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Do You Have a Game Plan? Part 1

Steven Grabiner Jeremy Grabiner




  • October 15, 2011
    2:00 PM
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thank you for the privilege of being able to come together to see how we could be better equipped to be used by you to share our faith with other people bless us as we study together as we interact above all we pray for the presence of your spirit and Angels in Jesus name in like to begin this afternoon with a quote by a young man that and I read this quote it really struck me the importance of knowing what it is we believe and how to share what we believe the quote that I was raised in the church I went three times a week to churchmen to private Christian schools was active in youth ministry went to Bible conferences like to see why Stephenson at that and took many Bible courses read my Bible and attended Bible study regularly for many years and yet the new atheism sucked me in what's the new atheism the theirs for gentlemen Daniel Dennett Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins you promote an atheistic concept and he says it is sucked in and is as sad as it is he continues to write I think that the new atheists say a lot more about the state of the church than they do about themselves as crazy as it may sound the evidence they put forward was intellectually much stronger than anything I encountered in the Christian church that endanger if we meet things outside of our Christian circles that are arguments that you and I don't know how to handle that seemed to overwhelm us have the tendency to derail our faith so our purpose together is to give you some tool all you defend your faith now in second Corinthians five twenty eight says therefore we are ambassadors for Christ as though God were making his plea to us we plead with you on Christ's behalf be reconciled to God now we all know that ambassadors need to be prepared if you're just to take note US investor for China just thrown in there needing to know that they spoke another language other than English note he wouldn't be a very effective ambassador selling the same length and officers we are ambassadors for Christ in this world and we have to have knowledge we have to have wisdom so that when we come in contact with your adversary or that new area we will have you know will be wise and we won't be shut down nicely put out yet either afternoon not all of us are unlike families not that every time you get on a plane you are going to the back and baptize them with you note the airplane water not everybody is a closer like that but the model that we are to be teaching you today is called putting us should stone in someone's shoe and that's just to get people to think in the right direction and so it's a very modest goal is not in a big note have to reach is not that two thousand people need to be baptized as soon as you get started with just get people to be thinking in the right way to challenge their worldview like to share cool with you from the book of evangelism page three hundred and thirty nine it says that God works through the calm regular operation of his appointed laws Satan is constantly seeking to produce effects by rude and violent thrusts but Jesus down access to minds by the pathways of their most familiar associations and is really important lesson there to often when we encounter people we encounter individuals sometimes will money down Dave Brunel presented different viewpoint and and our encounters get a bit so aggressive in talking about some of you are really hesitant to share some of you don't know what I'm talking about pilot airplane yesterday grainier to decide he was talking about how his church does outreach and one of his partners in outreach loves to argue with people he meets at their doors the very win some way who to engage people but notice cool is it that started to produce effects might violent en route thrusts it Satan but Jesus tries to meet people and disturbed as little as possible there are custom train of thoughts by abrupt actions are prescribed rules it goes on to say in study on America's confidence and placed him on his owner he introduced old choose in a new and precious light else when only twelve years old he starts the doctors of the law by his questions in the Temple Jesus and Mary subtly carefully with a game plan was able to turn people 's thoughts as Jerry said to put up stone in someone's shoe that's hard our goal today is to help you to make a difference in somebody's life gives them tools that can help you be an effective ambassador not necessarily an evangelist now and cautions for it tells us that our language should be gracious and we should and should be seasoned with salt as Christians we come in contact with people we should be very gracious in our nano should not be no aggressive and super items like the person because we're trying to win people to Christ and Christ is not a very aggressive persons of very gracious person it's a game plan that we have to do do you know make it so that whenever you talking some and even if the more knowledgeable than you that you can stay in control that conversation you can be comfortable in the conversation everybody wants to be a will to do that and now before we get into the details as I get a Logan background not by definition apologists defend the faith they destroy found false ideas are the destroy speculations raised up against the church too often we think of apologetics in a aggressive manner it also like fighting words were in her apology really apologetic or in a defend the faith faith circle the wagons Alice the driver brought drawbridge fixed bayonets but we don't have to be like that in our apologetic approach now generally mentioned earlier that we should be ambassadors you read that text from second Corinthians five and investors need three things knowledge wisdom and character is a three essential attributes for ambassadors knowledge wisdom and character knowledge is an informed mind we need to understand certain things wisdom is the right method and character is our attractive manner so we were to be focusing on the nail of the three this afternoon and that is wisdom in particular or any of your game plan that can help you in the most trying encounter so let's start something here and if you wouldn't mind like