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Wisdom vs. Rubies, Part 1

Allen Lloyd



  • September 16, 2011
    7:00 PM
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while this is a talk of wisdom versus rubies and of course this talk comes from Scripture item but I title myself this was a comparison that was made by one of the most intelligent writers ever to write and will lie to talk about that where that comes from a layer on this talk looking up the definition of wisdom the comprehension of what is true or right coupled with optimum and judgment as to action and so that means it requires some intelligence and it also requires the frontal lobe of the brain the area of judgment is critically important to wisdom now lie since word comparing wisdom versus rubies I thought I'd also give you the definition of rubies there you can actually see a picture of that you you saw a picture of wisdom to those of previous life but you may not recognize it as such but these are pictures of several different types of bar rubies and Ruby is distinguished for its bright red color being the most bang then fabled red gemstone and decide its bright color most desirable gem is due to its hardness and durability luster and rarity and not star rubies have a lot of expense that was the traditional reason why people would have these is a way of a saving or accumulating there well or at least being able to hold onto it when banks are failing etc. when I don't want to put it in someone else's hands but want to hang onto it themselves transparent rubies and large sizes are even rarer than diamonds I was looking today to see how much a Ruby would sell for and the large rubies that are well desiring to have sold for over three million dollars a piece and two million dollars is not not necessarily a high fee for the right side of Ruby 's protect particular particularly the Burmese rubies are thought to be the most desirable and so I this is a comparison was made in Scripture wisdom versus rubies and of course in a time when the economy is failing you've been hearing a lot about commercials if you watch television about gold as a way of hanging on your money weld rubies actually are worth more than gold elves around at least the good ones are and so if you really want to to ramp up the investment so to speak when when the dollar is deflating than rubies may not be a bad way to go as long as your intelligent enough to recognize what's a real Ruby and what isn't and of course event that gets into the wisdom part as well there's older crossover there and dealing with the subject one of the things I thought we regards to Ruby 's is why all this focus on the economy of you noticed whenever you turn on a news station this is the topic you can't really get a news in a whole new set of cycle done with for a day without something being mentioned in regards to the economy and I need politicians and I is there getting ready for elections that I is a subject that is palpable one that just about everyone wants to hear about in regards to the plan for the economy and die it is in reality as far as information is concerned or at least that subject matter we have had economic overload when it comes to the news unfortunately a lot of it is repetition and very little of that is actually insightful but nonetheless it is a major focus today on hand of course one of the reasons why some people may say well you know this is a good thing to focus on because you have to have you have to have shelter you have them clothing and so there has to be some sort of economy there in order to have these necessities of life in my questionnaires are we really afraid of not having food shelter clothing is that really what the Spirit is in regards to why everyone wants to focus in on the economy do they actually believe that they're going to run out of food in a short period of time or water actually believe that there have zero shelter available now when you finally actually talk to people like that even other very concerned about the economy they're not really thinking along those lines it's not like the children of Israel where it looked like their food was just totally gone underwater was totally done and there was massive amounts of humanity to be Saddam and to the water and there wasn't any site for that around I can understand Americans a little but more than our major concern regards the economy today when these are not the things that people where all that fearful what it really boils down to is many people have this in their mind it's kind of a truism in their mind and that is income equals happiness and of my personal income goes down then my happiness is going to go down and not the economy has to be something that were concerned about because it might affect it might affect how much money is coming in and if that ends up affecting me that it's going to adversely affect happiness so really this major focus on the economy is simply due to this belief that income equals happiness assessment study by the way you think incomes and happiness are related I will will talk about that to some of the studies another thought is that assets equal happiness and so is not just personal income and how much you accumulate in regards to stuff more in regards to property or in regards to houses etc. and this will that be equal or happiness and there is a pervasive belief in these things even though there is very little to actually substantiate belief and those are two things I there is less we have this massive attention and focus on money in our society today and it is it is one that you can't escape because of this major focus on money and have you noticed all the gold commercials we mentioned that earlier and