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The Kyle family loves God, togetherness, music… and you. They live in Colstrip, Montana, where they count and recount God’s blessings and explore what it means to live fully consecrated to Him. Catch glimpses of their journey at thekylefamily.com



  • July 31, 2011
    7:00 AM
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him me we come to you asking for new hearts minds new motives those new understanding and deeper understanding of who you are and who you want us to be literally paging these next moments that you will speak to us that these people would not see us that only you hide behind your costs in your name amen so they've been talking about consecration for the last three morning because really if a line is not consecrated to Christ we cannot stand as a ties directly into our themes because constipation Christ in our enables us to stand valiantly so now this morning were to talk about standing weather talk about what it is to stand in the strength of Jesus Catherine a look at some examples from Scripture and is exploited together it will be a blessing and I hope you got your Bible but let us start by going to a season specs he sees as the extraordinary need at just ninety nine Reed versus ten to eighteen and please follow along with us that he obtained the rains finally my brother and be strong in the Lord and in the power of his nights Ursula put on the whole armor of God that he may be able to stand him while we were still not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places therefore taken to you the whole armor of God that he may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all stand now I look at the specifics stand therefore having your loins gird about with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace above all taking the shield of faith wherewith you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching them to with all perseverance and supplication for all saints it is a powerful passages and that is it's loaded she only wanted to this morning 's break it down a little bit and and look at what it specifically talking about when it says but I'm sure as time righteousness what does that represent a Celestine which is turn with me to John fourteen verse six John fourteen verse six it says Jesus said to them I and the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me so what is true is Jesus Christ himself Jesus is chair and knowledge to go look at righteousness it says and having the breastplate of righteousness signed by you to meeting Jeremiah twenty three verses five and six Jeremiah twenty three versus five and six this is the whole the days will come saith the Lord that I will raise and they sent to David a righteous branch and a king shall reign and prosper and so shall execute judgment and justice in the Earth in his days Judah shall be saved and Israel shall dwell safely and this is the name whereby he shall be called the Lord our righteousness so Goddess and Jesus Christ sisters but he is our righteousness and will find them in Isaiah nine six oh finds peace and then nine six K Francis a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called wonderful Counselor the mighty God the everlasting father the Prince of peace the Prince of peace and Ephesians two fourteen says for he is our peace so again we see God is peace and he says to put peace on our readiness to look at faith I first John five verse four first on five four nine and go to another text here first John five four says for whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith case of keep that in mind and then turned to John sixteen thirty three John sixteen thirty three okay I says these things I have spoken unto you that didn't need in me ye might have peace in the world we shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world so in other words it in other words is it saying whatever is born of God overcomes the world that is Jesus Jesus is the over comer and and then then John says that they give good cheer because he's overcome the world because of our faith the next teenage foundation will find that in Psalm Chapter twenty seven verse one says the Lord is my light and my salvation shall I fear the Lord is the strength of my life whom shall I be afraid he is our salvation okay and then lastly look at the word of sword you sorry my text is the sorbet of the word is the site 's text is like horns and I'm having trouble seeing that for some reason the bear with me so when we tended John one verse one think we don't know what it says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God so says take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God in other words Jesus again so we see that the things it in all the truth is Jesus the righteousness of Jesus the peace of Jesus the faith is Jesus salvation is Jesus as reinforced over and over and over and over to the point where we can't miss it it's Jesus we need to be putting on movement is according therefore look number of page three thirty five is that the gospel armor seems to wait to be born while Jesus Christ is your armor hiding hand and the wicked one will not harass or confuse your face Theophilus and PhD thirty five Jesus is our armor and he easily the only one that can make test able to stand not only against Satan but also before God and Solana want about that will self like they aren't David Gray and fill it out a couple minutes is one it didn't just yammer were told to put on the armor of God eight seduces the armor what we need to do we need to put him on so I trained surrounding thirteen and I know if I unanimously behind ten points Romans thirteen verse twelve okay then I guess I spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us in on the armor of light members fourteen Fed but putting on Deloitte Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flesh suffer from the less than sound of the universe renting has been put on the Lord Jesus Christ that's what when you do it so we we know were all engaged in the unseen battle right in any season fix them and talking about this all week the battle and describe their any indicators that physically finite against flesh and blood and us too but it has since we do fight against flesh and blood simply because our greatest battle is the surrender of some and it if we think about it in essence really that the only battle if we can surrender ourselves completely to God the battle is hitting his unusual