you to turn to your neighbor that some questions your purpose somebody and just answer this question among yourselves when you think about discussing Christianity with nonbelievers or discussing Adventist perspectives with other Christians I want relish the encounter are we in the nearness scared by trying to avoid at all costs there are a small group your meetings are breaking you up for this point how would you respond to that reviewer like relishing the encounter your excited but nervous as well now the second when they are willing but nervous that the rest of scared but trying to see should I guess what your response would be avoided all costs without the craft Herne and I know okay we all are I'm different levels some people just like a I can't wait to meet somebody that disagrees with me others can or should do this but I'm a bit nervous about it others are asking your permanent others just say I need to run the opposite direction well our desire today is to help you move from avoiding it all costs at least up one notch now too scared but trying on a derailing the neuritis may be relishing the encounter and you need that are mainly thought here is to use questions Mrs. really Jesus met that you have your Bibles turn with me to the book of Mark and lots of references for this study give you to hear Mark chapter ten using questions some of you know that we German are about to reduce better and asking questions as part of the culture no you can ask your relatives how's the weather and they could say something like how can the weather being in December or how are you feeling compared to as really hard to get kind of a direct answer and that's very much part of the culture but you can see it in the experience of Jesus as well my chapter ten column of the story starting in verse two there is scarcely come to Jesus and they asked him a question about whether a man to divorce his wife are not verse three Jesus answered them and answered and said to them what did Moses command you pretty answer the question and just jumped down to verse seventeen this is a really interesting one there's lots of little pictures like this is your reading through the Gospels it would be really helpful to notice how Jesus interacts with people verse seventeen as Jesus was sitting on a journey on the address up to them and knelt before him and asked him good teacher what shall I do to inherit eternal life epigenetic and you're sitting on the airplane in school some of them to do that what do I need to do to inherit eternal life in the next opportunity what steps Christ give it to them sign them up for Bible study refuses to what is persisting he asks a question why do you call me good but just imagine you are the disciple standing around saying you missed it you missed the opportunity what you don't get to talk but Jesus had another point in mind now it's a point to realize there is many dogs that defend Christianity the defendant proved the resurrection from the dead to prove the validity of the Bible Kelly saving you can have all this knowledge by just having knowledge is not enough because if you use a game plan in the wrong spirit and it won't be beneficial at all the game plan is not meant to embarrass people or to force them into your own view is not meant to belittle them or make them be embarrassed about how stupid they look to win their opinion but is meant to come across in the no Christlike way and lead them to Christ as the ultimate goal is leading them to Christ and start pages on page three fifty three on Jesus is the unlike their quotes Luke ten verse three were Jesus and I send you forth as lambs among wolves and sheep about how we should interact with people so you know I had this up here what is it like for you when you need to enable what is it like for you not when you meet somebody friendly but we need somebody that's aggressive vicious stress level go in this top down sideways remain the same as a definite knows what she says talking about that situation or what rights does our pages three fifty three left that were asked in the love of God and the spirit will keep them calm even under personal abuse would you like to notice they come in a conversation even when somebody is attacking you and get you that as we got the seminar the Lord will close them with the divine banana penalty is Holy Spirit will influence the mind and heart so that their voices will not catch the notes of the being of the wolves pages three fifty three now what does that mean automated and when you get angry with someone you can guess tell on their face if you get angry people into on your face they are angry if you see so many health angry young my father has a very expressive face yes no yes no no you didn't do something right you see those eyes and so when you get angry with someone in a conversation you tend to not interrupt them don't let them finish and it starts to look like you don't even think that your points are valid and you start to resort to intimidation instead of persuasion in trying to know before school and submit them to your vehicle and it's never really convincing or successful at all when you just coming across as a nonaggressive person not the opposite is true as well if you remain calm in the other person is just really angry and lost his temper than a philosopher both of you today not to be listening or are doing anything like that and someone who's angry and defensive is not to listen to you now in second Timothy two twenty four three five it tells us that note Christians should not be quarrelsome so on one hand arguing can be in a very destructive thing but on the other hand arguing can also be a very good thing Jesus tells us to love God with all our heart with us all in all dollar strength is in Mark twelve thirty we see not just how the sentimental faith but one that is grounded in truth so can you argue someone into the kingdom well that depends on the argument in acts seventeen to four Paul reasoned and he used defense and some people say that you can only love people into the kingdom but loving is unpleasantly important we should all have loved below doesn't guarantee anybody to come into the kingdom how many can you think of anybody know that has experience love from a Christian but still doesn't believe I in God Tennessee has said a couple of you you know people that know they've experienced