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Part 1: What Time Is It?

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 2, 2011
    7:30 PM
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Durham is satisfied him to do so much to see a some time is with you as you please I will be talking about not just talking about myself I believe the Lord has anointed all the species that have been selected these meetings and we need your prayers it's an awesome task to stand before the additional jobs is a and requires power from heaven song that has been solicit your prayers always but I want to keep use very attentive to do things alone as soon as I one way that I know that we will be edified if you have your Bibles we all have our Bibles with us he met it would be ashamed to come to a meeting with Doctor textbook of the Bible says in Jeremiah seventeen in verse five this person be the man that put trust in men and make us less is on would be ashamed to come to a meeting like this a holy convocation got up I was in the comer to be here what a man has to say the Bible says that anyone who does that is preparing ourselves for cars when God wanted to give us nothing but lessons the last thing you want to do when you leave these meetings is for what any speaker has said the only one of what a similar payment and the only way that we can effectively do that is we must have the word of God and I and so tonight I'm going to share with you just a little before we go ahead and do that I want to also work great as normally my habit that I always invite the congregation to kneel with me but I read I was very close and squeeze together and gone over this hot asphalt and know that some of the spirits of those it's a beautiful grasp in these my gives great things beneath you but if you cannot kneel than him and ask if you could please reverently bow your heads where you are you're able to kneel then you certainly welcome to join with me as your principal is thrown in prayer at this time my heavenly father we thank you so much for religion the opportunity to come together to press together for such a meeting is you want to this holy convocation father before this weekend is over with and understand holy convocation might never have found on this asking that you please forgive us across the cleanse us from all unrighteousness it teaches how to be holy and to look to Jesus the author and finisher of our things we trust the Bible holding him we shall become changed the same so father we come asking for the presence of the Holy Spirit because Lord I confess there is nothing that I can say to your people that can change anyone's life is nothing any speed you could say it's only by the power of the Holy Spirit so father we ask for his presence economy nothing in our hearts hindered her from being able to move freely within our hearts and we may even have the mind of Christ and I start with myself I give myself to you afresh I previously please take my life and let it be consecrated in order to remain freely to open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things out of your these and all of the blessings we ask we ask in Jesus name amen him for her I firmly believe that we have come here for training in other words we've come here not to sit back and to try to treat this like some type of entertainment where we hearing guys messages and we think will win on where tantalized by years but at the end of it all we are still not working our goal is to say here is something you will say something to us that'll cause such a drastic change of heart that we would leave your completely different than when we came in my hope and my prayer is that God is speaking to your heart we don't know where they come it can come to a song it may come through the Senate it may come to the prayer room it may come just to your time in secret prayer with the CM no idea how to speak you so you definitely want to be attentive as it relates to what can take place over these next few days but brothers and sisters I got favorites root beer is something very special that Christ wants us to understand Jesus wants us to understand that there is a great gospel work that we ought to do and this is why in place of so much sermonizing at the wonderful book event of his incessant page three sixty three it tells us that in place of so much sermonizing that God 's people should be coming together to study checked by text to know what they believe I think it's high time to do that I want you to sodas that I want to see something because Jesus wants us to go ahead and Harold the wonderful message of the first second and third Angels message in fact I want to start with pessimistic our Bibles to the book of Revelation chapter fourteen in Revelation chapter fourteen God is what do you and I is is the work that he has called us to do at such a time as this and we will expand on this work as we go further in Asay Bible says in revelation the fourteenth chapter and when you get them and ask you to please a man the Bible says in Revelation chapter fourteen verse six is a working case you don't know the Bible says in Revelation fourteen starting in verse six John the Ripper later he says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that dwell on the earth and every nation in kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehand RNAs and the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation each of the tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever received the mark of his name here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and of the state of Jesus Christ this is a wonderful herald of the first the second and the third Angels message and this is a message which is a call of preparation the same way John the Baptist when he went throughout the world and he was preparing people for the first advent of Jesus Christ he gave a message that was to prepare the people for the oh and also my work is very thing is our busy to prepare a people for the second coming of Jesus Christ that our nation and his mission is accomplished through this brief will cost the message now with interesting is that if you look carefully at the first second and third Angels message you should see something different in it is interesting that there is a great call on what some may but I want to see how the Bible brings it out as we look again at the first Angels message the Bible says when it comes to the first Angels message I want to look at it and present it after Johnson I saw another angel and he smiled and was in heaven anyhow who's ever lasting gospel preached to notice what he says in verse seven the Bible says in Revelation forty seven saying with a one outgoing to that writer allowed voice now next go to the third Angels message in verse nine is an verse nine and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice number this is my question what do you believe is different about the first and the third when you compared to the second the first Angels message that was what kind of voice loud voice the third Angels message that would work on a voice allowed voice when you look at the second Angels message in there about voice no there is not his normal voice but then when we go to revelation the eighteenth chapter notice what the Bible says in revelation the eighties just in Revelation chapter eighteen using it is not ironic that God put together the this way because when we understand Adventist history will begin to see why the second Angels message I can't not have been done without what lifetime we didn't disappoint notice what the Bible says in revelation the eighteenth shot revelation these things happen notice what the Bible says starting in verse one and if you then please let me know by saying and that the Bible says that after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was one light and with his glory and he cried how mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon is fallen Babylon the great is