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Part 4: Fasting In the Day of Atonement

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 4, 2011
    9:00 AM
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Burlew if it was a meeting that I really was hoping the refinance is this and you'll find one of the reasons why is because this is so incredibly practical to bringing about the experience that we also seem to have is the reason why I want to sue be available but will do what we can for those of us who is quite a few of us here praise the Lord for that reasonable but I want to look at another dynamic that can be very important as we look into the principle of all things ourselves that's what we studied yesterday we studied the afflicting of one so that we learn a lot and then and you know the Lord wants to show us and reveal things to us to help us best understand how to walk with him and let not our will that his will be done with you to find there is something very key in this principle of afflicting our souls that I believe God was playing to our hearts today so you can see that within a talk a lot about that quotation that we read from the book as in verse twenty one before we do that is going to have a word of prayer and then we will officially begin assessments let us bring our father in heaven we thank you Lord for the privilege and the opportunity once again to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to learn a few words of truth you see how we can know the way of God and how to let Christ that way about his life within us nor I prayed to please forgive us of our sins clear on minds granted the alertness that we need to pray to God that you will make plain truth unto us that we can best understand how we can cooperate with you as you do in your final work in the heavenly sanctuary Lord I pray that you are my own hormone to take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to be fun I see those words not in vain repetition father because these more about Jesus that I too would learn and so every grant assault a revelation of the will which is set before us so that we can walk and that will limit but not our will but thy will be provided this is your people bless us we pray thank you for hearing operator for we ask it all Jesus in the College of China by the subordinates are trumpeting their elsewhere we started our study yesterday when we were eating to understand the principle of afflicting one's soul and we were in the book of Ezra chapter eight there was some wondrous things that the Lord wanted to show us that I think you and I would do well to consider members what is it when we were seeking to understand what does it mean to a foot when Solectron you are you define that who remembers what we found in Ezra chapter eight verse twenty one what do they tell us about a flipping once sold once all was to do what to see the right way is that right and required examination but I wanted to see something that was directly connected to seeking a right-wing and it was right there in the verse it says in essence after eight and verse twenty one it says and then I proclaimed a white a fast a fast it is then I proclaimed a fast there at the river Omaha but that we might soon other words this fasting was absolutely necessary for them to successfully operate their souls and understand a right way by using a diverse that's what Edward is there he says that we put together this fast so that we can offer our souls and understand a right-wing notables again he said then I proclaimed a fast there at the river that we might afflict parcels before our God to seek on him in a right way for us and for little ones and for all our substance so fasting was something that was an integral part of the children of Israel being able to successfully offered their souls not wonder what is in you when we need to understand some things about fasting we need to understand some things about it and I want to return to Bible to the book of Daniel chapter ten Edward got a look at fasting from a basic principle but when I look at it is very broad see it is many ways you can look at the topic of fasting but there's something very specific for this study that I want to bring out to our attention the Bible says in the book of Daniel and where Daniel chapter ten when you're there please say amen now Daniel chapter ten I want to see what the Bible says I have verse one it says in the third year of King by the third year of Cyrus king of Persia but thing was revealed unto Daniel whose name was called Delta 's Azhar and the thing was true but the time appointed was long and he understood the thing and had understanding of the vision now look at verses two and three carefully it says in those days I Daniel was morning how long screen full weeks this is inversely I ain't no pleasant bread neither came fresh snow wine in my mouth neither did I not myself at all till three full weeks were fulfilled now here it is that Daniel is doing something as cold morning but at the same time connected with this morning was fasting what Daniel refrained himself from eating certain things he was trying to understand what is this isn't all about I want to get out one exhibit it's clear later on in the chapter you see that the vision was made very clear unto Daniel but one of the things that he did with the also fast food but you'll notice that has fast thing was not a total abstinence from food is that right okay and the reason why bring this point up as I want to see that from a biblical premise that fasting does not mean and abstinence from food all the time it can mean there is an accident from certain kinds of things in fact I want to listen to this quote this comes in the book Daniel and Revelation written by Uriah Smith page two thirty nine this is best morning of the prophet speaking directly to the property then you can just look at this and this morning of the profit is supposed to have been accompanied with fasting not