love but they still don't believe so love is important thing but it doesn't not guarantee the cellulite loving and reasoning need to be combined with God 's Spirit and we think of apologetics is important to put that together arguments by themselves aren't convinced but they're important acts of love in and of itself without the work of the Holy Spirit when convincing either it's got spirit it needs to work on the heart which by the way is a tremendous stress remover oftentimes were stressed in these situations is rethinking we need to bring some into a point but really it's the work of God 's Spirit switched into our game plan and history mentioned earlier welcoming you to place a stone in some windshield what you get that thought in your head bring a stone summons you to win every argument but when teachers and principles and tactics and skills that can help you get to the point where you can begin to turn someone's thinking and the first part of our illustration here is called clearing the brush and see some wonderful African women outside trying to clear off a village and clearing the brush in a literal sense of our metaphoric sense simply means taking away with hiding something they bought a piece of property and there was a big brush pile in one part of your yard as they cleared the brush away they found a pear tree in the midst of it all so clearing the brush this is really important when you are in a conversation with someone the first thing we need to do is to begin to clarify any of you four points year for aspects that were to go through today the first point is the issue of clarification too often where the conversation we respond we react but what we need to do first of all is gather information we have a question for that and that is what you mean by that what's the point being made that's our first things second thing is we listen to somebody we want to find out what's the support for their arguments for their evidence him we could ask the question what brought you to that conclusion third quarter examine whether people 's arguments really support their conclusions are going to deal with certain difficulties that are the overview giving you an idea of clarifying looking at arguments dealing with difficulties now asking questions have the benefit of drawing someone out and inviting them into discussion when they make a claim or statement you know you need to know what exactly are they saying and why do they believe that they say will I don't believe in God will why are they saying that and so it were taking the offensive and inoffensive way in moving the conversation by using strategic questions you into a particular direction and asking questions does three things first it moves the conversation in a spiritual direction we always want to move our conversations in a spiritual direction second a deficit educated about what they're saying when you gather information about their point of view and third and make a point without being pushy so how does this work were not have I recall knocking opportunities and how are you respond to these scenarios so the first scenario here says you're sitting in the car at the car dealer waiting for the other customers as a cars of the cars being serviced a television news program highlights recent same-sex marriages for which activist mayors in San Francisco New York and issued licenses the person sitting across you says it's about time these folks just love each other we should be able to get married like anyone else now the challenge here is your opportunity will pass quickly you only have a few seconds to initiate the conversation further we want to do so in a way that is productive productive and will stimulate everyone in that room to reflect hi Jimmy on same-sex marriage the how to reengage them for definitions further understanding zero what is right and that use of questions as we just talked about is the whole heart of our our presentation and he recognizes God Colombo thank you so be generally shown generationally connectivity Columbo as TV programming back in the day and come over the detective you doesn't look very smart all kind of front be but as he would meet economic crime scene he had this techniques he looked like he didn't have a clue when he would turn around any resilient to question and he would ask a question scratching his head and then you get an answer and the need to return to walk away but before he left effects another question it would go on and on and on until the criminal so I confess on his use questions to get to the bottom of things and not is our game plan is to use questions may I ask you a question and there are as I said three phases in this gathering information clearing the brush second one finding out other people 's reasons for their arguments or reversing the burden of proof and overeating the conversation sort of hard to clear the brush the are to clarify our key question is what do you mean by that or what's the significance of that is very important that we don't misunderstand people what the times in both Christians and non-Christians alike have a shark in mentality growing and I that my sister has on the back of her car a bumper sticker that says coexist and seen the bumper sticker got all sorts of religious religious symbols well meaning by that coexist anyway she did a everyone should have the right to worship well of course we can agree with that if it mean if it means that all religions are saying that's something different our hours how taken a class last year on the four classes his things and people were talking about of Rwanda and the USA's involvement or lack of involvement in Rwanda and Salisbury is talking about that and in the person just noticed that such a typical Democrat the response what you mean by that time that we can't address things in this recorder pilots look at another example it's common to say everything is relative what you mean by that every what is everything everything everything is relative is that statement relative to using this question is very helpful in conversations asking questions in cages the other person so the point here is really to find out clearly what the other person is trying to express you don't want to misunderstand or misrepresent someone if we do misrepresent someone then were just knocking down a strawman and Raymond doesn't really exist you did your