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A Mighty Long Way

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • October 15, 2011
    9:30 AM
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Well let me say good morning and happy Sabbath everyone it is a privilege to be here with you all and I'm trusting that God has a very very warm messages and very special blessings that he wants to give to each and every one of us. I'm believing by the grace of God There it is through the power of testimonies that we learn how to overcome the wicked one. That's why we have the promise in the wonderful book of Revelation Chapter twelve where it tells us that they overcame. It was by the blood of the Lamb. But I think God It also says by the word of the testimony and I pray that ultimately did these two ingredients the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony will cause us to love not our lives and to the death so that we may have total and complete victory and that's God's goal this morning so I'm praying that as I share with you just a little bit of what the Lord has done in my life that it will not just simply be information imparted to God's people where you just know a little bit more about me that's all right but the key thing is that you will be able to hear something on it to be able to relate to and say praise God Now I see another step of how I can overcome whatever the challenges may be in my life. So by the grace of God at this time I'm going to ask if you can join me to do something I'm going to consecrate myself before the Lord and I want to kneel. If you're able to if you are able to I'd like to invite you to please join with me as we approach the Lord's own imprint on the all together as we go before God at this time. Heavenly father we are grateful for this beautiful Sabbath morning the truth given to us. We thank you so much for the sun that shines outside the provide to all of us who experience this. For a wedding but not how much more do we need the Sun of Righteousness to warm our very cold and stony so that we may truly have hearts of flesh. Then we can literally go from a cold experience to a hot one. Lord I pray while we're going through this transition to help us not to get stuck in the oneness because we know what it does to your body it makes you want to vomit. So Father we're praying that you do something special with us today and I know that there's nothing in the words that I should say to your people that can cause individuals to pass from spiritual death to spiritual life. It is not going to be by my power or even intimate but it's only going to be by the power of the Holy Spirit. So Father we come asking first for the forgiveness of our sins. We pray that you will cleanse us from all unrighteousness that you will please open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things out of your work. Send us we pray your Holy Spirit and that he may speak to our hearts and cause us to go from a cold to a hot experience and made a fire that he Kindles be the only fire that will last. What I pray in this very beautiful words of that song that says take my life and let it be consecrated Lord. That is the sentiments of my heart this morning. And please speak to me and through me to your people and pray that all of us will be able to rejoice in the blessings of knowing how God can truly deliver us even from the bondage of sin. Thank you Lord for hearing this prayer. Thank you for answering it for we ask in Jesus' name amen. I realize that this is a special sabbath school where we're not going to be going through the court. We we're going to be talking a little bit about my experience I only call it a mighty long way because even though I am thirty nine years young and I definitely consider that to be young. But there's been a tremendous journey as it relates to the experiences that the Lord has allowed me to go through and that's why I am tired of this little testimony a mighty long way. I want to turn your Bibles with me to the book of Isaiah Chapter forty three it is in Isaiah the forty third chapter that is a very pointed text that I want to bring to our attention and I believe that God wants to say something not just to me but to you too. It's in Isaiah the forty third chapter I will be reading from the King James Version. The Bible says and Isaiah forty three and we're looking at verse seven and if you're there please let me know by saying amen. The Bible says and Isaiah forty three in verse seven. Even every one that is called by my name for I have created him for what my glory. I have formed him yea I have made him the Bible is very clear that when God makes His people that he makes them not to bring glory to themselves but he says but I have formed him for my glory as God said that in relation to Jacob he says that in relation to all of his people that he has created we are all made not to bring glory to self but to give glory to God I did not know that I was not privileged to grow up in a home like many of you had been privileged. I did not grow up in what is known as a Seventh Day Adventist home. I did not learn what a Seven Day Adventists was until I was a full grown adult. I never even heard the word before those words that day. They Advent is never knew anything about it. Even worse is that I did not grow up in a home where Christ was lifted up so that I grew up in a non Christian home let alone a non Seventh Day Adventist Christian home and therefore I grew up doing what everybody does I'd let television be my trainer I grew up in a hall with my mother and father had very simple rules they say look don't kill anybody and don't steal nothing and chances are you'll probably make it into what we understand is heaven. Those are pretty simple rules to live by OK don't kill anybody don't steal anything and I guess I'm doing all right and that was basically the rules of my household. Outside of that everything else was go for broke do what you want to do whatever seems right to you. You go ahead and do it and so it is that that was the training that my mother my father gave me and I grew up in a home brothers and sisters where I was surrounded by a lot of activity I was surrounded by a lot of effort because I'm the youngest of eight and because I'm the youngest of eight Can you imagine a household filled with mother father and then eight children. I can guarantee we didn't have a boring day. There was never a dull day at home there was always activity is always stuff going on going on going on. Eventually some of my older siblings they ended up leaving but they were still at least six of us that was still in the house and therefore we were all just kind of living live doing what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it how we wanted to do it if I like video games. I could say Dad can I have one dad with say no problem if I want to go ahead and watch certain cartoons or movies and things of that nature. Dad can I watch these things. Dad would say no problem. My mother and my father both were working class individuals neither one of them stayed home so therefore they were not around. And typically what happens is when mom is at work when Dad is at work and when I'm finding more time with my friends and with television and all those different things you would be amazed at what Satan can teach you. And so it is that I found myself growing up without even sense. Look that child needed from their mother and their father it is not that my parents did not try to love me. It's just that they did not know how to do it as it was ordained by God because they themselves didn't have a connection. My mother happened to be the daughter of a Methodist pastor and I found that to be interest because I found that out way later down in my life but it was interesting to me how it seems like young ladies always seem to stray most when their parents are preachers and teachers and I always find it to be strange to me that it was like you know some of the greatest sin some of the greatest dirt that myself and my friends used to do. Used to be with pastors and elders daughters and I'm not sure and I believe I have a clearer picture now but I wasn't sure then why is it that the daughters of ministers always seem to be the most wildest people I didn't understand that I really did. Well here it is that my mother she never taught us about Jesus Christ being the daughter of a minister brothers and sisters that is the worst commentary that can be stated about a young man or young woman born in a pastor's household is that neither one of the children can actually grow up and never teach their children about Jesus. Something was very wrong in that household and so it is my mother she never taught me about Christ. She was a good lady as far as what she understood to be good but at the same time she never taught me about Jesus my father forget about it. My father was a gangster and I mean that for real my father was he was what you would call a tough guy he was a real roughneck. He was the