there exist that's the part of this obsession in major as regards the money preserving the money that you have making sure it doesn't lose value over time and the different strategies that it can be very including buying gold or silver or as we mention if you're very intelligent maybe rubies and of course this focus on the economy has a lot to do with personal decisions that people make in fact you people might have made decisions to not come here tonight simply do the fact that it would cost money this day and in these rooms etc. as not necessarily that inhabit it's just that they had a cable bill to have to pay and and I had other priorities you know they had the young different aspects of of of priorities that they were focusing in on and and so because of this focus on money people make personal decisions sometimes to exclude themselves from events that could relate positively affect their personal happiness but they don't recognize that because it's going to negatively adversely affect their accumulation aspect of things and so personal decisions often involve this aspect of money whether you accept a new job often has to do with whether there's going to be a race associated with that and this is the measurable event that people always look at how much are you getting it paid per hour or what is the salary of one of the big questions is there and I can tell you it's very interesting when you're in a position like I've been of course I've run a multiple world my organizations but also as the president of Weimar are one of the big interests I have when I'm interviewing a prospective candidate is how quickly they're going to bring up the pay aspect of things and yet it happens relatively quickly much more frequently than I would desire is to have it happen but yet it is one of those things that people are basing their decision on in regards to actually money MS is one of the reasons why God put these commandments there now there are several commandments and have to actually do with money and they the last commandment the ten Commandments has to do with it as well what's the tenth commandment anyone remember thou shall not covet and of course it tells you what not to covet possessions people position are mentioned with repeats and some of the call that the sand that is not committed because it's not really an act no to covet is a thought and actually prove that the Lord is interested in our thoughts why do people think that Christianity is just about behavior or action no God wrote a commandment that is directly not even tangentially related but directly related what you're thinking and of course the other ones are are are very much related to what you're thinking as well but this one is totally about the thoughts have really nothing to do in regards to ask and of course is not only mentioned in the Old Testament price mentioned as well he said take heed and beware of covetousness for a man's life consisted not in the abundance of the things which he possessed and of course we've heard about this that no matter how much you possess at the time that you die none of those possessions are going with you I know you just see the hearse going down the street you don't see the house to see you know that even bank accounts etc. are traveling with the individual in the hearse and I've heard it and yelling and being in the physician world we see a lot of death and dying and of course a lot of focus on the individual regards to money in regards to now having enough etc. and I sometimes in fact I kind of agree with this cartoon that I saw it I'm not long ago where there is a couple of men in one of the their friend 's funeral and one was shaking his head and saying you know poor top he died in he didn't have a dollar to his and the other guy says that's great retirement plan so in other words I don't feel sorry for him that's the best way to die in of course that's when you put your money to use during the time that you are you are alive and so I in reality we shouldn't be about accumulating we actually should be about actually utilizing the money for a good purposes and some of those purposes mentioned here tonight while billions of dollar I am reminded on the West Coast billions of dollars this is well proven are spent every month on the West Coast to try to get you to come you know that there is an entire firms that spend millions of dollars to try to figure out how they can get you to come in what they're producing and it is and of course you know it when we get into this this aspect when we really focus in on Ruby so to speak to the exclusion of others that I can get us a galley it really helps you to realize how sick our world this why is it that they want you to come to buy to buy what they are producing we just mention that but why do they want you to buy what they are producing because their covenant and I want to be able to get what their company reality of this vicious circle of who is going to take much greater advantage of those that are company and of course people only realize this and I am really what's happening in looking at it from that perspective and of course we do need to look at the other side as well is there anything wrong in trying to improve or progress I've heard individuals that anything wrong with that the Bible says if any provide not for his own specially for those of his own house he had denied the faith is worsening and so there isn't anything wrong in regards to trying to improve our trying to make sure that there is food on the table in their shelter and clothing and those sorts of things the problem lies in wanting excessively the things of this earth and that's where we get into the where requires wisdom of needs versus wants to