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Freedom and the Frontal Lobe

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • July 28, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him dearly following thank you so much for your word we thank you for the call that you have for us to be over comers and father we pray that we would experience victory in Christ that we would have total transformation of our lives that we would be change from within not just changing the outward acts but literally that we would have the born-again experience in Christ we would be totally new creatures that we would be old with pass away the all things are become new we pray for these things the name of our Savior Jesus Christ amen the Bible says in Revelation chapter twenty one verse six and seven and he said unto me it is gone I am Alpha and Omega the beginning in the end to him who curse I will give on the fountain of the water of life freely is a Siegel overcomes will inherit all things out of these God and he will be my son now in this passage in Revelation chapter twenty one we look at laws lastly people are specifically refers to them as goals that overcome the one so overcome there to be the ones who inherit all things but notice that there is currently a prerequisite to overcoming something that must take place in any individual in order to become an owner it says here to him who thirsts one of the very important aspects of overcoming is that we have to have a desire we especially have eight is the first to be transformed to be changed I know that when I first began to smoke op I had no desire to change armor sitting on a park bench on at United States was called Jaycees Park in Grand Rapids Michigan and some guy walked by me and a friend about a friend of myself and myself were sitting down on a bench and some guy walkways and you guys quit what you can whatever the unlimited stuff doing this and to me I have any desire to quit a bad time so there is no chance ozone quit at least at the present point but those order to overcome first of all most have been desired to overcome were talking about first of all some of the necessities the prerequisites overcoming number one you will some of things to specifically overcome our chronic stress really talking about the fact that there are different kinds of stress there is a beneficial kind of stress actually helps your immune system with them as a form of stress actually deteriorates or breaks down your the processes of your body to overcome chronic stress number two we one overcome anger lack of forgiveness or judgment both thoughts were manageable almost the entirety of one message to find out how to overcome in the area forgiveness how to be able to forgive and for some actually even ask for forgiveness maybe but for many of us is learning how to give true forgiveness and to overcome the judgmental bus number three out things over things like eating disorders or in a repetitively eating unhealthy food many people even within the church struggle with things like eating disorders nobody made enough no one around you may know you're very good at hiding it but sometimes people try to gain strength in their life your struggle with eating disorders things like this you are learned overcome these things things overcome also are things like addiction smoking drinking drugs pornography and loss television gambling or fill in the blanks of these are just some for the film of blank you may say I will see anything on all of us probably saw struggle of stress at certain times but there may be something that may not be on this list when you may struggle with something for you and that's what you are struggling with Dina tell you you do not need to in this seminar we tell people come to the seminar were not ask me related confess their sins in front of everybody on the bodywork told in the office of the minister prophecy that secret sins are to be done fast secretly to God and public scenes are demeaning if I yelling you I get angry with all of you than I should publicly confess I'm sorry for doing this to yourself sequences are decompressed secretly sometimes it will be confusing obviously anyone is the Lord our Alderson some people just an opinion as a noble thing to just let out all your sins in front of public or insurance releasing other times were getting a testimony but it is not necessary to not divulge all the sinful thoughts that go on in the human might actually it can bring things down to a common level so when I called to do that but so this is for you this is a personal thing now this is the basic tenor of the entire seminar that we share on me many times do this before non- you notice both were not of our church so innocently just read the quote but this is an important surpassing many of you probably heard it already is never forget that thoughts work out what actions repeated actions form habits and habits for more character and people love the seventies is a powerful thought it's so simple and it is one simple sentence that never forgive us as we walk your fonts work out your actions you repeated actions for your habits in your habits when your character the essence of who you are is your character is a link to try to change their HR to change their bad habits as a child try to change a back characteristic of who they are trying to change it they seem to stumble back into their bad habits or into the bad actions anything why can't I change the realities of you try to change your character you try to change your habits on your phone your actions are changing because something hasn't changed your thoughts had not been changed so our thoughts if we're any change in the Bible talks about this I Jesus said in John chapter three of verses six and seven he said on that which is born of the the flash is and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit is in Marvel not that I sentence you you must be born again Jesus and you have to be more than an infant enabling seamless and then John from runner Paul tells us in Romans chapter eight he tells us there in verse six seventy he tells us that that which is after the flash elsewhere after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh and they got to the Spirit the things of the spirit so naturally by nature you are born in your thoughts are of the things of the flesh of the body but weirdly budgies that you need to be born again so that your thoughts are totally changed instead of being about things in the flash bigger thoughts become things of the spirit on being a little more spiritual than I would be to give the general public but the same principles are brought across these folks