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His Righteousness

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

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  • August 12, 2011
    3:30 PM
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the first session was on how to seek effectively we talked about heart preparation than would remember what were those two emphasis for those where there should be a plan the second one this should be a willing submission meaning there's no point in this seeking God with having a plan or seeking to do anything that is God related whether exceeding the argument of his kingdom or his righteousness without a plan they should also be willing submission when I want to do ministry there are many things that are not pleasant to me and us that as and sometimes if you do true ministry how can I say that I was missing that of a controversy of the day and is a chapter that talked about all that is godly in Christ shall suffer persecution and Illinois there was saying what we need to worry is not so much about persecution but we need to worry about why we're not experiencing persecution and he says the reason were not experiencing persecution is very obvious because if you live godly you will suffer persecution now I'm not saying to be zealous out there and bulldoze people but I'm saying that there is an annoyance there shows an error don't mix and when you decide to follow gone all the way there will be opposition there will be a annoyance with just people with with Visio being there so that is not to say anything is just to have this feeling that you think are more holy than me it'll type of thing intended is that the conflict and you can be nice with them and so forth especially family members even says that so what I'm saying is that they meet needs to be the heart preparation that Ezra we covered you will seek you will do and you will teach make that in your mind from the start so that when opposition comes to be able to go through right we talked about what's another character trait or seeker humility and let's get it care Katrina recovery persistence importunity is what I think we should temper that little bit but Dennis Maisel Mister Madison would knock the door because I'm not the knock again until they would buy at me I get more sales for sure but I get more police company to sell the need to be a wise write this last session we talked about C Keefe first the kingdom of God 's we talked the enlargement of the kingdom practical steps on how to enlarge the kingdom what was the principles that we base ourselves in the word of God the principle of his starts C compassion compassion needs us to meet what felt needs secondly right first compassion needs us to meet health needs so someone is hungry we knew what someone is Thursday we do it give them water somebody is confused when we do these things somebody is crying in this sad when we do recover them right so we need felt needs first if we're zealous were filled in the truth everybody needs Jesus I should just pour out Jesus on you intend is tell you Bible study is that what I should do now I should stop enough and long enough to do what to care people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care we went through ministry of healing and we found out that this only one method that can be revealing itself in many different ways and forms and shapes and sizes but there's only one true method that will get your success was the first point mingle with people as wanted they're good so if I want to get involved in media should I get involved in media yes I can still get involved in media but should it be a means to an end should media me the amines by saying that right should be all there is to it no media is nice but it definitely doesn't mingle with people it doesn't deftly say has ministry if you think the goal where the people are come close to them by personal effort so it should only be a step in where I want to go as a church we stopped at media and leasing of this in the future this is everything this is to media some nobody does anything and it it is any personal fame discomfiture to pop a DVD and hopefully you'll get a pass somehow with the guy on the DVD I think there's a place for the money should be a point to get close to the people the first point mingle with people go out to where the people are you related to his by knocking on doors on that right no sure where other ways the weather people are going to the gym posted a school in your workplace you may mingle didn't log will just go where the people are going to churches this is a church and school there shall you be amazed on how people welcome you to make friends mingle with people have a plan have a plan mingle with people right the second step sympathy where was the initial sympathy face the tone of voice and your words right come for them fear words and so forth was the third one minister to their needs friend sometimes it takes money and then noble hi I meant that even now because some but I'm telling you minister to people 's needs sometimes many times causes a little bit of inconvenience on if you have never been inconvenienced you have never really know what it means to minister to people 's note you can minister to them but it's not true ministry sister surplus that you that you really couldn't could do it right so and it's not just financial it's your time I think time is one of the highest geese that we can give in this pesticide to minister to people 's needs must force that win their confidence it is something that happens automatically I mean I believe it happens because the step one twenty three right but sometimes it takes what it's like I'm meaningful with for me it needs to be in Eastview goal needs to be a goal that I have in mind until I reach that goal was could write the risk five is what they didn't thought that's when you ask people for decisions made us and to come to church that's the little decision asking them may be asked and to study the Bible I mean there's this certain things that I just wanted one and have a Bible study it doesn't work that way especially with it that the it may work more with immigrant population is presently but our experience with the average Canadian whatever that means it doesn't work that we do need to really build on that before you can ask you say you know when you might as nevertheless in a weakened sure