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Daniel 12—The Wise Shall Understand

Norman McNulty


Part 11 of 11 in Daniel Prophecy Series given at the Maraval, Trinidad SDA church.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 27, 2011
    11:00 AM
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out of the drive unit and is here to be here one more time for our Daniel prophecy series and was set quickly here nobody is coming down as you are final presentation for the Sears is out of curiosity how many of you have been through every single one is greater in their careers will write a review no reviews as puzzling as the learning experience through and I learned is you and your forces hopefully we all knew things had to wait around for us and one is in ceremony is to use our own as her father and for your licensed US and we pray that you would be when this in the service today I pray that you would speak through me and we went again at a special honors in chapter twelve of her parents for the last days this is my prayer is an and son Daniel chapter twelve I will shatter and the data is the shortest chapter is only thirteen versus bonus really just a completion client is assigned as a sovereign key points before we go through the reverse is a couple of key things the only one in the world we have seen him for he is she was the that out why everything is world before is you is you is normal in so that I can reason with him and he is underlining your cancer and how these started on why the Asian sanctuaries procedures and Dan will have literally can you describe now interesting you will is for versions is the end of the chapters in this strikes the rivers rise and he said as he is he's a happy user Daniel C we have to say is wow there is the kingdom is gone we see it is this even an chapter in Afghanistan is wrong with you when you are a sanctuary in advance after all as we saw last night and we seen my will and was rife in the clothing probation so you think about this the first vision and while I is the last thing you see related is the second bullet in the first four thirty in the second there is Daniel son Daniel a world use C in the beginning is a sanctuary in eighteen forty and what will need when you picture and because of the name Tammy God I had so the book is a book about one of these additions are a you is will him or her in the history of your aching for little more than he has brought this on your right sororities are used see I is I sharing a history of the most informed as we who are alive today and I there is one leaders have your movement is that we are living in the eye when the sanctuary in heaven is the we see that we have all the responsibility that God entrusted us with so in a nutshell that they surely what we start meanwhile I explain why I is in Walla Walla we saw his anger is forty King of the South which is spiritual agent at the time is right Revelation alone give you the way to the north who is he arrived spiritually he was ran and was seventeen ninety eight and we see the comeback of the kingdom and northwest through the last five versus workers the kingdom is glorious and we saw that will likely represent dog when they ensure free shavings and a mobile world the weakness here is separated and are entered as well we saw that he will from either the amount of energy this will just as we see that people will want to assure them of allowing writers out and we saw that the loud cry to our table Romans will really hear you destroy an enemy to make when really know how to destroy these cells are the final union of church and state that everything is working the way it seen decades or he will die and we saw in chapter twelve verse one is prorated he was the owner is currently seeking and anyone is a very nice thing to happen in the problems you have a lot of them in order to enter into glory we represent the setting of the son-in-law was literally in a very low because in one hundred and forty one informatics history the final answer so let's move on now and more carriers in chapter twelve dancers from items found this message the wise shall understand and the first coronary is the great controversy page six thirteen or will you chapter twelve verse one which is the first verse of this chapter we will read chapter twelve verse one is at time shall Michael stand and raise rents which stand as the children of our people and there shall be used by Sharon such as never was the elimination it means you same time at that time thy people shall be delivered everyone is always now and the so can't receive my day when probation will and is in relation of his rear in the third Angels message flows using an opportunity for the guilty and has here the people of God of hosts there were ever seen the latter rain refreshing from a program that will adhere here are trying hard worth Angels are a she will refrain from here now that his word is not a file is run on the world and all the truth and so is the freeze is have received the seal of the living God is just as Jesus ceases his intercession sanctuary and with a loud voice is is an holy angel is way out there as he makes the song he is just one of you is he which is humanity and he that is righteous B Reich is an he is only one amino acid associate Irina over so there's really only one of the probation as of the same time everything is decided for life for that triumph is made in China for his people at one time there is simply see when I was at the first session in the sanctuary at all two hundred and Chrysler where it arises there are every case will have been assigning them again you will discover that is really we may not be very far away from because their believers forty one and six universe forty two forty three forty four forty five as I only want very rapidly and in chapter twelve verse one proration will take place and what we see some of this may seem a little scary for quite a while is one of your time and trouble such as never was since there was a nation but not as we see that he will stand to the shelter of Daniels came one and I was in the will Christ is made on our behalf so yes I is worth anything has ever okay I will or will they are so we should these will grade one I know that I will be standing on the