do you need a new car it are some people I heard them say I need an LLC and its cardinal say I need it is accurate any one of the ways in which you can find out whether that's true or not it just ask yourself the question how long can I go without this and still live now is it going to adversely affect my health or my longevity but I can adversely affect your longevity than it's not any it's a one and we need to realize what opposite covetousness is described by a person that uses his life looking for things in the mind of materialism notice that term materialism and the other M word that went with it we really don't associate those two things together they are a needful to be associated the problem with covetousness is it makes us feel unsatisfied so I'm one of the reasons why you know the Lord wants us to be satisfied he wants us to be happy ever commenting were not have that on status by its just going to be there and the Ronald with covetousness is we want more and more we think if we get this then will be happy and then we get it and were happy for a little while and then all of a sudden we want something else and of course in that way we destroy our lives covetousness will destroy happy yes analyze someone asked Rockefeller one of the wealthiest individuals in the United States several years ago how much is enough to make you feel satisfied answer the question here is his answer and like liquor just a little bit more and of course we know where that cycle let's take a look at the science of happiness speaking of a satisfied life and since is that young people 's group I thought I would talk a little bit about key day it's called fennel at full amine it's the love chemical it's a chemical that speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells Professor Robert Pryor Ferris State University Michigan explains falling in love involves fennel Apple amine or PDA which causes a person to be less likely to be aware of the false of the other person PDA gives us that euphoric high that field guide everything is wonderful this person can do no wrong and of course this is the feeling that is described in the world as falling in love now PGA of the love chemical by the way it's touching on something that is very much related to happiness and that is true love is related to happen it's we are creatures that unfortunately don't know how the law we have to be taught how to love but PGA is one of those things that just comes about as a result of what all chemistry we've often seen people who fall in love with somebody and ask are you blind well yes they really are wise and almost no one can tell them at that stage of the game because phenyl ethyl amine is touring out in large ones this thinking whether I should tell the story and my measurements signed this thing is talking gone audio burners and his wife and I signed that I can go on audio mercenary I will tell the story buttons but nonetheless I think you and I you get the idea necessarily without a searing memory guys of the EA wouldn't get a rush from these chemicals this also explains why many people need to be in love they are addicted to that rush of chemicals and these are individuals that are really addicted to relationships are going to leave them nowhere and in fact will lead them down the road of prediction there is a lot of people that are addicted to this PDA this chemical high can last from a few months to it most four years the average time it lasts their relationship is eighteen months pretty typical relationship blanks are about the time the passion starts to wind down after this high wears off now that doesn't mean that love can continue to grow if it's based on principle and if it's based on following God 's will love will actually grow and deepen beyond VGA dropping off there's other things that can kick in besides BEA that can be very beneficial researchers have more than twenty four thousand people asking participants every year to rate their overall life satisfaction from zero totally unhappy to ten totally happy the average boost from marriage was small one tenth of one seven is a lot of people young people and the genuine good thing if I can just marry someone that I am in love I am going to be happy ever after and this is going to be the secret to true happiness but one ten of one scale the study which took fifteen years to complete also found that people who are already satisfied with their lives before marriage tendency while staying married longer in other words if they were happy with their lives before they got married they were much more likely to have a successful happy marriage people who get married and stay married are more satisfied than average long before the marriage is most newlyweds experience a brief emotional bounce after their wedding but they eventually return to the same outlook they have life before they tied the knot we found that people were no more satisfied after marriage and they were prior to marriage Journal of personality and social colicky March two thousand and three and this underscores a truism to be happily married we must first be what happily single and we need to be actually very happily single if we want to be very happily married and it is intercourse is kind of interesting when it comes to Bible times that Christ even advised people to be happy with their singleness advising businesses such as Brandon he mentioned those who are able to remain single and be happy only should stay single etc. and so I know they're closer never quoted a marriage ceremony at divided as it is something that that is quoted there in the Bible but it inside something that is true happiness is not found in marriage happiness really is found in as you'll find out following