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The Mind-Body Connection

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • July 29, 2011
    3:00 PM
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him him thank you so much for this beautiful valine had to go into nature and I enjoy it learned in that we can be ministered to and through that Lord draw closer to you and it's no one another as Walmart I I do thank you for that time pray now father that you spirit would guide us and her words even though this is not normally how we do it let me ask that you and bring it together just how you need it to be in how we needed to be for our own hearts here Lord and so we ask that your blessing be upon them in Jesus name in L even talking about the front alone this week right what is the frontal lobe in terms of its function morality spirituality with that judgment right in decision-making right so all we want to leave you guys without knowing I strengthened the front of altering it dawned about some things that were in I get into how to strengthen the front Alonso were making better spiritual choices and strengthening the will on these kinds of things before I did I remember I was talking about bread and I told you I'd tell you about the different portions of the broadside I pulled at those slides and here they are this is white bread versus wheat bread okay these are some interesting things the flower for both is made from wheat berries which have three nutrient rich parts ran the outer layer the germ the innermost area and endosperm the starchy part in between which one do you think white bread is left with what that expected for I is firm enough exactly right you got it on the first two are removed into the page 's end and sometimes are given to us to weaken throw in you know you get we and are with the cut wheat germ thank you or sometimes brand people throwing but remember always said what God has put together let no man put asunder what he and so it works out perfectly delayed insight into those are the three parts but here's the more interesting information about it whole wheat is process to include all three nude nutritious parts but white flour only uses the endosperm when put head-to-head with whole wheat bread white is a nutrition is a nutritional lightweight whole wheat is much higher in fiber vitamins B6 and EE magnesium zinc fully acid and chromium in a ten year Harvard study completed in nineteen ninety four men and women who ate high five high-fiber bread had fewer heart attacks and strokes than those whose tastes ran into bagels and begets men interesting so had fewer heart attacks and strokes simply switching from white to whole wheat bread can lower heart disease risk by twenty percent according to research from the University of Washington reported in April two two thousand three issue of the Journal of American Medical Association in the end using twenty percent decrease in your risk of of heart disease just because you switch from white bread to wheat bread when flour is refined it loses the most atrocious parts of the grain the fiber essential fatty acids and release of those are good omega-3 's him most of the mining and minerals in fact about thirty nutrients are removed but by law only five must be added back only five eighth collect enriched flour right only five are added back though others often are higher in niacin thiamine riboflavin and full of acid there's so little fiber left after processing then you'd have to eat eight pieces of white bread to get the fiber ranges one piece of whole wheat bread from earlier talking about that you keep wanting to eat his you're not satisfied so you're getting all the calories but you're not getting satisfied because you're not getting all the nutrients you need so on like we said whole grains that was the thing that we added but remember this phrase now we realize that when working when we just switch from white bread to it we bred twenty percent less heart disease so this becomes even more relevant the wider the bread the quicker your dad hated you so that assist the ad and I guess I didn't add them in the editing I just want to let you guys know about now organized how to strengthen the frontal lobe or the will say first thing practice deciding things make up your mind positively immediately after you have weighed the facts and stick to it willing only to change on sufficient facts outweigh the decision so practices citing things right it's the best way to strengthen your will because Annis is to stick to it were in such a way nowadays that we can even fit the contracts anymore can we get ourselves out of those as well but it's so good to decide this is undead dude this is the plan and just follow through with it in your you see the gears your will and strength and also it's been said that successful people actually write down their life goals and those that aren't successful never write them down so it's good to write things down and follow through with it so do something tips and encourages with another thing we do besides practices savings complete each job before you begin another it's a good way to strengthen the will because so many times we call ourselves what what's that word that we call ourselves the procrastinators but also multitask very and especially when we pride ourselves in the fact that we multitask right but sometimes we do so many things just a little day and the never get anything done right so it's better to decide them to get this done in you know we did say on your list of ten things to write long term goals since not like you put everything else off in life and then get that gold on enacted no but there's things in the day Yunnan literally around the house sometimes when I try to get ready to go someplace I'll walk around the house and member only I got to do that and I said doing and I want to oriented argue that when children I know I'm just doing a bunch of things in the cavities used needed as a dialysis they are doing that in them I got over here and thought I stick to my list and I decided than a staged this thing and when I'm done with it I'll move onto the next one you feel a lot better cook then you go back to your list in a day checking on dynamic programming there's a little bit of everything else right three roll out of bed as soon as you awaken after planned hours of sleep make the decision the night before or stick to it in the morning right for some of us that Mikhail that I think it's as tough as they the reason I say that is because they have to drive away just like we do in the morning and in the evenings and then once they dared they chit chat with the people they're staying with they stay up later and then it did get up early because it was one bathroom for all of them turned out to be here in the morning to speak at seven a.m. so God bless you guys said to me I'm saying it's not as hard for them you know but we've been a little under the weather lately and we keep seeing people who need to hear and morning for your thing but fading with us he sings a chat with the people are staying when you don't get up and feel awful in the morning anyway so all that aside it's so important to me make a plan I had a friend was so determined to do this get up really early morning have her devotions and so she'd get up like maybe three and a morning and insert having her devotions and the rest of the day she just be so tired and then you drowsy and when you're more likely to find the temptation to users overzealous you want to do everything for the Lord right in putting notices said make a decision ninety four error if there's on planned hours of sleep so don't go to sleep at midnight and then think of the negative three foreign mornings spent time in Florida think it's can be productive it's not your a lot of times you know we read things like Jesus spent all night and in prayer and stuff and then we want to do the same thing right and there's nothing wrong with that but I don't think he did all the time and another thing is in the Middle East the sun is very consistent it goes down at six and comes up at six and so guess what him burn the