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Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

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  • August 12, 2011
    4:45 PM
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let's pray father in heaven once again we invite your presence in our midst he just wanted you promise that you will do it help us to understand the Lord certain principles in your word that we may not be deceived in the last days of which we are in Jesus name in the whole workshop is very basic but this is something that I just discovered not long ago and I thought I would share because it has made such an impact in my life is just cleared up quite a lot of things in my mind and I do share some principles with you and you may agree or not agree in the seats from the word of God I believe so if you have any comments feel free to raise her hand and share and while in this together I want to start with just want you guys to give me as an adult I'm an adult living in Canada I want you to give me basic needs so no one to hear BMW I want to hear about flatscreen TV I want to talk about I'm an adult I'm a Canadian I live in Canada what are my basic needs what would you classify species being something that I really need in Canada by the way in Canada there's certain things that I may need that I may not need in Papua New Guinea for example right knee let's say I work I need transportation to work right or I think I need work but I can't it also because I need to eat and are you with me or what our basic needs right you can start with the most basic ones there's no bad or good answer just help me out here in food although some of you like that water shelter clothing especially in Canada we need a jacket right that that's a basic in a you may not have a home that you need a jacket shelter or that's housing to be more basic needs even just as a human being were talking about here drop right if you need is an adult basic considered not new job I think that's that's that's understood no matter if you're a Buddhist Hindu Muslim a Jehovah witness atheist all of us kind of understand that this is what we kind of need here in Canada just to just live in know what else security protection what else transportation and number eleven bus but in Canada I think that's very important right because she for example Toronto everything is spread so you want to go from somewhere it just just can't walk in a you have to take transportation which means that you need to have money so which means that you need a job or you need parents that will keep giving and giving the strength of a duty on our transportation what other needs community about non- ten four things to okay see you need to be able to so that when the education right to survive you need to have education whether it's by school whether it's my parents or something if nobody teaches you anything you can't talk to candidate right what else in the assignment health that a basic need I think in Canada they are a day on the believe it is that's why they give it to everybody right in the United States and the Constitution is the declaration of independence there's three things a dimension also you and alienable unalienable right meaning if you're human it's your right and it's the pursuit of three six article goes into here pursuit of life happiness freedom by counterfeits with security and so forth happiness I think it's a need to think all of us it's a basic thing just want to be happy in what state we believe that if I'm not happy my needs are not met I did some basic needs the other needs about love are we created with that basic meter no to be loved none of you care about being loved I think it's a big one love what else husband him social that my father loves building a social basic needs details maintaining any radio needs an owner news value in Iran-Iraq we can survive without okay we don't these the news anything else basic set of something that the need that could relate without a hearing in so you need to analogy technology or communication somehow vacation to ends that's good right that's it so if you guys had this your file right recently got very good one yes you do need bathrooms what you don't need a bathroom you can make a whole but we do because winter the ground is frozen so in such an is what he could do it in this audit is not okay very good you know that you guys to stay in your house gets too cold right so electricity now we can live without we can wink and we can't live without a toilet but we can live without both Tommy this is actually a workshop on empowering to the police as the Holy Spirit is moving ice so we were getting somewhere we can live without it we cannot live without a toilet but I think we can be without a washing machine I really can wash my hand right so bathroom would be I think we need running water it's very important and I would include running water because in the winter while in the winter you could actually shoot your snow and it would become one right so basic needs anything else that you can think about basic needs as here in Canada think yourself a cold brush glasses are those needful in anything else clothing I guess that would be shoes and okay so this is basically what we need just two and we have gone down here I is busy what we need just to basic were not talking cell phones are not talking Facebook were not talking us we can survive without it just were not talking flatscreen TV or even non- flatscreen TV or even TV you know we can survive with without these things isn't just the basic things we think in AltaVista surviving worst-case scenario you know we could cut a few things now but we still would need the toilet we still need before we still made the water still in the shelter we still need some kind of clothing in the winter and I hope to meet on a job but we deathly still need security we need education because we need to know when learn and talk to people and healthcare is definitely useful and yes we do need love social life rightness so basic needs in Matthew chapter six verse thirty