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The Fourth Decree

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • July 27, 2011
    6:00 PM
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over him well what a great welcome and him and you are so excited he didn't say anything is high it is good set of your hereinafter to be here I'm if you are exciting I may hate that phrase got okay he you sound excited sound excited I want to on Nadal was thinking about what to share believable actually gave you what what you want me to share some time ago and yet I was at the top of the God in particular today said Scott of this asked the Lord to really help me get the point across what he wants to get across some an asset as I'm speaking that you would be your hearts to be really open your mind to be really in tune to what the Spirit of God has to say you know often we can see a sermon like a sermon instead of sometimes realizing that the creature is really just like China talk to you yet the unsound thing and after again you may save a black man that was a great sermon right all while I was a great song but you can't miss the VLM the meaning behind the and so what I want to share with you today about is that some don't don't look at this as a sermon look at this as we discount a bona fide star and I'm talking to you right now and it I believe that what God wants to show this is very crucial is very important him are it stands for Adventist revival movement of the end time and I believe the letter that that in an army without a mission or without a vision goes nowhere believe that and so why want to do is I want to share with you you're here to learn how to study the word of God amen praise God and that's what I want to do is where it is whereby through the word of God at different stages of sharing we want to inspire you with a love for the word of God and the love for prayer amen but I also want you to understand why we should have a love for the word of God and why we should have a love for Prater and so that's what I'm than it do in in this talk with you this evening I wanted I want it first of all encourage some of you because some of your here you are struggling with different themes you looking for victory saw want to do that in in the first part of our talk and then I need to convince you of something so pray for me because I really really want to convince you what I'm about to share on a title the book talked the message and the fourth decree the fourth decree pray with me please have a father we come before you there's specially asking that you would please speak to us Lord Celia word Lord encourage us strengthen us and most of our Lord convince us is our prayer in Jesus name amen assess where there is no vision the people want paragraphs so that is what I wanted to like half of vision before you and I believe it is the vision of Army Navy would like to see Jesus come again a man a man would want to take a look at something I believe this is is absolutely amazing I want to go with me to the book of Daniel Daniel the fifth chapter Daniel chapter five and let's begin reading from verse one when you get there please say a man Daniel five beginning with verse one the Bible says Belshazzar the king made a great feast to a thousand of his lords and drank wine before the thousand Belshazzar while he tasted the wine commanded to bring the Golden and Silver walked vessels which his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the Temple which was in Jerusalem that the king and his princes his wives his concubines might drink very then they brought the golden vessels that were taken out of the temple of the house of God which is at Jerusalem and the king and his princes his wives and his cocky minds Jenkins and they drank wine and praise the gods of gold and of silver of browse on urine of wood and of stone Belshazzar here is having a face and he decides to take them vessels oh Lord the one everyone vessels of the Lord and he decides to put line in those vessels what is he doing in actuality he is a mock team God are you with me now while this is happening who knows what else is happening out I think I see going on for saying the same general by the name of silence notice of making love the book of Isaiah chapter forty four Isaiah chapter forty four will come back to the book of Daniel will go with me quickly to the book of Isaiah chapter forty four Isaiah forty four verse twenty seven when you get there please say a man Isaiah forty four verse twenty seven before we read cool does Nebuchadnezzar or palaces are rather have listless rephrase that Babylon has taken captive what precious nation that belongs to God Jerusalem Israel okay and you'll remember that Olive and Nebuchadnezzar had taken Israel captive what is needed to the Temple there he destroyed today so just let it back on here him it now Belshazzar 's having this feast on and we know that there is a general formula Cyrus was outside the city he's on there is the seas around Avalon but what else is or is not to worry they know what's in those of the Isaiah chapter forty four what was prophesied of this general assignments Isaiah forty four verse twenty seven by faith to the beach I will dry up by rivers that saith of Cyrus he is my shepherd I shall perform all my pleasure even saying to Jerusalem now Shelby wants bailed out of the temple by foundation shall be a book with me to chapter forty five chapter forty five faith in the Lord to his on him riffs whose writing I have hold and hold them to subdue nations before him and I will knows the loins of Kings to open before him the truly leave the gate and the gates shall not be what everyone lets read again the case shall not be shot all right next let's talk a minute about the Bible says of the fibers that he would do something he went in particular he would descend into the walks are there forty four verse twenty seven with defendants of the D and dry up the rivers thistles prophesying that the Osiris as he was seeking to besiege our own problem on what actually dry up the river that surrounded what were the ones that that protected Babylon the Euphrates River so why will spouses are inside Babylon totally confident even though he knew they were the scenes going on he felt he was safe in his kingdom in fact if I may go read to you Constantine twenty three it says Babylon was displeased by Cyrus nephew of Darius the Mead and commanding general of the combined armies of the needs and the person but within this seemingly in power and impregnable fortress so Babylon appeared to be at AA and impregnable walked fortress with its massive walls and it's getting some glass protected by the River Euphrates and stopped with provision and abundance the voluptuous monarch felt safe and passed his time in mirth and revelry Babylon seem well fortified siege on food yes I have Nokia cell phone Dallas Azar is taught in the confident adult does he realize that outside the city gates this satirist is triangle the Reverend and what does he do he descends into the riverbed and he openings thirty okay that's who we say that protected Babylon in the meantime something is now happening inside Babylon notice with me back in Daniel chapter five back in Daniel chapter five Daniel five verse five as their drinking and Cyrus is trying up the riverbed and entering into the city unbeknownst to the Babylonians the Bible says in verse five in the same hour