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Good Stress, Bad Stress, and Overcoming

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • July 28, 2011
    11:00 AM
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the following integrated Holy Spirit would mean your brain and you would guide us and to teach us instruct us know we which we should go in the name of Jesus amen I'm things are probably obvious to this time normally we do SNL for the public self you have been here for a name and obviously Marty seen those things we talked about some quick things overcome cravings on drinking water walking obviously to walk away from every situation but if you're at work again fifteen minute break you could take a quick break in order water bottle and go for a walk and relieve a bit of the stress on the back and so forth on team breathing very important to get adequate oxygen to the bodily organs and now wanting your seminar and she said she would this is an Arkansas and she said that evening we are in a small town in Arkansas and she lived on the country and self talk to her mailboxes little bit of walk choose what information Latinos that she had some back pain and so as she was going to achieve what you need to destroy this debriefing session began to be buried and the back pain soon went away and sometimes were just not getting adequate amounts of oxygen to our muscles and so we feel awkward we don't feel right or maybe could be the water like we read from Doctor V and self getting our body to be in tune with the way God made it to be he designed us to have adequate amounts of water adequate amounts of oxygen to get her charges deep breathing can sometimes help with muscle pain adequate water in the very same thing but the most important of these particular for things that were looking at our Bible promises in prayer and I can't explain how important those are just some personal experience that many times and I know I'm going to wear when I first learned about Bible promises and you know maybe that in verses for any temptation you have that there is a promise is a viable promise for you and others in general once I can apply any first the situation where some very specific promises in the Bible to nursing general promise that I can be like those other situations but in situations when let's see your tempting tempting you sample you sent father and first biggest entertainer has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man so my conclusion is common to humanity yours may be a little different than mine but it's still common in this is other people struggle with the same thing and so many different levels yours may be distant vision Monday the other but it's common to humanity temptation in general result there is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man of God is faithful so father your faithful will not suffer the meet need to be tempted above that I enabled the will with the temptation also make a way to escape it's revealed to bear and health giving up a Bible promise in a time of temptation is not like a magic trick not like I'm setting only just developed temptation I disappears right I mean it doesn't work that way meaning it takes days in the shop before verse two the Bible talks about the film the gospel was preached unto them speaking of the Israelites chapter three goes on history the Israelites coming out of temptation and chapter four verse two it says the gospel is preached and send them on to the Israelites as well as unto us this is the word did not profit them not being mixed with faith and those that pertinent meeting publicity is not like the word of God is a magic trick although this divine power in it there is absolutely but in words it has to be mixed with something in order for the property and nothing that has to be mixed with is what faith severely change of the faith in the promises a father you said that because you said it but he decided to make a way to escape fund am looking for numbers I know you made I know you made the way to escape where his father help me to have the eyes to see this was not a man we pray with a clean the promises made to clean the bottom find between him now this is our main text here our main quote here on out is the item 's letter eighty five March sixteen eighteen ninety six self Elliott an associate of the general public which quote never forget that bots work out actions repeated actions form habits and habits formal character so we want to change what has to be changed initially the thoughts see what happens and sometimes unwittingly sadness not illegal as a legal list wants to just change his actions and his habits and he is happy with that anything sees only by that the reality is gone the loving God of the Bible doesn't just want to change outward south the Pharisees and scribes change our life in Jesus described in his whitewashed sepulcher 's right they were basically blue deadbolts but they look pretty on the outside right now doesn't want to do that with you the most a change of balls he was the change from the very inside now the frontal lobe purity is the blue portion of the brain right you got your red portion you got your yellow portion and you got your green portion in your Boulevard tonight no it's all one color but the blue portion of the picture here this is from Gray's anatomy grays anatomy is a golden native blue and blue in the Bible symbolizes what the law right is aligning your they had tassels that they would remember of the law in South low just by chance they need it beautiful blue analysis not literally lives but God wants to write his law in our minds and in our hearts right so discredit interesting outings because you your chance nevertheless powerful I know the brain of a cat free play five percent of the brain of a cat is the envelope when it has a larger formula but that are not dead cat lovers think it's cats dog lovers liaisons and friends it is a dog and I odd as seven percent twice as much of the brand dog is in the frontal Albright are man's best friend and cats are their own best friend right now even if on the value the logger the catalyst the withholding right it's like a wild animal that lives in your house right any see chapter things like it still while right you were a dog is friendly just like you love it I and I would innovate anybody without but you understand okay not on chimpanzee has seventeen percent of its brain as the form below and you can see obviously what is more intelligent creature dog attack or attempt clearly a chimpanzee they can learn several forms and even sign language very intelligent creatures but a human brain thirty three percent nearly a third of the human brain is the frontal lobe is what separates you from the animals of the other creatures of your faith you have an intellect that I cannot only think about those objects and things around you and interrelations with other creatures but also that you have the possibility of thinking about divine relationship with God and thinking about others rather than your own needs and notes of the envelope has to do now my wife she's going to talk us to talk to us about a nurse by the name of Patricia K this is another study with God as a friend will be unlike the earlier one was Denise Gage and this one is nurse Patricia Mrs. kinds nurse Tricia struggled with depression and she thought that a