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Part 2: Holy Convocation

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 3, 2011
    7:00 AM
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rule finishing the money is him and think that is in a new thing is a that will assist you with all of us will want to keep rain is that anyone has to avoid using you that you think I only been here living in a time where it was not necessary to hear such new and startling messages are living in a time to live a life as a God is having a struggle with his people he is given to us so much like the problem is that even in our lives many of us can see and perhaps not all of us can see that you are not living up to the light that the already busy and you come to meetings because we looking for more like an God 's hands was visited you can learn first things first if you can learn to practice that is already gossip in our minds and our hearts are now in a position that we can receive more because even God is making proper in this God knows that he wants to give truth to his people he wants to get in great abundance but what the white predecessors did don't ever forget this is the truth that was designed to save us if we are not careful can be the same truth that can condemn us this is why the Bible says to him that knows to do and do not see him Jesus does not want to save it cannot save anybody insane by which it is also from this is why we're coming together the president of the study so that we may understand what is thus in so you'll find that many things and I will share with you by the recent God is awesome and heavenly reminders is not my desire to try to give you something brand-new and sorry for saying what I wanted to present the wrap team on the importance of embracing that which God has already given to a nonbeliever that we can do that as we can truly be prepared to receive firelight better vibrator like an ultimately be able to see the one who is life is none other than Jesus Christ so as we prepare to go into our message this morning I want to once again from Simone and prayer I'm going to the once again I'll invite you are able to view welcome to join with me in the event you cannot displease Reverend Wright has weight you are with the Jerusalem prayer is time as he said he our heavenly father for we are so grateful for religion the other three told the Denver is communication with God is one plausible thank you Lord that we can come to Jesus meeting you as he often is great enough to win when a man with a knife so far we've come because we want to reciprocate that love the ones who laid out on life before the weeds really do not want Jesus our desire is that we may cooperate as he does his final work plan of salvation in the heavenly things so me speak to draw positive remark may you do as your son David brings along ability you open our eyes help behold wondrous things out of the father I ask that you please give all of our sins when you got them all in right tedious once again how to behold help us to look to Jesus the author and finisher of our great for we trusted by the holding we shall become changed into the same I pray to God start my own part I give myself to you a fresh and I pray to you my life and let it be consecrated Lord in the words that shall be spoken today first meet my own parts need it I pray that it may touch the hearts of my brothers and my sisters and they would be one in Jesus for this software that we ask in Jesus name amen last night we approach the word of God to understand a little bit about time and I'm grateful for the privilege to study time is much to say about prophecy is much to say about things that are taking place in this world and I knew there was no way that I could practice everything that I wanted to share with you in one presentation but I wanted to just bring us up to the point that we can see that in the midst of this economic crisis in the midst of all these calamities that is sweeping this world by storm brothers and sisters this is God 's way of letting the snow was getting ready to come next we saw clear as day that all of these things are leading to something it is leading to the last act in the drama that last act in the drama is none other then a passing of a national Sunday law and we saw the ramifications of the very fact that when the Sunday laws passed that test has been a console hard to God 's people as well as to the world that brothers and sisters we saw last night that even a great majority of our own people how to turn away from God 's truth with a large class of those while professing faith in the third Angels message in these same individuals will find themselves turning away from Jesus one day profess to love and adore were told that many of us started we have admired for the brilliancy will go out in darkness brothers and sisters if ever there was a time to take your eyes off of me it is not you do not want to fix your eyes on quote on quote Seventh-day Adventist celebrities you don't want to go ahead and start getting caught up in speakers and evangelism preaches and teaches because brothers and sisters we are already seeing stars going out I believe that we haven't seen anything yet we have to take our eyes off of men and fix our eyes on the man crises and businesses as we saw last night that understanding time helps us know what to do and that's the key is that we understand what to do we saw that we need to await the righteousnesses that right and we saw brothers and sisters that one of the key things I want to understand if I can put in one person with the principle of righteousness by faith is all about I would put it in Hebrews the eleventh chapter in Hebrews eleven chapter want to turn your Bibles with me there if I could just put righteousness by faith in one verse I would put it in Hebrews the eleventh chapter you'll find that in Hebrews the eleventh chapter the Bible tells us something about righteousness by faith it is an eternal principle and once we can understand this I believe that we are going to better understand the things I'm about to present to you throughout the remainder of our time to get over these next few days the Bible says in Hebrews the eleventh chapter and if you're there please amen the Bible says in Hebrews eleven and verse seven it