kind of brother my mother's from the Virgin Islands. My father was from South Carolina and dad you know grew up in the streets he did what it was natural to do in anyone's mind that lived and grew up on the streets so he brought street lifestyle and street mentality into the home and I got firsthand vision of what it looked like. So therefore I'm growing up in this household no religion no Bible study no worship no prayer none of that. It amazes me today when I talk with young people in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and they talk about oh I wish I could try those things out there in the world you have no idea what you're saying you have no idea what you're talking about you know I'm I stand before you a little clean cut in a nice pretty pretty decent suit right now but I promise you under this suit are some scars this world can put on you that don't heal very easily. They don't go away very easily and we fool ourselves in thinking that there's something better the grass is greener on the other side and we want to go ahead and mess around with the stuff that's going on in the world. Not understanding that Satan has some entrapments we're going to talk about that. You see if we can put that first light up you'll see that I grew up in a very simple home it was a home that was very calm and it was very normal it was it was nothing major. This was basically in Queens New York that's where I grew up in Queens New York that was my home for nineteen to fourteenth Street Hollis Queens and that's where I grew up. And basically I just live my lifestyle and you know I did what I wanted to do when I wanted to do how I wanted to do based on my parents given me freedom. Well here it is that after a while when you don't really feel loved and when you don't really feel special mom and dad are not there to nurture you. You're constantly around friends. So when you're around friends in Mom and Dad or not around you start to look for things that you can do to try to win people's confidence to try to get people to become your friend so that you can feel special every single one of us have a desire deep within us that God put there. To feel special to feel needed and because I did not get that from home I sought it out in the street I saw it through friends. Now here's what the problem was I wasn't a very good looking guy so I couldn't get the ladies to pay any attention to me I was not loaded with all sorts of skill I wasn't a big buffed up guy I was a some great football player or any of that stuff so that I can get a whole bunch of guys to sit to try to be my friend and to try to hang out. So I had to find something that I could do to try to win people's friendship and it was only one thing that I knew how to do it seemed like every time music would start to play. My feet would start to move. I grew up in a very musical home my father was part of a band. My brother Leslie was part of a band my brother Vernon was part of a band. Every It was like almost every member of my household was into some type of singing or playing music my father was a jazz musician is and he was a drummer. My brother Leslie could play the drums he could play the saxophone he could play all these different instruments. Michael loved to sing. Vern and he was excellent at it as a drummer as well. So I grew up around all of this music and we didn't learn to listen to Christian music obviously so therefore we were listening to the rhythm in the blues. We were listening to something called P. Funk we were listening to all these different types of music that we would go ahead and dance to and so on but the only thing was that I couldn't play the drums I couldn't play the saxophone I can play any of those things but what I could do was I could dance. When the music would play my feet would start to move. So here it is the at a young age I started to realize every time I danced the first thing I noticed was Mom and Dad would begin to applaud me and praise me. Now Brothers and Sisters Remember when an individual is hungering for attention and they're not getting it. When they begin to do anything that gives them attention they will begin to magnify that thing for some brothers is walking around being a roughneck and beating up people weaker than them. For some young ladies is going around giving up their virgin to being given their body so that they can feel special. For me it was dancing. Every time I dance I got attention. So obviously I started to magnify it. I start to see a man let me go ahead and dance so I started dancing more and more and more and as I danced I got attention not only from mom and dad but now I got attention from my friends. So as I got attention from all my different friends and everything guess what eventually I started to think well I guess this will be the medium of how I will start to feel special. So here it is as I got out of elementary I eventually had to go to high school and this was the high school that I when you can put that slide up Springfield gardens high school that was the high school that I went to in Queens New York and I started to go to Springfield gardens high school and it got to a point that again I'm reaching out for friends again. Not a good looking guy so I can't get the ladies. I'm not a I'm not a great athlete so I'm not really getting the feller's either but what was the one medium that I had dancing so they had something called homecoming king and homecoming queen pageant. And as they had the homecoming king homecoming queen pageant I realize Well I'm going to get some people to learn how to show me some love inside of this school. I guess I'm going to have to go ahead and use my talent once again which was dancing so lo and behold I joined the homecoming king talent show when I started the battle. And that's actually a picture of me. That's me in action I'm literally up in the air dancing and making a fool out of myself but I didn't realize it at that time. So here it is that I'm jumping up and down and and I'm just dancing and moving along. And do you know brothers and sisters that all of a sudden after doing all of that work I actually won and I became The Homecoming King. They made me the homecoming king and everybody in the school. It almost seemed as if they were worshipping me. I went from being a nobody to becoming a somebody everybody started to pay attention to me now. Now all of a sudden if I wanted to go I hadn't had a girlfriend. It wasn't a problem. Now if I wanted to go ahead and have a bunch of different brothers that I could hang out with and we can do different things together. It wasn't a problem I could pick and choose who would be my friend and who I would have to reject and I found myself going through this great crisis and you know what was amazing is I didn't realize it was a crisis then even though it was you see something was happening to me. The book of Isaiah Chapter fourteen exactly what was happening to me I didn't realize it in Isaiah the fourteenth chapter. I realize that everybody in this world reflects one of two images one of two images and I did not realize that I was reflecting the image of a fallen angel. You see the Bible says in Isaiah fourteen in verse twelve it says how are now fallen from heaven old Lucifer son of the morning. How about cut down to the ground which this week in the nations. If that's what thou hast said in that heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of the clouds above the heights of the cloud I will be like the most high. So between Isaiah fourteen twelve through fourteen you find that Satan was going around this ramp and he was constantly getting into this I mentality I will ascend above the stars about I will be like the most I will do this I will do that. He was bringing upon himself self worship. He was lifting himself up to a point that he did not belong and brothers and sisters I was doing the same thing. Do you know that when the people in the school were actually cheering me on their body motions was actually in the form of worship. And I didn't even realize that they were lifting up my name and they were going around chanting my name I had a stage name and they were going to look that up and they were going ahead and it was as they were bowing down to me and I felt like I was getting this worship as I was up on the stage while I was watching everybody down under. And lo and behold brothers and sisters I started to feel like I had some power. I sort of feel like I can tell people what to do when to do how to do I can humiliate people and it didn't matter to me. I was totally and completely cell focused and I was reflecting the image of Satan and didn't even realize God So when I made you son I made for my glory but I started to take glory to myself like many people do today. I started to think about LOOK AT ME LOOK AT HOW BIG BAD bold and talented I am. I am look at what I have done with what I have accomplished and I had the same I syndrome just like that fallen angel. It got so bad brothers and sisters that eventually