three these are the two the text that were basing ourselves on on for the concept of seekers Massey six thirty three says seek you first the kingdom of God and what and then all these things shall be added unto who took an factually speaking isn't anybody this defendant seeks so that's a good point the first point is that it's not just anybody out there this could have all of these things is specifically those that seek first his kingdom and his righteousness right you know that there are people that will have these things like around the world and we could argue and say well maybe it's because there seekers that there may be some truth there right so but contextually speaking can you tell me looking at your Bible what can actually speaking is it talking about all these things talked about maybe three main things go back a little bit in the first versus very good it's talking about don't worry about what you cannot eat what you can drink was even aware right box ourselves into her Matthew six of which of you twenty seven by taking thought can add one cubic why did you thought for raiment consider the lilies and so forth before talks about isn't it your body more than more about life than just food and raiment that basically those are three confectioners bespeaks about any thoughts about how to live he is well clothed therefore thirty one take no thought saying what shall we eat but what shall we drink our with Michelle Leiby so what he does is actually goes down to the most basic of basic of basic basics meaning you how to shelter its bad but maybe you can do an igloo in all and you can live there right but you can't survive without clothing especially in Canada unique clothing because is not a finish of covering her nakedness it's an issue of of a survival right and you can't survive without food or water food maybe thirty days forty days after while you're in trouble water maybe three or four days after while you're in big trouble rights so it cuts announced a three basic and then he says that all he has to do two things I want you to focus on seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness and all these things which of the three basic things will be covered unto right is a lot of things according to the text it seems that God is promising these three things is that correct at the least these three things and I would party with you I mean God is so merciful God is so great God does other things he provides shelter does this job is of protection transportation education I'm a new name and then if I would flip the page and have a list on once and what once we half I think he would be ten times that scandal for everything to have my little slippers has had little thing that I have my bride don't how many dresses are the past you have an we could go on and on and on instead of sing I just have one pair of pants and one shirt which is the majority of the population the world does have one change of clothes you know I have so much that I can say is my wants right so were talking about all these things Philippians chapter for talking about basic needs so Philippians four it's a nice texts one of my favorites with his forces Paul speaking first nineteen it says that someone read it for me my God God this is Paul DePaulo God yet so she's saying my God shall supply all your need according to his what riches is gone rich producing he owns what everything so it could could it be that God actually disappoint where he lacks to be able to provide for all the seven billion people or at least those who believe that were talking about Theodore seeking will it ever get to the point that God will not have enough to provide no because God shall supply all and just according to his riches and his riches is is infinite therefore he can provide all your needs I some people are there some people in the world that lack are there Christians in the world that go hungry when telling the time another not really Christians because they were Christians they would go hungry I'm just asking because God says look if you seek first the kingdom and my righteousness all the things that I'm just talking about about eat drink and cold out providing and and more Paul says look God is wealthy God owns everything trust him he will supply all your wants but all your needs Joseph guaranteed trust in him shall come through for you okay so maybe we just need to assume that these Christians that go hungry are not really seeking fully his kingdom and his righteousness is that a good assumption I just think he's my conscience maybe or just make it make sense does the word of God contradict itself certified understand was the problem with slavery is pretty good I must keep going the reason I think this is important because there is a formula out there and it goes like this but his essay false expectations equal what bitter disappointments false expectations equal bitter disappointments it's a formula that never fails unfortunately never fails this is one that I find the text is little hard to swallow but I read it anyways is Hebrews Chapter 11 verse thirty two and in honesty the chapter on faith and you know how this section that has amazing acts in an is another section that focuses on things that are maybe not so pleasant in Hebrews eleven first thirty two are speaking about after speaking of all these people that did amazing things through faith and what shall I say more for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon in America a sense of an object of David also a son one of the prophets who through faith subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouths of lions quenched the violence lions quenched the violence of fire escape the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong waxed valiant in fight turned to flight the armies of the alien amazing what you can do through faith by the way faith takes different shapes in different forms depending on what it's faced with women received their dead raised to life again and others were tortured whoa whoa whoa whoa were talked about amazing victories and people killing in