline the knowledge that goal oriented guy they and Jesus when I met in no way not like the outline in the knowledge of the glory of God we learned that this is convention that Lori and I represented at two thirty borders mixed as seven represents the character of God rain so they rely on the knowledge that there got through Jesus you see the beginning of the great controversy that will hear the guy to be unjust to their was defiling the understood even by angels by many people even nowadays black people have no clue who guide was intact and helping it and so Jesus came to earth to sell who wanted anyone in his shrooms tractor and we read in first John four eight alone that he got louder not know it God for God is the guy a loving Jesus Christ wanted to portray that his or is not human hand is twenty four what is that I know one another from the until the time anyway unless one is in everything and then altogether the question was what he can modify you have to determine what guys like Zion Zion I got right was to believe in Jesus Christ and you and your intellectual chapter this there which is why for a while a unit of that to provoke unto love and Christians are evaluating financing about each other in hatred and beginning intention to provoke each other in stupidity into jealousy but not in the know in my family and we were not very and let's say Williams shall lapse next day so when somebody shows training he even without it operates and you don't know what's going that I can United Way that some guy in life shall I hand you have the back and try with me thank you awakening I began to think that they are okay so got from the last when someone for having start thinking a lot about them in the hands and an unrelenting grant and him the way and he is hanging on the menu and mining that you want to spend time with them you want to talk more when that game and then you know you can cherish and even began to him actually know when you get married and when he nearly always together you start to sound like Manning use the intent that the same manner as then then he shares the same values then the share and share the same principles and enhancing balls right and so I sent Jesus Christ to reveal his show characters to a Sunday tender awakened and I ain't going in that we may become like him and transient favorite eighteen instead but we all live in a holding as in a glass the glory that had turned over I changed into the same image from glory into glory even as I hear it you spend time with them and the more you become like and so again when we just remain everything sometimes you have to believe in Jesus Christ Jesus transplant history the chapter is that which is last and only allow a hand in our high and low in learning one has been traveling and what a wonderful event and in time and contractor to be transformed into an IRA in him me I find anything that he was had been dying for a new will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ is working with actors eleven collisions one twenty seven when making on what information the glory is necessary among the house which is Christ in you and hope of glory Christ will in turn can be revealed any now concerning the human is all convention will convene again entirely limited taking and where was taken that will change in employment and Internet related is another laminate but it is mentioned in Revelation eighteen is what that might evening another angel coming down from heaven having great authority on the back of my living in a way it is learning English online so he will bring his people to hack it to eliminate the world they how that happened at check two hundred thirty three said transformation of character is a testimony to the world I indwelling Christ is not fringes to Jason a new life in the sole reason I am designing convenience to develop a ending and why Matt is renewing in the image by him money William fibers is that in the train that I is a little if there is on McKinney became branding and transforming how firm is small like an electric shock when the question console climbing I mean really restarting the whole man from his day early essential and disgraceful as you will become patrons of the divine nature having obtained the corruption that is in the world through life and in your soul and feeling like the image in hand I was trying you is aggravated as the seventh two thousand ten this is over alternately dynamiting agency of their thing I got wrong when with no line is you might end up on divine power is inherent in all had been brought by the well Redeemer in mind the heart and make sure that is inherent in them believing that they can hear the divine nature I have given you the divine power to overcome all training towers and cultivated tendencies to evil intent on character and his church employees please is a very crucial for the role in the transformation which is essential to select now and see if everyone is important to keep them occupied in the Lords work and we came to the conclusion that the law is where ultimately express his to be able to choose his hat hello yes okay the only times we tried to learn all and without the Holy Spirit for example doesn't have a thirteen versus forty four and sending them on a paddle of the kingdom of heaven it says the kingdom of heaven entrance treasure hidden down the waistline and I found behind it unfortunately there go in and so on when he had buy-in you did and what you determine he was closest to his long history as the resplendent dating work while you're going there so they are going to feel my treasure and treasure out in that and he goes back home I had that he can feel in a sanitizer question in everyone's injury if they were I would think he knew what great conflict I have for you and for them the nation and for as many as have not cleaned my face in the flesh in their right mind and reported being in together in an apartment in the classroom understanding to the acknowledgment of the mystery of God in the body of Christ info are in all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge simply in the name and leave the new incentive I hate all the treasures were indicated in Christ what science is much faster without I feel when trying to minister as I read that having problems during the time when I was a teenager and I was so as I had such a field to minister to people but I had no clue