fallen is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and a hold of every foul spirit and to every unclean and hateful bird by time we get to the second Angels message being repeated now it is no longer being said simply with a voice but the Bible says as he said with a mighty strong voice is that right so therefore we know that this is what the Bible business is what is referred to as the loud cries and this is the great warriors that God is preparing a even now to get ready to do as we prepare to get the first second and third Angels message and aunt on this abruptness is the thing that's interesting if a man wants to learn how to play golf you probably would go to Tiger Woods learning would you agree and one of the reasons why he would probably agree because today he still seems to be the best when it comes to that sport when it comes to someone who wants to play basketball people will say Michael Jordan of Lebron James or somebody like that because nothing more that person obviously isn't that big a what about when it comes to preaching the gospel when it comes to the preaching of the gospel will integrate you when I can do as a model to know how we can join a unit which sets forth like he did it who else would it be that we teachers Jesus this is the confidence that as he says is the one that qualifies to show us how to herald the gospel message in such a way that it can win souls to him then I wonder what was the great methodology that seasons used when he gave his gospel message notice of the Bible says and Mark chapter one March the one I want to see what the Bible says because God wants to prepare us to get an outcry message to this end child to get the gospel energy and power and fullness to the point that we look like angels in the world with God 's glory this is what God was the newsreel and I and everybody getting the message with how you look to the one who had power when he gave Desmond and Lyndsay Menzies is noticeable the Bible says in Mark chapter one we get at least a man the Bible says and Mark the first chapter we looking at the methodology what was it how was it that Jesus gave the gospel message stating with such power that when people offer that if they know we heard anybody preach the message like this game and those five and these cannot be psychology listings is what the Bible says and Mark the first chapter if you miss a minute the Bible says and Mark chapter one now want to catch this one a look at verse fourteen marks the one and verse fourteen Ellen to see something significant about Jesus as method of how he brings the gospel and why it was so powerful in winning people to notice what the Bible says in Mark one and verse fourteen it is now after that John was put in prison this is Jesus came into Galilee not renewing preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God outsourcing is printing the gospel yes I now look at verse fifteen in verse fifteen is something special and say what they say the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God and at hand we will know what really the gospel number this is what we do same as noted in the birth of Jesus as a methodology of how he went about preaching the gospel what would you say is all the claims and the time Jesus always freezing the gospel based on time Jesus always please the gospel is based on prophecy no wonder the booking activism page one ninety six tells us so clearly that ministers of the gospel are to present additional word of prophecy of the book of Daniel and Revelation to the people and then it tells us and approving the presentation of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation we talk to connect the wireless being hauled the Lamb of God and taken away the sin of the world prophecy is the very foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist church sanctuary in connection with prophecies is the very foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist churches and she moaned methodology model he was the one that understood this better than most and so it is that when Christ gave the gospel message increase the message based on time and one allows you to do that the reason Jesus did this is because Jesus understood something about time you see what people understand the time but this is something that is will he is in fact want to see what the Bible says as we go to the book of first Chronicles chapter twelve in first Chronicles chapter twelve you and I do not understand what is the very benefit of time anyhow why is that we should even read the gospel messages based on time to see what the Bible says in first Chronicles chapter twelve number of visits I believe that when we look at the children of Israel know each tribe represents a certain characteristic I have no doubt that there are many individuals indiscriminately high characteristics of certain tribes of Israel but one thing that I believe many of us would benefit from his understanding something about the tribe of the cigar and I want to see something very special about the tribe of Issachar as we understand the topic of time why is that freezing the documents is based on time is so important that is noticed with the Bible says in first Chronicles chapter twelve to go ahead and consider verse thirty two when you get there please let me know by saying amen the Bible says in first Chronicles chapter twelve in verse thirty two notice what he says is in and of the children of who is a car it says it went to Amanda had understanding of the way times we've been accented with me it says soon all white and so on through all two that is the greater benefit of understanding time when an individual understands time they know what they're supposed to be doing right now great sound processes I believe I submitted to you today is one of the reasons why this so much confusion and even Seventh-day Adventist and let alone the whole world Christianity is because alcohol at the people that are doing about the things where they are completely ignorant of what time it is and God wants us to understand what time it is so that way we can understand what time it is that we know exactly what to do now because Jesus frees his methods based on time do you think Jesus knew what to do it's been in the classroom with these is one to do I want to show you what Jesus did and I want to see what was the greatest focus of Jesus because brothers and sisters it went on to be successful in giving the gospel message to the entire world we need to do what Jesus did a better than I was concerned about the book of John what John and I want to see what the Bible says Christ always understood time he understood that when he came on the scene and when he was anointed he knows that it was if it feels sort of years and before the children of Israel from based enclosed example he understood that time is almost as and as a result of that ignorance would be controlled he is behavior I want to see how the Bible brings it out in John the fourth chapter what was the behavior Jesus knows what the Bible says in John affluence after if you miss a minute what the Bible says right here John chapter four it says in John four you are a member Jesus met with a woman at the well and of course he was educating her and help you to understand true worship as he was doing that he got to a point where obviously the disciples thought to themselves certainly the master have to be hungry he got a act audience last thing these days and so as I look out the Bible brings this out now in John the fourth chapter notice on the Bible says as we look at verse thirty it says that they went out of the city into Monday and in the meanwhile his disciples prayed saying Master eight he says but he sent unto them I have meet to eat that we know not all of this mean Jesus was talking about what is his next verse thirty three Jeff was that the disciples one to another any man brought him on the first thirty four Jesus saith under them meetings is to do what the well of