also our sponsor have to be change they need to go from earthly thoughts need to be born-again so we're totally changed by the word of God we are transformed and myself so that now we have new thoughts and those new thoughts will cause new actions new habits and we'll have a new character as you may know that character determines destiny of this is powerful on Doctor David Burns from the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine shares this validating scientific discovery our feelings are created by your wide thoughts your feelings are created by the thoughts and not the actual events many times we feel that that I have feelings because of what happens around me I have feelings because I'm in a stressful situation I have feelings because my dad is is where my mom is is where my sister was somebody is is when my boss as I have feelings because of these things is not true you actually have feelings because of the moments you choose to think about that situation right to all experience must be processed through your brain and given a conscious meaning before you experience it in an emotional response and so we go on here him only have a certain font and believe me you will experience an immediate emotional rust spots your father actually your boss actually create the emotion your thoughts create the emotion so what that means is that a lot of times we just think all I can help these are the emotions that half is nothing I can do a lot but the reality is if the thoughts that you have that you allowed to go through your mind to create the emotional response that takes place inside the negative feelings that you have are created based upon the thoughts new shoes or allowed to think before no every time you have any result in unkind boss sandbar a crazy thought your brain releases chemicals to make your body feel bad every time you have a good thought happy thought hopeful Bari County thought your brain releases chemicals that make your body feel good so that's why we are to guard the avenues to the soul and one of the greatest avenues alleys and MRIs never even as we have our skin and so forth we have to choose with a think about we can decide what we will what we will allowed to go through our minds and what we will choose to think about so very important to talk more about this as we go on no better than Chalmers in his book on healing the broken brain on seconds this awesome reality he says in his book and speaking about overcoming depression anxiety panic disorder self-worth means developing a new set of healing habits so for every change we have been new habits and what do the habits come from a come from actions and the actions come from a become from thoughts so we had moved thoughts that will change our habits they will change our life the Bible talks about the renewing of the mind that's absolutely right now some reason like liquor is not really do the trick right here to I saw this milligram but it actually got in NASCAR Vanessa next I text there as well as chapter twelve verse two exactly what the lady with our robot was sharing with us Romans chapter twelve verse two says he transformed by the renewing of your what so if you want to be transformed we want to change our habits will change our character but if you have any change a company transformed by the renewing of your mind at Isaiah forty six verse three says he will keep him in perfect peace whose what mind is stayed on you now cease it was one of the gifts of the spirit are one of the fruits of the spirit right but it's also a form of emotional items is an emotion to write to be at peace is emotional will cause your emotions your phone trying very interesting self having our minds stayed upon God and come back here in which I'm one thing real quick area praise the Lord praise the Lord for e-mail and any labor organization over his gayness I'm mediocre alkalines also I would like other uptight about its powerful source all you don't know nothing Phineas Gage was a railroad worker in Vermont are roughly a hundred years after remedies are days powerful story notes and he was eight this formidable railroad cream silk isoform and house have off website is really kind of looking at future not the only problem with that think about what we need today what we need to encompass and actually consult with industry respected he was well-liked by his fellow workers in thinking this amazing they will what was happening was that he was taking what's called a camping iron which is a three foot you'll see a picture of it Austin reasonable piece of metal and what they would use a drill hole bore into the rock they would dump some I don't something like gunpowder whatever it is into their some explosive powder they would put sand on top of it it would use the tamping iron subtracting down a little bit and it would have some kind of fuser whatever and they would explode you know the are there so that they can prepare the way for the train track that they were going to lie to lay down their insult happened was this particular dates please is going about his work these temping as he does somehow someway it unites and the rhyme that he is pushing down it at eighty shoes or like a missile literally in hits him in the bottom of his teeth and blows out the top of this skull in the front portion of his brain and this year the top part here is the frontal lobe the front portion of your air looking down on someone who's sleeping you can imagine and Mister faces off and this is the top part of their head and this is the frontal lobe there and asked it was hit in a exploded in a luau he had an accidental frontal lobotomy literally just like that within a split second but within seconds Phineas was able to walk and talk he was able to get up from the incident it literally proceeded in this stock in his headlight is a literally just sealed undergoing a hundred feet or so major steps sailing through the air literally like a missile blew through his skull took out part of his death he lost his left eye there in her left eye there and you know so he was blind in a particular ride but he can literally within minutes he was told people store in the morning believing what you could do anybody would listen you tell the story this is within minutes of the accident itself he sitting around in the sun of the story it was a formidable railroad crew faithful husband and father well-liked by his fellow workers in religious man on which there's there's some kind question of whether he was married before that or not but that's not the point the point was is a faithful man he was in regular church attendance and on and on until that crazy accident that took place