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Wisdom vs. Rubies, Part 2

Allen Lloyd



  • September 17, 2011
    10:45 AM
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last night so we finished part one wisdom versus rubies and for part two will be looking at this text in more detail I know we have the USB driver in there yes within it's showing up on my screen it's not showing up on your screen but Revelation twenty two verse four says and they shall see his face in his name shall be where and therefore heads science first began to understand the importance of the envelope as a result of a man by the name of Phineas Gage he was a former railroad crew the faithful husband and father possessed an iron well as well as an iron frame said his boss at the railroad in fact he was well-liked by his fellow workers in addition to that a lot of people with iron welding iron frames are not well-liked by the people around them but Phineas was different he was well-liked despite that iron frame he was also a religious man he regularly attended church in fact he taught his weekly Sunday school class he was intelligent and insightful the most efficient and capable foreman in our employ of the large railroad company that had hired him and then came that fateful day of we just had the anniversary of that this week as well September thirteenth eighteen forty eight he just his wife and children he said he would be home for supper this was the area he was working in Vermont Vermont is well known for its mountains and they were blasting away wrath the Tollway this rock and the granite that day when blasts away there was a process process that actually many of us and help to refine and make more efficient they would drill a long hole into the rock that would fill it partially with explosive powder they would carefully place the fuse into the powder and this was actually done with a tamping bars very sharp and this tamping bar was actually designed by Phineas Gage it weighed over fifteen pounds very heavy but yet fine piece of equipment on one end was very sharp where he would attach the fuse and put it down through that gunpowder and on the other hand it was a very blunt and that he would use later on after the sand was used to fill up the whole and then the Sam's Club Westhampton utilizing the blunt end of the tenth and bar as he would come down pretty vigorously on the side of things to produce that nice pressure so that refused to be let and people can have time to get away and that portion of the mountain would be blown away this process is repeated multiple times that particular day and I was about four o'clock in the afternoon and it's unclear exactly what happened but neither Phineas 's helper went to the wrong pile and filled up the entire hole with gunpowder or Phineas didn't wait until the sand was there but we do know that the tamping bars one and came down and contacted the explosive powder and his tamping bar then became a missile going through the eyes of Phineas Gage out the top of his head and landing some twenty feet away from a man and what you survive that accident within minutes he was walking around I even have to go to a medical facility where the doctor had to be called out in two stop the bleeding salt the words I and he did develop an infection but through natural means the infection was cured and within a few weeks Dennis Gage was back on the job again but he was what his people that he worked with would say I called people than them by their last name often engaged is no longer gauge these fitful easier reference indulging at times in the grossest profanity manifesting but little deference for as follows impatient of restraint or advice when it conflicts with his desires Phineas is like a child who announces he is running away after lunch then comes up with a new idea over his sandwich these childlike and intellectual capacities this is his mirror neurologist describing behavior here childlike in his intellectual capacities and manifestations yet has the animal passions of a strong man and he wouldn't frequently loses temper and abrupt short-lived manner he would then apologize for he was okay apologizing for his behavior any woman that appear desirable to him now he would attempt to go after any no longer was interested in religious things in fact he would ridicule people who went to church I many individuals have a look at how Phineas is described they say you know it's almost like he's a modern man in other words he's fitting the vernacular of what a lot of people are like in today's society but they haven't had their from all blown away by camping markers and done in other ways on this is actually geared a little worn anatomical Museum at Harvard University today you would see Phineas Gage this is a skull he died some thirteen years later my weight lost his job was forming Reverend Greeley offered him a lesser job he wouldn't take it to ground and he ended up joining the circus and traveled around the world he used to carry his tamping bar around women with a change in his appearance in the circus act and that he died some thirteen years later he's my lifetime and Shelley at first it was thought he died there but actually San Francisco and Harvard requests his body be exhumed and brought back and there you would be able to see the detailed personality changes and you would also see the skull of Phineas Gage and by the way this group closely the many of the doctors of Harvard 's thought that this accident actually did not happen in the way it was described they doubted the doctor that set up the ones because I said this man should not let from this accident we have had trauma like that you're a dead man by issue notice the skull there these are for those that are medical people you notice the stall there that whole portion of the install was actually blown away you can see the hold that the tamping bar came out of their and as a result of that that whole area gestalt lifted up and there was room for expansion due to the bleeding and the swelling and so Phineas Gage did not permeate his brainstem that's how you died from head trauma as herniation brainstem he had plenty of relief in other words he had the neurosurgery done by the tamping bar itself to relieve that pressure and that's why he was able to live and still talk and walk around etc. was because the bolts at all e-mail applies sound speed for those who earn neurosurgery and so it proved