an absolute abstinence from food but a use of only the plainest and most simple articles of diet gave no pleasant bread no delicacies are dainties to use no question a wine that he did not anoint his head which was with the Jews and outward sign of grasping so fast thing is not always connected to a total absence of food but fasting can be an asset is from certain kinds of foods another reason why that's important is because we saw it as a that there was a direct connection to the flipping of one sold so that they can successfully see the right way of God are you following so therefore since eighteen forty four when we entered into the anti- typical day of atonement when we entered into this judgment our it was imperative that God 's people understood their position and their work and the position in the work was number one we should be having a holy one congregation so now we can apply that to one of broader level Lehman but then the next thing was that we had two of our souls which inquired whose music we had to do a lot of self-examination to base all things will well and we can see the way of the Lord in her right matter but what you'll see is that one of the things the Bible brings to our attention that helps an individual says believe of their souls examine themselves see themselves for who they really are is that the Bible says that they need to be connected to it and fasting is not just the abstinence of food but I think it's something that can be a abstinence from certain foods now the reason why bring that point I want to consider this in the book councils on diet and foods page ninety eight it says the true fasting which should be recommended to all to how many to all argue it all alright citizenry that is the recommendation for you because of that already from the account is with a third grade education what is the testimony of Jesus Arthur Jesus is making a recommendation to us all on something called true fasting method to what he says notice the true fasting which should be recommended to all is abstinence from every stimulating kind of food and the proper use of halls some simple food which God has provided in abundance are you following so therefore the Lord is making a claim to your mind in my mind to say that there is a fast that we all are so all should be applying in our lives today and that is not an abstinence from food was an accident some entries simulating kind of food we break that down we'd understand what that means we go to the Bible to receive instruction on the kind of folder things that make you that we should put in our bodies and what in the world of the L effects my mind and here is where we need to understand the role of health reform cutting did to this type of in the investigative judgment and the experience of afflicting one soul successfully argue following are good so therefore what would I do this without it looking dogs food manual the Bible are the road to a meeting in Connecticut a few weeks ago or three weeks ago little over a month or so it was inevitably due to health meeting we were doing an evangelistic meeting but we started with health and as we started to help the other night number two nine oh two we dealt with a high blood pressure and if I was teaching on high blood pressure we had lots of visitors looking at what was teaching on high blood pressure was letting the visitors know if it did you know that the best health book in the bucket in the world right now the Bible they look at me like are you serious I think after the best health book in the market as the Bible is God 's manuals gospel manuals got health manual pages and everything we need to know about how best to govern this human machinery called Abadie J God 's temple and we started to walk through this thing and do you know that by night number two we did a study on high blood pressure and acne and all that study we had seven souls give their hearts to Jesus you see some people are busy going around teaching people about health that with unsolicited note that this is God did not give us a message of help God gave us the gospel of health and this is why withholding councils on Doctor who's a seventy five the in the presentation of health vegetables we must the principal of health reform and the third Angels message when you see in the Gospel connected to it this is where the power comes from inside when you get a chance I want to do a little homework I want to go in read volume one of the testimonies of the church page three thirty seven when you read volume one of the testimony to the church page three thirty seven it was an elder in the elder was actually preaching or teaching about the Sabbath truth and as he was doing it Ellen White gave some comments about his work you know what she said about him she said what you did and what you present on the Sabbath was no different than what a seventy that this would've done nothing special she said she said what she did was no different than what seven about this one but then she said this she said but had you connected the messages I wonder what messages she was talking about none other but the three Angels messages music ranges message that do something to edition she says when you connect the messages to it she said then it would've been a power that would've convicted the minds of the heroes when we teach people how independent of the gospel brothers and sisters all regulators teaching section on how to become healthy vibrant centers forgot about the work he did to Seventh-day Adventists if you want to be held working in his view New Age and wages about charcoal New Age is no lot hydrotherapy nor does know about the benefits of the sunlight and although it's open air they understand all those things brothers and sisters and seventy two better than us but Google power because there's no gospel and therefore when ever we teach health reform we must help people see the spiritual connection to it how does this affect my walk with God in fact you