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Forgiveness, Victory and More

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • July 29, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him then we just wanted thank you so much for another new day of life Lord in we thank you for the blessings you given your word Lord that give us the freedom to be at peace with you and with one another and largely pray this morning that I see speak of on forgiveness as well some other things but specifically on forgiveness Lord that you would come here if your spirit and open our hearts and our minds that we may receive the things that were hearing today Lord and that we may act upon them I agree it is a serious thing the Lord and so we we really ask for your presence and for your power to minister to us like the icy things in Jesus name amen okay before you get into the forgiveness it is going go over a few things and that has to do with the modified fast so you don't know enough to ask how did it go for those of you that a been doing it right and it's really neat when we assess because a lot of people like I said will start raising their hands and saying you know this is day four and I still feel good and I'm surprised how I'm doing and how I'm feeling and some will say all I don't feel the pain fear and there we had one guy who had crippling arthritis he was maybe in his forties I don't know and so bad that his hands were crippled like this and he he was coming to that overcoming seminar this is after we had our prophecy meanings behind overcoming seminar and while there is he did you know what I've been doing the water thing with the little bit of salt and I'm in following the diet all week and my arthritis pain is gone away and he said it sold me and then he said that I started feeling like I needed some protein in could be just like the whole week it was like too much and you is afraid he was losing protein and so he said outside has a chicken and so I had some chicken and my arthritis pain came back and edges kind of funny that he said that you know when were in the midst as of now thinking like one hundred the utility about some sediment saying exactly what he is talking my mitts on the others are like my chicken brought your arthritis is so anyway is this really neat that hearing the feedback from the people you know how they're feeling and what you know things are happening a lot of times we don't recognize the fact that what we do to our bodies how they react to your cause and effect but it's just me hearing peoples e-mail feedback so that we always ask how did it go and then we ask any slip but we know that just seems a very strange thing but some people start to see I you know I was doing really well but then you like the whole chicken thing and and then I felt this but you can learn from that and now he's realizing okay because they need that proteins so-called protein as I thought I did and it had an adverse effect for some people say is doing okay but then such and such have been in ages gone me so angry and I just did this and then blast them will did you ask any questions what can you learn from it and did you remember to walk get up and move yourself in a situation is remedied drink your water did you member to deep breathe you claim vital prizes to talk to God at all during that time and legal three time because it's it's making people realize I need to do anything that sounds mechanical but after a while it becomes natural to turn to God in the times of stress and worry in such is good to always look back analyze and learn from it right will move on a citizen this is day four what we add is being nuts and seeds for the fourth day so beans nuts and seeds is what's added so if he had waited for his protein he would've gotten it right it was coming up the beans nuts and seeds so let's learn something number we always want to learn the good things about her eating is it it gives us more recent musical fruit rich source of healthy antioxidants black beans highest science daily although researchers haven't come up with a full proof way to avoid the indelicate side effects of being they have found yet another reason why you should eat more of them in addition to their high fiber and protein content a new study finds that beings particularly black lines are rich are a rich and but overlooked source of antioxidants and may provide health benefits similar to some common fruits including grapes apples and cranberries in any beans did you know that that's just a really neat thing so now even when you're eating your beans you know that you are not getting the protein in the fire at the antioxidants the researchers tested the antioxidant activity of flavonoids plant pigments found in the skin of twelve common varieties of dried beans antioxidants destroy free radicals which are highly active chemicals whose access has been linked to heart disease cancer and aging black beans came out on top having more antioxidant activity Graham grand on the beans followed by red round yellow and white beans in that order in general darker colored seed coats were associated with higher levels of flavonoids and therefore higher antioxidant activity says lead investigator Clifford Bettinger PhD a research associate at the University of anyone know how to say that one he golf golf in Ontario Canada Canada doing our seminar that Canadians will usually pop in and tell me how it's really said the tenor members okay science daily when it comes to boosting antioxidant take research in Europe recent research indicates there's little benefit from taking diet supplements a better way according to a report in the September issue of Mayo Clinic health letter is eating a diet rich in antioxidant containing foods so the best way is the natural way right are body assimilates it better so you realize that the darker the beans the more antioxidant same thing with our fruits and veggies we get a lot of antioxidants in our variance in easy berries are the darker ones right on so it's good a good thing to remember is to have a rainbow of colors in your diet a lot of times he stick to certain colors in our diets and you get stuck and not but it's good to have a rainbow of colors in our diet so that we were making sure that were getting different nutrients that we need antioxidants such as vitamin C and he care team like being religion and many other substances may play a role in helping to vent diseases such as cancer cardiovascular vascular disease Alzheimer's disease and macular degeneration antioxidants are thought to help because they can neutralize close which are toxic by my products a natural cell metabolism and here are some of the foods that are high in her food that have antioxidants in them the berries we can see on blueberries by prayers I see there are more colorful berries the bright reds and the beans of course he just talked about that truth apples with the peeled avocados cherries the veggies are artichoke spinach red cabbage red and my potatoes not Solana 's pistachios Pete Times some herbs are ground closed in an agenda hairdryer and a lease and to make powder ingrained there obeys products that you can have high on antioxidants in it is just a few to name some okay our innocence gears and talk a little bit about exercise you notice that one were trying to overcome the cravings we have been telling you to do it drink water so that the new habit get out and start walking dancing and have it a lot of times and people give up certain things certain stimulants it slows the body down and so you're more likely to gain weight and people like can do that the stimulant of the county keeps me thin right but it's better to do things naturally and so likely than saying walking exercising the best way to stimulate yourself naturally but here were to share some things about how it affects the mind there were only talking about protecting the mind runners world June two thousand six it says exercise improves cognitive functioning in young people old people and everyone in between said Dan Landers PhD cognitive functioning the first of an mental processes awareness perception reasoning