we can have a study of the Bible together with that be okay with you and some of them will tell you just the beginning if you do it until you buy listen to their noninterest anymore in our lesson three I've done a lot of studies that way the first one people sign up by number to be realized always here again did you mean it directly to come to my house again and again it's amazing that first visit people are happy their trainer the claimant opened the door right we need to follow this method we talk about this which is it is important to pray for the spirit of discernment to know where people are at in their spiritual interest because that will determine how I will be able to react or act and how to be able to fit this thing you know because someone that is the seeker I may be able to spend more time in my conversation are so forth sharing more about Christ someone that is not all keep Christ completely out of the picture and I'll start talking about just what is an interest for them we talk about practical ways pray for divine appointments printed that will better conversation different ways that we can structure in which we can guide the conversation ask questions share information complement individuals and it's amazing how when we pray for guidance in my experience anyways and I don't think I'm a special person I think I'm a sinner chief of sinners is this anyone is nothing but I have seen that in my life as a sinner God has used me and has guided conversation has given me divine appointments whenever I've prayed for it if you pray for it it will come right so this family to talk about it first his kingdom was the second thing is righteousness maybe a short time on this because you have fifteen minutes that fifteen or twenty because I went overboard and then the last one were to do a little bit of a exercise appointments are solicited well that in the last word trouble doing a little exercise here no faith little faith great faith is faith important friends we share tell me what you think think is important very good so he was this tells us that without faith it's an possible to please God so it must be important because faith brings pleasure to the heart of God right in Romans chapter five verse one with that really quickly just a few points on faith Romans chapter five action is to Romans three twenty two first Romans three and seven read that for me Romans three twenty two so here is a whole context behind this but we see here that righteousness is brought about by what my faith so if we are to seek first his kingdom if we are to seek first his righteousness how are we to seek that righteousness it's by faith very good sulfate is an important point in seeking the righteousness of God right in the in aromas five one did there real quick for me someone read that for me Romans five verse one and sold our justification meaning our forgiveness of sins and the alleviation of the guilt and so forth is my what is by faith very good so is it important to ask twenty six without faith it's impulsive please God where justified by faith in acts twenty six verse eighteen can someone read that asked twenty six verse eighteen we are justified by what we are sanctified by what faith very good so safe important in Revelation fourteen twenty two you should know that text here's the patients of the saints here they that keep the commandment of God and have the faith of Jesus so those that will be spending and will experience as well glorification will be able to stand before God and be glorified without tasting death they will do so because of the faith of Jesus so faith is extremely important in seeking out the righteousness of God when you talk about no face little faith angry the weekly you have little faith do you have a when you find here who here has no faith who years crazy appendicitis road there is great okay great faith no faith Luke eighteen if you can turn there was no chapter eighteen a new chapter eighteen Jesus makes a statement nuke eighteen verse eight he says I tell you that he will in essence be very he's talking about the window at it's a parable that he had I tell you he will avenge them speedily nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh shall he find what faith on the earth so I ask a question he says when I'm to come down again in London a fine face so if there is a there obviously is a there's a problem are you are you with me maybe are not right there is a problem meeting everybody have little bit of faith that then it would be great okay I will find for you I know I will find face was a rhetorical question to ask me why would ask that but is because of their soul little faith or maybe there's where there is no faith Eddie ask will I find faith rights in the genes chapter no Romans twelve verse three Romans twelve three is another principal about-face Romans twelve verse three says Romans twelve verse three it says for I see through the grace given unto me that every man that is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly according as God has dealt to every man the measure of what faith everybody it seems here is given a measure of faith in James chapter to look there with me James chapter two verse nineteen so I ask will I find faith Christ ask what I find face Romans tells us everyone is given a measure of faith and James chapter two verse nineteen the Bible says thou believe is that there is one God boundless while the Devils also what believe and tremble but wilt thou know all vain man that faith without what works is that so here we see everyone is given a measure of faith the demos but we believe that we see that the devils believe or have some kind of faith but if their faith really useful in their saving component to their faith to the Devils not trick question cupcake said that moving the devils believe and tremble right okay so they have faith right are kind of faith right okay my chapter four is forty mark for the first forty of them agreed that one for me this is after the storm on the lake of Galilee communities like Mark four forty so Christ looks at pagan guys and tells and listen you have no faith is that what he does kudos he says that to while his disciples that have left their home and everything to follow Christ how many of you have left your home to follow Jesus how many have left your your family behind any sleep under the stars and you don't know where you get your next meal pedal