know that they are people today that's a safe what are you drinking how I live has nothing to do with my what would Jesus do the people say that the heating am I drinking habits have nothing to do with my salvation it has nothing to do with my walk with God it has nothing to do with my level of spirituality my eating and drinking is just us I issue you soon into the door and I doesn't matter I remember one time I came to church and when I spoke about search my talk on the gospel health when I thought of the gospel help one of the leaders came to visit Berlin and visit may visit this was truly God 's providence to have you come here the Sabbath and I thought they were just expressing the happiness of understanding a little bit more about the body the mind and in food and dive spirituality on how to work together and he said not at all he says is deeper than that he says we had a conference official come to us and tell us last week that are eating and are digging habits have nothing to do with a walk with Jesus recently here you are you coming are you totally contradicted that but he said the difference was that when this individual said there was no biblical support what you said had total biblical support see that's the difference in how one example of this is not all about that I praise God that from Elder Wilson although it down to my family and many others they are people inside of this church right now in the world of leadership in our conference that clearly understand the connection between health reform and the Gospel and the need for them to be married and never divorced and sodas that I was asked because it would be believed that your eating and drinking habits have nothing to do to affect your walk with God perhaps even your salvation I was asking this question is that somebody in your newsroom and maybe feeling that women ask you this question do you believe that the practice of iniquity can definitely separate between you and God believe that we believe that the practice of iniquity can call this recently nothing got blue of course you believe that if you believe the Bible because Isaiah fifty nine adverse juices are eighteen equities separated between us I got that right the inequities can definitely do that but here's a question why isn't equity what are some that I didn't know that the Bible calls and equity in fact I would ask a question if I was a Sodom and Gomorrah what comes to mind all these horrible sexual sins is that right you know what I think Ulysses and they perhaps you never seen before the book of Ezekiel chapter sixteen in Ezekiel the sixteenth chapter I think with I see something perhaps we have never seen it like this before I went to see the Bible says in Ezekiel the sixteenth chapter I heard someone yesterday a nice lovely little lady she came to me yesterday she said rather than an output appreciated every time you read you make a Bible verse statement is repeated three times so I said all right so I decided to White House than a third time Ezekiel chapter sixteen and I want to see what the Bible says in verse forty nine rating easy kill the sixteenth chapter verse forty nine we agree that iniquity is definitely something that can cause a separation between God and man but yet they are people who say my eating in my drinking habits have nothing to do with my walk with God and cannot affect my salvation as the Bible says in Ezekiel sixteen in verse forty nine if you're very same in this arena together it says behold this was the one in the key of thy sister Sodom was the first thing on the list I was the second thing I admit it the Bible just a list of the human potential acts of Sodom is that right making equity is definitely something that can separate us from God is that right so there the Bible just say us as they put CR by Cisco Sodom is not a walk down the list the first one was pride but what was the second one fullness of her at what is that some people so you know that if that's what I visited this morning for breakfast phone is out the Bible says it is over eighteen the Bible is a term called gluttony are you following me the Bible calls and e- negligence act can you imagine that can you imagine that he was a mighty my drinking habits that I have nothing to do with my walk with God by the distance of iniquity definitely can cause a separation and one thing that the Bible was as an iniquitous act is overeating the practice of collecting and so it is not difficult in fact can I show you something I was a Sunday I don't know if you have even considered is modeled after the Semper Fi Exodus chapter five no medical missionaries are taught to ascertain the cause one ascertain the cause why did this happen is not enough to have a copy needed a wider coffee is not enough to have a nosebleed and even the wider nose is bleeding is not enough to have a runny nose and you wise my nose running you don't just want to treat symptoms were ascertained the cause and you'll find that sure is typically the cost well was going to get Exodus chapter five and I want to policy we can try to ascertain the coldest but with a medical missionary practice this morning in Exodus chapter five gets up in the Bible says in a statement now look at verse one and able to the diversity of Exodus five one and two kids were the Bible says afterward Moses and Arian when in an all Farrell God saith the Lord God of Israel met my people go that they may hold a feast underneath in the wilderness and Barrow said what all banners below and one of our many goes on it's a little of the Lord that I should obey his voice and let Israel go I know the Lord neither will I met Israel go south on a predefined brother did now naturally we would someone asked the question in one thousand biodiesel defined by the exiting Moses and everything announced that Moses is coming in and let my people go on profit the following is a letter I seem to obey his voice is this attitude that I was approaching Moses with now my question