midnight oil right baby got to bed pretty early so that they could wake up a long time before the light came on right believer in the midnight LOL and then we had the sound these fields alike I like Jesus did the Denis didn't go to sleep like you did either you not aiming so you have to be balanced and how we do this he beat ourselves up and only found in sensation any wonder I can't do it like like that you know we have these high expectations that were not working with our bodies so it's important you know make that plan this you know sleep this many hours in a weakness which had first went to vision college of Wimberley are there he went to bed every night at nine and got up at five you never done now prior to being a mission college I released it eats macaroni and cheese every night at eleven p.m. with the back Tabasco sauce at each spoonful and anyway Helen and tell you that if you want anyway he that was his life that was his life when he came to mission college just holy turn on its head nothing you nine at night five in the morning the sages felt the best ever in nineties when encouraging us make that kind of choice and stick to it right read deeply and thoughtfully and stretch your mind to understand and retain what you read members of the frontal lobe a lot of the stories he told you are like nurse Patricia she lost her interest in reading after she had the frontal lobotomy member that and it's important that we strengthen the frontal by thinking about what we're reading being very thoughtful not just reading our devotions in the morning and all I got my devotion then I read my whatever I had to read and I'm done but instead you want to be thoughtful because you really exercising the minor it takes a lot of energy to do that from Lombardy today to to read deeply and baffling stretch your mind to understand and retain what you read five the will is strengthened by exercise take time to separate from indulgences normally if we've been doing as a whole week people have been on a fast on a modified fax encouraged you if you want to try this and you get home do that in your strengthening your will by abstaining from certain things during the week and by that you desire cannot can eat this this week in your strengthening the will by doing that or what whatever it is you can think of what indulgence you to stay away from for that week and you don't really strengthen your will write six practice healthful eating and exercise habits that will really send it literally been talking all about what exercise does for them for the brain and how your cognitive functioning functioning increases and dispel the different kinds of foods that work better for the brain right there's there is a food that are empty calories that despite your blood sugar and then you go for a nose dive and to bring his work is well when the United States and slow so yet practice healthful eating and exercise habits seven ask God to strengthen your will above all right asking to strengthen your cities are the seven things that we encourage him sure there's more of how to strengthen the will but these are the seven that that we encourage people to do right with that said chance to come up and continue the top liquor from my iPad are well I will share with you about is medically another's eastern meditation in him meditation peace the fascinating I will install signs of an eastern meditation and biblical meditation music meditation within you is you recently stopped thinking you think about your belly button you think about an Apple would gently think about the latest thing Apple Apple and you just keep thinking or not people brought that in the church and so they've they've done this in a day instead of doing something apple or bellybutton which it was you just say geez for half an hour straight in your mind shuts down and now this is not biblical meditation am assured with a discoverable scientifically that both forms of meditation or the one they call relaxation techniques are these companies to both of them prayer and and this Easter meditation both of them scientifically will give you a form of of peace for a time with them actually discovered is that the format is taken under relaxation techniques actually brings back the hormones the stress hormones because they about this if I choose to think about nothing for half an hour in identity stressed when I mistrust about I'm not thinking right if you are thinking utterly stressed with it when you stop stop thinking your to start thinking again and you're getting it stressed right and so yes it works for a time to shut down your brain but the reality is the biblical form them actually discovered an accident test that through the prayer through the big different kinds of prayer they talk about the one that actually works the best was praying to God as to what bring a cold colloquial meaning praying to God 's children and Ashley God wants us to communicate with the right to speak and not just roll prayers are memorized prayers and all these things are rather praying is honest to a friend and no meditation in the biblical sense in the book of Joshua Joshua chapter one verse eight the Bible says that this book bitten that this book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth but thou shalt meditate therein him him me us to observe to do according to all that is written therein for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous and then shalt thou have good success numbers talking Joshua as his mother leave the hospital in the promised land he told him to meditate on the word of God how often the tonight is that if you do this you'll make your way prosperous and you have good success not only be meant like you get a lot of money newly famous Ohlone was famous right the reality is he would be prosperous and successful and when God called him to do in this life was as if you meditate on God 's word and you will be prosperous in your spiritual life is very interesting I still basically as I was studying this out one day I was looking at that warthog I looked up in the Strong 's concordance I'm no Hebrew theologian or something I guess I don't know when we just know English and you know that little bit but never less self hog off is is the word that is used in the Hebrew there or meditate or dog are you are is what's called in on him on appeal which means it is a word that sounds like that being which it is describing now I began example like if I throw a stone at the wall and we say it makes a noise like Boeing right now boing is like and undermine the Excel is kind of sounds like what it sounds like Witherspoon 's lawyer right now exactly do you understand the right to make a little sense of it nevertheless what are you guys aware that supposedly sounds like what it is what it's like when they Negroes were meditating on God now why would it sound like that because the Hebrews when they were medically new things so much that they would begin to encircling on amount and unavoidably so much about something that you actually start talking a lot in the Internet I have anything maybe you haven't I have an self the also the living and also Lisa was actually comes out of my mouth and did you seem to have as they were thinking they were actually begins speaks of the things that they were thinking about now one is one of the actual definitions upon Oz I was medically as a word that is describing near Joshua chapter one verse eight the Medicaid on the word know what many think him usurping diligently upon not just on you I read the page I'm sure you know like meantime until we run a whole page and at the enemy do think in discrete I'm a collective threat right now is that meditation is no as a little closer to Easter meditation right I do not think that anything rights and self number is not the biblical form of meditation meditation is where you are actually thinking about what you're reading right and asking yourself questions was his meaning was the main point of this passage is why my life is you're doing that you are meditating on the word of God another definition of that warthog I will encourage you if you study the Bible