I ended up joining a group and a group was called Quiet Storm. That group called Quiet son you can see me right there that was that group in Queens New York and all of us were part of this group called Quiet Storm and that's when you know it was funny I have never professed to be a roughneck I never profess to be a wild child or any of that kind of stuff I was always consider myself to be a fairly nice guy but at the same time I did have a pretty bad temper if you got me mad enough it was on and I knew that if you got me mad enough that I would kill you in broad daylight right next to a police officer would care less about it. My parents knew how dangerous my mind was and unfortunately that was the mindset I had in that picture. If you could actually see a close look up of even my face you could tell that that same is that same countenance on my face praise God is not the countenance you see today. There's a peace that only God can give us. I don't have it in that picture. And so it is that as I join this group quiet so when brothers and sisters. It got to a point that I started to do all these different shows and I started to do all of these different programs. I ended up what happened was I was in school and as I started to do lots of talent shows with this team here quiet storm what eventually happened was there was again that was called the Decepticons. Now anybody who ever watched this ridiculous program called Transformers knows that there are two groups in that cartoon is called the Autobots and the Decepticons the Decepticons where the bad guys in Brooklyn New York they had a group called the Decepticons they were a gang they were known for killing people with sledgehammers. That was actually their coined you know recognition that's how they became popular. Well they ended up coming to Springfield gardens high school and they started to dance and I saw. It's a watch. Everybody in my school I started to claim it as mine I said I was everybody in my school. Give these brothers attention that I felt only belonged to me and when I watched that I went up on stage and I started to go ahead and walk around these brothers and we started to get ready to battle we were going to dance I was going to challenge them. What happened was they thought that I was going to start a fight. So the teachers came on the stage and they broke up everything they said hey wait a minute come off the stage you know one of the problems here and they kicked me off of the stage and when I got off the stage somebody came to me and they said listen you know what. Why are you guys trying to start a fight with what we're trying to do is have some fun. And before I could even explain to them that no I'm well I'm not trying to start a fight. All of a sudden one of my friends comes Oh Mrs Blank You know I have to go for that bang and he punched the guy in the face and the entire auditorium jumps on these eight guys from Brooklyn New York who came to dance and started beating him up. Well I picked up my bag and I walked out I said I'm a part of this that you know I don't try to start any fights or anything I'll just come to the dance but I came back around the corner later on and you just saw police cars all over the place and when you saw these police cars and everything else it turns out that the eight men who were visiting from Brooklyn who were dancing on stage was none other than the Decepticons and they all said Duane Lemond started the fight. Well eventually I went home that night and as I put my key in the door and opened it my mother open the door with tears in her eyes and a phone in her hand she says why do I have these boys calling my house telling me they're going to kill my son and I said what. And the mother figure she says people are calling the house and that they're going to come by and are going to shoot you they going to kill you. And as of that point brothers and sisters my mother said you're not going back to school and I became a high school dropout couldn't go back to school anymore because my life was being threatened. So now here it is that I have to try to figure out a way. Eight to work and make money so that I can survive because I can't go back to school. My mother father did not trust me to go to any other school. They said no no there is too much trouble and what was said was the person who actually started the fight was caught and killed my mother father still didn't feel comfortable with me going back to school they didn't want to go to any of the schools in Queens New York because they felt those guys were going to be looking for me. So they said Look just go find a place to work away from Queens or someplace else. So all I knew how to do was dance so eventually I started to go on what was called auditions started to go out and audition for different music videos and all these different things because I figured well there's nothing else that I can do now. So long behold I started to go into auditions and before you know it brothers and sisters I started to get hired and I got picked up and I started doing music videos. I started doing tours and I started doing television in some of the people you see on the next line here are some of the people I began working with Queen Latifa Heavy D. Brandy Tang Clan leaders of the new school bus to rhyme so I work with all these different people started to go ahead and do tours with them I did television with them I did videos with them and all these different things. Now brothers and sisters you got to understand at one time in my life I'm sitting down watching these people now people are watching me with these people so you can imagine what's going on in my head I'm thinking to myself I have arrived. If ever I felt like God on Earth. It was at that time making more money than my parents were making. I'm traveling and I'm working with all these different people and even go deeper than that because after going there I started to do some other things next thing you know and the next line you see I started to do commercials with doing Sprite and Coca-Cola on the next slide. There was even a program called New York Undercover and I started to work with the people on there and he actually appeared on one of their programs. And I started doing all these different things and I was thinking to myself man. Must have really arrived. I must've really made it. But you know brothers and sisters. What's sad is that a lot of times we don't understand. Satan sets traps for us. I was reading a little book called great controversy ever heard of that book. Great controversy page five nineteen is there something very interesting. It says Satan well knows that those whom he can get to neglect prayer and the searching of the scriptures will be overcome by his attacks it says therefore he creates all sorts of devices to distract the people of God that was the device he distracted me with he gave me entertainment every time do you know that all the while when I was going through this journey of entertainment you know I had people telling me to give my heart to Jesus and say hey do you want to give your heart to the Lord I said Are you kidding me I said and give up all of this. No way and I was rejecting Jesus over and over and over again. I am so grateful that the Bible says that God didn't light in mercy delights in it. Because brothers and sisters of God was that harsh God that some of us have made up in our minds he is he would have definitely had struck me down a long time ago as many times as I've rejected him and this is the truth of the matter is is that what people see on television is really not what happens on a regular basis. You see when those lights go off there's a whole side to entertainment that you and I do not understand and I pray that you will never see do you know I've seen men get shot and I've seen bullet holes enter into people's eyes and I've seen men drop dead. I can remember times that bullets would merely pass me so quickly that I could feel the wind from the bullet past my ear. And had I just moved my head a little bit more instead of my ear would have in the back of my head and I would be standing here talking to you today. I've seen women get molested and used and abused in ways. It's just that I I plead with God take those pictures out of my mind. Money stealing cheating all these different things I remember one time I was in Kentucky and I was working with Queen Latifa And I remember being there with a whole bunch of hip hop artists and all these other groups and there was a party that they were throwing on and in that party there was a gentleman by the name of church who was a lead rapper of a group called Naughty by Nature and he was having this big party and he wanted to invite the whole neighborhood to come on in and here it is that as he did that the local drug dealers came in as well and the local drug dealers were not happy that they were the celebrities because they felt we should be the celebrities So long story short a fight broke out in brothers and sisters. I