says this and I want to listen carefully to what the word of God thing is by what is by faith this is my favorite Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet what we do do you molder with the action words that write this as he moved with fear prepared an ark to the saving of his house by the way to condemn the world and became heir of what the righteousness which is by faith the Bible makes it clear that righteousness by faith is not something that God does it all and man does nothing that's fanaticism righteousness by faith is not that man does it all and that he approaches God and ask for help when you need that synapses righteousness by faith brothers and sisters had ever been and always will be operation between humanity and dignity divinity gives all the resources all the powers all of the strings everything that individuals need you and I must exercise the will and let God work in our lives as gory as someone is that when we talk about understanding time and knowing what to do we're not talking about doing something to make yourself right there's nothing you and I can do to make ourselves right the one thing I do know is this yours your doings in my dealings can testify of that which is right already within my heart this is why a man cannot be saved by works but he can definitely be judged by the man cannot work his way into the savor of thy heaven for the button on man's words testifies God you are is why I have three times the redemption says that no output that hammered to the art of online says it was asserted quiche all by his words that he believe and trust in God dealer Michael told to the outside world it was arraigned before that enables his brother the little boat get ready for some serious ring he looked singular and straightlaced reason why choose those returns because we told an inspiration that every single one of God 's true faithful soldiers in these last days by the world and perhaps even by many of the checks will be looked upon as odd singular and straightlaced a fanatic is someone who goes all above what the word of God says a fanatic can be someone who consistently falls short of the word of God says but a fanatic is never somebody who does exactly what God says is a faithful child of God is not another but do you know how few there are who live by every word that proceeded out the mouth of God very few sober this is what Jesus is saying that we must live by his work and we discovered last night that time is almost finished and the question is to you and I reflect a lovely image of Jesus as we should know that's our money so you go to the book of Revelation chapter ten in Revelation seventeen you'll find that that's the great mystery of God that that is a wonderful mystery of God that the Lord wants to do in yours in my heart he wants to reflect that love the image of Jesus in us he wants us to be a bunch of little Jesus is walking all throughout this world not people talking about Chrysler people reflecting Christ big difference Bible says in revelation the tenth chapter it says in verse seven but in the days of the voice of seventh angel when he shall begin the sound is the Mister got to be what is the message of God should be finished as the other clear to his servants the prophets is a wonderful mystery of God that the Lord wants to finish in the premises as we can see several applications I want to sell your very cheap applications that the mystery of God must be finished and you and I go to the book of Colossians chapter one in Colossians chapter one we find a mystery of God that must be finished in you and I and I wonder what that mysteries Bible says in Colossians the first chapter when you get every say amen and Colossians chapter one you will find that there is a wonderful ministry that God wants the finish we need to finish the work and give a work that must be done and we saw last night this worker visit as you don't want away on a Sunday law test on you to get this working you do not want to wait on tell the test comes it's the final test like any other test on earth would a final is coming up already be prepared for is that right and so it is that we must be prepared when the final test comes of the Sandoval test with his great work regardless of doing this is in Colossians the first shaft and Colossians chapter one notice what the Bible says as we look at verse twenty five issues wherefore I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the word of God even though what mastery which had been hidden from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to his saints what is this mystery verse twenty seven to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles and read that mystery within the last sentence which is Christ and you want the whole authority is the great mystery that God wants the so desperately you and I is that we might reflect the image of Jesus and everything that we say and do and the only way that we can do this as we must understand the way we saw last night Dennis on seventy seven in verse thirteen by way all God is where in the sanctuary not where seasons and things were these are not most holy place what's he doing these interceding with the interceding in the holy place just less of it happening more in the most holy place right so what is he doing in the most holy place smoking brothers and sisters we should be clear on a great controversy page four eighty eight says that the subject of the sanctuary in connection with the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God it says we should be clearly understood and Dennis says that we must understand two things in his possession and his work and his allies if we don't understand the vision in his work it would be impossible for us to exercise the thing that is necessary in order to occupy the position that God designed for us to fill that sounds almost of the God wants us to be so acquainted with understanding not only is position with even the most holy places but his wife which is a work of judgment as he is getting ready to blot out the sins of God 's people the Clintons the sanctuary number of the sisters while Jesus is in heaven doing that you know one day I did this little line upon line and as I did this line of online research found something you see how a great controversy for eighty eight