with this simple method of what what the Hebrew word of how God means we does look out on this in a concordance helps the Jews were very diverse settlers they knew the Bible so well that they could quote literally many of them could quote Genesis Exodus the biggest number is in the running first five books in her another good-looking local hangouts and these men were professional memorized there's these men would have the whole Old Testament memorized it happens actually had a Negro universities there they would have hostility these guys that I should paid them and he would be leaving concordances being the professor would be in the room and even saintly ten was the guy 's name added with this description of him and he was immediately felt about what happened when Jeremiah do this and he would balloon this verbatim quote exactly that passage from anywhere in the Old Testament immediately just like a super living concordances so he was assaulting into memorization and his work on our house and with speaking now one of the actual definitions of Augusta meditate one of the definitions is not specific I added this one for free it's not really one of the definition phone number it's so dictated the text of Scripture and to apply them so much cheers you know that you know them so well that it's literally coming out of your mouth that you actually know you think about it when you are not around the Scriptures we have to run God said to Joshua Mrs. Joshua wonders a look at you are to meditate on the board then I using Joshua walked around with the Pentateuch Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy he walked around all times and he was you know kind of checking out that the taxpayer of the first five books of the Bible yesterday I think you to meditate on it day and night he was actually internalizing the word of God so much so that he would have it memorized this is the leader of Israel right so here he was they would take this very seriously so if you will take time to meditate on the board not just just read over there and read when we got overview of something but in general we want to be meditating upon the Lord even taking time to memorize some passages of Scripture especially promises that are so key to your spiritual life in your spiritual strength number three this is an actual definition these two and I are are both definitions of the word of God in Hebrew imagine sometimes needlessly scare some people will imagine things listen God made us with mind to imagine you believe that visit he wouldn't be able to accomplish any real olive if you are continuing the construction without imagination could you really do anything now and is in the form of imagination but the bad imagination when you imagine evil things right the reality is as you read in the book Barcelona blessing the very first page she talks about imagine what it would be like imagine yourself there sitting at the amount listening to Jesus share innovatively to be attitudes and so for the possible amount of Lessig imagines sitting on the green grass experiencing and what it means to you no one were reading the word of God you're probably better off and I would never read as a child I can hardly read when I was in high school he had literally never did it wasn't that I didn't like to have the ability is that I never practice it is never right and so when I was a acid rain causing hardly in man he am now giving back I just does not agree I cannot read very well why kinds anytime and so once you start delays on the modules so for me melt then when I started reading these I watch much television movies and videogames that when I would read I imagine anything I was reading they were just words just words on paper so to actually meditate according to double the standard to imagine I actually had to make a determined effort to imagine what's taking place this to me as they were just words that has actually made the effort to imagine what it would be like to be there to think about the experience to see what when Jesus was senior to see where the disciples were singers just see the disciples doing the things are doing it begins to change your mind but because God by beholding me become changed right as were beholding these good things were being changing the image of those good things one of the reasons God can assume I'm sure spending time the work make sure that your meditating make sure that your imaginings of it because a realistic piñatas that black-and-white pages right another definition is an actual definition of organized to study should also study as your reading so many you may say to people I called him list for the city that Paul how much you know what I County probably very little I think if you go look it off in the final something at all that's what Paul would've dealt with at historically what was going on in I County Coliseum that he would experience the safe and as you do that this becomes of the need to be much more of a living picture than just some old dead pages right since study and find out what was going on there maybe looking up in a concordance or look it up any and you know whether it's the Adventist commenters on the old commentaries are fantastic like Barnes and wealth Matthew Henry's illegal counters are really phenomenal but generally also doctrinal they're just sharing about the tax generally very good so meditate him mad or memorize imagine study and another definition of the warthog off is to to talk about really talk about and share what you're siding material Musselman 's share was on the outs sure with your mom or your dad or your coworker your friend or whoever maybe some he also is interested here's a link and when you share we knew it would seem so simple and it is when you just simply do these things with your Bible study it begins to come to life it really does it becomes so much more than just I read a page in Oakland salsa do it when you're actually thinking upon it it is literally changing your likes and your I can assure the something this is something we generally share with our overcoming center will initially be right now I think his we do shared a little bit in our overcoming seminar but I wish her a little more with you than I would with your average person Bible memorization is something that the administration used to be called the people to be administered and he called them the people of the move order the book people of the book they were the people of the book why you think that Watts continues the Bible sold very well that when people thought of as anything are those of the people of the book is the people who know this book right and heals powerful to acquit off the box on its own the subjects we are documentaries that we may as a Muslim ministry works with us and we actually make them for Muslims also although the ones we have worked just fine with Muslims but many different covers for them and the Muslims in the Carano talks about these people of the people of the book is referring to those who actually believe the Bible and this shake his head of a mosque in Australia very popular very unknown action taken in the Islamic faith or as a group of one group of the Islam on this particular fellow our friends went to see him and as they were setting in their sharing with him he had a dream and one of the biggest ways that Muslims become Christian history dreams God comes to them intelligent you need to follow Jesus Russia will see the second coming injury uses an self I he has a dream and gone God tells them that the Seventh-day Adventists are the people of the book and so he comes to our friends and he says God told me that you are the people of the book that we can learn from you and so he feels that he is mission is to share with Islam about the Seventh-day Adventist church and God has called us he's reasonable people to be the people of the book in the issue isn't whether our church is the people of the book but the question is are UNR right so whether somebody else's integers like your pastor or somebody else the question is are you a person of the book and is the word of God like to Joshua was it was indwelling in your