they took some time he had a lot of you can imagine the possible kinds of nastiness slowly they didn't have a lot of young assigned to the things we would have to clean in the same way so they just did their best but after the accident something about the knees change to become very emotional and angry about things some of you might be thinking you might become a little emotional angry of a rod blew through your skull right but I think it's something more than a something more than actually about things he lost his interest in church and spirituality indicate irreverent and prone to excessive profanity this was a hint before the accident he lost all respect for social customs and became very irresponsible he went from a prized employee to the unemployment rolls actually we heal his job took him right back and put them in as a foreman when he told her he just going to his mental faculties were there meaning he was still intelligent man but his character is changed such as that he was not able to hold his position there anymore on the railroad crew ended up for seeking his wife and family and he joined a traveling circus this is an actual picture of any skin is the Axelrod Lutheran skull you see the one eyes closed because he's blind and I up at a time after the absence of the massive rock blues machine blew out the top of the skull what changed about Phineas was his character not his intellect Woody's character changed because although laws of the frontal lobe in Michigan to give doctors the idea of what takes place in the human frontal low now neuroscientist David Barton Brown University in Providence Rhode Island said the brain 's frontal lobes which sit behind the four had allow us to use what we know about the world to guide our decision making the frontal is your decision-making center it's the place that you should ideally should I not that takes place in the frontal lobe and scientific studies reveal that the frontal lobe is the seat of spirituality morality and the whale this is basis the religious center of the brain good and bad this decision-making center of the brain and Phineas when he lost that lost much of those things is moving his morality and spirituality these things were lost now in this seminar we have been a few sent essentials to overcome the number one we talked about we need and desire to overcome if you feel that sometimes her glasses taking into my son economies struggle with alcohol or whatever you can become and what I say is listen if he has a desire is fantastic we love them and somebody is no desire whatsoever is very little that can be done in until someone has a desire to change the best thing you can do for someone is pretty and is correct but the reality is you can't make somebody overcome by going to a seminar at the first have the desire to overcome a number two Whitney have to have an open month now I'm not asking you have an open mind so open that you furnish me know your brain you know your brain falls out not that we talking about is having an open mind that is saying you know what someone went doing right now is working maybe I need to maybe try something else and so I thought I'd received we want to be confines of you within the biblical construct and so forth but I'll give you a quick example we are felt on our meeting since not everybody feels like I'm different and we are all all difference but our bodies were designed by the same creative in this video felt on different from regular people I don't need to drink water at all his uncle days on end without taking anything to drink anything I get all water necessary from my phone it's kind of interesting but he also shared with us that that he has horrible terrible Ali Girdwood as an outside gastrointestinal relief when we gathered again as an reflux acid reflux I got what was a simple work for heartburn as ammonium chloride the harbor and already know the things that causes heartburn dehydration sincerely dehydration drinking right but he is invalid because the number of everybody else is a higher is a little I will remind a simple health principles okay some simple things we seems also believe me I can't help my kinds of drugs that are fixing my problem facing the water what do it and I think the answer is that you probably fix the problem but the point is as we have been a symbol of when my not too crazy things but the simple principles are not as innocent as work am I wanted my wife number one or my wife is getting and she is getting in a little disclaimer before we go any further I disclaimer is simple beyond a standard legal on here why we received this is that were not your doctors reduced here to share a few health principles the people were not hereto prescribed on things as your doctor would so if you're under your the care of your doctor continue to be so if you have some questions we've been allowed to answer just from our perspective but again just be under the care of your doctor and also normally we do this program over a whole week at least five or six days but because you are only here for a weekend it's a year they get everything into days so with that said you can glean what you can from this program all were doing and then go home and try it that that would be my on the best advice I can give you right now is he's go home and tried a few if you feel impressed to do so so let's continue on at the thought such had had about the frontal lobe the frontal lobe what is the Bible say about the frontal revelation fourteen verse one is said and I looked and well a Lamb stood on the Mount Zion and with them a hundred and forty four thousand having what find a name written where in the forehead is not interesting and what's in your four head the frontal lobe we just learn that right behind the four headed the front alone and what does God want to put in our front alone his name the father 's name what is named normatively mean in the Bible identity character who you are right you know you always hear people say but let's say there's some business in town and in ways is easy to have a good name right what is that mean good reputation write a good you know they do quality work and the good name so also through the Bible we see that when somebody's character change they would get a name change as well right what are some examples Jacob Wright Abraham and Sarah and Saul became Paul right so when there's a character change there is a name change and so we see here that there's there's something there right now one that's really interesting that has to do a lot with our overcoming seminar is Jacob what is Jacob mean some planter right I I speak Aramaic and in Aramaic Jacob Jacob is like the same word