frontal lobotomy would help her with her guilt image destroying the frontal lobe would help her with her yield her way to the front what is that the frontal lobe the seat of spirituality morality and will answer you do a lot if thinking right and so on find your thinking will cause your guilt right here it things you never know cause guilt and that's where we struggle with things and so she thought you know maybe for a lobotomy where they took a stylus and put it up with it yet these middle statistic after the nose and just going in and scratch of the frontal lobe enough to destroy it and so on yes she thought that would help it will this is what she was like before the surgical seizure she is an extremely efficient operating room nurse and she enjoyed reading books this is that she was in after she lost much of her ambition all loss fitness sympathy and interest in work I lost interest in books and you'd find her saying something like I don't care if I make a mistake it will turn out all right in the end that what you wanted OR nurse say no you don't and yeah I don't care I made a mistake else or not all right in the end yet but what was she before in extremely efficient operating room nurse she's very efficient and she enjoyed reading books but afterwards she lost that and sometimes it am we wonder why we don't enjoy reading books and things like that right we might have on some impairments and her fellow because the frontal lobe is the seat of spirituality morality in the will and so that that's in our second thing about the frontal lobe and just that the integrated consistency to write to make us realize the world is very important and then I asked how to go for those of you that are doing the fast right on and a lot of people tell me all it was good diet I'm surprised I've never done anything like this and I thought all men humming and make it feeling so good still clear in mind so forth an interesting purging the link envelope hired think about if you remove stimulants from your diet even feel tired right then we give some pointers on what to do and so on and so forth and I might do that at the end year 's event will we add for the next day is veggies right greens and that kind of thing that's Ileana could Day two we still were still doing the fruits but now two that were adding the veggies like in the morning the never goods in the afternoon in other veggies and all that and why why do we do it like this something is really neat is after sin came in the region in Genesis that God added something to the diet right after sinking than what was that the veggies right when he think he did that we think is in veggies that is so important minerals all kinds of things right there's all kinds of goodies and veggies one of the chlorophyll the sofa makes a green right chlorophyll is very similar to our blood composition in in terms of the chemicals and things like that it's just a few things are different from chlorophyll in our blood and so when sin came in what started happening to our bodies exerted student to Terry Wright soon started to have it's it's effects on the blood and so God gave us a natural way of cleansing and replenishing the blood and that's fewer veggies and it's really important again they had there's a lot of antioxidants that help with you know the free radicals and such is a right away got out a remedy for us when syncing and he he I gave is something and a lot of times it's kind of sad what he may teach children to do your veggies eat your veggies right and not but if of its kind gods prescribed remedy for her on helping us with their bad blood so that's an encouraging thing that Dolly commuter veggies for today right side of the question now or getting into the cravings again how long do you think along the lot the average craving lasts how long do you think it lasts me they are ten minutes in the upset against three minutes anywhere from thirty seconds for three minutes and thirty seconds of payment is how long the average craving lasts so many of us can not distract ourselves from for three thirty seconds gain insight gap so we realized that that a lot of times though it feels like it can last forever right the craving and in using glycol and earth am I getting in my mind off of this but it's possible so there's traps right with every warfare there is a booby-traps that the devil puts out and we need to learn the tactics of the enemy right if you can and be a fighter you need to figure out what the tactic tactics of the enemy is in here with a few of the traps on and I'm sure you you have your own traps you have your own things that cause you to stumble and fall and in that climate these are just a few of the top ones that a lot of people have in common and are odd things they get you into further temptations so here we go one of them is caffeine caffeine is very much a trap if it weren't so people and makes a much money him and in Chicago growing up when I was a kid we didn't have that many coffee places but now if you go it's almost on every street corner that you find a coffee place in Starbucks wouldn't be so popular would it if it weren't for caffeine and on it if you look at the end the last three letters are what I any what other things and deny any nicotine wealth why kind of excited about her that the clutter as well as gun in Fred's money anyway it's it it said classification of drugs that had denied any and now they're all narcotics you know using the morphine in these kind of things the drug in people realize that it's a drug in the hospital when somebody's on all types of medications they will be given decaffeinated soda they don't just give them you know the regular Coca-Cola earnings at the dimly decaf one in that's because it'll can't it's a contraindicated for the other drugs that thereon because it is a drug in we need to realize that it is a drug and what does it do it stimulates the blood remember word looking for a natural simulation and how do we naturally stimulate ourselves to exercise right when exercise we get that euphoric feeling we get that excitement that endorphins are released to get addicted to that that's great but what happens if or not doing that we were looking for artificial stimulation and that's where the caffeine comes in we get artificially stimulated and it actually causes you to crave other things that is they start the cream of the things on cattle share about that with caffeine smoking and how networks together also your favorite chair can be a trap cant how I me my that you thinking sometimes are are a idle moments are the moments that we find her sensations right on King David what was he supposed to be doing in the springtime is the speed out at war that's what the Kings used to do they would go out to war in the springtime with their soldiers authority decide to do stay home and look out of that balcony and he fell and the temptation right and that's the idle times is when we fall and you can sit even now I hear sitting and thinking like no one is a usually I fallen to this and that the other lot at times when you have your hands are filled with doing something right also let saying and it is an easy example because justice cigarettes one do people live times like a smoker say rights after the exactly are when they wake up right so you have to plan things ahead the act writing what should I do I should get up go start