conclusively that indebted and do you happen the way it said I invented by Stephanie S Finley is a large parcel of front alone we mentioned last night scientific studies show the frontal lobe is the seed of spirituality orality and the will and should be of significant concern to us as Christians we talked about the other loves in the brain just briefly the temporal lobe were musical abilities are at memory is very much in the temporal lobe by the way that's why we put some of the most beautiful poetry to music so you can remember it when we call that poetry was put to music we called him 's now if you get the hymnbook out a lot of people realize that some of the best collection of poetry assembled in the world why is it that we neglected that Hemlock today when it has such beautiful words and beautiful music to help us memorize those words out so if they the temporal lobe and of course this is what the children of Israel would do in regards to learning their Scripture it was put to music to help enhance that aspect occipital lobe is where architectural ability and vision spatial orientation bridal of calculation division subtraction and that speech is their cerebellum by the way when sports teams get together compete watch the weather actually demonstrating is which team has a better corporately developed cerebellum I don't recognize the filter but that's really what they're doing I and and then of course we have the frontal lobe of the brain now one of the things that's this slide can demonstrate as you can have a very high IQ parietal lobe temporal lobe occipital love you know when you take the IQ test for measuring your spatial visual orientations are having vocabulary they're going some afternoons sunsets you can have that without NASA's Sarah I have in the frontal lobe and friends alone of course is the seed of wisdom and since the time of Phineas Gage we have found other effects of compromise frontal loves whenever the front all of his compromises and impairment of moral principle if we want to see why morality is declining in any group or any society and has to you have to look at the problem when morality declined to follow this down there is a social impairment it's natural the love of your family members brothers sisters parents children that natural love for family goes frontal lobe problem you have to look at lack of foresight our ability to reason from cost-effective the follow-up phenomena in our ability to see into the future and you can actually measure your child's frontal lobe development by how far he is planning and how far he's looking ahead in regards to future and hopefully the use here today are and their frontal lobes develop that they are recognizing that their actions of today can actually have eternal consequences abstract reasoning is impaired your ability to interpret Proverbs is a frontal low phenomena and I often am asked to speak at a major high schools and all actually give them Proverbs to see how well their frontal lobe is functioning it's amazing how many high schools today are just thinking on the concrete they don't have the ability to go under the abstract or frontal lobes are very mathematical understanding is diminished I mentioned calculation division subtraction being parietal lobe higher forms of math I calculus higher forms of algebra do require frontal lobe this is something we see characteristic across the board when the frontal lobe is compromised empathy goes away and by the way some people with compromised frontal lobes believe it is impossible to have them our for anyone else to happen for that matter and of course one those statements income level and that he has you have no idea what this person going through unless you have been in their shoes and you know that that is a statement that says that there is no such thing as empathy empathy is the actual you can feel precisely the same emotions you can understand really and as full ways you can understand without ever having gone going through if you understand what that individual has gone through the circumstances of set up you can even feel the same emotions and feelings are called empathy but it is impossible if you don't have a well functioning frontal and so I having that well-developed frontal lobe is is necessary in order for us to be able to exhibit crisis in our life which is really part of that that empathy and when the frontal lobe is compromised you see lack of restraint boasting hostility these type of things you'll see that evidence of lack of restraint on Sunday afternoon after the touchdown the score and the evidence of frontal lobe compromise is there a man good cerebellum is not necessarily good frontal lobes are there are drugs that didn't get damaged besides of course accidents there are illicit drugs whether its amphetamines cocaine marijuana marijuana causes suppression followed the brain very clear that it does that also takes away your motivation will lower your emotional intelligence it does increase the risk of a number of cancers despite some of the misinformation that's out there it is something that course site cocaine is also going to suppress the frontal lobe of the brain narcotics etc. there are some prescription drugs that can also adversely affected and that's why we always have to weigh the benefits versus risks of a utilizing these run some of the prescription drugs that are very popular neither suppress to follow the brain of the benzodiazepines Xanax is Valium Ativan no lorazepam 's etc. commonly prescribed for people with emotional issues I did try to call them but in reality suppress the foul of the brain and end up complicating things even have much further to our legal drugs of course that can damage alcohol affects the frontal lobe of the brain first before it affects any other portion of the brain barrier viewer to driver the legal limit of alcohol intoxication and state Morgan zero zero eight percent and a policeman wonderful you over when you be able walk a straight line you got in fact if you are skilled in doing so you can hit a curveball on the baseball part by the way that demonstrated there are baseball players that actually have had drinks prior to going out in a major league game in hitting home runs that's how good their coordination it's so why is it then that there ten times as likely to get into an automobile accident it has to do with their judgment mess what happened to princes dies driver he was walking straight