question say frustrated but it's really true sometimes you ask people questions like County will will go through this type do the presentation and sometimes people feel like I just said it in their getting frustrated on but really sometimes people don't think through what they're saying it will come that's good observation now the simple question of asking clarification is extremely proud powerful not powerful now many of us either if we go to ejaculate don't go to church we use loadings that we don't even think about no where they came from and by you asking the question what you mean by that no it's a powerful question that helps flesh out their opinions as looking game on information from them and so the guideline is simple if you ever come to a roadblock at the question we should never make an assertion that we could make use a question so with some planning and some practice that will become six second nature again questions are interactive they're working with you and the other person there is a year year inviting the other person to participate if you ask maybe not overly a number of questions that you ask questions about a person people think well you know your instant person because people like to talk about themselves in turn felt this this tactic this game plan is especially useful either at work or you'll even find it useful in the classroom it allows you to move your ideas forward without the other person feeling like you're preaching at them so once again asking these questions helps clarify because there's nothing worse than no tearing down argument that the person doesn't even stand for thirty just jump into arguing and blasting them for what they said no like why did I was leaving meaning that then you just look really stupid and so is asking questions is good so that you don't mess or misrepresents other person you're talking to but also forces the person to think about what they are saying I ceased say all while I haven't really thought about that are what's the why do I believe so let's say someone were to give you an argument that said something like resurrection sees the resurrection reincarnation was originally a Christian idea and was deleted from the Bible could we respond well using on game plan will be the first question we say what you mean by that part how does that work hiding that helped it happen how did they go through every single translation of the Bible and cut out every single reference to reincarnation let's say someone says they don't believe in God is not evidence you can say what you mean by that and more variation of that what kind of God don't you believe and never talking to tie Gibson and he was sitting at some an airplane and I doubt he was a Christian any similar to believe in God the fellow did and I asked the question what we mean by that what kind of God don't you believe it and then then explained to God that we torture people or you know a God that was judgmental and Tyson Lee on atheist you and I looked at him to remain your neighbor as you just tell me your preaching is why we believe in that kind of got either and so asking questions is very helpful but if someone were to say you can't take the Bible seriously because it's written by men and men make mistakes while you say what you mean by that is either particular mistakes you know that you're thinking about you have any books in your library are those books written by men do you think there's any truth in those books Whitey think there's truth in those books but not another book written by men is it possible that a book can be written by men and have truth do people always make mistakes when they write so by asking questions like this were getting people to think beyond their slogans many people will meet art are used to just throwing out statements and having Christians you to get defensive or aggressive or wilting so again the first step is to ask questions for clarification also get these we had this year and review discusses earlier back in the service to this same conversation some he says you know that it's about time these folks just love each other they should be able to get married like anyone else what might we ask what you mean by that what would he try to say what is your view on marriage as was brought out earlier or again and so because Christianity is all the same party what you mean by that or some variation really how could that be that all religions teach the same thing on certainly they have parts that they are similar but do they all teach the same thing now but if you question here what are some challenges to your faith that you encountered in the past year rather anything through three challenges that you have either encountered for your reading there are some you know through television any challenges to your faith anybody that's okay Jan Adams Scriptures that contacted the point that some kind of a specific challenge give it that's a very personal one and start listening to people because the Bible correctly you are definitely not over church I go to that set challenge that we needn't be off putting out the truth why is our church so divided question three of us say that again Christians were persecuting people out at certain points in religious history the good challenge I don't defy Christianity because Christianity persecutes people were sometimes people make challenges and challenges that you might have encountered in Walden and fairly placid ponds of Christianity right now challenges to faith and I thought the music was and how Pakistan church they're going to there as well sometimes people throughout challenge the other challenge of finding a bridge from what you believe to somebody else is recently else's faith in the good points on two thousand nine three go through this one conducted in our next part of this is reversing the burden of proof and that is when you need some eight first question is clarifying in the question is what you mean by that now until he makes an assertion to me makes an argument Christianity all religions are the same more used in Venice are exclusive or it doesn't matter what day you go to church anybody makes a statement has to support that statement we call that reversing the burden of proof now hard key question for this section is one brought YouTube what brought you to that conclusion on a person again makes a statement and they