and judgment by which knowledge is acquired this short-term effects of the bout of exercise lead one to focus and make fewer errors in decision-making money but in that short term affects of a bout of exercise on so you make better decisions right which is having a little bit of exercise you make better decisions never it's all about increasing the frontal lobe on activity in the exercise is one of the ways that you can do that is another one a number of studies in the extensive review found that during and/or following about of vigorous exercise typically running or cycling for twenty minutes in our subjects performances on tests measuring executive control and that is the processes involved in achieving goals in a changing environment improves significantly when compared with pre- exercise scores so on you know a lot of times at work were Internet environment is continually changing yet different things coming at you you've got to make quick decisions ER nurse right that would that would be fine situation of achieving goals and the changing environment right on it would be better to go out during a break to go get a little bit of exercise get the blood moving and oxygen to the brain and other tissues then to continue working and having the stress builds up right and you may make them bad decision because you are not getting the exercise need on kiss him on the bring a decade ago a neuroscientist Fred Gage of the Salk Institute made the discovery that the adult brain continues to regenerate the brains in question belonged to mice some of the mice had been sedentary others had been exercising and the ones that logged the most miles on their wheels produce many more new neurons similar exercise in my new neuron on Richard Sloan reveal that running the treadmill before top treadmill four times a week for an hour for twelve weeks a group of previously inactive men and women ages twenty one to forty five children substantial increases in cerebral blood volume a proxy for the growth of new neurons because where there are more cells they are more blood vessels and is not mice attack my humans who were sedentary and then on after they started the payee had also increased in their blood volume in their brain all right so that sat on about exercise so it's encouraging could hear everybody we all go out on walks right in between sessions and are all gone out walks of that's really encouraging him you see how much more you're doing it because you doing that somebody else right to take home with you all find somebody that can hold you accountable to go out and do these things on Milo husband who's into exercise that helps me on because some of us aren't advanced exercises others running inside the blessing that I have been there but whenever were trying to make a change in our lives discouragement comes in right whenever China do something different on the double loves to come in and say on it's not worth that you the same old person and you know whatever discouragement comes in all kinds of ways it can come through a loved one he can come to knows what will go it on wise men Solomon says in power seventeen twenty two says a Mary heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bone so he saying here that a merry heart a good outlook works as well as medicine night but a broken spirit dries the bones within your bones marrow which Merrill it's pretty mushy here year baby you write him it's like your blood cells your baby blood cell that's where they're making their being made in the near bonds and so that's the beginning of all the tissues over and over and over and so he says that when you have a broken spirit to drying up your bones you drying up the marrow that the little cells that it had become everything else that you are C ever wonder was a negative thoughts we have on why diseases so easily prevalent in our bodies and autoimmune diseases who's telling the body to attack itself right why is it called autoimmune disease like the body attacking itself you know these negative thoughts that were seeing here's promising these negative thoughts you up to the core of you to the beginning of everywhere else are going right and so there's there's a lot to be said enough and I don't have time for now but there's so many studies that show a positive attitude and how actually heal you from diseases in people who are in a die and then they come in and just give them some pleasure in terms of on making a merry heart and the next thing you know they get healed having hope the young boy who is who is deathly AL and I think some of you might have read it I think in the one in the Sabbath school lessons and his teacher was so discouraged she didn't want to do she came and said the visit him and then on left hand some homework and told him you know did his homework and whatever and when he's not easily must be hope if she's getting the homework there must be hope in the teacher didn't have any hope she just fixed you know what else to do but it gave him hope and then because of that he healed so you have no idea what that meant the mine can do in terms of helping us heal him in connection with the Lord Fisher so discouragement is not a part of a healing discouragement is not a part of going forward and overcoming my discouragement dries up or bonded to destroy their bodies as well listen here with seven ministry of healing page two forty six the power of the will is not valued as it should be built on the left will be kept awake and rightly directed and it will impart energy to the whole being and will be a wonderful aid in the maintenance of health not powerful just the will exercising the will will be a wonderful aid in the maintenance of health it is a power also in dealing with disease exercise in the right direction that's the will it would control the imagination and be a potent means of resisting and overcoming disease of both mind and body in a powerful just from exercising the will and you know it Sony as if you go home and try this until the speak that even all-time by the fourth date like you know what you've been doing this week because you refrain from doing certain things you've been exercising your well and he will like that's right that's right I've been exercising my will I haven't been eating certain things that you've asked me not to and I'm exercising my will because of it is not powerful so just on keeping yourself from certain indulgences during the week you are exercising your will you know in your strengthening the will by doing that so often just in the knee Coulter first Corinthians six nineteen to twenty if you ever get discouraged remember these tax rate here or do you not know that your body is a temple the Holy Spirit within you and you are from God you are not your own for you were bought with the price so glorify God in your body we've been bought with a price this body is worth a lot more to glorify God do it right but what what price we've bought with what was the price chooses blood but your first Peter one eighteen and nineteen it says knowing that you are ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers not with perishable things such as silver or gold but with the precious blood of Christ like that of a lamb without blemish or spot so you are bought with a price right in that price is the precious blood of Christ so whenever we get discouraged whenever we get down we need to remember that were worth a lot right we were worth all of heaven was poured out on us into the precious blood of Christ and when the devil come then he discourages Uni says you know what you changed your same old person you just pretending you've been putting on a show in your same old person and you know it right and when you slip up and you make a mistake and he comes in with that with those taunting thoughts in the northeast of talent I think you thank you so much for reminding me who I am and why Jesus came to earth thank you for mining me that I am in need of a Savior and like hello lady come down therefore I just said I came to seek the lost right and so you you think that once they thank you so much for reminding me that I'm not such a good person