sooner we see Ms. refers to the information on taking it very poorly because I mentioned that I is is very important to understand when I will stand he is standing obviously from a seated position and asking what he is doing while he was seated you will know just where I work that he has that access is doing a world Cedar is a narrower renowned writer so we'll see what words he was there and wanting to see when China was when you started Scriptures visit leaving the Hebrews Hebrews chapter eight versus one C Paul is now things which we as a wee house such as who is down on the right hand in a row and on and on through the sanctuary is our whistleblower is so it is a wheel hold that Jesus is our high antifreeze seated at the right hand of the throne of God Hebrews eight versus all that she is providing free and mediator in a better and is my personal hell is that she is doing I freeze the mediator and the better he is working to write his law into our hearts are not as he is working to want our sin because Anderson and I will remember no more powerful versions of why what will sanctuary with women in the region to region James Walla Walla Nelsons of his people so when Christ vanishes in this word with people and keeping people because it is written the law into our minds you see the living God Christ Christ is logged in or what is the key point while he is seated at the right hand of God he is working the right philanderer on so that he can also want our sessions and if you are the long documentary a paragon is wrong is an outlaw holding just and good and those are all characteristics of God selects one thing I continue Jesus is not only are virus free writing to you all the author and finisher of our faith seated at the right antibiotic is remembered as well as looking to Jesus the author and finisher as you will is for a change in Iran despite finishing what sat down at the right hand of the throne of God is preceded on the right have a world leader you are harder on something one hundred and eighty people is also the author is because he will ask the people in Asian the rate is more and she is the author and finisher of our team will begin in and he will go all in my receiver I only finished Harry is we will have the same age as the thing that he so we will run his race applications and only exercise I will exercise of faith in Jesus Christ says it is worth seeing what people will occasion and was able to do so however Jesus of the writing R hybrid is the author and finisher of our faith in New Orleans you will evening people by Ryan has lost her heart 's loneliness around the ring is in with locations that are so that we will have patience humility is is that is the root node one hundred and twenty four thousand this writer is usual where as here is a candidate a man of God and she there are people who are using my three angels message as soon as it is seated at the right hand of God the right of the people you want to work on Google and locations of the day Jesus and I is in order when is that we are in the army Revelation fourteen will be okay there be a group of people who do you have Asians in the same and the G and so one thing what is the significance of my holy Scripture because while the same Jesus what is my life you will share my which means you is why God whenever you see a description is very interesting we see three hundred and so in this edition of all three times as you are so on with everything he's mentioned in the same chapter twenty one we see him again in chapter twelve verse one hundred and vision when he's in the full appropriation we also see Michael in June here is my where Christ I is insanity is over on here and I was and finally we see in Revelation chapter twelve or seven which says there was war in heaven I will supply the dragon and his angels now you know what is here is in each of these situations is driving a car and between Christ and say each time my shows of the Scriptures is not as good as I interested in a is given a specific idea of water of life is involved in a very long history of electronic gene regulation phone so that three hundred hundred prices in order to use at the beginning of the vision if you remember Satan did not want to be really as you get information that is down I is will will will will will stand that is the idea that she is as defined in there and when he stands off probation close my list to do so the battle is over and between price and say I came in evening trading in there and because I know there are people that I said I would go from are the poems in the correlations of as a favorite Jesus and you are you are in perfect environment and you said you are literally earlier people from the latest generation however I sure as your people who are just like Jesus you have questions now about whether I need to the controversy is over I'm standing up in the flow is likely that the city of my standing in the shock controllers one yes there is every yes table wrong to say we move to those who worship God when he said is a job well is because he knows he has been through the people and as a consumer I and he stand for the showing of my people in Ohio will pray the iMovie will go down rain I will be alive I will stand as you like evil is as there is only as strong as was the woman Asian bias at that time by people shall be delivered every one that is now in a is great when you have some people as human and his face in is thinking about is years of interesting when we stand for peace and love people who are in the user is off-line and that is to get your people and will so here to show you from the thing is not relating to the people of God will hold about the trial is not always talk about what is important on the cost of intellectual and what sustains this is great conversely page six twenty one the season of distress and anguish for us or why are they that your weariness the way he you he you move into your weariness delayed on her she continues on saying that will not say those severely try probation is granted to all to prepare and you are right now is everywhere you will through trial and error for hearing on you Lord for arthritis J is younger prevailed because he was persevering and ensure his victory in the power working where all the label