all the bad people in all kinds of amazing things in and in the same breath filled by Faith my new others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection and others had trial of cruel mocking when a second data protection or security escorting you moreover bonds and imprisonment they were stoned they were so asunder were tempted were slain with the sword they wanted about and she's Steve Finkelstein being destitute afflicted tormented of whom the world was not worthy they wandered in deserts and mountains and in Dan's and keys of the earth would you like to make that the experience will be wonderful system going to cave in this have seems clothing and armies go after us and try to kill us by the way some of us will you know if things might just that might just happen some of us associate chair we can see that a lot of these people 's basic needs were being taken away but this is the one that threw me off a lot it's an second courageous chapter twelve seconds during his chapter twelve looking at first twenty four because in Hebrews yes some of them of what we see happen to these obviously godly people people that the world is not even worthy of our and not directly on a lot of these but we don't know about water food and clothing right because God has said all these things shall be added unto you and specifically contently speaking about that second greatest wealth looking at first twenty four it saw no second Corinthians twelve verse twenty four there is no twenty four I think I was testing you have no fear God is here each second Corinthians eleven astride a verse twenty four this is Paul speaking when no one else has got some supply all my needs who said that all the visible again of the Jews five times received by forty stripes save one that means he was beaten almost to death twice by thrice free time those beaten with rods once I was stoned three times I suffered should trip a night in a day and have been in the deep okay guys obviously a lot of his basic needs are taken away from him in turning often in perils of waters and curls of robbers in perils by my own countrymen in perils by the heathen in perils in the city in perils in the wilderness and perils in the sea in perils among false brethren in weariness and painful lesson in watching often in hunger and thirst in fasting often in old 's way the second website where sellers is Paul God 's manner that is in apostle you did God use Paul and a mighty way the proof is your holding it in your hand right now Paul was hungry and thirsty and in cold and nakedness did Paul seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness I mean if Paul didn't do it I don't know but she reread the post saying you know often this is not a something slip and maybe God didn't see it and it all what will principles to provide for these things this is often often I was hungry often I was thirsty and don't even talk to me about bathroom and about transportation medication and technology in love and whenever any people hating the book talking about there's just talking about the three basic because if I seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness all these things are I am to meet conceptually speaking all the thing speaks about food water and clothing what happened please explain to me because I'm struggling I want to become an atheist please please tell me tell me it is your version of the Bible saying the same thing as my eye you see a problem here no please doctor enlighten me are you understanding my dilemma and and and guys the reason this has been a struggle for me is because I read something like Paul that's one that I hear about Christians being raped things like that that and I can go on the list on and on a certain things that you think is their God you know I mean it and this is not a cyst these are Christians and we read about evening Hebrews about how people were cut in half and thrown to the lions it of course but I was barbarian I was back in the days and who knows what I'm talking about these days we hear about things that happen in dense things start happening in your own life that you pray and you claim the promise of God and we need a second I mean I'm talking basic needs here so we enter the last name and I go hungry I go hungry it's been a week and a half haven't eaten expectations as I pray and I claim the promises of God and I see no God has promised me he even less just supplied all my needs and right now that all I need is food in a day passes that I don't and another great processor and so what happens is people turn against God they can say you know I'm explaining to you this in a deep level we have thousands of young Christians every day that are experiencing this superficial you know there just to have an understanding of the word have certain expectations and godly praying God as an asset I I I can live without God I've been living without him and feel guilty for once I decide to give my life to him for once I decide to do in all distant and and he doesn't care fine I don't care and an impressed this is something that happens by the house 's of young people and not so young that this walk away from God false expectations but then is in the word of God true isn't what our faith should be based upon if I can't trust the word of God what can I trust we just learned in the last session that shows me that great faith is based on what the word and the word only experience help me please boxing and freezer I is a you is a all so what you're saying is that God is bigger and always understand his purpose anything that is true just that my point is that if I can't trust God 's word from the most basic of my necessities what tells me that that's the reasoning meaning I'm not I do understand that in the Christian life there is the component of the greatness of God above our understanding but there's also enough that God has given us to be web-based or faith on right and what I'm saying is that if I can't trust God or seemingly trust him for the most basic of my necessities then how can I also trust his promises that you give me peace