and that I need to turn to Jesus and what he did compensate me in that I'm worth something because of Jesus and you just keep turning back to that no matter how discouraging gap keep turning back to the cross you heard Chad mentioned that if we continue to look at our sin and ponder and ponder it like they did will the theme of their snakebites what would that do for you it tells you he brings it down it discourages you it dries up your bones right if you continually look at the sense of what he sated you look at the serpent he he lifted up the serpent serpent representing Christ what was that all about it's the sin that was put on Christ that we are look upon night so I will look upon my sin myself I look to see what my send it to my Savior and that that's the view we should get my send it back to him in he bore it right so we look at the listed up serpent Christ but we don't sit and look at our snakebite right we look at what sin did to him sin was put upon him he became sin for us right and so we look upon him and not to take away all our burdens and realize yes he has paid the price he has washed away my sins and that's the give us encouragement the discouraging part is a continuum of the finest of the young and old it's so awful on just the same old person and you use beat yourself up when you think about any good there is no bayonet right whom you look to Christ he takes annually while on this is something we haven't shown you before but once is go through quick and sure you're familiar with it's like a new start in the league donating over so we need to in order to overcome we need all the things we need all for open air fee in the victory in Jesus is exercise are is an rest see is control and all is Outlook having a positive outlook we have enemies and moisture inside and put E eat nutritious we are in the radiant sun setting we need these things I could get out in and not have been overcome her perspective while now a chat is going to come up and speak to us about forgiveness our forgiveness but this is a very very important subject in something it isn't Donovan often ask many people really struggle with lack of forgiveness and the wording agreed for friends is is often EMI which means to send safe for lay aside or let go getting a new example you know we do the seminar all of the place we're doing this in another state and we find several times reveal a lady she went she was sharing with us Sue's relaying her grievance story what someone had done for my she told the season you know Mike my parents did this to me my sister did this the new makers in listening and listening to this and even this and can literally could go on nonstop and and finally I brought up for Guinness and she said are forgiven and needed this community this community this community destiny but forgiven him now now according to the definition of forgiveness as this person for giving us know as she let go of what happened in the past no we got other things literally every time you see them every single time you go to visit with them is it all up you'll ensure somebody to this community this to me and he did this mean in the next time you see them they talk about the same story anything I wonder if needed eleven of the last time I saw them they told me that story and within the next time you see them the same story again I'm not exaggerating and in the next time you see them the same thing and the next time the same story and you begin to realize that is all that we think about and if you forgiveness what is the response Arthur Newman but have we really forgiven if we living in that state yes and no and I don't say these things to be funny it is a reality that many people struggling with that we think we forgiven because we say the words I forgive her I forgiven is that biblically what it means to forgive the whole issue of Christianity is basically the heart is not about the outside and it's not just about what you say is about what happens in your heart whether it's accepting Jesus personally with its being a genuine Christian it is a thing of the heart not just the externals or the outside if forgiveness is not just a few words that passport from your lives are rather has something changed in your heart and you genuinely forgiving forgiven even Jesus prophecies of the visas of eternity is extended this to mean this to me in this community and we savored Jesus to interpreting the awkward editing and it is genuine as it happened like that that will write the hunting without a genuine forgiveness and all garbanzos a cynic outside our sins in the depths of the sea right the lowdown they will be gone God wants to give us the victory the very first time the vibe in the Bible that we see forgiveness mentioned does anybody have any coordinates it is in this story of a young man named Joe I want you to think about this very first time forgiveness is ever mentioned in the Scriptures there was a young man named Joseph and some of us of maybe from a great family necessities praise the war not all of us have your mind as a heavy drinker and I really got me the smoking at a young age and your heart without ever really long time in the Axa got me into a personally indicting any cigar and I discussed up immediately but some of us don't come from you know make the most perfect family and someone just something simple common dysfunctional families know you see if there was someone in the Bible came from a dysfunctional family it was Joseph and what commodities coal who was his father entered as a patriarch in the essay came from a dysfunctional family listen as well Google in the know well who the is brought and his brothers stages and then sold him into why all slavery to the dysfunctional notice on the dysfunctional for Joseph came from a dysfunctional family now this young guy comes over the social family he sold the leasehold he makes his way into Egypt result of the dining car for what the southern village of worker cryptographer the pontiff or set them up as the manager of his household Harper is it a big BCG also constantly talking about you the story goes there in Genesis St. Joseph fifty cent do not opt life is rough because my brothers did this to me in this community and always examinees of a storming out of Joseph while he was in Egypt yesterday now that we see Joseph as a single young man he was being faithful to God be faithful to his slave master on his wife saw that this good-looking young Hebrew boy who is he was probably around much more than part of her right to have this wonderful young man in the house and is probably good-looking and see that no wonderful Potiphar 's wife Suzanne seeks she sees this young man she wants to live with him and as a result Joseph says what he says Holcomb residents might not like this is a Joseph takes off to grab his coat the lady screams rape and we can leave the slave or the slave masters what I is no way around you negatively the slave masters what Joseph was cast into prison and in freezing what easy to busy in the Bible specifically says in Psalm one oh five or six I don't relate is also five or six you read the story that physically the changes that were holding what are we hurting his leg they were hurting is not so Joseph using physical pain these patents as you know wrongfully sold into slavery these wonderfully cast into prison now he's gone from no where still worth until we see Joseph continually complaining life in prison yes I know no number if anyone have a right to complain about what people had done for them it was Joseph Fry is so right to complain it was Joseph is that I'm complaining Joseph in this situation is doing what he's thinking about other people is helping other people in essence get out of prison Armagh Northern Ireland never but the point is he was helping people out to some degree and is doing these things off diagonal bio miraculous circumstance he has brought forth from the prison he goes from the pits of the prison any of them going to the powerless and in this situation as he is in the palace off you know the story his brothers come to him from his father in this whole ordeal works out within on the LeeAnn