my father of him that sent me and to do what else to finish his work this was the means that Jesus was partaking of this the first time as a health reformer I can stand before the people and encouraged me eating this is the meaning that you were not to be partaking on a daily basis the Bible clearly says that the meat veggies is not the want to do the will of his father and to finish his work brothers and sisters that needs to be our focus we need to be absolutely consumed with the reality that I must do the will of him that sent me and I must finish the work this is a great old this is what God was look up at every single one of his people he wants to get a full point in our experience that the work can be vanished our mission your brothers and sisters is not to maintain the work you know what concerns me is when somebody says you know I'll see you at the next conference next year that felt like somebody that might just want to maintain the work of Christ mission brothers and sisters was to finish the work being over this this is that you and I are in control of time more than we could ever understand we can actually hasten the lowest return in one of the things I love about Jesus as he will put our backs against the wall and let us truly see about words are true or false this is not a longing in saying in their hearts all I want Jesus to come I went to visit him David as it's amazing all you have to do is give certain distinct testing truth individuals that came from the lips of Jesus and all of a sudden people say well I want to go and follow that and all of a sudden to become myself individuals are setting up all the five goals and aspirations and it will be become part silt and no longer hours and come Lord Jesus we start talking about see you next year year after that I start planning for two thousand fifteen and twenty and the list goes on brothers and sisters Jesus is passing was to finish the work not to maintain and you and I have England .org put that passion in my heart put that passion in my heart and help me to truly understand that time is almost finished he singled the book of Matthew chapter twenty four do something Jesus wanted to bring to our attention that would help us to really start getting a gauge on time I believe that one of things that can help an individual needs on time is when they oversleep and Bible says in Matthew the twenty fourth chapter is that something very interesting that we would do well to consider as we consider Matthew twenty four starting at verse one minute please amen the Bible says and Jesus went out departed from the Temple and his disciples came to him for to show him the buildings of the temple and Jesus said unto them see you not all these things very I think the universe and not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down that he sat upon the mount of olives the disciples came unto him privately saying tell us what shall these things be and what subunits five of iconic and of the end of the world and UNICEF citizen and then take heed that no man deceive you for many so come in my name saying I'm right and shall deceive many and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that the article of all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet known what he says next verse seven for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places all these on the beginning of sorrows now when Jesus made these points here and he began to talk about all the events calamities and all these different things everything in place of rock about these arrogant I was able to pay attention to it it was supposed to be at harbingers and let us know that the chain is even at the door as we understood time efficiently to what to do that right so that will try to ignore signs of the times so that we can understand now one and thirty seven Mercedes-Benz he says it all before the beginning of what sorrows now when you open up and we can talk about the beginning of what birthday agreement and so therefore we understand now I'm a father for I happen to see birthday my wife will be sprinkled birthing that these four times in one thing I know for a fact is not the first named is not like the last neck pain may come at a certain pace but when that baby is about to be born it gets much much more what rapid it gets much much more intent to get much much more volume onto the testimony the final moments will be the ones so therefore as we begin to understand not just the events that took place not to simply save other with an earthquake here or tornado there is when we begin to see the rock energy these events this is to let us know what time it is and then as we understand what time it is then Israel said no what do do and therefore wonder has there been some harbingers that is been happening in rapid pace that God can help us understand a little the better what time is the zebra this is where want to do that want to consider this when you think about natural disasters that took place on the seven sages over the past few years in nineteen ninety nine there was something called the torrential rains and mudslides in Venezuela when that templates for this incident brought forth a death toll of fifteen thousand one hundred present souls but then after that eighth two thousand one to the Gujarat earthquake in India that took a death toll of twenty thousand precious souls and then after that builder two thousand three European heat wave in Western Europe that took thirty seven thousand four hundred and fifty one present souls you talking about rapid things then after that they were the two thousand five Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan that one took eighty six thousand press results him that there was one earthquake in China was so sixty nine thousand one hundred ninety seven present cells would benefit by building two thousand eight cyclone address in Myanmar and this is that the one hundred and forty six thousand precious souls but then even after that he remember that it was also going that great tsunami in two thousand four which of two hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred and sixty six people died in just one day they will all the way at these calamities God it happened it was as if we were watching the words of Jesus being fulfilled people watching the birth pains then it was the earthquake in Haiti in two thousand seven with a total of ninety two thousand individuals people would just die this is an being wiped out in San Diego the Emerson put out an article it was invented two thousand ten was was when the world went while the effects within the article they said this would be a beer struck back this is earthquakes keywords not want to hold on to that business earthquakes he waves floods volcanoes super trifold business landslides are ultimately support a million people in just two thousand ten alone and then it goes on to say that the deadliest year in more than a generation more people were killed worldwide by natural disasters this year 's been up until the terrorism attacks in the past forty years combined so here is that we were watching all these calamities that were taking place in the casino when does you got started of course we had that horrible tsunami that took place in Japan and was also took approximately eighteen thousand thirty sold again and then watching all these different things here's what I found interesting while I saw that all of these natural disasters were moving in such a frequent basis the question is simply this where the going website all leading to what happens next and the reason why this became so significant amount I think the more that we start studying prophecy so that we can understand I estimate we can know what to do this is the know one thing that came to my mind I got up as one of the things that came to my mind was the economy and I start wondering about it because I think about it this is a calamity days it was like the levels just going up to the Marmor