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Better Beggars

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • January 26, 2011
    7:00 PM
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you are a you are you and you are moving forward on getting the word of God is a man on the house and pray with me because I will limit some light into the world by the way I'm going to source in a little hard for me to be using it for ninety nine amen please can I find we thank you for yet another one this is the fourth on Bible camp boiling them the previous three have been such powerful blessing Lloyd none of them have begun me this one begun tonight so Lord we pray that this would be an indication of what is ahead of us nor please speak to us tonight I asked if he would use me despite my sophomore help me to hide behind your cause remove all pride all self-sufficiency from the father remind me that this is not about this feature it is about your word sonar we asked now that you would feed us all miles wide in Jesus name we pray amen I just bought my why camera on my camera nobody's saying a met him at the way the rest of the story I see we are one of those lights and cameras before an election but it just wasn't enough one of those little digital camera and so now why I got her one of those cameras and yet you have to look through the lens need in the real professional and you know when getting into the insert in pictures and you might as well why would you start a revival based upon Bible study talking about camera wow that I believe that thought God has given each and everyone of us a camera what is that camera it's your mind and and and with that camera God has given you the ability to skate pictures of his of his work and so you try to get the idea that the more powerful your camera is anybody with me when you look at the word and you're able to assuming us on cameras I have the zone when you have a camera that's powerful enough to zoom in you can see things the details a man to each other that you may not have seen with what someone a camera and so praise God not have given us all cameras whereby we can take pictures of the word of God like a statement that was written in the review and Herald April sixteenth eighteen eighty nine this is what it says take your Bible and compare passage with passage and verse with verse and you will find the precious jewels of truth you should put the precious gems of light in a beautiful setting and hangman in memories Hall for him than in memories policies talking about a laser and do all pictures when we look at the word of God compare Scripture with Scripture we will come away with beautiful pictures and we can hang in the hall of our memory that your camera the better the picture and silver they are not you are here this weekend to learn how to use your camera to learn how to take better pictures of the word of God so that you look at the word of God you will see things that may have at one time makes you may have missed I just can't escape me the surface if I were to give you one one piece of advice one instruction when it comes to the word of God it would be this do not take this book for granted do not take the Bible for granted treasury treated with respect you Ms. mouse when you take the word of God you miss much I'd like to illustrate this for you tonight by looking at a picture but want to use our cameras tonight amen with an answer that that you all are probably very familiar with and maybe I'm being very firm on your weight you may have taken it for granted with an sorry I see how it illustrates the importance of not taking the word of God granted were going to talk tonight about the power wall Lazarus and the rich man don't shut down don't say that to her this story are any change not being for granted goal and needy will to chapter sixteen Luke the sixteenth chapter beginning with verse nineteen when you're there please say a man no chapter sixteen verse nineteen the Bible says there was a certain rich man which was cold and while our auto and fine linen and stared sumptuously every day and there was a start and while named Lazarus which was locked in at his gains all of one souls and designed to be sad when the problems which fell from the rich man's table moreover the dogs came and did what makes his swords Matheson the way on reading this you're probably thinking okay what's not be paying attention to you may well cause and that you read the words when you talk about it let's get right down to nothing for granted first twenty two became the path of the dagger died and was read by the angels into Abraham 's bosom the rich man also died and was very adding the health unit is not besides being and time him all that was missing his bosom and he cried and said father Abraham have mercy on me and send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue for I am tormented in this way but Abraham said son remember that now in my lifetime received five good things and likewise Lazarus evil things but now he is comforted about our climate beside all this between us and you there is a great gulf fixed so that name which would pass from hence to you cannot neither can they pass laws that would come from man's then he said that that is the rich man I pray me therefore father that would send him to my father 's house I have five brethren that he