have never seen so much bloodshed in one environment. I mean it was horrific and I thought to myself wow I didn't know about this stuff when I was sitting down watching the music video. I didn't know that there was this dark side to this whole entertainment industry. I thought it was just a whole lot of having fun and partying and just thinking of ourselves more than we should. We're brothers and sisters there's a whole dark side. It's a wed. That if you're not careful will be stooped to sticky to come out of it and as I saw all these different things I remember being in the vehicle after we went to the hospital and dropped off several people and we dropped them off at the hospital and we were getting in the van and I thought we were going back to the hotel and here it is that as we were getting ready to head back to the hotel one of the guys said nope turn right go back to the club I don't think it was a why would we go back to the club this is not a time for party we just had to admit several of our own friends because they got beat up at some party and here it is they said no no we're not going back to the hotel to when I go back to the club the party is to give me the bag they took this big white bag and inside of that white bag was every type of gun you could think of. Nine. Millimeter Glock pistol Tec nine loses all of these different guns and they just took them out to church. They said go back to the club if you see them killing the instructions were clear and they gave me a gun and they said if you see them kill them. I said I'm not shooting anybody. They said if you don't shoot them we shoot you. I was literally being forced to be a murderer and I was the last thing on my mind when I was sitting now watching those videos. I never thought that I'd be put in an environment where people would try to force me to be a murderer and be you know brothers and sisters that it's only by the grace of God the police officer started to show up around that club and the car had to turn around then we had to go back to the hotel that was mercy. That was mercy. Well eventually I got back to New York after doing the tour. My nephew Charlie who was a very poor individual growing up in Brownsville Brooklyn New York very poor. My nephew Charlie decided hey you know what I'll do when I want to get into the entertainment industry just like you I see no problem and I tried to get him in but nobody picked him up nobody wanted him in or eventually what happened was my nephew Charlie decided well I want to make big money like my uncle but he couldn't do it through dancing so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity that was said before he wanted or that opportunity was to sell drugs. He said Charlie just drugstores one night if you make X. amount of thousands of dollars and the night he sold drugs was the night he was gunned down. You know brothers and sisters we have to understand that we have no promise that we can keep continuing in sin and then somehow some way later on in life we're going to go ahead make all the apologies before God and say oh lord you know what I realize I was wrong please forgive me. Brothers and Sisters Not everybody gets that chance because I can promise you my nephew Charlie didn't do the night. He sold drugs was the night he got shot down and killed. And so it is that my nephew Charlie died and I'm watching his casket. They couldn't even have an open casket for him because he got shot twice in his forehead and his head was so deformed that they couldn't have an open casket even the people at the funeral home couldn't do anything with his body for this when they said just keep it closed. And so it is that they had to bury my nineteen year old nephew nineteen years old at the age of some of the students here one thousand years old why because he played with him forgetting that Romans six twenty three is a true statement the payment for sin is death and it comes faster for some than others. Well here it is there it was at that time that I heard the voice of Jesus speaking of my heart for the first time and I heard a voice it was almost like a stereo that as I'm driving in the limousine and heading down I heard the voice of God where he was saying will you accept me now will you accept me now and it was like the voices that everybody else was drowned out. And all I could hear was that voice. Will you accept me now. But for the first time I accepted Jesus in my life. You know brothers and sisters it was a shame that my nephew had to be a seed you see is when a seed goes in the ground it as the seed dies life comes out of it. My nephew was that seed he died and it was through his death that life came into me. Will it take someone dying for us to finally get it right with God. Will take someone being literally taken out of our lives you know that was one time Ellen White was contemplating her and James why they were contemplating about the mission that God has set for them and as they were contemplating the mission that God set for them. Eventually Sister White had her baby and she did not want to leave her baby she felt like I can't go and do this missionary work because I need to go ahead and take care. My baby. And what happened was the baby started getting said and as the baby was getting sick and getting sick they tried everything they could do to get that baby. Well do you know that baby just kept getting sick and getting worse and getting worse and getting worse and eventually it was through prayer between herself and her husband that they realized you know why this baby is getting worse because we allowed the baby to frustrate the mission that God has called us to do and do you know brothers and sisters that they realize that God Himself was allowing that baby to get sick and worse and worse and worse because they allowed the child to get in the way of the work that God called them to do and it was eventually when they realized that that they said all right Lord and they squared away with God and he said we will go ahead and do the mission that you called us to do. It was at that time that all of a sudden the baby started getting better and better and better and eventually the baby was just fine. Mrs White had to make a tremendous sacrifice she left that baby for five years five years. And their baby was left in good hands. But brothers and sisters God takes seriously his work and his mission and God wants us to understand that sometimes if we keep allowing things to get in our way so that we may fulfill the great work that he called us to do then sometimes he may allow I want you to focus on the word that I'm using allow situations to take place with some of those objects things and people and places can be removed so that we can regain our focus and get back onto our mission and so it is brothers and sisters that eventually I gave my heart to Jesus and I joined a Pentecostal church and I started to watch what the Pentecostals did and I was turned off. Immediately I started to watch all that because one thing that was for sure in my mind is that I always appreciated intelligence I appreciated intelligence and I'm not saying our Pentecostal friends or not. Intelligence but what I am saying is that I had very important questions that I needed answered if I was going to live this Christian life and the more that I kept asking them questions they kept giving me answers like well all I know is I was once blind and now I can see my brother. Listen you know there's got to be a better answer than that amen. So every time I seen that asked the question they would always deviate and give me some cliche sometimes I'll just let it go and let God. What does that mean I'll just give it all to Jesus how was that as I hear the same terms sometimes use a Seven Day Adventists counselors who sit down with young people or just let go and let go when the world does that mean. Just give it all to Jesus how. Well here it is that I'm stuck and I'm trying to get some answers and eventually I got some answers but it was from a wrong group I got some answers from an Islamic group. This all should Islam a group started to teach me all these different things they were called Nawab eons and they were really heavy into the hip hop industry because I didn't leave entertainment yet and eventually I started to study with these new audience and I started to learn all these deep things all these things. They had books called three hundred sixty questions to ask a Christian and they would challenge Christians to the core and I used to watch their forms and they would just annihilate Christians I mean they they made Christians just look like fools and I say with these brothers a deep I said that's what I want to be a part of and it was only by the grace of God that I started to study the Bible a little bit more and I studied the Bible to the point that one night I was on my knees on a Friday night and I decided I said Lord if you really want me to believe in you I need you to tell me exactly who you are I don't care if you Jesus