calamities in the normal errors were getting wiped out is the more one money that had to be put out to try to bring forth really and it was all of this debt accumulation that was taking place and with a lot of these things we see the crisis in two thousand and eight we all of a sudden go down financially and we entered into this financial crisis and I often wondered there anywhere in prophecy that we can find that to get somewhere in the Bible that can help us see the economic crisis and its direct connection to the calamities no brothers and sisters I'm so glad that we have a sure word of prophecy then we would do well to heed unto them as unto a light has shined in a dark place until that day dawns with a start Jesus Christ comprises in our hearts I want to think about this when you look at Matthew twenty four conversely an understanding in Matthew chapter twenty four the citizens in the bike was Matthew the twenty fourth chapter and when you get there please amen in Matthew twenty four the Bible so something as it relates to prophecy and things that were leaving to the second coming of Christ not healing students of prophecy monotony that we should be keeping our eyes on the same phenomenon the Bible says in Matthew twenty four verse twenty nine it says in the immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the what happened the sun be darkened what else the moon shall not give her light what else and as far cell call from heaven and the power that the heaven shall be shaken and then shall appear the what the sign of the Son of Man in heaven and as I will mourn and goes on to say and based on see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory as it is already the design already get dark similarities to give his life what they already start to fill yet so that quality look at it we have in this prophecy the water would go like this we would moon stars and second coming to see that no prophecy right there okay so therefore we see that that's what there's something we just look at it naked from Matthew twenty one twenty nine we would see that he is the son being darkened moon and get your life and then decide this of course when we dealing with seventeen eighty eighteen thirty three and the list goes on this should be fundamental Adventism prophecy prophecy one oh one we talk about the great dark day the moon turned and did the colorblind and of course the stars felt to go to Alabama to see right there on their license plates with the stars fell because of the fact that they were recognizing this time of prophecy so therefore this is a prophecy one oh one ranking but now want to see something when you and I agree that something had to be sandwiched right here in the last event took place is approximately eighteen thirty three you need to examine it was nothing out of the map between eighteen thirty three in the second coming of Jesus no but since it had to be something else so that when I want to do is I want to turn your Bibles and revelations of the six in Revelation chapter six we find the same event but this one gives us a little more detail was with the Bible says revelations except in revelation the six chapter now let's see what the Bible says here as we consider verse twelve is talking about the same events of what we just saw a massive twenty four twenty nine but some if you see something different note for the Bible says in Revelation chapter six and within the go-ahead in the papers twelve it says and I beheld when he opened that what Seo I think Seo is an long it was a wild a great earthquake and the sun became black as wealthier and the moon became as blood and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a century after their untimely big was using of a mighty wind and I have an apartment of the scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island were moved out of the place is the King of the Earth and the great men and the rich men of the chief captains and the mighty men and every bond and every free man hidden themselves in the dens in the Rocky Mountains is up to the mountains and rocks fallen and hottest on the things of him that's enough on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb why for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to say now in Revelation six Dooley sees something different Matthew twenty four is this something is added to the puzzle what was he added to the bottom there was also an earthquake is that right so therefore if we were to look at Revelation six twelve we would see that given our way that the sun then the moon than the start and then the second coming of her visit was a problem because was still sandwiched in between here there has to be something else that takes places in between here between the stars falling and the second coming that can help us better understand time so we can know what to do so therefore we have no choice but to go to the book of Luke the twenty first chapter and we go to the Chapter twenty one was noticed when the Bible says here new chapter twenty one and of the twenty first chapter we find that God gave us another piece of the puzzle that will help us better understand what time it is Bible says in the twenty first chapter when you get there but me know by saying he meant in Luke chapter twenty one now looking at verses twenty five to twenty seven and twenty one twenty five forty seven F 3-D account here you tell me once again if you see something different the Bible says in Luke twenty one twenty five and twenty seven assists all be signs in the sun and in the moon and emphasize and upon the earth while the distress of nations would what else went for city the sea and the waves offering men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the problem is obvious second and then shall they see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory question what do we see in this account that we do not see the other accounts we saw that there is a distress of nations with one part five fifty and then we also saw that the sea and the waves would be roaring now the reason why this becomes very significant is because if we were to look at it now we see signs moment stars distress of nations with perplexity C and waves roaring and being we are the second coming again so now we see what was sandwiched in between the middle of the prophecy about right now here's the thing that I thought was interesting what does the word perplexity me because it talks about the nations are going to be distressed and if said they got a be distressed wood something called perplexity what is it that the term perplexity means you know what are they on the Billboard publicity Nora Brownell the first thing I thought I would miss caused a great word to pour you a note means to be in a quandary note a quandary as stated confusing you don't know what's going on you just confuse you get your you're in distress because he just hung up and you don't know what's happening next but then he is what I thought was so big you know that the very same word for quandary that has a word is a word that the work laundry comes from a perplexity when not everyone this is not a party on my back is this word up Oreo the what aporia means it means to be in a quandary as a result of lack of resources individuals are not as an aesthetic confusing but not as in a state of unrest that now does anything in this for the sake of being it is in this paper because they have noticed that there is a lot of resources and as a result of this lack of resources brothers and sisters it has brought forth a tremendous crisis and you know what that was only because my next question was father where is this going and I was sure he was going his reasons this in accident and calamities by sea and by land to be discreet about that this is an accident of calamities by CMI lands in great conflagrations in fierce tornadoes and terrific hailstorms in Tempest lifecycles title is an earthquake in every prison in a thousand forms Satan is exercising