doing the dishes right away go out for a walk a little little bit of a walk after you eat is very good for your digestion on it if you did overexert yourself it's very bad for your digestion but if you do just a little bit you get enough blood there and to the other parts of the body said that it aids in your digestion so have a plan that that's the bottom line for this favorite chair think a lot of people all they get off work nowadays you can't smoke at work get off work to get in the car the first safety light up so start to identify what your favorite chair is right and have a plan for it if it's your house you know cleanup of all the smells clean up while I can be cleaning up of whatever it is that can cause you to stumble and fall then what's another chat show their in season people smiling down sugar is another chap why is it a chat because it actually dulls the brain in what we talking about is having your brain in optimal function so that you can make good decisions right it's all about making good decisions and so if our brain is all when I can make good decisions here also share share quote with you here from a doctor too much sugar may cause brain decay it is well-known that too much sugar causes tooth decay but might also cause brain decay recent research that suggests that it just might the growing epidemic of obesity in the US the number of people with diabetes is also increasing diabetes is due to the body 's inability to maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood as it should over time this results in problems in many parts of the body including the kidneys heart muscles nerves and brain people with diabetes are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke at a younger age in addition they may be at a greater risk for a decline in mental function which is brain decay or dementia fortunately improving eating habits and at avoiding excessive weight gain may prevent many cases of diabetes also you realize you know when you give a child some sugar and after the sugars had its effect is getting all excited what happens to them you get a crash in the blood share begin very you will be right to the national fact you don't want that you want up and down we knew a girl that was supposedly diagnosed with the home we call it bipolar disease in the non- date this issue is bipolar but when they discovered that actually than later the church center kid like one of our health institutes and when she got there they realize that she's women eating much she would have liked rice crispies were yet rice crispies for breakfast Missy beyond gone all day on something like that I think anybody would be bipolar feds are you reading all day right because what was bipolar manic depressive right what is your blood sugar do and down and so when you get that simple sugar you get a spike in your blood sugar neuropsychology cited and in him all this energy is fake energy your stimulated the wrong way right and then what happens after that energies gone her that done blood sugar it goes it crashes my crashes because so much comes in the beginning your insulin kicks in and gives too much is too much insulin to deal with the situation and so then you crash because they're just that there wasn't enough that there is nothing really there it was just a big lump of sugar but it was too much and so than the insulin kicked it down and usually in the near depressed since I got manic depressive bipolar insulated the biggest change your diet got on a good diet in sleeping pattern everything and she was fine all because she and her eating habits in her sleeping habits and everything was just totally out of line right so dissonant in just that encourage we should be having our complex carbohydrates right are a woods another thing keeping it around Jenna was talking about a given eating again up give it to a strike on what you do to yourself when you keep something around you telling yourself retelling among the available I need it it's an option when you're coming to suddenly like this in your putting your effort forward in your putting your mind on in this direction saying I'm been overcome this is what I might do its best to just take everything else out because if you don't disdain just in case this doesn't work for me I have that to fall back on right just in case but that that's not what were we doing here right you want to go full and ahead with God and that just in case is in the word of God pray just in case some forget to drink my water in this none yet I have the word of God my prayer and God with me all the time because water didn't save us train like changing of water LinkedIn is a lesson in getting a deep breathing surly didn't save us right but it's it's that claiming claiming God 's promises and sticking with him and having that connection with him and when the stress comes in I don't turn to the cigarette out turn to the Canyon don't turn to the bad thoughts turn to God in a commune with him and he brings that the piece right so not keeping it around look at what it says here in Romans thirteen verse fourteen but put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flash to gratify its desires so don't keep it around because you know the flesh is weak gotten on that advice is don't make any provision for it don't put things around that you know you're in a slip and fall prey make provisions for the spirit to work right in to think ahead to be going to zones of house and I know such and such happened there women in Dubai you know the holidays are really tough time for people and keeping on track how about bringing something that will be pleasant for others to partake in like let's say you really struggle with desserts right in your comment I know in zones is good because really do deserve better than you don't want to take part taken it whatever I just given example and you decide okay I'm can make something really nice and then maybe everybody alike and asked for the recipe when you put a positive thing in my end is a very proactive in thinking about these things I'm been a be going to a youth conference and I might not get enough sleep while in their new know and I might not be doing is that in the other that I normally do have a plan for that right make sure you get out when we have the brakes get the sunshine the fresh air doing whatever make sure you get plenty of time with the Lord could I know that something we strolled when everybody conferences is you got get up early that you are you staying up with people and seven uses start to feel like I'm supposed be here for spiritual reasons write me feel like a getting drain system make a plan take a plan that I'm not to let these things get in the way another thing is when you go to school a lot of times we if we go away for school you everything school you know eat sleep live everything at school and one thing that we lack is making a plan for our spiritual life all were in school that's the biggest problem we have is young people is a get so caught up in its evening we forget that one inside I found encourage you have that cleanup promises in Mickey six thirty three was in say seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you and not that means making a plan of of keeping your body in tune with God 's plan that you can make it through school and others how many of you know Doctor Neil medley yeah you know during