as your heel you know your heel and he was a heel grabber right member right from the womb he was grabbing his brothers heel and that's like you trip somebody up you know you'd rather hear your tripping them up you tricking them and so that was in his character that he was a deceiver right and when he when he wrestled with the Lord and bus departed back when when not but the wind he on the rock you know and then he he had that encounter with the Lord what what was his name changed to Israel when Israel mean overcome her interesting how they deceive her overcame his name became over and were told that to those who overcome right over and over in relation to those who overcome will inherit all things will inherit will have the right to the tree of life you know and so on and so forth so we see here that Jacob when he overcame me when he wrestled the floor he overcame and his name was changed and God wants to put that name that character in our four heads but what character in particular is he wanting to put into our minds whose characters you wanting to put into our minds Christ's right Jesus said that this scene mind to never let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus he wants to put that mind in our minds so that we were dealing with one another right when were going and interacting with people we would do as Jesus would do right when he was preaching and the Pharisees had come in and start interrupting and insane things and in accusing him how do you feel about them how did he think about them right how did he treat them the prostitutes would he do with them you know how to treat them that the drinkers and the tax collectors and all these people what kind attitude to be have towards them but this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus that's the name that God wants to put in our forehands in our frontal lobes so that's that's the basis and what were doing your member because thoughts worked out actions repeated actions form habits and this form character so we have to go back to the thoughts and that's where God is working that's where the battle is in the end this is this is all that can be happening in that battle between good and evil is already here right we may try to change our habits and things like that but ultimately this is where it's happening what are some things that could be a detriment to our frontal lobes wedding I think anything of anything that could destroy her frontal lobe alcohol with that railroad construction that's right one usually hears a few drugs lack of use a lack of use if we don't exercise by using a frontal load in and not all types of situations stressful situations whatever it be were not growing in that area right weren't actually dwarfing our brains when we don't actively use them to make decisions to even make mistakes and learn from them right to censor self-regulating decisions we don't make anything at all rightly or make any decisions at all but it's it's better to learn and use that for a lobe or chattel talk some about Bible memorization and there is a woman in her nineties and she felt like her mind was slipping and so she and her memory was slipping and she decided to memorize a book of Revelation ninety years old that's powerful so the lack of use is a frontal lobe killer certain kinds of music can affect the frontal lobe and head injuries of course might be said the railroad thing but also nowadays we realize that when sending the really popular thing you know we get so excited about doing these exciting things that we forget to protect ourselves and people go out and do things without putting a helmet on or maybe doing things that are just plain too dangerous you know and now when you protect these bodies and especially the mind so try as much as possible to to keep yourself from heading in he's not also lack of nutrition in this is something that we in the states assume that we are very good you know we don't like any nutrition but as far as the brain is concerned will relearn something this week are these next few days about nutrition so let's gone was the Bible say work in this study this a little bit here in Mark chapter nine and now on I'm just good to pull a few things out of this passage that we can apply to what were doing here maybe not every single part we can apply that we can apply it a few concepts which going on here in my chapter nine starting in verse twenty is that remember when Jesus went up to the amount with three of his disciples and we called the mount of transfiguration and when there appeared the other disciples were down the valley and getting a little jealous and because they were not very good with Jesus you know and who's the greatest that all that started happening right and so he wall there up there down in the Valley come this man with his to his son and the disciples can't heal him and the Pharisees and scribes are there accusing and seeing how come you can heal hypermedia is then the other and so then finally Jesus comes on the scene human and he comes on the scene him hearing starts and they brought him the young man unto Jesus and when he saw him straightway the spirit to hair him and he fell on the ground and wallowed foaming and he asked his father how long ago they did since this came unto him and yet Jesus asked the father how long of the businesses that sell and then sending us the father said of the child and ofttimes it had cast them into the fire and into the waters to destroy him but if thou canst do anything have compassion on us and help us Jesus said to him if thou canst believe all things are possible to him that believing see realize that in this situation this young man had heard this this child or young I'm not sure how old he is but at of course it's been for a while since he was a child may be either young man here he had uncontrollable habits pay and he had a destructive lifestyle right to himself into the fire do all these kind of things but he also had a family and community cared about him and all this sometimes could relate to some of these things maybe we have some habits in our lives that have been with us for many years right but we have people that care about us like this father that came to get help but continue with the story and not Mark chapter nine twenty eight and twenty nine now and he and when he was come into the house as she does his disciples asked him privately why could not we cast him out and he said unto them this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting and so you realize here that there is this young man that had eased he's even possessed and he got habits that had been with him for a long time he can't shake him and nor