his power watch this if they do sweeps away the ripening harvest and famine and distress bottle they goes on to say he had severe and deadly taint and thousands perished by the president these are the places I become more and more frequent and disastrous watch this and that and the great deceiver this is where it's all leading to stay fit and then the great deceiver will persuade men that he'll lose sight of God our father leaves Eagles see what I can have fun together and easily convocations you when I would do well to make sure that we have a serious walk with our Savior because a time is coming and is soon upon us one with God 's people under any recognized as public enemy number one is that anything that is he will persuade men that elves are got all caught nothing these people in the class that are promote the displeasure of heaven will trot all that troubles and upon those whose obedience to God 's commandments is a perpetual reposted transgressors will be declared that men are offending God by the violation of the Sunday seven it says that this sin has brought calamities which will not cease until Sunday on service be strictly enforced it says and backed also present the claims of the fourth amendment and thus destroying records for Sunday October the people that is preventing their restoration to divine favor and temporal prosperity I know that tells me to tell me many things great controversy five ninety that tells me many things when the first thing that tells me that presence is now busy with calamities are going what that tells me that now we can see what time it is what that tells me that now I can understand the economic crisis and all of these different calamities at all of these different things and how it's affecting our world and our society even our country and brother says that we can see clearly for the prosthetic I exactly where it's going now what I also see is that I do not care messages with all respect I really do president Barack Obama he can try to put together all the plenty once inspiration shows us that the only way temporal prosperity as they become that I is when they taught a class is unable they can go ahead and sign a bill and I feel that I will come back and want to do this for any other volume nine of the testimony to the thirteenth says that even statesmen can go ahead and try to remedy the issues that are taking place in our government was he says but they will labor in vain God wants us to understand what time it is because when we understand we know what to do and this is as I can tell you the truth time is almost finished I do read a lot we can see that time is almost finished it because once it's right near your member nineteen ninety nine that Pope John Paul II he put on an article PS Domine this is when he wanted to go ahead and incarnated Sunday golf to be set up and I want to look at the rationale that was used that he included in his letter the fittest this is way through the centuries Sears made laws concerning Sunday rest on the road it says the church has had in mind above all the work of servants and workers certainly not because of his work with any less worthy when compared to stringent requirements of Sunday observance but rather because it needed greater regulation to lighten its burden and that enable you want to keep the Lords day holy in other words they said the best way to pass a son and son-in-law 's focus on the family focus on the night that the spiritual primacy with her that this is not that it not because this work with any less worthy when compared to the spiritual requirements of Sunday observance but rather because it needed greater regulation device is inverted and thus enable the one to keep the Lords a holy so they are acknowledging the fact that since we are spiritual requirements for why people should use under holdings but to get the best success in passing a Sunday law what we need to do is we need to focus on the family that VR rationale that we are reasoning how would this out as a Sunday loss I watch this it says in this matter my predecessor Pope Leo the thirteenth in his encyclical rerun the norm spoke of Sunday rest as a worker 's right which the state must guarantee what is the also in the particular circumstances of our own time Christians will naturally not visible dongle with a simple basic Christians would actually strive to ensure that civil legislation in order to go to law it says that civil legislation respect their duty to keep Sunday holy snap people with a profit I should've been paying attention to this is a how close is close also beginning to apply because every single time we understand time we know what to do now watch this he is with interesting this was July nineteenth two thousand eleven this is basically just a month or so ago is this Sunday should be a day for worship rest and time with family and friends it says said Monsignor Miguel Delgado done in no undersecretary for the pontifical Council for the laity this is the church teaches us to set aside this day the first day of the week on which we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Divine worship and for human rights months CIGNA recently told CNA visit on Sunday Catholics should participate in the holy mass the unrelenting renewal of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and the greatest expression of worship and adoration that man can offer to the Lord our God he said Sunday it also be a day devoted to what rest with family and friends it's interesting same method same tactic know what it says Munson Lindemann to underscore the importance of Blessed John Paul II nineteen ninety eight apostolic letter D is dominant wait a minute he referred back to DSL many which was the letter now we saw in that letter that the letter was forcing everybody to go to 's all in place at a Sunday law and is now using pointing individuals the nominee saying that this is what we should follow these of which exhorts the business the closing the lay faithful thinking Sunday holy and is treated as little as they we need to realize that we need more time with family and friends it is hard to give them time during the week because of our professional social commitments he noted Sunday rest is a human necessity now who is being right before our very eyes for this is somewhat understand something easy sometimes it was a brother limit I can't see how this would take place and do you know of the book of Revelation thirteen we see something you in Revelation thirteen chapter I want to see something you'll remember that in Revelation thirteen you know that the devil will talk to fit what God does is that right now notice of the Bible says in revelation the thirteenth chapter in Revelation thirteen we know that Americana and verse eleven is coming to the scene and America is now the time to bring every body back to Rome not want to see what the Bible says in Revelation thirteen in verse thirteen this is one of the methodology that St. Louis is to try to get everybody to buy into a Sunday law being passed watch this is in Revelation thirteen thirteen and he does great wonders so that he may give what fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men now we know who did that that was none of the is that right so we see that Satan is going to counterfeit the very works that God did at one time and he videos that have the means and other tools to go ahead and draw people to buy into his delusions amen now the reason why bring that up his nose with the Bible says in Nehemiah chapter thirteen is once again he says that he is exactly the same method but it does benefit the same way that is far I haven't had the assignment of an appeasement to use relation thirteen EMI thirteen Nehemiah thirteen chapter notice what the Bible says here Nehemiah chapter thirteen when you get there but me know by saying amen now in Nehemiah the thirteenth chapter watch this the Bible says in Nehemiah chapter thirteen and would undergo a hand and look at verse