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Part 6: Do No Work

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 5, 2011
    9:30 AM
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rural church saying they had are you ready to go home and him and my sister said which home I found all right to me that is is is is is a tremendous time again in a and I am very grateful to have been with you all of these past few days many of us we found times in private counsel and are broke away and out of corners and we prayed together and we had good conversations and on just so thankful I love meeting people getting to know one another better as this was truly a holy land case that's one thing got so much as even stand before the give the bread of life processes as I have some very important information it is very typical and wholly nonexistent like this in the presence of God is here etc. Hartman is very difficult for seats in to manifest himself is almost as if he's being held back from this ground because of the presence of God spirit being but the reality is when we leave this mountain someone's going to be waiting for us I can promise you that he has not slept most of he is put together plan handpicked her use of our personalities and lifestyles going to be handing the you are a will of God understood this and that is why when God would happen David Solomon the new that it was so important that the people would first get things right in the home even before they come to the holy convocation husbands needed to apologize wives wives husbands parents and children and children's yes I think parents the children promise look at the time that it is appropriate or even parents to apologize to you the things that we've allowed them to do and we should not allow you to get things right first in the home and then after that once we can meet Jesus in the home then we can take them with a holy convocation it was at that holy convocation they got really one of the people said to themselves focused and that's why they would count God 's mercies talk of his wonderful works keep the mind on appeal but then eventually gotten now it's going to be time to afflict the soul search itself find out what's going on is everything well between myself and my saved and after the individual afflicted soul and they would see things about themselves never have to pay for it was time for an offering and therefore they had to offer an offering made by fire but not also understood that offering was made by fire and atonement took place the Bible says in Leviticus Florida Yzerman after that offerings made by fire it says it would be done for an atonement and his people would be forgiven but God said there's one more thing to do no work do no work are enough for this study my hope in my prayers then we will understand how to take that command from God doing aware and know how to apply even in these very last moments versus and so this will be a very solemn message and while I pray I want you to bring the same thing we are told the spirit of prophecy says that the enzymes that Satan will then become behind an individual and green upon them and cause them to fall into a sleep so that people miss the very key point that God designed for them to hear you need to be praying for yourself you don't have to pray for the message I already know business is ordained that I must think because of me I got ideas no way my mind my feeble sinful mind is no way my mind could put this together I have no doubt that the messages of God but even Jesus told us that we should have years to heat so I had to pause at this moment of reality to pray for yourself Lord give me years to hear so that by your grace and by your power I can follow the full four step plan of how I can cooperate with Jesus while he does his final work of blotting out my sins even my class much as you're able to when invited to attend if you would please me would be if you cannot they discriminate on your head when you are otherwise that is needed to get it as he approached us on it a father in heaven we praise and thank you for this holy convocation truly many of us have literally passed from death to life as a result of these meetings father we had to celebrate her that you still saw another value in our life that you would offer life is going your love is beyond comprehension the father I am willing and I believe I speak on behalf of my brothers and sisters I know you love is beyond comprehension I am willing to sit in class and learn all the right father I'm just praying that in a very special way the baby anything that is unconfessed within our hearts bring it to our remembrance even now so that we may confess for syncing and overcome it by your grace not afraid you would please purify our heart yes we saw last night we can even give your heart so we ask you take our hearts because we cannot hear please keep in your for me you cannot keep her father that she spoke even to your servant Nehemiah that you would please enable me being we thought so Lord I pray in the name of Jesus syndromes I asked him to come into my own heart for this deal more about these is that I do not has to stand before you speak your words separated to please take my life in the consecrated Lord may you help me spring speak and give the word estate to give a sense of it cause people to understand pray heavenly father that as a result of this study do nowhere may we better understand and most importantly apply to me thank you Michelle the software we asked Jesus in a for the book the upward look page one seventy three or this is when we remember that no one knows when his probation may close how dare we live unprepared unready to meet on the how dare we remain sinful and defined by how we not afraid why are we not troubled why do we not realize all the Lord Woodward mightily for his people can't they would put off the works of darkness and with his righteousness is the reason why the time of the day of atonement is so solid is a very serious and solemn time and solemnity does not mean that joy is absent we can have a desire of Jesus with in our hearts while we are living in a sometimes I'm not saying that you and I should be but there's sad people live in always on the frown upon operators but we are to understand that we are living in serious times because mother says that it does not matter if you are young it does not matter if you are old it does not matter if you mail it does not matter if you're female it does not matter if your black and it does not matter if your wife every single individual in this room right now under the sound of my boys are going to have only one of two experiences on the one of two experiences in the Bible tells us exactly what they are going to the book of acts ethically asked the third chapter you will find that God is going to reveal to you what I does not matter I'm telling you it are now young we might be sometimes people say all my child is so young that they can take these words seriously you know but this is as I respectfully disagree you want to know why because when I read that little book called great controversy page three hundred and sixty six notice of every controversy three sixty six it talks about the little child reaches that were living during the time of William Miller and it's these little child creatures were as young as six and eight years old and she said that when these individuals with children just as you know what they were like little children they love to play in the sandbox they love to swing just like little children but she says but when the spirit of God came upon Jesus when the Spirit of God came upon them she said their phone and voice changed they would stand before the people and your analyses what Harold there was a fear God and give glory to him for the hour of this judgment is come don't tell me the children are too young to take things seriously would Jesus bear all one of two experiences that cause people to enter into an accident chapter shows is one of them the Bible says and accepted free energy of their restatement the Bible says and accepted free adverts nineteen it says repent he therefore