but you'll forgive my sins or that I don't get is that what any meaning how can I promise that okay he's forgiven my sins that is okay I believe it how can I really believe that heaven is for real in all where where heaven is an abstract thing and food is is I feel if I need to escape it it's committed down if I don't eat so in Afghanistan the little struggle there that that I have but is not an issue that it's an issue of belief in God 's word I don't mind I don't mind but nine but can I believe his word if you kill me for his word for a righteous cause yes but will I die for something that I can't trust this rehash false expectations leads us to bitter disappointment this have to simply looking start of our movement was a moment that was led by God it was prophesied that the bitter disappointment would come but nevertheless the formula stonework they had certain expectations people sold their lands some people even selling the gay stuff away in Jesus coming back and I was just more proof that I have faith in and use that income I don't think we will ever fully understand what those believers in all this one thing to being dumped by a girl or guy you know that hurts and that's disappointing but the fact that you believe it's all over it when had I don't think we'll ever imagine the disappointment of sorrow alike tells us that the wet more than a few lost somebody I mean they'd be just wet and went immediately just false expectations bitter disappointments Salinas must understand we believe the word of God we believe that is true we have read a few text this this afternoon let's summon up and then try to find some solution to our problem in Matthew six thirty three says that if you seek me first my righteousness and enlargement of my kingdom I promise you that all these things shall be added unto you what are all these things it's water it's food shelter and therefore God says because I'm than to provide these things I don't want you to worry because you worry too much you worry about that and it was dark talk about LCD screen whatever TVR plasma out he just said basic you guys worry about the basics but listen if you do my will if you seek first these two things don't worry about the basics I will take care of them all these things shall be added unto you even more emphasis Paul said that Mike on his rich my God is wealthy my God sustaining my God shall supply all your needs and definitely that includes the basic for us Canadians this is their basics but he is just at least talking about these three basics but it was discovered that there are some Christians that suffer and what we consider as basic in Canada needs like security many of them their securities are violated they don't have freedom to happiness in a certain way is taken from them by the killing of their loved ones and so forth people were Christians were experiencing that in Hebrews or history of God and there still experiencing up to date so okay maybe we can settle with okay take away these basic needs but at least we know for sure that these three are set but then we came across an impasse I that were in English not the problem right our problem is that when we we we we discovered Paul Paul says look my God shall supply all your needs but almost in the same breath are invoked later before he says look I was many times hungry many times and many times the first point I want to bring forth is this when God promised that he'll give us food I know I'm going somewhere with this so you might think is cheesy but there's some truth in this God never promised how many meals and a huge party with so when we talk about food we think about some basic we think of you anything is a day activities one the God Palace amino C would give us please help me not like so just the fact that Peter or Paul was writing it means that whatever food in God was enough to get into his lesson he was the first female to have a meal for one week they got provided food he provided to keep them alive and the fact that he's writing a letter after experiencing that many times God fulfill the promise expect obviously had water maybe two days he couldn't find water but the third day you can boot there leaning on his water because six days he wouldn't be there we got promise how many times he give you one gunner promise you how much time seeking water and promise to give you juice nothing it is set out from under the water and heated but obviously it's just hate it expectations clothing even another partner writings Paul speaks about being cold being naked he speaks about here being chilled is not even an issue decency the issue of coldness of the Coulter the cloak or the blanket must have come sometime for him to be still alive Ray Connors it tells us that God 's people in the last days will have to face weariness hunger and delay in all these circumstances we seek delay the food was provided but boy it came late the water came man I wish I become a little bit early maybe even in the format of the Jews in whatever I am clothing it can weariness hunger and delay if we want to survive in these last days expectations in Jeremiah ten twenty three it tells us all just redo quick it tells us Lord I know that the way of man is not in himself is not a man that walk is to direct his steps and problems to reassess trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto it your own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths in Philippians chapter four I'm getting somewhere with this in Philippians chapter four this is the same chapter that Paul says my God shall supply all your needs within the same chapter in verse eleven says not that I speak in respect of walked for have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content I know both how to be abased and I know how to abound everywhere and in all things I've instructed both to before and to be what hungry are you with me Philippians four verse twelve both to abound and to suffer what I can do all things he ends by saying through Christ who strengthens me this is the principle I believe that we must understand if you forget