seventeen protime six Nehemiah is bringing for the people sat to reform the people start the Byron Sabbath they were proofreading I found it and God was working through Nehemiah to bring about Sabbath reform and I want to see what it says in verse seventeen in verse seventeen Nehemiah it says then I contended with the nobles of Judah and said unto them they will buying and selling on the Sabbath day he says what evil thing it is best that you do and do what profane the Sabbath day now look at verse eighteen carefully did not your father 's dust and not Oregon bring all this evil all on us and upon this city yet he bring more wrath upon Israel by doing what profaning the Sabbath do you mean to tell me that Israel as a nation would suffer because they were breaking the Sabbath is that what the Bible disorders that Israel as a nation would suffer because they were violating a break and got seven and selling it outright was right when she says that this is all that these valves go to do that but look at it another look at as well the dichotomy the government of the calamities that I look at everything taking place around them and that is that you know what there was a time in the Bible that because the people were breaking the Sabbath the nation suffered and it's anyway Nehemiah had to go about handling about Sabbath reform bill that is a you know what do the same thing this is what God wanted us to see and this is what's taking place right now and you know was so sad brothers and sisters while this is taking place right now you know that this is the time the Gotti was to be most alert do you know that is the time and honesty was the most aware but anyone know the reality is noticed this it says this when the son-in-law test comes to us brothers and sisters we either received the seal of God or the market of the statement while this is the seal of God will never be placed upon the forehand of an impure man a woman it says it will be placed up on the floor head of the ambitious world loving man a woman it will never be placed upon the format of men or women of tongs or deceitful hearts all will receive the seal must be one with out spot when before God number of this is a lie found this to be very important because brothers this is a nasty something what is the seal of God where we find that wonderful seat we find them and I found it through yes we do now but this is as he is the thing that some said they had been is that actually believe that as long as I understand the Sabbath and as long as I can clearly see what the seventies and as long as I can intellectually confess the Sabbath truth being you know what that was me that was me that I am indeed a Sabbath keeper and I therefore have the seal of God but businesses as on side as a gross deception one ally because they were two things that the Sabbath was supposed to do go to the book of Genesis chapter two in Genesis chapter to notice what the Bible says in Genesis the second chapter I want to see what the Bible says right here Genesis chapter two within a go-ahead of November wanted to entering the Bible says in Genesis chapter two will look at the Sabbath very quickly in Genesis chapter to notice what the Bible says in verses one two and three the Bible says the us the heavens and the earth were finished and all the holster then and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made any record on the seventh day from all his work which he had made and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that entity had rested from all his works which God created and made a number of the systems I wanted out one has to question what the Sabbath the Sabbath because the minute and complete work on the company completed work this out and decided to become incorporated correctly represent a work that was completed in a manner so that for the Sabbath chose is not just something that God was understanding on my butt he wants us to enter into it in our experience the Sabbath is assigning them to the twenty point of the number of the sisters do you know the design have one purpose of two purposes what would you say to the sign at one purpose of two purposes okay you don't sound very confused the nastiness commenting about a raise of hands serves one purpose all right it was moderate fantasy serves two purposes common yesterday I had no idea alright good now this is about ministry beyond a shadow without a signed service to purposes here the two purposes and on the use of stop sign as the easiest example I number one when driving down the road when we see a stop sign the first thing we have to do is see and understand what those words at GOP mean if I okay so that means that they need to be an intellectual understanding of one six being on anybody who had an intellectual understanding of the stop sign but mystic experience are you getting you to see what the sign says you can understand intellectually what this sign means you can text all day long as they hear this out after the Sabbath truth the Sabbath truth but the question is have you entered into its experience what it is it represented a what kind of work they completed all in a finished work in fact some of you would look in your Bibles in Genesis two versus one until you see what it's all about when women talk about the Sabbath being finished it actually is determined that in your margin the vanilla bypass with his brought to perfection than by the Bible then whenever one that Martin is a directive that it was brought to perfection now the reason why bring up one of his best when Jesus is trying to bring across the yours in my mind if anything I can see clearly that time is almost finished I can see clearly that silly very soon we are getting ready to face not the first test but the final text and Jesus is saying that when people are getting ready to face a final test he is saying to you and I spent the thing that he wants to see before that discounts that will work much the finished in my people so that way when it comes to them they will ask and it will be crowned with my seal and the reality is that the CEO cannot anyone unless they are without spot this is what Christ assigned to say to all of us is that there must be an experience with Jesus before the Sunday law test comes to us then we need to have right now because this is if we could clearly understand that we are right around the corner on the Sunday law being passed and then we let go because it shall be in my heart I can see that are still harboring sins in my life I feel my sin that so easily beset me I have already said that I'm playing with without even making excuses what if you are not having experience as we were holding on to finish during a time that we should be letting it go so that the most holy places made it out we testify we have no idea what time Jesus is trying to say that the work that I want to complete in you before that test comes because processes as you can be incomplete you know we can understand us on a national level you do not go and take a final in school and you have not studied the subject and have not fully understood that subject is that right it will be soliciting that not of this was England as well but it would be forced to do that is that right now brothers this is what Jesus was trying to say that I'm trying to bring you into an experience with me express upon a complete surrender to the point that you love me so much as much as I love you that you would prefer to commit even one single sin against me in the highest sense that is the fate of Jesus and Jesus says that this is the experience of trying to bring you into thinking you know that this is the message that we ought to get to the whole world right now this is the message the president to tell the world that is a work that is about to be completed in the most holy place of the heaven is were you during this investigative judgment and we need to make sure that we already know why this is important to me because I want to look at this