is in his cannabinoids as a whole went of a company take the essence is this finally he comes to the point in the very first time the word forgiveness is mentioning is that Joseph forgave is brothers you think they deserve his forgiveness has enough but Joseph forget we don't deserve God 's forgiveness do we is there any good thing as I do I think I did this many good things out of this I go to church on Saturday I did this I guess I guess I do this lesson I go door-to-door I think all these good things so you are to forgive me the leader that would God would you know you're in trouble right if you think you deserve God 's grace you are sadly mistaken the matter how many good things you don't know how good a family of hat or whatever it is you don't deserve this and nothing we can do to merit God 's forgiveness solely by his grace something we do not deserve the first time forgiveness is mentioned in the Scriptures is in good faith family a dysfunctional family however looking forgiveness for a moment this is powerful this is often on a blessing the one thing essential for our in order that we may receive and impart forgiving love of God is to know and believe the love Betsy God has us before we can receive the forgiveness of God and before we can give forgiveness at the other people first of all we must recognize the loving forgiveness that God is willing to bestow upon us we must recognize that this is a thought that all those Saul was a man whose job was to persecute and execute Christians that even though that was the case God wanted to forgive this young man in change his life this is the reality this is what God wanted to do for Joseph this is what our number Joseph or stalking also but Saul and he wants to do this for us also so we need to know the love the forgiving love of God no as you question you ever felt guilty S&L he felt guilty before now you felt guilty why most designers because you have seen right you sin against somebody or send images directly nobody knows that you sent but you felt guilty that Jesus ever feel guilty for sin but did he ever feel guilty for sin he felt the guilt of sin more intensely than any individual human ever in the history of this not because Jesus ever himself seen when Jesus bore our sins and carried our sorrows Indonesia thinking about human beings I interview her I am I reviewed to a certain extent right I do feel for you but I can never literally feel your pain in your guild in your sorrow never actually feel that I can feel for you I cannot actually experience what you are experiencing there is only one person in the history of the earth that has spirit the pain the suffering and sorrow of others all simultaneously at one time and it is Jesus he took all of our guilt upon him in the Garden of Gethsemane and as he went to the cross the guilt of humanity was piled up upon Jesus and he literally crushed his spirit and it literally broke his heart and song says that song speaks about the fact that here's my heart was broken and in in our second documentary we are archaeologists only advice is specifically about with a cardiologist who has worked with people who have something called uncle suitable syndrome NEDs V is a syndrome where the heart literally isn't breaking from emotional stress has nothing to do with me on life you know having heart disease newsletter think it is totally a clean arteries but someone is having a heart attack because of the emotional trauma is so intense interestingly as we are often over a hundred years ago talk about sure the Bible talk about installing this and my heart was broken and in real problem comes when it was actually the heart that was was rushed it was broken and only our scientists and just discovered within the very last few years that they scientifically can happen emotional trauma that your heart can be crossing you can die so we have felt guilt our Savior felt guilt on the cross and sometimes though sometimes we mere we struggled because me feel guilty Jesus felt guilty and we feel like maybe she can forgive us but maybe I haven't called Finnegan forgiving even if one but the reality is that sending you've committed that you feel like you can bring to Jesus already ballot across two thousand years ago we recognize that right you're using utilities like you all to bring out one lacrosse I don't know I'm about one this is the authority to get there it was Re: Theron Christ on the cross two thousand years ago to become human repentance and we know it we trust you he's willing and you love you and he wants to forgive your say he wants to take your guilt away from fifty verse twenty one seaweed that God is like dots you thought I was one like yourself God says but now I will rebuke you lay the charge before you buy just because you're not very forgiving sometimes using down like that using unlike you we set off to give you later once you you don't do this or that or whatever but God says I'm not like you God is wheeling the moment to recognize and are willing to confess and repent of your think he is willing and ready now this is the thing sometimes we don't want to forgive because we feel like it would be a weakness on our part we feel like if I forgive if I forget what happens is that you know I'm saying it's okay or is very weak and strong for me to be angry at you on you they did this to me those years ago and it makes me stronger to be angry with human notices is a awesome quote it's is the strongest man is he the strongest man is he who while sensitive to abuse meaning it hurts when someone abuses will yet restrain his passion and forgive his enemies such men are true heroes so is a weakness or strength to forget this was the strongest human being that ever walked the face of your at least morally Jesus was Jesus willing to forgive yes I know forgiveness is a strength that bought a alone can give to you some powerful things here wild Bill this is a true story of a fellow was it a name not the concentration may make all the while milk is not the wild bill of the wild West this will build newscast this is what happened he was he was dragged out of his house by the Nazi Gestapo and the literally lined up his family and one by one they executed his family right in front of him and as a team begins executing and began to speak to them in German and he heard that he spoke such good German and he said they said why we discussed them into the concentration camp he can do some work for us as we went in a concentration camp he worked diligently he worked very hard while he was in there over many months and she probably over the course of years the other prisoners looking him and almost even with their wasn't any different at all the rest of us and is on insects and camping including a campaign that he's been in here as long as we half he couldn't have been intently on this saying you know fourteen hour day workforce and starvation ration diet to be that he's been on the same thing in some reports of anyone a bassinet bill was revealed was different about you for the rest of us and the response came back he said you know he told the story of his family being executed right in front of them and he said he said when I had when I saw that happen I had a choice to make right here and I knew I had a choice whether or not I would forgive him and he signaled for me the choice is actually very simple because I before entering into here I was a lawyer and as a lawyer I have seen what lack of forgiveness does for individuals and how he rulings their life as well as a result I decided I decided when I saw this that I would forget and something about that forgiveness as we are a read a merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones and is everybody else is sitting in resentment and anger and hatred of their captors which is natural is destroying them from the inside not only be destroyed from the outside there being astray from the side en masse us to be able to forgive my M risk twenty one twenty six as and when you stand praying forgive if you have honor you anything is another that your father also which is in heaven may forgive you trust that your trespasses so when your