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Lift Up Your Eyes

Elizabeth Williams
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  • October 15, 2011
    2:00 PM
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him if I had a new name for every single person that if you think you so much for the time and effort regardless of many inspiring again thank you so much for Jean and I am free now as he lifted out I asked that the Holy Spirit comes down to less than what we talk about today in the understanding guide and stand for the last heavenly father and that only comes from you I bet you against the Holy Spirit and confident that you will bless this talk today every single heart and mind in Jesus name game right sold it for the first time in this series is called heat emission is a list of your eyes lived at your eyes so that they can introduction and our greatest enemy I suggest you guys felt it our greatest enemy let me wrap you look at me what asked me pay attention to me within the brain this amazing outset look at me getting good grades in school getting straight A's right let me in this amazing picture on Facebook event Saturday definitely looking because I only friends and people actually want to hang out with me but I think this is a meal and everyone is raving about it look at me with any competing in athletic competition in record time look at me when I went to do today what is best for you what will make me happy in my way friend you are in my way we all struggle with it every single day don't we I know I do we all struggle with self and I suggest you guys is epitomized by the devil that you guys had your by you are here with you today turns again at IBM fourteen and fourteen regularly reading verses twelve to fifteen he got the right time of her death Sergeant Isaiah fourteen virginity reading verses twelve to fifteen how you are falling from heaven only the first time in the morning how you are down to the ground you who weakened the nation for you that in your heart I will extend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will fit on the mount of the congregation on the finest sites in the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high yet you shall be brought down to share all the lowest death of the pain you feel good free time that it didn't yet be looking get her to be doing something where people are actually paying attention to you but lately a result you can ask him just like they dabble you end up in a cell young adult in college I can be honest with you guys I was addicted to self totally completely and absolutely have to read something that I struggle with today as well sure I had my devotions for a few minutes every day sure I strive to know God a little bit I felt was the name of the game is going to get it vacant and that would make me happier I badly determine my worth they didn't go to law school to become a lawyer to help a few people along the way I am really nice car nice job they that this world has to offer me when I have a good amount of money I was the coolest and when you do fun and exciting thing him the liberty of the athletic way Fran would make me happy right until he got reached me at twenty five sporty car and go back to know people but they are when I close in being then I would fill importing and wall you guys relate to what I get bad he is a strike according I was feeling pretty good I was having fun I'm addicted itself to the with just around the corner from me and actually it happened in October of my senior year of college it's exactly a turning point in my life and he'd wake up call getting to me graciously by God October my cool finds a boyfriend at the time was real smooth name had lots of friends he told me one day and think and the OMB review eighty percent per thing you know he was part of my identity on the twenty first birthday the actual day of my twenty first birthday two weeks before my parents had given the new Volkswagen Jetta I love that car so much had wanted it for the past like two years and for the last two weeks that had made the first thing I would do in the morning was actually run outside and didn't and now it became known though getting new car then I went on the day of the actual twenty first birthday I was a big shift knob and to the emergency brake line but I do know that you had to put it in year two you can drive past recommended afternoon it's right across from the little daddy clean my car decided to go down and help five thousand crash into a tree praise the Lord that I went into a tree and not into a car or a person they are really thankful about that I told you before Helena got a last school back to Atlanta do it and I a lot average of the last school engine demand crap well that university would have to meet and what else that we are doing okay in school like daddy you know give me however when I went into the house that people paying for any and all that in my mind went blank and ninety before me I couldn't read I could try out your thinning hair just like known not doing anything until we really need a break think there for about an hour to break I went back and looked at myself long and hard in the air that started crying when he canceled my past score some degree in achievement and crap I went through my fingers relationship with you my fingers materially slipping through my fingers I will be grimy asking dart hit the rest of that school year like a little minute hate I was a joy violating happy idyllic going home a lot and just crying I didn't know how God was leading leading in my life even if they're what it actually cared about me exactly a deep time in my life and yet you guys that he cried live a life to pull me off but that from that which I lived during college completely copied that felt it is new self lit Jesus cry let's look at the growing needs of living chapter detail Philippians chapter TL lovely birthday everybody reading