the Lord 's will for your life and that means getting married it will increase your happiness but it really is in Christ there is any subject this is the Pentagon right now speaking about marriage if there's any subject that should be considered with home reason and on impassioned judgment it is the subject of what notice those terms hall reason on impassioned judgment as you are considering their now this is a marriage that will actually produce happiness she also tells us what percent of marriages are very happy and are exactly the way the Lord designed marriage to be guess what percentage one percent one hundred one hundred if ever the Bible is needed is the counselors before taking a step that binds persons together the prevailing sentiment is that in this matter the feelings are to be the guy and too many cases lumps XML is him has taken the helm and guided the bark certain room and I can tell you a number of stories that is where I've seen this happen time and time again and I can tell you chemistry or PA is not something the base your whether you're going to get married or not it needs to be based on things that are far greater calm reason without passion this is something I just told a young girl this week twenty three years old she's working for us a beautiful young girl has a lot to offer a young man energetic and cheerful and strong work ethic and I have a lot going for no no boyfriend and issues going into a mission work etc. she was praying in regards to the goals are really hurt God 's plan for life is fasting and praying over and I also pray even though there's no one in mind in regards to marriage for and die after I realized what she was doing that day tech taking off her fasting etc. I happen to be a talking to her about some several things that I asked you have a list a list what I said less than regards to marriage partner she says no why would I want to do that and and she said to Judy that I said yeah I had three lists I had the necessary attributes of the woman that I was going to marry these words so necessary that if she didn't have one of them it was a dealbreaker and there are multiple things on that list I had no one in mind at the time when I came up with this on the unless were things that were very important but if she was lacking one or two of those it wasn't a dealbreaker presented because she had a majority of of it was great that you have a majority and I'm the third last wise if she has any of these it would be nice horrified if of my wiles as I had my knees and I had my in between Czar really things that are very bored and then wants and my parents got a hold of the list and I looked at runner when I was in college and and I looked it over and they were commenting and smiling Solomon and my sisters were hearing this and so they grab the list crisis is a roller the me and said me all this proves it you are never ever going to get married and I said I may not ever get married by if this if she doesn't fulfill this less than I'm going to just be happily single I and I was fine with that I didn't think about it for quite some time and it was several years later that I came across the woman that had all of the things on the necessary list all the things the majority less the majority of the things in the watchlist but I didn't recognize I am gotten out my list recently but because she didn't have all of the things in the wine list it was unrecognized unfortunately my father helped me out and I is and started to have some serious conversations with Lincoln and I respected my father and so I I follow through with what he asked me to do and it was it's okay no intercourse this is one of the things I sometimes you cannot get in the way because you might have now it took some intelligence to come up with a list of the recent but you also have wisdom is applied knowledge and I was lacking in wisdom and wisdom that and it took a total of five years for that wisdom to come about but it finally did and I'm happy Lee Hackberry happily married Eric I believe worth what one of the one the public one out of a hundred another words one percent we know there's others out there like us as well but our love so we been married for twenty five years and has grown deeper and it's a happier experience every week that were married but it didn't come as a result of just PDA after the DEA was there I know that the Lord doesn't ask us to marry someone that we don't have any feelings but the Lord does ask us to have those feelings in proportion to the principle of love is there a back to the happiness it was the happiest there are studies done on this their published men or women think men are happier than women him him what age is the happiest day RI wow well I according to pew research Center survey the happiest age group is that sixty five and older is only happy man in eighteen twenty nine I gave a talk in a large business Corporation the other day to their executives entitled mice begins at sixty and one of the things that I mentioned this in my own patient population I've had many people sixty five seventy have significant health problems and I said docket by new uploads can live this long out of taken better care of myself but you know the happiest day are actually yet to come I know this is a youth conference but I'm giving you something to look forward to and and that is the the aging process if it's done right can produce a lock for happiness married men are happier than single about women in yell at the studies are showing America the average single woman is happier than the average married woman but yet when there is a relationship forming what gender is that that's trying to push the marriage button first now off-limits to women that