and be converted that what will happen that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord and he shall send Jesus Christ but this is the one experience that people are going to have is that either this is a divided out or to be something else go to the book of Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus thirty second chapter notice what the Bible says here every single individual in this room are going to have one of these two experiences the Bible says in Exodus thirty two Vanity Fair please say a man the Bible says in Exodus thirty two it says in verse thirty one and Moses returned unto the Lord this is when the children of Israel when apostasy they were worshiping an idol and it says and Moses returned unto the Lord and said all this people has sinned a great sin and have made them gods of those number to the love of Jesus inside of Moses are it says is now in thou wilt forgive their sin and not one of noticing brought me in I pray thee out of thy book which thou has written novels is not other people so much that I was a lot if you were not forgiven I'm soloing and not with these people that if you must got them brought me out of the book as well ministers need the kind of love for the people we got to be willing to love the people so much that in order the only way they could be say that if I would be lost but they could mail that they might be saved but then again how God answers in the next artist God says in verse thirty three and the Lord said unto Moses who so ever have sinned against me him will I blot out of my book brothers and sisters I'm saying unto you today there are one of two experiences that you and I are going to have either our sins get blotted out for our names get blotted out there is no middle ground there is no medium Viagra it seems a night out or names blotted out and that will be done since eighteen forty four names and friends brothers sisters and God is soon on it and still not know how soon would represent as we can see by the very events taking place in this world that soon and very soon judgment is going to pass from the depth of the living if you are not prepared for this is as a means of the blood out of a book this is why is not enough to talk about what you experience it as WIC this experience and mosques continue every single day so long as you show this is why God would make it clear that it was a blessing when it came to this point he would say to go and we need to understand what that don't know what it means we go to the president what do no work means I want to first show you what it does not mean is that all right I want to see what doing the work not does not mean and I want to look at this quote from child guidance page four eighty three it says we know not in what line our children may be called to serve they may spend their lives within the circle of the home it says they may engage in lies and locations our goal as teachers of the gospel to even land but how many but all are alike called to be missionaries are ministers of mercy to the world they ought to obtain an education that will help them to stand by the side of Christ in on selfless service so the one thing I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that while we are about to find out what do no work means I want to make it clear what it does not mean some people think that Google works means that we should get to a point that everybody is all of a sudden the new full-time gospel ministry that God 's people should not have any part in any type of communist vocation but this is this is that your know it is not exactly so you prophetically go to the book of Daniel seven two in the book of Daniel the second chapter you'll find that God makes it clear as day with Daniel type of God 's people in the last days with the experiences that he went through would literal Babylon facilities Russia's Google spiritual Babylon yes now watch what the Bible says in Daniel chapter two and I want to see what it says Renaissance adverts forty six the Bible says in Daniel chapter two and verse forty six injured as a man the Bible says that the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face and worship Daniel and commanded that they should offer no patient and sweet odors and to him the king answered on the Danube instead of the truth it is that your God is a God of God the Lord of Kings and a revealer of secrets seemed out clues revealed his secret was I hear King Nebuchadnezzar as we know how to drink and no one can interpret it in August and Daniel came on the scene and Daniel was able by the grace of God and the power of Christ to go ahead and make known the drink payment all right now this was an issue or a dream that took place in chapter two but once they're not going to be an MS of the beast set up in the next chapter yes so therefore we would save we would adore their new puck on what type of anti- types we would see that the same things it's a place right before the image of the beast was about to be set up we are reading right now amen and an image of the beast that is going to be set up in August yes there so I want to notice carefully what took place shortly before the image of the base was set up in Daniel chapter two notice what he says in verse forty eight McCain made Daniel a what government a great man and gave him many great ideas and made him what made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon and see of the Governors overhaul the wise men of Babylon in other words Daniel got a job before the image of the piece was about to be set up Daniel understood that that was the Christ as he was getting ready to fight but at the same time it was a job that was offered to him and in Salmonella King Nebuchadnezzar we're in a crisis under the brain is getting ready to dump the result of that I got a continual change some aspect of ministry to know the job but look what he did with his job verse forty nine the Bible says then Daniel requested of the king and he said who Shadrach Misha and Abednego over the affairs of the province of Babylon Daniel sat in the gate of the King Noah Daniel did he took advantage of his job he took advantage of his business he took advantage of his occupation to play some brothers who were like-minded in the same company with him so that they can have a greater affect on bringing revival and reclamation to the people God was understanding when you get a job as a systems when you get a business the last thing you're getting it for is to simply make money your job your business you're still young people is all a play that now we are going to collect a mission field that's why God placed you there is an intimate of final crisis is upon us because God knows that there are people in the wild that need to be prepared for this final crisis this is why we know that there is no way that God is saying to you and I do in these very last moments versus reefs Solomon build a baby and as a result of the fact that the final crisis is right upon us God is not calling ad free body into a full-time gospel works but all can be missionaries as we read regardless of their intercom and vocation full-time gospel ministry or even if they stay in the home circle with mother and father in any respect at all of these individuals can still be missionaries forgot and then entitled to listen this quotation is as a review and Herald April twenty first eighteen ninety six we are not warned against property participating in business transactions that are we are not on to properly participate in business transactions but against the angel says that which is lawful in itself against allowing our minds to be so absorbed in earthly things that we saw not discerned the important things that concern our internal interest so that the balance so while we are looking at the fact that God says number one we need to make sure that we do not work and we are about to define it but I first want to so you would do the work does not meet it does not mean that for some reason or another you cannot participate in common locations if you understand that any statement following dates and how we can move on so now you know that quotation