lines he was conversing normally no one recognizes was drunk that he attempted to negotiate a turn in a tunnel at a speed that was impossible to negotiate directors and analyze the best racecar driver in the world not been able to successfully negotiate that turn at that speed and thus he lost his life others lost their life as well now the next day he be able to successfully negotiate that turn because he would slow down his judgment would be better at driving this requires concrete interpretation but as I mentioned last night asked critical abstract thinking takes two weeks to fully recover one of the reasons why I asked to only avoid alcohol nicotine has a suppressive effect on the frontal lobe the rental more subtle way than alcohol but the most commonly consumed drug in America also has an adverse act anyone want to guess with benefits and that's right caffeine is the most commonly consumed drug in America blocks the adenosine receptors in the frontal lobe of the brain study this out Tigers entitlement faster under the influence of caffeine but they make ten times as many errors I am recently the information has gotten to apply that quarterback coaches around the NFL are telling their NFL quarterbacks to consume zero caffeine now it's interesting the lineman coaches are not telling alignment the concerns are affecting that seems a little unfair doesn't it those line manner after the quarterback and airline this act to amend zoning around the quarterbacks sold no caffeine is messing pretty cruel those quarterback coaches to do that why is it that they are told not to consume caffeine it was if it needs to have the frontal lobe about feel your frontal lobe is analyzing information and then making a wise decision and sometimes you have to make it a quick period of time and if the quarterback coaches are telling their quarterbacks no caffeine do you think there is a reason why Christ and wanting you to live a more abundant life for him recommended that you consume no caffeine now there's a management study showing that caffeine increases your risk of gossiping the definition of gossip is sharing private information with someone who's not part of the problem or part of this was the problem that was the definition used in the study and if you have caffeine Anwar you're much more likely to do that when you than when you don't have caffeine on board I'm sorry about the tea party political party but if they have caffeine energy there probably cause more harm than good sometimes when they're getting together and interestingly all I said when Museum coffee users meet together for social entertainment the effects of their pernicious habit or manifest all partake freely of their favorite beverages and as the stimulating influences valves what happens there times are loosened and may begin the wicked work and talking against others their words are not new or well-chosen that underscores another important role the frontal lobe of the brain and out important role as the frontal lobe is often a break on human behavior when we get into a car we want to make sure it has a good engine but just as important is that it have good breaks and Phineas Gage lost his brakes in that accident but many people are losing their breaks simply due to their lifestyle habits and what they're going to impair the frontal lobe of the brain this goes along with what Peter said wherefore Peter says Gerd up the loins of your mind what is he saying that he sang let's have our minds your mind be as sharp as they can be gird up the loins of your mind let's strive for sharp minds and then the next statement is says is the wife sober now the Greek word is translated in English sober not the actual Greek word means the abstinence in other words abstinent from anything that's going to affect the ability for us to gird up the wants of our mind and then he says hope to the end from braces we brought them here the revelation of Jesus Christ so after we got on the lines of our mind and after we are living in absent a lifestyle which is a Christian lifestyle then we can hope to the end for the grace we brought them to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ what is the follow-up desire for optimal function carbohydrates are used almost exclusively by the raindrop will function what foods have carbohydrates in the naturally fruits grains nuts and vegetables interestingly the original by Genesis chapter one Ellen White both those four food groups and then she says that's after hauling those for them part of strength power and endurance and what else a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating now in science first began understand by the way knee is a carbohydrate deficient food high in fat high in protein and carbohydrate deficient one of the reasons why meet does not come out on top as far as intellectual function is concerned but when science first began understand the importance of cards I thought will sugar on be good for the brain because that's carbohydrate right actually studies show the opposite large amounts of human diamond demonstrated a pair from a low function school-age children's also been shown to be true in adults and of course we should figure this out what happens after we do candy bar to her blood sugar spikes often within twenty minutes are pancreas things we've eaten a large amount of fruits grains let's invest that's the natural way we would've gotten out up there and so it cranks out a lot of insulin to handle land-use love always has a candy bar and within twenty minutes your blood sugar is now lower than it was before you make a sugary substance and once hypoglycemia occurs it takes four hours for the frontal lobe to fully recover now the man I work well you can still memorize in school is just a memory castle still do well but if you have to think in problems all it's going to have an adverse effect and that's one of the reasons why makes about a great letter difference in most subjects and one of the reasons in fact the spirit of prophecy is pretty strong on sugar when you when you listen to what she says in regards to large amounts of sugar she talks about actually being more injurious than meet and so it's one of the things that it's not just the absence of meat message there's a lot more nutrition than that racket on a gas it decreases the synthesis and storage mass appeal calling that is present primarily flash foods one of the reasons why he does not come out