is I wonder the Bible help me see some reasons why Farrell could've said that they are aware that when accident why was found such a belligerent hardhearted mindset that you would actually say something so silly as holy as the Lord that I should obey his voice the Bible help us get at least some level of understanding why you bid and the number of businesses I think I found at least perhaps one reason amongst many of waterfowl say who is the Lord Proverbs chapter thirty in Proverbs the thirtieth chapter I think I have an idea of at least one reason perhaps that Farrell said who is the Lord the Bible says in Proverbs the thirtieth chapter negative restatement and I want you to notice what he says in verse seven and five at seven thirty in verse seven the Bible says two things have I required of the deny me the night before I die remove far from me vanity and lies when you are commenting already his now wife and I sent this to me with all convenient for me on our feet we went a sufficient amount of food what would happen if you didn't get it next verse it says believe with all that is convenient for me and let me what fall and didn't hide me and sad rule is the Lord who is the Lord IV full we dishonor the visiting forty nine that followed this up and his iniquity alive because it is a problem twenty three carefully you'll notice that God literally puts gluttony and drunkenness on the same par gluttony and drunkenness on the same box if you read Deuteronomy seven twenty one to have problems with their children because they would and he couldn't control themselves and what they bring into the house and yard on the God instruction when the child is a glutton and couldn't control himself you know what God told the elders to do next I will Scotland and got got to let me very seriously we don't understand how that consumption of food and drink has a direct effect on the mind and as a result of that it causes us to be in a position that if the mind is weekend we are not able to rightly understand the way of God and not always on the connection between his knowledge of notice in this presentation your watchlist you remember because this wonderful little Bible verse first we can send thirty one whether therefore ye eat or drink whatsoever you do do all what to the glory of God number of this is if you want to eat and drink to the glory of God will do anything to the glory of God what do you think will be the first thing we did understand what is the glory of God if I know what the going got and then I can know how to eat and drink totally right so therefore let's notice what the Bible tells us with an agitated question what is the glory of God and with a look at exit thirty three not know because the sunlight shining that this may be little hard to see but when X has thirty three and verse eighteen not axis thirty three can I have in here and this is an bluesy Shiseido just fine Molesworth approaches God with this wonderful inquiry he said I beseech me show me thy glory so the topic at hand is the glory of God Moses is Lord I want to see Gloria when understand show me your glory now God responds to Moses in Exodus thirty three nineteen the next hearts God responds by saying I will make all my what this has to be for me and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before the end will be gracious to whom I will be gracious and will show mercy to whom I will show mercy so therefore we find that the glory of God the goodness of God and the name of God are all synonymous I have the same meaning that's like me going to a Brothers in a continuous show me your car excuses no problem I will show you my Mercedes were talking about the same thing which is using different terms Moses is like show me your glory causes no problem I'll sell you my goodness and proclaim my name talking about the same thing now did God so Moses 's glory yesterday when you exit is very far notice Exodus thirty four this is where God responds now to Melissa 's request because thirty four versus five to seven and thirty four five to seven years with the Bible says in the longus tendon in the class this is an system within their and proclaim the name of the Lord and the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed the lower the Lord God merciful and great yes long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth this is keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity insurance residents in an at will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children up on the children's children unto the third and fourth generation in what David God so Moses he showed in his character he showed him his character readable treatment on the buy page eighty four LOI says that God revealed his character to Moses and decimated as a one oh .doc is a merciful one about starvation ungracious one about everything I handle all suffering that is the truth of God and after he revealed to multiple checkout so therefore now will look more intelligent offers greatest and thirty one the Bible says whether therefore ye eat or drink a whatsoever I diligently should all be July the and the God of gods character so whatever you and I keep enjoying will stay on diet right now whatever you and I keep ensuring this is a should help reproduce gods character in me are you following bigoted white glutamate is eating intriguing things as you the know-how to put together your grocery list the next time you go shopping I'm serious I love it when the gospel is practical even children can do it even children so that's what we're doing with today's high theoretical idea of the points which are limited down so therefore I think it must help reproduce God 's character in the not maybe we would do well to consider something less hazardous women applicants are now how do we eat and drink is one that it's only what to do it's another thing to tell me how to do and why Satan is having so much success in the world if you send me the you can be but then he also says