how I know the principle you know I just wanted to share and I didn't know about the danger of being on different things out and doing so by and rationalizing that they are outside of the people I look I and you know anything would have been the three thousand thousand fifteen sixteen hundred days as a late teenage years I was in the arrangement of their AutoCAD and I taught me many things in the world and an even provided the identity management classes I is an environment and so I can organize my finances you know students read the Bible why those things were still attached sewing machine on my friends Windows environment people I know how to drink and light to my mother is English and made my monument is in their people I know I and I met this guy who had a lot of testing on him and started talking and handing it in under that statement is the lengths he and you know I was able to stand in line and I invited him to translate integers and eventually I learned that he wanted the installer and had to him him him so that he will sign sometime tomorrow and said you know the one you see in my leader will you account to I'm not really reflecting him knowingly you want to get the word out is something that you are using a diamond steel is and I know Jesus Christ has all makes you had Jesus Christ eighty before you even know Santana can you claim an important role in the transformation of character and the strategies in Christlike character in us even if I talk about it is five foot five live in the timeline had a timeless Noel is knowingly luxuriate in she admitted for the money just maybe ninety twenty five and action I believe the hamburgers two seven Adventist Christians generate a given vendor resins are you learning on how mature chain children and young women as you will see why they're okay that I went away we all bring one of the winged helmet but why can't more while I is I didn't have enough hardware women selling yesterday in verse three those who are arrested or less and took no no oil is no way I can actually like to get some of your oil lamps are going to be loyal driven in the last time so everyone all and is and I can only find why handily page is Christlike character and then I might think I know I find a way that he was introduced in their lives and family when the fullness of the wise men and house on the wrong end of lesson in how understanding one her writing as someone who ran away I did not do anything in the wind okay someone will write a word and planted he was building on Iraq and Iran and how concerned are you know it when the weather simultaneously step now and go back to the question we ask that where the wine and imported in occupying the Lords work in the light for clean guy wanting to Virginia you can say in a widely important you know it Peter one twenty two to twenty five for the exit is fighting for air one twenty two twenty five you see Jeremiah has all the main concern for the very time I love the rendering CNET news on when Darwin and I privately mingle and not credible and incorruptible by the word of God which is in the eye grabbing for all Blacks in at grass and on the glory of man and the flower of grass the graph in the flour and down on the way the way of the Lord insurance planner and it is the way which by the gospel saints team everything that you see here right now will one day visiting the only thing that will not start really just a new tried to vintages in only in God 's Word works the last and so it makes sense to occupy ourselves in the Lord 's work because that's the only thing that will last you wanted to do something that would be in vain they are it would be only think anything of it is an infringement of my said for all classes that I needed to use your imagination innovation and your head back and all classes all innovative spirit writing was you and all the glory of man has been lower of the grass and will demand it she then you know that the degree they are found orangutans I hear that Craven and the honor you know that this all mean they are playing in that same millions of dollars there anything you know that way you know that man when he is like that little line on top of that and then McGrath N and N I find a way when you have instantiated having here is that the degree when you die for their utilization for the only thing that will last guide for just eighty makes a godly cat food that question answered what is important and monumental excellent and clear as I can now delete again you can from New Zealand mission and diamond retail and effect on your character is revealed in the easterly to fit into change human being circumstances before the second chapter indeed we find even more than I is really trying to any religiously hands selling you he gets to save other people writing began when Jesus was here I examine the advantages that know what you live a life like he did nobody know I hated it can handle I was a test run in character with a light and it fell no he doesn't need to survive enterprise has thirteen create something that will know when and why he was just living a godly we laugh and have their was the light of men the reason I was asked and at length a week anything is going to church once a week I answered with another question on what a strange CNN 's treasures the building where people gather his Internet has some people fleeing some people have their minds somewhere else well other are transient you can find the change in events or regulatory matters together in my name there and I and is changes went into building management it does everything I do not act of course because this is the mainly negative in life right is celebrating women's Day and vitamin K and people just go there for food and bar in a social convention center away in no event delaying because when applying it to the present day anyway the action means you can just stress for me the prison that we combine as I have not been addressed on the holding and selling the much changed everything is boring to urinate many times change is just another events of weekly events Santo Domingo insurance every week now and again there anything you him there were no diamond on having things that the time I do not know you in the name you know anything that is amended by recognizing my mother grain fed on how how do I know the guy and his friends presented in Greenland is a mercenary and then but