brain you have to forgive but if you do not forgive neither will your father which is in heaven forgive you your trust so God says listen if you don't forgive what he will not forgive you we were studying with a young man who was in a gang in New York are not New York and sickening California he was in a English stream leave rough game called the Bulldogs and this young man was skiing rock young man struggled with math with different drugs with the lifestyle is as you heard about forgiveness from the Scripture somehow the sky was so rough when even the books subscribe to say goodbye wouldn't we come over to visit with me a lot subsequently the school which he says anyway Rios is beautiful quotes from the spirit of prophecy was just touching this rock is wicked young man he was changing his life as he was looking at the as we are looking at this he saw this and he began to cry nobody and writing years and he began to tell us the story the fact that his mother had married a pedophile and this header file had raped him and his brother stabbed him and murder his brother in front of him he pulled up his shirt you could see the moon from the knife in the stomach or in the back and I remember where Leslie showed us where it was the plane is Daniel was his name and Daniel West was a man he was he sat up and I was supposed to forgive him what is the answer we sent one back I system him all answer now the answer is yes and we sat and cried with Daniel they are recognizing the difficulty of the situation is he was in it is only gone a long continued ultimate victory to an individual in a circumstance like we're not talking about you finding some inner strength in a numb yourself to forget when I'm talking about that were talking about a divine strength that God gives you to be able to forgive even the pedophile even murdering pedophile who is done you'll put your family through living hell God alone can give you the strength in these particular situations this is possible check this out also the amount of lesson one thirteenth the half we are to have a spirit of compassion toward those who have sinned against us those who trespass against us whether or not they want confess our faults check this out however so leaving me have wanted us we are not they cherish our grievances so however silly summons or UN of shares or grievances will send me I simply look at the word cherish the definition of the word sheriff 's check this out is to protect and care for bumping were to cherish our what our grievances will cherish your grievances to protect and care for them lovingly are giving about it from work every time I see you as a human identity in this meaning do this to me you don't miss anything I see him again in a meeting in this business and some I see you I do it again one of my doing I am cherishing my grievance I'm holding and dear to me I think about it more than anything else I cherish I love at the I think about them more than anything else and were told that we are not to protect and care for loving me that story of the grievance all some breast-feeding intention of others all the time to say why you don't look what happened you look at the terrible things happen to me I rather worth a you know what we are to have a spirit of compassion on those who sin against us a sense of compassion on them when they do what was on to say if this we are not to cherish our grievances and sympathize with you with ourselves over our injuries but as we hope to be pardoned for our offense against God we are departing all with done evil unto having that we are simply were not to cherish our grievance story and tell it to everybody else but we are as we hope to be pardoned for our offenses against God we are to pardon all will done evil and opts so far we haven't talked about how to forgive we just talked about what forgiveness is one of forgiveness in that God commands it fizzled as we look at the fact that he commands us to forgive and we look at it as a economy gone with you forgive right this moment don't recognize is that when God 's telling us to forgive me really Jesus says if you know that when you know the truth the truth will what such a free business truth that you have to forgive yes or no so that's through it if it's true that me that you discover what such a free visit isn't freedom to walk around constantly thinking about what someone did few months or years ago yesterday is our freedom absolutely not it is actually bonded one is imprisoned in this one was hanging onto that everyday Jesus came to set us free he came to set us free and when we find the divine strength from God to forgive all those who done evil to us he has given us freedom he is setting us free from the bondage of the changes that have been holding us back for many months years and decades in some situations we cannot dishonor God by the mournful relation of trials that appear grievous all files that are receipt received as educators will produce one to join all child windows enjoy if they are seen as educators we read trials produced join one of those totally contradictory the whole religious life will be uplifting elevating and only infrequently good words and works this is powerful to lead to people and we wait how do they need tons of the money situations because I know honestly in your average crowd of thirty percent of the movement sexually abused as children some point in their life and sad to say that is the reality but the reality is this the only two people one person is abused as a child sexually or physically another person goes to the very same trial in a different circumstance somewhere else one of those people she loses to go on to inflict the same torture on another individual and perpetuate the same PR person he despises what happened so very much that they turn away from the scene and they end up being someone becomes a positive force in helping to change other people 's lives gone through the same trial we have the choice to leave the boat in the same circumstances one uses it to blame the world blame their family and it is that person 's fault no question but we chose to take in the letter ruling their life and go over and over and over and over in your mind and cherish their grievance story the other persons that you don't hate it to happen we should never would but I'm not going to destroy other people because of what happened to me we can choose to be in helping force on this world we can choose to be helping forth in other people 's lives because of the evil because of the pain because of the trials we've gone through our trials can be reduced joy if we receive them as educators and we can use this to help someone else who's gone through these trials know what to do with whatever talk about before we talk about how to forgive is not about what this is not what one forgotten forgiveness isn't well first of all forgiveness is not based on finding some redeeming quality that makes a person worth forgiving than me for instance I mean just as the terrible terrible experience I could happen young lady she gets odd years she's going for runs he gets grounding season Raven and a guy after meeting urges runs off and she never sees them again now the Bible says we are to forgive but she have to find a redeeming quality and I got a forgive that makes him worth for giving us enough additional any redeemable qualities about I got all she knows is the evil that he deterred that is it she's never seen a good thing come from that man knows nothing good so forgiveness is not based on findings on the meaning quality that makes a person more forgiving and limits of forgiveness does not require that a person minimize the validity of his pain the amount of pain he suffered or the importance of a painful experience is as a sense sometimes they think that if you know I like kindness and senseless as a lessee to forgive does not mean that a person is saying this is not matter or all that was a huge wrong committed against me sometimes the people who say I forgive what was thing is that I've never heard someone say I've done the same thing we do this almost as if I'm sorry for what I centered on Steve