and also you how to do it and he creates books and billboards in music and does everything possible to give us instruction how to be professional sinners the church must understand and implement to tell people to be godly and belief is one thing to tell him it's another thing to show them how to enter into that experience amen so therefore how do I drink the glory of how I do this so I does American citizen things we've been uncertain and attributes of God 's character now one of the things of the busy Deuteronomy chapter thirty verses nineteen and twenty Sunday Deuteronomy thirty versus nineteen and twenty Deuteronomy thirty verses nineteen and twenty missing the Bible says when you get there please amen in Deuteronomy thirty nineteen and twenty the Bible says this I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I set before you might than death blessing and cursing therefore choose life lights of the Bible to choose life and it said that both thou and I see may lead now it said that down they love the Lord thy God and that now needs to obey his voice and Ms. Cleave unto him for each eye life and length of our days so here it is that God is revealing himself to us as one life amen he tells us to live in because I am life now it's interesting John fourteen six Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life John eleven twenty five Jesus said I am the resurrection and life still all right over and over again we see that one of the key attributes of God 's character is that he is life therefore whatsoever you eat whatsoever you drink and should reproduce the pain do not add one purpose and can whenever you what I eat and drink with the considered human when the Bible to consider diligently what is set before you and if any man be given to appetite control I like the Bible says it be better to put a knife to your throat you consider what is set before us and from the system is when you and I eat and drink we are to ask the question is this can produce life in me or death and if it produces light in me I can know beyond a shadow without the significance of the glory of God but if it produces in the next and what you know what I think I need to leave that alone as an example and going down the grocery shopping I see Sprite method includes front door that's right over the counter and I go ahead and the font available in our middle in an uncivil to consider diligently when I put my muscles before putting in my shopping cart I thought the reading within it I love you I think something called high fructose corn syrup and I realized Manhasset Bethesda where they should and I thought what type of those questions due to my body as a man who knew it would be duped ability my immune system my immune system is what God gave me to protect my body from sickness and disease so therefore if I eat or drink so that it has these things back high fructose corn syrup in it I can see Manhattan to bring down my musicians and cannot open my body to sickness and death and is not to reproduce life in the you know what I need to put that shoots right back on the shelf that I think the Lord God are you following that principle BC I give you make it so practical in the England of the multicellular specimen what does this produce in the assessment of I guess I haven't one of the Bible to be discussed in all these things remember Psalm forty six when God says with a Bible says God is our refuge and strength a very present help in time of trouble that means that whatever you and I is supposed to strengthen the body not weakening the sight of God is not the author of confusion that I shouldn't put things in my body best to cause confusion in my system calls my circulation to be challenge caused all these different issues because my heart is not palpitating my caffeine and coffee are you following eating and drinking to the barbarity to understand it from a biblical rising stars in a singular look at all these wonderful attributes of God 's character and you can practically apply these truths amen now the resort has become so important is this considered something the Bible says that installs one oh four fourteen this is that she causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the way our for the son of man that he may bring forth what followed out of the area is now the website is literally means to minister when God made the plantation though the plant kingdom he managed to minister to starve man to be like a matinee soon that's what the Bible said way before the properties being green no philosopher Tocqueville is reminiscent of the Bible until the students on food is one of the key things that we must understand especially how it affects the mind the last is because my time is running did you know that if you're not carefully study the Bible that we will start seeing that the Bible even give us instructions on times to eat amounts to eat and even the quality of food we should be giving it a look at that and think about it Ecclesiastes three one the vicinity of a time for everything under the sun it at one of the things we do under the sun and the time for that right doesn't like to do the time for briefing unassigned seating intriguing is something we do under the sun is ultimately a right to eat and drink now the only way you and I could know that we do not looking is revising the answer likely study physiology they began to understand the body do you know leaders and teachers and individuals hear parents you can take your children physiology and help them understand the body and simple ways out of the collective big books on your medical school into locals think you can help them understand simple things like digestion can help them understand those things there's a time to eat and drink and do you know that when you study physiology you see half an hour before you eat is when you drink and two hours after you eat is when you drink but you do not eat and drink at the same time and the reason why is because it will