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The Kyle family loves God, togetherness, music… and you. They live in Colstrip, Montana, where they count and recount God’s blessings and explore what it means to live fully consecrated to Him. Catch glimpses of their journey at thekylefamily.com



  • July 28, 2011
    7:00 AM
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father thank you for this beautiful day for the sunshine the point to our lives we just thank you that we can come together before you and we invite you Holy Spirit again into our lives today come fill us and let us be seasoned with grace that everything we say and do reflect you and father help us to keep your and our minds today and to consecrate our hearts our lives entirely and completely to you have your way with with us and us in your ever they probably don't it are childcare this morning and you can only wonder why the oh so would be titled ever well is that if the first serious column ever only and all that if she remember the last line of the hands take my life is take my life and I will be ever only all pretty better still why would reach his such a title the talk about well it's because we want to talk about constipation and constipation is a basic foundation in the Christian life is something that is so important so we want to focus on that over the next several warnings with you and really talk about constipation of our bodies are our minds are eyes ears hands feet all things but that's not the only thing that we need to concentrate we also are one concert in our choices are motives are thoughts I said everything that really defined us as a Christian so the bottom line message is that God wants our heart him and met unless there fully consecrated will ever be able to stand and we have to remember that we are never we are capable of never standing on it's only we can only stand when we have Christ's light and power and okay so I sponsored a moment here to define the word ever and we could say probably it be fair to say that ever means something like always a continuously burn all times right mean pretty much okay so remember that an organ is a delicate some things just than a minute here and we want to come back to those definitions to make sure that were staying within the boundaries okay so if we him what if we tie those within the consecration always at all times continuously think about that what does that look like I just read some synonyms for you I looked up in the thesaurus on ever consistently constantly continually endlessly eternally everlastingly forever and in dimly unceasingly while titles and the consecration wonder what our lives would look like if we lived those words as consecrated lives what would our last look like okay so if you would like to invite you to turn your Bibles with me to first Peter two twenty one first Peter two twenty one Kenneth says who through him believe in God who raised him from the dead and give him glory severe faith and hope are in God the right thing no I'm on first Peterson had her K to say on here or go for it see this you were called because Christ also suffered fresh leaving us an example that you should follow in his steps and now turn to first John two six two two four way first John two six which reads you who says he abides in him ought himself also to walk just as he walked when we get out of it is to versus the crisis an example right were supposed to walk like Jesus and now I invite you to turn to John fifteen twelve John fifteen twelve which says this is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you so what we get out of these three versus is that where supposed be like Christ he is our example and also Christopher calls to anything that he himself hasn't already given us an example for example he doesn't call us to be over comers in it but he does cost to be over comers because he overcame he says here not the world because I have overcome the world she so he he tells us these things only because he himself first exemplifies them so if we die if we want to dig deeper in debt into consecrating our lives we got to take a look at God separate because God is God is the best definition for all things that pertain to him so I have a few verses so organic ability to jump into the Bible here then take a look at God 's ever first off I invite you to turn to Jeremiah thirty one three Jeremiah thirty one three unranked it says the Lord disappeared of old to me saying yes I have loved you with it what everlasting that God 's love isn't for yesterday 's for today I mean it is for yesterday too but as for yesterday today tomorrow next year it's everlasting that means it covers forever how does that fit into our definition of ever at all times continuously would not fit okay second send to Psalm one thirty eight seven someone thirty eight seven Lorraine the MD generated below different translation here so it might be a little different than what your Bible says but it didn't message for someone seven is your right hand delivers me about that where delivers is it at all times continuously I think so God is always delivering us yesterday today tomorrow doesn't matter what how about Psalm one forty five thirteen and says for your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom about that his kingdom will last forever in our hearts now in heaven it's always been here it is his kingdom existed before her time was just visiting embrace forever okay they can help follow me on this one turned Exodus thirty one thirteen Exodus thirty one thirteen okay says Spiegel send to the children of Israel saying surely my sabbaths you shall keep for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you haughtily tied on Denver and because it's it it's a covenant that he is made between him and us to last how long forever how does that fit into our definition of all times at all times and continuously that fits right Sabbath is a covenant or sign between him and us for ever that he is the one that makes absolutely I liked that the came back to Psalms Psalms eighty six fifteen thirty -year-old Lord our God full of compassion and gracious long-suffering and abundant in mercy does not fit our definition you are a God yesterday today tomorrow he is that I really like that okay moving on will tend to Psalm one thirty nine seven where can I go from your spirit or where can I flee from your presence in other words God saying here you can get away from my spirit you can't get away from my presence it's always there with you it will always be with you even like it like the story of Jonah he tried to run away from it and waited to get her even closer has asked the way God works he's always with us always ready to to deliver us into Phyllis with his spirit okay Psalms eighty four eleven for the Lord God is a cyber Shield the Lord will give race and glory no good thing will he withhold those who walk uprightly I got her how he says he gives us grace and glory it's not he gave us grace are he will give us grace he gives us grace and the thing that is whether you read this tax if you read this text a thousand years ago whether you read this text today or if you read