unified ultimately but that is our battle is to surrender and to put him on every day to pray to do all these all these things just in staying connected with God so if you think denies you fixing your mind is the just for a moment a soldier that they got to work is if there's associated with Warwick Uniondale he's in a get just a flat rate you can put on the armor he's been put on that which is to protect him in the battle so he puts on his armor and he goes out to work now will have been or will what do you think you now understand the value sometimes fighting and suddenly you decide well take this on for a few minutes for whatever reason and reason doesn't matter and so he does what you think of that would not even a wise choice it wouldn't but if you think about it how often do we do that we many put Christ on when do we keep because they keep me on heart is just as important as the putting on private but how often do we go through daily Star okay so we start out our daily guide we put it mildly and that's wonderful and that's what starts as perhaps the start but never going to write a Dooley Amber and I know we've all that do we ever and in and in the moments of whatever are going to decide or it may not even be a conscious choice that Dewey Dewey laid aside even for a moment thinking we can get on our owner that we had a better way to get out so I think it's so important as were talking about putting on the armor of God that we that we think about not just putting it on to keeping a all the time because this battle that that were fighting in its it's a constant battle every moment of every day life where part of this battle and so we are never safe even for a moment to lay aside our age is that the armor of God 's will make us able to stand in that battle so on once today putting on and keep in mind every moment so that we can stand with stand strong for him or what we might be going through someone it's how you guys a little story here and you've all heard before I want to look at it in the context of standing the story from the Bible way back long time ago thousands years ago and it's about Nebuchadnezzar he had this dream of this statue in this big statue with the head of gold and all that stuff and Daniel interpreted the dream porn well just so after didn't know none of his other widening could interpret the dream form but Daniel could and it was because of Daniel Scott and Daniel made that very very clear on so after after Daniel had done that the King said your God is a God of gods and Lord of Kings and a revealer of secrets seeing thou crudest reveal so in other words he's acknowledging God but then his selfishness creeps back in as time goes on and he gets this idea to build a ninety foot nine foot wide stature out of pure gold that would represent him because the drain in the dream just the head with an open you on the head okay he liked that but then he thought will not be the whole body I want to be everything you said he made this huge stash statue of gold and then he invited all the pretty called all the important people in his in his province is from from all over the world that the then known world and you know these were these were like today's senators and House of Representatives Tina Secretary of State Governors in all the important people he called so they all gather together on the plane address around the statue and then the herald loudly proclaimed that as soon as you view the music you must bow down and worship the segments in other words you must worship the King so the music began to play and everybody just went down like a wave it was just like boom and everybody was so the king was sitting there you know just in the height of his glory just his pride was through the roof you know he was like this is so great and then a few of his astrologers came along and there like Lolo King live forever in own with no one in her appear anything but but didn't she say that it when the music was everybody has to bottom and if they don't there can be counted to five fairness and news like you are you know and and so they were they said well there's a few men that have really high positions in the kingdom and they're not about they refused to serve your God and they are refusing to worship and bow down to your image and so he ordered them to come before so they came and he said what did you think you guys hear my command that when the music plays you must not and then he said okay I'm getting give you another chance this time when you hear the music you must thought out brawl 's military and the furnace and they said okay when not to defend ourselves I like that they did they went in and defend themselves think they just told and that is simply not in a defend ourselves our God is able to deliver us but in the welfare state that we will not serve your gods and we will not add on to an inch and they said our God is able to deliver us and even if he doesn't we still will not and so well let me just back up I forgot to mention that they never taken as a rent before they can be responded he said you know that if they wouldn't that he would throw them in the in the furnace and he said and know God will be able to rescue from my power please define the God of heaven and so then they respond in this way and the ending the Bible says that he became enraged and at his face became distorted with anger and said he didn't even respond to the Hebrews he just gave the command to the furnace seven times hotter which is really annoying when you think about it if they would and it died it would make their death a lot better because the just dialogue quicker in the end but however it even heightened score even more because the furnaces heated seven times hotter and so he ordered a few of his most valiant men and in his army to come and find Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and so they bounded and then they threw them into the furnace and as they did that though at his warriors whose disguise died from the heat they didn't even get all that close but they died from heat and Shadrach me second Abednego it says that they literally fell into the furnace seen the big thrown in there and I imagine you know they just boom in the Colson and so they're landing there well then the bottom specifically tell us this but we do know that Jesus came and I imagine is that the Jesus came and help them stand he is united even than the one that that untied the the ropes in all but because the Bible says that they fell