I don't care if you are a liar I don't care if you are a head of lettuce. I just want to know who you are as one of the who you are because this is the exact prayer that I said. If you know where this is the following day it was a Saturday. A friend of mine found a flyer laying on the street. Now do you pick up flyers laying on the street. No because it probably some type of spirit or some other type of solution or that you don't want to get your hands associated with. Well here it is that she decided to pick it up I believe angels were guiding her hand she picked it up she brought it to my house she said look she says every question that you have is right here on this flyer. Every question I said Ma'am let me go down and check this thing out it was fifteen minutes from my house it was a ten. Meeting I went to my tent meeting I saw this thing out and the first message that I was called the African American and the pig that was the message that night the African American in the pigs I live in a predominately black community. The man I was a big fan of Malcolm X. and God was so good that he met me right where I was because I was a big fan of Malcolm X. and Gardner are hard headed I was I had a real stigma against white people. I had a stigma against Christianity and all these things because I was taught this way. So therefore when I saw the picture of the brother he had he learned they look just like Malcolm X.. So in my mind I'm sayin man this brother just looks the Golan so therefore I when I went to the meeting I said I'm going to the meeting and I went to the meeting and he started to break down the Bible His name was Stephen Williams. Pastor Williams he started to break down that Bible then he started to go through the bin against eleven and he started to show the unclean animals and all these different things and I'm like I have never heard Christians talk like this. I'm not Christians were so much back to the Bible to substantiate every point that they believe point by point. At the end of that meeting I came up to them I said Listen Who are you people is that we are Seventh Day Adventists I said was that I never heard of it. He says sounds to me like you want to study I say Oh you're definitely going to send somebody miles and they took my name and number down they sense a lot of them. How as a little brother from Jamaica Mervyn Morgan is a father figure. Brother Morgan came to my house and every time I had a question I mean I had my I had my gun loaded. I mean every question that I could possibly shoot at him I'm just hitting them and I'm just like boom. How could Jesus be God and man at the same time. Explain that how could this how could that and I'm just hitting him by I'M question question question and every single time he would keep the Bible in his hand. He would look me in the eyes and ears so you know it's a very good question. You obviously are a thinker and he would say Why don't you turn to the Book of John chapter fifteen in verse seven and the Bible worker who is sitting next to me would take me to the verses and then he would explain what the verse was saying and then I would have another question so you know that's a very good question obviously a very studious person. If you want to talk about the Romans Chapter thirteen verse two and he just can't give me all these different books happened I was pumped up about it but he did it with his bible close but he was right every time. And eventually I stopped the study I said wait a minute wait a minute I said stop everything I look them in the eyes I said How do you do that. He said do what I should how do you do that you know exactly where everything is in the Bible how do you do that and he said those who love God spend time in his work. Such a simple answer that he said I said can I learn how to do that. Because remember I love intelligence I said can I learn how to do that so you can learn anything you can learn anything. So we went through a series of studies and after one month I got baptized became a member to seven the Adventist Church. Now here's where the testimony really begins. I was still dancing. I was a Seventh Day Adventist and I was still dancing. Just try to get the Sabbath off. I started the next Sabbath something bigger than what it was kind of like when people say oh you lied on the Sabbath. OK I'll wait until Sunday and I'll tell a lie. Does that make sense. No I will go ahead and say well let me go ahead and do my dirty dance in the secular world in the secular industry I'll do all of that which is not on the Sabbath hours and here it is brothers and sisters that one day I ended up getting my first opportunity to preach a sermon and when I got my first opportunity to preach a sermon it turned out that as I was preaching that sermon you know how when people stand at the door they shake your hand and they kind of you know wish you God's blessings and at the end of the day at the end of a service when I'm doing that I'm shaking people's hands God bless you God bless you God bless you. And at this point in my life I kind of scaled back from these secular entertainment world but I was doing something called hip hop gospel dancing and you know I tried to anoint my work. So here it is that now I'm doing hip hop gospel dancing so I'm going to churches and go to your college and all these different places I'm doing my hip hop gospel dancing and as I was doing all of that stuff here it is that this time I preached and I gave my first sermon and as I was shaking hands eventually a gentleman came and he looked probably about maybe fifty years old and I went to shake his hand. God bless you and he moved his hand back from me and as he moved his hand back from me he looked me in the eyes and he said Young man. The message that you preach today has changed my life forever. He gave me a hug and picked me up and squeezed me and he said Thank you. And then he let me go. And that same voice of God like stereo in the limousine I heard that voice again you know he said this time was the last time somebody said that about your hip hop gospel dancing was the last time somebody told you that your hip hop gospel dancing has caused me to draw closer to Jesus and has changed my life forever. Do you know brothers and sisters when I used to do hip hop gospel dancing do you know that I can see people even in churches that was still in their hands up towards me giving me Glory. Do you know that when I would dance brothers and sisters that I could still find myself meeting young ladies that would give a piece of paper to me with a phone number and they were not requesting Bible studies church girls church women in other words Jesus says by their fruit you shall know them. God will show me the fruit of my hip hop gospel dance and they did not have a sanctifying effect not on one soul all people did was Geron in the name of Jesus. They were getting their worldly Joyce in Christ's name. You know Isaiah Chapter four talks about that all that is just be called by your name even though we do what we want to do and brothers and sisters when that man said that the Lord spoke to my heart SON When did anybody say that about your hip hop gospel dancing. I confess I never many of you today if you really were to look at your hip hop gospel dancing your reggae gospel dancing your you're your hip hop gospel your reggae gospel your rock N roll gospel. If we were to really look at the front. We would be able to see clear as day is no way that God is in this. Anybody can add Christ's name to anything. Well I'll talk about that in our session I'm serious we're going to we're going to hit this thing on the head with this hip hop gospel and reggae gospel rock N roll Gospel and all this other stuff. And brothers or sisters if you love truth that's the only reason why you'll be in my class because that's all you're going to get I'm not going to go ahead and tantalize I'm not going to teach you something to make you feel good it is is those type of sermons that's causing the level of apostasy that is currently in our churches today. You want truth. Then you come to the glass and so it is brothers and sisters that at that point that's when the entertainment industry. And my dancing came to an end. Now here's what was interesting. I started to go through the motions and I and we were preparing to close I started to go through the motions and as I started to go through the motions I started learning a lot of Adventism seventy Adventism got me interested in reading again. It got me interested in reading. So I started to study my Bible like never before and I started learning all sorts of things and I started to commit to memory a lot of things God does. I asked God for it remember I told the elder Morgan that person who was an inspiration to me. I started to ask him and the Lord just started to bless and I started to learn things memorized things and all these other things and I could quote book chapters and verses and I could even probably repeat paragraphs from the Spirit of Prophecy but