medical school a lot of times the other guys it's the ugly and he decided that going to fall your principles through medical school does it matter how what the fire principles in a fit at night and study altogether even okay I had a go I have to go sleep in no agree going to think I'm in an abandoned knowledge you notice any better than we do how could you be going to bed is going to do it many get up earlier in the morning when you get up all your hormones are brand-new fresh and you actually can retain more in the morning and you do at night and said he would and guess what he did a lot better than the other guys all because he followed God 's principles he decided him to be faithful and look at them today right praise the Lord and you can see that even with Daniel and his friends rightly decided to stay faithful amongst their brother and so don't make provisions for the flesh but make provisions for the work of God to work in your life to put on the Lord Jesus Christ hooray and so on there's other traps the night it may not always be there though the kind that are tangible but they could be a stressful place or situation right it could be work could be home for some of us into it it didn't matter where it is it's stressful place or situation we'll talk more about what you can do in these things how about a particular person I him presented the assessor to you and a play quickly I know a Doctor on California who had a conversion experience in through her conversion experience things changed at work she had a very bad relationship with the financial officer at the time that she was the head doctor of her practice and so they would always have issues when she had a conversion experience she started coming into work and asking different nurses and doctors okay with you while Cheryl Casey pray with them as you come in and sit down at somebody's office cashiers in the weekend while she searching suspicious or having Bible studies with another in other than she she started gaining strength and then she went into this financial officer and started doing the same thing with him and he started becoming friends started becoming friends so much so that for her birthday you threw her a big party at the office where they did not get along at all before but the Lord turned it in that particular person became a blessing not only to her but those around her so all because the Lord work and she give it to him since it got Internet around but we'll talk more about that later on repetitive memory test can go over this in just a bit on what plagued with that we play something over and over and over and over in our heads of the past situation I could definitely finish it and how I got it on him he beat ourselves up and in just over and over something that was done to us all be played over and over in our heads and in it drives us nuts you know in we just can't shake it out so you later on about some situations that I went to where that happened to me now like any victory over it in God can change at the light is a chance can you share that with you in just a bit and also on how we overcome craving but we said we see so learn over again first getting drink your water cannot remove these often situation go take a walk in exercising your program final promises in prayer spend that time with God the deep breeding season get that oxygen to your brain senior working that drain properly and then also you need to ask yourself questions on what kind of questions you know you need to assess the situation and realize my Chad said Proverbs three four sixteen says what a righteous man falls seven times as rises up again but the wicked shall fall into mischief to does that mean like all can distribute ouch this is keep going who cares God forgives me know right we ask her some questions on what what was that I could changed in that situation will can I learn from it did I get enough sleep did I always I stress that I get proper food was I can exercise did I do this you you you start to learn to it to do that analysis and realize like him how can I can I expect myself to do better if I'm not getting enough sleep doing this day not doing the other end and spending that time of day release in that time in my just going along and do whatever C-section and ask yourself these questions and not to be overly critical and become so focused on self and your sin but just enough to realize how can I improve that next time right so that when I just like all the gears God forgive me let's go forward but realizing up I I messed up I'm sorry what can I do different in the future but Chad also has another question to ask is this thing is on the what I've been reading some powerful things and sharing with you some new things about the brains of powerful new insights about how the brain works with plasticity in these kinds of things boiling for these the funds alone is the last portion of the brain to come to fruition when it is it is offering developed and developing disorderly and forks so as you are growing up our entire human evolution human as us as a child as your growing up your brain is developing right and houses developing the last portion to fully develop is the frontal will call me if you are under the age of thirty I'm human under the age of twenty five okay good number of you and some good news for you are under twenty five not as good news for a myself and the rest of us were over twenty five on thirty but you're the frontal lobe finishes developing around twenty five years old maybe up to thirty years sources of envelope is a portion of the brains of queries you know your spirituality morality in your will skew decision-making centers you still have time to strengthen your follow-up to a large capacity wheel are older also been to because of brain plasticity but for you it is still in development so I will encourage you a pleasant thing I want to get old and retired in all get a better relationship with God enough as everybody can you follow that when they're older retired or whatever the reality is you want to be strengthening your frontal lobe now this is the time you're from below not mine my son I've grown so all for it rightly feel are young enough that you can have your frontal lobes skills and actually it didn't dwell in a stronger way and think about what you thought about specific ways to have the frontal lobe strengthen that will encourage one of the most important spend time with God and his word every single day silvery and not as yeah like God not just the you and I read I'm not actually contemplates the was is me what is the same to me how can I apply to my life and as you do that you are strengthening your frontal lobes which is still in the process of developing because the rest of us is just way I found to know there is where you learn there are things that we can see through also I is not deliver their assessment a very special stains learned on essay itself out after somewhere along want to be in ten years now net leasing symbol that is a question not just for young people we assess all different ages where will I want to be in ten years sure elderly strong that they get older but the realities I can decide some things about because by my lifestyle I could usually I will be around ten years because of a meeting so that I have a heart attack continues up on tools I let the other things I can choose to change my