God 's purpose in giving the third Angels message to the world is to prepare people to stand shooting and during the investigative judgment on message is to prepare people to statue to him but look at this this is the purpose for which we establish and maintain our publishing house do you know the whole purpose of the publishing houses is to put together literature you know we talk about evangelism would sold West praise God for that evangelism amen were told in the book evangelism page five forty seven that the threefold work this benefit is the work is literally gospel ministry medical missionary work and the publishing work in the very last paragraph if she says one is not to supersede the other but we are publishing house is the only literature that should be put together this is in the kind of manager that can help people to be true to God during the investigative judgment about this is about me that we would have to investigate a lot of literature that comes from a publishing house we would have to take some of that literature has stopped up whatever turns you on incentive UPS and let them know that we can accept that because that has nothing to do with preparing a people on how to span during the time of the investigative judgment somebody said what I help with how to help with Stewart brother so you kidding me when we begin to understand that what we do with me when I put us out of our bodies broken down into the end of the Pleistocene the brain the brain houses the mind the mind is what the Romans seven twenty five says we suffer the law of God which so therefore the reason why we don't produce health books the reason why we don't produce cooking and all these different things in it so that we can show people how to eat and drink to the glory I is that way they can put it in their system that can be good so that the blood to strengthen the brain so that the mind can be clear that when Christ now models present in the most holy Place on minds will be able to understand it and we can lead to an easier with other people but not on the publishing house is in our schools below the purpose of our schools west of make people true to God during the time of the investigative judgment de novo this is as it is literally impossible to get a PhD and a Masters degree and never understand anything about the investigative judgment in our schools the other bastard you see what I'm trying to show you is that we are living in England this is what we should understand time that we rightly know what to diddle as we can see clearly that we are sleeping during a time we should be awake there is no way that if our schools understood the great work that God has called us to build there would be no way that we would spend gobs money to invite bishops and all these other individuals to contact our universities from churches that constitute Babylon to try to teach us how to do the work of bringing people into the most holy place there is no bishop there is no pastor there is no priest that comes from Babylon that can show God 's people how to get inside the most holy place we are defined by our behavior that was sleeping during the time that God should have us be weak not just a school guitar sanitary and the number of visitors that when you go to many of our center is the day the other councils on Doctor who's made seventy five said that in the presentation of health vegetables they say that we shouldn't have that him that the also from the health work the gnome of this is that many of our sanitary debates that are simply teaching six sinners become healthy vibrant strong sinners and that would mean God 's mission when God raised that the Secretary of State it was designed to show people how they can be true to God during the time of the investigative judgment and the only way you can do that is when you have helped me to want to do the third Angels message is not just that this is even a hygienic restaurants of this is the enormity seventy minutes of restaurant today and we've got so caught up in trying to save money and will by some of the cheapest product that just because is not made from animal as a lot of times it has so much preservatives and everything else inside of it that is clogging up our body online and arteries just almost as bad as me the hygienic restaurants were designed and they understood that even when we serve food this was supposed to be a ministry today you got seventy advocates call themselves this is you are not vegans because all like to wear leather vegans don't like to take honey from the beach and because these are the damages of the kingdom week the Bible says in Proverbs fourteenth promise twenty four thirteen is any doubt honey because it's good so God is saying to all of these adolescent is as you are not vegans you'll talk your health reform that has a mental health on your vegan health reform if it was nice am so glad to us over the Bible and agreements are embedded in Jesus amen the health reform it does not restaurant you know even awful factories as you understand that every motorist that this is all purpose in carrying forward and relying of work in the costs will goddess on helplessly and we'll mark the way off the mark is amazing how we can run Revelation seminar at the revelation seminar is amazing how we can do so many profited utterings but at the end of the day was still missing the experience design because there's going onto the great mistake of the Pharisees is that they thought that an intellectual understanding of truth constituted righteousness lot FDA's like that they think that the more theologically sound we ought is more rightly must be with Jesus brothers and sisters we need an experience with Jesus we got a ticket from the theory experience that under this misstatement he won a Libra this is a fascinating one bring these final point that is because we see the truth of the matter is is that we are told when relate when the religion of Christ is most held in contempt when his law is most despised no one even got lost most despised his Internet on SI can I see was that happened in seventy ad minutes of the time of the Sunday law what is it it says when he lost most of his life is a vanishing art field below what ad hoc current environment the most unflinching to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the mud and start to illustrate us to be a great exodus and seventy administered great exodus many of us have all people many of all people were professing a high pain who professing a high truth without the talk about the question is whether this is all you and I experienced that time it says to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our test this is the nation will be on the side of the great rebel leader what would cause the majority of God 's people to turn their backs on Jesus will notice as the storm approaches a large class I profess faith in the third Angels message watch this but have not been sanctified through old obedience to the truth if they abandoned their position joined ranks with the opposition and they become the most bitterest enemies of their former breath zebra this is as we must understand we must enter into the experience enough I would ask you all how many of you know the first second and third Angels message not many people read that some of you probably was able to know why you reading the creativeness we know this by memory of bread this is the best the point has a lesser memory and intergalactic helium in all the three Angels messages that's good but the deeper question is are you experiencing it's not enough to know the first Angels the second and third are you experiencing the first Angels message are you experiencing the second Angels message are you experiencing the third Angels message specification and brothers and sisters Christ wants us to understand that this is the reason why so many people in the South because they refuse to be sanctified by old mediums to this truth that they have confessed with