on top again in regards to the mental outperformance course many people feel stimulated by state meal and that's because the large molecules actually get into the lower brain pituitary gland where there's no blood blame her barrier in so you can ELA hormonal surge by that water siphoned away from the frontal lobe of the brain if you're going pet scandals enough from alone circulation go down as a result of the surge of the hormonal area and actually imbalances of the brain as a result Ellen White says eating much flash will diminish intellectual activity students would accomplish much more in their studies if they did what never tasted me when the animal part of human nature is strengthened by meeting the intellectual power ministers horse again ahead of her time now this was also a reverse study done by time British medical Journal published by the British medical Journal children with high IQs are more likely to become vegetarians when they grow up studying more than eight thousand men and women age the as I is the measuring maritime show the higher the IQ the greater the odds of becoming a vegetarian for each fifteen point rise in IQ scores in the study the likelihood of being a vegetarian rose by thirty eight percent and this was even after adjusting for factors such as social class education the link was still consistent why is that the case remember intelligence is your ability to learn retain and apply knowledge in so these individuals learned they retain the enemy applied part of having high IQ so I for those of you that are measured here and now occasionally I get asked you know I'm in a group donated now I was in a of the meeting the other night with some other businessmen etc. and they recognize that in order any Amiga one part two of my sample group by which it is aware of that and I so often now I will ask questions about and I'm sure some of you there vegetarians can ask questions if you don't have a whole lot of time to go under the explanation may ask you why you're a vegetarian you now have a quick two word answer high IQs at tyramine is a false neurotransmitter it actually does cross the blood brain barrier and that God is causing narrow stimulation it wasn't meant to be stimulated thus it can be pretty confusing found abundantly in cheese lines and rich foods one other reason why hard cheeses in particular not vast as far as mental performance is concerned Alan White says that's a sentiment tempered eating eating too frequently too much and rich unwholesome food destroys the healthy action of the digestive organs of facts the brain and what else what areas you talking about then she goes on reinventing rational call healthy thinking and acting after this is pretty alarming anyone know what the next phrase this and this is a fruitful source of why church trials so the argument in the church board meeting may not be new to what you think it's due to and maybe do what the people ate before they got to the board meeting and no matter how much the subject is explained the frontal lobe capacity is not there and understand the principle behind the matter and cell division occurs in fact in another place he says is the most frequent cause of church trial so you can see why the health message is intricately important for us to be able leave and move forward in unity in the church because we can order you move forward in unity we need to have good functioning frontal low and she says that you understand how much their habits of diet have to do with their help you know even today there is a disconnect between what people put into their body and the health of their body they think there's a disconnect they don't think their health is related and of course the evidence is abundantly clear your help is very related to what you're putting in your body what you're doing with your body but even heard a few understand how Mister Howard's and I have to do with their help and she went on to understand how much their habits of diet have to do with airline you understand how much I was a diet have to do with their usefulness in this world and find life you understand how much their habits of diet have to do with their eternal destiny you can see why the health message is intricately important even in regards to issues of salvation and by the way the word salvation itself comes from the word staff it's actually a health term the that the root word of means how I can sell for those that think salvation is not connected along with help don't even understand what salvation is all about now I would like to go into the area and it's not something you ingest this comes from a hypnosis textbook that promotes it his younger devices out there that promote hypnotism for certain diseases etc. and by the way the long-term studies on that are not very good it is true that if you get hypnotized you might have and if you're a smoker Atlanta six percent chance of actually helping you to no longer smoke but what they don't tell you as in the process you're very likely to pickup a even worse happen and of course because of that whole process of what happened with hypnosis this is a textbook promoting it hypnosis attempts to cancel out for envelope functions as the idea behind and bring people into a trance in which they are highly suggestible now in the textbook it tells you how you can hypnotize people 's multiple ways they say is most easily accomplished by training the eyes to focus in on one object the best object being a lot little flickering light that now it's important that the eyes of the focus on that one object and the lights flicker and of course the person it's hypnotizing his control Flickr not the individual it's watching that way what will happen and the personal record information duties without interpretation or without frontal lobe activity now what many people are unaware they could have a hypnotic instrument in their own home what trains the eyes to focus in on one object in flickers entertainment television and by the way what causes the Flickr is the rapids reference change I watch that in a darkroom you know someone's watching TV in a darkroom and entertainment television program just watch the light on their face every two to three seconds of changes significantly from light comes rain because the camera switching that is going on this constant camera switching by the way C-SPAN does not hypnotize why doesn't it advertise because there is one cam review and then set