it says as the subject of the sanctuary in connection with the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God do you know that I did a subject of the sanctuary research in my little LOI CD and I when I did that upon another quotation great controversy for twenty three now great controversy page four twenty three days something that stated there I actually found into my mind in great controversy for eighty eight it said that we must understand the position and work of our great high priest but when you look at great controversy page four twenty three this is the subject of this sanctuary was written she would unlock the mystery of eighteen forty four and then I said that he brought to life and to view the position and work of God 's people and I said to myself that's interesting there is not just a position and work of our great high priest but literally called mingling with that position work of the great high priest it was supposed to be a position and work of God 's people in other words those who are going to experience that which Christ wants us to experience while even the most holy place by those who are in their position doing their work while God is in his position doing his work and being on a seventy minutes have no idea what our position and our work is even after seventy minutes and you ask them first of all with Jesus Dominion and say well I guess easier they are everywhere they don't even know the answer that that's why said last night our church on us as a people we are in a crisis is not just the world you will always understand prophecy brothers and sisters best when you see you through what's happening in the church because all these things happened unto them for end samples and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come first Corinthians ten eleven when we see what happened when the children of Israel as they let Egypt on their way to join it but this is as you can just smack Seventh-day Adventist and what we see the children of Israel going through we can see that happening amongst our people I think I am God wants us to understand what we should be doing right now in cooperation with our high priest and that most holy place and you know what Gustavus will be doing right now Leviticus chapter twenty three in Leviticus the twenty third chapter you'll find exactly what was supposed to be doing the number of this is not to see the lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist enforcement the awful things that is literally supposed to come the lifestyle of seventy advantage right now and reticent as you are about to see that one show you but as it says that this is so imperative that you will see that it can affect your salvation if you don't do it it's that serious to God we must cooperate with him in this final the Bible brings about Leviticus twenty three you are about to see the position and work of Israel while the high priest was in his position in his work in that both will replace the Bible says in Leviticus twenty three and verse twenty seven if you miss a minute the Bible says in Leviticus twenty three in verse twenty seven it says very clearly also on the tenth day of this seventh month this be what a day of atonement are we living in the Antarctic of the payments on it right now amen so therefore what you see happening here in the type we must understand it indicates anti- time knows what the Bible says it says it shall be an holy convocation unto you and ye shall afflict your souls and offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord and you shall do no work in that same day for it is a day of atonement to make an atonement for you before the Lord your God now watch this in verse twenty nine for whatsoever soul in vivo shall not be affected and that same day he shall be cut off among his people and whatsoever settlement be there do it anywhere in that same day this same so I destroy from among his people you shall do no matter where it shall be a statute for ever throughout the generations in all your dwellings it shall be unto you a white Sabbath of rest and he's often result in the ninth day of the month at even from even chunky celebrate your sabbath you just read your lifestyle they are portraying that Seventh-day Adventist Christians should be doing right now before things are you and I will be having a holy convocation number two you're not supposed to be all things our souls number three you what I believe are not even in two thousand and eleven we are supposed to be offering and offering made by fire and you know what you and I are not supposed to be working those the fourth instruction do know work for the full instructions regarding the children of Israel did all of this in one day we should be doing all this since eighteen forty four hundred and sixty seven years and so it is processes is that for the rest of the time that I will be privileged to study with you we'll go over those four steps seventy two two thousand eleven applicable to find out how can I today have a holy convocation how can I today afflict myself how can I today offer an offering made by fire and how am I supposed to apply today to do no work for you Charlie I'm not supposed to have a job but you don't even have to sell my business but you tell me that I'm not supposed to be doing any manual labor will find out shortly and businesses as you saw with regard to the Bible says that if we were not doing these things that would be cut off if they got a serious I was very serious and so the first thing that we want to do is we want to investigate holy convocation that's all study for this morning holy convocation how can we apply today holy convocation now the first thing that we should do with number one make a definition of terms if we can make a definition of terms then that would make it easier for us to know how to apply to turn so therefore the Bible says holy convocation select breakup awards for second and its focus on holy what does it mean to be holding now if we study the word holy inducible looking at it from its original language as I heard many of us a Hollywood meantime to set up our separateness of putting away of separating for holy purposes of books godly purposes but a meeting of biblical definition along with a book the book of first Peter chapter one in first Peter chapter