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The Holy Spirit and Emotional Health

Allen Lloyd



  • September 17, 2011
    2:15 PM
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him and when you know this afternoon we are seeking about health and the Holy Spirit and they are intricately related subtitle of this would be called clearing channel the spirit of God and another title would be preparing for God to work in us mightily and of course the Holy Spirit is to provides several functions of course one of those functions the later functions is actually how are function but we speak of the Holy Spirit we need to speak of Christ what did Christ love to do video he loves the keys he also I preached some as well what did he do more preaching for healing and actually spend more time in healing what do you want to talk about it actually did was talk about the Holy Spirit and what you think his favorite topic was what we can get a clue from the statement here Christ the great teacher had an infinite variety of subjects from which to choose never thought about that now here's the one that's omniscient knows everything in a deep way and enough he had an infinite variety of subjects and you have time limits hereinbefore and so he had to prioritize in fact were told that if he just and he knew these things if you just add a sentence or two I'll is something scientific it would've put us far ahead in where we are today in that field which he could've done now is the creator as well so he knows a lot of things about science and chemistry and physics that are not even knowing any code of put us ahead of course the site has a lot of been driven ahead by those statements would not have credited him back and I got so far ahead and clear your last one of the things even in our educational institutions I noticed when you look at how our great educational institutions were started in this country harbor there were no Harvard started and I would say it was a seminary it was a religious school and out one of their big studies when I started was the study of the book of Daniel they were enthralled with Daniel and and you can see many of our great educational institutions how they became gray was actually because of their desire to study the word of God but when they've gotten off on your tangents and fields and things like that even though they might have some sort of higher learning they don't ever point back to how they got to where they were there came at higher learning had it not been from a from a godly standpoint they never would've been able to reach even the secular education that they feel that they have now but this is a parenthetical note and an infinite variety of subjects from which to choose but the one upon which he dealt while most largely was that what endowment the Holy Spirit what great things he predicted for the church because of this down yet what subject is well are now what promise is less fulfilled educational discourses given upon the Holy Spirit memo subject is left for after consideration so I even know it was one of his great topics one of the Wednesdays while most large way it's not really dwelt when the large degree very much is what she sang and we really need to reverse that trend well in speaking of the Holy Spirit in fact in our subjects that we deal when in fact were just starting a depression recovery program this coming week on Thursday and we have twenty severely depressed individuals descending upon us for their ten day program and it's always been gone through to amend this disappointment and what we teach them is for every disappointment there's an appointment but it and I will always reset appointment if they don't go through the steps there are keys to turn in disappointment into an appointment is part of what they learned their binders can ask you today in the subject of the Holy Spirit are you ready for a disappointment here is one of the most disappointing things the crisis outcry since things were pretty disappointed and here's one of them John sixteen I have still many things to say to you but you are not able to bear them or to take him up on you or to grasp them now that's the amplified version but that's pretty disappointing statement he wanted to say many more things to them we can do it because he knew they were not comprehend it in fact it might confuse them further and it might make them even worse now sometimes that is why education is a is a stepwise learning process now in order to understand Daniel seven you first have to understand Daniel to in order understand Daniel AE first must understand Daniel seven dollars and there are degrees of learning in order for you to understand calculus you first have to understand algebra if you don't understand algebra you're not really get to calculus and also need to understand geometry before you get there etc. and so what was happening as because they didn't understand the algebra and geometry that they were it he was teaching them he couldn't even get close to calculus and he was disappointed by the ad he just sat as a whole lot more I wish I could say and tell you and reveal the picture not ready often wondered you know if those guys were ready just think of how much further ahead we be today but because those guys were ready we didn't get to hear all of what Christ wants that so pretty disappointing but but here's the appointment but when he the spirit of truth of course the amplified version gets to the actual root words of the Greek film gives you that the truth giving spirit he will guide you into all the truth the whole full truth so what is price thing here is that there is true that he wanted present to them and they could understand that barbaric and so he couldn't tell what he is selling out is that they could still learn him exciting we can still learn the truth of the Lord wanted T cell but how can we learn only through the Holy Spirit when the spirit of truth the fact that salon of their favorite terms the Christ utilized for the Holy Spirit is often not given that an popular Christian churches today now called the Spirit of truth very often because truth is somehow denigrated it's not elevated to its rightful place