into the into the furnace and then we can answer suddenly low but later became all pale when he looked in their music will eliminate do we throw three guys in their and their 's or anything in the fourth appears to be none other than the son of God how did he know that not amazing so they're walking in there and their communing with God because he is on the next and able to stand it in the most difficult styles and so then of course you know the story that he can as I call them out and they and they walk out unharmed they don't even smell like smoke and then Nebuchadnezzar said praise to the God of Shadrach Meshach and that and he thought he went on to say that he made a new law that any people nation or language that speaks anything offensive against the God of the three Hebrew shall be torn limb from limb and their houses shall be demolished to rubble as long as there is no other God that is able to deliver in this way it's amazing he takes a radical turn from being the one that actually says things about the Donath the deviant hubris and then he goes completely to the other side and says whoa wait a minute if anybody says this kind of stuff that indicate and so then of course the story finishes that after that the king promoted Jada Meshach and magneto and make sure that they prospered from what one amazing story I love that story and I confidently been exploring what it means to be able to standards that have been I mean and the three men decided that instead so he takes several minutes we want to talk about three specific class families that we can learn from this story is that we really need to know by heart if we if we expect to stand by the three Hebrews did so on and so is the first lesson that we can pick up from the story and that is that they stood in the midst of the flames now if you think about bad it it's quite amazing I really know that they read the story over and over but when you think that is so amazing to think that God delivered them from the flames by helping them to stand in line so it if we apply that twilight we all have trials we all have challenging situations the temptation to the things common to humanity we all experience these and oftentimes psychically go through these things that are not easy to know sale on an easy to wonder why why is this happening to me why is that allowing a satellite messages take this away in a ready everyone and not just take this away you have connected but sometimes as a human story standing means standing in the midst of the flames and sometimes as guy delivers us from the flames he still delivers us but sometimes it standing in them but deliverance comes to so we have to remember that sometimes God can make an even bigger impact if there are life is a standard defines so it it's a damn thing you can learn it hard sometimes but the reality is is that God is able to deliver us and as the three degrees in Hebrews stated God is able to deliver a time that he always delivers us but sometimes it can raise a little different than I expect but nonetheless it so that so bad got always knows what's best and sometimes he knows that going through the hard things will make you shine more brightly were told that were supposed to shine as stars in Jesus County and also Matthew five sixteen says let your light shine was mostly science and sometimes if these these hard things in life the trials the temptations these things that actually make you shine more brightly so we need to be thankful for them even then John seventeen fifteen the thing that really quickly John seventeen fifteen says that I pray not that dumb citizens taken out of the world but the bastards keep them from evil so God doesn't take as out in the wild he doesn't remove everything that doesn't pathway instead he gives us the strength to stand through the clean and is so even when even one guy doesn't remove a fancy diving in these miraculous stories of people like cancer or something in there miraculously he does do that but even he detonates remove a certain situations it's because he has a greater purpose in mind we have to remember that now I wanted and tired someone is having an improvement weight tips a few of you okay while all the other amazing story and I'm just a page is briefly just stare at the illustration that he is a permanent was born without arms or legs and his completely normal person other than you said that having you and you and I see more about him I would I was quite amazed at how he's handled better that's definitely a challenge in life is the method that is getting way that his lifelong challenge is to get like that and I was eating that unite AIDS eight I believe he he wanted to connect this I think even attempted and I was unsuccessful because each he wonder why when done let this happen to me why am I the one that was born without arms and legs and into that was really a struggle for him and he you know he had to learn how to do everything in life without wet the rest of it and you know so even just the simple things of brushing your teeth combing your hair and getting a drink you know the things we don't even think about but doesn't think he had said no to learn how to even be able to do that though without arms or legs so it enhances an amazing story and I don't want to get into the ring him think of time back on using amazing things of his life and got his really is a powerful way he's back he's the president of a nonprofit organization called life without land and he goes all over and speaking as a motivational speaker and saying I got it done in his life that he and his story and then his made it a wonderful impact for God and someone in retrospect asked him how you know how his life and be different if you would have been more normal and how different his viewpoint would be any response to that this was his response in a blanket it's just amazing and besides I suspect to speculate about that God is sovereign and his sovereignty the life I now live is what has been given to me by his design what I do in this life that has been given to me is what ultimately matters I am humbled by the fact that my life is most likely making a big impact because they don't have arms and legs I did and I think a lot of times that while God allows us to go through these trials these things is because he knows that he can use as a more powerful way if we do go through that because it affects who we are and any can even make a story label at those events or so I think so the victory is gained