heart simply memorize this is just the workplace am IST some next Medicaid memorize imagine studying talk of God is to dwell in us richly Colossians chapter three verse sixteen says let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord the one of the hardest to dwell in us richly I read a story about a man by the name of Captain James Ray he was taken captive use a capital ship in the United States are needy and he was taken captive into Vietnam he was put in the Hanoi Hilton we call it that it wasn't Hilton if you know is is a torture camp that's basically what what makes it to the named the Hanoi Hilton or heartbreak Hotel and in this place he reported these when I discredit testimony of a man who went through a living hell in this place and you cannot imagine what this thirty days lying in cc the buzzing in his racks crawling over him and just just given just torture I hope this is what these guys had to go through and this particular man James rain is not the one this is another storm and James Ray was this captain was fastened in the Hanoi Hilton Jesse said these words were put a here he was as he was putting the prison he was struggling all the loneliness solitary confinement and axes in a situation immediacy here and someone is coming on the wall he listens and he starts to restart the reunions use one letter turns into into letter starting to three and those letters turning toward word and in those words turn into a sentence and someone tapped out in Morse code I will list out my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth Psalms twenty one and as he heard that you can imagine a man who is a mostly insane it is no human communication the word of God is being tapped out and he listens a little bit closer and somebody else to hear somebody else tapping out and how persons have some Matthew chapter four verse four Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and you can imagine the heart of this man who is literally almost close to insanity with no human can communication and the word of God is tapped the role wall to him and brings peace to his heart and James wraith after hearing these words this is this is a quote from James a Captain James a said these words Bible verses on paper arms one iota as useful as Scripture is burned into your mind when you can draw on them for guidance and comfort scriptures on paper are not one iota as useful as the Scriptures that are burned into your mind or you can call on them for guidance and comfort family the news is I'm not in solitary confinement in a non- Hilton right but the reality is this we are in a situation today the reality is we can be we could be very well in the future hopefully hopefully the best option as I will be in the mountains at that time right rather than being imprisoned some will be cast into prison into dungeons the other will be in the mountains right but either way the reality is you and me in a situation this week you will have trials this coming week is that true they may not be granted in the scale of these great tormenting line in your filth for a month but the reality is that you will both her trials and words on paper are not one insight one field is useful as those that are burned into your mind when you can call in and day by day today for guidance and comfort the reality is as I can see just from a personal testimony that probably in my own spiritual life that which is paying the greatest spiritual dividends of any other form of Scripture and take for me has been those tax that I have memorized that went when the trials the temptation comes that I've already put the effort into memorizing and the Holy Spirit can shine a voice on the voice of the Holy Spirit into my head and he uses it to Scripture and right at the right time God said to us right Isaiah thirty twenty one nine eyes show are thine ears shall hear a word behind me saying this is the way walkie unit when he turned to the right and when he turned to the left and gone has a way of doing that is Holy Spirit is the one who teaches us guides us into all truth right but the comforter which is the Holy Ghost and the father will send in my name he shall guide you into all truth right after John fourteen twenty six at the comforter is getting guide you into all truth we are told we are told that we have to have the words Oscar should never be taken as seriously a very quickly this is powerful this is also resembled SSS is gone will flash normal flash the knowledge obtained by diligent searching of the Scriptures into their memory at the very time when it is needed but if they neglect to fill their minds with the gems of two if they do not acquaint themselves with the words of Christ if they have never tasted the power of his grace and trial then they cannot expect that the Holy Spirit will bring his words to that remembrance as having I think any sometimes we just think like all is the miracle you know the miracle in an earlier the same time about his work I'll have to really dwell upon his work but you know I went to church as a kid in the classroom on Monday I'll be super Christianity and if I'm right sometimes we hope that's an happen the reality is gone or going through trials day by day right now right we read that all trials that are that are perceived as educators will produce joy they were always going to something as small traveling at way too long whatever it is but in all these situations we can more we get to enjoy in the prison what I have articulated right now is a perfect time I think you'll pull my textile like this I look at my fax I noticed them overwrite you have a new one this week you know I Christina shared a verse that I didn't know was awesome Hosea chapter thirteen verse nine and I memorize that right now all Israel thou hast destroyed thyself letting me use line help I canceled non- walk on the path angle of an accident right as I take the Scriptures with me and the reason why comment textile beautiful couple Israel thou hast destroyed myself with all of us meet the emotional of the mental problems that we have a lot of times are always sometimes you been tormented by others myself I have a lot of times brought these things upon myself I destroyed myself I've chosen to have certain bad habits but God is him yourself he says everything on this front I felt when I got saved myself right as a result he says but you need use your help you'll destroyed yourself listen you can't make yourself look the company I'm the only one I find a comfort to me and I'm sure finally simmers down and out I can share Hosea thirteen hundred and it can be copper to the right so God is asking us as he says in first Peter chapter three verse fifteen firstly with reverse diseases but sanctify any snake hole must sanctify make holy the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks our reason of you with meekness and fear with gentleness and respect many we always have a reason answer people they say what you believe this one will believe that anything on my parents always been on my church believe that the only notes but also what size is if you are always be ready to have an answer for the questions that people are according to be really people ask me questions from time to time that I don't have an answer to a dramatic question about the Bible that you don't have an answer to your website as a runner and in a few twenty five cents aren't very many people write reviews on Sunday will question you don't have answers to the reality is that's great because you have to than what goal fine and answer everything you know that's a great question I don't know the answer because it was getting to have an answer so I go search for an answer once I have an answer to that text in your personal experience I was studying with the Jehovah's Witness who actually became a Seventh-day Adventist the still do not believe in the divinity of Christ so he is now seventy and anything still held to Jehovah's Witness perspective of the non- him not be non- eternity are each personality of Jesus riding screen at some point in time and he was not divine he was not bought you accept this he became a Seventh-day