in our churches some like it should be today truth of the foundational spiritual principle that is foundational to help actually so I for every disappointment there's an appointment and he said he was now Holy Spirit would be able to teachers through the HS the base one years he will first convict is now one of the convict icon that has someone who is declared guilty so the first thing the Holy Spirit God when he comes he will declare you guilty know I gave a talk similar to what I gave this morning in Quito Ecuador a few years ago and a day before I given this talk may have taken me to one of the wealthy multimillionaires in Ecuador outside Quito in his multimillionaire mansion the beautiful lush place in Ecuador you know Ecuador just teaming with lushness with it so no more tropical setting etc. and by he that even I was a multimillionaire uses Seventh-day Adventists and I he came to my message therein Quito on front alone or course I designed a little different depending on the audience etc. you know we have about five hundred slides that we can given the frontal lobe brain and so I always have to hide and mudslides depending on the audience and where they're at etc. so I we gave a different sound alone different presentations of them but a lot of the same principles were there and this was a large church probably largest Adventist church in the country you know well over a thousand people in attendance and they were coming out and he knew English he was a geologist trained and harbored and so on something turned in this country is a new English very well and he came right next to me and these people began filing out he wanted to see the reaction in a reaction actually was very positive in regards to what they had learned and very positive in regards to what I thought they were going out it was very different from what his reaction was and after he and he and her these positive comments he couldn't tolerate it anymore and he looked at me and he says Doctor Natalie you have done it from men this disservice here today and I thought portion of this was I was speaking English listening translate Spanish so I thought I can know maybe something was translated wrong maybe something was right etc. and of course am always willing to learn so I said well tell me know how do you you know what was the disservice he said that this service is you made everyone in the audience today feel guilty now have in my own mind when he told me that the first thing that came in my own mind was praise God because the first work of the Holy Spirit is one to commit and in order for us to be able to change positively we first have to be pointed out where were doing something that's not so right and how we can live a better life so it's actually the first staff of the process of change in fact knowledge is that first that we are in fact we talk about in the process of change you take someone whose unconsciously incompetent that for most of those Ecuadorians were before they heard that message they were unconsciously incompetent in regards to health habits and you know there are some people that say well you know ignorance is bliss what I need to keep up that way the problem with ignorance is it was full for only a short period of time eventually the effects of the ignorance catches up with the individual and man of the consequences of their ignorance result of very adverse life and their life changes in ways that are just very negative and in things that they don't have any control over so that's the problem with immigrants but in order to move them from unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent as the next ego from unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent what is it takes you to the second step knowledge and consent judgments before hand my people are destroyed for what lack of knowledge knowledge is very important and that's what I was providing in that presentation but I don't want to leave them there we don't want to leave them with this knowledge without actually incorporating the knowledge that the hearing will best when he is he will convict now what and where this Harvard personalizes multimillionaire in Ecuador where he lives is what he had learned in his educational institution that was a distortion but one of the things that people are sometimes ascribed to his that all guilt is and so he's all that believe that will do everything possible for them themselves and not feel guilty if someone finds out something that they're not doing very well what is their tendency is that one is their tendency is to either the diet or to go on the offense and start lashing out at the person that's making them feel guilty and they will do all sorts of foods to try to prevent guilt because I believe all guilt is that now it is true some guilt is that inappropriate guilt is that something call appropriate guilt and inappropriate guilt inappropriate guilt is always appropriate Gil is bad only if it stays in the guilds to but if you have appropriate guilt are things that you can do about that Gil including asking for forgiveness and repentance and a willingness to change they can actually propel you on a far better pathway and of course this is actually new skeletons in studies on forgiveness forgiveness and recently but the Holy Spirit is about change and for the Holy Spirit wants to do each one of us is changing us or the better and and is about true lasting change for the better not just temporary changes of course this is where health comes out is why I held is intricately connected with the Holy Spirit your body 's health dependent on two things what you put into your body what you do with your body first Corinthians ten thirty one tells us whether therefore ye eat or what else drank our whatsoever you are due to all the glory of God so the Bible pretty much tells your health is dependent on that at your putting in your body eating or drinking with your new but what this love I will also tells us that God is interested in what you're eating and drinking and what you and we just need to accept the fact of Scripture that God is interested in his and of course he's interested in your help we talked about unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent the third stage is to become consciously competent and that's when you actually Institute the lifestyle change an example of this is a clinical psychologist I work with was actually as a result of coming across information that we present about caffeine song that I presented earlier but we have caffeine does more damage than what I talked about earlier I and I can cause some increased anxiety your inability reflux etc. and she had issues with reflux and some irritability and so whenever she got thirsty prior to coming to that presentation on caffeine she would think of her beverage of choice which were Pepsi and Thursday matinee even Pepsi and so she would drink Pepsi after hearing my presentation about caffeine when she got Thursday one evening she was thinking no she was still thinking about when she got Thursday she thought of capacity but now she would say now is not Pepsi I'm immigrant water and she would drink water and as a result to move in the stationary consciously competent but it had to be conscious she got Thursday one evening she thought out she thought of Pepsi again and she said no not passing on the drink water it took thirty days and finally she went to stage four unconsciously competent and now when she was thirsty way than she thought water you in your life and prayer far better irritability one way or reflux on a wise significant improvements in hell and now it wasn't even struck there's a lot of people that don't realize that there is a stage for whatever you're going I think I have to go back and forth between stage two and three all-time in the irritable because it's a struggle and that has to be conscious but in reality no matter what the lifestyle habit is there is a stage for a masculine the Bible talks about as I write hand there are joys forevermore people that are in stage four in certain areas sometimes are very misunderstood by people on stage one and vice versa you know sometimes the people onstage for look at people destroying their health and stage one and looking like they're enjoying it say what the world knows people realize what they're doing and the people on stage one look at people on stage four and say how can those guy I love how happy they are and their healthy diet and I can do that and I don't realize I can as a process it will I says those are willing to inform themselves concerning the effect of sinful indulgence upon and commands the work of reform that means they begin the work of reform even if it indeed from what selfish motives now there are people that come to your weight loss program in your local church just because they want to be able to fit into a bathing suit in the event coming up for months or five months what would we call that selfish motive but in reality what you saying yes those who start the work of reform even if it be from selfish motives in sound place themselves where the truth of God may find access to their hearts and on the other hand those are read by the presentation of Scripture truth are then in a position where their consciences will be aroused upon the subject so what you sang it even though people want to get healthy sometimes for selfish motives and actually places them in a position where the Holy Spirit can start working with them and they can start actually being elevated to unselfish thing she also says that it wants to be taken without Christ every step of the way of salvation might be taken without them is through the great Reformation outward conduct are often made where there is no express faith in Christ many have not even a knowledge of Jesus but it is a divine influence it makes man capable of any change in Leeds and the Reformation what makes man capable of any change a divine influence in leaves and the Reformation and that's why the spiritual component of some or now she knows on the site is Reformation is the resolve of a blind faith in the wanted changes the habit of his life without an intelligent faith in Jesus warships he knows not what many worse is that which leads them to respect his own manhood and as he take steps toward the light increase liable life shine upon him and he may see the sinfulness of seventy one to recognize the fact that God so loved the knee gave his only begotten son of his or believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life and so what she's saying here is when we make positive lifestyle changes that are against our own nature it's a clear sign of the Holy Spirit working and when that Holy Spirit is working in my heart goes like that individuals can be open to more truth continue to be able to advance toward the end result of positive changes in hell can be everlasting life and that will be if we continue to listen and that's why it's so exciting to be involved in caring for people in need of health and lifestyle changes in fact I would encourage each one of you a result of this weekend to involve yourself in caring for people in need of health and lifestyle changes is an exciting work to be now and we know how to prevent or treat disease and nutrition are lifestyle and don't put in the practice where is the problem this is someone who's gone from stage one to stage two they know the knowledge is true they know it could possibly affect them but they're not putting it into practice where's the problem problem as well yes it has a relationship to the will a the actual problem is in the mind and of course that's where the well as well as a manhunt alone and this is why mental health is critically important here's another state machine profound statement sickness my prevails where everywhere you think that's more true in our day are in the day that she wrote it working hard depression anxiety mental health problems earlier celery even bipolar disease coming much more uncommon things sickness in the mind prevails everywhere now this is a profound part nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their life their foundation here now when you first read it seems like quite a minute that seemed like it's over the top nine tenths diseases have their foundation in the mind but you know here we are living in a society today where we know how