may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment Abraham save up to him they have who Moses and the prompt that can hear them anything they thought it around but if one went unto them from the dead they will repent and he sung a hymn if they hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead while it seems that were this story there is a rich man he is cold and purple and fine than why was he rich is not possessions you are but what is he really is a well-known artist who does he call five diagram he claims to be a child go to the patentable so Abraham is apparently rich in the things God what is the Larry travel and fine linen representing one LT and righteousness was fun and represent righteousness here is a man who appears to be rich in the things of God in the yard of God called in fine linen righteousness but this man is said to end up where it help it seems that when one is one who will cancel out all the riches on the gospel all the riches on the word of God 's table and fetters of these the morning he has rants and intrigues with the Bible says he ends up law needs Lazarus the Bible says he is a banker that were better carries the idea of one cringing insane everything that is on the streets is a better the Bible says he has remained at the gates checked poverty all home or maybe I'm a fan on his own argue with me he's not standing up again he's while they did did you even stand this man appears to be totally helpless the Bible says he is small on Seoul 's and I know what the Bible on how the Bible uses source illustration with sores represented the work of God 's saving consumer universe I say the Bible says that the whole from the head to the solid-state disk with stars shoot flying so so here is a man who quite opposite from the rich man appears to have to save out front in the opening of a better porn can even stand on his own he is countless the Bible says the dog learning his soul he couldn't even stop the dog from leaking diesel none of you know what you want when you see on somebody else's fault the dog to make this anything about the dogs could be with someone be careful how you treat others who are down amen here's man was hapless always always always always it was a banker who was with friends appear to be out there for everyone to see who was what is the same one what is the Bible says that the Bible says and not in heaven one that seemed backwards to how I happen the answer is a profound one how is it done Lazarus ends up in heaven the answer is Lazarus was the better I hear going to make me get excited all by myself I see Lazarus was a better than the astral question with your cameras and citizen one Lazarus banking for Crohn's recipes I found I want to take each one story that illustrates this is the idea of this concept is not all gagging for problems but with the people to the book of Matthew chapter fifteen now in chapter fifteen getting with verse twenty two Nokia fifteen verse twenty two when in there say a bad the Bible says and behold a woman of Canaan came out of a thin coat trial to him that is Jesus saying I have mercy on me or North Doss unabated my daughter is grievously that's what Apple but you are not required what do you set her what SSI was Canada's sign saying himself how way was a crime that is what has been said I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel then she came unwashed it is now shipping in saying the hell me know what you mean you see that Martin Darcy if you're a check on the word in the bring the wine actually carries the meaning of banking online linking back and asked if a doll this woman came simply more then he Jesus please I need your help how legal cannot give you the secret the named Lazarus you know what it means it means help of God Lazarus lays out there today have less mouse was what they better begging for crown is limited she's crying out help me Lord help me she has been eating or worshiping verse twenty six the announcement said it is not meet to take the children's bread and casting to the long can you imagine some most like the just cognitive and coho with you I don't you just call me up I will see you there no one is twenty seven and she said shrewd nor not now while while the Lord of the shrew Lord yet even the dialogue it all done only as they all on their mask there is one able what is maybe begging for crumbs from the kidney crime be satisfied when trying to please please just give me from if you are in you I will be satisfied all I want to the Promenade in a talking cat at all I will take you near prime verse twenty eight then Jesus answered and said unto her old woman great is thy faith be it on to be even when okay what is the from that Jesus just due to her be it on to the even now when I commit me she's back into design and drafting etc. can't can't give that that that the children's birth and all you want that is how researchers are from being on TV you see beloved Jesus is more what's the problem she was seeking Jesus 's word what is wrong when she was begging for so I ask you what the problem is that you and all according to my camera the crowns represent God were all gone you're beginning to get a yes yes you console the richness had a feast before he got the word of God a good component of the Galapagos to that market over the summer and it's on the table of you know that so much ammo you