can those around him and so when Jesus since the Holy Spirit he's able to do it and then they ask why we couldn't do it anyway Jesus town these things can come but by prayer and fasting and so sometimes we have these things in our lives that we can't shake that we can't just get rid of it just keeps coming back we need to do what Jesus said by prayer and fasting sure the role of the young man wasn't the one that did the prayer and fasting right but we can apply that to ourselves as well if we are struggling with something or maybe is someone in our lives is struggling with something we can do the prayer and fasting for them as well but even for ourselves if we've really been struggling with something and we want help we can do the prayer and fasting for ourselves so with that said this is the part of the program where you become active in okay and hear it here does all start to explain what we do on what goes on in the later can anyone tell me what was on the liver dissolves grease cleans the blood you know what else the liver does it and stores extra glucose which then is called glycogen and you know why stores extra glucose when I fasting between meals yet and then also you know when you're having to do something as a fighter flight went when and if the situation comes at you and you have to act quickly and those muscles get kicked into gear in and all the stress hormones come in all what's giving you that extra boost energy with that letter the liver takes sin this release of glucose to go to the muscles and you can have that extra energy to go out there and do which need to do right and so that's what that's what he does it starts to release that that all glycogen for you and like you said when you're fasting okay so when you're fasting and you stop the input input of food which can help you keep going as far as energies concerned that liver right that letters and start releasing glucose but with that what else do you think is good to get release out of that liver when you're leasing the glucose toxins right to deliver stores that up instead it's filled to filter for all the things and the ministers to release those toxins with the glucose as your fasting so beautiful that God is giving us a natural detox program in our fasting right that make sense of my clear measure of surveys getting it on that it's just when you're fasting you're not putting in that any extra food for that energy and sit in the liver has to kick in give you vanity but with it it will release the toxins which is I teaching do not water to flush all the toxins out right so anyways that's what we do for the week we start doing a fasting program or a cleanse we collect K and Mrs. holidays is a modified fast cleanse and it's just a natural thing in normally we don't do a fallout and Ufa fast because most of what used anything like that and so we do gradual one and that's why it's called the map modified one so here heavy alcoholic a gigantic are diabetic this is what we asked you to do for the first day you water fruits veggies and whole grain bread for the first day for everybody else the first day you do water him percent fruit juice fruit that you have for the first day in the need to stay on when you come back we tell you what happened the next day so it's like a gradual thing every day you get a different thing additive but in the meantime do not eating as much as you normally do and so is a modified fast until start to have that effect on your body any questions on this okay so anything is this like I said it is somebody's under the care Doctor your to be careful because might be said with the diabetic mom people normally know how they feel when their blood sugars are going up and down and he can watch them and stuff and so you work with that and then also they fear on some medication that you need each without medication you need to take that into consideration talk to your doctor if you need to few wanted to the program in your home okay let's go on here it says in first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen and twenty what know you not that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you are not your own for your followed the price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are gods so were not her own right a lot of times we get discouraged like all men another something to do enough but these bodies are our own there are bought with a price and we can glorify God through these bodies right we people will be attracted to you because of your being and they they can see that there's something different about you right and because of that those inquire what are you doing with so different than any can be something they'll can glorify God through your body cannot have a question this is super drink and with this stupid game Tomas do anything today they can increase energy and endurance prevent kidney stones aid digestion and illumination regulate the body 's temperature and bring about a feeling of well-being that very few of us consume as much as we should you got it it's water that's right it is a super drink is God 's beverage and he can improve on God 's beverage right is in our country they come off smart water and also the canister finally they all call these different waters but you can improve on gods natural beverage it it does all these things and much more right let's hear heavy guys heard about on Kinsey 's name but it's like for radio and be okay Doctor B is what we'll call him and in time the book is called your year on body it your body 's many cries for water when Iranian revolution broke out in nineteen seventy nine Doctor B was place in the infamous Eveline prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months it was there he discovered the healing powers of water one night Doctor B had to treat a fellow prisoner with crippling peptic ulcer pain with no medications at his disposal Doctor be given to loss of water in eight minutes the pain disappeared he was instructed to drink two glasses of water every three hours and became absolutely pain-free for his four remaining months in prison Doctor be successfully treated three thousand fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone while in prison he conducted extensive research into the medical medicinal effects of water in preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases Eveline proved an ideal stress laboratory and despite his being offered an earlier release Doctor Beach chose to stay next or four months in prison to complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease report of his findings was published as the editorial of the Journal of clinical gastroenterology in June nineteen