very good three to eleven therefore with to read through allow me back now you will guide yourself as they can or can't see the loneliness of mind let each esteem others better than itself as you look not only for its own entrance but also for the trip of either let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus will be the form of God cannot consider it robbery to be equal with God but made himself of what noble reputation taking the form of a binding therapy and coming in the likeness of men ending in man he humbled himself and become obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross for God also hath highly exalted him and giving him the name which is above every name that the name of Jesus every knee should bow those in heaven and those on earth and those under the year that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Isaiah fourteen at the gavel when it is ready he crashed into a paint with in my life currently up up up people looking at any and I crash making a big back pocket it didn't he became a human and he dived for a became of no reputation and then God exalt him so Southwest went in opposite course of action love thy at last let's read now Hebrews twelve twenty two so Hebrews twelve one two all right instead for we all have since we him I fell great crowd and when he said let us lay aside every weight and we so easily in paragraph one domain flipping during a race that effect before looking unto Jesus the author and what they share a birthday event enjoyed with that love for Hannah endured the cross despising the shame and head back down at the right hand of the throne of God the wedding he described them during their he endured the cross for the joy of the imperfect communion with him and had incorrect the other example of selflessness they didn't sign in nation for high you think about this afternoon I don't get one of these the words reveal button and the universe suffered for us right and got the University hungered for he prayed all night for he went for it he spent every waking hour serving on this earth for her at everything was poor at it today he turned white bathroom glory to glory and maybe hold him think about that one story I put it one story in John four and John pointed my favorite stories in the Bible wonderful example of cross-cultural relations that were not getting back to physically today and amazing stories of courage before and where Ganymede verses one to ten four versus one to ten I RA I found so scared he has learned that for when the Lord needed it he had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John the genius and did not baptize I thought he left Judea and departed for where Eileen is engulfed through the myriad delete in the area which is called icon in the platinum ground that Jacob gave three things that not just as well with their heat therefore being wearied from his journey that I do well it was about a six-hour a woman in the area came to jot water Jesus said to her gave me and drink okay there for just affecting you really interesting about this story in your seventeenth century before any nameplate in a cross-cultural interaction between another man and a woman needed I'd know who all is that you created that it would actually shackle and dynamic search and Dinah remembers that some took dynamic and bad things happen in a Jacobs family went and killed all the name right bad example of cross-cultural relation to her seventeenth integrator and they are to this comment and explain that react and giving as an example of positive cross-cultural Asian powerful and I was so amazing when you get again still we had met Gina Bank and its woman give me a drink give me a drink for it is both had gone away into the city to buy food the woman of Samaria said to him in my view means you have to drink from me at the American one and you have no dealing with American Jesus answered and said to her you knew the gift of God inherent it is that you give me a drink you would ask and he would have given you what everyone living water said Jesus would have given her living water to take I will not even call now that he hadn't he had been in the guidance is currently living with is not her husband opened in uncomfortable conversation yet the conversation with eternal results still let down now to John for an regular read verses twenty five to thirty four kids admit the first twenty five the one said to him I know that I is coming who is called Christ when he comes he will tell us all things Jesus said to her I could speak to you and he and we hit that both came and they marveled that he talked with the woman yet knowing that why these are why are you talking with her first twenty eight the one that left her water pot went her way into the city that's in there and come man who told me all thing that ever did could this be the Christ enables the feeding came to him as his disciples first think they ran by the accident I have food to eat which you do not know excellent example said to one another this one brought him anything he Jesus said to them my food is to do what everyone to do the will of God and to finish his work so will he ignition in this story the woman in the area attracts but the disciples did it get so become geniuses love a kind of genius the cousins even his mission cool women's life was changed it was radically changed and if you read further on in the chapter achieving the kind of other people to Jesus Christ he lingered there for today Tampa powerful CPU guide I cannot do that do we get at Walmart and Peter loved one are hard and then we actually can lead one to become you admission for him rather than using the service out and ranking that I can get you guys today that the harvest is all around the landfill back to John for me read verse thirty five four verse thirty five he said that you know there are still for a moment and then comes the hard behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the