one and we wanted to find out what wholly represent I believe the first example one to make it so planes Walmart that by the grace of God we cannot miss it the Bible says in first Peter chapter one when you get there please say amen in first Peter chapter one were investigating this time holding what does it mean we talk about something being holy the Bible says in first Peter one versus fifteen and sixteen the Bible says but as he which hath called you is what novel called us guide you can help at this event first Peter two nine but now watch this it's as much as he which hath called you is holy businesses so be holy and how many things in all manner of conversation because it is written be qualified and what holy so therefore if we want to go ahead with six of which are defined the term holiness we would say that to be holy is to be like God if we were to simply do it we wanted to simplify with saying that to be holy is the life God now if we want to look at location what is the accommodation meeting it means that gathering or end up settling we'll talk about that in just a little bit further down when it talks about a gathering or and assembling here is one of the principle that God says it was supposed the life of those who named the name of the remnant God was saying that he wants us as his people to make sure that in all various forms of gatherings that we have to make sure that the great purpose of the gathering is how we can best exercise yard likeness holiness promoting encouraging and exhorting one another to be more like God that was the purpose of a holy convocation should know this is a holy convocation we talk about as WIC Southwest use covers were talking about a holy convocation is that right now one of the things you'll find that was done in holy convocations remember the purpose of holy convocation was that the people who come together gathered together to strengthen one another so that we can help each other be more like God that was the focus of these elaborate that one other want to look at something you want to consider this quotation I wanted to see what it says it says anciently the Lord instructed his people in it to assemble three times a year fourth worship existed these holy convocations the children of Israel came to bring into the house of God there ties visit offerings in the offerings of gratitude now I want to look at what other things that were to govern the conversation and the mindset of God 's people and I want to see how can we apply this law several types of gatherings today notice what he says they were they meant to do what recounts God 's mercy so therefore they went to recount God 's mercies in other words when they were talking to each other seven I'm talking about things that were useless to talk about things that were idle is talking about things that were not profitable what they would do is focus the conversation on speaking about things that was a recounting of God 's wonderful mercies in addition to that it is said to making all his wonderful work I want to imagine that you had conversations with brothers and sisters and it's amazing to me because this assignment is not in us often funny how we can do we can come together for meetings like this and we can come together to try to have been the study is that we can go deeper in the word of God but if I were to say to you a protective Isaiah fifty eight thirteen fourteen and you'll know what I thought about this by mentioning if I do say Isaiah fifty eight thirteen fourteen a few of us already know that sex is talking about is talking about how God wanted us to keep the Sabbath keeping I put from profaning the Sabbath speaking thine own words and all these other things how many of you remember that now it's amazing presence as his hobby you know that even on the Lord Santa Fe just a twenty four hour period we find it so difficult to simply focus on recounting God 's mercies and making known his wonderful works we cannot help but to talk the girlfriend isn't going to get here or on another widow Susan went to buy the brothers come together and demanding to see the game nicely formatted to see what happened is that the places such as at the time anything that even on the Sabbath day we struggle so hard to simply try to keep our conversation on Jesus and yet we talk about when we all get to heaven this is as if we can learn to keep my estate upon beats in a twenty four hour why would God punish us and put us in an eternity to keep my feet on God was trying to teach us of the Sabbath of which when I supposedly every day so that when Christ comes we can be that throughout eternity Einstein is a holy convocation they would recount God 's mercies they would make no wonderful work they would also offer praise and thanksgiving to his name this was the case of God 's people during holy conversations and they were reunited in the sacrificial services was one of the Christ of the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world all of these things would think I was about to be high on the mind of God 's people when they came together for their holy convocation for the various gatherings the reason why bring this up to you the question is this what was this supposed to do the Bible says Isaiah twenty six in verse three that thou will keep him in perfect peace is what mind is stayed on the evening we need these are now using it as an autonomous world that can cause individuals to be filled with as we saw last night propensity God wants to give us peace that passes all understanding but the only net income is when we keep our minds stayed up on him and what are the methodologies they don't get it to you and I is that you said you must understand that you're living in a time the annual gathering you must change the focus what are the greatest challenges of God 's people today is that we are consistently losing our hope is we find myself talking and dialoguing and participating in doing all the things that take the minor was Jesus rather than maintains the mine on Christ I wonder what was the whole purpose of God in us having these type of gatherings and having all these conversations knows what inspiration says it says that they were to be preserved from the corrupting power of awareness and idolatry God knew that if I can get my people to consistently