note these are people have left their livelihood and everything and Christ turns around and looks at them and says you have no what are no faith how you feel it Christ told you that now none of you believe that your discount where I are you read Mister and the quest for Christ his disciples and he tells them how is it that you have no free obscure in this context we see that no faith is synonymous with what with what being fearful right so no faith I would say you can see an atheist and I would even call it an atheist Christian that's right meaning now I think before we move on that there seems to be a conflict here because Jesus turns around and tell somebody they have no faith within Paul says everyone is given a measure of faith so how come everyone is given a measure faith with end-users you have no faith as I believe it's important to be note that out sometime in the Bible speaks about faith piece about faith in God right so everybody has faith even the devils believe and tremble as I can have faith in him not that the world is good and in two thousand and twelve I can have faith with Mac and those guys two months ago a month or two ago that Jesus can come back now that faith is not based on the word of God is not based on Christ it's faith that is completely useless you know just like faith the devils believe that certain belief but it's useless right so faith sometimes in about six Lafayette speaks about faith in God so you have no faith is that you have no faith in God you can have faith in yourself you can have faith in your parents and your credit card but that will be you will avail you have given that circumstances have no faith so no faith in atheist has no faith how can you believe he was says he'd have faith must believed without faith it is impossible to please God for he that yes the first step is that you must believe that he exists is the first that you must believe that he exists at the first foundational principle and then yesterday he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him I so an atheist an atheist Christian would be this example that we just read about an atheist Christian is a Christian believes in God that believes God exist that believes in Jesus Christ that believes maybe many innocent and Messiah but in his life it doesn't change anything in his life there is no change doesn't affect anything that he does that he knew not so new disciples just the fact that they have God Almighty beside them doesn't change anything there to die this is a guy that created the water but Megan and I anyways and and I'm not judging them because most likely I would have done unfortunately the same thing but the fact that they have God Almighty right there on atheist Christians how how much less possible and God Almighty beside us you know many of us I believe at times fall into that category enough faith to believe in the existence of God but not enough faith to believe in God not just an end and that can be seen if the knowledge of God that doesn't make any true difference in our lives especially in times of crisis you know there are some individuals when crisis see pricing crisis hits that day just hold tight to Christ you know that there's other people that when crisis hits because they were Christian atheist instead of holding onto Christ the are pushed even further you know because they never really made any difference in the first place there believed it didn't change anything in their lives right and we have little faith I little faith this lets look at Matthew fourteen this a few examples in the Bible where Christ mentions to his disciples of all people you know you'd understand if you would mention it to his the Pharisees and those hypocrites and scribes or whatever but he mentions it to people that have left everything for Christ in Matthew fourteen it's it's it's Peter in this example how she gets out of the bull in New Orleans is coming to follow Christ and he starts walking on underwater to walk on water so I haven't walked in I have asked young ice but on the fourth wash fourteen twenty five of the night is one of them walked in to see when the disciples saw him walking the seed they were troubled saying it's a spirit they thought it was a ghost and he cried out for fear but straightway Jesus bigoted and singular good cheer it is I be not afraid and Peter answered him and said Lord if it be thou bid me come into the water and he said and when Peter was come out of the chute see what walked on water while you know that little faith is enough to walk on it or if you have just a little faith walk on water in other words it is impossible you don't the fact that you can live a victorious life I like the fact that you can overcome certain traits of character it's impossible but with a bike that you can be justified by faith you can be sanctified it can sit beside apart for a holy purpose you can walk on water and all you need is little faith so he starts walking on water right amazing I've never done it yet except for eyes says end-users and Peter was not a shaky walk on water to go to Jesus but when he saw the wind boisterous he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried saying Lord save me and immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him and said unto him what all thousand of faith wherefore I believe that most of us fall into this category and then this category and sometimes were back in this category and then this category little faith is enough space to step up little faith is enough faith to step out to this to do to dare to preach to pray to minister to witness to visit the change little faith is enough to step out and do these things but little faith allow circumstances situation and individuals to eclipse Christ so there's that start just enough to get us out but not enough so that wonders the wind boisterous and whatever other things come in all our pride that was another thing Peter looked back a look at walking on water are discussing whether thinking different things allows things to eclipse Christ and when he lost sight of Christ that was it the impossibility begin possible became impossible right with me what was impossibly doing turned out to be impossible right and because he was doing enough with Christ so little faith just to just two is enough faith to step out but easily eclipsed by people circumstances situations pride you name it and then there is weekly