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The Ministry of Healing

Allen Lloyd



  • September 17, 2011
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you that you are interested in our health of body mind and soul in the UK McGinnis life and give it more abundantly we pray Lord now as we study the ministry of healing that your spirit would incline our hearts and our minds Jesus Matthew chapter nine says Jesus went about he went about doing good he was about doing it but Daschle 's access he went about all the cities but even researched themselves the cities he also went where the villages he was under the small towns as well and when it is he taught he proclaimed her he preached the gospel and what else did you do hearing all kinds of disease and every weakness and infirmity that's the amplified version that's the threefold ministry of Christ teaching preaching and healing actually spent a lot more time healing a lot more time teaching that he did actually creature but he was a preacher is well proclaiming the good news and naturally where we get this help message from your some people think that just originated with Seventh-day Adventists now originated from Christ fax seven Phantom Menace get all their doctrine from Christ hath its it's not something apart in Scripture or apart from Christ is another doctrine that we get let's say here it is the gift of prophecy him Jeff of the Scriptures talk about some people say well if you are saying that you have the gift of prophecy in your charge that means your teaching things that are not in the Bible will guess what the gift of prophecy is mentioned in the Bible so if you don't have the gift of prophecy in your church maybe you're not a biblical church by then nonetheless this is what the Bible says he gave some apostle some one else profits some evangelists some pastors and teachers notice the purpose of these gifts for the wife is perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ now we know that the modern translations he knows this might be the old King James paragraphs and Hamas were inserted back was not supposed to be there between Saints and for the actual reading is for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry is a purpose for the perfecting of the saints and that purpose is to minister before the edifying the body of Christ verse thirteen till we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God unto a wife perfect man unto the measure of the stature of wife full of surprise as possible not only is it possible it's something that ought to be strived for and how we get there is by following the apostles prophets evangelists pastors teachers and we got very now if we haven't got Larry there is still a need for the gift of prophecy is my will also set saving you come behind in no death waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ so if arriving for the coming out Lord Jesus Christ we shouldn't be behind in any gift and those that say the spirit of prophecy ended at the time that Christ was ascended into heaven are are not really double because the Bible says we have to come behind in no gift waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and also confirm you in the end that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ the spirit of prophecy is a biblical doctrine the last thing remnant churches I have the spirit of prophecy notice Revelation tells about that last a Roman church the dragon was wrong for the woman the woman represents in the church and went to make war with the remnant of her see this is the last part and notice how there identified in Scripture which way keep the commandments of God by the way you belong to a church he denigrates the Commandments says they're an important that's not the last church that's going to be standing the last true church this is the remnant church is going to keep the commandments of God but not only are they going to do that what long what else will they have the testimony of Jesus of course the Bible interprets itself the Bible says I fell at his feet to worship him in a seventy BC thou do it not I my fellow servant of my brother and me have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus his wife spirit of prophecy finally we also called the testimony of Jesus know some people say well Nikon a renegade the term art or denigrates the term spirit of prophecy but it's hard to denigrate the term testimony of Jesus who wants to go against testimony of Jesus but yet that's what people sometimes willingly do the remnant was I have the spirit of prophecy how does this fit in the health OT Colin Campbell and the art of him is a professional or professor emeritus nutritional biochemistry project coordinator the China study well-known in America and throughout the world for his research on health and nutrition in particular I he and one other individual were primarily featured in a film and were shown a lot of major cities throughout America are recently called forks over knives it's primarily about T Colin Campbell and Caldwell also seen and of course others as well but and another individual wasn't me senti Colin Campbell a couple years ago book proof positive actually I should back up I sent him the book repository for it was printed and he actually said something very nice about it and ended up on the back age of proof positive along with a lot of other but he may not read the whole thing for his comments that there was someone else who didn't realize that I sent it to him that sent him these ten next appendix ten which talks about the spirit of prophecy and it talks about the medical science and the spirit of prophecy and he read that began to read some other books by Helen Wang and this is what he said recently February twenty fourth two thousand five this is hardened and get in the forks over nice but it should show them out I'm not aware of anyone who was more on point and Ellen White given her background she truly is an