cause indigestion so therefore you begin to see that a mouse that ate not like to visit so your biblical moderation right now but honestly for godly people try to say what you know I'm using this chocolate uneaten this country can this copy on eating these bad things are getting all these things cannot go with unclean step because we are you know that investigates what another Senate health reform is higher than that when asked it should not regret visible to understand that there are things that God has made clear to my mind that as a result of problems in this world that the animal kingdom was that it becomes filled with sickness and disease you can be that Hosea four one two three but nevertheless noticed something in Proverbs twenty four because people often say what I think a little alcohol in moderation why do this at the other in moderation when it was the Bible says in Proverbs twenty four in the event statement now Proverbs twenty four verse thirteen the Bible says my son is now funny why because it is and honeycomb which is sweetheart face to the Bible says that it is God you are thinking that the Bible says we can go ahead and give it but watch this Proverbs twenty five sixteen with the balance to it says Hassall found honey eat so much that is sufficient for being less now be found at web and bonded it so difficult on presenting a balanced visit number one is a need now funny because it's going but he says but when you did nothing below a certain amount of it that is sufficient for you that you eat too much of it in your body will have an adverse effect and it will bond it out so it is that when God teaches moderation he does not say that when you know it's bad a little bit of it anyhow simple because the dog on the ground floor Todd said that if you know and is it is based on my where you know that I given you the okay to do this if I hadn't even looked only insufficient amounts broccoli is good for you but you do not care for breakfast lunch and dinner ten days straight twenty a strengthened in recent years and Doctor Suzuki the amounts that are self-sufficient for you on filing the Bible says in Ecclesiastes ten seventeen it says we should eat for string and not for drunkenness so therefore the quality of food you can find the Bible gives this guy because it helps us see that what we eat should strengthen the body strengthen the mind and he is the reason why watch this when God made man and formed out of the dust of the ground man became a living soul analysis we must understand that when man was making digital that he was made with all of these elements he was made with magnesium phosphorus calcium potassium sodium iron iodine fluorine so all of these things will already in the makeup of man when he was made from the ground because all these three Orlando Brown now what about being a reality when this is that when you actually mean that composes of elements elements compose our food food builds blood bill cells cells build tissues tissues and organs and man is composed of organs seem to see the connection now this is the reason why we must understand that what it's called in the book abundant healthy twenty five this is a fool may be defined as any substance which when absorbed into the blood will nurse the tissue repair waste and furnish forth energy into the body and how causing injury to any of its parts that old in the highest understanding the real becomes important is limited to giving page two ninety five cents this is our bodies are made up of the food we eat those souls should be chosen to supply the amenities needed for the building up of the body when deciding what the elements were so another was when you and I eat and drink we should make sure that they had these elements in them so I convinced the nurse and take care of the body now watch this when you think about the mind never forget that the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are the online medium is a silky through which heaven can communicate demands and effect is most inmost life easy we don't believe that men have the indwelling spirit that can separate itself in the body and communicate with people and talking all this up we do not believe that a seven-day Adventist Bible believing Christian payment so that when heaven was to communicate with us isn't it mitigating with us right now does God want to give us present truth right now he wants us unessential for this time so we can does know how to make it through the time of judgment and prepared to stand before a holy God without immediate is that the work that God is doing right now brothers sisters this is the most crucial times you know my way or because I haven't had time to communicate with others and the best way the only way that God can communicate with man is through the brain nerves the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system on the only medium through which heaven can communicate the man and effect is most in most life now he is in fact about the brain is approximately eighty percent water consists of ten billion nerve cells on memory can hold up to one hundred trillion bits of information over a lifetime computers can only hold a thousand bits of information our brains are more intelligent than even the best of what Dell or Apple or any of these folks can put together now understanding this we need to understand the differential is the brain the mind you know some people think yes some people say not some people say I don't know but listen if I can make it to you this way the mind would be like software the brain would be like the hard drive the brain is the foreskin that you and I must keep healthy and strong so that the mind which represents the thoughts and feelings can be properly conducted and clear so therefore the drive question on you computer gurus was this what young people shouldn't talk a lot question if you mess up hard drive with affected software gets it with you if your hard drive is messed up data financially