bear the responsibility of no providing a reason why they believe in that statement is only times we feel is where the Christians we have to know give all the evidence but if somebody makes a statement they have to give in evidence for their statement of using our analogy of a building and compared to the argument the growth of the building is what we call the conclusion of the argument now the walls aren't supporting evidence now build a house and you don't put really strong walls with you happen to the house is in a collapse skin and firstly not to be approved but it is good at it in a collapse and so the same way if somebody makes a claim and doesn't have good evidence than the argument it is important to remember that opinions don't make up an argument then I knew back to the point which you mentioned earlier some people say what they believe or make a statement but they really don't have reasons for it it's very dangerous with some dentist you same thing when we make statements as though their facts but we don't have reasons to support our arguments as well together key question here is what brought you to that conclusion so let's look it up on a few they tear down a few the statements the only rational explanation for how we got here is evolution you can believe in creation you if you want but that's all based on your faith in the Bible are second argument here fetus doesn't have self-awareness it's not a person you think that a blob of cells is more important than real people who are already here that's a religious claim you accept without proof estimate which you like that how would it impact you would you shy away from answering that person would you engage them is talking to him muttering the second one but we get on in what way would you engage the again I be able to get a conference how would you engage them can you point out a contradiction in here that we retreat certain people that have a lack of awareness we honor their life but what about the fetus that you point out that flaw also arrested and was I will see you trying to argue that their premise is wrong to try to convince them that their premise is wrong and that there really is life there with heaters is the question what you mean by real person good point Katie would raise the question about where self-awareness starts in the process the question as to where self-awareness begins down each of these people are making strong assertions are that and again it's something makes a strong assertion their responsibility is to defend to defend that assertion again it's important for us as we are talking with people and engaging them in all we want to first find out what they're thinking what you mean by that that we want to find out why they think that way why they think I went and read something to you from Richard Dawkins who's written a book called the blind watchmaker and he's talking about evolution he would clearly believe in the top argument here he asks the question is this question he says how did wings get their start that the question is how did rings get their start when he read his answer many animals lead from out about and sometimes fall to the ground true false sure right animals jump and was a fault especially in a small animal the whole body surface sometimes catches air and assist the lead or breaks the fall all are doing a airfoil crude airfoil cellulite gel pen I've got the clingy stalemates cannot catch the wind a little bit any tendency to increase the ratio of surface area to wait we help for example flaps of skin going out and angles of joints would help from their it's a series of steps to gliding rings and into flapping wings blind watchmaker page eighty nine now did you notice what he did in his argument he started with a clear true that a most jump from out about and what did you have a series of assertions with really no evidence to them and animal jumps and if by some fact it had wings with it would break his fall obviously and he just makes this assertion but what reason reasons for that how did you come to that conclusion now as we discussed this question forces people to give evidence for their belief but we should also be ready to do the same in first Peter three verse fifteen says but that Christ apart as the Lord in your heart and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asked about the hope you possess so we should always be prepared to give evidence for art are our point of view but we should not be the only ones very important lesson that when people come and make statements that they should also have the burden of proof we don't we will resist the impulse that when something makes an assertion could instantly you know start attacking a moment that they first need to give themselves you don't give us the evidence for what they're believing and so we seen in the examples know that sometimes people just make assertions with no claims so someone said I can explain that then we use a hypothetical story like docking doesn't he just gives us a nice dining story editing constitute as evidenced as just know rhetoric to make us believe it's really important to rethink the chairman said that our humans into your natural tendency is to jump back with an argument and to counter no use isn't this for no religions aren't all the same and our tendency is to automatically engage we would be much better served by controlling the conversation to questions asking them it takes a lot of pressure off the boss to engage in conversations and find out where they're going and most of us if we really get aggressive in it it really begins to show interface in her countenance and her tone of voice asking questions is a helpful way to better control right away it was question what you mean by that it's not what you mean by that but it's been engaging really what you mean by that could you help me understand your point of view remember as we talk about reversing the burden of proof are our our point here is not that we would escape defending our ideas we need to give rational arguments as well but they have a responsibility to defend their points of view at the same time I guess to stop and take a break can it break inward and start again at three o'clock media was brought by audio or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain it is www. audio or


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