amazing woman I am convinced almost one hundred percent of her statements are now substantially supported by the scientific evidence is been developed during the past two three that you need and does not decide what I've come to realize to immediately worry about is why it is this mass is a valid wide and others have been so messed light on shelves out of sight it is abundantly clear to me that now is the time to bring this forward in whatever way that each of us are able to do what he saves time he sang those red book should be on the shelves it should be being read and I should rebrand Brandon and brought forward not only to the church but to the entire world this is a message that needs to be heard well will talk a little about science here as well defendant briefly go over this cholesterol and foods fruits grains nuts vegetables no cholesterol so you know this skim milk even has some cholesterol two percent milk eighteen milligrams and wife is the only exception the animal product rule zero zero mayonnaise a ice cream twenty nine butter thirty one but look at the egg jokes two hundred and thirteen milligrams of cholesterol while the world is confused about this they think tonight is part of the plant kingdom it has no cholesterol but it is an animal that has a lever it makes cholesterol a ad is very clear sunny Zhao you get a healthy vegetarian session of cholesterol levels go up invariably clams fifty seven crab sixty four this is the world also confused about this is Greg of fat in the skin off the check and all have seventy three milligrams per just a three ounce serving pork seventy six the Canadian if you don't scrape the fat in the skin off like most people now chicken has more cholesterol than beef or pork oyster eighty four milligrams sardines a hundred and twenty Schram one sixty five loaded with cholesterol men when you get to the organ meats watch out kidney three twenty nine lever for ten the are five hundred if you see anyone feasting on the reins you have to wonder about their intentional one thousand six hundred and ninety seven milligrams cholesterol and be brave now the evidence that was presented in forks over knives lies if you wanted to stabilize your arteries you have to get on a zero cholesterol diet you have to get cholesterol out of it Doctor Russell 's team talks about that as being part of his heart attack proof program by their something that Doctor Taylor came across fortuitously New York school of medicine his students were wanting to publish the study before they graduated I had to go in order to graduate medical school and I said we want to study cholesterol we want to feed rabbits and monkeys cholesterol and see what happens I said okay why you coming to me Doctor Taylor said love you the cholesterol researcher we were told he would have us as well we do have plenty of cholesterol and over there in the corner for a while with your cholesterol-lowering news within a few weeks of rabbits and monkeys all had plugged arteries strokes heart attacks and they came back to Doctor Taylor and home the result is as you know cholesterol madness admin quick you look at the results and he was thinking I was on the game at cholesterol is there something in that cholesterol besides cholesterol and he realized out there was anything merrily just your cholesterol that it had been a bucket and been exposed to the air it become discolored they realize and become oxidized so he decided to the non- oxidized cholesterol that it never been exposed to the air to rabbits and none of them developed any plugged arteries all if it was not oxidized cholesterol he then began to get curious in regards to the foods that are even and he began to just the booze monkey twenty four light showers later he would count the dead cells and they are there aorta doesn't take long for the damage to be done and he found out the most harmful food to arteries guess what it is Custer 's water custards Bill Erickson what else should or when you next cholesterol up in a sugar environment you heavily oxidized the most commonly consumed custard in America good old-fashioned ice cream and is one of the reasons why a former dairy farmer up in Montana who made a lot of money doing Gary has closed his dairy farm and he's now producing a thirty two different flavors of ice cream that have no cholesterol one more than Baskin-Robbins and is the best I know everything 's better than any ice cream I've have not so I base its oatmeal base I tasted before he named it and I said I was told him how good it was he read her book group positive and without converting him changing his lifestyle and also bringing him in to the church as well but he said I'm really frustrated Doctor Natalie because I can call it a screen in America if you call it ice cream and has had very and so a few days after writing this ice cream and raved about it he called me up and said I thought of the name we can't say it's ice cream and that the name is you can have great tasting food that has no cholesterol second-most damaging with pancake mix pancake mix is primarily what powder days protecting cholesterol powdering it up third most damaging harm is on cheese which is primarily powdered cheese it was tied with large numbers now a few years ago I was at a conference at Andrews University where Ellen White was being ridiculed by the state she's not being ridiculed anymore there is a statement ministry of healing especially harmful are the last the customers input aims in which male tags and sugar are the way chief ingredients and she said the free use of I'm sure you have inertia I far ahead of her time just a few years ago thought to have no evidence that now the evidence is abundantly clear and bad luck that was talked about earlier today by Dave Fiedler is a book it's worth studying it will give you tomorrow's health titles here's another statement from that great book ministry of healing vigor declines as year 's advance leaving less vitality