everything I say remember this God will supply all your needs God will supply all your needs and Matthew we are asked we're told to ask him supply for all our needs says ask and it shall be given the music as a father I wanted to I mean you give us the oldest known steer tenting pins when he wants for I'm your father I love you I will provide ask ask and it shall be given my God shall supply all my needs I need to ask that he supplies all my knees but it is God that determines what is my are you with me we ask we believe we have a certain understanding of what is her need and it's very dangerous especially in Canada because I shudder when I think of the last days and God 's church and I can see so many people 's expectations of what God needs to do and God will do and I pray and God will answer me were not even suffering persecution but you have people pleading crying and you know that God will give me a job I know he will message you know I believe it will but what if he doesn't for a month for six for a year and you know what what if you never provide huge not impossible and in God God is faithful always come through and he got a few dozen and the truth is that if she doesn't many of us were still Christians in a but this something in our hearts that says I can fully trust or its a 50-50 thing you know sometimes it works it doesn't sometimes the Disney stuff sometimes it doesn't this so many things psychologically that happens in your mind if you have full six day vacation so my God shall supply all my needs I know that I am told to ask for my needs but the bottom line is this that God determine what is turning because if you start determining what you need is I need at at least one meal a week and if God visits new one with one meal every day is what happens in a store any God is the one that must determine our needs therefore I am not the one to direct my steps even if expectations I'm not the one to direct my steps I need to trust God and when proper says in all thy ways acknowledge him he shall direct thy paths I believe it also includes this trust and in all your ways and he will direct sometimes you need that I have is greater than and by causing delay in giving me food water and clothing delay in all these other things that the Canadian lifestyle demands or maybe even that complete elimination of them there is a greater need that he's trying to the field either in me or in teaching or helping me to be a light or witnessed for his glory to those around it is God that is to determine what I need having said all that my greatest desire for all of us you know is that God will bless all of us you know with with good husband 's goods why excludes children when I go home at night and I see my children my wife we have a homebound countrymen or in the event that just blessing after blessing I can go to my cupboard of my and find food I look to my closet and just how you know I stripped I don't know what the weather and I can ask you where something and my wife connection tell me I don't like what the okay go at it it's headed if only had one sure she would be with only that you know is this a good servo motor but I know and sometimes I lay in my bed and I tell my wife sweetie we are soul in all and were doing ministry evangelism which is a difficult work were being rejected by men listen that we are soul the last you know we have I'm such a wealthy man by terrace we need no word of God took away like when I talked that way but when it got actually took away one of my children are both know what God took I tell her what it got really particularly know what is we were on the street in the present in when doing ministry and works with paints a little and it is a hate my life it is his hands if God wants me to be on the street that's his problem I just have to provide for me on the street and maybe a providing a cardboard box I don't know but I know to provide me something right I think how many things that God has to take away from before I can get to the point were sitting idle trust company friends are God 's faith or God will supply our needs ask off supply his needs but trust to determine what your needs are and for you he may see that you need money and he'll give it to anything you husband and a wife that God may decide on who you never need a what you don't need ouch I'm saying this with a smile but there's truth in that are you with me we need to be Lord you determine my need and even my basic needs and I will trust in his father in heaven we are so last minute country of planting and even in the church we have freedom to worship and we don't know what it means to be really persecuted we don't know what it means to really suffer for a yes some of us have a lot lost loved ones we have gone through pain to solve but every day we can go home to some place where the bad that we can lay on we have a fridge that we can get food out of the water that we can drink and only these basic needs you have provided so much a father we know that there will come a day for some of us that we might get hungry and will get thirsty some of us if we are faithful to you and we believe the time is soon that you're coming as soon will be chased from our homes be running to the mountains and caves trying to find a place to hide and all that we hold dear to our hearts will be taken away family members may turn against us individuals will be killed before our own eyes father this is not make-believe we know this will and when that comes help us always to have faith in you we want to let you decide what our needs is even to the most basic of our needs we give that to you Lord for we know we can trust you and father when it's all said and done and we see you come in the clouds of glory the mighty angels in the trumpet sound will realize it will be worth it off will help us to endure until then give us a love for you that will not fail and thank you Lord for instructing us that we may not experience any disappointment this is a rule out of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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