field for their party over white for the hard we has written about that with enough your eyes I simply telling you guys we need that empire I had an infinite Adventist church to fit beautifully as seventy having to use we get needed Jesus Christ right we think of Netscape's better yet sobering venture in Jesus Christ and we definitely lift up our eyes this is our purpose and are calling now let's continue with the story that I left off the third faithful October which is not a good month for my entire senior year at sending the illegally in the dark depressing if you guys are in right now he will pay for you I think it can scale in my senior year I had absolutely no idea what God is calling me to do with my life all Imperial kids had no earthly idea and integration he is now humane way to see to the wild upholstery at number him until I had to agree with Duncan Hunter read that to interior people in English there I found out that there are plenty of Peter when it really anything he can do so in a new and alive in my rehab in my little snapping a three-game side of black paint the first time in my life the way for my friend I was away from my family I was a raving television I was away from the Internet it was just me and God the way you do the whole time in my room I had my Bible I do in any other delayed for several hours today with read the Bible in the Bible for the first time in my life became the word of God seeking to me guy became a real and personal God can break bridges leading the league in a great evening that the Reagan brand it was one of the most blessed being fed in my life until that point so Costa Rica and did you have to go to close three dead after lingering survival in China visiting from the world around you be a massive blessing it that way I do that in the enclosed Arica propelled me to near eighty to do an internship at seventy having his church at United Nations I go and move on your baby environment clearly calling me there was such a blessing it opened my eyes to what is actually going on in the rest of the world for mom and me and I found out did you know that one had eight children don't have access for people rather than the whole world can have access to clean water this little girl this is a picture from Hades you know he didn't feel too well right now agitating water like you were down area anatomy what are your real name he had unsafe water and poor sanitation kill foreign Taliban children daily for balancing children daily worldwide four thousand children daily is not a problem that is happening in hunger the picture to allow active point of this little babies malnutrition ward in Mullally Africa posse really puffy because he now perished and had had enough to eat did you guys know that eighteen thousand children under five under five die every single day because of hunger related cause in eighteen thousand and eighty equals six five million per year just from hunger related content which is really tricky because the Walmart we have in abundance here I really didn't baffle the imagination and good I learned that here in Iraq I know I'm behind the side making the world for girl you guys know that for women and girls arrived winning through to a meeting specifically on human rights do you know around the legal age for marriage is nine years old nine years old and not really naturally a lifetime nearly one billion people around the world are illiterate than one billion meaning they can read or write and two thirds of which are winning I literally every single day during information like that I think that my problems started looking a little bit trivial and how my viewpoint was superficial it was the best education that God could ever have given to me over I will need to be thinking information meeting people story was living in year twenty nine Fabio and creeping got yesterday out McMahon women in India I know two people my parents I don't know right away what he will know how it can fill in a few weeks a thirty morning December eighth fifteen thirty going to man kind finding the restaurant and you think I'm getting a little cocky like he is having a by my family my friend could see how little I really do think the want to waiting for something at the United Nations and having China strike up a conversation with people you never knew where they were found and what their story when I first meet them he started to talk I now he was fancy to more electricity to more anyone know where East Timor a anybody can love goodbye lush Guyana gets gained independence about ten years ago from Indonesia late in man's very tiny his story quickly he had had from the strife and civil war that had been in the country there is even more striking year any undecideds run ball to my school in wide view which is limited that schools in the United States continue equity then why will he was learning English at the same time he was writing for the Timorese delegation 's United Nations in Google but after he was done with law school was to go back conservative people a conservative family and try to rebuild his country no more I is learning everything was the total perspective Shaq is ready to think that when people all day to open Baghdad during my life when you mean about human trafficking in years the story the girl all but the way they are from two different countries and agreed appointment on Monday so much we heard in my country Elliott contributed to my family and friend is going to go go along with him of course I wonder when they got to his country he actually dropped her off in a brothel he had sold her into sexual slavery she was heartbroken now she was being played what happened is she had to keep fighting she finds the body but then he had to go along with it pay for her freedom couple months down the road to test for HIV and just positive in everything that I went example of approximately twenty seven to thirty two