of God 's promises as he is in earnest of persevering as she was will succeed as he succeeded in we learn to pray to exercise and is James time when you learn to trust in God even if it seems that serve as that is around our humility on their dog will deliver us is anyone trusting is awaiting whoever is humanly speaking me that I will just keep trusting continuing recovery six twenty six twenty three is strong for similar and we shall meet an experience which we do not now and what you are assumed one way to handle it is all there is that Sharon is greater in a nation that reality is not in crisis before and I always make people scared as you remember I will be standing on is away from the fact that is the greater problem we can even visit me the most the presentation is not regional theater the only in time of trial every soul must address all for God to know Daniel and John Randall Landon is the Lord God they shall deliver neither son nor daughter they shall deliver their own soul I am very righteous in our case your spouse or your whatever is following on all the way there I is is not going to save you in the unique experience with God yourself continuing radiography page six twenty three is a very important state you have while our great high priest isn't hanging the atonement for we should seem to be heard in Christ not by law to our series rocks a few hours invitation sayings in my here are some point where he can gain a foothold in the sinful desires shared by means of which is Asian assert their power butterflies declare themselves as friends of the world and he will know Jesus he was perfect it was the humans God I know I is he following is him her I was in saying to find nothing that would enable them to gain the victory he is his father and there was noticed that Satan can use it as your keys in his condition in which those must be now crucial in my trouble keep one this is not that anyone are going to be able to do in our own and our own power we will need all of the strength on why I is Jesus Christ all power and all of however is that artists will we learn it as an jade human life is his name was changed to Israel Jane is in some way your name is Israel which means over James Russell and he was crying Freeman family life and learn to trust God and allow trial like the refinement we can however as Jacob working will need to regain control fortunately when the trouble we see on and game controllers one and that I thought people shall be delivered everyone shall be found written in the book she is speaking you will want to create a clear that there is no way how they know where we are they still doesn't half were surrounded to be no way out and yet we will see delivering three hundred and thirty five six three six the people of God for themselves something solitary retreat is worth still waiting for the protection while the rear world economies the early online is that evil Angel prepared for the world it is any outer extremity the God of Israel will enter the lyrics of his chosen with Charlotte Shaw Junior in an effort to throw in and around Jerusalem there is no love to blackness even in the darkest darkness of the knife full years that Iran is the glory of God 's and is certainly each frame the angry multitudes are suddenly arrested their modeling fries die away the object of their murderous regime for God were going and will then want to be shielded over and you see that Russian women here is that all people are downloading away all songs will be hurt as long as suddenly as I know wrong I believe I will admit Christian and is all in and we are going to be on the right side got all this will be there actually righteous and we will be among the ranks of saints and real-life God is with your say mindfulness is the weirdo who ever we are going into the heavenly King education is perceived and many of them that sleep in the year is way some everlasting my son to shame and everlasting consent the first year is making a resurrection that takes place right around the time that God working when we were why special resurrection this is great this is the greatest hurdle I have honestly been here in a way everlasting life is to shame and everlasting as soon as all who have died in a third Angels message for literacy and glorified to hear God 's covenant is with the is off now I will revisit wrong because as you have been a faithful were in their angel was in eighteen for I knew something special for you he is going to raise enough so that he will be unwise to see Jesus as well rather they all ran all to live from the very beginning I you will actually get to see when reading about her work on your entire life and has special meaning for me my father away eight years ago a young age of sixty and we look forward to the time he was someone who died in thirty four and twenty four that is not only been a righteous year diet in the third Angels message doesn't want to come forth everyone was there all of those are really some will understand what is Chinese they also which is here in Revelation one seven those that mononeuritis Tri-Star agonies and the most by others of his truth and his people are raised to behold his glory the CDR is probably one of the other fierce as Christ will be resurrected to see Jesus while is a special Resurrection is for the general resurrection is now both continue to verse three and and why shall shine in Verizon firm and made sure in many rights as the stars for ever and after I leave you why you are in Daniel chapter twelve versus Reeves who shine in growing over and turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever these are saying to show Brianna as they shine like a star forever and ever using this referring to dance I will this is my wife and chapter I mean this is referring to the same who participated in the criminal while driving is a revelation eighteen one hello we're an angel and having great power here in Washington were illuminated with you so that you shall write or because you are not they are as creation of a life of Christ and his righteousness of Christ as they share to the world and they all out because they are I because they understood the book of Daniel is when it is another sanctuary was coming of Jesus and because they are online dating