lifestyle so that I can potentially be Iran is still being good shape as an older person for a young person you have to make decisions what am I to do what Obama really be aware while one of the insane yes sometimes they don't think about the site I guess school I got this I got this where I really want to be and so now if if the things I'm doing my daily life do not coincide or don't fit with wound up in ten years I need to start changing home I want to be in ten years how can I start changing things today what can I do today that will prepare me to better become I do I want if I struggle of being cranky all the time now I want to be crazy in ten years will know if I don't want to leave and I need to start changing things in my life so that I won't be that person because I first sent in I believe that it is true that in ten years from now you are going to be the same person you are today except for two things except for the people you meet in the book should be fairly the same person you are today in ten years except for the people you meet in the books you read meaning if you just use the gauntlet life is watching you are reading the same person in ten years the same crankier the same negative in the same in all whatever all these things unless you begin to create something that will change her life and are missing nothing can change your life what the word of God nothing can change your life like the word of God 's powerful things in the spirit of prophecy even with the wonderful thing about being assigned as a programmer is winter meetings on the original diligent effort to look at something that would be good for you maybe something about nutrition or not help exercise which are choosing to do things that will change your life and the things the people you meet the big issue is to Fellowship with are going to a lesser they are specifically only for their witnessing purpose it sure there is some of someone may not be gone leaving may not be in the situation but I'm there to witness to them so that I can be changing force in your life but if I'm just there to just hang out I slowly be changed into their present her into their character that can happen unless I am the one who is there to be a witness to be changing force in your life you by the Holy Spirit by God 's grace where he wanted singers anything above that number to what visible shape you want to be honest of me have this health message and I'll say that I was not raising administered i.e. junk food only all the time all the time I was I editing MS was nineteen years old I was when evangelistic meeting and when I am then I went off to the Mission College which is in South Dakota at the time anything healthy food there I had never had a salad in my entire life I had never had lapsed I can ever remember in my life writing junk food only all that time I looked healthy because I worked out but I felt physically hold I felt terrible and self because of this you know my joins Asian my brain was small she and I couldn't clearly shows in college and I do get okay grades would've but I felt terrible it was desperately hard work and concentrate on things when I started eating healthy and hearty exercise like to see the phone and also but when started eating healthy during the regular sleep instead of going back to three in the morning and sometimes drinking myself to sleep at night when I changed that the health message some fields hey aren't all that crazy old health master outlet so terrible for me such a blessing I can't tell you how much of a blessing as many as totally changed my life and nothing is also Muslim church we hate to help message is on all legalism the people of the world opens awesome elderly isomer rabies agnostics not all euros to ten euros billion wall on the right will actually recharge like I can only than just noble rights the funny thing is a lot like that's awesome I really respect people like that development we'll brought hammer people over the head with it you saved my life eating lettuce or whatever you save my relationship with Jesus Christ but it is a blessing if you think of it as a blessing if you would like I don't need that listen that's not beneficial to constantly be thinking about you don't really care about what I don't really care while I believe I constantly worried about you just need to put stuff in a way but right is literally a blessing and a curse on you insult the reader it's been a blessing with them what physical shaping the want to be in into here while then you begin to implement things I fear making decisions according to where you want to be I saw this and can change everything about you today everything is a gradual meter maid like this I first looked obscene those in the ground the blade springs up and then you don't have to buy that money comes to the fruit things our growth it takes growth and it takes time now if you don't make a decision about these things you have already made a decision I is really insane person ten years that you are not maybe a little cranky or little worse if you don't choose to go in a better direction I so we will be moving the Rush Limbaugh is calling us to so we need to have our thoughts changed so everything about us can be change we want to be changed by the word of God now this also simple but many of those people that struggle for instance while smoking cigarettes on when I wanted a cigarette was thinking about the long future was I think a lot ten or twenty years on the road know I was thinking about right now is a ratification in a society where I want to know what's going on in China and I can tell you right now what's going on in China right if I want to know anything about the world I can check my phone will be immediately we live in a society of instant gratification right anything I want to know what's the weather like in Australia Sydney Australia it will tell me immediately we live in a time of instant gratification most the things we look at we don't even need to know what is in revenues is such a part of our lives that we don't have time to read because we don't really remember on the Internet if I don't find a sentence interesting within ten seconds I go to another website right the reality is history hasn't been if you're reading a book historically we a few pages that are not interesting a part of life is pressing through things that are not constantly exciting I have to live through things and have delayed gratification I we have found delayed gratification and when were attempted we're not thinking about the future when thinking about the immediate gratification so I'm thinking on stress I need a cigarette insult I'm thinking about right now but that's destroying my future and so what we need to do is take our mind we were tempted to take online awful things we put them on the word of God but God has a plan and purpose right bridal the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord thoughts and keep thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you expected and to give you planning a future basically is what he said I have a plan for your future and when you are tempted to think about right now the reality is not as I want to think about the future I want to realize that there is a purpose and plan for your life is not about instant gratification about what happens around you every single moment so when someone is