to prevent virtually one hundred percent of all heart attacks we already have the information we put it into practice we can be virtually heart attack group but yet heart disease is still the number one killer so where's the problem the problem is in line if we know it today when you're not doing it the problem is undermined a person almost eighty percent of cancers are preventable number two cause of death if it's still the number two cause of death and increasing where's the problem the problem is in the mind so many physical diseases have their origin in the mind because they were easily preventable if we would just put into practice what we already know in selling you look at it from that perspective and are you one of the mental diseases Great Depression itself increases the risk of stroke and heart disease and death from cancer and headache and asthma and the list goes on when you get what the aggression itself dies physically etc. you can see how she was true now it wouldn't be going over the top there was someone in her day always tell your the name someone who is seen as a spiritual leader in her name the name was Mary Baker Eddy who stated that one hundred percent of diseases have their origin in a clearly not her there are some diseases that clearly don't have anything to do with mental rivals and and should be disconnected I am so Alan why have the balance in the appropriate balance she said I had and she said that perhaps some living home trouble is like a canker even to the very soul and weakening life forces where's the problem in the home sometimes called trouble she goes on to say remorse for sand sometimes undermined the Constitution and unbalances of my there are erroneous doctrines also as that of an eternally burning hell and the endless torment of the wicked thereby giving exaggerated and distorted views the character of God have produced the same result upon sensitive mind so on we have a erroneous teachings about God what happens mental health problems can come about mental disease can come about as a result of false teachings about God I remember a few years well walking into a fourteen -year-old girl 's intensive care unit rim I've taken care of her the night before and saved her from that that would've occurred as a result of her suicide attempt and she was an educated fourteen -year-old she knew how to do it right and she is not right had she not been found out and intervened upon us being able to get there in time to save her life and assign it was a very serious attempt and her father was not there in the room and I just came to earth the next day after she was awakened with the program and I said why did you business she said I wanted to see my mother and talk to my mother her mother had died a year earlier from a sudden automobile accident unfortunately her mother was under the influence of alcohol at the time but she had this fourteen -year-old and have something go wrong in her life and she wanted to and so I just clearly set your I said honey if he would've done this you would have not seen your mother he would've been successful I would you would've been in the sleep of death and unconscious state awaiting the resurrection really is a gap that's what the Bible says and I said that's also scientific no evidence that you continue to live after you die I and she said if I would've known that there is no no way I would've ever attempted that she has no one has told me that so afterwards I walked out of the room and her father came to me and she says Doctor Manley I want to thank you so much for what you just told my daughter is a set I wanted in our practice we don't believe that but I'm sure glad you told my daughter that and I'm glad that you should believe that now I live in reality erroneous teaching can produce significant mental health problems out of here remember Susan Smith backing her car into a life with her kids fastened in seatbelts and they all drowned and when she got understand she said my husband and I were having significant marital issues and I knew these kids were going to be raised in a divided home and I knew the problems of being raised in a divided hall and I thought it would be better for them to be in heaven then they raise the divided on five factor man so they could go to have a life that's really true why do we put her in prison life in prison but yet erroneous teachings where it leads and of course he's also talking about erroneous teaching of an ever burning how the endless torment of the wicked giving exaggerated and distorted views the character of God I mean can you imagine someone who has a time-limited license then now having to suffer an eternal torment for the ceaseless ages of eternity I mean where does that cry heard every word is that punishment meet the crime or the sentence need to cry with a and access is that the Yahoo! that's what this story that views the character of Christ lineup and dog producing significant mental health problems that she goes on to say infidels have made the most of these unfortunate cases attributing insanity to religion before religion don't get too much involved in it no bruising mental health problems and you and through it well if it's false religion in Santa Cruz but if it's true religion of the two rival religion while attributing insanity religion but this is a gross live on one which I will not be pleased to meet my minor religion of Christ so far from being the cause of insanity is one of the flat most effectual remedies for it is a Houghton sooner and indeed it can produce out lasting positive change in mental health and physical health it is really exciting to be part of one boy we go through three emotional examples of in Scripture saith someone advancing up for me Bible tells a man who was Paul stunningly handsome wealthy and well-liked by the general public and the Lord anointed him to be the first hangover God 's chosen people Israel I think that's taking off on itself there was this song annually other advantages remanding tall as advantages of being handsome as advantages of being wealthy there's advantages of being well-liked and courses advantages of being gay him him fired all those advantages saw