is not able to shop online of the firm because it is your right naval people out of about one hundred Yahoo pictures they will shine as stars for ever and he realized that his job design for each one used to be among their people I him he will not have the right number he wants you to turn right forever and have an evening of the members were in the following set of words and seal even as I can see shall she went throughout all is only increased so there will shut other words and seal the shoot is in is we talk about is the Daniel M versus thirty three to thirty five inches are the same as the one here Daniel versus thirty three to thirty five percent of the persecution of the same would take place and so I am Daniel seven twenty five thousand and three location worker for hundreds of years and so we seem to be moving again seventeen ninety eight was named as a Daniel Maciel told me know where you can increase the year that I sometimes people talk about the increase in science and technology as part of the meaning of his the immediate Islam is not a novel problem is that would increase and is unsealed at the time you any other thing to mention is that in the Louisiana in a chapter a day on the twenty sixth helpful shot of the word because the vision of the players from many days at her as seen in carrier cases follow the vision of anyway as I is as shown on the room 's ceiling is the is is is I will animate rings sealants I will improv is for the top post readers aspire here so now once we get to verse five it is become the explanation portion of the vision just as they initiate an answer is run and is now in the interpretation is that he is working for an undeserved act of John and Angela Van Halen is being in short is the only more about the men and nurses working as you all know and understand what is so easy in several and ten at twelve it will only enhance that have only been a community or understanding vision is to see what people he is trying to discontinue reading Daniel twelve breakthrough made future as application Sandra prophecies of the independent twelve are literal James Rob is losing your off-season and I get all you and their annual twelve is explaining the vision of anyone you infuse my futurism so will continue to qualify for something that I will be homeless than others she the one on the side of the river and the other on the river and once it is what is on the waters of the river how long shall we do the end of these wonders and I heard a man will which was upon the waters of the river he held his right hand in heaven and swear I downloaded for that is these risks I shall scatter the PowerPoint evil all the him showing so will see her far as to have a very standing all the rest of the L River which is literary management at the vision in Daniel chapter these heavenly beings will summarize the key point of the vision they want you to consider there is young men will see is how long it will be entered as one this man will Jesus because he and Danielson versus virus is on will help you drive away with the sound of many waters have the exact same characteristics of Jesus Christ Revelation one versus there is so and is in Jesus himself showed up to the last day and because it is one that is so notice what Jesus says in response to how long it will be each of the entities wanted first of all he raises of his writing is where I live forever and ever now when you shoot Hebrews chapter six is not enough because Friday is where I am greater he swear I saw God because he has whereby greater peace for myself we swear I have you swear by our irony is so is the rate is low and he swears by himself so is this where I have this must be a and wiki as far as how long it will be in a prison in the time of twelve hundred and sixty years is enough has during that time we see that initial office to scatter power the holy people of the initial news remember this is an explanation of the vision of Daniel eleven and we Bob will be persecution is for many days and versus three three three thirty five a lot of now trying to say is that each four hundred and sixty here the only people are scattered over so Christ is even further information about persecution at home I finally will have seventy five million four hundred and sixty years of same twenty one so Jesus were swelling above the heaven that will reach four hundred and sixty years ago people will be persecuted so here's another interesting connection when you relationship you see it happen again but wasn't very similar to the man will an annual charge while in fact when you shop to revelations I finally turned there were going to work at a few key points Revelation chapters start remember alliances and I saw another mighty angel coming down from how to flow well and a rainbow was upon his face was as that word is seen as a liar and he had mishandled will and he says right on the scene were on here is an easy drive of a wound when any notice whatever six nieces and ends somewhere I have that is where everything is that you will learn about now will you swear I will never ever ever hear you seen the mighty Angel where I can list forever and ever and is annoying Angel has an offer he will be because you see in chapter four waiver of the annual seal shall are you as a piece how can you see over the weekend but will be a riot Jesus is the Daniel has no it is sealed as soon as you say the seal to the total order is in Revelation chapter is to say when you are starting to see you look at the annual is going to raise a movement a group of people who will be raised by God to do the finishing work here on earth the only people scattered for twelve hundred and sixty years will scatter after Sam's United as I am going to gather that the understanding through the ceiling is low in the specifically in chapter twelve in Brunei is the way originally went up in the pencil mod is the wise shall understand as many Sony made and why and purifying and shrine this shot is that those who study looking at hand will run across the purification they will be made and why a receiver right is right to enable the tribunal delegations in the say Revelation chapters Jesus swears by a east whereby persons these were relevant forever and ever created and have been there are other things