tempted we encourage seven assessing Nelson New England finance along smokers all kinds of different things I have a list like a list and I would encourage you to do this to my list of ten things that you want will come for some of you could be many more and some of them can be long-term goals what I want and most of them to be relatively short-term and long-term goals and writable do there someone am whatever I'll but also have a list of things like I have to clean my bedroom okay or maybe be more specific I need to clean the sink in the bathroom now that seems so simple but think about as let's say you know you're secure at home and you're not always home if you're holding you want a cigarette I know when I'll certainly suggest this is a easy illustration is you and I struggled so when you want a cigarette okay I want to savor while the cigarette is in a farmhouse I don't and don't need father give me strength fund I know you told me that my body is a temple of God and if I destroyed my body Juergen is frightening and a summary that so vibrated you will help me actually means victory in your ministry I want to dwell in the so-called father listen I know I need to start ideas are living a life that looks for the future and if I need to look for the future things will change now one of my bathroom is dirty enough tenacity and a dirty sink so I'm going to clean the sink and I feel after it's your sync with all clean me feel as if the other lady like it was anathema I hear cleaner if you feel good about the fact that your site looks good right are your bedroom looks like you like going to bed at night I is I guess if everything is better because you're implementing these small things that seemed so minimal measure during that life around he was getting better right and pretty soon it innovations are regular unit you making a regular habit out of it and everything around associates a certain capacity better life starts getting more organized you more time to look for the future the new mother things are not ill I I want to do maybe you have been in school for lassi like you I would like to do this so whiny learn about side you will now have a meeting about this as I'm doing is changing my mind I'm looking for the future to have a list of ten things summer things that are close at hand and some can be far off things that you want to accomplish this will encourage you to give that a try now we're told there's a reason preachers and prophets by the Satan general crowds I feel this is the greatest curse that could fall upon a man body brought out earlier I'm Dean David Rhein he was on his balcony board any started looking at pornography right pornography resizing a woman I know leaving on top of a roof at the time Michelle of pornography is generally when they are on the Internet any are just kind of surveying in any and all this goes up in this happens then it just kind of thy innovative idleness is the greatest perspective fall upon a man in the Bible sets are not Bible says Baker's profits as some of the point being is that listened when one of those times were not accomplishing something we could be doing something that is more or looking to the future we actually will plan why am I doing one on doing and we can start implementing those things and as we do we find more peace because were pressing for tonight goal that we have in God has put on our hearts another some effects of stress stress is a part of everyone's life in some way or another now it all depends on how we look at the stress right your emotions are not brought about by the situations around you there based upon your thoughts about the situations around because two people to me the same should stress are stressful situation one essential piece in the other one is going crazy but about the same situation as the situation for two think about the situation is that the two sides of stress in this study powerful and there's accused Strasse which is occurs when a threatening event appears and is quickly resolved your body is well-designed and looking stress in fact your body can even benefit from stress much of the same when an exercise works but you stress can help you become stronger so you're better prepared physically for further emergencies in example I was going for a run I was in Illinois and relating Illinois for while and I like that just as I did double the length is about hip ends a nice ride a bike or do other exercises is going for run of the time and while I was running I look at her and I look to my left and I see a lot what and the Rottweiler he's got his young chain around the biggest loser he knew how to do it easily backed up and I saw it just fall off and then I saw him running right at me around was a big dogs in sizes running at me but when governments are my heart got a fight or flight my heart rate increases my blood pressure increases my breathing Cyrus to shallow right start to shallow breathing think of all that but I just think about the dog coming the path is happening physiologically to me as he coming Idol track item not afraid of him and I'm terrified his unveiling of the dog transferring to keep amount that will praise the Lord the owner of the dog assess the situation heard the dog heard me yelling and so they their house it's always wonderful you don't write it unless the owner comes out of the houses of bigger money see the situation and she was happening and dots as they come out the door to stop the dog no as that happens what begins to happen to me well you can buy one for runs in her ratings were not immediately that I continued on but typically what would happen is your heart rate begins to go back down your blood pressure begins to go down and your breathing will slowly return to normal now that's acute stress actually contribute good for you it's healthy for you a certain capacity but there's something called chronic stress and is in the negative stressed that happens when the event remains constantly undermine and does not go away this can harm you because your body is no recovery phase during which arrest revealed lacking downtime will deplete your body 's reserves and postponed long-term rebuilding which causes the premature deterioration of major organ systems serious illness and even death may result when listening basically when you sell something that happens to somebody else means you somebody who hurts you and so the fog comes in your mind and the stress comes along with it because what they've done keep an menu choose to play that over and over and over that day and in the next day you play that same thing over and over what is on the second on the ice should know that this should happen why was I there I was was there when the better as were displayed over we see me when we go over and has been going to the stress hormones in the body are elevated and over time it becomes chronic stress becomes literally deadly to your body it destroys your body this is what we call chronic stress and women talk more about the things we want to learn to overcome these things we don't want to constantly go over these things because thoughts work out emotions but thought social worker actions repeated actions form habits and transform character submission shoes what we think about and talk about in just one moment but thirty volunteers were subjected to to experience its experiments group one I do watch a