quotation from was from review and Herald April twenty first eighteen ninety six in fact as you know I told our young people and young people and encourages business if you want to know what does God have designed for my life I would encourage you to pick up a little book called education when you pick up that little book on education what's your read a chapter called the lifework when you read that chapter called the lifework it begins on page two sixty two given a find of the very first sentence in that chapter said true success in any line of the man's a definite a seat at the player or whatever it is what God reveals it to you that you keep that in your focus as you prepare to do the Lord 's work on page two sixty seven you notice that some of its minimum secret now you wonder what awaits you can know your calling is says on page two sixty seven you will know your calling by your capabilities so I want to encourage you to do as all people that want to start looking at what are my capabilities what is it that I'm capable of doing right now and that becomes a guide to show you what the call of God is upon your life someone occurred to me that is the thing we must understand that God is calling us to do various things but in all of this is a missionary but was still called to do nowhere so therefore what does doing no work for me with a few ways that we can look at it it's been a very broad subject Elvis the Pascal in his book across the shot went many about other pioneers Jan Loughborough Jan Andrews and many others they studied these topics then again it looked these things up one of the things that they saw was on a Galatians five now donations the first chapter you'll find that one of the things that we definitely need to make sure is being put away from us is open to the Bible says in Galatians the fifth chapter and when I look at the nineteenth verse when you get there please let me know by saying amen in donations five hours to see what the Bible says as we look at verse nineteen in Galatians five nineteen definitely this would certainly be one of the works that should be put away as it relates to God 's people living in the day of atonement the Bible says in Galatians five in verse nineteen spaces now the what works of the flesh so whatever when looking at in the next few statements these are all what the Bible calls the words of the flask and these are things we should not be doing amen knows what the Bible says this is now the works of the flesh are manifest which are these adultery fornication uncleanness master business now first of all all four of those references all deal with sexual sin it seems as if God understood that sexual sin was going definitely to be the sin of the day it seems like there's all these different forms of sexual sin that the possession of the hearts and minds of our young people somebody needs to do something and put together a meeting vintage and what we can deal with these issues because there's one thing the present concepts on the pulpit but if a child is struggling or young person is struggling with self abuse and all these other things this is one episode of how to come up higher from building things and enter into the powerful pictorial experience of Jesus we need to understand that sexual sin is the seminary on different terminology all dealing with sexual sin but then he goes on verse twenty idolatry witchcraft hatred variance emulations wrath strife seditions heresies and meetings murders drunkenness reveling and suchlike of the which I tell you before as I also told you in time past that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God these are the works of the flesh that God says you need to understand that and because especially when living in a time when God is making final decisions we need to make sure that we are not exercising entertaining or tantalizing any of these works of the flesh so one aspect that we can do no work is clearly living in a time of the anti- typical day of atonement and God wants to blot out soon naturally it would make sense that we did not do the wax statement with you know what I believe with all my heart that is even deeper than that while it is elementary that God would want us to not do the works of the flesh while it is elementary that all of these things that the Bible calls sin we certainly should not be doing I think there's another aspect that is faithful to the Scripture that we also need to consider over the book of Leviticus twenty three Leviticus the twenty third chapter this something else about the do no work principle that I think we can benefit from the Bible says in Leviticus chapter twenty three and when you get there please let me know my same you him just the twenty third chapter I want to carefully look at verse twenty seven and then we'll look at verse thirty two and less with what the Bible says the biggest twenty three and is a diverse twenty seven the Bible says also on the tenth day of this seventh month this should be what a day of atonement all right it says it shall be an holy convocation and you yourself that you sold and offer an offering made by fire unto the lord now the Bible makes it clear that this time is called the day of atonement now look at what God also speaks about along the lines with agreements on what's worth thirty two in verse thirty two here's what it says it shall be unto you a way to happen of rice that you shall afflict your souls in the ninth day of the month at even from even hunting even if junkies celebrate your sabbath 's so watch this the Bible says on the day of atonement that they were to do the work the natural reason why businesses this is because it was a Sabbath and anytime a Sabbath would come when it was the liberal seventh day of the week or even if it was a ceremonial you always saw the doc told the people to what do no art now when God told the people not to work on the Sabbath with each other not to sit on the Sabbath was that what they do not work meant nobody right so that's what we want to really had a very faithful of understanding what does it mean to do no work we have to understand doing the work in the context of the keeping of Saban because when God said to the work you said because it is a Sabbath day are you following now he is the natural question that the Bible student would ask father why is it anyhow that you would want us to not do any work on the this I realize that I want to do is send out what was not about sending you don't stop sending us out of the Benson on Sunday are you following matter how is it was a dog and I decided okay my Holly designs admin on July the ninety cents no limit is about the one of percent any day of the weekend but nevertheless he says once it comes easy to know so that will that do not work while I can be seen in the words of the flask surely I should start doing shiny I shouldn't do any of the words of the first would be cyber Sunday Monday Tuesday whether any of the DeLuise there must be something deeper about that term do not work as it relates to the day of atonement are you following now where in the Bible can be given understanding of why God say do the work when he came to the Sabbath days what is ceremonial or liberal why is it that God was a don't do any work don't do any secular labor why did I do that but Jeremiah seventeen into my the seventeenth chapter went to see what the Bible says Jeremiah the seventeenth chapter I heard one amen all right with Olivia Jeremiah seventeen with a look at verse twenty one stay with me brothers and sisters Mrs. is just getting started in Jeremiah seventeen in verse twenty one S notice what the Bible says if you there said that all right the Bible says in Jeremiah seventeen and verse twenty one is his thoughts saith the Lord take heed to yourselves and you know burden on when the sabbath days not bring it in by thy gates of Jerusalem neither charming for a bird out of your house is on the Sabbath day neither do he anyway worried now little essays neither do ye any way but what do I how low can follow me at all the gene the Sabbath day as I commanded your fathers is twenty three four but they will not deny the incline