by the way it's very unnatural to stare at a television set with one camera view I've seen people watch C-SPAN in their home and no one is staring at the set there looking around their listening that there might be a prop or someone's demonstrating something on there and going through it and then a look at that prop and a look at the data but you know what's very common when you see someone watching C-SPAN if there involved in the program they will start arguing with presenter and they'll say you know that's why but he forgot about this he forgot about that he's only presenting one side you never see anyone do that while watching entertainment television program it may be hideous information is being presented in the person is just sitting there taking it all why is it because studies show within ninety seconds of watching your favorite television program you go in that alpha wave that is a hypnotic rhythm your emotions are working your memory is working that you're no longer critically analyzing the information and putting it in and that's why can have a very adverse profound effect on human behavior over seventeen different areas the follow-up get compromised as a result of entertainment and it's very there been over three thousand studies one was just published last week actually got on the television news for the first time with the first of the three thousand studies agog with television is showing what entertainment television dies to the frontal loans and how it decreases not only intelligence but also decreases their emotional intelligence their ability to control themselves when adverse situations begin happen to them and very clear kind in regards to what it dies it increases daydreaming studies show by the way daydreaming is not a good thing the more you daydream your hot the higher your risk analysis inside it's very clear and also the more you daydream less creative you are I decrease his creative ingenuity by the way this is not something Ms. just known by a few people people high up in the media recognize this the best movie producers in the world themselves do not watch entertainment television entertainment movies for more than ninety seconds a look at a ninety second clip to see what someone else did but they're not good to do it to be able suppressor front alone why because they want to be ahead of the pack they want to be the creative individual so they will not watch it due to the fact that it's going to decrease their creativity is well-known guilt you'll see this in the end they are in those circles on the more television viewed at market decreases interest in reading decreases interest in learning reduces the sermon trains and non- reaction when we should be reacting increases aggressiveness when we shouldn't be reacting reduces sensitivity of violence it's also very addictive anything that suppresses the frontal lobe is addictive on the studies as well known in regards to if you stop watching entertainment television abruptly which if you are if you are watching it you should do you need to be prepared that your anxiety levels go up at first you are going probably have some insomnia and might even have headaches etc. withdrawal type symptoms we used to put on find a plan to stop watching her to stop smoking we really you will find a plans to stop watching television a lot of people are on are aware that is harmful to know how to get away with it of course it takes away precious time for family achievement and spiritual pursuits the more TV you watch the last achievement you'll tend to be I tend to have the last interest you'll tend to have an spiritual things with also do that for a low phenomenon and you know one of the things that is a clear archive I mean something to you need analyzing your own life is what are you doing when there's downtime when you have a couple hours of time in the evening and maybe you weren't expecting on happening how are you spending that time critically important in regards to your frontal lobe enhancement that will occur or detraction from music enters the brain here it's emotional reasons which include the temporal of the limbic system from narrow some kinds of music tend to produce a very positive role of response it influences the Worrell Wilmore a working reasoning power in a positive way so music can actually enhance frontal lobe performance and this is very characteristic of a certain types of classical music on which most of our hymns are derived from the can actually enhance prologue function by the way there is a resurgence of classical music occurring in America today it's well known and part of it is just the information in the data that's come out in regards to how helpful it can be this was a picture I took myself to the Dallas Symphony not long ago during a Christmas concert they hold their Christmas concerts twelve nights in a row and it's never advertise because it's all sold out very high ticket prices etc. and it sold out because of not only is it enjoying music it's frontal lobe enhancing music on there is an organ company by the name of Johannes that is selling classical based on type organs in their selling wife and their sales are going way off in America right and I asked one of the organ dealers what's happening and they says the young people that driving this it's actually people like a Y C that are driving this evening non- Adventist churches and I said what's going on with young people he says they're rejecting the music of their parents and are going back to the music of their grandparents and I haven't really heard the music of their grandparents but once they do here and I recognize you doing something for them they're also looking at the Saudis etc. and so churches they are dumping their Christian rocker actually ahead of the curve in regards to where things are going because of the of the scientists out there other kinds amusingly while very little if any dialogue responsible breeders a large emotional response with very little logical or moral interpretation and as is characteristic of the traditional rock 'n roll music that's out there a lot of people blame on the young people is not the young people it's my generation over against the baby boomers within this and to try to have the baby boomers blame the young people for this music is not being fair at all they need but the blame on people like me that that really brought this in but studies show the same thing in regards to flee