when I got to Kandahar on right and really remember that God never allows us to go through anything without having all the details they get out ahead of time he knows exactly how it's going to work and he knows exactly what you can allow to come and NGOs exactly can handle at the amusement park and in John chapter nine there's a story of a man that was born blind I love that story and if so it's just it beautiful to think this is the story where a cinematic blind and the disciples asked Jesus so Hussein was in this manner was it his parents love Jesus a sponsor their questions and he says in essence this is a bad word for word but Jesus tells his disciples that this man that man's blindness is so that the glory of God can be revealed in his life and that I think is the reason we all go to the status of the glory of God to be revealed in our life so if we remember that when the weather in the middle of these these circumstances aiding in the perspective of how God can even use those thinking they need a time guy can still use the to reveal his glory and that is that should be our ultimate desires to work I got everything so to recap my first point we gone sometimes delivers us from the flames by helping to stand in them as a deviant behaviors be stated in the of the findings and that what we want to take home from this is that God may not remove us from the flames but he gives us grace to stand in the norm so he gives us grace to walk through them and to come out on the other side training more readily for him and with a greater capacity to impact the lives of those around us the lesson number two of them go back to the story just a moment when we see an end the three China Second Amendment was responding to the anger came he the same wine into Batman and verse seventeen eighteen if it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of line and okay so we seen others say our God whom we search we see in that it is key that they are taking a humble position before God as we serve him in the neck and going on to say what he's able to do exalting him before the king and they saw no greatness in themselves and they didn't depend on themselves it's our second point is that those who stand tall in the face of temptation and the ones who bowed low in consecration those who have bowed low rates we seen there in a courage and before they can get really it shows us that these men spent their lives in your room at the King of Kings and Lord of clients bowing low before any consecration in humility in service and this is why they can stand before their thinking and say we will not serve your God or worship the golden image they had learned about now and so in the moment of overwhelming temptation he stood tall they found no greatness in themselves they only fix their eyes on the greatness and power of God and his deliverance BC humility and praise I have characteristics that together indicate moral strength humility and grace the Bible is full of sell online and doxology men bowing down before God and yet simultaneously praising God they go together it we do we see that in songs again and again and it all and is T he book articulates humility and breaks into the doxology will look at a few examples three examples actually in first Corinthians fifteen nine Paul says in first Corinthians fifteen nine he said I end the lease the least of the apostles complete humility but then I want you to look in the next the very next verse he says but by the grace of God I am what I am so used to least anything but by the grace of God I am what I humility and entry and then go further later in his life Ephesians Ephesians chapter three verse eight this is so exciting to me to see that how he demonstrates and the stress to learn Susan Ephesians three eight I am the very least of all the same front so as I am the least now he is the very least of all the things Ephesians three ain't bad then in the same chapter little bit later Ephesians three twenty universe now and to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think so he's nothing but he's just directing everything a God who is so amazingly above and beyond and then continue in his letters analysis to first Peter any first Timothy excuse me first seventy chapter one verse fifteen this gets really serious guys he is the least of the apostles do the very least of all the saints now I am the foremost of sinners the chief failures he seemed nothing in himself as the years pass he thinks the last adolescent less of himself and we see that as his cell Dean Saint is the rapture of praise and adoration to God raises is not powerful after Paul wrote one of the most humbling confessions will find in Scripture I'm not chief of sinners we see that you wrote two races later in first Timothy one fifteen one seventeen hero one of the most powerful verses of praise to God I love this verse first Timothy one seventeen now printed the King eternal immortal invisible the only wise God be honor and glory for ever and ever on his just send the chief of sinners and now he says the amazing eternal immortal invisible the honor and glory for ever and ever this is the God research and if we can learn to just now I lies on low to let go of ourselves the lower the lower wheel place ourselves the higher he can be exalted in our lives and the stronger will be to stand someone once said a coherent day that know God will be humble and they that know themselves cannot be proud like that in such a so a second point those who stand tall in the face of temptation of the ones about before the King of Kings their lives are characterized by humanity okay so I had quite and how the Hebrews said how did they stand being near someone where standing for and he stood with them being this someone were standing for and he said with them these because they were in his presence they were in the presence of as Jude twenty four cuts are the one who is able to keep us from following they stood because they were with him am I just mentioned in the story Daniel C verse twenty three at saying that when Shadrach the second amended of fell into the furnace they fell down bounds and then a couple verses later they're on their feet next to the Senate got so can you picture it can you picture Jesus taking their hands and helping them stand they said only because he was able to apply and week and stand only because he is able to keep us from falling on Romans chapter fourteen and verse for life that together the last half especially the