with which to resist unhealthful influences hence the greater necessity for the agent to have plenty of life sunlight and fresh pure air just a few years ago the American Medical Association was telling people to stay out of the sun because you might get skin cancer and now it's abundantly clear sign prevents a lot more cancers than the causes that Harvard University said for every skin cancer the comes about as a result of the sun there are at least thirteen cancers that are spared as a result of the effects of the sun on the immune system of vitamin D related mechanism that prevents cancer advocating your sunburn the way you avoid the skin cancers avoids but sunlight in moderation is very healthy and the evidence is very light and very abundantly clear weeds to be ridiculed for having sunlight is one of the eight natural remedies we got it from this book minutes reviewing the melons ridiculing us anymore about because vitamin D is so critically important the summary functions from osteoporosis the immune system the heart disease etc. sunlight is critical as it is for the older you are the less you're able to make vitamin D you know you need are actually little Morris the force always was a young people sons of the older people they need to be there goes another one for children healthy lives may mean healthier scores on tests of memory learning and intelligence this was done at Harvard University psychosomatic medicine April two thousand and eight researchers at Harvard examiner hundred and sixty five children who would been followed since birth at the age of sixty children have their lung function tested and eighty nine a completed standard tests of memory learning ability and intelligence the researchers found that for each increase in the children's lung function performance there was a corresponding increase in their cognitive test scores better lung function better IQ Harvard University this statement I heard ridiculed a few years ago written in the book child guidance the one who sits and stands a rad is more likely than others to breathe properly by the way that wasn't the part that was being ridiculed because that's very clear your pulmonary function is improved as a result of better posture but notice that the teacher should impress upon his pupils the importance of what type of breathing deep breathing show how to help the action of the respiratory organs assisting the circulation of the blood invigorates the whole system excites the appetite promotes digestion induces sound suites we must not only refreshing the body but soothing and tranquilizing them I and while the importance of deep breathing is shown the practice should be what insisted upon then she said in the school room let exercises be given which will promote this and see that the habit becomes underlying also the era of fresh air principle then this statement also out of both minutes revealing it is a positive you those two terms together a positive duty to resist melancholy discontented thoughts and feelings as much a duty as it is to pray talking about changing our thoughts getting out of the negative and was online about prayer as she actually more wrote more about prayer than she did about this she was very much for prayer but she said there something just as important and that is to insist melancholy discontented thoughts and feelings perhaps at the next OIC we should have a United prayer room on the left and on the right United resist melancholy discontented thoughts and feelings I and you can make your note above but in reality just underscoring the importance now here's what else she says those who take a mournful pleasure in all that is melancholy in the natural world we choose to look upon dead leaves rather than to gather the beautiful living flowers who see no beauty and grand mountain heights and valleys clothed with living green and close their sensors of the joyful voice which speaks of them in nature and which is sweet and musical to the listening year these are what I Christ as positive duty by the lab was that the Canadian Rockies couple years ago before I had to sneak in Alberta or I should say in running was in Calgary and speaking and I happened to arrive at Lake Louise on a day like that and you should've heard the tourist complaining because they couldn't see it all but you know there still is a lot of beauty there there is a lot of beauty in the undergarments their flowers even economists will you bear in the mountains and so it is with life were always have things we complain about I'm sure there are things that happen to you during this conference if you could actually complain about it it shows that is but there is always going to be some beauty around as well and what we talk about what we converse about what we put our mind and is indeed critically important this is back in the eighties I heard this criticized the statement that she may sleep is worth far more before than after midnight two hours of good sleep before twelve o'clock is worth more than four hours after twelve o'clock that's not being criticized anymore because it's very clear if you go to bed at nine o'clock still make twice as much melatonin at night and if you go to bed at midnight and melatonin is critically important for remembering what you learned that day I'd been storing it in the long term memory etc. and so early to bed earlier rise is a good way to go then she wrote some things in regards to environmental influences and IQ in that button is revealing what were the conditions chosen by the infinite father for his son might give you an idea of your raising children what's best for them a what type of home included home in the Galilean hills and by the way secluded doesn't mean necessarily mean remote I've had to tell my wife air combat she loves remote button secluded of course means secluded a secluded home in the Galilean hills a household sustained by honest self respecting labor so in other words working with your