also affect your software right so what if the brain is a debilitating condition but this is a significant affect the condition of the mind and the thoughts and feelings are you following always understood this waking the physiology so therefore we must understand all those elements once again is what man needs now understanding that keep this in mind food gets broken down into blood but I is what we need to see our brain and provided itself the brain is where the mind is how as to whether thoughts come from the Fox news where ultimately the accident for the Bible says every man think it is hard so it is the what ever goes on in the thoughts in your mind is whether in your action and an accent is repeated to form habits and how to form character and it's hard to determine destiny this is always been the divine link between what we eat and drink and how it affects the mind so that we can know the way of God is what I become so important as all as a member to the Bible served as a time to be born the Bible also says there's a time to die many thousand people die people say well I died because all the person says what might my relative eleven because of what the time that's absolutely true you know I the Bible also says neither be thou foolish and watch it is valid I before thy time I believe with all my heart that when my nephew Charlie died I believe he died before his time when the greatest reasons why believe he died before Sunday's because he did something foolish she chose to sell drugs just once he was won over and over and over again do not get caught up in drug selling a drug dealing and all this other stuff we decided is one I just want you never know Douglas looks just like his enemies I at least have some drugs and denied he sold is the night his probation close you and I can die before time of this is listening and one of one of the things that inspiration tells us is foolish and councils and I've been fooled before for if it is erroneous eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting to trust that the erroneous eating and drinking result in a row is thinking and acting in what happens is and care for life object lesson you will find that as I think life obsolescence page three fifty six actions repeated form habits habits formed tribes and by that character I believe what time and for eternity is in the cited using the connection the reason why the children of Israel always understood that in the opportunity out there so it wasn't absolutely necessary that they would fax the reason I asked that if they had asked for anything that would affect the body in the cloud the mind and they would not be the properly understand the way of God and properly examine themselves to make sure all is well between myself and my Savior the number of this is the one of the greatest reasons why we are so many challenges in entrepreneurial sometimes you can take Bible to make it so plain to brother this is because in many respects of what you are putting inside of the system and how it's affecting them I cannot help talking the truth is additional evidence officials say well I don't see it that way you can board meeting the needs on the work of God and we spent a lot time arguing had different ways about it spending time in prayer and setting the Scriptures to know the ways of God to get the people ready why it's because brothers and sisters he wrote his eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting and actions repeated for habits and habits one character and character determines destiny God is always understood this connection and this is why brothers and sisters you want to make sure that if you're going to understand that you live in the time of the and tie typical day of atonement upon a time in which we need to be deeply affecting our souls the last thing you wanted to have a separate in the house and output types and put things in your system that clouds the mind knows the brain and cause us to not clearly discern what is the way of God this is the worst time for God 's people to get into gluttony getting into all these different things putting things in the system but as I says this is amazing we can professor gave the fourth amendment did you know that many of those who professedly before the break of you the economics about some of us feel and the Bible says in verse twenty six nineteen and twenty is is what will you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost watch this as a favorite and he are not your own I might as well he said because you have been bought with a price of the precious blood Jesus says that island you know he was forty about the whole meeting was over and invited to your home is a bulimic enormity appreciated relative amount of the less I come by your house and invited to have dinner tonight I really appreciate that numbers and down and having dinner with you all happen and those involved in your in your living room and acetaminophen nightspots until the bank you and all of a sudden you going to kitchen to get some food and I just walk over that Bob and I just taken segments is real nice I just think it is not a Michael pocket and there's no go back to dinner we sat down to start eating again and I thank you I think you thank you so much for what you know you you you will be absolutely great SRI by and I gladly no wonder you look at the living room you notice that something is different you want the other verily is nothing in my bath is missing is a surely the minister could not figure my bond with you all right well having the following you call me a brother limit on I need to talk to you God I had a Bok in my living room and not a member you acknowledge that means that you thought was nice on I just wanted to know you by chance have taken it was made here is that all of a sudden as it once I see I get you'll probably say this where the distal brother letting you if you just offer my house in Iraq and because that's feeling is when you something that