and we say that's okay with battle let's actually don't want to be done to me that's just fine I mean is that what were saying when we say you're forgiven the fun doesn't say that's okay when you sin against him as I feel you know I just crucified my son that's okay no this forgiveness is different than saying that's okay forgiveness is not saying that's okay forgiveness is saying I'm letting it go you know that's put it away let's let go of it what does you wrong committed against me is saying all the matter to lose a beloved we don't think you'll possibly was no big deal I like having enough exactly know we recognize it was a terrible things happen it was weighted inversely reserved we punish that time trying someone may have to go to be brought before the loft will be in the novena the Bible talks London on the thirteenth factum on the back of the government has been set up parties is accurate so forgiving does not also mean a seminar to have to suffer consequences forgiveness does not mean letting a personal Pocono just as wire I committee on murders a family member as we forgive them we does that mean the government will put them in jail they need still have to go to jail to suffer the consequence of the senior commander but the reality is it doesn't mean they have to be let off the hook but we can by God 's grace not too long to be angry along to the negative repetitive memory all the time we can let it go not Ireland straight for him talk about next how how to forgive but the reality is the reality is that God can help us it doesn't mean that when letting a person off the hook it doesn't mean it was Saint Augustine manner that was a huge rock collecting sometimes people don't want to forgive because they feel that if I forget what I'm saying is that it was okay that my uncle did that filthy nasty thing to me and saying that was really just trying to think to do like it was my fault and the reality is it's not mine yours or anybody else is just the reality that maybe uncle was just an evil manner I maybe he was just dirty or whatever anything is an evil man in his day but the reality is not to give us whether or not he confesses his singing no forgiveness also forgiveness does not take two people forgiveness does not take two people meeting may be the uncle doesn't even know what she's done nothing wrong maybe sometimes it was not available to you I forgive you for what you what do anything you and you formally do the forgiveness does not say to people reconciliation guys but you can't make someone reconcile any you cannot make someone if they don't want to reconcile that you Google it if I've hurt somebody I've had him apologize to many people that I've heard saying things doing so forth or even in the world you know like I yelling a summary push them or whatever whenever I will apologize to some of those people but the reality is if they don't want to forgive I can make them reconcile reconciliation takes to be less than two people make right the wrongs of the past release once I know the other side except in your reconciliation forgiveness only takes one party it only takes one person read whether or not the other person is willing to accept their fault in the matter now more than the talk about really good for simple things staffs that can help us to forgive the first one is too ignorant and this is one of the things of many people struggle with him maybe women are many times what we try to do with someone's done a terrible thing to us we try to get ourselves to think that we haven't been hurt which are supposedly also asserting it some people wanted to show it off like light of number nine was a big deal we almost want to think about right will anything about what they do hurt like nothing really did happen I was loving it wasn't not a big was it really not a big deal many things when someone is truly hurt us reality is is that we admitted remaining in our own hearts father hate the fact that this happened I really hated I really wish this never would happen I really wish this was a part of my memory bank and the news is someday it will be a part of your memory some that will be gone right now son on you and I would say it is also forgiveness is also one of the lies about forgiveness is that is forgive and forget right like okay I didn't give while ultimate in and remind me about my personal experience I forget the sun is feeling pretty meaningless for debt scenes or events of your life sometimes even I have a bad memory something had to bring about there there are major events in my life that I will never forget must I literally lose my money I is landing in case you really forgive and forget which you can choose to forgive and not to play it over in your head over at the different genders and I think was the blog you want what he can do is simply funny he says it is Campbell topless you share that little circle going to of forgiveness but is is that God continue not amnesia but emotionally and meaning that you even remember that we can make it so that the burden that terrible feeling that you normally feel when the ball comes back doesn't continually harassed give you peace even with the memory of the evil that someone has a share with you my personal that will admit that you've been hurt please I mean for your for your own self and your experience of the Lord and your chances of the inmate that is a terrible experience bringing about talking these are afraid to hear it feels what happened submit the human heart don't you you've experienced mental mental physical or emotional pain as a result of the incident so don't don't deny that except blogs personal forgiveness in your own life so and forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors were asking gone and so we accept God 's personal forgiveness that he easily could forget box now I'm relaxing we come right back to that one if you have any fault in the matter or any events confess your part in the matter this would be very clear with you I was alluding to have to talk about molestation and so forth it is such a reality that needs to be spoken about because they don't want to talk about it but it's a reality the reality is this if you were molested as a child which many people have and if you have anyone not alone literally nearly a third of people have the reality is this you have a parked plan no matter what most molesters will try to get children think that it's their fault most lesser traded children to think you like to indicate that be strange feelings they like to whatever's of the portal child doesn't know what to think anything I brought this upon myself but I want to assure you that no child is ever guilty for a an adult taking advantage of them ever and I promise you that is the case regardless of what the person may make you try to think now release is number three so the first one was what admits the second one is exceptional personal forgiveness in your own life and number three is released the hurtful party into the hands of God and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors we argument that the point is this your your you can't you can't take away many you can design forgiving long life meaning instead we go to God as a father you know the emotions that are tied up in my heart over what has been done to me I'm pleading with you to take these away from I'm pleading with you that this will not be something that will continually harassed me for the rest of my life but I will not constantly have this negative emotions for what it happened to me about the picture beneath victory that you take this and I release this person in your hands you deal with it as you see fit friends I want to say it is so freeing to have that experience with the Lord and number four is asked the Lord to help you forgive and release the negative emotions we have to ask on we have to plead with God that he will do this and he will my friends he is the one we read yesterday we saw virtually visiting fifty seven but thanks to God that is ocelot the victory he will give you the victory on the things in the immediate on a sadist disappears and all the auto beat a fantastic memory but I