eighty three New York Times science watch reported this discovery in June twenty one nineteen eighty three and you can find all the stuff that water cure .com on his release from prison in nineteen eighty two Doctor B escape from Iran came to America at the foundation of further simple in medicine he began to research the effect of chronic unintentional dehydration on the human body his findings are published in the foundations Journal of science in medicine simplified and ninety one and ninety two ninety said they can be found in modern cure .com Doctor be wrote his first book your body 's many cries for water and ninety two in which he stated that a dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of dehydration no what I dry mouth is not a reliable indicator dehydration the body signals its water shortage by producing pain dehydration actually produces pain in many degenerative diseases including asthma arthritis hypertension angina and onset diabetes with this in multiple sclerosis interesting how all from water I know I I get it like when were on the road a lot which we are sometimes you don't always want to drink because if they do then softened that about them but my joints I take after while one because you're sitting for so long and you can send any dehydrate even if I don't feel in them in my throat yet that I'm dehydrated I start to feel it because dehydrated and I'm sitting there and so there's not a lot of you know movement so I really I believe a lot of things are due to us not getting enough water some benefits of changing water is lowers blood pressure I know a lot of times if you have high blood pressure and you're on these medications are the doctors tell you you get the restricted intake of influence because you're on these medications can it messes up but it's just not the right thing to do if law for example with a water hose if you get less water going through it and you put your thumb on it you know Ted we can't to get the pressure up the only need look she can really getting going in their right but if the water is just coming out you have more in there and it has its own pressure you don't have to squeeze in regard to put pressure take it about a dirty has its own because you have plenty of water flowing through it am I making sense so it's the same thing if you don't have enough food what is your heart have to start doing increasing the pressure so that that will again get further you know is just not enough of it falling around your blood so it actually lowers your blood pressure because can have enough on their and your body doesn't have to hurt your heart is not the work is hard to get it through so on for for example Sunday's bleeding to death that lesson I think that happens your blood pressure goes up your heart rate goes up and then finally at the end your heart of course your blood pressure goes down but in the meantime it goes up because the volumes not there right into the estimates like looking for more are it will go on that helps lower your blood it elevates your mood on due to the fact that our brain is about eighty five percent water whole bodies about seventy percent but brain itself is that eighty five percent water so if your deal on dehydration the first places you can feel it in your mode within your thoughts right now you're feeling and stuff it helps detoxify the liver and if you're doing a fast what will go really well with it is stinking water and it's so cool and ever we do this we start to see people start picking up their bottles and drinking say that helps detoxify the liver maintain or lose weight while before working with the body it will do what it needs to do right maintains body temperature in Albuquerque New Mexico we worked there for a while and God at the church there is the family of refers and I just couldn't understand how in the middle of the summer in the middle of the day they beat up on top of that rough lifetime you know it's black thereof sorry you know when you first put that layer down before you put the shingles I didn't understand even make it up there and he told me he said I tell my guys when you wake up in the morning you start drinking water and I'm on them and him on them drink drink drink drink drink these visits each year national air-conditioning he said if you if you don't get enough water you don't have natural air-conditioning he said because in the volume of water in there keeps yourselves from causing friction you know having having said just all be in there and clumped up you get you get hotter so as a car that's a good thing to know all clear thoughts also young like I said near your brains about eighty five percent water also with the clear thoughts and a friend who suffered from migraines and then he joined the military I don't recommend you join the military to secure your migraines but those that did I'm saying this I really join mayhem on a water regimen everybody did everything the same right and so they read we really pushed water on you anything and migrate his migraines and away during that time you need to realize it was just because he never drink enough water drinking coffee so good good thing to drink or water I let's continue on that in the question comes will how much water do I drink right word word normally told how much a eight ounce glasses okay so eight eight ounce glasses for me and her really big guy were both supposed to have eight eight ounce glasses of that make sense no it doesn't it doesn't at all so we should instead have a formula that will adjust to our different sizes right in here goes this is Doctor B's formulae this is what he says that you is to drink half your body weight in ounces so let's say you are two hundred pounds how many ounces of water should you be drinking one hundred sound like a lot doesn't it but if you're a lot bigger than everybody else I should be more sufficient for you right and this is something else he also says to give he says to add one fourth teaspoon of sea salt to every quart Anacortes thirty two ounces every thirty job that he has put old salt is not an easy sell but anyway the low-salt because if you're increasing your water intake which can happen to electrolyte and get diluted and so there diluted you start to have the effects of low electrolytes in your body in new under the muscle commands and all the other different things so it's good to have the light units like drinking Gatorade gain a lot of sports people and they exert a lot of energy they lose a lot of the water in their lunch like to drink Gatorade in putting this all mayors counting catering you have to do that let you know if if you start feeling weak or something like