are trying to get it towards marriage yes that is now the average single woman is happier actually may average marital now we should clarify that when you look at the scale the unhappiest women on the planet are virtually all dairy and the happiest women on the planet are virtually on their and so you take a bear and a woman that's in that relationship with a very good marriage and are going to be happier than a single woman but if you take a look at the average of all the average is that the symbol woman is happier but that this underscores that women should not get married until they have that list and they have those principles that are there and they have analyzed it and they gone through it etc. in their clear college grads are happier than those without a college degree so again the importance of education this is some something of the pew research society couldn't understand now this is a secular organization people who are religious are happier than those who are and again I need the secular societies tanks happiness is related to forgetting about God in fact that's what a lot of these worldly parties are about there simply for the purpose of trying to forget God thinking that they're going to have happiness in that way and of course it leads to even greater unhappiness but people are religious are happier people who work are happier than those it down also kind of a paradigm for many people who think that their whole goal in life is to get enough accumulated assets so they can quit working and so they can enjoy you know being able to not work and still have food on the table and having things in abundance etc. work is very much related to happiness but it are particularly productive work Sunbelt residents are happy in another US residents and of course that has to do with the sun itself and it even went into politics this may surprise you Republicans are happier than Democrats but both are happier than independence and so many people tried themselves and their independence and rear yards of politics those are often the most frustrated individuals happiness of Americans the last thirty years you think they're more happier less happy than they were thirty years ago last happy today they were thirty years ago you know the interesting thing is there is more fun things to do than ever before in human history but yet there is more unhappiness than ever before helping us to realize these fun things don't prevent it or prevent depression or I actually treated Americans are less happy today they were thirty years ago thanks to longer working hours and the deterioration in the quality of their relationships with friends and neighbors much of our happiness does have to do with social things person with no close friends or social relations with neighbors would have to earn three hundred and twenty thousand more each year than someone who dared to enjoy the same level of happiness and there's a lot of people making sacrifices to earn ten thousand dollars or fifteen thousand dollars more per year and while this job can be twenty thousand more per year I may have to work a lot more time you have to do this in a minute to do that than it etc. but it's worth the twenty thousand dollars is a really three hundred and twenty thousand and while the average American paycheck is risen over the past thirty years of tapping visiting benefits were more than offset by drop in the quality of relationships that CNN also gave her report on happiness now lying outside the next time you're deciding between ice cream and cake buying a car taking a trip to Europe accepting a new job or keeping your old one you should remember two things first your decision is rooted in the desire to become happier at least happier than you are now second in a good chance the decision you make will be wrong why is that Daniel Gilbert summed up our failings this way people have a lot of bad theories about happiness our culture employs us to buy bigger newer better things research shows stuff does not buy happiness by large money buys happiness only for those who lack the basic needs once you pass an income of fifty thousand dollars in courses talking about coastal income in the middle America the last one to pass income of fifty thousand dollars more money doesn't buy more happiness with that in mind Siegel said we should pass on buying lottery tickets and find small things we can do every day that bring us joy whether it's going for a walk or cooking a meal for reading a book and so gain getting the simple pleasures and of course that's what this weekend is about halfway as wellness weekend is about happiness since double pleasures and by the way these gambling places are there any in Oregon is you know it's it's really a sad thing that its attacks on people that are good at math I mean it's simply coming is simple math I tell you where that's going to leave and of course what do you know what the the gambling joint wants to do is figure out if you're the first time there and then give you a big one because if that first time feel I remember and you will end up spending all that you gain on that first time and way more and BLA noted a derelict situation as a result and so young this calls focus on money and where it leads to is really pretty said and of course against back to confusing needs with now let me just be clear it's okay to be happy as long as we get there the right way and getting there the right way can produce some significant benefit twenty four university students performed to test of attention positive moods were induced by playing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto number three negative moods Viper called the LPs played at half speed to produce a neutral manner