your ear but make their next step that they might not hear nor receive instruction verse twenty four and it shall come to pass if you diligently hearken unto me saith the Lord to bring in the old burn into the gate of the city on the sabbath days but how about the Sabbath day show to know what they are in then shall they enter into the gates of the city the kings and princes sitting upon the throne of David riding in size and on horses they and their princes the men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem and this should cities shall remain for ever watch this in verse twenty four we can't get a clue of why it is the God signal work when it came to the Sabbath day the voices of universally four eight says and it shall come to pass if you diligently hearken unto me saith the Lord to bring in Alberta to the gates of the city on when the Sabbath day to do what it says to how all the Sabbath day so what do you know what there is something connected between not working and being able to keep the Sabbath holy there's a connection between not working seizing from working and maintaining the holiness and the sanctity of the Sabbath are you following watch this notice what he says and prophets and kings paid for letting this is on one occasion by command of the Lord the prophet took his position at one of the principal entrances to the city and bears the importance of keeping holy the Sabbath it is the same account different about this the inhabitants of Jerusalem were in danger of losing sight of a sanctity father is and they were solemnly warned against following this universal bond that they question you will follow this second episode was born that day what happened according to the global they would lose sight of the sanctity of the Sabbath they would lose sight of understanding there is no hard data upon which I am to enter into an experience on holiness are you following so therefore can't textually speaking when the Bible says that in the day of atonement individuals were not supposed to do any work what it was saying is that you and I should not be doing anything that would cause us to lose sight of the thunder and the of the fact that we living in the anti- typical day of atonement you and I should not participate you and I should not entertain you and I said not to ban anything that would cause me to move sites of the fact that I'm living in the anti- typical day of atonement nothing should be done that causes me to lose sight about the solemnity of the times when and because I only wanted to it's very similar to think like either sins blotted out for names blotted out this is why God said I want to do any work because if you work it will break your focus if you work it will become a distraction that she will no longer be able to serve the purpose of this apathy is what has become so important of the sisters is because I want you to consider something go to the book of Luke the seventeenth chapter in the seventeenth chapter here's what the Bible says Museum of the sisters he is the truth you going to seventeen I have done meetings like this all over the world you know what you think that breaks my heart many of the same people who will come to me at the end of the meeting and say I've been revised do you know how many of those people I will get e-mails from and they will say I turned my back on Jesus many individuals who said man I'm on fire and that's it gives me a lot we all do what you want to get inside to get it and sometimes is just a few short months later and they end up sending me e-mails and you know what even trust God even though there is for the sisters my ego gets flooded with comments like this individual cell I met Jesus I had a wonderful experience with them but brothers and sisters as a result of time the end of folding back into producing you know the Bible talks about the Matthew twelve when a man sleeps up his house and barn it's a good and everything is just right but because the house was empty it says seven more demons come back and the person is in a worse condition than when he first was seen by the census is the issue is this you're at a mountaintop experience right now there was tremendous focus here and as a result of that you were able to enter into a space with a happen is a medical back into the valley and when you go back into the valleys that will be distractions waiting for you at school the only distractors waiting for you at the job that will be distractions waiting for you even access and brother systems that may even be distracted waiting for you right in your very home and because of this reality the and remember all are not enter into anything that will cause a bright and the public that you receive the interchange is not participate to not get caught up in anything that removes the solemnity the times are living in Brooklyn Cisco be many things that will be used in fact the seventeenth chapter in the seventeenth chapter the Bible says in verse twenty eight it says in the seventeen in verse twenty eight it says likewise also as it was in the days of Lot they did eat they drank they bought they sold they planted they build it but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed no reason why this becomes so Solomon I want to listen what it says there is a way for this is that we can be working during a time they do not work even in business it says in my favorites through thirty two when a lot warned the members of his family of the destruction of Sodom they were not heed his words but looked upon him as a fanatical enthusiast the destruction came found them unprepared but it will be when Christ comes farmers merchants lawyers tradesmen will be what harmony and growth in business and applying them the day of the Lord will come as a snare but this is that while God gave you and I business opportunities while God gave you an odd jobs young people while God allowed to go to certain schools the problem is is when you are not so much on homework that we no longer have time for once if you are walking during a time not to do no work when you can spend more time in the booklet is multi- and nothing about is our future but we spend hardly any time looking into the book that can only teach us about eternal we are working during a time fiancé do know our brothers and sisters wholly engrossed they are some individuals to spend more time in the study of secular pursuits than spending time studying the making in their life work demand of Jesus and his truth anything that God does not want to get an education but there's a time and place for everything brothers and sisters there are some individuals today that will get up early in the morning to make sure they get to work on time because they're fearful of what they are possible due to manipulate but how many individuals went out on all that will go in his shoes on and on when God was called in the day so they can have worship every line that were spending so much time and how it all night studying and doing lots of other things to make such an act of his project make sure that next job is to be successful in all these other things but we have no time for worship we have no time for Bible study we have no time for family brothers and sisters your working during that time God said do no work you are allowing the mind to become holy and on the things pertaining to this well and as a result of that we lose sight of the solemnity because of the fact we living in the anti- typical day of atonement and either my sins are about to be blotted out or my name and goddesses you need to be careful because that site right now some of you might leave this place and get a promotion some of you might believe this placement assistance and all of a sudden your business has the highest level of success might be met before some of you might leave this place and go back to school and all of a sudden people want to go ahead and make you president of this Association and make a part of this group I don't understand why you want but when we begin to look at the fruit of all that new responsibility we find that I don't have time to study the anymore I tried to spend time and anymore I