here's what the problem was I was still in bondage to sin. I was still in bondage to sin. I went from being an ignorant sinner to an intelligent sinner. You think that's what Gods go there's no desire they just page through a nine. Inspiration says that the great mistake of the Pharisees is that they thought that an intellectual assent to truth constituted righteousness. They thought because we know so much and because we can quote so much and because we understand so much. Therefore I am what I understand. And they forgot that they were supposed to manifest corresponding works and eventually brothers and sisters I found out that I could go to church and I could literally be a wild leader and I would teach everybody about the need to abstain from fornication. But I would find myself after sunset committing fornication I would find myself becoming the health and temperance leader and while I'm telling everybody else to practice temperance and all these things I'd be the first person at the sun. Said midnight in a bowling alley with a whole bunch of other church members eating a whole bunch of the flesh pots of Egypt just like everybody else. When I was telling everybody else to practice health reform I would find myself telling everybody oh yes according to Matthew twenty six we find that when Peter wanted to prove that he was not connected to Christ he would begin to curse and swear. That's what the Bible says. But then when somebody cut me off on the road in the streets of New York I found myself cursing and swearing. What is the point of having a gospel that has no power. What is the point of preaching a message that we're not living and brothers and sisters that's what I found started to take place in my life I was in a church and I was part of a movement and trying to embrace a message that had no practical effect on my own life. And I knew that there was a need for change and so God started to do it. I pleaded with him Lord make this thing real for me I need to understand how I can experience Christ. You know some steps that God showed me. Number one on the slide right here one of the first things that I started to do is start to teach me prophecy all over again but this time he taught me prophesy differently. You see there's a great purpose of prophecy. Go to the book a second Peter chapter one. As we prepare to close I want you to see these two points second Peter chapter one. Brothers and sisters if you and I teach prophecy but if we miss this point literally understanding our prophecy is in vain. The Bible says a second Peter chapter one. You see there is a great purpose of prophecy and if we don't get this purpose of prophecy there is an end result to all Bible prophecy and if this end result is not a reality then our understanding of prophecy is in vain. Bible says the second Peter chapter one and verse nineteen It says We have also a more sure. Word of what prophecy is is we're on to you do well that you take heed as unto a light that shines in a dark place until something happens what is it that has to happen. If this until the day dawn and the days start does what arises in my heart. The end result of understanding Bible prophecy is that it is to draw me closer to Jesus that his life will rise up in my life and now he lives out his life through my life. Do you know how many people understand prophecy but are not Christians. Do you know how many people understand prophecy. And have no connection with Jesus and you know history that shows us that when you're a great controversy page thirty you read the story about that man who walked around and said Woe to Jerusalem woe to Jerusalem a voice from these in a voice from the west. Whoa whoa whoa. To Jerusalem he said Why do you say that because he understood prophecy he understood Matthew twenty four when Jesus says when you shall see the abomination of desolation stand in the holy place. It will then be time to do such and such and such that man was speaking on that very prophecy he understood it right. He had his timelines right. But do you know what happened that meant he died in the very same seeds that he foretold. That's not necessarily a bad thing. There are many people right now who are teaching about the Sunday laws and the mark of the beast and drugs this is the very same crisis that many of us are foretelling is the same crisis many of us will be martyrs in and die and to die in a prophecy that has been foretold is not necessarily a bad thing. Here's what made it bad. After she said that he died in the same sea She foretold the very next sentence in great controversy page thirty she says not one Christian died in this. Now that's a problem. Did you catch that. Did he understand prophecy. Yes. What time lines right. Yes Was he a Christian. No Why because the prophet said not one Christian died in the siege and he died in the siege while he understood prophecy brothers and sisters. God's goal is not to take you from being an ignorant sinner to an intelligence center. He was to take us to be ignorant sinners to intelligent saints of God He had to show me myself in prophecy. You seem rather the sensors when you study prophecy. You got to be able to see what Jesus saw go to the book of Luke chapter four in Luke Chapter four. You've got to see what Jesus saw if you don't see what Jesus Sauber this is when you study prophecy you're in trouble. Bible says In Luke the fourth chapter. Whenever you study prophecy it is imperative that you see what Jesus or the Bible says and look before chapter interview their statement. Now watch this in chapter four you find that Jesus shows us something wonderful. This must be yours as well as my experience. The Bible says in verse sixteen and he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up as in as his custom was he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for to read now what did Jesus read verse eighteen says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because you have anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering assigned to the blind to set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year of the Lord Jesus thus far was simply reading the prophecy of Isaiah. That's all he was doing. Thus far in verse twenty notice what it says next. It says in verse twenty and he closed the book and he gave it again to the minister and sat down and the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him. Now verse twenty one is very key. It says. And he began to say unto them this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ear. You want to know what I love about Jesus when you study prophecy. He always saw himself in it. When Jesus studied prophecy he did not just simply study dates and time frames. He studied to see where am I in the prophecy. Where am I sitting in this prophetic utterance that I'm reading about. And as Christ would see himself the prophecy became more real and dear to his heart to the point that even when he read about the prophecy people would have their eyes fixed on him as a man his brother doesn't even read like other people read. When we listen to Jesus. We see that Christ saw himself in prophecy even at twelve years old when Jesus would see that little lamb get slain and Passover Jesus would say to himself you know what that's me at twelve years old Jesus knew that lamb being killed represents me you know the biggest reason why young people are so distracted today one of the biggest reason why our young people are so caught up into music and and worldliness and all this other stuff even I seventy advantage universities because they have no clue where they are in prophecy. They can see themselves in prophecy so when you read prophecy to them and when we go over all the proof texts of their new chapter nine verse twenty four twenty seven when we go through the proof text of Daniel eight in verse fourteen when we go to the proof text of all these different prophetic utterances. The young people are saying what does that have to do with me. Where do I live. Fit in this thing and you know it's so sad. I wish so much I had the time to show you do you know that according to prophecy that if the young people that actually can bring the breath of life back into the churches. If I had the time I'd show you that quote I'd show you how God is going to work through young people to bring the breath of life back into dead churches we're talking about a time where we're living right now where we need revival and reform nation. Brothers and Sisters God says Yup and I'm primarily going to do it to my young people. Leaders pastors elders you should be showing your young people where they are in prophecy young people you need to be studying prophecy and when you study it you have to say look where do I fit in this prophecy. Where am I. Jesus understood that and that's why prophecy was so emphatically powerful to him to the point that Jesus never even preached the gospel independent of prophecy. You read Mark one verses fourteen and fifteen it says that Jesus preached the