are great for those only two people in the whole Bible that Jesus mentioned have great faith you guys remember who they were century was one arena when it came with either of them seventy administered both of them were Gentiles right both of them do not even go to church and I said it's it's it's very interesting both of them were seekers and friends that's an amazing thought and it makes me shudder sometimes when I think could be could it be that many of us think that we have faith and legal many of us think and I am talking to myself because when I started under sharing you is the synopsis when I started to actually start studying more in depth which I don't have time of what are other traits of character of little faith because as an admitted that study at home this the place where I spoke about little faith and just study the context of why a single faith what characterized that no faith it's amazing how my life just comes out you know and a little faith is nice but I'm telling little faith will not get us there it will not get us there little faith is nice to start with but we must have great faith especially for their live in these last days go through something called Jacobs time of trouble be able to stand before God you know without it interest these thoughts great faith now you don't know when action have great faith none of these two people that this insurer whatever didn't even know this concept by faith and justification as to have no clue but they had and you turn around and says great for these individuals so just enclosing this just look at them a couple characteristics of a great faith just quickly Matthew eight just look at one just to review remind us of Matthew chapter eight verse six is a century that came to Christ and us my serving his sixth life policy Jesus says I will come and heal the censoring answered and said Lord I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof but speak the word only and my servant shall be sealed from the man under authority having soldiers under me and I see this thing going he goes into another company comes into my surrender this and he do with it when Jesus heard it he marveled and sent to then followed verily I sent to you I have not found so great what they know not in Israel Sochi we see great faith what did the century expect would the work the word they expect Christ or the word is on the compound and heal him so as Christ needs to come to heal him I basis you don't need to just the word along if you dispute it will happen I believe so of course one very important trait of great faith is to believe the word and the word only expected that he will do what it says it will do this is lessons on faith eighty Jones faith expects the word of God to do what it says and depends upon that word only to do what it says what his faith is simply taking God 's word is believing that God will do just as he has promised is based upon the word of God is the same thing with the woman that went out she said your daughter 's heel and she believed and she left believing that she is here even though she could not see about how when you read something that says faith is the substance of things whole for the evidence of things not seen to start making a little bit more sense of what true great faith is all about right great that's right that's right now I just want to read this quote this sold many quotes out there in the in the Bible about our evening 's preprocessing on on faith versus feelings because I believe that one of the greatest enemy to us having great faith is us having great feelings are with me in Ephesians is says by grace are ye saved through feelings and not of yourself it is God so when the word of God says because if I don't feel safe I am not saved obviously I because wanted to save should feel that he saved in a you not with me so I surrender my heart to God in the morning and I get up and I don't feel safe therefore I'm not saying that right I mention I have a little something there that says in a move that will save just a little bit little so when I get up from my knees you're saying that I'm safe even if I don't feel like it so that's taken a step further I'm an alcoholic confess him skidding what is good for your soul I'm an alcoholic I struggle with alcohol so when I kneel in the morning I pray a serenity alcohol everything I get up I believe I'm a new creature I don't feel it healthy and but by faith I believe I am then I walked past this table enter serving alcohol and I have a diesel I your to go there something tells me you know what I must know have a new heart because if I had a new heart and I wouldn't want to alcohol therefore therefore the experience that I thought I had it it's bogus might is what is going to write now when I got off from my knees you all agree that by faith I was surrendered to God in spite of my feelings and always okay so even though I don't have a feeling or emotion sometimes we do sometimes we don't but we don't want my feelings are what buy what they do by faith I'm a new creature I get out and I see that moves and I wanted is ensured that I'm not converted I was never converted or else I would never have wanted it I'm sure are you sure so explain to me what has happened in patients and if I have a new heart will I still want since very good and I believe that face goes into the every aspect of our lives I believe that we sometimes must love life and in that heart because love is an emotion or so we think that love is not an emotion love is a principal and sometimes emotions are there sometimes are not should I marry someone that I will have feelings for messing with your brain and Internet arranged marriages they work sometimes it working the case of Isaac of an issue was so what if she was not so beautiful as the Hogwarts face face face versus feelings one of the greatest enemies of faith his feelings when I get up from my knees by faith I'm a new creature whether I feel it when I don't I may actually feel guilt I feel guilt I still feel guilt before it was a guiltily need to repentance but after is a guild that Satan is trying to put back on meat is the same feeling I feel exactly the same the only difference is in my mind I know that one is I'm really guilty and the other one is a Satan trying to put guilt on me but the feeling is the same right whatever emotion and maybe I got for my knees have a happy flight of emotions rhyming