this text two thousand years from now it will still apply he gives a okay just two more here some forty six one is our refuge and our strength a very present help in trouble as comforting that's when I think we need to remember more when when the face of trials because of this is the same way the sex it works today during the thousand years of back a thousand he's always ready to deliver us from a time of trouble all right last texture Psalm one oh eight thirteen yeah one oh eight thirteen says through God we will do valiantly for it is he who shall tread down our enemies I like that person in another version it says we can win with God 's help is not good we can win it's not a matter of you know we have to do some or not do some it says with God 's help with when the way it is we can do it ourselves it's with his health we went always right this is our definition of at all times are continuously he always is ready to help us with so our God is committed to forever and every single moment from the time we were born all the way into eternity he thinks MSN plans for a second care is for asked and lives for us basically he pours himself out press he's always left us he always well and he's ever attentive to us he's ever attended to our prayers and responses to our hearts on ever faithful to us ever watching us I think of the verse in Psalm thirty four fifteen West says the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and his views I attended to their prayers so I think of as a God who is ever watching as his eyes never leaving and it's not because he's just waiting to nab us for something they've done wrong his eyes never leave us because he loves us so much and he so tuned into us that we have his full attention you have his full attention as if you were the only person on the face of this planet and I have his full attention as if I'm the only one alive today and so I think about how he looks at us and he can't take his eyes off of the sacraments he cares in fact on second Chronicles sixteen nine says the eyes of the lot the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole area why to show himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are perfect for him so he looks at us because he loves that and what he waits for them this is returned about guys ever what he's given brass what he waits for is the moment when I will meet his and that is our ever to him that is our response to his commitment his commitment to us that's how we respond by turning our eyes to him and keeping them that that's how we consecrate ourselves and for learning develops focus a little bit more on our cover go to question something what do you see when you really happened to this place in this morning and today if all of our eyes were on Jesus Christ constantly if we would never look away if we would never step out of his presence which you think would happen we would see some amazing transformations mainly because Delaware Christians and all were committed and there's more videos from more commitments looking at him even more continually ever is a word that describes something so constant so persistent so steadfast that nothing I know one can interact it but what can interruptions the relentless and really why do we get interrupted what's the bottom line really where the interactions we interrupt his grace from flowing through our lives we are the interactions but we don't have to be if we consecrate our lives to him so ever is is really means rather that is how committed Goddess to last forever from the four we were born to forever and ever and ever and he's not committed but the question is what is I level of commitment is it forever that's what he's looking for you see it is like every day is like this gift if you can think to ask any of the personal Gotti personalizes the gifts for each person here but limitless to take a moment to to look at others it is a personal God let's look at what he gazed he he would have given you everything he gave his life which is a huge gift he was given everything he gave if you you were the only one ever met if I was the only one that ever left we know that but we need to realize that inner Christianity how personal he is and he still would have given everything that he gave a fun life was the short link of one day he imagine that he would've died for you to live one day and even more he would have given his life for you to have one choice the opportunity to choose salvation even for one choice he would have given his life about an eternal investment for other commitments on that is the kind of moment when living right now he should keep or not all of heaven for right now the choices you're making right now this morning and the life the children alive today he was always on your mind and then you will pay you well as on his eyesight but if Jan Jan week we would live to help only if we really believe that I died so that we would be able to stand today that's a theme and I think that he died so that we can stand he gave his life so that we can be strong but that wasn't the selfish purpose so that we can get up this morning and sent tall in the strength and hope of salvation that was his purpose and he wants to be the strength that holds us up today but let's look at it practically how do we harness the power how do we spin this David Gidley being given how do we spend it because really it's nice to spend however we choose to but I can tell you that the giver of today wants us to spend it in his presence was also verify authority to text let's look at the example of Christ and on March book of Mark chapter one Mark chapter one verse thirty five okay Mark one thirty five and in the morning rising up a great while before day he went out and departed into a solitary place and day he prayed and why revealing that versus warning it's because in this verse we see that Christ exemplified the secrets to his strength is it to his life it's the he sees the father he spent nights in prayer he started every day with his father and that's what he's calling us to do to start our days with him he didn't have an advantage over us it's just that he took opportunities with his father and we need to make sure they were taking all those opportunities and John fifteen forces abide with me as each morning wheat we had a choice if we want to stand today with Christ in you need to start the day because we can't spend the day with him if we haven't started so personal devotion time is part of being ever in God 's presence at once that it was recently that I realized that personal devotion time is to our spirituality what the sunrise is to our world I had never seen a ballet before and when I sign of what is so real that is so true because life can exist without light right they need our spirituality our spiritual life our faith survive without the word which is spiritual light and when the sun come out right away it's the first thing today wouldn't be a day without the sun I lies it can't be a Christian without Christ to raise the sun and that means we need to start the day in the word of God we need to start the day with him because that's when you can eliminate our hearts that's when