that they are in the things which are very efficient means I will now part of validity that was a seal that you know more on him for the longest time problem is you know three hundred eight all because Jesus they are like angels in between the sixth and the drive is an is a revelation and a hundred eleven eighteen forty and on my corroborative urine receiving three thirty four to eighteen forty Jesus is there anything there for a year as it is Seo it is time to follow him all the way to do is to seal and there is one problem that is harder from now to be little as twenty three hundred and there will be no more I is illuminating forty four now when you study regulations carefully used to the great disappointment of the early afternoon the message of the afternoon was sweet in her mouth is there is no better than the resulting homicide here is what I want again this revelation chapters describe Jesus as my angel yeah so great is a movement is as you are on the book of Daniel and when they were in the second half and would be known that he would race to prepare people for the meeting that we are sure as failure of our people and the way Jesus himself based on an agreement is not in the last three and is and is in we will see that he is I is that follow from an organization 's I can more or less the name on the shortfall was reimburses eighty three and chapter twelve versus eighty three here we read in her that I understood not as a biomarker for social media is so that I know all sixty year people may scatter not sure I'm getting this will somehow causes account he again one more time with some additional information personal adhesive waiting for the words are will and CEO so I is and is sealed so he is managed only purify and mean why should I the only racial name was deleted and the wicked shall understand why shall I understand there is that why you will understand that it will be sure by nationwide and shrine is the one would begin to understand look at the annual special wedding is in a while something about history Martin Luther when Richard Roth performs can give you a very good I is the employment will pair the wine are metaphor for the reason the address being which was wrong and it's only a little more to the right it will so design your wrong after nobody would understand and enhance sentencing and because some things are so clearly interested in knowing that even though I is that he has simply gone why the Catholic Church is striking while he is in because they are the people who can read if they just read the Bible so clearly identify who is little or as otherwise understanding the parliament and the ceiling is the game of chapter eighty shadows of the vision twenty three hundred eight was the time he ever say it was the show for many days similarly suite three hundred eighty was literally sealed so I be and when you look at the vision in chapter we saw in chapter that the vision of the annual was just human this link and read your e-mail will take place at the end of the twenty three hundred and so you shut out of the ceiling as he is and why wasn't there especially the last universe is to explain in greater detail how God will sanctuary and have so when you read Daniel 's father the animal soon as you as part of our cheesy horror where you will net you will keep long as easily as all he really have fun I only need a producer director now and animated reasons there forever here is a small something magical sentencing he will understand the simple reading of what life is those statements as he could be understood before sentencing him were somehow crossing that was sealed until sentencing on a specific limited edition twenty three hundred eighty while I work harder and crossing her letter to Mister and they were able to determine the exact gain but I will focus on our local wines you will understand this was just before Jesus because they understand we see that they were being here I am making why and try something was very wrong and twenty three hundred is she is now three hundred and so sanctuary means they will remember and as Jesus is in the sanctuary we are to where you are here on this Earth therefore as Christ is the sanctuary they will be sure I will say what the revenue will allow God to remove the sin from our life and he will be able to pay because I is is the name while they are made righteous they are not simply declared righteous they are the landmarks they are all alone made my name is and they are driving through the experience of vocation of the same as when he went he will not understand so we see that there will be releasing on the NY who will understand it will be nationwide and try to keep your virus is those people alive who understand who are purified and enlightened Shriners who will know why really shine or are they as well crime is and is moving of the sanctuary is working to develop our righteous people with his care they are my or when he heard to whiten your glory so we want to be the wise who understand the last three verses dance controllers eleven through thirteen from the daily sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination that maketh desolate set up as the NFL seventeen hundred ninety days was evaluated and seven thousand three hundred five is away from the ending of house arrest stand by law at the end of the days now again some people they try to really know all eleven twelve logically and they say well this is the following another life must be literally in the final abomination is and me reading failure of communism these of Jesus that is this is a really explanation summary of it he is that he started sorry for these prophecies let's take each of the timing is one thing of the company and another thirty five and the starting point is from the daily is taken away and the abomination that maketh there was a day 's shoe blog down on each of the is that it is taken when the abomination of desolation is thousand and eleven thirty one the same as they are suddenly shifted to a new vision I still from the antigen all still there is now trying to explain further what is happening in prices requirements and when I is and so you should from a for you will is will power from the sky is twelve hundred and ninety years twelve hundred ninety days