gospel based on time. So I started to study prophecy but I started looking north where am I in it. So that was one of the things I started to bring about this revival in my own heart. Let's look at another one very quickly go ahead to the next line. I began understanding the sanctuary message. You know there's two ways you can understand a sanctuary. You can either understand the sanctuary based on its ornamental structure or you can understand the sanctuary to understand how is this message going to help me be covered with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Now I will tell you the truth. There was a time I used to study the sanctuary and I thought I understood it until one day I read a quotation I'd like to share with you. It is in Volume five of the testimony to the church page eighty one. It says The time is not far distant when the test will come to. Every soul is the mark of the beast will be urged upon us and it is and those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands and conform to world because thems will not find the hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than suffer the dangers of imprisonment persecution exile and didn't exist at that time. The gold will be separated from the dross in the church. It's there's many a star that we have admired for their brilliancy will go out in darkness. Now here's a statement that got me looking at the synchronicity all over again. It's all who have assumed the ornaments of the sanctuary but were not clothed in Christ's righteousness will appear in the shame of their nakedness. And I say wait a minute. All who have assumed the ornaments of the sanctuary but were not clothed with Christ's righteousness will appear in the same of their own nakedness you mean to tell me that I can understand the ornamental structure of the sanctuary and still miss Christ my righteousness. Yes And when you listen to a lot of people teach the sanctuary what they teach they teach a lot of the ornamental structures oh yes the brass represents this the wood represents that the table of shewbread represents this. The candlesticks represent that the ark represents this and we do type anti-type and we go through all these steps and is good. There's a place for that but it doesn't stop there. Sooner or later you've got to say what in the world is the out of court in the holy place and a most holy place. Have anything to do with where I'm at in time right now in two thousand and eleven going on to two thousand and twelve. What does the sanctuary message have to do with how God is going to help me to give victory over these sins that keep me setting me and where this is. When you get the answer to those type of questions that's when a sanctuary message becomes something very different than just a whole bunch of intellectual understanding do you know it's possible to go through many universities that name the name of Seventh Day Adventists today and never learn about the sanctuary message. Do you know that that's possible you know that's an atrocity manuscript Willis' book one page two ninety five we are told brothers and sisters that the whole purpose God raised of seven Day Adventist schools was to prepare a people to stand true to God in the judgement hour do you know that that's the whole purpose of wire going to schools exist. That's the whole purpose why sanitariums exist you know it's possible to go to a sanitarium and never understand how the third angel's message connects with health reform. I asked students all the time who graduate from these various schools and they say oh yes I graduated from this school in that school and just because the school is popular does not mean that it's all right. And the first thing I asked many of those people who graduate from the cemetery as I said explain to me how the third angel's message is directly connected to health reform. And you know many of them can do it and say wait a minute you spent six months at a school spent your money. Some of you spent a year at these schools. You work six months and then you go through six months of training and you mean to tell me at the end that you don't know how to connect the third angel's message to health reform. God says the whole purpose of the sanitariums the whole purpose of our schools. The whole purpose of our factories the whole purpose of our hygenic restaurants is to prepare a people to stand true to God in the judgment and the problem is that the blueprint has been broken so God had to start teach me to sing to him that's it all over again. I started to search not just for the ornamental structure but for the heart beat of the sanctuary. What is God trying. Just show me where do I see myself in the out of court. I see price the land but I need to see me. I need to see myself in the holy place. I need to see myself in the most holy place. What is it that I'm supposed to be doing to cooperate with God. Brothers and Sisters I'm telling you the truth. This is how God started to take me out of this dead experience been in the church. You cannot be content you cannot be comfortable just simply having the name. Seventh Day Adventists but not the lifestyle. Seventh Day Adventist is a life style. It is not just a name. Even Romans nine in verse six is not all who say they are Israel by Israel and not everybody who says they are seventy Adventists are seventy AD This seventy Adventism is more than a name. It's a lifestyle. So I started to learn about prophecy. Where am I in it. I started to study the sanctuary message and I started saying Lord how can this message really cause a change in my life and go to that next line because brothers and sisters I promise you. I also had to learn who is this woman Ellen White and what is this role of the Spirit of Prophecy. You know today brothers and sisters that we are told that many individuals are now fighting against that one. You know there are people who actually call themselves seventy Adventists and say they don't believe in this. First of all they are lying. In third select the message is page eighty four in fact and I appreciate this because let me tell you where this is going. If you ever sit down next to a Seventh Day Adventist they say they don't believe in the spirit of prophecy. Brothers and Sisters you pray for that person you know why because they're about to receive the mark of the beast. Now that's a pretty bold statement I should back that up should not be there so that the message is page eighty four thirty like the message is page eighty four what does it say this is no this for a certainty that those Seventh Day Adventists who. Well join under Satan's banner will first give up their belief in the testimony of God's Spirit and quote those Seven Day Adventists who will join under Satan's banner will first give up their belief in the testimonies of God's Spirit when you start hearing Seven Day Adventists say I don't believe in a spirit of prophecy. I don't believe in the writings about a white be on their way to receiving the mark of the beast you pray for them. You'll be careful with them if someone never understand it that's one thing but when someone goes before the church and says Oh yes I believe in it they go to the baptismal vows and then they get dipped in that water and they come back out and so on and they may even hold positions of leadership. They start to say things like I don't believe in spirit prophecy I don't believe in the writings of other white brothers and sisters they are preparing themselves to join under Satan's banner you pray for them. You admonish them you encourage them. I first joined a church I said Who is this Ellen White. Why should I even believe in her and in fact go to the next slide I thought she was counted among those who are part of this you know these fake prophets you know all these Nostradamus and all these other guys all those different articles we read about false prophets people giving all these false prophecies. I put her right in front of that came the same category and I said who is otherwise why should I believe in her. I don't want to hear anything from her. I joined a church that heard about the Bible not understand that the Bible said that there will be a movement in the last days that will have a profit and will have the testimony of Jesus Christ and it was through that brothers and sisters that I realized the only way I'm going to know for sure for sure if it is true that of God or not is I had to read her writings for myself and you know I picked up a little book Go ahead put the next ladder by Pick of the little book right there steps to Grace. When I started to read that book brothers and sisters I said there is no way. As you can tell me that this book was not inspired steps the Christ is literally righteousness by faith. Compacted and as I started to research the Christ and I started to understand all these different things truly I could say according to the next life I can truly say the testimony of Jesus really is the spirit of prophecy and as I started to