pyramids fourteen four and let's look at just the second half says he a he shall be holding at work got is able to make him stand okay so wish how that because God is able to make a stand you only way we can set and it sounds simple sounds obvious we can't become a fan because he cannot stand that really its fundamental we can do anything until we realize that we can't do anything we can do anything until we realize can't do anything so yes it's obvious that it's the bottom line press and want to illustrate this with the story a story about it happened many years ago a pastor who spoke at a church morning and he spoke long at the chance so long that he almost missed his train ride back just as he was getting ready to board his plane any plane train finally this happened a long time ago she said that a visit review is getting to the station he turned around and he noticed that the young man followed him this troubled young man had been in the church that morning and here he was now in his mind was just bursting with questions he was wondering how he could have spiritual power in his life how he could overcome the habits in his life and so he asked the pastor very simply one sentence how can a fellow like me stand straight in the past day is here by the tray on the whistle blew and he's meeting to get on and and so he jumped on board and open the window says just finished talking with the Sandman and he knew he only had a short moment to answer this question and so the pastor pulled out a yellow pencils from his pocket and he rated on the palm of his hand and he said to the young man can this so right in my hands and crazy Circus patterns that now I can do that and just attack the pencil and he held it up right in his hand and he asked now now can the pencil stand upright in the Internet said that you're holding it now she can stand your molding it and the pastor said yes I hear that listen your life is like this pencil is completely helpless that Jesus is the hand that can hold you as the train pulled away the young man could still see the pastor 's iron out the window when the pastor still holding the pencil in his hand and exchanges like the young man realized it made sense God is the one who can help me stand and actually twenty five years later that young man happened to meet the pastor in India they are doing back and he met him again and he hadn't seen him since and he told the pastor he said that moment changed my life and from that moment on when I saw you in your pencil I decided to trust the hands of Jesus and he has kept me from falling advertisements and stayed in his hands and so I wonder this morning do we do we see it too that we can't stand unarmed and do we really believe that God is able to make us stand do we live held by the hand of Jesus that's the way that Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were able to stand tasted because they are in the Jesus they are being held by him suggest to do a quick recap here because this is vital I mean this is this is important to talk driving in order for us to stand with we have to have to know what will Christ this is able to do a antitrust so first off we looked at the armor of God and we saw that everything there is Jesus that we must put Jesus on and take him with us we must be closed in the righteousness of Christ and then we took a look at we took a look with various IAAF with sorry I had Blanca we took a look at keeping him on not just putting him on keeping him just model because we can put them on right now but what about when they go back home and everything starts bombarding us just like it always has what originated I would never choose to keep him on our eternal landside in the in the heat of battle we need to remember the president elected at the story of the three Hebrews and how based on the first point was that God delivered them from the flames by helping them stand in the flames God delivered them from the flames by helping them stand it it's important and densely illustrated that by the story of make fortunes how he made his life a powerful impact for the good and how he's Tuesday he's chosen to overcome his his trials and make some beautiful art something that is broken the same with us so then we look at the second lesson the second point how tightly said that those who stand tall in the face of temptation are the ones who brought low and consecration that's really great how little her humble goddess on and then lastly looked at we looked at how Shadrach and Ishaq and Bendigo were able to stand because they were in the presence of the one who is able to keep us to keep them from Paul we need to do that to that kind of goes along with that keeping the armor on it's a continual thing we need to stand in the presence of stay in the present we join us in consumer prayer heavenly father thank you so much for your righteousness and truth your faith and love the Lord we want to put you on and we want to keep your but we need help but that is not battle is to choose to to put you wanted to keep you are well attempted to think that we can do things so all we need to have been very view of who we truly are and how we are nothing and how we can't doing anything and how you are everything and you are capable of doing everything you do the impossible in our lives although everyone may want to be strong strengthen us for the time of trials so they as greater trials come where prepared by smaller trials standing strong and in smaller trials make us like three Hebrews who had spent time in your throne throne room to the point where the earthly throne room didn't didn't scan didn't even phase they were strong in you strong in your presence Lord we want that we want your presence in our lives O Lord help us to to CQ and search for you with all our hearts and then we ask at a time now as we face trials that you will help us to stand in the trials so that we can come forth from the trials unharmed even stronger and you and then Lord we ask that we would bow our lives in humble consecration to you it's totally against the world 's paradigm but humility is the greatest strength on we just need to run on Linux we need you so bad so bad annoyed at the sustained trials teach us to trust you and have faith unwavering faith that even a you don't deliver us from the trials we would still stand strong would come into our lives today we invite you thank you so much for all that you do for us in unit


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