hook you up to a brainwave monitor and you sit down in front of your favorite Christian rock band that boom chop chop boom job now that's repeated out where instead of making you want to march it makes you want to stand up and swing those hips within ninety seconds you'll be in alpha waiver and three minutes of the variables if so it's not just the syncopated rhythm on its own if it just a measured zero won't do it but it has to be that repetition over time that actually suppresses the frontal lobe of the brain showing us that upbeat music is not necessarily what you think there is a difference interestingly Alan Whitehead described best the things you misguided is taking place in Indiana Laura's show me would take place just before the close of probation every uncouth they will be demonstrated she's talking about in church and sterile be shouting with life drums music and what else when you hear dance music plays a religious music you're actually hearing the fulfilling a prophecy she then said that the senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to do what make right decisions what area of the brain is she talking about the front along with suppressing that area the front all of these people will not be able to make right decisions on a consistent basis in their life but when this music is playing she says oh because something will be called the movement of the Holy Spirit but yet it is a different spirit is a spirit it's meant to suppress the problem with brain characteristics of brain optimizing music melodious can be simple yet attractive melodies beautiful non- dissonant harmonies you know what's happening I noticed sometimes over going against away from the syncopated rock 'n roll music work replacing it with dissident sentence all the time that is also not helping the brain and so the devil has multiple ways in which this music can be distorted to actually get read of the frontal lobe enhancing part of things that have a seventh is a transition here in Arizona is appropriate okay but to have it just center in on the of the dissident is not good for the brain straight rhythms are best are even marked rhythms are acceptable like onward Christian soldiers to want to eat me if it makes you want to get up in March unless I'm normally good thing but the resumes to be less prominent than the melody and the harmony in its best of music tells the story of the six characteristics summarizing a lot of studies of brain optimizing music enhancing the frontal of the brain and some time ago I was interviewed by a Christian radio station because of our book the proof positive that came out of the frontal lobe of the brain and so they were going through nutrition and most type of things but this was a a radio station applied primarily this hard Christian rock and I was hoping they were going to get in the music but I could see they were flipping through the book there I was actually at the radio station and then went to the music section my son asked me about music so of course I did tell him what the data and research out and then they just paused and said you know perhaps wouldn't it be healthy for you if you have religious words to this music and I said well I may ask you something do you think alcohol would enhance the frontal lobe of the brain of people just drink it in church I had the interviewer said I see what you're saying and saying something they within a few minutes I got a call from the owner the radio station the owner was listening to the interview driving around town this interview occurred in California and my office manager said the owner of the radio station wants to talk to you right now friends and I just said hello Doctor Natalie and Susan you know that was very interesting she knows I want all of your material I love James Dobson personally he needs to know about this issue is not ascended out everywhere which really how do you know a lot of people I just don't know what they don't know and that's really the society were living in a lot of people have been making personal choices to go in a direction that suppresses the frontal lobe of the brain their culture is is taken and when I learned that away they're very willing to to adopt that matter way into an handset into learn from it Alvin Toffler the secular media expert is as constant stimulation of the senses shuts down the analytical processes here we are living in a society was more fun things to do than ever before in human history but we have more depression when I'm less emotional intelligence what's going on it's this constant stimulation of the senses dynamic helical process so you have the syncopated rock 'n roll music even essential images going in Iraq exam reference changes called MTV strong suppressive effect on the frontal lobe he says that ultimately shut down the ability to do what face life rationally what will happen this leads to escape techniques involved with wrong apathy and rejection of what kind of thinking discipline thinking when faced with difficulties and this is how is an All-Star constant stimulation sense and so we need to be careful in regards to our entertainment what were you and what were seeing what relisten to win my secretary take care of our frontal lobe we must protect it from mechanical injury that means wearing seatbelts that means protecting the brain we must apply with good oxygen how do we do that exercise fresh air we must give a good nutrition we talked about that to some extent we must get adequate sunlight that helps with serotonin levels helps with vitamin D which is also important for the frontal lobe we must exercise it just like a muscle if we don't use it what can happen were going to lose it we must control the input our what were seeing hearing when Jack things abstain from things actually are going to suppress the frontal lobe of the brain must correct the distorted thoughts that's also part of fun along the enhancement we must prevent or control disease that affects it as well this is a comprehensive list one of the things we do at Weimar is one of our core four is making sure students and faculty are working with their hands at least two hours a day that enhances envelope function your hand motion is right behind the moral portion of the frontal lobe of the brain when we improve that circulation were also improving the moral part one of the reasons why the Lord gave Adam and Eve a work to do to address the kindergarten keep those hands