don't have time even to the work Elizabeth Melissa says I'm letting you know right now there are some promotions that came from citing safe and well know I told you that last night great controversy five ninety six in round holes that those who seems intent to neglect and the setting of the Scriptures and will be overcome by his attack therefore he created all sorts of leave I say this to distract those young ladies you been warning that man to talk to you for so long and all of a sudden now he's interested you come down the mountain didn't want to talk to you before but all the studies interested in all of a sudden those times when you used to go to prayer meetings nineties many time with him those times when you know that usable cargo times in awareness running time and we're not going to cell phone talking for hours and most times it's about foolishness Satan will do what I hate to cause a disconnect from what you experience in this place and as a result of that will be many individuals who will end up leaving the mountaintop experience and go down into the valley and brothers and sisters within the socket and holy and growth in a lot of these things in the world and we will find ourselves working during a time got sick do no work is nothing wrong with courtship when is the right is nothing wrong with job was done right is nothing wrong with being in school and have responsibility when it's done right but any time something comes in your life when it begins the wholly engrossed the mind and is no more time for prayer is no more time for heart searching is no more time for Sarah God 's truth there's no more time for self-examination but this isn't if that's your experience while working during a time got to do no work begins even I go to Psalms one oh one and Psalms one oh one notice what the Bible says he probably we need to get some dump truck the problem I want to see what the Bible Psalms one oh one and sounds a hundred and first division I want to see what the Bible says when you get there let me know by saying amen in Psalms one oh one the Bible says I will sing of mercy and judgment unto the Lord will I sing I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way to all when wilt thou come unto me I will walk within my house with a perfect heart it said I will say no wicked thing before monarchists I do work out then that's an aside it shall not cleave to me then I said I hate the things that cause my mind to turn aside I will sit and all were different before mine eyes via one of the ways of the devil to set a trap for you and I when we leave this place you know how to do it even do it to our leisure time he's also the adhesive infiltrate our leisure time because many of us today we spent a lot of time on watching TV we spent a lot of time but this is perhaps even would video games and all these things give us counsel what we should be doing even when obviously thought knows what is Grayson says he it says some are looking to far all for the coming of the Lord time has continued a few years longer than expected therefore they think it may continue a few years while adhering to sway their minds are being let from present truth out after the world goes on in these things I saw great danger if the mind is filled with other things present truth is shut out and there is no place and I'll call ahead for the seal of the living God this I saw that the time for Jesus to be in the most holy places with anyone finished with it and got time to last but a very light of longer what leisure time we has been spent in searching the Bible which is the judge in the last faith my dear brethren and sisters let the commandment of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ being in your mind how often continually a good fit and then crowd out worldly thoughts and just using God wants us to understand that an armed leisure time we also need to make sure that we are doing nowhere we need to make sure that whatever we do in leisure time at last time that we had Bishop always keep the mind connected to gripe that we never lose sight of the solemnity of the times in which we living in their lot with all the cousins watched television all these movies and gains in all the different things are coming out because if the devils instrument to bring the focus of the remnant but this is the problem is many of us are indulging in these things today and psychologically by this time about the subtleties was these things Bugs Bunny and and an Elmo find your medical conscience Elizabeth and his wife is today the other seventy seven if it is not it's been deleted someone on cartoon network 's and all these different things and it is I remember I used to watch this it was funny because you'll notice the elder five-year CD looks like yet even though some of that right but then it wasn't his eloquent you remember that Sylvester the cat and Yosemite Sam and goals all these things again within a vacuum of a Scooby Doo that was all it was funny while we were children we were literally being educated on spiritualism and we didn't even know it we were watching all these different things everything involved also people die and rise back up again but here's the thing what happens is Satan is not tell them the Bible says is that anything satellite that's happen so what happens if it's not that things like this that we call innocent but eventually what happens it is not breaking the focus is not causing us to lose the solemnity and all of a sudden begin to justify watching these things NFL while status is good now get ready for my next step think this is now and that were not phenomena critically like Harry Potter and the great all these different movies and on the these things out specific monsters in the influence now though probably not in human form cemented together building up once again the new remember the foundation of most pertinent veganism is that turn that says these are not surely die so you have any of the plant at Saint Hall ran over and over again if any does not getting us to believe that when you thought you already die and then all of a sudden the wild brothers and sisters we start the body into this thing so much and people in the world have bought into these things so much that after a while then all of a sudden things like this begin to happen a child's somewhere in the Middle East will be convinced that if you kill yourself by trying to respond to you that you ascend into heaven and there were several versions of some sort waiting for you while you are there said that while they began to cheer on those children and begin to make the child feel that immigrants help out benefits out of it and try to sell you if you are ready to be one of our champions your son about that believing lies think of this article and something small it is where it ends that people yet never thought to yourself how can somebody take a bomb and types of themselves and just going to Ms. McCarthy was detonated like that Satan says because I have a massive plant I need to call the disconnect and sometimes it was a older brother learned yet that's true for the world to follow out that we were Christians we don't spend time watching all of these different movies and cartels in all these things but the wisest the last exams below this on certificate of the remake children programs with these cartoons you know that it's tedious you shall not surely die this is the individuals watch the details you would see that even in the details they begin to show you that when a person that only God may offend into another existence but this time what they did was they put in a Christian gar I remember one time my wife and I we we actually we instantly is to let our children watch the capacity to apologize to the children's arm of years ago I'd apologize my children could isolate and watch this stuff and I remember that I started to think about it one day I was doing devotion and is not a suitability devotion to spirit I speak your mind I started studying Philippians four verse eight and what was happening was I was sitting in account in the back and my children was sitting a little further front watching the details