began to suffer from significant emotional health research has documented the negative thoughts with causing the emotional turmoil nearly always contain one gross distortions of thoughts on the service if you're valid that you will learn that they are irrational or just plain wrong and that what kind kind of thinking is a major cause of suffering twisted thinking major cause of suffering by the way and many cases are these people would come to us I'm sure many here this week as well many times people will tell me basically try to tell me a story that the reason why they are so bad off is because of unfortunate circumstances occurred you are not good-looking enough are not wealthy enough they're not successful enough to be emotionally healthy or if they don't talk about that they'll talk about how their problems are strictly due to others how others have raised them how others are treating them etc. and yell there may be elements of truth in most things in life can be difficult at times and be beat up on a lot of us at times but all of those slots have the tendency to make us victims because we think the causes result in something beyond our control but I can tell you the real cause of emotional health problems it's something that people have control over once they realized and that is the control of their thoughts they can get rid of the twisted thinking that causes the suffer and when they do it can be very empowering and of course it's kind of amazing to me we didn't go into this all of the happiness studies last night but you know the happiest people countrywide are in the poorest locations in the world and are not necessarily very good-looking people in those places either so they're pretty homely pretty or are pretty neat now I have a lot of hard knocks in life that you much happier on average than the typical American that has food in abundance and has transportation in abundance and has a much more beautiful home etc. it's a clear indication that the circumstances around us have very little to do with how happy we are brief and how emotionally healthy and of course all is good example of that he had all the ethanol that yet significant emotional while there causes of his mental illness one of the distortions as magnification or minimize nation what is that that is where we get things out of proportion when major and minors minor and major and Saul had that issue when Samuel came to him and said why didn't you obey the Lord and Saul said wait a minute I did obey the Lord I made of this line is that I dislike and Samuel says if you obey him completely then why am I seeing the evidence of sheet etc. that he was supposed to do it and Samuel gets a little bit upset and he says why do you just point out the ways that I didn't open wiring you just acknowledging that the ways that I did over never heard those arguments be more positive mom and dad or whoever it is that selling out be positive I am not in solids giving a lecture to Samuel on being more positive and Samuel recognize that Saul wasn't catching the seriousness of his actions and as a result of not catching it and recognizing that he wasn't going to catch it a punishment was issued when confronted with his own appropriate gel he minimizes and justified himself one of the things that people that wonder of the options that I have when they're confronted with their guilt instead of having that guilt be an opportunity for checking Confucius as a man who is committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistakes and I dare say that another mistake is even worse in the first law because you are no longer not have the opportunity to correct it in your you get deeper into the consequences of more and more of those items that and that's what solvent David Schwartz as we can turn setbacks and victory Bible lesson apply an move on and look back on the fee file in our life says that if you have made mistakes you certainly gain a wife of victory if you knew what he believes mistakes and regard them as beacons the warning not to turn defeat into victory disappointing the enemy and honoring your reading so in other words we can honor our Redeemer we can actually turn the speed of the victory if we analyze what went wrong and we put it up there is a beacon warning so we all will never go there again well and confront it was on a gallop he minimize that justified himself as a result of the punishment that was issued he began to wow on the unfairness of his life by the way who is that punishment that Samuel was the one who announced it but it wasn't Samuel 's punishment was God 's punishment so was a fair punishment are an unfair punishment fair because God is always just anyhow what's amazing to me as many people who dwell on the unfairness of their wife actually had been treated quite fair having said that I should mention that everyone is going to be treated unfairly if you live on this is going to happen we live in a world is expect to be treated unfairly a time yesterday I was treated unfairly and a number of ways on my trip out here not to do anything with OIC that was before I came to OIC but I want to get into the details about later synthesizers mention that both the eye was the was on the phone in regards to a situation where we need better and analysis in regards to what's going on at the clinic the person doing the computer system was supposed to come up with analysis about six weeks ago and still have come forth and so I was averaging him and trying to reach him wasn't reachable to them the case for the last few times I tried to reach and design new that he knew what I was trying to reach him he probably wasn't ready yet I am so finally after pressing I did get a call it was right before I was supposed to board the plane slammed up having to take this opportunity was actually calling me by phone deal with him and I talk to them and see where the issues were at center as I boarded the plane about ten minutes before I was supposed to born and I'm getting ready to board on this plan I have my suitcase and my hangup bag and which is how I always travel on American Airlines and the agent says you're not gone in there with both of them and I said well you know