tell you God can take away and he has in my personal experience all I want to encourage you to forgive yourself first John chapter one verse nine says what if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from on all unrighteousness we have to believe that God is willing to forgive that is willing to forgive you and he is my friend out of your personal click quickly smears myself is what happened I did everything to me and many other people here abused as a child is different this was my fault literally I was for all results is being a jerk is before us converted but for no reason I was yelling some guys and and i.e. started scuffling I threw the first punch in these these two guys be believing our audit they beat me to the ground and out of this thing I was wearing contacts at the time that this thing when I get hit hard enough in the head I hear glass shatter and I might have conscious for a little every time they hit yet here she and I would think where my glasses my conduct an inside look for my docs and and and and and I hear she's where my glasses and this is what over and over and over and over and I'm stumbling through this whole ordeal looking for my glasses on these guys are beating the living tar out of me and so you will NFL the one of the guys legs and Israel pathetically to our ego that it was it was really funny I would be really embarrasses it was terrible to never let these guys beat the tar out of me so if I deserve it because I threw the first punch honestly I thought the first months the whole thing probably would've never happened these difference between units outlining how that experience its luster this is my this is my fault minimalist as a lion bed thinking about it is called negative emotions and your legs are going on yesterday 's or whatever it is and always ensemble and over and over and over and always negative emotions and be there the reality is now when I Chicago on the silicon ever talk about it in the context of forgiveness and now when I talk about that story it feels about the same as advice if I'm talking about the weather all its sunny out today you I feel about the same meeting at the emotional amnesia not the fact that I normally happen my recovery on this or that I haven't no less of them I find it was lately yesterday they doesn't hurt anymore it's piece convinces Lebron can do but I don't use the goal right all the time in my head I don't I just don't do that the reality is I don't have all the negative emotions and forgiveness is leading I know it's there athletic unclean thing and God can give you the very same experience the matter what is happened sometimes this Joseph was abused by people in the church this was the church and justice that his family they were the only church on there really was out there so even if it was someone in the church God can still give you forgiveness God can work a miracle that he can give forgiveness did Jesus take your system across the absolutely did what almost a listener body to ensure quick testimonial close Jesus did take our sins the cross with his lawyer said he suggest I thought you said that it wasn't forgiven forget it is not the polls said his brother myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind the camera to forget forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before I press toward the mark of the price the high calling of God in Christ Jesus you people forget the fact that even beaten with rods if anything stones at him it will forget that not only did forget it you go about writing abilities as I forget those things that happened in the past right this again now we forgot what causes Mark is the way saying is when I'm clinging to the last and how I said all trials that are received as educators will reduce what joy me he wasn't looking backward and he beat me with rods and any throw stones at me right in he was in it wasn't complaining about the past he was like the other disciples if you can control from the trials and you've been through him files you want to buy anything stronger as you've been through that trial is gone was to take the worst things that happened you can make them to be the best things that are potentially not anywhere the best in and of themselves they can change your life Sola through the video can be a blessing to him you'll have to take that burden on your back for the rest of your life God wants to give you victory fight is in a serious enclosing a personal testimony of how her life was affected by forgiveness duty time on China make it quick to we both went long on I was in college and I was called into the chaplain 's office to talk and while there isolate going on on on on about what I had to do and connected it was uncomfortableness eat like he had to tell me something I didn't know what it was and I just felt very uncomfortable and I kept talking no idea that when when something 's weird and and so I just kept talking and so will you will have to get going as it was a midterm that I had to go studying it is that in the other still had to look on his face and finally he just waited for me to get done and he said I know I have some Italian unlike a boy and he he got his chair closer to me and then he said we got a call from home today and like all know what happened what happened my mom my dad said note was from the armed services and when I heard that I is lost it completely lost it was my older brother he was in the Army and I just started crying and in and I looked over to him and Tommy are overreacting everything is okay he's hurt but he's okay and didn't get that and meaning he said it was a head-on car accident unionism in the Army you're a sink 's got to be something more drastic than that right and so on had to fly home the next day and when I got home and found out that it was a drunk driver that had killed my brother was married two days and use of his wife she was driving and he was he was passenger she made it through with a lot of injuries a lot of injuries but she made it through and down he was killed instantly she knew she is a nurse and she even checked his pulse and seven she knew he was gone like that and non- he was actually sleeping when it happened so he never knew anything any better right so anyway it on when I got home and I found out that it was a drunk driver immediately anger set in I thought young life taken just like that increasing on your my new thinking in a die doing something for the country you know in so and then ended up being a domestic thing and some immediate anger set in but like every good Christian what resources you forgive and forget right that all penal unspecific in this guide his ECD shows on O'Brien 's show said these stories about how much of Robert in the fascinating and he see anything that you have been also the stories is somebody coming in you know forgiving somebody that done something and see everything is running through your head have to be like that you know I have to forgive and didn't put much thought to it does not necessarily do two years later I was at a thin clinicals and we had to go through psychiatric clinicals and when I was in him smacked you we had to be in that it was a psychiatric ward that was for the state and we have to say n.b. and in you know care groups or whatever with the people and talk with them and stuff and before you came in of course you had to go through the charts okay we had to go through the charts and you knew why people were where they were at and all this kind of stuff so the night before we came in there is a new admission and he was admitted because he was in a car accident and his car accident was due to his drunk driving and no one else got hurt he'd get hurt but to avoid getting when he caught any jail time his lawyer immediately put them in the psych ward today to buy some time so we Hillary the charts understand these things I am new was going on and so on my going to this new setting into the counseling setting knowing these things and this guy comes in in a non- and not disturbing the group and he he he just kept popping and puffing and he's doing it and slamming the door and in and out disturbing the