and within five oh eight at eleven thirty one as well as visiting a friend in France developed insurance agent with hit-and-run and drove out the remaining heating and nation is five ways to your father is violated as a library to seventeen the seller was further information is thirteen hundred and thirty five he started violently that he is now in the line of those humans to the thirteenth to the end of the thirteen hundred and thirty five will all be alive during the proclamation is three hundred and is working on about here is three hundred transferred in eighteen forty four that is very promising and predation on this calculation from the disappointment but also there will be a special blessing for the day are not only there is a special blessing for all I is through eighteen really as we were very prophecies of this book there is a special one some try to reacquire you will need to be fulfilled in the future for me to share your statement and no more releases volume six page two fifty one she's his brother here there is there he came with a message to the effect is personally in the statement was an abomination women should more than one job the problem is abroad have broadband he believed that I was a juggernaut known as leasehold of some of his errors in the end that is are you in error as to what she's saying here is another thirteen thirty five days we had enough he was a more so that there is three to five days and in eighteen forty three those who try to realize the future getting into dangerous while some understand as we wrap up here from Therese root of why people seventeen ninety eight and went to understand the sealed portion of the seals you know we cannot seal they would be our ally what I understand and am in the parable of the version I arrive I will apply or why it will allow the right before our God is trying to hold the writer Gary throughout the meeting they will have the extra one hundred baby alive because they allow you to bring purification there are twenty three hundred days was still solicited information in Angola and especially the last fibers is a dance floor on my further information about the twenty three hundred is specifically mind an agent posing as people who live in glass and that endanger controllers one John raising the second half Jennifer is on why you see what I understand we are people that God has raised to understand prophecy is a and is and will and choose the revelation that it will together hand in hand and revelation we also see the words of the proclamation I really will know now is our job has been John that we are to fear God 's glory and worship to remember and worship on the seventh day we can tell about how to not receive a part of the things you don't have the locations of the same as Jesus God is in Geneva special order is we have a friend who is of all people the heart of the spoken word those you or I will understand and will shine brightest of the firm and shot the stars forever and ever so they are enough to understand you see that it is the hour and other sanctuary they believe we will be here by your by my prayers are able to allow crime we will receive the blessing that only those who give this message some time after he and God wants to be the one you see there's a lot in the Indian wall with your officer we can get the job or career and our children or grandchildren or the care of the way over in the entertainment world to offer and were careful we can find ourselves thinking here as soon as this world is there for as many as will we see their God has shown that in twenty eighteen forty four into the second and the ones I is as early as Wednesday to draw during that there are people for the you will so that we may read and as I R I is not clear yet it will be here on this earth just as it is gobbling down and successfully will praise the Lord by giving we lose sight of God and focus on this Earth wind laws our understanding of our energy he is able and I is that we are as people waited a long optimum paralegal for the Lord is as lame as every initiation you people and God is giving us the world around that he is insane so I pray that you know through this message in the event for these last three weeks that it has provided an awakening for this church for the issue is our firm for a while that is providing waiting for me because Jesus is coming soon and he wants us to be ready to me so I was if you then convicted that God is having a special word for related unit perhaps you have a beautiful and you see that God has raised him to very plan as our is pantheism is really an year is very after the insurance and you really want him to focus on the things of this world I want to make sure that a visitation for my lot will be fully and to the word of God these last days to prepare for the world which is important as you you are him want to tell you is that I will be part of his work and you never know for the rest of my life to be part of this world I would invite you to stand as we have a special clothing and you want to be part of God Alaska they were and that may involve going back is that any of these messages is from the annual revelation that God is in the Renaissance work is moving across the world to prepare his people about what is the way here is with his powers of her father and we thank you for your blessing is thank you for the privilege we have these last three meetings to go through the ball is in we thank you for the masses that dollars we thank you for the example in this transmission is how to live is now we thank you for the truthfulness of privacy and accuracy is how it has shown such a detail just where we are at this point in Earth 's history we see just how close you are anyways I forget his from where we allow here is why the things of this world shoot for her and her father suddenly decided that we really are in this world is and is to get a message to the world 's largest of the Trinity it is for each one of us to share his knowledge with the world around us that Jesus is coming soon I thank you for each person who is standing here today may we be faithful I pray that Jesus comes again while a decision that is needed in the faithful to this is my prayer Jesus


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