platinum member American Airlines I've never been denied not taking the hangup bag and my sister she says we got a full flight and it's supposed to be just a personal item in the city that's the role you're not going without there's this has to be just and of course I had my computer ran one bag which I didn't want to give up because I have all my presentations are not only here but all of my research for many years on that computer and then I had done the things that they would have assumed I knew I was going to a camp were probably didn't have irons are things like that to be able to straighten it out in time etc. and so I didn't some can really say anything in regards to that end she ordered the man next to her to contact his item and make sure that that's just places which one you want and I said my hangout back he says your hangup bag he says let me tag your suitcase I said now that's the case have you here and you're not taking math and taking on board and so he starts taking a bag and hang out back I sent now if my clothes come out where I need to to rest them and take care of them that American Airlines will take care of that right and the and he says well know and I said well and I said I still don't quite understand why I can't necessarily check leaves of always been able to pass he says well the only way we pay for it is against Boston Minneapolis is a report and we might pay for and I said well I said you do me a favor come down in the gangplank with me and if there is no place in the hangout back in the hangout on closet American Airlines window and check but if not if there is a similarly just hang it up like I always him he says I don't have time to go down there and I said so and I went to hand it over to him he says you know what just go down there there is no space come back and I'll check it but he said that far enough away from the lady who told me that this guy thinks he thought he wasn't in trouble so I got on it is no big deal but I there is plenty of space and plan like I knew there was going to be and then I go to put my go to my seat twenty one a.m. going to put my suitcase up above and I see that there's two bags lying on their side that are taking a space and if we put them in an upright position or change one over to another I hang up bad I'll be able to put my suitcase there so I just took the one bag and put it over on the other side of the guy sitting mayor says there is laughing that don't move that and I said well I'm young being careful weather and so that showed a map and he stood up right away and he says just because you're the last one on the plane doesn't mean you have the authority to rearrange other people 's luggage and and I says life by Spencer I think there is plenty of room here for everyone's stuff without any problems etc. and then the flight attendant came to me and says you are you can put your suitcase back here to want for myself I thought that this case that there in the things that put in the right place him the family had a great flight love the rest of the line is minor stuff but I'm a way out the door since my suitcases behind I can leave right after the guy in front of me was to leave occupied away from the syndicate the place empty out to get my success in the back so I was by getting railways and a flight attendant was there as I was leaving and says you know sir you handled that situation so well she said I couldn't believe the way that the intriguing is that now what was out all about and she says and you just handle it very called land and I'm not an issue whenever and I'm thinking while you should assume the other sister and I have felt whether our values but nonetheless if that is an example of just little ways that sometimes we can feel that were being treated unfairly but in reality if we dwell on that aspect it's going to produce some emotional problems and ops and fall continue to dwell on the fact that he thought his punishment outweigh his current and we need to watch out for the ICANN standardizes and no matter what situation in balls and of course a lot of people want to get a couple of those things happening if you get a couple more in quick success of succession it's called the anatomy of anger and that's when things can get out of control and theirs alone saw that we teach everyone that comes to our depression recovery program we visitation the fourth day but now we've tweaked things this is taught the first night they come to our program and adjust that simple thought I don't like it I don't like it it's okay it's okay I can stand it anyway I can stand it anyway I'm right I'm home right and once that while song teaches them is just because you don't like it doesn't mean that you can't stand you know there's only one thing a human being cannot say that's a everything else I actually can sing when they tell themselves they can't stand and that's when emotions get out of and I can't stand it I is the simply magnification were magnifying something far beyond what it was I was one of the reasons why neither one of those situations although I was still trying to stand up for my rights in a gentle way as an American Airlines passenger if he would take in both things it out there when the men the end of the world per se I would've been disappointed I would urge it wouldn't have happened etc. but still I was also thinking of my wife and three what about the situation my wife is a Romanian and she grew up in Romania under the Communist era where you had to utilize your elbows if you are in even if he in the morning and saw you now there was a fight in the line for the melting for whatever Emily 's type of lines etc. says she's used to she uses standing up for her rights in situations like that in a while glad to the next image as I can imagine Jesus is the amazing thing is that they listen to her now I something that that agent and listen them in olive oil America's as something I'll stand back and they'll say we need to listen to this girl and FFF and see things in your way pretty easily in many cases that I know there also is a strong tendency in that side of things that have the I can't and it items and of course emotions can get significantly on we call