twelve minute gruesome surgical procedure and the doctor near you well for a doctor without a very stressful to watch a gruesome surgical procedure now that's part of life that people open you do that's a big deal it's not stressful to you it's more about Tyler was stressful but now watching in that sense of an output number two the other group had to memorize information and take a twelve minute test isn't stressful ever to take a test just to guess not everybody but it resonates now but what they discovered is something interesting the one with passive meaning you just had to sit there and watch this terrible thing and yet when you actually actively accomplish a goal right powerful Texas up the earliest pyramids each person gave saliva samples that were analyzed for immune system components known as signatory proteins these proteins help protect the lining of organs such as the lungs and stomach guarding against the invasion of bacteria and irises while the levels of signatory proteins increased during the stress the immune system actually dropped during passes stress easy with SS what it says is that we are possibly stress I get assuming there are no hate this I can't stand having able to the situation what did when your body your immune system 's actually dropping and hurting physically her body physiologically or been destroyed but when you're actually setting out to accomplish the goal is a stressful yes is stressful but that actually increases your immune system it's actually visit physiologically good for you to set out to accomplish something to work at it and will help us out to do a task is a powerful meeting is a blessing to go accomplished something when you sit back and know you should be doing something you possibly stress is actually destroying sometimes it's just good to get out there and do something manual and make it to a prolonged or it can become chronic but perhaps stresses on the big bad thing introducing units in fact most acute stressors boost the immune system only when stress is unusually prolonged or repetitive it becomes a potential threat to your health so we need to be accomplishing things it's actually good to set out to accomplish something new in your life and learn something new because it is actually a benefit to you leaving your house environment in the body are linked science is discovering that we knew this all along from the Bible is that right Bibles very good since it didn't be blessed Solomon write a merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones is having a positive spirit we know the mind and the body are like the science is now beginning to discover these things to certain emotions really as hormones in the body that in turn can trigger the development of a host of diseases researchers and directly and scientifically linked emotions to hypertension cardiovascular disease diseases related to the immune system like autoimmune diseases studies of also highly correlated says of their correlated emotions and infections allergies and autoimmune diseases from emotions now specifically researches link emotion such as depression to increase risk in developing cancer and heart disease emotions such as anxiety and fear have shown a direct on type two palette to heart palpitations mitral valve prolapse steerable bowel syndrome and tension headaches as well as other diseases the negative emotions none of the big cause all of these things but they can exacerbate the problem I need to make it worse the fact that you have some some some of them they might actually be partly a cause but the reality is it gets worse because the negative emotions are hurting our immune system right our body can fight off the negative invaders because we're fighting our body with our 's thoughts were choosing to destroy our bodies now chronic or prolonged stress that can be happen so this long period of stress can happen from a past event that stays on my ache constantly goes through your mind that can create chronic stress you're hating your presently heat my job I hate this was I would say this review really do hate your job I'm not unclear immediately because it's hard market to get another job right now but start seeking out another job invite her job as better get another job but sometimes what is negative needlessly hate literally right to get alerted be changed you have been fine finding heart from God that he can change you since you just hate every situation of life now also laughing forgiveness can cause prolonged stress and unhealthy relations of the young ladies are dating a man who is not in the thing was not gone before encouraging them this is not from bargaining and says he enjoys in the business isn't as an amount of stress and and we enjoy sometimes this seems in is actually enjoyable sometimes up in a situation it actually caused prolonged stress being a unhealthy relationship becomes an unhealthy marriage unhealthy situation for the children and that causes prolonged stress so you can choose whether or not to get in any of these but it's better not to Vietnam veterans were talking to each other in both Lenin in prison they've been imprisoned and gone through all this terrible camp experience concentration camp type experienced one of the soldiers at the other soldiers have been forgiven for chapters after they are out and you know the responsibility he said no I will never forgive them the other return back to him annuity said he said that nice guess they still have you captive don't mess the case that is the case that when we choose to hold on anger and resentment for what someone's done to us who's the one who was he was having a bad time to me I mean control choosing to hold onto this negative experience so on this is not within him talk more about this powerful those were able to withstand their captivity of prisoner of war camp site I heard someone sharing about this at the knee that evidence of studies is probably out Vietnam War era but they had tried for your heart these guys make it through on their two specific things to specific that nothing but the specific case number one of them yes one of them was that these was those who have strong moral and religious convictions the people who made it through the torment in and in our trials I went through the second group for those who memorize Bible verses and went over them regularly why write so important for us to Melissa and is not just for the concentration camp type situations and we need God 's versus we need them now I little trials of today and for the good times of today it up and coordinate attacks and he began releasing them all maybe like the limits of a not unnatural to me from some a dozen I continually like limits right now and now this I would love to you lemons but I once I'm trying to straight women just like glasses and in the nineteenth just literally after that so I don't eat lemons but I would like it is I like on a case but amazingly me for a moment take a Lennon 's imagine with me imagine sitting on any cut in half lengths back and neck and amazing citrusy smell right and then just imagine that you smell him immediately drifted down into your mouth and he just has a wonderfully amazing sour taste test citrus taste right goals so wonderful right now don't think about lemons okay don't think about lemons that yellow citrus Seafoods and also about no thing about lemons okay