understand patriarchs and prophets prophets and kings desired ages actually Apostles great controversy and that started to go through testimony through the church volumes one through nine. When I started to look at testimony some ministers and gospel workers when I started to read as husband and wife and parents Adventists home and Child Guidance I said Truly there is a prophet in Israel and to think that while God is giving a gift to us we call it a curse and we think that we can go to all these other people's books. And supposedly get all their knowledge. Why should I go to second hand information and go right to the testimony of Jesus not a testimony about Jesus or the testimony of Jesus it is Jesus speaking through his prophet to you and I. Do you know brothers and sisters that I lied to you not what was it that got me to get to a point of going from nominal Adventism to really starting to understand what this message is all about is I once again had to go back to prophecy. I had to go back to the sanctuary I had to go back to the spirit of prophecy and as I started to read these things study these things and understand these things. This is how God started to do a revival in my soul and he started to teach me something because you want to know what the end result of what Jesus is trying to do right now. Jesus wants to get us to a point that we will love the things he loves and hate the things he hates. I close with this thought. There is a story of a young boy named Johnny. And the story goes like this the mother of Johnny she was trying to prepare for Sabbath and as she was preparing for Sabbath she was mopping the floor mopping the floor mopping the floor and as she's mopping the floor she's almost done for the Sabbath and as soon as she's almost done all of a sudden she hears this place that is Little Johnny and little Johnny burst through the door and as Johnny Carson's door he runs to that floor that mother was just wiping my wrapping and he has mud all over his shoes so he dirties the floor well if mother wants a clean floor was she going to have to do and start cleaning up again some other starts cleaning up again and as mothers cleaning up again cleaning up again cleaning up again eventually gets to a point that once again she hears those footsteps little Johnny burst through the door any tracks might all through the floor and mother was almost done. So therefore every mother wants a clean for what's she going to have to do now some SAME up again but the right answer is she needs to get Johnny to stop tracking mud in the house. That's how she can secure that no more mud gets trapped in the house. You know it's been since one thousand nine hundred four that Jesus left the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and moved into that most holy place. When Jesus moved into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary he did not want to start a work he wanted to finish the work and Jesus's work in the most holy place is the blotting out of sin and the cleansing of the sanctuary. But do you know why so sad. If anybody ever asks you like they asked me brother Lemon why is it that Jesus has not come. You know my answer is because Jesus has a bunch of little Johnnies on earth. You say what do you mean. Well here's the reason Christ cannot finish the work until he can develop a people that's stopped sending the mud of sin into the heavenly sanctuary. Cause him to have to keep doing a cleansing work. When Jesus can develop a people that are settled into the truth both intellectually and spiritually that they cannot be moved that they love God so much that they will prefer to die than sin against him. When Jesus can finally develop a group like that brothers and sisters I promise you he will finish the work. He will finally be able to say now that him who is filthy be filthy still and let him who is Holy be holy still he will be able to look to the Father and say Father I now have a people on earth who are settled and who love the things I love and hate the things I hate. And once Jesus has that group the work will finally be finished and I close in the book of Hebrews chapter one. Hebrews Chapter one What is it that God loves. What is it that God hates. Because the great work that Christ wants to do right now through all these messages that we've been listening to is to bring us to this experience where we love the things he loves and hates the things he hates. You want to see what God loves. You want to see what he hates. Hebrews chapter one verse nine. The Bible says that Allah has loved righteousness and hated iniquity therefore God even by God hath anointed the with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. When we learn to love righteousness we will hate iniquity and brothers and sisters. This is something that requires heart surgery. And I'm grateful that Jesus the master surgeon is the one who shall perform it. There is no man that can do this. Only Jesus can and I'm telling you brothers and sisters though I cannot say that I have arrived to this point here but I know I'm on the onward upward path by God's grace and you need to be too. I'll tell you one thing that I have learned to love and hate. There was a time I hated him and I loved him. There was a time that I hated spiritual songs but I love rhythm and blues. There was a time that I hated songs and scripture songs but I love all of the secular music and the secular dancing but you know a guy there who did some heart surgery and now because of this heart surgery God has actually showed me how to love him how to love scripture songs how to love true spiritual songs and how to hate him how to hate R.N.B. how to hate all the secular music and all this dancing. Just as I'm telling you the truth of what God has done for one he can do for you if you simply will so if you find that you're in the stronghold if you find that quite honestly I'm in a stronghold of the entertainment industry I love my secular music I love my my rock N roll my hip hop my jazz or whatever the case may be. Granted I can't find anywhere in the Bible to approve of it but I love it anyhow but you know what Jesus made you free I want to be free to dance or design if you're saying you know what I love this stuff I'm into it yes I am but you know what. By the grace of God I want to be made free I want to learn how to love the things Jesus loves hate the things he had and if he hates these types of music and all these worldly forms and things and you know what I want to turn away from it too because I love Jesus and I want to serve him if that's your desire. You're saying though are you being honest Lord I love secular music I love my secular band I don't know how to let it go but I want to let it go because I want to honor you. He sacrificed everything for me. I'm one of the sons that it is I want to stand to you from you being honest with yourself you saying I know I love that secular industry I love the secular music I love all these different things but I'm going to let it go. You see this is what it's all about brothers and sisters as you stand you know that Christ is standing with you who gave you the strength to stand before you as a living testimony as one who is deeply entrenched in this stuff and it's amazing you asked me how I know he lives because he lives in my heart. I'm amazed at how God can change a person. I'm serious but I am still amazed that a friend of mine that every e-mail she ever sent my dear friend sister Duncan every email she sent she always concludes our e-mail by sitting still in the past. I'm me and how God can teach us to hate the things meanings and things so as you stand know that you're not alone. Know that Christ will be with you he's going to show you how to develop this love deeper and naturally as you love righteousness you will hate anything opposite to it even iniquity. Let us Father in heaven I thank you for so many of you and people who have stood up. We recognize dear God that this is not going to be by might or by power by your spirit. They have confessed that the bondage of secular music and all these things are still in wrapping them but they realized today that or that they want to be made free they want to let it go. And Father I'm grateful that your word inspires us that every everything. Depends on the right action of when they may not feel good at first but help them to choose to turn off the things that take their mind from having to turn on the things that leads the mind to have a pray heavenly father there to put a hedge around about them the better angels will keep them and hover over them. That your spirit will perform the heart surgery that only you can do and show us how to love the things you love and hate the things you did though these things might seem impossible with man. We're grateful that all things are possible and truly let not our will but die will be done this is our prayer that we ask in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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