million people that are enslaved in the world today it's tragic right away sitting here in happy Valley the godly definitely opening up my eyes in the meet and help in my heat can open up your eyes believe me so filled your eyes and actually be used in mission to get you guide you think of the end of the earth if not you can go to the caves of the earth by all means go but you do not have to you can start where you are asked with your family with your friend with local strangers etc. I encourage you guys to lift up your eyes what to do now is actually tell you an category of stories about lifting up your eyes I worry they can hand mighty power to intervene me pray their matters right to keep that in mind if I share with you that story I read here I pray you don't nearly half the pot to the person that you want to minister kale is not that I can't talk and share in the Holy Spirit league and you can also just simply pray that Trey is an indictment story for tomorrow several years ago I got a call from someone I knew and told me the worst story that heard about her marriage her husband had only done what are the worst thing possible to the individual had called me free gasoline to call it and how can't think I know I freaked out I got clearly impressed me maybe you need to get on your knees and pray for those individuals you need to pray like they can trade in my painting I worried that independence would actually take and share with you the details but I can penetrate and I prayed and I pray and did you know a year later line came into both of the individual card and now they're on fire for him and marriages restored train a powerful story on several Valley kids that have become addicted to alcohol and drug typically one of my older cousin name who was my favorite typing now in he made a gigantic progress of Haraway which is the worst in the works right until we heard when they actually naturally shy it barely made the car in the intensive care unit basically I have been a leader don't mind how can we convert the hospital room and we pray him and he may fit Israel then I end down in his life but he died to be drawn in black and getting back on track praise the Lord and also over no site through three-time down until they are supposed to battle crime definitely answers prayer he bought from my time at now in the low hospital in Africa the days you can't really see her but it will enter hospital bag one day after work I decided now in their religion in Mullally and then today I go home I knew that you relax and read a book franchise about a half mile at the house it was warm there was clean air during outpatient air was nice to be by myself however as I got to the house of its child and present in the ego back to the hospital might have no beauty that we really need to go back down to item now I won't yes no yes we went back and forth back and forth I did okay I'll go back to the hospital in the early when I got down to the hospital I walked into the female ward in the first really good I came into what did girl about my age and mom Kendra was laying on the bed and mom was like holding her tight behind her and is trying to breed a girl trying to be trying to breathe air into the Chinese situation so I went over there and the only words a kneeling chair last year once you pray we pray pray that we pray at trading English name and physically in this prayer asking God made the girl that used to describe as her Savior right bank that gay men and was found to call the yes I find Doctor here is there is no money hair actually nobody is in play here in the rooms that she that was her last breath of life she gagged and pray the Lord God help me even after finding to go down there and to pray with her right title and the impression followed those impressions never go wrong trying to pay when someone right followed an impression though important story I was the teacher for two years at English-speaking college and fatigue that is not clearly impact upon my heart at the beginning and everything will class we need to have a time of thanksgiving and prayer request that we didn't know was happening in each other I think it might be here and you'll see why actually do this every day and a story like me you'd never know the date is due to girl came to class even bombed out quickly her fun there had been added to cut her off from all financial support and she was in the middle of the night there and she would bond out as the rest of her classmates neutral you know got to work a miracle so we pray and pray and we pray and we pray for a couple weeks one day she might see the classic with being my airliner may well have been a great man the blue she got a random check that covered her tuition for that and after randomly doing the chat from family and loved for concealing able to finish the master came praise the Lord we need to ramp up our eyes and pray and not give after just one little prayer right praying and asking God for intervention story from I think I really think the humor intended to actually got in trouble my senior year at the Academy I would actually be thinking that I may need to chair the school discipline committee that year we had an absolute that year we had one tried to burn down things they would fill character voting cattle younger than I am now I don't have anything it went it was it was interesting still we one day a student came into my heart sank like a gangster type great heart but even leaving their literally and he can laugh with the family started talking about why he was struggling in the class that you started following him what a dangerous crime all made for killing every time in the copy all is set in a story filled out even actually running diamond and draw the background for harm to gain and know what why did you tell me that you care fiscal discipline committee should be things like that until the decree no what did you think my parents and