Adventist studying this issue a lot would you please study with Mimi said Donald Wertheimer he suddenly people are nobody's been able to convince Sybil would you be willing to spend because I knew that I studied in aspects and generally that people in general when nobody so we we study that we sat on the site and he had no business I would knows when a sustainable called reasoning from the Scriptures with an argument with an answer to any object and you can ever bring to them he had the biggest book I've ever seen in his lap when I came to his house so my heart wasn't ice I was nervous like me this guy got on the ninetieth of what I'm trying to share so we go to the Bible site I studied obviously the point were I in my estimation I have answers for most of the questions that could be asked and there was one text description I didn't have an answer to a new eye and after them but I solely to accept the preponderance the majority of fact for clear they were so clear that I will the truth on this issue but one of them I still have a good response to an sizable end of a study on praying a Michael father to him and so you don't have what happened was what we go through the whole study and I knew they're probably want to be interesting his book for the text of sharing and so happen their work is worth studying out and finally we get some conclusion I say to you see that the Bible teaches that Jesus is job and he was like this sound like you know some additional unit the Sabbath is ensuring you just can't deny it's not you you're like okay seems to say I see light had that look in his face like Rowling he said it seems to say that he said but I just have one question and guess what that question was it was the question about the only tax I have an answer for and guess what at that very moment the Lord gave me the text the answer the answer that particular text that I didn't have an answer to why do I know ten minutes before the Internet tax I answer I do not have an instant glutamine is newly over the old you probably can actually hold bridges when the old story of the fencepost down in any Montana like to delete all the fence angles on for you non- thirty miles I'm exaggerating whatever magic of it since it was on purpose it's a perfect straight as the other spouse in the post and then there's like posts that are like a little big cock I don't really fit with the others right sitting to no less to say one of them 's awful little bit this happens to be a case of this tax I thought so why do we try to pick up all the other ten thousand post and you try to line them up with that post right now you only take the one that doesn't didn't see how you can get easily fit strikes me the same thing with Scripture guys I didn't have any answers I need the answer but since he needed the answer in that moment the Holy Spirit to bring some my memory the answer to that tax was shared with any answer he said and he accepted as a result of the realities of spending time in God 's word he can't bring these things back from Mike we can't have answers and in the difficult times we are going to be swept away if we are not building our house upon the was the rock Jesus Christ Jesus is also called the word of God if we are not building our house upon the word of God we will be swept away during the times of difficulties we encourage you to be in the work you know that Jesus will he you click very quickly and immediately different reasons to memorize texts and now I know it's not always easy and always share the quickly how to do it maybe but I know you are eaten very yet to some very good reasons now the very first one is this before I tell you what is all reaction with a simple point is the heat regard Deuteronomy rather Deuteronomy chapter six verse one five CDs that they say here only three oh oh lower God is one more and in excess and now shall love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all my soul and with all my might and the Internet was on the second and remember Jesus said that that's the most important women in the Bible right in the book of Matthew Jesus says that some lawyer has to thought it was great and lofty says the Lord God by all parcel to love the Lord your God with all your heart that's the most important commandment in the very next verse in Deuteronomy chapter six verse five six verse six says and these words which I command thee this day shall be in thine these words should beware in your heart you know we say I know that by what heart so think about this the very first minute in the Bible is the love God with all your heart and Jesus says about that verse he says listen he sizzles in these words I see the text is read that these words are to be in your heart so along with the connection of the most important command and all the Scripture to love God with all your heart is that you should have those words in your the first reason to know lease tax is to get to know God so that you have his word in your heart and as you have his word in your heart you're rolling a deeper connections number one is to know God 's number two is to keep from seeing Psalms one nineteen verse nine eleven great popular versus visiting although say wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way by taking heed thereto according to thy word it's also young man cleanse his way by paying attention by taking heed to what the word of God and it says in verse eleven five work on your word have I what it in my heart that I might not want sinning is safe so how is it that I need to keep from seeing is I have your words stored in my heart including the sometimes that we work about decision and were not bringing his word from our are why we fall into the same because we're loving the same more than were loving the word of God we have stored up in our heart 's not dwelling on seeking what is going on symbolic you said this you said in your word that you can give me victory for legal promise in reducing her thirteenth to make a way of escape your father told me as an Corinthians chapter and verse one five if you can bring everyone my thoughts into captivity by the ring my thoughts and captivity only get my mind off of these things until we take them not as a magic trick but rather we are taken by faith God 's word it was a funny you bring this to us you'll change my heart in my mind number one is to know God number two is to keep from seeing number three is clinical state keeping Francine is to be cleansed from sin the Bible tells us Jesus physically said when he was talking about I know my father is a husbandman I am the vine my father is the husband and he said in John chapter fifteen verse three he said that now you know you are clean through the word which I spoken unto you so how are we clients were cleansed by the Word of God 's number three is to be cleansed and we are cleansed by the Word of God performs is for answered prayer for answered prayer John chapter fifteen percent in the same passage says and if ye abide in me and my words abide in you then you shall ask what you will and it shall be given you that doesn't mean if you memorize facts and on exams all your prayers we want what he means is fixed that as you are dwelling on God 's work in your being changed on your claimant 's promises they normally will be coming to with what God 's will is in your prayers will be in tune with them and your life will be changed and so he will be answering your prayers because the right tune with his very simple number five singles the message of the truth so that you actually know the truth you have the specs memorized since you have an answer for the faith that is in you and personally chapter four verse sixteen what you say is with the same diamond ring as a taking under myself and under the doctrine so they want yourself and watch the doctrine taking myself and under the doctrine continue in their immature the doctrine for in doing this now shall both save yourself and those who hear you first and before sixty patent issued under the doctrine continuing them for in doing this possible save yourself and those who hear your self only the truth will both save you it