hands a life of one simplicity mowers get rid of the complexities of the television and the Internet to all of those source of the runaround complexity daily conflict with difficulty and hardship no younger realize that Christ 's father chose for him an environment with daily difficulty daily conflict with difficulty and hardship most people would choose if they were adopting out a child yell you can choose the parents today most people would choose someone that had lots of money and where their kids could be raised so that they can have a nice easy life so to speak but in reality Christ and choose that type bar for himself or his father didn't choose it he chose one over there would be daily conflict with difficulty and hardship self-sacrifice economy and patient labs in service and then the hour of study at his mother 's I think that was crucial and a lot of people think since he knew Scripture so well he was studying twenty four seven release eight hours a day wasn't true just one hour a day but a crucial one hour with the open scroll of Scripture the client and on our twilight in Green Valley the holy ministries of nature the study of creation and providence of the souls communion with God these were the conditions and opportunities of the early life of Jesus and then she had cell with the great majority of the best and noblest metabolic may have those characteristics regards to that those early years of being raised that way it's clear that Daniel 's three friends were raised that way etc. and raised in that environment where they can become great individuals another quote from ministry of healing in the full light of day and in the hearing of the music of other voices the case burn will not sing the song of his master seeks to you are the stats and that's a throwback whenever a separate entire melody but the master covers the cage and places it where the burn will listen to know one song he is the same in the dark each rise and rise again to sing that song until it is learned a brace for the perfect melody than the burn is brought for an ever after he can sing that song in the life bus God deals with his children he has a song that suggests and when we have learned how amid the shadows of which we can sing it ever afterward the shadows of flexion they can teach us all that we can send them a full life thereafter and be a more powerful influence and be a more positive influence to others around them this profound statement from the same book the top priority and helpful in nothing tends more to promote health of body and soul than does the spirit of gratitude and praise and now a lot of people might say well you know why did she write all the other things about health no need sugar all those other things the ministry of healing those things are important as well otherwise she would wrote about are very important but as important as those are there not of more importance than this this is at least of equal or superior import that promoting health nothing tends more to promote health of body units sold in the face spirit of gratitude and praise and by the way that's the spirit that doesn't come natural spirit that has to be cultivated but it's a spirit that if it is cultivated will actually produce very positive help that's a ministry of healing two fifty one of the Bible before attempted struggling on and over and over again read to him the promises of God these promises will be to him as the leaves of the tree of life patiently continue your efforts until a grateful joy the trembling hand grass of home of redemption through Christ and so that redemption on the promises of God can also be health giving Benji says towards the end of the book we must laminate twofold life a life of thought how life of why action here were primarily gaining the thought part is when you go home tomorrow that you begin the action part and of course you need to continue the action part and the thought part as well if you don't continue the action part you won't be able to really digest new thoughts that we must limit you will live a life of thought and action of silent prayer and Ernest work the strength received her communion with God united with an earnest effort in training the mind to thoughtfulness and care taken prepares one for daily duties and keeps the spirit in peace under all circumstances however tried and so the advantage their communion with God well I like to also going to what Christ said I ready Matthew nine years Matthew ten as you go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand only say this to the sender is it to his disciples he also said the seventy layer on those that were following him he told the go preach and then he told all of them to do what he'll will say there was a question asked earlier today you know isn't this just for doctors and nurses what is this about training you know more people in regards to the health message what we do that ourselves Christ was diagnosed to the left appear and honor to be involved in preaching and those of the right of Peter and John are to be involved in healing the tall all of them to go out in the book and he's been the same and seventy he'll say is that cleanse the lepers raise the dead cast out devils even indicating in regards to the mental diseases of course there was real well in any sense freely you have received charge them an arm and a leg value set freely you have received freely give it was to interpret the gospel showing it as a given ministry team meeting Christ did not wish the medical missionary work to be separated from the gospel work or the gospel works separated from a medical missionary work these are July one the medical missionary work is to be regarded as the what type of work on a near work you want to be a pioneer for the Lord this is what you'll do it is to be the means of breaking down process medical missionary work won't put up barriers of its done right it's going to turn out very and breakdown prejudice as