focused on recounting my mercies if I can get my people at the consistently focused on making no longer my wonderful works if I can get my people to consistently offer praise and thanksgiving undermining writing my people and human rights in rejoicing over the wonderful sacrifice of that wonderful Lamb of God that took away not just the sins of the world but he took away my sins even mind if you got a bit of thought do you know what it would be okay it would preserve us from getting caught up in the corrupting power of worldliness and idolatry it says faith and love and gratitude were to be kept alive in all hearts and through their association together and is presented as they were to be bound closer to God and to one another this was God 's mission and volume testimony six sixty page thirty nine God wanted us to see that is how he was going to preservative because of God 's people being affected by worthiness right now on guys people consistently falling into the trap of the sin of idolatry right now God says one of the reasons why because we lost the principle of holy convocation God physically with understood that this was to govern our conversation in all things grow this is in fact of the Philippians chapter four infinity is the fourth chapter you will find how God was to bring this visible out to you and I and do you know that if we can get this principle good here you can carry forward at the workplace you could try folding your leisure activities you can charge for it all to the different types of gatherings that you and I have today is what the Bible says in Philippians Chapel in Philippians the fourth chapter if you have the same end than Philippians chapter four the Bible brings about so clear that we don't have to miss it the Bible says in Philippians four adversely it says finally brethren whatsoever things are what true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report it in the deregulated in the any praise what the Bible say we should do think on these thanks now the Rio Grande Christ gave us this instruction is because he understood the problem is twenty three and verse seven when the Bible says that as a man think it in his heart for his mind so is he if you want I would understand that if we can recount mercies top of his wonderful works all the praise and thanksgiving unites in the wonderful things that God has done for us through that wonderful man of God that taketh away the sin of the world it would present for some world leaders in idolatry and it would unite us in faith and love and draw closer to God and to one another now the best thing that comes to this is that it would begin to have an effect not just in this type of gathering but it would begin to trickle down into other gatherings we are jobs that we would have businesses don't you think God has laid down his room because writers are run a business for a location no brothers and sisters when you are not at business locations and when we are at our jobs we ought to be like Daniels and Joseph's we are not going to a job just to collect a paycheck if the problem that John had when you were not for the lack of trash Hollywood to listen to the new stream output grab a fast exit visa money inside waiting for us God does not have a issue with providing us money when God gave you a job when God gave you a business he gave it to you when I so that we can let that job and that business become a sanctuary language leave the light of God to make known his wonderful works and men and women would see the goodness of God and glorify our father in heaven your job and your business is a missionary steel your job and your business is a place where we can turn it into a holy convocation whenever that patient a whenever that client whenever the coworker was to start the top of foolishness of the world we can make known the wonderful works of God when individuals when all of a sudden come and bring on a big crash and new jokes we can go ahead and take the crown hello Joe and we can turn it into talking about the wonderful man of God and die for my sins and can take away this is what we should look for every opportunity when the market given that we can turn the job we can turn the business that we can turn even all places of leisure or re- creation that we can turn all these things into environments where we can make it a place of holy convocation God understood that this was a principal and you know why this is so important because I wanted you to see how we does read and saw that whatever goes on in the mind will ultimately in the actions I want to bring about the school writing it is a law of nature it is a law of nature that our thoughts and feelings are encouraged and strengthened as we give them utterance this is why God wanted to guard the speech so well with me because he wanted us to understand that what you speak this is it is interesting testicles is it this is a ministry of healing typically do it says it is a lot greater than our thoughts and feelings are encouraged and strengthened as we give them utterance once it's it says while words express thoughts it is also true that thoughts follow words suggest that the gnome of this is that if we understood that our thoughts follow all words I believe that the cognizant child of God would be more careful about what they talk about this all many individuals that Abrams insisted that also loosed and so casual and what they talk about what we don't understand is that what we speak about our thoughts will follow and as a man thinks so is he in his not always understood this divine connection if he wants us understand it it says it is also true that thoughts follow words if we would give more expressing to our faith rejoices more end of the things that we know we have this is the great mercy and love of God we should why will you and greater joy I remember I was at a men's ministry meeting and were at the men's ministry meeting and when we were there we were we wouldn't it was about three hundred men we were all there we were talking about things that men deal with and of course one of the things that came up with the issue of sensuality and sexuality and I think talk about that one of the gentlemen was taking the questions that your brother is a pleasant have any of you ever found yourself praying about some of your license