in any man I was saying is known of him July knowing by side but anything longer than if you have any tonight commanding try any how God will know his again so even in the Churchland 's elite now is you need to have a personal connection with Jesus Christ and ultimately frustrated and writer Aaron alive and remain and you're going to change in our library she was either the seven advances my family was evident and then we would have evening worship every everyday and we're going to church every Saturday night I knew I didn't have a personal relationship with God I believe in him I'm a new issue is real but I didn't understand the principles like they were emphasized Bible and the Bible certainly not alone I meant will I know so I don't ensure at hand collecting a single wire running in and in all right after notice don't think he is resurrected in Wheeling you know why it's moving very well even violently hang me that the eye is actually doing God 's American film and I see the relationship with him when in reality we didn't have a connection with Jesus Christ himself and so it is very important for you to know the person know why David and I are getting and that action is delighted by the enemy that's not my man because you have not known I get nothing and what he has done in your life and forty one calorie 's dancing to that question begging now it's not enough to change within the church is like and he with one goal and when I know it cannot go home the question number three and when I like was when I made it legally intimidating us like I haven't been able to eliminate a building like I said in Psalms one three eleven hundred one except I don't have a leader in the building except the Lord keep the feeding the watchmen walking but in vain if we don't participate in that way nothing else matters anyone are life is useless figure that anything is him him him that's what happens to render the van and I think he twelfth but I can't envision of the whole matter fear and I think you will be on then forgot something at rendering judgment with Abingdon England and began rather than adding a question of doing what I why I quit my job to go into full-time ministry and soon everyone do that okay and I will end with the nineties indefinable and ministry of my ministry and I are you knowing your involving chair is being voluntarily initiated by financing our ninety but there but the machine that I understand it's a cry method reaching out to some and I share a sermon in Zimbabwe and was and how international is and how I relate to knowledge in through them people because I have actually means remain on the cockpit for care 's FAC for Sarah and I love crime is on administrative healing vigilantly and that alone will get you in reaching the people that are mingled with men one would design their guide is meant to be more than ministering to the needs and want their company and he made them follow me such an outline what will he he was is a treasure in heaven and should and will do that you know it really depends on your relationship is in and how much time is spent with an annual way into knowing what he tells you to do for me anyway and I finished high school in two thousand four I didn't go to college unfortunately I was fifteen tell the greater air in here I think that and not only to this day and we went to the Philippines did in his history and then afterwards I went to Zimbabwe with the easy way the mission trip project and there was a very hard year for me because the development that you paid last year and it is not well and everything was down and saying it was so poorly of getting out everything getting a ministry getting of God is not badly first song came out with you you know that one little issue to the plaintiff I just wanted to look away and I went all out so wonderfully through their imprisonment and the kinds are of a very very very down and then started I know this is to the level where it is not and to move forward with our surrender everything and me everything that nothing hinders me from being entirely in time and money minister announcing his I believe Jesus is coming very soon and he is in significant energy and body temperature politics that are around you and I is letting us find a more sorrow there is in my heart to know that there's so much he loved it doesn't know that that needs to be said in humankind throughout all the circumstances in this child and tribulation is gotten in selling video my character and how he wants to pitch his eye catcher in the enemy no one is everything when it has a journey we had arranged tour I had transmitted related by your love for God given your mailing in doing anything and it's powerful like to know even death cannot not hinder you from the love of God is so when you hear this afternoon and getting involved in a ministry you want to get involved what is amazing and I has to teach you concerning a catcher who leaves speed and range the other is a new one I continued to write linear interventions in Hackensack the light had turned any item you glass to make time for him to spend my time is my contention we contemplate his lab everything okay is in and between you and God and yet Mangalore she really wanted to be like you want to finish the work that you have started accepting some of the incentive that the Lord is not the Nazis from that will be in hearing the Lord will your heart he values your heart he died in and he wants you father in heaven we truly are you using you think you from being a God of love and insult location for a HIV-negative soul so let me in many ways that you have worked in her last so wonderfully fatherly one wants to return the love and glory lightning in wanting to have tried this grandfather that you will continue to work each and every heart that I may be fully seen in the new law finish the work that you have started thank you so much for these young people related to credit you will I will bring to their commitment to you and spending more time in inputting your first glass invest in their life I see your kingdom above everything else and I was a mess hall and other will follow me so much time and energy had been male he is in this media was brought by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about hot humors this is more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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