the wife the right arm meaning that strong-arm its top opened doors for the gospel message and of course we've heard stories and tonight how that tied together and was the case so we need to go about healing our right arms in our local churches strengthening those right arms and I know it's a lady I think the goal was a thirty so I know we started late as well but I would like to suggest well on his agreed briefly go into how this arm can be healed and then will him false on another Sabbath that healing and Christ entered into the synagogue and taught and there was a man whose which hand was whether the others miracles told them to other Gospels Matthew and Mark mentioned Luke was I what type of occupation positioning a little more attention to detail a told us which are it was by the way the great word would be our hand it's one of the reasons why we think that the nails went through here on Christ but it's very clear historically go through here but actually went through here is where the details occurred and so the hand actually meant more than just here meant the arm as well but this man had a weathered and as I look around today I realize there is weathered right hands and eating drinking even acute medical work our churches were to be centers of doing help and some of our churches are stepping out depression recovery chip programs etc. it's exciting to see but overall the right hand is whether and so this story tells us how we can get it restored scribes and Pharisees watched whether he would heal on the Sabbath day they might find an accusation against them but he knew there was thoughts instead of the man which have the weather handed him for instructions and you break it down first instruction you gave him was to do what you rise up now where's that are mentioned in Scripture here is Nehemiah then signed and then you see the distress that we are and how Jerusalem life waste thereof are burned with fire and let us build off the wall of Jerusalem and we need no more report by the way this is what we should be doing our own churches building up the wall how can we do that through the help in making it a center of health our churches I told him in a hand of my God which was good upon me as also the king 's words are the unspoken enemy and they said let us Herod as rise up and down so they strengthen their hands for this Nehemiah continued however doesn't end there but once a sample of the horn I live in serving the Ammonite destiny Reagan heard it may last us to score despite his essence and what is this thing that you do will you rebel against the King when you break out and rise up to do help message in your churches you need to realize that you might be a subject of scorn and some ridicule any authority am I I I would've gotten out the certificate from the case instead way to mad I passed my training the trainer course in depression recovery here's my certificate and I'm allowed to do this but that's not what Nehemiah did that answer guide them and send them the God of heaven he will prosper us therefore we has servants will arise ye have no portion nor write more memorial in Jerusalem Nehemiah and mince words for what he said is because this is God 's work he's going and that's why were going to rise up so rise out the first word of instruction is get a team together I get some of the training if it's online or whatever treatment get a team together they can work together to accomplish this in your local churches the second word phrase he said was stand for and of course standing for there is a couple of things that come to mind in regards to this Daniel standing forth in regards to health reform your Doctor Kellogg has minimum portion of the efforts you have made to make the truth stand forth in its purity your medical practice and attended with success because of his blessing is your knowledge salmon on your ways he will direction of the path of complete victory what a promise but how he we was successful is because it was in direct proportion to make one stand forth in its purity the truth so part of standing forth is getting the truth and stand forth and that she also said in meeting the health words and stand forth what type of ability scientific ability no need to be afraid of good science with moral and spiritual power and is a faithful sentinel reform in all its bearings and all who act of pardon it should be one reformers himself part of standing for is incorporating the help message yourself becoming a reformer and using scientific and moral and spiritual power the Bible says harness the horses get up the horse and stand forth there's that phrase again with your wife helmets for Orissa Spears and put on the Brady what is he saying here you need to put on the armor of God of course the armor of God is mentioned in the features six helmet of salvation the sort of spirit that's part of the armor that we have we go to work and your people are amazed I've in our depression recovery program when the last ones we did we had an individual travel quite a distance to see the graduation he heard about what took place and he saw the amazing difference in before and after changes of these people on it it is amazing to see the transformation takes place ten days mentally people of intense fear depression and anxiety and almost catatonic etc. after one of those I've thought about this lately says Doctor what you are doing battle on the Devils graph and wedding now of course I'm not going alone I would be able to win without having the armor of God but without armor of God in going forth in the way that Luke six house tells we should get a new team together standing for moral and spiritual power being a health reformer yourself having that helmet of salvation the sort of the Spirit on the Lord can do wonderful in yes miraculously and it can be just as much of America was this one by the way he was a Staniforth where in the Mets were talking about the help message being resort that's the right