all their hearts and brother this is like a city with this while we may be in a bad condition is a good reason why we need a revival of Reformation always felt about the Romanian I sat down with the conference president seven Transylvania Congress president sat down with him and his staff and they said well for them and us and I said are you men in agreement with the general Robert was administered we need revival of resumes they said yes we we are in agreement as visiting you understand that you spiritually dead not even the revival of people whispered to me that is literally off the white describes he says a revival is a quickening and the bringing up from the spiritual depth that the words he uses the anatomy am repeating the process we must understand that this is that the reason we need revival and Reform Asian is because we are spiritually dead is not spiritually die and God is trying to say that time is almost finished and he wants us to understand what time it is so that we can know what to do what we should do good aromas of thirteen check Romans the thirteenth chapter of Romans chapter thirteen the Bible tells us exactly what to do the Bible says and that verse eleven Romans thirteen in verse eleven the Bible says and that knowing the time that now is what high time to do what you awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believe the question is is all right I'll suppose a wake-up what am I waking up to first Corinthians fifteen first Corinthians fifteen we find out exactly what we are to a week to the Bible says in first Corinthians fifteen in verse thirty four when you get there please say amen the Bible says in first Corinthians fifteen in verse thirty four all way to righteousness and sin no and it is only one thing that Jesus is waiting for he's waiting to develop a people what Christ wants to do with all of us brothers and sisters people often ask why is it that Jesus is not come yet why hasn't he come the reason that he has not come Brothers and sisters I will answer in a short little story a mother is preparing the Sabbath to the very first time that she gets the point of the house is all straightened out she starts mopping the floor as she was hardly get the house ready and you know that the final task is the amount that was if it is mopping the floor she knows my job is done the house is fully prepared we are ready for this as soon as you get down to almost the last few strokes of that month on the sentences in the footsteps of her little son Johnny is unjust because most of the old NES all questions and he runs right across that nice clean now if mother once a clean floor what you have to do season I have to mop it all over again some of this awesome up again she says mopping and mopping them I think she's almost done and it all of a sudden see if the thoughts and was hesitant because I'm holding the dog any as much on omissions detracts not all of it mother clean floor was evaporative and then you got it right if not I want to raise our Shia get Johnny to stop tracking my in the house since eighteen forty four Jesus entered the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and what that most other places do not enter there to simply forget many things he did not enter the assembly cover man since Christ into the most know you wanted to he wanted to supply man sends out so that he can for instance the sanctuary you know the problem is Jesus has a bunch of little jobs Jesus a bunch of little Johnny that love much more than cleanliness that no sin more than righteousness number this is to be like Jesus meeting you would also have the same feelings in him that he carried on the Bible says in Hebrews one about Jesus 's face he hated iniquity is the righteousness know why we keep falling into sin because we love same more than prices I need to do a heart and processes is any heart transplant first one needs a surgeon and his name is Jesus in addition to that you also need an environment for their heart transplanted to you know that environment is thy way oh God is in the sanctuary Jesus said that through this process of the sanctuary I was so know how I can take all heart of stone and by time I'm finished with it I will make you a heart of flesh in Christ and then go this may be impossible with men all things are possible with God therefore brothers sisters it is rightly entitled lest we forget this week and you know why because brothers and sisters we are simply told we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us an exclusive in our past and this study of the sanctuary beginning tomorrow I'm going to show you the heart surgery process that Christ is going to do through the sanctuary message and how he can help us to finally love righteousness and hated iniquity and so tomorrow many begin with a very important topic as we deal with a topic that we are going to call our position our and begins tomorrow morning with an excited sanctuary perhaps I would never stand for it so I'm looking forward to seeing each and every one of us and if there be anyone tonight it says in their hearts that you know what I can see that I understand time a little better and now I know what to do just aim of this is that she realizes to unpreparedness prices because is this crisis is the real the only reason why so bypass in America is because we are not written the world is fully and completely prepared we know by filing a testimony to the church at seven seventeen seven eighteen cents that God was before all you need crying up adopting Lord give us his view more years to get it right that's the one of your prayers while you hear on these campgrounds Lord give us a few more years to get married you want to get my career not exactly what I do what I want to give me a few more years so I can get ready and I can reach as many people as possible help in that's it as I read this is the messiest auntie of the neoprene father in heaven but we recognize that you Jesus his method was truly effective he preached based on time any help to understand what you father we realized tonight more clearly what time we realize that time is almost finished and the question is do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as and what I pray you help us all to realize that this great work that you are calling us to do to a week to righteousness Christ our righteousness to realize that we must reflect this image even before the Sunday law test comes to us because once the test his father to each of us as individuals what ever decision we make eternal law desires that we might make the right decision because we had the right experience so that when the test comes we may pass and receive the seal of God rather than market so more please create a sense of urgency to the stupidity in the lethargy that has taken possession of so many of us dear God help us to live a life that we've help us to get back to our foundations bring us into an experience of true revival that will lead to true reforming may by faith we meet with the even in the sanctuary above where is our greatest during the storms that getting rid of the villain is and take a majority of the people as well as an overwhelming need keep us faithful even unto death what is then and only then shall receive our crown of life we thank you God for making this revelation more clearer to us continue to come to work that you started with Dennis Foley asked these things in Jesus name amen this is just reduced by PTH is our mission is to spread the three Angels messages through preaching and teaching Seventh-day Adventist message to integrate healing through medical missionary work in declaring the gospel for more information on our ministry and the resources we provide please log onto our website at www. PGH ministries .com X www. PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do my part to meet the needs of humanity the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner


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