will save the people that your sharing some Presley hate doctrine but doctrine isn't meant to be a curse word it's actually a blessing because doctrine reveals who God needs it so just like you die anyway and the great Saturday is holding right one of those things mean Doctor is limiting experience that you have the teachings about the living experience with Jesus number five is to know the message of truth number six is for witnessing number six is alleged to be a witness progress at the twenty two were seventeen and eighteen sake bottle down your here and hear the words of the wise and apply your heart until my knowledge and says what is that it is a pleasant thing if you keep them within you if you keep the work it's a pleasant thing if they're inside the Bible says it's a blessing to be happy up there inside of you and it says it's a pleasant thing if you keep it within you and this is a show with all beef believing units meaning when you have awarded but in your heart in your mind will be on the tip of your top to be on your lips and he will be there at the right time for the right person in the right circumstances that God will bring us your mind will be right on the edge of your lips and he says will be a pleasant thing to be a blessing to happen inside I can testify when you start taking the testing in universe to be honest with you I am by nature not very good at memorizing a nice actually it's actually kind difficulty was acting very difficult for mean in the beginning but it's on the easier brain I was either going to the science behind it is so powerful that the brain is changed as you do this we don't I'm going up to the realities you can strengthen your mind by God 's grace by making a diligent concerted effort on a regular basis to store up God 's work and to bring them back in situations God will strengthen your mind and transform your life so for witnessing number seven in single vehicle to meditate them Dan I write so how can you meditate on it day and night if you really don't hassle of sex in your head and the more section getting your head the more they come to be a whole a perfect beautiful in those types begin to connect together like puzzle pieces I think this is a beautiful picture of the audience you are and his plan for your life and the moral assessment of people signaled it was I think I will want to know about calling but if we have his word were storing up in our mind he can teach us very easily determine the right and handed from the left if you think this is the way walk ye in that voice can speak in the right situation but when were not restoring an up and were not seeking first the kingdom of God is infinitely easy to know what God is calling us to do for not seeking first the kingdom of God is very difficult in number eight is that the memorized Bible may be the only Bible that you have something to memorize Bible to tell you stories I read it I read a story I just discovered a little book a little bit ago called called called in the presence of mine enemies another soldier who was taken into the Hanoi Hilton and the one basically kept him saying these of the sixty Cingular understand what it's like the one for five years in solitary confinement seven years in prison five of those years in solitary confinement he says a man doesn't know what to do with himself he's a very similar brain tires are sitting in a dark room with gray walls and enter is a very very very quickly the brain starts to you know what delicious are going almost the same as your sole use action if so used to change in life and when you three years in the situation and he's ability to build if he's any sort of thinking and he had been living for God the first priority of trading years and was asked if Presley was shot down ejected from the plane as he looked really after was ejected he turned to look at the plane and it exploded right behind it was shot by another missile and explode and he said father thank you for saving the now he's coming out of his parachute and imagine coming on in the jungle any landing in the city alienated city with people standing there watching me grab him right there through the prison they caught in their United beat them all kinds terrible things happen but nevertheless says he's in solitary confinement decent it is amazing what one take text of Scripture can do to make a whole day there any Scriptures what these Scriptures mean cat out of the wall they were literally risking otherwise the tactics out food to each other is just a test and swimming children is a muscle that is the word of God with all of the date with the Muslim faith learned in Sunday school as children and for us it's what we maybe learn us on the school was filled acid four thousand sort of the back you know you got another to do much anymore but these tables graphs across from Cuba maybe still do it make a little makeshift raft and jump off a Cuban try to make your way to the southern tip of Florida and Kosovo is went down he was working you must know what important the time he was went down there and he took something else on the belief that the Spanish Bible found the folks there and there would be at least you know it's nice of America we'll brought these people in a weakling we put on our prior agency also expelled in these hotel with an occasional defensive force comes in the place and there is a barb wire cages that we need four hundred and eighty take the pastor comes with his Bibles and he takes his Bible say that I did this from a Boulder Odyssey Nathaniel and what either negative signals these Bibles up over the fence finish eighty -year-old man also grounds the Bible have any presence was just any dizziness arrived back in the Bible for years for years the only deaths he had with ataxia memorizes out of school as only I think women we live in a time out of the ligatures is like a Montana but generally in Sabbath we send can someone please read the memory facts what can you say that again can someone please want read the memory facts right we all know that it had actually like his normal every read-only like escalators went to me right so that they are they cannot imagine nothing was getting off at like one hundred taken over next week and ought to be so dangerous now the reality is just what he can have been asked just sent on three sixteen praise the Lord and you could loan how much better would it be to have arsenal of text burdens your memory to call upon for guidance and comfort could you imagine what that would be like in the tribunals as attached to bring forth your mindset got a shiny new light upon the English new trial that you're dealing in God is bringing attached fax your mind and listen that may be way off in the future may not particularly well for the future but what about this week what okay what about tomorrow when you come into a trying situation and you don't know what to do anybody's there because you because you make a diligent effort to take the text in your my can bring that text your mind and you can bring you peace he can give you comfort and he can help you to turn away from your same simple verse for guys and girls struggle sometimes less stupid that one is Psalms one oh one verse three happens to run a meeting games are a little meter maid overrides maybe this is this saltwater lumber three says I will set no wicked thing before my eyes I hate the worker then in turn aside it shall not cleave to me Psalm one oh one verse three I will send no wicked thing before mine eyes I hate the worker then turn aside it shall not cleave to meet someone wondrously so I've not knew I has one look at something I Don flashes of verse into my right also note available my knife I found our committee says it shall not cleave to me like if I don't behold that I neither be changed by something away from it I mean Jesus on beholding all the work rather than the things of this world as old as for storing of God 's work is transforming our brain is physically being changed physically being changed over being the main creatures because Jesus Jesus memorize the Scriptures 's industrial and thought about it will close with this point