know who we are people we are and our children in the word of God we got out of the magnanimous thing we eat we went to what I worry about it I managed he got this my being we just recently went to Jamaica I officiated my oldest brothers wedding and we were able to stay out of all-inclusive place in Jamaica unite us was born and not having that many times when the sponsor is a place and at this all-inclusive place you can eat as often as you want those are dangerous places in and I remember my older brother not my oldest my older brother and I were sitting down with the eating people is just weird well that whole food is much more precious to me not having been here is the phone just be at your fingertips is almost like an invitation for FriendFeed but when you cannot work for your food and in all you do not have the next meal is unnecessarily promised or whatever it is eleven different Franciscans why will you not always on being sorry but I don't honestly will eat again couldn't be at the rich man represents those who while claiming to be the children of God are taking God 's word for granting while also rests was solely designed arrests of a sentinel this problem is another translucent even if you if you another if you wanted to be in the word of God if you want to see what the woman thought is really really about stressor from don't take the word of God for granted you will recall on us and one weren't sometimes all that must be the word right there and forget I don't think you realize how many problems are present in one chapter in the word of God I think that's a Revelation three seventeen tells us that the problem with the notice is you see while adding phrases with the Princess you have made him want nothing on the one that seems measurable making or en bloc the rich man eight when he wanted to take his riches for granting that Harman and was really self righteousness it wasn't the righteousness of God covering button mouse was a better seat of the daggers are poor motivators when the Bible tells you not to testify Great Britain Matthew chapter five verse three Matthew chapter five three the Bible says you said on the floor instead every four years is the one single event where do I end up in the kingdom of heaven why because he was he was a beggar the love of my message to you tonight is that you are not need to become bankers not only do we need to become beggars we need to become better bankers we need to understand what it means they are and give you no more secret no one is a landscaper and taught Bible study is learning how today is so simple that the key when you learn what it means they gone accidents your pre- oh no sixty Illinois Illinois decided with the Scripture that say the massive single sixteen notice within verse twenty seven sixteen two sixteen first twenty seven the Bible says here then said that he set out pretty therefore father that I would send him to my father 's house five and that they may testify unto them so what's gone on here the rich man wants to send Lazarus to fill all his brothers nineteen that he might want to them to send them on ending of where it have okay notice what what what it was honestly the first verse twenty eight Oliver swing on game events onto him the past five oh New Orleans and the copies and then share them so in this horrible but you profane if they wanted to say they need Moses and the prophets the strictures sometimes I just end up in heaven he must've cherished the word of God peach harvest the Scriptures teach that raised more than a prophet the conversation if they want to say they have involved and the profits that many here that praise God for Moses and the prophets and you want to be seen right here but you see the brothers were also reach it how do we know the brothers also rich because they too had Moses I think this is the Lord of the basin is another reason I'm not saying medicine as a man can understand and I know you know when they will nominate to see many two armies in a prison is wanted on become beggars and underneath we must learn to become beggars and take the word of God children that's why we're here this weekend so help me to become a dad I want everyone better many will perish with the word of God in their possession mumbles one hundred dollars after the fall 's more entertaining review and Herald March fourth says this to the Bible and on your knees and pleaded with God to enlighten your mind what is an incomplete and what is that she too is deeper study of the word of God and nor I could count creeks strengthen my camera help me Lord to get a better picture of the word of God bad grade on your needs if want to tell a prayer will be everything we should have read I see some beautiful show in a new clear and enforceable life while I'm like to read the see some news in a powerful and clear hey they had another guy on the study the Bible is not a study they convey so I was good in school although I do not even help you want to have to help me what is what matters me help of when you are gone will have my first note before I became a pass from the thousand cognitive passive noise says the Lord how in the world closest confidant and women if I ever become a pastor that means every seven days for the rest of my life I have to so I wait a minute and seventy months to write research papers when I was back-to-school in human law