participants ran a series of facts and figures about Canada have any Canadians in the group are an outstanding hand side and listen anybody that it wasn't my study by the way whenever a positive mood participants scored higher on a remote Associates task a measure of what you're actually more creative when you're happy particularly if you get there the right way to get there on why you're not creative at all when you're happy when you get there this is a simple pleasure the right type of music and by the way the mood elevates whether you like classical music or not by the way when you list box Brandenburg Concerto three the other there's positive things about good music that can happen in even if your taste isn't necessarily in that direction and so creativity significantly prevalent feeling happy Anderson explained your attentional windows actually bigger it's like looking for a big window versus Ace Baldwin now we in fact and figures about Canada you are better and accounting I saw the detail work is not the same as creativity and so there's a time to you now just be reading facts and figures etc. when you're having to do detailed work but there is a time for the creativity and flow list bridges as our bridges this talk over into the wisdom are we talking about rubies and things related to Ruby 's which is just of possessions people win deal much with the position part of things minutes often related to the covetousness of possessions but young people part was hard when were talking about the marriage a lot of things that has come up with that some people in our circle have seen a happy marriage that Eric and I have had man of also seen Erika 's I know a friend of mine saw Eric is very positive attributes in regards to character in those sorts of things I remember him coming up to me and saying I very jealous I wish I had your wife will now that I was not a positive statement to me not because I was fearful that all but it was there not a positive statement in regards to him that whole aspect of things that come living people and of course if you have we had if he had stuck to principle as I had he could've happened just as happy relationship in fact in fact of his life had become principally bananas happiness can increase significantly and so we need to be careful this whole thing of rubies or the things related to Ruby 's is going to have the unhappiness and dissatisfaction however wisdom well result in happiness and wisdom is related to intelligence the little bit more than intelligence but intelligence is your capacity to learn retain and apply knowledge often measured by IQ test which is an imperfect measure of it but probably the best measure we have related somewhat to academic performance college graduates first job after graduation 's been found to be related to their IQ but there is also some other advantages this was a long-term study eight hundred and sixty two men and women are followed since childhood starting in nineteen twenty two until nineteen eighty six they were studying the researchers found that up to the cutoff point of one sixty three participants risk of dying during a given period decreased as their IQ increase there is an example those with a childhood IQ of one fifty had a forty four percent lower risk of death notes and IQ one thirty five IQ will help you live longer it's one of those longevity attributes why is that member intelligence is your capacity to learn retain and apply knowledge there was another study that showed that the higher your IQ was at age ten the more likely you were to become a vegetarian at age thirty and of course again that is your capacity to learn retain and apply knowledge and aspect and that's one of the reasons why longevity improves as a result of IQ is because of the but there are other advantages as well and one of the things IQ courses related somewhat to temporal lobe temporal lobe is where our memory is centered we have to read hanging the knowledge so you want have a good temporal lobe one of the good reasons for memorizing Scripture is also where musical abilities are at occipital lobe has to do with intelligence at spatial orientation architectural skills reading math skills ride along with calculation division subtraction your vocabulary your speech is very much in the parietal lobe Einstein have a larger parietal lobe than most other Sarah Ballas were in your athletic ability is by the wisdom area of the brain is actually the frontal lobe brain and this is the area where we apply that knowledge and which is very much the the wisdom aspect of things and of course other creatures have brains cats have some intelligence they don't have a lot of wisdom out three five percent of a cat brain is in the front alone and of course wisdom is related to morality as well in fact secular neurologist she textbooks tells the frontal lobe is the seat of spirituality morality and the will are and how much morality and a cat if you've seen it torture its victims to death and seemingly enjoy our dogs have a little more frontal lobe about seven percent of their brain is in the frontal love and there able to exhibit more empathy more love for other creature is even not of their own species chimpanzees have the most of any other animal creature but what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is our frontal lobes size thirty three and thirty eight percent of our brains in the frontal lobe it's what gives us the capacity to accomplish advanced planning and thinking it's what gives us the ability to choose our own destiny I think this is what Lorne was talking about in Genesis worries and letters create man in our own image with that frontal lobe capacity is one of the reasons why human beings worship