is owned by someone else you taken without permission to use a photo person is more of my children I said well you know I took the bonds become a part of the family that doesn't have a paddle Bob and I really wanted to be a blessing to them so I just took it from you so I can go ahead and give them so that they can enjoy having a boss you are probably sick of them and you know that sounds real good brother used over my house that right even I have my intentions at the end they are still a thief Bible says what know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and you are not your own you have been with that precious blood of Jesus and therefore you and I have no rights to take the possession of God and see what we want without first consulting the owner you can't drag it out you want without first consulting the owner you can do anything you want without first approaching the owner because if you do that the Bible calls it feeling this is how ever like to say to violate the laws of health is to violate the laws of God do you see the connection and some way that Jesus said I wanted understand you living in a time of judgment Jesus said I want to understand extraordinary silicon prepare myself for this interview can only see if it would be as if Jesus is in almost running relay provision because he can weigh the burst of those clouds and embraces broad and bring them to himself Christ a longing to be with us on the systems didn't know if you are lost and would be in that whatsoever be a boy in the heart of God because when God made you there was no one else on our life you and God is longing brothers and sisters is longing to be with us you can why is work to be finished so you can find this to the media was all the way praise God for prayer but because I long for the day that I can remove prayer out the way to praise God for the human assistant free spyware twenty longing for the day that he can remove the instruments one day we can burst of those clouds and he can finally once again look as face-to-face but he says that the only way that can happen is you got a sister so you don't understand that you need to fast you need to understand our needs Jesus said I need to remind to be clear you want to know why because in the most holy Place where being judged by the law of God is not right our final day from seven twenty five enrollment seven in verse twenty five the reason why Jesus wants us to keep our minds so clear the reason why he wants us to be mindful of writing and drinking out of the reason why he wants us to be so mindful of what we do to the body because of how it affects the mind his notice what the Bible says in Romans the seventh chapter Bible says in Romans seven chapter and verse twenty five the Bible says in Romans seven in verse twenty five just looking at that very first point it said I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord so then when you know what my time I felt so long of God that's the reason why Jesus is and the time of judgment you must be mindful of what you are putting in your body because it has a direct effect upon the mind and the only way you can faithfully continued my authors you must understand that your mind must be in a condition that you can serve the property because we serve the law of God with our minds and he wrote his eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting and actions repeated form habits and habits form character and character determines destiny so it is that if you rely today the study you think a similar I realized that if I'm good enough faithfully and effectively offered my soul I need to start fasting Davidic covenant with God it are doing this to get bonuses and there is no food item on earth that can make you righteous you know that this is not something you doing to make yourself right with God heaven forbid there is nothing at him and he ate a most perfect fruit and it brought sin into the world all cell phone I think the that can make you righteous there is simply because of Christ all right this is living within us and our desire to be reunited within the report again that is the motivation is a lot I need to eat and drink to the glory of God because autonomy so my mind is clear that I can faithfully serve your laws and that I can see you when you come we could be face-to-face never departed this process is all the principles that govern the gospel of health so what is it today if you realize what I have been fascinated by your grace of a Lord Boniface I want to make sure that I practice the right fasting so that I can faithfully afflict my soul and that's a determination power to dispense your feet we are praying a loving father Lord we recognize that truly and indeed there is a gospel of health father we can see better how what we eat and drink can affect our minds in our walk with you and even how and if we are able to even keep your law Lord we thank you so much that you help us understand these things a little better this so much more Lord that can be said which is sadly praying and asking for the divine presence of your Holy Spirit because father it will not be by might nor by power that would overcome appetites it's only been a be by your spirit saith the Lord so Lord please grant us your people your Holy Spirit so that we may have the power to even eat and drink to the glory of God we thank you father for hearing event this prayer we ask in Jesus name amen this message is produced by PTH ministries our mission is to spread the three Angels messages in preaching and teaching the Seventh-day Adventist message to integrate healing the medical missionary work in declaring the gospel for more information on our ministry and the resources we provide please log onto our website at www. PGH ministries .com X W WW PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do a part to meet the needs of humanity the everlasting Gospel hasten Christ's return mariner


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