actually feel kind of depressed but by faith I believe I had asked for forgiveness I have asked for a new heart I've claim the promises and by faith I get up and I and a new creature is the power and so when I walk and I see that moves that I want to drink I believe I'm a new creature still because temptation is not sent so then I looked in the booze in a single I am a new creature I submit myself to God I resist the devil and he will let me from a sometimes I need to forgive her something and cut and I know it becomes very if he has offended me we are such emotional beings but it's very difficult for me to forgive unless I feel forgiveness are you with me all rows I feel like what a hypocrite and the more that this man has hurt me because he is Daniel hurt me a lot even but let's even he can't forget it you killed my mom and it was an accident he just ran over and so but I just can't forgive me was reckless and whatever the deeper he hurts me the morphine I believe that I can depend on my notions and friends I've had certain people in my life that have hurt me as I'm sure you have and I've had to forgive them by faith there's a difference between faith and hypocrisy democracy comes like this it says hi I forgive you your fine thank you just get on my life or acknowledges this we can be friends and meeting in my heart I was going to him and him try to forgive by faith is I surrender myself to God and I claim the promises and I still go to him both times in my heart I feel bitterness I feel frustration I have all these feelings but I want my feelings now I want my faith great faith great faith doesn't look at people is another situation doesn't look at circumstances make great faith is based on the word and the word alone so when I go to him I stretch out my hand in my heart is still a turmoil but I have learned I'm a new creature I have surrendered the bitterness to God and now it's just a feeling of bitterness that's coming to me I've given it I surrendered everything now can I forget now I can't forget what he's done but I can choose not to remember there's a difference for us I don't believe in forgiven forget because when someone skilled my mom I'll never forget but I can shoes not to bring it back to my mind and you know that there's some people have hurt me and I choose not to remember the scenarios and now years later the details are vague in northern thing because I refuse to think about it everything is not like I've forgotten but by since I will remember no more Jesus says just don't use God I mean how can you he will choose not to think about it anymore so I shake his hand but I submitted myself to God in spite of the feelings I go and I asked forgiveness and I I or I forgive him and friends what I've experienced is sometimes the feelings come right away you like you've got a few red Corrie ten boom amazing story about forgiveness if you haven't read it read read her book are is a movie out there and she talks about how she met the guy that tortured is her and her sister whatever and and she stretched out her hand and in spite of the turmoil by faith she stepped up and as she says as soon as the hand touched his leg emotion just and the love this flow-through sometimes emotions flow and sometimes you know what it takes months sometimes years for these emotions to go that's a tough one you know some people say I quit cigarettes the David day I quit my desire for it will have struggled in a twenty years later having a cigarette but every time they smell it's a struggle and God in his wisdom is that his business when he wants to take away the feelings and whatever he decides it had enough but one thing is for sure whether it takes five seconds but whether it takes five years walking by faith is based on the the word of God and the word of God I saw this review no faith either people with no faith while were all given a measure faith but no faith in God definitely atheist enters ages Christians one is an atheist Christian is someone that lives as if there is no God and he believes in God believes in Christ believes in everything but the life is as if God doesn't exist you know and everything that is Christian is cultural it has nothing to do with merely a hard right than is little faith little faith is enough to step out enough to step out but it easily eclipsed why different things my people circumstance situation pride something that is very emotional should I say you know understands a little bit God wants me to do something but is based a lot on our emotions and great faith great faith doesn't look at circumstances doesn't look at people doesn't look at at at their pride doesn't look at looks at the word of God only and believes that the word of God has power to do what it says it will do friends in these last days we must learn to trust the word of God ultimately if we don't learn that lesson when you read Jacobs out of trouble in the Bible and even more fleshed on the great controversy there's no way you were to go through the if we don't learn to trust God 's word is worth very basic principles but I pray that God will help us to have great faith and this so much more that on faith but that's just ended up that morning and our session with prayer the last session will anyway is printed in the exercise on expectations to a gondola of the city must pray father in heaven as we look a little bit on face so much more in your word on it but just the basic principles by that time acted as if we have no faith at times it acted as if we have little faith in Lord sulfurous at times or we can say that we had great faith that we can allow anything to eclipse us from you but we realized that without great faith without that ultimate trust consistent trust wholehearted trust and belief in you it's impossible to truly pleasing father desires to bring pleasure joy happiness to your heart we know that we've been created for your glory we asked forgiveness where we have failed in the past as we seek your righteousness help us to understand the power of great faith the power of your Word and father as we learn to trust in your word help us not to give so much feeling and weight are so much space to our emotions and to know that emotions will come and go but we can truly enjoy them fully and number earth made you thank you Lord for helping us with these things we has to listen the name of Jesus


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