it frustration tolerance one of significant mental health benefits that we try to build during our program Ellen Weiss has excellent file horizons in my will we should not allow our what these loyal RPCs is loyal however unjustly we may be treated wet not passion arise my only necessary retaliation who injure we injure ourselves we destroy our own confidence in God grieves the Holy Spirit South by dwelling on the unfairness of his life cause I can't stand it I just and then this aspect of high self-esteem that was wounded by the People's and especially the women's obvious preference for another way here was a tall good-looking man that was very well-liked by the general public and he's coming in after a tremendous victory feeling great about a victory for the nation and these beautiful women most of them between the ages of eighteen and thirty are gathered together this sang in beautiful harmony not just a hundred voice choir not just a thousand boys choir but at least ten thousand boys choir you couldn't mistake Saul has slain itself and David his tens of thousands he heard of the first time in thinking her to write and then they sang it again and then they sang it again it was pretty clear and he is crying it would've been wounded however had he not have that pride to begin with I was actually an imaginary web what's imaginary one imagine well you think you men wonder that actually you really haven't been wounded they was an attempt to was an attempt to one hundred cross disdain on solid all it was just the exoneration of data that they were trying to get across in there they probably couldn't provide better words by button on the last that was their number one in ten and when we have these loans that come about as a result of life of bomb in these imaginary ones one of the ways in which your finding out whether it's imaginary ones if you feel slighted you feel slighted in some way watch out these are people also that ships on their shoulder it's almost like they're waiting some for someone not the check boxes I can feel slighted and feel one hundred it simply caused by the cognitive distortion of magnification and the one that were magnifying itself Doctor William Backus is written a book called what your counselor never told me the seven sins that lead to mental illness and he talks about the magnification itself is not this great Babylon which I don't be said that many genetic it was a magnifying magnifying himself was a problem a severe one he was warned about it he was taught about he was given opportunities to turn around and finally he had to go through depression recovery room is in fact you know there voluntarily someone had to take under that program and if you remember they fed him raw green vegetables is first thing he was put on was a plant -based vegetarian diet him the second thing that was utilized for him was getting the circadian rhythms sleep wake cycles no more late nights lights he had to wake up without warning sign get a circadian rhythms and now an exercise in fact if even exercising would merely so exercise was part of the program and that if you read Daniel Chapter four very closely it's very clear that hydrotherapy is also and Sally was going on a comprehensive program and what finally turned him around now after all that was the cognitive behavioral therapy getting rid of the magnification is I will exalt myself above the most time you said that Lucifer the first cognitive distortion let's is what William Backus says in regards the symptoms of privacy whether you might have trying to be noticed craving attention ever wondered why the tattoo industry is exploding by the jewelry industry is exploding and people are wearing jewels on things that are human orifices and things that are etc. if underneath it is trying to be noticed craving attention what's underneath that crime agent for compliments needing to be important to be testing the idea became suspicious loathing the idea of admitting the wrongdoing strongly opinionated being argumentative demanding your way wanting control over others flaunting your individual rights refusing advice being critical yet resenting criticism being over sensitive and finally thinking you have I is you don't have if you have any of these are generally more than one William Backus says watch out right is there wounded pride will follow and significant emotional problems are common your way instead of the examples of Nebuchadnezzar saw Lucifer and others we have the example of Christ desire of ages as Christ was never elated my plot why is that the case because he never magnified himself he never had that that's self pride and by the way of all people he's the one that probably should've added if there is anyone that should I me was the creator of the world our mission omnipotent etc. that you sleep humility in the humble himself the company was never related by applause now notice this next statement nor dejected by censure and disappointment by the way that's connected if you're not dejected by century disappointment you are not going to have that sense of self pride and thus are not available to linger felt slighted and then the next statement is even more profound amid the greatest opposition and the most cruel treatment he was still a good courage someone who refused to magnify the ball nothing gives one person so much advantage over another is to remain unruffled under all circumstances it was a design that Thomas Jefferson one of our great presidents that have both IQ and EQ the Bible says let nothing we've done through strife or Bangalore Eyman and lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than that the same word I have it's actually assuming others better than herself I guess when you have a sense of self-worth that's all for this founded in Christ Chrysler guy for just one soul inside tells us that we are of infinite value but infinity is not greater than infinity and when we think it is that's when we have a problem well one solider what the recommended therapy pretty prescient he would feel better again what was this therapy music therapy harp music yeah hard music we still utilize that we have a hard CD that we utilize very soothing it's