and you find yourself mentioning a lot of those things which are praying about specific megabytes of any given example if someone was struggling with lusting then they were going to pray and say Lord help and stop lusting it was a simple zipper like that music native arthrogram I've examine how to stop lusting over to stop taking these widgets also whatever the case may be and he says and when you've finished up prayer cases you found your mind was perhaps even dwelling on that and even more minute and then said you know what that's true he says the next time you pray remember that thoughts follow words so the next time you're praying for victory over certain issue he says why don't you go before God and were able to thing you want instead of simply asking God to help you overcome the thing that has bound you that we give you an example one man fragrances Lord help me to stop lusting another Manfredo says Lord give me pure thoughts talking about the same thing but one better understand that God 's followers so that what is that it is a luck felt it stop laughing because it is a long evidence that nothing shall be to stop thinking with your thoughts comes up in the unrighteous thoughts that what happened in the mind of human life unrighteous and then the thought began to the words but when the on-demand company break this is not just me your thoughts Lord give me home he thought Mark Jimmy thought that thy righteousness and holiness what is the Miami purity this is an end of all topics on the wires and thought final word and as a man thinks in his heart so that's what when you begin to understand this printable better he understands man my words have great magnitude and therefore I should be more careful in how I express even my very thoughts even my very words and sodas reverses and you find that an holy convocation the goal is to make sure that first and foremost in our speech that we ought to make sure that it is ever seasoned with salt I want to see what the Bible says in Titus chapter two Titus the second chapter in Titus the second chapter God understood the power of speech and it was wonderful how an holy convocation focus so much on the speech because God understood how the speech leads to the thoughts and the thoughts need to be actions and reactions repeated is what forms the character and so it is that I want to see what type is the second chapter six entitled subject to God was giving instruction to the young men of the young women and so on we got to the young men he was making a point here that I believe every young man every young woman can follow the Bible says and try to step into it says verse six young men likewise exhort to be sober minded and all things showing thyself a pattern of what kind of works good works is in doctrine showing on correctness gravity sincerity it says what kind of speech sound speech that cannot be what kind in that he guided up the contrary parts may be honest saying having no evil thing to say all the exhort servants to be obedient to their own masters and to please them will in all things not answering again brothers and sisters we must understand that God wants us to exercise sounds eight what is to remember that in all of our gatherings we ought to promote we ought to be instrumented to turn in a corrupt environment into a holy convocation and if we can learn to do it here as it becomes easier to do it at the job it becomes easier to do it at the business it becomes easier to do it in our leisure time and it becomes easier to do it runs assisted in all the darkest places that make up human life but brothers and sisters I want to make it where something you see one of the great reasons we can see right now do you believe that we are having challenges have an holy convocation today nearly were having a problem although this is not only a high note we'll is one of the reasons why is because it's so difficult to keep my six upon Jesus is so difficult to keep our thoughts upon him it so difficult to even speak of him it is as well because we come together at meetings like this and even it was any good if we understood the principle of holy convocation it would not have been so much laughter and giddiness that was taking place last night at about seventy seconds aggressive enough to condemn because of proximity and because it didn't as if we really understood the Sabbath it will be understood God 's truth everybody understood holy convocation and what the Lord was try to do it all lies but this is as we would have been making all the noise and what all these things with your last night God is trying to get us understand that this is a solemn time that we living it this is a time would you visit this special things that I want to share with you they are great experiences that I want to bring you in but the devil is consistently trying to press upon the mind these consistently tried to bring up all sorts of stuff that we can talk about Elizabeth USA Today thought about all your stuff why is it that even on the Sabbath date we cannot keep focused God is trying to remind us as it was and I'm trying to save you which got us a focus it's a cooperation is not a topic tear us simply to keep appealing to our hearts appealing to offer appealing to our appealing to our hearts it's only when Earnhardt finally closes all the balance and no longer get any blood gets through that we suffer a heart attack and brother this is Jesus 's thing I want to suffer cardiac arrest spiritually he says I want you to see how I can cause blood to flow if you would simply let me what you want to know what the great museums the real reason why we have so many challenges one a lot estimates out of China have holy convocation he is the reason why is this it says if we love the things of the world and have pleasure in unrighteousness or fellowship would be unfruitful works of darkness we put a stumbling block of our iniquity before face and I set up idols in our heart it says and unless five determined effort we put them away we shall never be at now is that the sons and daughters of God volume five the testimonies one sixty four we must recognize Lord my issue is that I love worldliness I love the things of this world I go ahead and I follow many of these things you gently to do on a Saturday when I'm ready I find joy in it and