that just drain uses too much water thinking they might need to put a little salt in it and you won't taste it may be seen very sensitive soon you might but I something else other than a say when I is lost in sorry isn't enough about the salt now okay we'll just move on site and a so all about how much water sorry so then a lot of times we like to because a year some good news would he like to do going try out right away right I want to encourage you to do it in increments don't go starting tomorrow feeling yourself up with all this kind wiring in areas like law this is too much in all I do is go to the bathroom everything we should do should be in moderation right and working our way up because if we do it in increments were more likely to enjoy it and see the benefits but if we overdo it and reading to do this and do that and we overdo it we don't see the benefits were more likely to just cast it away and say who cares forget it right so it's better to to build your self up some of you Mary be drinking out right which is cool very cool but just it just to let you know that you can work your way up to our how to overcome cravings when you're getting the cravings you know you're like wanting that chocolate or your wine at cigarette or your wanting whatever it is you know where you're tempted your time to do something wrong or whatever the case may be this is what we ask that you do during that time for start drinking your water the water becomes your new friend right on a lot of our addictions and habits have to do with hand to mouth to think about it so that neuromuscular have it used to replace it with a good habit right in that's a good habit how that water around with you and so every time you get a craving to get up the hand hand to mouth in there you go it's it all help you overcome and it's detoxing you at the same time and it's a good new habit another thing you can do is start walking okay walk walk walk walk walk whenever you're feeling stressed he start feeling the stress coming on get up remove yourself from the situation and go out and take a low brisk walk and you'll find that it relieves you of of the stress of the situation he can clear my knee get fresh air sunshine and you're moving your muscles it is so good for us to move our muscles this is gods natural stimulant what a guy do it Adam right away he put them to work in the garden right and so right away he put in the work in the garden consensually or maybe dude we were made to naturally get stimulated through exercise not the artificial simulation so how many of us come from farming backgrounds pretty good pretty and were in Montana certainly make sense I bought it used to be more people were more active in that way right now how many of us spend time in front of the computer this allows for hands-off right it's just becoming that way they're becoming very sedentary in our cells including you know we did editing Alice other stuff on the computer and so I would become very sedentary and that's not what God wanted for a straight he wanted us to stay active because that's how you naturally stimulate the blood and of how you feel good right you get those endorphins release me feel good about yourself because you don't even feel I we meet our blood not stimulated when we do then we artificially stimulate ourselves through what foods different kinds activities whatever it may be on drugs we start to artificially stimulate ourselves in that way so anyway walk walk walk walk that's one of the things you do when you're getting a craving or temptation that also claimed Bible promises in prayer is so important because in the long run this is what can he keep you when you're feeling stressed that got caught out start going over the verse praying to God we'll talk more about this as we go along because I know were town timing out so I'll claim the promises and then also deep breathing which had infinite come up and do that for us whatever you just take a break for quite passed our time are using we should actually are just keep going anything is was a leader in ten forty five the rent is ten fifty okay will do this list click will try to his rushers and think everything of this for a moment and this'll help us get a low break anyway okay not everybody can become a three take a deep breath at one to three take a breath of know we generally will have the main dynasty here too many times we tried to give revenues OAS of my guessing ups and we do as a taking as much of breath they know our chest Abner cavity as we can but the reality is this if you want your baby breathe where the debris in her tummy write out your born breathing correctly and what we do is because we start sometimes getting a little bit of a gotten it on eBay to see that so it we do as these are sucking in Argos and just breathing into our chest and that's actually shallow breathing meaning you're not getting a full relation of breath into your lungs and so we want to learn to breathe from our diaphragm self if you wanted me to sit down for a moment if you want to feel what your diaphragm feels like if you are a chance to breathe are obviously doing a great indirect trust also if you're not reading in your diaphragm your not getting enough oxygen on to give you no sense of well-being enough oxygen to the bodily organs and so forth if you spread your legs apart a little bit we just put your arms between your legs and just bend over and you just hate if you know you're welcome to do it again looks like you're an embarrassment 's goods I take a deep breath and you feel pushing red and white feels like your stomach if you last night your diaphragm writers of their literal stomach but that's your diaphragm which want to do is if you are some of you bright read correctly that if you don't you want to learn to breathe in your diaphragm Inc. once you fill up your diaphragm you also increase yearly chest volume but all we want to make sure that we're doing that now stand up again just for a moment and let us try taking a deep breath in the way were to do it is in his has nothing to do with New Age you can read about in my character verse personality were told that just that sometimes people feel depressed for the simple reason that they are not receiving adequate oxygen through breathing correctly see fields on your wife I feel so bad more and understand it right up sometimes just as your breathing is shallow manner until the press as of now Rich I very quickly breathing just an energy geologist for a moment is now your real-time organ and breathe in slowly and your to do it like a breathing through a straw likes and what we breathe out your inner sets her teeth together like this