and all of a sudden I opened up my Bible tells having devotion and definiteness for Mercedes and the first thing is that it says whatsoever things are true and immediately God said can cucumbers really talk gossip is they can asparagus really talk can tomatoes really on conversations is natural to Florida never thought about it like that and I had to go to my children and apologize until the missing mummy and daddy made a mistake by then you watch these things noodles the greatest crime of the details there is nothing in bed because I can prepare our young people and how to be in the most holy Place by faith we will go ahead and we will bicker and fight over ministers coming on our pulpit on Sunday churches will go ahead and that their cartoons and programs be in our home given the same documents that are Seventh-day Adventist a detailed if the same teachings many muscle put this up before our children and think that that would help them become Michael's child predicts no Restasis it could never do it I want to think about it you really think it's ironic that ninety nine nine percent of all children's program is based on lies something that's not true talking and talking lions talking vegetation all these different singles think I was communicating with each other Bears back and talk think about it almost every single movie and sitcom that is output children and they are based on lies and spiritualism and we believe the market and is no recommend doing it this is a goodwill watching the details and all these other things I promise you we are working during that time God said you know work wood leisure time you and I have we need to be spending it in the word of God we need to be spending it out in the word of God of nature we need to be going ahead and learning about Jesus and how we can draw closer because living in a silent time upon with either my things get got up on my name can afford to lose your focus but since this is when at the end of the battle at the end of the battle that's when you must be most alert some people sales on the details what's what about seventh heaven what I touched by an Angel all these programs and officials are watching but insisted on telling the truth we are working during a time God said to the work I praise God for three again I thought it was not a big video links I praise God for the final generation for the chunks with a video link and we can watch things but that help us keep our minds stayed upon the above the sisters all this to other people talk about what I like to watch TV and I got I watch the news cycle be up-to-date of this is his first of all the news tells you what they wanted to amuse you want to find out whether that's all right but not attended any meetings this is the know that we have a chart that point all the way mark on the heavenward journey and we don't have to guess that anything that's on is none other than the Bible brothers and sisters do you know that we carefully understand prophecy I can tell the news was that happened before they figured out astronomy is aware that we need to understand that even if the viewing of television even in the watching of programs and everything that we do in the name of the Leasure we must make sure that we maintain that focus because we remain in a very solid times and brothers and sister if you find until watching TV and watching all of this looseness in the world brothers and sisters you working during a time signal work if you want to program you need to ask yourself how old this get me closer to Jesus Christ how will this help me better be prepared for the final crisis and the second coming of my precious Savior but it gets even deeper than that first Corinthians chapter ten verse Corinthians chapter ten getting ready to come down the mountain but under the take my time step-by-step first Corinthians chapter ten the Bible says in verse thirty one Bible says in first Corinthians ten and verse thirty one if you have the same in the Bible say the first twenty ten in verse thirty one it is whether therefore GE or drink a whatsoever you do do all to the what to the glory of God in other words we studied earlier that the glory of God is God what character a man we saw Exodus thirty three eighteen nineteen Exodus thirty four five two seven it showed as clear as day that the glory of God is God 's character so whatever you what I do it should be to God for help me better reflect God 's character amen now the reason why that is because there is something especially on young people what are the club and that is a call in the natural world recreation CDs out of a liaison area of real life that we're going to have to experience when we leave this out in payment doing recreation yesterday to doing our present time yesterday to doing on our businesses and jobs installed about two yes we do this is why God gave the information to help let's see how we can keep it and also expels Satan and his plan of how he's trying to distract us and make us lose the testimony that many of you gave right appear on this boat so it is God says no work we saw do not work as well as the business in school and all those things we saw Juno works as a relates of these at times but we must also understand it even as it relates recreation I want to see what inspiration says here as we consider something it says between the associations of the followers of Christ for Christian recreation and worldly gatherings for pleasure and amusement will be will exist a way marked contrast let me read that again between the Association of the followers of Christ for Christian recreation and worldly gatherings for pleasure and amusement will exist a marked contrast which means that it should be clear as day when we see Christians have an recreation and when we see welding setting recreation this should be a clear dividing line is a man that looks different from that another was when they both looked almost exactly the same except for the fact that one group has searched with all the foul language on it and another group has surgical asserts that have FDA on God said this to be something that is in marked contrast between the two of how they conduct themselves once this is set up prayer and the mentioning of Christ and sacred things will be heard from the lips of welding the silly laugh and the trifling conversation the idea is to have a general high time this is typically what happens when we think of recreation we mingled recreation as his basically having a general high time you are simply having a lot of fun about this is not a bug it's fun what is conducted right you see God is not for recreation God does not support recreation what God supports it is read creation is worth there are things I do what I can do in the name of one victim in the image of God in us therefore it is probably time the creation but then they're hoping that you and I didn't know that when we don't actually worry creates the image of God in us so God is not against fun but this is what God is saying is that there the way and don't worry if you only knew my creation but what I want is for you to guide and how client but I wanted to re-create my image and you know what the grand deception of Satan has used was what is with none other than competitive sports grid is one of the world one of men we have to tell it like it is but remember God is not saying it to condemn on being honest with you to see how I look and listen I've been to too many conferences I really want to see the work is finished and what is not a definition we just keep coming up unfolded and getting a hold of the hot philosophical phone listed that you don't know how to practice and let it when you leave the online souls brothers insisted on not going to do it I'll give on the this is if I lose my ministry of intelligence obedience if you lose your ministry for temperature Soviet because he has lost much more than you and I would've got fidelity to the truth and is one deception isn't fighting our movement and if this thing called competitive sports the Bible says in Philippians chapter two Libya the second chapter what you see what the Bible says this is amazing to me