rest of us as we are sitting having the group and so this is the guy that I just read the charts about my name no and so finally the head counselor she adjusted him and said hey you know you and tells it's going on you and now that I don't deserve to be in here I haven't done anything wrong and he he list off all these things and in and he's innocent and so all the others I've worked with they are always remorseful and it was easy to work with them and stuff so as no big deal but this one was different for me and all the sudden I see speaking all I could see in front of me was the man that killed my brother that's all I could see did you kill my brother feels like this to be given I killed my brother didn't get much he got Mike maybe one or two days in Jones was figured out the case he got a slap on the wrist he had gone he looked forty five -year-old man open drugs and liquor ten thousand dollars cash in the car drugs in the car the whole whole thing in and not be just treated it like a traffic case seat imagine I'm sitting here thinking this guy is getting get away with it just like the guy to kill my brother and they go out and kill more people and so my brothers death goes in and soak in the anger just welled up in me and I just hired a just came on a nowhere and in my eyes started to tear up and I'm you know clenching my fists and thinking I better get audio economic disturbance group to some of the other guys are looking at me and thinking what's going on I get up move got to another room and I just start crying I just let I just crying and crying and crying and and then in my instructor and then the headcount to come in after the groups done and what happen in their fire was going on and so I tell my grieving story thinking I get sympathy out of it and instead they said you need to deal with this they said not everybody can it be remorseful and everybody's and be easily taken care of summer and be very hard to deal with if you want to continue in this line of work he better get a grip like wool cycle home just heavy thinking I didn't know I felt like this I thought I had forgiven you know and on can't work in this work because of this United States is really bothered me inside he started to pray and pray and I started really asking the Lord him going through the admitting segmented yes this is hurtful this guy did an awful thing he not only took away a brother and a son but a husband you know and a friend and just went to the holding and realizing okay I have been hurt because in the beginning I thought millions most of her gibbons I didn't deal with any of that of of how it felt and all that right in Safari I I I you know was going through all that admitting that has heard accepting the fact that you know God 's forgiving me right as I realize I'm a sinner in need of the Savior 's wealth and what started happening is I I had my own replay of how I thought the accident was I wasn't there but I had my own replacement plate over and over and over my head it would drive me nuts to seeing the accident of how I thought it was and I and him have these dreams I go to bed at night and I would have these dreams that it was all a mistake my brother wasn't dead but he's actually alive and we we just had made a mistake in an icy hand IV silks and I will live you live then I wake up in the morning and realize it was all a dream and allergies crush me every morning going through that it is crushed me when I say thinking okay this feels awful I wasn't there in an ethicist urges those awful but what if I were the guy that caused this pain but if you wake up feeling like every morning and as I started thinking about that I started praying for him Lord please don't let my brothers death going again you know please let this be a situation where through this you change his life and those around him then maybe someday he could be like King David I get to meet you Ryan tells him I you know my heart was changed and I did this to you that this man could come up to my brother and say my heart was changed I did this to you I took your life prematurely and as I started praying for this man burden started listening yesterday thinking about the eternal realities right and not just the immediate but was happening the largest height lifting of the burden I get chills even just thinking about it that mankind took it away and then I could think of I him and him he's in the last condition right and sure it hurts it's painful for me and my family but we have Christ he doesn't and if you go there on killing more people just getting a worse right and the laws not been a change in heart right I could I could be angry about him not getting put in prison but the log change in heart prayer and in the word of God will change his heart and so that was my prayer over and over and released it and then for a while I was getting the zone continual thoughts of death all the time I thought I'm next in all be superstitious I'm next in line on the next child in some reason it happened to me in weird weird things like the devil does messes with you when you when you encounter death pages starts making you so fearful of life itself is very strange and I used it like I was in the take off the red New York at one time and I was leaving on the day of his death that the anniversary of his death and that is going back on his birthday casinos were very near each other and in all all weird the old sums that have been just weird stuff all the time didn't matter from the shower I think you might death is not in the Gerald me absolutely nuts and I said what I can't live like this anymore I need relief from these continual thoughts and not the time we are going to be net meetings at the church and I came in I just sitting that United is praying as they were pleased to release me and us in the song that they sang that night was because he lives this is in the words as I imagine him yourself me being you mean in these words onto going to my head because he lives I can face tomorrow because he lives all fear is gone because I know he holds the future and life is worth donating just because events in guy just took that burden off my back and is like fire you don't have to worry as I resurrected Savior I hold the future right there's nothing to fear life is worth the living because he lives in guy just gave me these things one thing after another releasing me from the burdens of the death release any from the burden of not forgetting right when I forget that man I really I really felt this is major burden does come off my shoulders I can explain it to you except the fact that God gives it to us he's the only one that can and my cat was saying you know we we experience our own guilt in the experience that Christ experienced it all of it on on him right but you know it and we've done worse than others have done to us because were alive this is what I mean by that God has forgiven us for murdering his son and no ones murdered us yet right so we've done far more than anybody else has ever done to us we murdered his son and he for gave us and cannot not only that he adopted us right he not only forgive us but he adopted us and maybe sometimes had to tell you a story not now concurrent really over in time but he could tell you a story about true forgiveness it's just beautiful but I just want to encourage United States anything eating you up if there's anything that you're holding onto a lack in this reason we do this in the seminar is needed to realize a lot of people have habits and addictions that are due to a lack of forgiveness because they haven't forgiven her they haven't given asked for forgiveness somehow it eating them up and so you turn to other things to deal with that negative emotion that's in your heart you turn the things to fill the void eternity things and habits that are destructive because you can't handle that this immense pressure right some encourage you if there is something in your life that you had not given to the Lord that you not asking to help you forgive someone where you ask for forgiveness as someone I pleaded you now to do that guy did


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