I'm going is also part of it but as far as exercising is concerned I can think of no better way than what they reinvent at seventeen verse eleven these were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word when all was in readiness of mind and search the Scriptures when the day and you know I we could say weekly even a people that have weekly help but here they get it how often daily whether those things were so what type of reading with this this was a comparison analytical ID thinking in regards to the phrase and looking in other places in Scripture online says the Bible just as it reads as to be our guide nothing is so calculated to enlarge the mind and strength and intellect as the study of the Bible as the mind is brought to the study of God 's word the understanding will enlarge the higher power will develop for the comprehension of high and ennobling truths so I ask you here morning the want to be more intelligent be more analytical you want to make better decisions you have a greater capacity to empathize have that while for others and better discernment between what is right and what is not so right to have a greater ability to see into the future and be able to reason from cause to affect you have an addiction the greater ability overcoming that also requires frontal lobe what were talking us as far as the things that detract from it do have that addicted power a greater power to follow your conscience and finally he will be more open understanding and doing the will of God if you answer yes to any of these I would request that you analyze your life see if there is anything you can do to change your life habits maybe there only weekly or monthly habits that take you down the road of frontal lobe suppression but why not make a choice the live the life that Peter recommended to gird up the loins of your mind and to be absent from anything that's going to adversely affect your brain 's performance the Lord will bless this decision Daniel chapter one Daniel and his three friends were taken in a major disappointment to them and others and they were put on a different educational program and they were put on a different diet the diet was called the Kings meet in the Kings wine and it was thought to be the best that Daniel 's three friends that were not only pertains me by why some people say what we don't have the king 's meat anymore well I just saw a Burger King not too far away from and there is also a Dairy Queen we went past from the airport from here so there is there is the Royal food out there that is 's Imperial margarine that Royal food is still there but Daniel in this free friend 's heart is in his heart says were saying Daniel Harbison is hard that he would not defile himself of the king 's meat nor would the wine when she drank therefore your request to the prince of the eunuchs he might not a lot of people would say in a pretty narrow and bigoted Daniel he might be taking it all the life in his hands over what easy my first nine status Daniel was brought in the Weber and tender love with Prince of UNIX way purpose of this heart that stepping out in faith and following God 's plan and has a resolve the Lord court favor and tender love the word for that is grace the Lord for grace and was life and how are we say were saved by grace through faith so as we step out and say the Lord will poor grades and Amway bars race into our life along with the principles that he taught us and abundant living he will multiply and within ten days they look better they were healthier it were stronger everyone could tell the difference and verse seventeen says that within a year and a half they were the sharpest people who plan they were just ten percent better they were ten times in all of the row and if you go on numerous verse twenty it's amazing what happened through those four men that old wife says this dear to you this is a youth convention is you know the help that a lot of people think the help message is for people with heart disease you know over Bill Clinton's age and and need to get out of better diet on the help message is actually was was revealed by God primarily for young people near you God calls upon you to do a work which through his grace you what in solidarity of the case appetite inhabits that bears comparison with their Daniels a notice now God will reward you with more things calm nerves a clear brain unimpaired judgment keen perceptions the youth of today 's principles are firm and unwavering will be blessed with help of body mind and soul what a promise and I'm encouraged today I think were seeing more young people take this pledge upon them than ever before in my lifetime as I look around the nation and I know that's what this organization is all about as well I is showing that purity of case appetite inhabits that bears comparison with Daniels God will indeed as you step out in faith God will pour grace in your life and neck race will be exhibited and be able to be seen by many the Lord has given man capacity for continual improvement Ellen White says and is granted him all possible way to work in our lives as we all read it you're little bit but as a result of coming here this weekend US stepped in to the largest room in the world you're the largest room in the world this the room for improvement and the Lord let's look at that again from that standpoint Lord has given man capacity for continual improvement is created our brain to actually be able to improve an improvement as granted them all possible aid in the work through the provisions of divine grace we may attain almost to the excellence of what almost to the excellence of Angel what a promise is given well before we close I'd so what did he end of things Revelation eighteen and nineteen tell us and wanting those last three chapters before the final two chapters final two chapters tell us about how will this universe is going to be one sentence wiped out in the third alas chapter health tells us Houston is going to be wiped out by the way that's the opposite in Genesis Genesis chapter starts out with how the world was without sin the first two hundred thirty dollars Houston was introduced by the third alas although thousands can be eradicated but in that eradication is about three chapters leading up to that revelation eighteen asked the question how were so many people proceed to me and its enemy Mary Clare the vast majority of humanity was caught out in a major deception that