how does our pastor preached in the don't just want to preach any old salmon like I want to feed the people I is not reaching really printed every seven days or the new testament in the people admit on what God known us on doing CLT probably will not increase you know so I'm going to start connecting from you and I have no cash to do until chrome like a new piece of children I guess I'm right there yeah and King search the Bible just find any note and in Cromwell I think I'm okay and normal build a sub and he'll blow up on the left is not just cheap Jimmy neutron I know I was doing God knew what he was doing above another when you begin to look for him I'm telling you the homes are precious precious gem official did you know that God has a table and had no revelation nineteen night was up with visual revenue quarter place in the wood of anyone like that but does let me put the revelation nineteen first the Bible says here and he's not to be right let's all day which are called on to the marriage supper on the man I mean you're looking forward to going to the marriage supper of the land the militants on the table spread any had been en masse on my Odyssey e-mail Donna looked anymore spread in a hand in the long I mean for you I can't wait to get to heaven to eat from the table nothing did not have a table in head the master 's table Angel heart even angels who are asking the movement that may have some problems are falling from heaven stable going to Psalm seventy one to the notice of the beloved that the word of God is amazing Psalm seventy one games is the feast is enhancing where Arbitron indices even had been where are the problems there on Northwest Nissan seventy eight and verse twenty three Psalm seventy eight conversely we can not from what problems have gone given us on Saturday the first twenty three the Bible says Bell he had come then the clouds some of all the doors of heaven and had rain want no not a parliamentary seat and had given them all the time of heaven mat and getting eaten out Angels food he said then meet anybody know what the man looked like the whole you have a lot of been revisited this week and John identifying the shed him and his word is his beloved the five hundred not all small round pieces of angels who are of God that you can handle that he's not there is when God you mean to tell me that his mind is finding just incredible powerful the truth and often reading the word of God Union County that these are just it is built on the same my children you don't have the mental capacity to yet appreciate and understand just how the this plan of salvation so for now crops than when we began to realize how this is but Cisco 's lately that I haven't mightily in the law that we are told that democracies us ages of eternity we will be studying the fall will come to represent the word of God man shall not live by what I read I don't know why everyone that proceeds out of the mouth of God do not overlook the small things in the word of God beloved every clown is precious to add more to the reading of all passages and go out and find in the animal rear sentence identical one is on both Disneyland beckons you can see that they often have called her large fusion is an adhesive beloved there is that we can learn from using us another one is that there is no prime use in him on the street corner nonprime and I stand and say I don't have to be another five minutes of talking like they are I am rich and increased with goods while I need today while I than that but that is called after that why because beggars realize that they are poor beggars realized that they that they have all that and then they all come to does the Bill of Rights is business filthy black bag is realized that without the Spirit of God they are nothing they have nothing they know nothing and that is not doing their extreme condition do not have that problem that stops them from day batteries are not a seen today seven a lot of this very issue with this woman all being treated being spoken to the doll to be she says she feels at once to the divine influence of Christ have implicit faith in his ability to grant the favor so yeah it seemed that the crumbs that fall from the mouse just a book as she may have the lament about all she is willing to be regarded will pray the links print will they not given the privilege of being a better tank while going that's the only I hate loving could you be the Richmond is teaching us and as we get so caught up in China explain what this parable does not mean similar to what I wanted doesn't mean they are looking to fail so with that that God has given us a single account is immensely what is being said he couldn't be reached for comment when you know nothing you are miserable you are making you are mine you are wretched me God 's will for him daggers number two are always thinking in adulthood is off of the Gothic country going on the net today are melted in our fingernails know that there are always plenty because they know where the next meal is coming from and when the next time you go to be eating so that yours are always packing the house with me now to chapter six notice with me for this is first to see what the Bible says here not as six and verse eight the Bible says here be not therefore might have been then for your father knows what you have named out before you want I can check