and you stick your tongue on the top of the right behind your teeth and goats 's degree out okay signing it's a wine just a moment but now opening up on the country breathe in and breathe in through a straw slowly adding one to three him and thank him renowned nice and slow back in its how he and all in and in your diaphragm out more enter 's okay related now does anybody feel added nobody effort to get made here regarding used to getting an amount of oxygen generally in any given grout with the oldest zeolite attic is not used to getting so much oxygen to the brain and the reality is this the same light making a strange noises all the only reason is is to get you to let learn how to do it slowly that's it just alert audit is what happens is the journalism when you're tempted when you're stressing attempted to get angry look at something batter to say something mean but you don't notice is that your heart rate begins to escalate against increased and your blood pressure increases and you begin to shallow breathing you don't deal my blood pressure is going up I'm now celebrating your think about that but that is actually what's happening like that insults you can watch what happens you can force your blood pressure back down you can force your are shallow breathing because I was immediate shallow breathing I your not getting adequate oxygen to the brain any bodily organ so what you feel you feel more stressed so giving into force the body back into natural breathing mode you begin to calm down blood pressure when a sound heart rate goes down any oxygen levels increase in the body and so you begin to calm down and be back to what you should be and I continue to read about my character personality very very important and it's it's just extremely important when you're tempted to notice that's what's happening and so you need to say a prayer claim a Bible verse and make sure you're not going yachting you can ask a choose to come down and soak anything about all you have to do like get work and see bosses means you or your mom 's means you are your husbands means you've all you have to do is you can just look at them and all such writing help fix your problem obviously that's on them remember the noise is just to help you learn to unite you knew that alone in your bedroom or something like but as just to teach you to how to slowly breed and we wanted in the habit of deep breathing all the time this has nothing to do it in a karma or new age it's no mine character personality rewrite some very very important even attract the rushes and things finished up and it will take a break off his does anyone have anything about now you have to tell us enough to raise your hand we people sometimes get like them one fellow 's a meth addict any given thing 's meth pipe and we want to bring meth pipe home and get some cops on the way home again Leslie smashing in on Tiger in the thing as soon as possible the meaning sometimes people can get up liquor cigarettes I think and fights when I yell through the garbage can and another guy through some throw in the garbage and as of yet feeling grabbed him and threw him somewhere else in the other guy who threw them away he went to look for them a little while later like all messages have another cigarette yelps as a sometimes you need to give away to soliciting you read them so they're not attempt to see you have so on him in this seminar we never use a word that starts at half and it is the word failure never use the word failure could reason is that Thomas Edison made a great point he came in all kinds of different dimensions we normally think of them for lightbox image all kinds of things you might need demanding I mean first moving pictures but these that I know nine hundred ninety nine ways not to make a light bulb meaning he tried old are already filled the building felt seemingly would did he consider a failure no because each time he could learn from the mistake rights in the same way sometimes we stumble sometimes they baldly want to just give up I can never do it the reality is is that if we learn from our mistakes we can grow from the Moxie told that your proxy we are told that if we regard our feelings are falling for those in the exact words used she says but the exegesis specifically if we regard them as we begins on warning beacons of warnings that meaning so I still hear the next time when I'm been close that or I see it like like a lighthouse it is a reminder on that was a situation I found so we don't meaning we'll have to become discouraged in this punisher we can feel guilt we can confess our sins but that we put away we find peace of the Lord and the next time we come in that situation it's like up begin warning suddenly out of that first tumble last unexplored to be strengths and we can learn from them that mistake we can learn from that rather than in the ultimate failure from a study for sixties as from Joss man falls seven times what was he always do he rises up again but the wicked phone initiative differences in the righteous and wicked is that the righteous and wicked both fallen times but the righteous always gets back up in the wicked chooses they just stayed out and the devil tries to be due to state on the Jesus always wants you to pick you back up and to get you back in the park and for these four thirteen say with me I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me he's the one who gives us the victory and his two ways to look at overcoming one dear and one would enjoy knowing that God must have a plan for your life and he does he is the one who can give the victory Jonathan on all this were to talk about some are lifestyle changes that help you overcome suddenly as a single scroll over the will and how to truly forgive and move on in life and will always talk so fast but I just want to quickly finish this one up so let's close with a quick prayer so we can take a break father bridge lesson would be with us I pray that you would help us to walk in your past recognizing it's not just some physical gimmicks or some you know even eating right that makes us victorious it is your divine strength you've given us these things of breathing and eating all these things and water drinking to make it easier on the path but it is not these things in and of themselves they give us victory but it is your divine strength your Holy Spirit in your changing power on our hearts and gives us the ultimate victory and changes on the inside so we are not just are you know walking moralists but rather we are changed people from the inside we pray that you draw sneered to assist in a break in Jesus name


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