think Jesus was who go through what needs suck on canvassers how much do they not know about the Bible every as if he was three years old when he was going through that you know deep aspects of easy to write you think he was doing that at three years old from the senior final salute chapter two what I did with my Bible areas Luke chapter two I want to think about this Jesus was fully God he became a human being this is absolutely true he put on some aspects of divinity for that time but he was still fully gone and the Bible tells us that Levine 's effort to if you're in a money manager to look that up later flipping studios about Evelyn E Luke chapter two Luke chapter two in book of this is awesome so simple now chapter two verse fifty two the word of God reads and she is also increased and what wisdom and stature and in favor with God and who in the natural question of wisdom is the Almighty God have much wisdom is a half all wisdom now what is Jesus and Jesus increased in while if you know everything could you increase everything is not according to the father ever have to learn some new things just about everyone and it's great I never thought about I is because he knows everything I think Jesus the Lord being Jessica will cause a possible if you need to learn new things because he became aware he became human in the baby will he became a baby became a human being she was growing up we are told on a description will be told that Jesus learn the Scriptures by the open scroll at his mother 's here is that God was speaking from mounts science put off his omnipresence put off his omniscience put off his omnipotence that he couldn't have been putting shrouding himself in humanity and he had to learn the Scriptures just like any other child in Israel just like any other child in the Seventh-day Adventist church he had to learn the Scriptures Jesus learn the Texan thing about this Jesus you know you probably heard any of the beautiful English areas address and enough together for Jesus says in Matthew chapter four verse one is his name was Jesus led up of this into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil and when he lasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward and hunger and when it's entertaining and he said it will be the son of God 's command that these stones be made bread and he answered and said he is making man shall not leave by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God how did Jesus respond to the temptations of the devil with one with a lever that is a popular kind of sermon again assert that Jesus is equally Scripture is given the fishers I know because he actually took the time he took the time to prepare for the trials that lay ahead he was a child that they would come in his life a time of trouble a great time of trial he prepared for that time by storing up the word about in your pages giving notice what Jesus said he said it is written the doubles of the windowsills the main threat Jesus was allowed to work his omnipotence his own blessing he was only for the blessing humanity through the power of the farm to Jesus and this is what Jesus would looking as if they weren't internal stones into bread Jesus calls Jesus said you know what text for that one I know there's a test run into that money is because you don't store the word of God in his heart it aren't taking the word of God and yet he is soulfully it can close the book of Deuteronomy in the time of temptation a specific test for that specific reason was stored in his head and he was prepared the temptation three times there in Matthew chapter for the devil comes in intensive inability to try several trips as all human cultures as I got some for you is illegal Scriptures and Jesus answered them three times it is written is written is written but you know what most people don't know is that while Jesus hung upon the cross seven times she spoke scholars the seven words of Jesus doesn't need seven literal words of a sentence sentences or statements of Jesus that at least vocally hung upon the cross and three times while Jesus hung upon the cross he was quoting Scripture in the great kind of truck that Jesus went through on the cross he had prepared and he had words of Scripture that he was quoting as he was dying for the seams of humanity as he was being arranged away from the father for our sins Jesus was quoted so Scripture and he probably learned at the knee machine sauce was forming the word of God in the same my God is calling us think about this Jesus knew Jesus and the prophecies and because he knew the prophecies he knew about a trial lie ahead in his life and in preparation for the realization of it found that lie ahead what did Jesus do you memorize Scriptures the prepared him for the trial that lie ahead but the Scriptures also they were therefore each day of his life to be a blessing to others to help him in times of temptation to you how far you encourage someone or preach the word of truth they were there for all times that he knew a time of great time of trial I had to appear for that time could you think of a group of people who knew that there was a time of trial head is a group of people on this planet who were once called the people of the book and a new that a time would come that they knew it was called the great time of Jacob Jacob 's trouble they knew the time was coming they knew about could they take Jesus example into their own lives store up the word of God it will just be a blessing for you now ten years now from our twenty or whenever it happens or three years to three months or whatever it will just be a blessing for you then it will be a blessing for you every waking day of your life Emily Davies tax will be a blessing to you we're just looking for some future tormentor difficulty the reality is garnished text me joy right now and I would encourage you from my own experience identity a few examples are looking at each other Psalms twenty two hundred will die socially real quick Salt Lake to Bernie Jesus where did Jesus clones from the Old Testament prophecies obviously been in it since I don't second Jesus knew them I regret he'd renew probably most assaults my memory for looking at Jesus and in Psalms Psalms Chapter twenty two Psalms chapter twenty two as Jesus was dying on the cross beams words passed forth from our Savior 's lips my God my God why hast thou with Satan the text goes on to say why art thou so far from helping me and from the words of my roaring Jesus as he hung up on the cross equal to the words of Dave David is an example of Jesus David was the Bible says he was a man after God 's own heart did he was a man who meditated on God 's work day and night just like Jesus was after he gave his life to more easily Psalm I cameras of thirty three languages Psalms thirty one and Psalms thirty one Psalms thirty one and Psalms thirty one the word of God reads in verse five it says into a fine hand do I commend I commit my spirit thou hast redeemed me old Lord God of truth friends God has a plan for your life we don't know when it's been a great trials will come and I'm not some alarmists that we need to freak out over that when talking about but we can systematically planned for tomorrow resilient trial salon you know that you have trials and you can you can prepare for tomorrow a little bit by storing up the word of God today I and you have other things to you plus at times happy times for this text for lost times right types of rejoicing right to marry is the testing might insult you and there's Dexter really enjoyed your editing brightness drive to bring home he writes will sign things like no I want to say why I will forgive me I forgive this late but as is the whole sleep thing is for the eyes the whole civil rights possibility is for the eyes to behold the sun is actually the positive things and so field guide has all kinds of accident that all of them together we know the future is coming Jesus prepared are you prepared are you better prepare with the word of God I need justice because I'm not being very practical right I'm just telling you about and locals only one real clicking on taking a