okay moments we think about when I say nothing about once or just a good job they want to say the most of us are thinking about what you learned this most of us are the new malevolence now this is a valid sometimes more tempting right now I want to think about it's okay so lets limits limits on how many of you like CE outlets what was your favorite out of Apple pink Lady Fujii what else was granny said that agreeing on drag items to their good Andreas McIntosh and he has ever had honey crisp is a phenomenal their crazy expensive but they taste so good right and all I don't need to stay sober but now anything about Apple 's right to use the fields when you are tempted what happens is a subsidiary let's see what's your temptation is as easy as on the services as a singer so if you want a cigarette as a result the policy the only one thing I can't illustrate that I shouldn't smoke is later populations will say that we think about your thinking about cigarettes and your thoughts work out actions false workout actions so there's always on those figures don't think the Louisville that was noticed anything about the singer a significant segment thoughts work out actions reactions whenever you need any changes you have new trying to now every content vision comes on a cigarette is on stress and stress God told me in Isaiah twenty six or three and four dollars gave women perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Leon gone right to the news Sentinel Brittany interviews everything about you father please give me the strength to keep my eyes on you I think you that you sent your son and it is what you need victory he died on the cross to save me from my sins and I were thinking about these things in a less aggressive enough not to think about it will change my rain the physical structure of my brain changes alliances and those new thoughts that I haven't caused new actions and those new actions even he knew how he feels visit and become my character so we cannot just think don't do this don't do this don't do this don't and I like that that is a legalism don't do this and don't do that all the time was other things we can do absolutely we don't behold the things we don't do look rather to Jesus Christ in thinking about him and his word changes us from the inside so the whole people not because were strong in and of ourselves but because he's strong and we beheld him really want to encourage you to do that and get a monkey test I'm really fascinated with test scientist do it animals that I don't necessarily say I would do so if you handle stress that okay I understand what he did them already insides read about them but not these scientists think that these monkeys and what they did if they put limitations in class I don't know where they came up with this but I think that a pole in the middle of paint and it hasn't pulled up on the pole we think that Google apps sync with the manners of the public polls waiting to monkeys with you when I saw them because of the problem all the wonderful things the scientist with their withholdings it's all ensure multiple so they must first make an equal came up with a scientific that I do not know but nevertheless I guess if you're long the monkeys long enough you start me movies deviant ideas whenever last to the working with the holes of the issue them off today than other monthly things like remove your Nazis will him off and are not in the monkeys optical and sooner or later waving the monkeys learned learned all I is a big do any and every time I try every time you try finally after while the monkeys learn you never climb the pole even on bananas and write pages never climb the pole what ends up happening once they totally got acquiesced in the idea that you never climb the pole until the monkeys out of date and start a new monkey and gauge what do you think that monkeys in it it will also result in the poll and as she says running on one of the monkeys runs up and grabs him and cleans them back down he said in the sky so that another was interested in another monkey grandson and pulls him back down in the monkeys tell him never to go and after a while guess what diversion with a host after while that monkey learns you never climb the then people let another monkey and then he put a new one insane thing it will not enable out any finally take all monkeys who'd been shot off before the firehouse and within a building is done monkeys have ever been shot of the firehose but as new monkeys come in a pulling them down so they don't go bit finance you know why anyone alive in Oakland for the given bananas but they'll all learned society is not a need you don't climb reality a single box sometimes what we do is meet me up and held down maybe our family closer stupid it is not smart enough you're not good enough you can never do it sometimes we hold each other down by someone's holding us down as I do not become successful worlds are becoming successful provided he's called you to accomplish a certain think anything while driving in the snow I guess I could on my own this is not called to do something easily give you the ability to us we should be holding each other downing yanking inputting and seven on Sunday similar Dominique I think when God has a plan he has a purpose for your life he has a place for you to be an annual witness somewhere in Aphrodite found a young man here is witnessing overseas and God will call you normal call you to where he will call you and whatever he's going to he will give you the divine strength to do it matter what our parents think that your blaming of public resume and you don't if you don't meet my parents exists language enough to go off and do what I'm doing right now a Plymouth meeting cried my grandmother 's crime friends mom crying samples are but I feel gone and called me to go and you have to go are God says regardless of what people around you set the faithful one God says he has a plan for your life 's funny suit actions you were calling them right here Morgan good as you don't have headaches at because you're not really am fast so but that will color the Inferno and then I know we have other things coming but let us little and several other things on finding victory in Jesus Christ as we hope will disclose a WordPress and iPhone I thank you that you called us to victory and just like the Israel I would been bitten by serpents in the wilderness if they beheld the serpent in the snakebite and is kept their eyes and that they would be lost they would die but they were told to look away from the biotin they were to look up to that serpent upon that in the same way if we just behold are seen in the effects it has on our body and effects it has on our family and we keep our eyes upon and we beholden we think about it we Goldberg McGoldrick we can be lost in our sins if we will take our eyes off the bite off the pain the serpent is inflicted off of the serpent off of the evil we turn them off onto our senior Jesus Christ uplifted on the cross recognize that he took fastened to the cross that he died not only to save us but to give us a new life in him that we can become in character like your cell phone nearly behold he may be moving me we look to you maybe be changed from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord is your word says in Jesus name amen


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