therefore it becomes very difficult to have to have a holy convocation because brothers and sisters is something very wrong with all that wrong thing is is true that there are many who love the world and all these things even when the litigation life is with easy lives many of us are trying to have holy convocation but we forgot this point here is a work for families to engage in the phone are coming off to our holy convocations the zebra versus is the this I cannot have a holy convocation at the public meeting I cannot have on the congregation at the job I cannot have holy congregation at the business located all these things unless we are to have a holy convocation and a hold of their husbands or wives of the blows me away from this is going to want to date that will not talk to each other but will talk to everybody else and things were anything to have a holy convocation they are husband and wife that will literally hold bitterness anger and resentment towards each other even if there is something wrong with them all again to heaven than they are bills thousands the ad hoc children today that will sooner spend time on anybody's of their friends and also the focus is even on the paper 's assistant but we don't know how to fit with their parents and have worshiped together they are parents who are out telling anybody that's come together for success at Outlook logon on a good end of the sound the pulpit but they will not call the children together for worship in the home we must understand brothers and sisters let the preparation for eating and dressing via secondary matter but let deep heart searching commence at home pray three times a day and like Jacob the important it at home is the place to find Jesus sonically without wanting all relevant and high dollar charts but I can't seem to find Jesus iCarly I have a special wine season to think up anything you know what God is thinking alike because it was at home he was supposed to find Jesus looking for Christ in all the wrong places God Donna for one of the great reasons why we have so much turmoil in the seven-day administration is because we tried to do everything outside of the home with the gray entries in the Gospels with granite everybody knows that yet but brothers and sisters what about that gospel medical missionary work evangelistic work is to take place right side our homes this is the issue this is why holy convocation is so hard you can't come to church but this is just a listen to Christian music but then go home and listen to working music brothers and sisters in other findings it's like that you cannot dress like a saint for the service during the divine hour but then go home and happiness of the garments of on you can do that it's as good as at home do not find Jesus you and I we cannot speak all these beautiful happy Sabbath law we worked to each other here but then we can't and swear like sailors when were home because somebody got me met anything at home that we must find Jesus and the great problem of this visit is that many of us are not having holy convocation at home therefore it is impossible to have any place else God is a God of order and godson is eighty euros of my heart that if you want to have a holy convocation if you want to go ahead you must learn to make known on many wonderful works in the home you must learn to offer praise and Thanksgiving in the home you must learn to unite in the wonderful soccer official services of the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world even mind at the merger do these things in our home circle the unite easy it is to have holy convocation at church do not use it will be that when you go to your job and everybody tries to bring in file convocation we can bring an holy convocation it will become easier because of these things it says that Hall is the place to find Jesus and take him with you to the meeting and how prices will be the hours you spend there is one reason why some analysts as a local this something that is missing our young people they can't wait for the sun to send one a lot because I got the balls in the frisbees and talking with a friend but also the things that he couldn't talk about the Sabbath because they were locked into seventy you think that that's the vessel gone what the Bible tells us that God wants us to have a delight in this and other Bible study earlier this week and we were with a group of us and we were studying the time of Jacob 's trouble and as he was studying the time of Jacob 's trouble we got to a point where we saw that the individuals who would not bend those one victory over sin those who God was working in and working through and they were going to this final persecution before they were about to see Jesus burst through the co-op it says that those who work enforcing Sunday sacredness and they were going ahead and passing out the Dexedrine and try to kill and persecute these people it said that while they look for while they were pushing the Sunday law plunder is still time to get underpriced it says their persistent refusal enable them to stay in when we when we look at that as I I I stop the classes and waited also one of those people have requested they had persistent refusal and I said do you think that was something they develop at the time of the crisis all of a sudden they already had this in another already had a statement I said do you want to make it through the crisis yet I should read this is that you want to make it to that crisis they you must have persistent refusal now you must have in the minds of every concert to talk about something secular influences on the Lord spake persistently refused that voice yet the persistent of his window and says that even other Nikon edited in a six man and his thoughts on all the second is not even on I must want to this one in Manhattan we should be able to softly correct that brother sister established persistently refused with you bringing your producers of a keeper my statement Jesus today we also concerned about hurting each other but we forget that sin breaks the heart of Jesus whom you love more but this is not beloved I believe that with all my heart I really do but I must make sure that in my walk with Jesus that I never get to a point that I love you more than I love you the Bible says in Matthew ten thirty seven