little bit locks this is how this is the deal I'll outline how I memorized actually present him or her to the fast program fast most of us have some of that icy like one or two guys again it's okay to go fast interested in the fast program that there's a website advertisements I called fast ST bypass Street but it's a fast start asking the Bible named these events into an small-group sparkle simple ways of like memorizing such as monomers infectious small-group dynamic on how to roll in your spiritual walk and I have about how to become my spiritual leaders in these coatings literally through Bible memorization is open into an early and when small groups I'm not really doing the course but they also have these little packets that are much to the simple little practice with little you don't have to do it this way this is the way I can really get some how we want to develop type this way works and even doing this not fast but I been read about but I have a hundred years ago he was using the same technique works like a champ very simple very simple but this way it works is when I do I you can choose the members however many you want on week or a month or whatever of the dozen this is a simple way to do it very simple and I tried doing on my own for a while at work I was able to do it on my own but it was this simple technique you want to try than work better for me a simple way to memorize the taxes like this so here's the text for today this is my text okay actors etc. yesterday this is all this leave that for now all Israel so this is what I do is read the text out loud ten times out loud unity was if you read via the rabbis they talk about the whole thing I said yes to history as our bodies do a blue and I'm going to put this is basically the way you do it you read out loud old Israel now has destroyed thyself but India's line help Hosea thirteen personal battery again a lot old Israel Dallas destroyed thyself but in the assigned help Hosea thirteen always going where it's not José Hosea thirteen are always relentless destroy thyself in me as I help Hosea thirteen nine oh Israel dollars you get the point rights to read out loud ten times and then once you read it out loud ten times immediately try to sell out and does not looking always quoting words from it seems very redundant and idiots but repetition what deepens impression so then I think I'll Israel now has destroyed thyself but a knee is fine help Hosea thirteen and I say that ten times and has it for the day how long does it take to do that that particular part it only takes about three minutes three minutes and you affect the rest of it if you're anything like me if you don't go through it through the day you'll have to but I choose to if you don't go through it again for the day then the next day you say when I memorize a certain Hosea and so then the next day I go over ten times okay I got a look at all things always relies his audience always allows us for the company 's lineup of over ten times a second and then the next day for the next sixty days I go over the text one time every single day for the next sixty days and by the time am done with that I don't quite like you come to my head Hosea thirty nine always allows destroy this open amusement help us with sticks in my and the reality is as we try to the store nearest purveyor we dishonestly unless you're really good at memorizing which I'm not naturally we lose them we lose those tests but I would encourage you to do something like this and you can choose our you want to memorize I would encourage you these things I like about the piece is not like you not some big financial investment but you can get the tax inerrant you can choose however you know you can choose many people Tuesday many people find it okay to do like to think you can only do one a week or maybe one month I would really encourage you at least one a month but you don't is so very simple every single day make sure you call words from an average of the first to first a reading of over twenty times for señorita for ten times a twenty type enzymes is twenty eight you voted ten times and every after that you really give over one time you quoted one time every day and the next sixty days this is how I would do it safe posing a thirteen percent old Israel now has destroyed myself in a new design help Hosea thirteen on your quoting the text before and after your same with Fox news outlets amigos on the video but I can guarantee if you do that the tax towards him will stick with you way better way better than if you just try quoting attacks are just okay you read that it says was either tonight and you just quoted out lots way better if you're putting the beginning and the end to put together sandwiched in with words found in so in your mind it's associated as being together very simple but just from my own experience and mistakes and trials it really really really works enclosing bank a video recording pendulum shortest Oregon now the reason Corrie ten boom is kind of popular amongst Christians it is generally when we think of a concentration camp leaving of who being in their genes for Corrie ten boom was a Christian young lady and she wasn't on but she was she had not elected relatively only she was thrown into prison the concentration camp and she happened to be a Christian and he were thrown into prison because she was caught her family was caught protecting the Jews they were hiding them in a room hiding place there hiding them in your house and he never did she find and use if I remember correctly but nevertheless the point is yes I see was cast into prison she withdrawn unsolvable for this issue she's not looking through the Christian concentration camps Robles about her testimony commission examined on machinery but nevertheless she tells the story of when each afternoon on all this was done she she was in Africa doing missionary work and she was in a particular country where there's this country 's government I just been ousted or something in a new government in common with something like this this new government comes the plaintiff and as they do they call eight there is a section of Christians in his hair in a call both Christians today government offices and bring them to the government offices and they executed the second day we did the same thing he called another group of Christians the government office and the executed the third day they called another group became the government office and they were it was clear that the government of this African country was systematically executing the Christians that were there what ended up happening was this the fourth day Corrie ten boom was there and she was preaching and one of those little African church buildings you know Windows it was at night naked lightbulbs with no bugs flying around the light balls out there and know what it was not not like a nice place here in United States with your whatever but is hot and sweaty in a Salinas and she's preaching the Manasseh sharing the word of God and she noticed that nobody was even less because they were looking around at each other and is looking at each other they were basically thinking something like this ever sank in the next guidance can be execute she can be the this can adopt as a recording dates into the service incident Corrie as a wise old woman began to realize share something with something that applies to this situation and Corey said when I used to live back in the Netherlands I was as a child I was terrified becoming a martyr for Jesus Salas terrified because I just thought how can I ever hope that I will those trials I couldn't do that and she said I wouldn't let my father 's again I'm afraid I I just I just don't think I could become a martyr for Jesus I don't think that Google enforces the trials for Jesus in her wise old Dutch father said to her it's the Corey when you're available on a trip when you want a trip to Amsterdam window I give you the money for the ticket likely to three weeks before she said give me that they and he said that's exactly the way it is with God God doesn't call you


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