because Anna followed John Sea dogs and cats come and worship services as far as really desiring necessarily become yours as and they can really figure out what's going on there it doesn't resonate with them in the frontal lobe capacity by human beings Alan capacity you might say why atheists don't come to worship the Lamb of frontal lobe they do in their worship of the question is what are they worshiping that that's the difference in regards to what their worship to their worship but frontal lobe is a major part of this aspect of wisdom and it's why the last chapter in the book of the Bible Revelation twenty two verse four says and they shall see his face and his name shall beware and therefore heads that has to do with the frontal lobe of the brain the wisdom part where spirituality morality and the will is centered so I know we I have for talks I'm going to be giving this weekend was just one of them so I'm not pressured over having to cover all the material in regards to wisdom tomorrow morning 's topic is going to be in entitled total Reformation body mind and soul so I'm going to be going into really part two of wisdom we covered more than rubies part and an kind of deflated that aspect of things but will be going through the wisdom part well just close with this tax from my Proverbs I think it's the twelfth chapter or maybe arriving at Proverbs eleven verse eight Solomon makes a comparison between wisdom and rubies which one anything was better they say just a little but better wisdom is are about rupees and then even said that that there is nothing that can come close to comparing wisdom in fact he said anything that you might desire just think of something that yet you have the choice materialized you can get tomorrow you know maybe it via private maybe the Air Force one you are talking out on Air Force One and Man take it wherever I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do that what I would choose or maybe it be something else maybe meet some home on the coast that you seen the beautiful whatever whatever it is you desire and have a strong desire for he said that is not in comparison with nothing in comparison with and so one of the things I'd like to leave you with here young this week and I know our audio birth time is it is up and they need and think that's fine but this week in the presence of a of a group and in Ardmore Oklahoma and of course we have a manager that runs it and I'm just the more peripheral the president that account makes the big decisions but we had a girl that was impolite not to meet with one of the physicians last week and that physician had enough of this and politeness wrote to our HR Director and they went above the president are now above the present above the manager is a manager and already had issues with this individual and that person it was impolite was given a one-day suspension without pay and RN she was now loose probably about three hundred dollars is what she would make in a days time I and it was devastating to her to the point that she had this entire plan out she wrote out this big PAC went into an apology with the possession she spent forty five minutes for this position to try to get hair and a reverse his request for that something be done in regards to the impolite mess I mean she just went all out because she was going to lose three hundred and was probably has some good motivation in regards to changing her behavior etc. so I was now it was nice to see that there was a desire to change what you wish that desire would've been changed that the desire to change women based on the desire for wisdom and not the desire for Ruby if the desire 's rubies it's not going to be a lasting change I and if you think of what people will do for just a little bit more money and if we would have that same protection in regards to what word that might adversely affect our wisdom now it just think of what entertainment television does the wisdom for instance even caffeine we could get into some of the science of that but it adversely affects the frontal lobe of the brain and so why wouldn't we go all out to protect our assets far greater than Air Force One and it's the frontal what will I if we have that type of care in regards to wisdom that type of concern in regards to wisdom that type of desire that I'm not going to do anything that is going to make my brain less effective than were on the road to happiness satisfaction and fulfillment wisdom is far above rubies of scholar 's father in heaven we thank you that you created us with these wonderful grades we thank you for giving us this frontal lobe the seed of spirituality morality and the well the area of the brain that we can communicate with you and where your Holy Spirit and incline us and influence a positive we pray Lord that we might review our daily activities and if there is anything getting in that way of us in dancing and improving in our brain and frontal lobe capacity we pray that you would point that out to and give us the true desire for wisdom and help us to put rubies in their rightful place not as a top priority not even the top five priorities of our life but down in the road in a way that those rubies will only be able to influence us positively as they are used to expand with we thank you for hearing and answering this prayer go with us now throughout the Sabbath day and and incline our hearts heavenward may we instead of being in the modern materialism focus in on what is in the heavens locus in on the stars above and on your plan to our life as a room of this media was wrong audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more certain the visit www. .com universe .org


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