if any man love father mother brother sister more than me he is not worthy of me and he cannot be my disciple SL is that we must learn that while we ought to love one another encourage one another that if we see each other going in a wrong we have to lovingly correct and redirect and keep the mind six on principles of holy convocation and this is to take place in the home volume five the testimonies one sixty four is over the sisters here is a place that we all can make it in this place that we are about to make I want to see this I must grow and grace where at home 's address on page one eighty nine in fact and you read this with me I must grow in grace at home and where ever I may be in order to give more power to all my actions at home I must start my spirit my actions my words I must give you time to personal culture to training and educating myself in right principles I must be an example to others I must not paid upon the word of God night and day and bring it into my practical life the sort of this area which is the word of God is the only source which I can safely use processors of our privacy if you and I learned to have a holy convocation in the home it will be easier to have a holy convocation in the church and it will be easier to have a holy convocation in the community and it will be easier to hold the convocation in the world and this is how we can forsake not the assembling of ourselves but we can gather together to actually now explained to select each other strengthen each other and together keep each other focused in both instances I'm telling you right now when the great problems that Jesus is having with many of his people that while leaving his position and his work many of us have forfeited opposition in our work because many of us are not having holy convocation they are some of us right now that I work it will cost us we're just like others do some of us that when we are in place of outside a church environment sometimes we will go ahead and laugh and make all these lewd jokes and make all these different things and talk about the flu since of the world you know that these inspired tells us that we should avoid for stopping we must understand that this is these lips that God has given to us is to get any instrument upon which the tongue to bring out the words in the blood can even be an instrument for life or for and God has called all of us to choose life and so it is that you realize today that you've not been having holy convocation you can look at every dynamic of you might even say Lord with this in my home question is I've even have a holy convocation if you can look at the church even so you know what I read I realize I'm not having all the conversation if you are realizing that your job and all your places of leisure wherever it is that you and I go if we can realize that we have not been having convocation is a Lord I have been having holy convocation but now that I better understand by your grace by your pal I'm going for the mention about your life within all that I will only speak that registered using to speak I will say that this is a problem only do that to spirit between in my life will be completely surrender to him excessive desire you know you have been on vacation with using what I recognize it I confess it and by degrees today the company will want to this entry you recognize I have not been having holy convocation what I like I realize that this time that I've allowed myself to my mind is that if you have read this is that that's all right I want to ever remind you in an mostly to his mother the judgment going on I praise God that the mercy seat and I can remember times in my life this is where I found myself not having one publication as I shouldn't counsel thankful for that person see the time that justice and mercy in all Norwegians of it so I prematurely debate is much much more is much much what we did a series on the topic and go much deeper into what holy convocation means but I wanted an easy decision because I believe that if we can get this right right here by the grace of God will give you things in the Bible so as you're standing of the Christ and he stands with you to help you and when you find his or get rid off track make sure that your body is most sensitive statement because it is you will feel the top of the Holy Spirit and so the same member of the congregation when God speaks yours in my heart of the system may we stay focused train our father in heaven we thank you to let's hope that we have in Jesus Christ we thank you father that you have taught us just one principle only so many friends could apply a holy convocation but I pray father that as we gain this one may help leaders and contributors the Lord as we stand before you we recognize that we have not been having home congregation will allow the mind to drift to allow the conversation to sway and we did not understand that our thoughts follow-up and more we pray that today please forgive us even of us and even for the things that we've taken place last night you realize to be highly profane even your holy Sabbath day of rest will be once again apply the precious blood of Jesus that a wash solving all of us and they keep us on that street narrow path of light thank you so much for your help thank you for that mercy Lord I was not to take advantage of it was but may we talk of those wonderful mercy even throughout this day in May we make known your wonderful works may we offer praise and thanksgiving and he emotionally impresses me and maybe unite wonderful services on which Jesus that level that we might help this to be our focus today and meet preservice work with idolatry and join us closer to enter one another and software we asked in Jesus name and her business is adduced IPG agency 's mission is to spread the three Angels messages preaching and teaching the Seventh-day Adventist message to integrate healing the medical Messiah were in declaring the gospel for more information on our ministry and the resources we provide please log onto our website at www. PCH ministries .com W the me EPA's ministry .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven may we do my part to meet the needs of humanity is the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner


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