out the word in the Greek you will see that it actually means they die a gondola to let me know before you want everyone and he is after this manner therefore I the word is watched when wheezing worsened to the handling of the two day after this another therefore pray what was on heaven hallowed be Monday nineteen will be done on earth as it is in June this day we aren't even being read the fall Mark please give me this day the problems do you know what it means today beloved be careful be careful of self-righteousness when someone tells you your rates ever among the norm there then your powerful know I'm not then your date no I'm not better daycare paid for holiness Bedfordshire date for righteousness dental for me to the will of God that is the clear their need without shame the rich have too much pride to gain you the story of the rich young ruler one of Jesus on the go on some Odyssey was about the rich must become you that accommodate this week you are here and you are learning the lessons you're learning I want you to take this time to say the name of you are here today into your company I paid what was coming and that a man is worth every penny and that they may we must learn a further trial as one vendor to understand that isn't then the audience went crazy on one debtor to another may I share with you one final from Joseph and Willie lived on many phones this week many dropped but I want to share with you one in particular that you may have missed in this are using it has to do with this with this person called Nazareth in this town it has a horrible yet but something might shock you and him and his beloved Ms. Lazarus in the make-believe character turn with me if you will to the book of second Corinthians chapter eight verse nine second Corinthians shot in verse nine is not being for granting second Corinthians chapter eight verse one the Bible says for you and all the rights of minorities is surprised that no she wasn't in yet more things to do became not all the dreamer for is the word this indicates complete helplessness scrimmage upon the wind means very better crimes who was a race became an backdoor nonregulated of their crimes now the kingdom of heaven to come to this Earth to become a bigger it's as though the great work titles indicates complete help helplessness in contrast and as was Ms. Horne but capable of providing for oneself therefore Toronto's is sometimes translated better because of the helplessness of the individual banking being the only means of survival him from all things that they are so potential crimes the columns of danger on all were be you know the story of the consumers find you quickly select your stuff into undiversified Philippian stillbirths are fake not saying a grantee Philippians chapter two verse five note that says that this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God by not robbery to be able with God when they themselves know that purification and took upon him the form of assignment was made in the likeness of men and being found the man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the crocs Christ in his mind as a better seat he spent about Arbuckle February one eight nine three Jesus sought earnestly for strength from his father he regarding communication with God more essential than his daily everyday Christ gone up you know what he was doing that Peggy his heavenly father why because he wanted to be an example to us one here's how you can who not cool they ask his father for bread and doesn't get a and you know something she sleeps if you can't change cannot be you not to receive daggers have no pride in high some of himself became updater he then they had me fooled that's why after all the disciples came to an fundamental well until I read it went as usual in your hungry is that I have no mother he gagged for the enemy for he that will be easier than when he was five thousand how he tried with strong two hours ago he was dragging his Christ was a better year is starting disability that was priceless and effeminate he prayed that his father three times he was in the doing well nineteen beloved game is nevertheless not as I will audience is interesting while he was thinking his disciples were sleeping nothing don't see when we should be doing bonus when you should be paying so I read to the divine better and faster this is I called him last rests you see the mother while this is not horrible this is a reference is no make-believe figure Hassan you cannot say what I think you're saying on an take nothing for granted Jesus that heaven became porphyrins analysis was hungry Jesus hung to go with me to some sixty three verse one with innovative clothes on sixty three verse one this song a song that relates the experience of Christ Psalm sixty three and verse one O God thou art my God priority when I see the mice sold first is for the Mike Nash one for the in a dry and thirsty land where no water this is a psalm related the experience of Christ and an end this song to say I am thirsting for you I am hungry my class is warming for the Lazarus was hungry she says was hungry ways you see Lazarus has sores all over he the Bible says that Jesus took upon himself the sins and iniquities of us all Lazarus was laid at the gate see Jesus made upon across outside the gate and Lazarus could not help himself Jesus is all there is himself he