doomed themselves and they did themselves in and they get others in and the question is asked why were so many deceived by this deception called Babel it talks about how balance in the fall everyone to see it was this fallen how silly it was and how bad it was in fact the light of the candles shall shine no more at all in the voice of the bridegroom and bride 's leader Cardinal Moroni this is talking about mammal and then he gives the reason for thy merchants were the great men of the earth for my nice sorceries were all nations deceived by how you'll integrate WordPress are serious barbecue remember we talked about drugs and what it does role of the brain that you know you don't need drugs to do that it can be entertainment it can be a whole host of other things suppress the role of the brain and by the way when you suppress the frontal lobe of the brain mother 's and if you sell less impressive you can make a lot of money often the easiest money to be made in this world is suppressing someone else's from alone very well known to be easy money and half-life as for my merchants where the wife great men of the earth the people that made a lot of money capitalize on this they were merchants that were great men of the year or and it wasn't by their karmic year that all nations were bit DC and by the way that they're selling it they are participating in it as well I may recognize what it's doing other than enough role of problems himself I don't have that empathy that love for others that they should have and so the reason why so many are deceived is because of the massive corporate rental lobe suppression that's trying to abuse occurred in every nation every culture and that's the underlying reason that the Bible yet it's why so many God has a better plan for your life however in this plan is mentioned in the Bible I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that ye present your bodies a wife living sacrifice a lot of people think to give up these frontal lobes suppressants now even to give up caffeine I have a discussion in the G.I. world a lot you have to give up caffeine employed sweat starts pouring down the individual I have to do what you want me to do what it seems like such a term in this sacrifice at your window no matter what the frontal lobes suppressant is a choice you that when we talk about Hollywood movies and eat out people when people recognize in our home I just mention of the other day with some new girls working it with us in the G.I. Lab and you know that's one of the reasons why we were discussing this study they just came out in regards to what happens the television brain as a young fly the reasons why we on a television in the home and scroll my surgical system what damage you you have TV in your and I said no we haven't for years what is your family do for fun him like you enough how can you add an enjoyable life without these fellow suppressants and what she doesn't realize is our family is having a lot more fun in our family is having a lot more abundant life a lot more enjoyable life and so it seems on the surface to be a sacrifice these things but you know what kind of sacrifice is called a living sacrifice no sacrificial lamb died Christ died but this is a different type of sacrifice this is just to your own desires but in reality it will give you more life a living sacrifice holy acceptable under God which is your wife reasonable service now some people would call this living this lifestyle extremist common extreme by the way is an extreme for a quarterback to not consume caffeine is an extreme for a mental health worker is wanting to get into medical school to eliminate me but I now this wouldn't be seen as extreme at all why is it bottom is a concert as extreme is an extreme for a television movie producer to make the choice to never watch and entertainment television or movie program now that's not extreme their wine to advance himself why is considered extreme is because its comprehensive you're not just on the caffeine you're doing the music maybe the forms of entertainment you're doing the daily Bible study where your end of the word it's a comprehensive lifestyle and in certain elements it would be seen as extreme at all but the reason why the world muses extreme is because it's so comprehensive but one is all caught he is called extreme ecology of your life your reasonable service it many goes on to say be not conformed to this world powers conforms to its diet its culture and customs of suppressed from a local bank be not conformed to this world would be like transform how by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God I will close with Proverbs chapter for wisdom is what better than Ruby and in fact all the things that may be desired whatever your desires are all the things that are to be desired are not to be even what compared to self it requires sacrifice or the appearance of sacrifice to pursue wisdom it's worth it it is worth every ounce of energy that you put towards and so I would like to see that how many of you are committed to pursue wisdom in a comprehensive complete line how many of her desiring even if it goes against the all these frontal of suppressants all of a sudden I have some desire for some here and there is just a natural human phenomenon it's going to happen any minute and when you're down and you're not feeling good the easy thing to do is to reach for a false way of changing the way you feel that is just changing the frontal lobes across instead of changing your thoughts and something in a more disciplined manner in pursuance of wisdom but how many of you want to commit that I'm not going to follow my way on them follow God 's way and lets our heads father in heaven you seen the hands there were those that made a commitment to comprehensively follow your lifestyle lifestyle it's been well proven now my science and a lifestyle that has been confirmed by the Spirit of prophecy by the Bible may each one of us commit ourselves to trust fully in you and your plan and even though it may seem that were to lose money that we might lose happiness help us to trust fully in you to recognize that you never ask us to give up anything it's not for our own basket may we trust in your love for us in your counsel and submit ourselves to Jesus and this media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain that the visit www. on universal .org


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