he can light up my life that's what we can be those radiant paste in the city that sat on a hill that cannot be had it's only started the day with him is on a twelve assist in the light of the world and in first John one five Mrs. God is light and him him a note back at all so we spend time with him it's guaranteed the darkness of the guys exactly dispel so let's make a commitment or maybe some of you already have this commitment to spend time in the morning keep that commitment even increase your you are an you commitment the time that you spend it and because it really will change our lives that's the key to learning and a strong Christian life and then how do we stay in his presence because Christianity is that once a day experience of God is that it doesn't work to say okay I gave him my mornings nonexistent today we have to spend the whole day with him and how do we do that how do we look like heist because Christianity is constant price likeness that means we look like him and the answer the key we all now is pressed and it's so simple and we hear about it so much that I'm afraid we almost get numb to it we know he had the Christian needs to pray but when I learned my life I really drank it we just talk about it I do we really do it is a vibrant it is a life is an earnest is a real or is it just you become a ever ordinary regular or systematic hanging in our lives yet the Christian equal Springer 's cups is a real and is it constant do we turn to him as naturally as the flower turns the sun and it's interesting when we look since were focusing on the armor of God in Ephesians six and verse eighteen the disruption of the armor of God is ended with with diverse praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit that's an important part of turning on his armor so let's not just let ourselves be lukewarm Christians but thinkers are nice idea lets you very engage ourselves let's invest ourselves in Christianity let's spend our days in his presence by creating an just asking ourselves that good question to ask a scientist do I thought orbit around salt as they orbit around God as an important question and really presents another way of saying God centered thoughts so I resist towns all of us to commit our lives to him and I really love at first Thessalonians five seventeen the way that it paints prayer it just says it simply and to the point it just says pray without prayer seeking us not forget that numbers today so ever devoted ever prayerful that our response to recommend it got to be forever faithful forever his and forever begins today we consecrate ourselves to God forever by consecrating ourselves to him just one day at a time just one day at a time said just for today can we consecrate ourselves ever to him and when we do that there is there's a quote that I really love with online says how when we consecrate ourselves ever only also got the inexhaustible supplies of heaven I so all of God 's grace all of Christ's power the spirit highest energies the limitless applies of heaven are ours and we are enabled to do deeds of omnipotence that means they've only got into and that's because we are his and he's in our hearts that's the effect of consecration in our lives that's what happens when we commit ourselves to be forever his and when we do that each day that we consecrate ourselves to them he has more to give and we have more to give him because every day that we consecrate ourselves heat the supplies of heaven amendment exhausts less than a limitless he has more to give us every day and every day we have more to consecrate because surrender is ongoing surrender I have more surrender today than I did yesterday because he gives me more because that's entire planet business cycle he has more to give me I have more to get them and the word ever it's it means continually and increasingly so our experience with Christ will only deepen and sweeten and gain momentum really throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity forever this morning this very moment is a piece of forever I like to think of it that way that right now is just a little piece of forever and so right now we can choose to yield our hearts my lives to the King of love then the moment that he's waiting for my eyes to turn towards him we as a group this morning can all turn eyes in one direction and imagine the joy in his heart what he has lived for for an eternity we can do this morning and that gladdens his heart like nothing else can because we're already we already belong to him he created us so were his he redeemed us with his but nothing makes him happier than when we choose to be and when we determined that the desire of our hearts so this morning is our prayer that we as a group and discussed this conference that we as a group of Christians can come together and turn our eyes to him in response to his commitments I and so we decide take a few moments in prayer this morning as we close to turn her eyes to heaven to invite him to take over our hearts and this conference and to really help us to learn how to give ourselves fully to have had a consecrate ourselves because it's only through consecration that will be able to stand in the end so let's pray together and invited in EL and the finalists will pray him I think you for any duties given us to currency pair has here and that's what we want to do this morning it is we want to give you everything that we have everything we are really just asking that you and saw such a spirit and purpose to really embrace the power that you want again and forced to stand strong today to reflect you were perfectly and compost to come not just concentrate our last hearing am confident to keep them constipated you throughout the day so that we can be victorious in the heavenly father we just ask that as we dig deeper into your pepper that I response would be to give our blood we give our hearts to you with that ill come into our lives today and that you will help us to be over comers that will stand firm that we will claim your promises and that our lives would begin to take shape after yours from the father thank you for this opportunity is joined together as a group to be and to consecrate ourselves to you during this devotional we pray that you take our lives and that you will fill us with yourself we well realize more fully than limitless gifts of heaven that we will keep our eyes on you that you will continue to show us more of your glory so that we can reflect it more fully please take our hearts and lives this morning and purpose to live fully consecrated today although ideal and beautiful and it's a apprentice morning that we will look like you please pattern our lives after yours and help us to be committed to you not just for today or tomorrow but for a lifetime help us to spend our mornings if you to spend our days with you to pray like we've never prayed before in the end light flows through our lives I thank you for loving us with such amazing live we cannot fathom it thank you for that today and we just pray that we will love others as you've left us to keep us in your presence and your name


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