children there went than I needed getting name and think what you'd like taking the discipline committee like you and me I have a meeting when here's it is happening I still met in my life and we need to have special fasting and prayer paid pray for this young man don't do anything just pray that we get that we had several special day of prayer and healing disappearing from my class had an whole idea were he went down with the reason we worried about him last year special evening of prayer I was teaching world history one day and he is one are you now think what I is and is he and he laughed he is the only people are living in group battling the actually took me hot days he was gone and he will one day to give me go let me go to be leaving a grander time to train film award he was arrested and everything in your rain award winning at a party gather me to pray for her family to pray for our friend I just love that story was arraigned today on my daily trailing leaders tell her story my family goes down to hate every year twenty four finance and they give the medical work there is a picture of a little girl and malign in-hospital delay I know that there are thousands of child slaves in Haiti he said no that the concept of it quickly when my parents went down there for one week several years ago there was bigger than what the child slave she had either on purpose or not on purpose were not sure three chloro leads and what it perforated I made a hole in her and possibly I don't know any medical people in here okay so my dad is finishing he tells me that even in that intensive care unit in the United States the mentality rate of ninety percent for someone with a perforated plastic okay and all my children in the hospital with my cousin and her husband and agree when they got to the hospital the girl again but whenever my parents immediately really taken off the community when awake that on her minutia than a guy you are right you think honey I think the dynamic in the bedroom all night that I sent to Craig and I prayed in the dragons made it through the night is wiser today I saved her life he here went back today and I heard she was no longer a child right time I very thing that the powerful story hearing that hearing and I really think Kerry did I enjoy the pear group that you can even group that he Monday through Friday seven a.m. at the flagpole I been trying to Bill and Mike if possible I would more laughing that right-handed dollars frequently about the result of the actions we had divine appointment and maybe compare just a couple of the Internet felt the thing is your eyes and their domain here I been there years ago got wearily working out for me to attend a place called the arrive in a few and I didn't really want to go to a rise in attention to how the story how I actually got there by him in few people around you when the Bible which is a huge flapping in the one hundred impersonal and England in the community knocking on doors betting the people etc. however what they did that we went for me words that even people we know indoor around looking woman opened the door and leaves and debris should be tracking out the translation that regularly gamers found in Spain and down yeah that was at the leader that is what happened to me we found the door and she is not why they are in the software and she welcomed into her house when we enter out to creating the average seen Catherine everywhere up here is trash everywhere her little granddaughter with a man with her granddaughter was talking about the different bad people she was seen her grandfather was in the room and that the other was the whole dark and dank and related get out here is it possible and believe it when you see if we could with one of our teacher that arise about the situation Alito the rebel backers can never see those people again know the way that we are leading the year the house and I think that people and you and go back there now that she was okay but I do now I had to go back and uniquely now but he was like yeah he go clean your house now come help you okay the latest recruit whoever a fellow classmate we went to a clean their house before Lincoln extension with morality teaching anyone my flatware I think four hours watching they said yeah I got to find after going in the bottom of the phrase and you won't miss in trying to stop it as I looked through the entire time I was doing and trying to fight it back that anything is neither doing is trying to lighten the mood and it was an Internet be a fun time to play and when he was away no more came in for a house at the present of guy like frayed so we can back the next week is claimed her entire half how is anemia caroling fulling here is one in fact many went back and just tingling and intimate and then she wanted me back I know you are I there when you people control clinical need and salmon that you can then no one nineteen I drank powerful thank you Matt for that suggesting making I would have run away when the entire history of ungainly but will keep going at the time is right here I think actually that he would other people open your eyes and studies with other people another story from there I know I got your vitamins are met that shows significant red know now how do you have any go knock on doors or make friends with etc. in a burning go to Buttercup and not it was had been made I don't know but Buttercup isolated town of it I didn't really plan together there accidentally Linda and Bonnie lived on its dregs of the battle we also met another person going around butter cat we had each survey he went outside cleaning a car he said reacting to a vital area no he started talking you don't did a bit comment anyway my girlfriend went out and she can now find out that she was from around and we are able to start studying with her and I gave my first pilot they are Amber connected that first violence that you could ever imagine that he Daniel