arm a lot of people think the help messages to be in a corner and it's already got begotten out every now and then maybe right before an evangelistic spirit is a gimmick the health message was not to be a gimmick that we got out and put back on the shelf the health message was the essential part of what we did is a church and as a people and asked why he told this man to stand for in the Mets now he wouldn't want to stand forth in the messier disability disabilities were advertised back then could you get Social Security checks union any honor at all affected on this day because you are thought to have the curse of God if you have a disability so he wants to rise up and stand forth in the midst but the Bible says heroes instead for my when you think he would've been healed at the end of number note was conditional upon him obeying the words of Christ and said he is under them I'll ask you one thing is a lock on the sabbath days to do-gooder who do evil does a wife or destroy and looking round about about on the mall he said another man and this is his last words of instruction stretch forth by the Bible says he did so in his hand was restored whole as the other words only when chronologically what happened in this miracle while I she said that when he gave the instruction of stretch for his hand he wasn't healed but he in him all of his mental power and physical ability attempted to fulfill what Christ did just ask them to and in the process of attempting to do that he was real and so we don't need to wait until everything is perfect before we put on health programs of the church we just need to rise up stand for in the next and then follow his instructions and in that process of following his instruction instruction he will indeed perform that miracle in the right arm will be strengthened that stretching forth of the hand talks about the principles of healthful living we talked about earlier learning how to do the simple treatments and so the Lord has a desire for each one of us to be medical missionaries I'm going to a forge ahead suggests that the very end I wanted to mention this so that you do it T Colin Campbell asked you to do and that is to get those books and did not put them on the shelf but recently there was a well it's been a few years ago there was a study done in Andrews University and was done because there were a lot of skeptics the skeptics were promoting things like if you read Alan why your in the rejecting biblical truth OR your hand off as some sort of right-wing fanatic is going to attack the church in your again last to the church etc. by the way on why it was a public the figure she wrote more words than any other religious woman of all time why hasn't been heard about or they have heard about or they look her up and I get all sorts of misinformation is amazing the misinformation that's out there she travel extensively spoke often her life is well-known historically well-documented you can easily go against these this information without their she was known by many national leaders a woman who lived the life her councils taught the Bible exemplify by what they get is a comparative Christian attitude and behavior of those who regularly read her books and those who do not interesting study here's what the study shows readers have a closer relationship with Christ they have more certainty understanding with God they are more likely to identify their spiritual gifts and effects continue their more in favor of spending for public evangelism they contribute more heavily to local missionary projects so maybe before your message next year we need to get the Scripture readings read books Jed and in a lowlight all comment much more readily but they contribute more heavily to local missionary projects they feel more prepared for witnessing and they actually engage in more witnessing an outreach program in addition they're more likely to study the Bible that actually want to guess what I mention where to study on licensing and study the Bible actually more likely is that in one much more likely to pray for specific people much more likely to meet in Dallas in rooms much more likely to have daily family in fact the study was so profound they also saw their church more positively and they were responsible for winning more convert the actual study said the impact of her writing on individuals is what its profile and so I would encourage you as you please and leave this conference get some of those books read and get that what ministry of healing for off-the-shelf get the testimonies get councils on health others a couple of great books the new devotional for this year the great ones and will be reading from the heart great book there is a book that we recommend for mental health cult conflict incurred it's a cognitive behavioral therapy book of it she wrote she also wrote my character and personality is a gold mine of wonderful information it's ahead of its time scientifically that can help you to help others and help you to be far more effective and so if you go home reading more of that this conference will be worth your reading with your Bible they are in a prayerful attitude toward will bless and you'll have your own stories to tell next year you come to allowance lets our heads father in heaven we thank you for the gift of prophecy that you gave this last day remnants we thank you for the interest that you have in our own personal well-being and health and we know Lord that you gave the spirit of prophecy and love not as some sort of club to make us feel guilty by railway as counsel so that we can learn a much more full and abundant life we thank you that you treasure it so much that you call it the testimony of your son the testimony of Jesus we pray Lord that we would treasure that testimony read and learn from it and applied in our lives in this media was brought by audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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