competitive sports are a member one time somebody say what so what's wrong with competitors for Festival first of all minister healing one forty three Google and Philippians two Mister viewing page one forty three says Christ's method alone will give us true success in reaching the people now I never saw Jesus promoting competition and I remember one time I was talking to a brother and he said not all is well competition is okay signal is funny I think we are literally trying to build up with Jesus was trying to bring down when the disciples came to Jesus they won't already competitive that's why they kept trying to find out who will be the greatest and it was so pathetic that they got their mother involved and the very thing that Christ was trying to shield with what the competitive spirit which are the building up in the name of evangelism the Bible says in Philippians chapter two verse one is that it got me therefore any consolation in Christ if any comfort of love if any fellowship of the Spirit if any bowels and mercies fulfill ye my joy that you be like-minded having the same love being of one accord of one mind let nothing but how many things he has said that he will be gone through what strikes stop right there the Bible says that thinking been gone zero what strife what does backwards I mean if you look up and greet your port names rivalry that's what the word actually means the worksite means I believe that nothing be done that would promote rivalry people against each other the Bible says that nothing be done through strife with articles on this is that nothing be done through strife or what else saying lowering number of this is in fact before we go to bring glory to think about this who'd a competition to begin with anyhow Satan goals before God since I will be like the multi- battery so I want to think about that is practically since I put a finger to keep his enough abuse to go back to Galatians five keep the thing of Philippians two on China wind this up but the Lord keeps downloading for this this is the cutest Galatians five in Galatians Chapter five the moment we just look at those works of the flesh the USS of the work of the flesh of the flesh of the flesh is at the Galatians five notice what it says in verse twenty is this idolatry witchcraft hatred variance was that what is emulation you know what emulation is to emulate is when you're trying to be equal to or better than somebody else to emulate is when you strive to be equal to or better than somebody else by José emulations is a work of the flesh and therefore when God was saying that nothing be done through strife or rivalries God was saying don't do anything but probably you're trying to constantly be on better advantage of it in fact the government has up until I got excited because you know out of a lot of us right now would go unanswered amen here and then the devil will work through cancer instruments on the show you that his instruments he will work through hand instruments to take away and steal away the experience that you're having here if you are not caught up in competitive sports brothers sisters we are working during a time signal work in Philippians chapter two it says in verse four look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others how can you do that when you're trying to be the person next to you and Johan called his excited being that person can overcome them a solid so that they can be the loser and I can be the winner how can you fulfill verse four it says in verse three that nothing be done through cyber vainglory but in what kind my daily loneliness of mine that she just think what better than himself how can you his name is better than yourself when you hold missing is the tried appeal God wants us to understand the odd distraction distract the agency that Satan is seeking to set up the calls us as God 's people to move site of the solemnity of the times that we living in this pastors this elders this meter is it how we lose our youth wallets are so excited when our young people this is that you should not have a single program functioning a neurosurgeon unless you first thoroughly sourced the Bible has been a property to make sure the word of God condones it and I don't care how far you are not program within it it were about does not condone it lasting it's amazing how we can fail when living in a time of revival and Reform Asia and when we understand that neither the need to be on change some things so that we can win the souls for real visibility was a lot of the time of the Gbyte I do compare this book because I want to keep me out of the limits are but this is usually one person I was in the church will save anybody so one person the Bible that the buildings will save anybody my Bible tells me about a man who ran into the building away from the enemy and when the enemy can communicate and the building is sought out and went and chilled him right by the altar keeping out people in the church does not mean that were prepared before the crisis keeping young people in Jesus and that's what prepares them for the final crisis Bible says that nothing be done through strife or saying the gory number of the sisters this is trophy stuff and all the Army is amazing to me how our church has gotten to the level we clearly show that many of us have lost sight of the funds which were living in unsafe it is imperative that we understand we and we will we want charges will literally battle each other and you also put the sensor is getting bad because we get into a plain time that they start with baseball and football and all these things would be noted that we have churches the actual use Bibles to compete against each other will have a thought to what comes back all right minutes with Bible also you really use that as an instrument to come in against each other to declare what certain ulcers and another chart on winner since sharks is fighting against each other we're working during the time God has said do no work in brothers and sisters what has happened when a man six and brought out on the court seeks not to go this winter because the other way and dogs you know what happens vainglory at a time we should be fearing God giving glory to him the individuals were giving glory to themselves brothers and sisters if you're not getting caught up in always in the is anything wrong with the ball and playing catch no there is if not there's nothing wrong with innocent playing catch and so on brothers sisters but when we compete against each other when I'm trying to be guilty of China beat me by the sense of that is contrary to the word of God and if you're not caught up in that stuff we are working during that time he said to do no work every line has become so important as I want to look at it it says among the youth the passion for football games and other kindred selfish gratification I want to look at the wording that Jesus uses it among the youth this is the passion for football games and other kindred selfish gratifications have been misleading and their influence it says watchfulness and prayer and any consecration to God have not been maintained it says converse communion with God is life to the soul the light has been what the founding visit and it was well pleasing to sites in reasonable safety and to have the impression the fourth that notwithstanding the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in behalf of our institutions of learning this is one competitive sports started to come into our school was this one and she began to speak out against it anymore as they say that the Holy Spirit was working in behalf of our institutions of learning physics and the office of publication and its ours they felt that to become overcome by temptation this is Satan and evil workers cast reflection upon God and his name has been dishonored his manuscript please one twenty seven Mesa police book six page one twenty seven is that instead of prayer and the mentioning of Christ this is the instructors ought to have had wisdom now this is talking to the leaders this is the instructors ought to have had wisdom to follow the indications of the Holy Spirit and go on from