could not see to you see Jesus the last this will corner you see the Pharisees and Mary were favored of God the Qatar Masters boost the poor message nature help with etc. that I want to go with me hoping to the Psalm Psalm twenty two Psalm twenty two was found speaking of Christ Psalm twenty two please listen carefully so Psalm twenty two and first one the Bible says my God my God why have thou forsaken me that's thinking she's a mess and why aren't all so far fried helping me from the words of my roaring outlined on my client in time but now here's not in the night season tonight signing on holy will not inhabit is the praise of Israel off on his trust in the niche that I will deliver them they triumphantly and they were delivered they just indeed they were not confounded but I have had while wireless nomad a work from home and am despised on the people all they that see me that it is going they should hope of that nation enhancing HR seminar that he would deliver a name or help in the indolent rating seeing he delighted but not working to submit out of the womb now this baby when I was on was a was upon my mother 's breast almost has to only from within my so my mother studied be not far from me for travel in the air before that was not to have many balls up combos in Iran Strong was on my son had sent me roundabout in the plumbing with the mouse and the remainder being an alarming login high import out my water to all my wants out of joint my heart is like wax is melted in the midst of my bounds my strength is dried up like the plastered on my tongue cleave to my job and now has brought me into the dust of that explored all need the dogs were nuking a sore on you with me as the other we can have enclosed meeting date here's my hands and my feet I may tell him I've always been the ceremony they part my desk is my garments among them and cast lots upon my duster to be not now far from the owner nor all my strength hates me to help me deliver my soul from the sword my darling from the power of the dog and save me from the minds mouth about as frightening from the horns of the on the uniform I will declare thy name unto my brethren in the midst of a combination when I praised be he that hair the Lord praise him onto the seed of Jacob glorify him fear him on his seed of Israel for he is not responsible if that's enough differently not a heavy hitting his face from them but he but when he cried out the Hindi heartland and so on first twenty one me somehow and be satisfied they shall praise the Lord that seeking the hearts from the low losses when Jesus was giving this parable describing this poor man who suffered at Wingate who was covered in sores and dogmatism will Jesus was talking about she what do fine vendor of humility hapless Jean died in Jean got begging for dinner they know not what they do Jesus I ever was backing for his enemies you want to be like Jesus feel really really really want to be like Jesus Bank for your enemies they are righteous other problems there for the word of God we must become there that the Bible says Lazarus die TriStar the minds of the masses is taken of them was a the father father Abraham Jesus oh and angels carried him they are okay I think I'll grant you Jesus the deadline will not listen he dies he is resurrected Angel take him to was on on-the-fly on the RC 's are condemned to Worthington and in and the loss in other cars of the message for us now he's very he's there now he's obnoxious for us back on earth here now and what is you have Moses and the property you have Moses and the few don't take for granted here in Cheshire the prong 's sugar loving as those brothers of the rich man which I fear there will be lost because while they had the word of God in their presence they do not stretch of the word of God and thus you know the Bible says England in an apparently says that there Abraham says they will not hear me when I hear even if one were raised from the one day guess what Lazarus Lazarus of God was indeed raised from the dead and did they hear it no because once they had rejected the genuineness of these are risen Jesus did so in the same way if you want I do not stress and problems we will not be ready for the return Jesus Christ I to become a better than a better better don't take the word of God is unlimited appeal tonight this appeals sets the tone for what will come during the rest of his time it's very simple nor please get rid of my prize and made me a shameless better better and faster disarmament task is not wanted by my friend Gavin then hard to come she's innocent person as he sings I want to pay close attention to the words in light of what you refer to my own lulu you where time on you than and he and I he will be when I you he you he she he he he son can be seen as an him who has a home is to re- and dog and I love my dog is I was a a dog and I was a you the easy a to the east he is the and in the sea and all who had long as you you you you you a show of the whole the array of jog of the array of a dog Ray okay the you you you you you you you you you you you you you a to the sea okay he see a man he is all in things will so as to the hole where and Tom Houle at a high and I hold where they are on you than me he is he a soul 's to the city and the use of these the of all pain is supposed to be


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