two we went through all the given information in the depletion of the information needed at the union pilot I ever had in fact and laughing at this meet maintains Technorati who is in the roommate that is that he went where he wanted to come in and demand then he went back he went to arrive next year he became the personal ministry directed that her experience she said he and a university for three hundred and eight the Bible at the daddy when I married and banning the Bible with her know what you know through the name me I is in question was hard I think I know you are going back and come back next week when you don't know it okay and I think they'll in the Holy Spirit you that in spite of ourselves the study when I see the last category talk about them here I is for divine appointment with your eyes were divine appointment to the public story Miguel and we can see why he and Newman are back alright Sara Angel had ended in Africa Indian Ocean division and the two black women are given a fair and Phil is doing is demanding cool new times gold in the Pioneer elite from the last week and Mullally and you think that that went to three in the morning and pray for our Greenville and the Holy Spirit working through and he in fact had found the muslin in Mullally for God 's glory it is an individual island in the likely your convenience Ford a month later ASI and as what I want by defending that some of that panic will and divine appointment and really cold people in the Olympic disparate human life enhancing in Africa is that while the signal as it who are you owning up to her and laughing to the examiner the presentation that he will become to my home church in prayer I e-mailed me into class I e-mail you my request that bombed about January of last year and I think that today the pain you feel that bad night at that the divine appointment story from seven a.m. prayer group that I have that I Q Li even people that you can serve that they feel the pain that the morning out in my article on that and you walk into my arm fat and get down to the cleaning every question from nothing I can newly started talking a little bit at him like that in there yet and here started coming and going like going on in pricing when you travel and where that came from I don't usually read and react in that incident that I can than incomes and find out she tried to commit suicide and she had planned to commit suicide shortly thereafter I will tell you what to gather and you can share a hagiographic something that you were able to get her help pray the Lord will need to be looking for those people and lifting up our eyes all the time I all around that we need the Holy Spirit can direct those people into our at the rate of divine appointment when I was making at the key only he may stand and got maybe never will maybe angrily before my family and I had my baby is really starting to like it the patient for old people I never fit me very unique learning and making meaning in passing that the far end of the greatness of the filing here I will train transfers turned May third but the people here in Quincy at CeBIT Clinton had more bars per capita than anywhere else in the last row is living by now be really great if I can just like you there someone other than my UK only I plan your evening out at all I can cash out right after that to all the neighbor that can reach at the expense of humankind beneath the conversation will be black a trashcan and we just just waiting for wearing people to be that might series neighbor is another story her name with Mister Patty and she would actually and nine they had me within a nine on the bottom of the Navy finish elevated no-op the driveway is so cool he was from Chile including a missionary the United States that was coming back home after eating going to work something that many even watching may be evangelistic baby and the baby it will need to ask Sister Patty she watched it with UK ways you can keep me down with a copy of the group went to the market him the first meal as we get I can rely difficult you will in any hat and only now they are later we actually got home at the same time and impressions he heard from a meeting with you and didn't know anybody in Apple patent battle against after all of my eye I will not garner door is opened in a liquid wax and religious programming with me tonight and she did not think you will and will and didn't know what license is adding to return design with the David Newman two lo and behold the topic that is nineteen if the foundation that the blackness of the returning oxidant looked at me and grinned I didn't know that grade that very morning that I would teach me more about David cried out and learn more about him today and I think that print in the Navy so much happier I ask for divine appointment Lugano not let you down when you do that for you guys today Christ is coming and you really believe it I know people say that people think you really believe it I really believe that seated coming in that the world around it had a huge economic poverty human trafficking water and sanitation loneliness depression addiction address the heart of it all around guy that surround this right now it surrounded every day I like to encourage you guys to lift door I when you are I find most certainly black and the industry and your own fate in the meantime I think I working at a black out with you guys make me to lift up your eyes today and we and the rest of your life amen let's pray to gather at the end first session didn't really bother I didn't create your name all of these precious individual at her here right now I think he's so much that he had died and I did the Holy Spirit convention each year for the remainder of the year ended with their eyes are big and all-around he is media with run by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. on Hoover's .org


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