actually him is done in a very with a combined classic feel and individuals want to hear that when they're getting their massage helps to straighten those neurons out however in time with free cause is still active in the third cause wounded pride becoming even more prominent he would slip back into anxiety and depression although great man was wonderful potentially continue to live a selfish life never completely trusting domain gone and never giving up his pride when times get top salt would desire the blessings of God notwithstanding is less than complete commitment to God 's will he finally went totally against his conscience by consulting the doubles which when the Lord did not answer the way saw bodies and by the way beware of demanding that the Lord answer you the way you say that each very dangerous ground under tremendous stress with his enemies closing and solve satellites and bicyclists I and unnecessary death had he taken care of his distorted thoughts that started his emotional problems and were each one of us in life are going to have opportunities to correct or distorted thoughts were in a time when people come to us and accuse us of things that have some elements of truth and how we deal with that instead of self-justifying and minimize saying and pointing the finger at others if we had knowledge that truthful all aspects of what they're accusing and determined that we are going to work on and think on things differently we can have that opportunity of turning the fee into victory thinking truthful thoughts as a vital role I'm going to close them and actually go ahead and do a couple of statements about the spirit of truth as we close in they'll just come over to my computer to accomplish this a Mac classic book desire of ages she talks about the comforter comforter is talking about emotional comfort and not another word that the Holy Spirit is called by Christ when he is spirited through this conversation Jesus he will guide you into what all through the comforter is called the Spirit of truth his work is to define and maintain the trip he first dwells in the heart as the Spirit of truth and lost he becomes the comfort there is comfort and peace in the truth but no real piece of comfort can be found false she goes on to say is through false theories and traditions that St. James power of the mind how does he manage power of the mind all very false traditions by directing manager one standards of all standards emissions the character we talk about some of all standards last night income assets through the Scripture is the Holy Spirit speaks to the mind and impresses truth upon the heart so what can be utilized as a tool that he exposes air and expelled from the soul you think I can be drew today as well in the Scriptures be utilized that absolutely it is by the spirit of true working through the word of God that Christ subdues his chosen people so and so I ask you here day do you want to pray this prayer is actually the prayer of David David said search me by the way the context of this is David gives a small mortgage held everyone that God knows more about him than he knows about himself God knows us intimately he knows is pretty well very well knows this better than we know ourselves and after he makes that argument in multiple versus events take this to God search me try me know my thoughts see if there be any distorted way and lead me to the way everlasting and so solve the problem with magnification your problem might be emotional reasoning might be mental filter in others ten different distorted types of thoughts we go into it in her law started thinking that Erica said you should have a little business card give that white attendant when she told you have nice things handed Arab thing on the law started thinking so she can find a and that is if you where we don't have it you have a business a lot started thinking what is not joking but but nonetheless there are ten different ways of distorted thinking and we can always said you were thinking in a distorted way but when we ask the Holy Spirit to point it out to that prayer of David is one of the spirit will help you that understanding where your distorted thoughts are and then helping you to think truthful thoughts and as a result you will attend comfort you will obtain that seeks the power of writing thought is more precious than the golden wedge of over at the book heavenly places my own way by the way even Bill Gates is on the golden way wage of over it's beyond his ability to him that he doesn't have enough assets to pay for but there's something more precious than gold wedge of over and that is what right thoughts not distorted thoughts emotional intelligence can be improved by and I will close with the words of Christ himself I'm sorry about this I've copied this from another presentation you have to look at real closely to see what it's saying you shall know the truth by the way the Bible talks about knowing doesn't talk about in the same way we talk about for instance it says Adam knew Eve initiatives is is now happen Adam knew Eve and what happened easy can see what type of knowledge is that him implement knowledge in intimate association and so Christ is using that same word you shall know the truth in hours not just a knowledge job but it happened I thought that I is true and undistorted you shall know the true and what will be the result the truth shall make you free but our efforts father in heaven we thank you for the role of the Holy Spirit to convict us to teach us how let's see when we are not thinking truthful or when we are majoring in minors and minoring in majors help us Lord to understand things from nurturing perspective and may try let's pray that prayer of David Sergeant Prius know our thoughts see if there any wicked or distorted way and pointed out to us Lord so that we might not continue to make more mistakes but to correct our mistakes and turn defeat into victory we thank you for your desire that we live peaceful happy lines despite some sense of Jesus and this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the something more certain is www. on universe .org


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