grace to grace leaving the youth to make the most of the light and grace given they should have taught the youth that the Holy Spirit which was imparted in great measure what the hell and use their time and ability to do the very highest service for the master showing what the president will call them out of darkness into his marvelous light the good news but instead this is what instead of this many went more easily in pursuit of pleasure talk about the competitive sports there were witnesses upon the pleasure grounds heavenly intelligences that made the records in the book about of transactions that many will not care to meet in the day when every work shall be manifest it says not only were heavenly messages presence but so what synagogue of Satan were on the ground to exult that here's ingenious methods what ingenious methods what's the context for this instance of the competitors thought that was coming into the school hands ingenious methods had in a great measure is sworn in the purpose for which God gave them the Holy Spirit God desired to carry you forward and upward that they might understand my experience the words of the inspired apostle we are laborers together with God ye are gods husbandry PR God 's building of how many who exhibited their qualifications and the gains could this be said that the sisters believes in re- creation but God does not believe in creation is a woman what can we do it I don't think we can do several things number one you can of course get young people involved in gardening I'll give you live in a Rockside city boy if you live in the country the listening I know parents who live in Brooklyn New York brothers and sisters were growing gardens with the children and teaching them gospel lessons through the process which will then nothing can improve upon the methodology that Christ used and the Lord used to educate the people of unpleasant truths do you know that true education we are told it is a start doing the garden to enjoy gardening work it says is the ABC of true education regarding work is coming to our young people want to blend in involvement on what's began teaching of object lessons through it and then on the process you know something young people they love to see a finished product of something they participated in doing you know how cool it is what you the next time a young person eats out of big as a man I grew that all of a sudden assesses Minnesota to think that any of us out that I want because I made it out of the one hundred and nine and will involve in the process to begin to fill in times on Saturday acknowledged a different sense of recreations you can go out like riding hiking different things we can do these things out Mister Brown's insistence you can take a boat ride to new writing I remember we had a whole bunch of young people in Georgia Manitoba Nevada Tanzania noted that I will have frozen just look at all I mean whether they were out of control in any event the elder Dean brought me end with the reason is I want to come and work with these people and I remember when we met them and at that time they were a mess but like either the joy that was set before him you'll see young people as they are using them they can be in Jesus 's article and was not working with them as I worked with these whether sisters and brothers are mentally competent some of the brothers and we went to one of the state box and we got ourselves on one of those boats and his brothers innovate the innovator and why we innovate that one of one another this data is there interested was started and I had and we went on a twelve inch answers was article on the book ultimately on the table right my wife and I do children almost dwindled riding in a suitable riding in on the end of brothers we got a chance to talk and we were just surrounding by trees and water and acid on the boat all the sudden you see this brought about your heart got anything all the studies I will have otherwise and whether it was in the process flying over the water him and figure out to him to it was like the most amazing than any of us are we are told that when we go out in nature that angels go with it to impress children holiness of an online brother was looking at that thing he does all the things that all men and users got so excited we started talking about the reenactments of Jesus he started talking about making lamentably Jesus was like we combat zone and also because on the Bolivia value Google first and it will undergo nonmarketable like this and anything else he gets it about eternal values goals I is not thinking about how Jesus do that we just chilled that's all my best this well weighted that I was talking before you know of all start coming down runs despite then I found out any more than I will fix anymore now that his regular young men before you know we started talking with them was not working with them my wife started to show them how to bake bread and in another friend of ours and the ladies outside the ladies brother camping Rick him to the ladies designer working on on baking bread to get in all these different things and as I started to learn how to do these things beside me know what I saw it was almost amazing was American these are seen these young men all the sudden advances are faultless as a result of thing obviously we can't solve the problems in our church one day we did anyone opened endorsement will bring up the home to God what to do whatever it takes all the synthesizing the Chancellor present in the haircuts young ladies cleavage was here now the synagogue all of a sudden the artists are getting looser longer flowing at video bodies became a mystery once again I use up I think it was the mystery of godliness and de novo this is that about eight eight and nine of those young people several of them are full-time gospel medical missionary evangelist today saw with Mona 's seeing something that can give very but ninety nine men with very will be dominated by one man with experience you give them the best and you leave the rest cheeky young people how to go ahead getting together evangelism getting processes people coming together to study together talking together building inviting together with all things of intuitive young people that all we create rather than recreation you want to know why this is so important well I'm a song for not closing down one oh one sold one brothers and sisters we got to understand that God said listen time is almost finished the question is do you reflect the love the image of Jesus as you should in whatever activity we do in the name of free creation it should do just that re-create the image of God whatever it is that we do in our leisure time is to keep our minds focused on the times that we living in whatever we do in business at school and so on it should always keep our minds connected to Christ and you want to know why because brought Mrs. is driven and result window the end result this went on general conference president Ted Wilson when that man took his day he said this church needs a revival and reformation of true godliness brothers and sisters when he did it became a motivation to many of the ministers and many other people draw churches and now we have lots of churches that want revival of Reformation in now which one comes first revival or reformation revival right so after the revival then comes a re- formation even here's a question have you ever wondered how practically can be really experienced a revival you see a revival deals with the fact that people are spiritually dead there's a spiritual depth that is taking place either spiritual death a special dye and that's what you need a re- invite me to be revived come back to likely the breath of life back inside of you amen have you ever wondered what is it that could really bring the breath of life back into so many did searches the other the crisis right now in the time we should be more Lord we are most disconnected so therefore we need a revival but brothers and sisters I remember one time a brother came to me decided to show me all of these reasons why the church is


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