change forth what everyone fingers on one hand and went over against the candlestick upon the plaster the walls of the Kings Thomas and the king saw the part of the hand that no then the king 's countenance was changed on his thoughts troubled him so that his joints of his lines were watched noodles and his knees smote one to another human we just read in Isaiah forty five Westwood would cause the needs of change this might together and lose their going bounces are is totally terrified because of this time that writes on the wall what does the hand drawing boom with me if you will traverse twenty four cents after verse twenty fourth what is sent from him it is also writing and this is the right that was written then on Mexicali new forest and this is the interpretation of the thing that they got has a number I want kingdom and finish date and what everyone and what everyone finished it B one one one five and walked finished extolling his kingdom Belshazzar 's kingdom wants finished good I'm leaving I'm building you want something tech job on our way to the balance and I found wanting to rest thy kingdom is divided and given to who the means and the person 's casino that writing on the wall once Belshazzar 's death now he knew what that moment that his kingdom was finish interesting to look at this story and find another advocates and we would find that the houses are cool with that have lifted himself up against God who is the keying of Babylon have or SARS as a child or a symbol of somebody greater pool with Dallas is not serve as a symbol of Satan chained all Babylon is not rightly remembered Ezekiel twenty eight and Isaiah chapter fourteen listen Satan just like Dallas is are you this for old shaft to argue with me Babylon is use as a symbol of Satan 's kingdom in Revelation chapter eighteen where God says on there the comparables fourth in her mind walked my people many back on people she is in Babylon Belshazzar serves of a single of Lucifer or Satan what if that's correct then this story actually teaches something very profound you see this story was foreshadowing a much greater reality was there ever a time where Satan took the gas sold on the Lord and began to mock it yet appointed first Thessalonians four burst forth the Bible tells us that we are God 's vessels so if human beings or if vessels are a symbol of human beings that you would tell me is there ever a time where sanctioned took one of the most precious vessels of God and began tomorrow he would evening turn with me if you will to the book of Luke chapter eighteen very quickly Google chapter eighteen note Chapter eighteen verse thirty two when you get there please say men who gets in verse thirty two of the Bible says here for he shall be delivered unto the Gentiles and shall be what everyone mocked and spitefully entreated and suspended upon Chapter twenty two but they quickly Chapter twenty two sixty three twenty two processes renal Bible says and Amanda Hal Jesus Mark Hamlet and smoking Luke twenty three verse eleven twenty three verse eleven any as men of war set in a not unmarked him and arrested him in barges roles and sent him again upon it what's happening here it's as though Satan is having a feast they does the same is rather laying in this mockery of the vessel of God by the city it was when thousands are to build vessels of the Lord and against the market it was at that point that God said enough it was at that point that God says I'm going to send Cyrus mouth is a very carefully please becomes if you are reading Isaiah forty five you may have noticed something interesting about science you see the Bible says that Cyrus was God 's shepherd anyone notice that it also partly in his unknowing TV on the web anointed means it means Ms. Sonia or crime critically beloved that Cyrus is actually a symbol or a type on track so license you see Satan has taken the vessel of God and is marking he is secure or in his kingdom his city the city of death and have at the scene upon our rapper called the D and Alan Robin September seventh are described to the deep describes it as death is no way for you hair is saying is chained down seemingly and had trouble seemingly impenetrable knowledge and demonstrated their business flop abandoned and decaying object in the health and no one can get into my kingdom and leave a lot to does say no that our society the city out side the city wall you may need excited about the Sears you get good afternoon outside the city walls there is a general name Jesus he wanted to open up and watch watch this Jesus understand that in order to penetrate the devil 's kingdom he has to try out the D he has to do is send a copy of the sand into that city of death on someone about what happens is that Jesus as he ascends into the gray to know what he does him treats death and then he opened the view member the first when Jesus says that he upheld some not want to prevail against his kingdom Jesus is the New Testament can actually be sentenced to enter the date the x-ray films to the dominion of death that he opens the gates of a lot of according to what we read on for forty five it says that Gates 's would not be one so will wait wait wait do you remember when she is his first sermon was after he came from from from the wilderness and went to the company began to read the spirit of the Lord is upon me because you want undergoing kidney now you are have read that before correct you know where he's going from these courting from Isaiah sixty one you know Isaiah sixty one is talking about Cyrus Cyrus was the one speaking Isaiah sixty one he was the one that God has anointed to go into Babylon I sat that she is free so Jesus when he comes up want to see any reason first it does value think it Cyrus is here on anyway so you'll remember that when sees us on sorry when one side this was entering in to Belshazzar 's domain at the same time the Bible says that there was an that role on the wall do you know what happened when Jesus died an unseen hand and unseen hand for the fatal in the Temple from top to bottom what Jesus try out your you must be so exciting years of silence it is finished what good that's right on thousands artist Bob one one listened to this Bible commentary volume five page one one oh nine it was not handled the present rent from top to bottom the gorgeous veil that divided the holy place from the mostly police in God when Christ died out it is finished the holy watcher that was and I was seeing gas houses RSC another what I'm trying to do right now is give you an excitement for the word of God amen our oneness demonstrates you how beautiful and some metrical the word of God is social the hydrazine gas at the house as our cities pronounce the Jewish nation to be a nation unsure to say and x-rays on the wall the characters that recorded balances are still at the end of the Babylonian kingdom rent the veil of the temple from top to bottom I believe that Satan 's goings yet I think that anything so I think if life were loose I want to I think you raise some altogether how about you without it's as though Jesus is trying to tell us listen the safest way some of you come here today with things holding you captive come here with heavy burdens this thing in my past they can't hold me captive on this thing is holding me captive mentally captive on this situation I can't really worsened on the web when a worse of him right now because it are Al Qaeda now the facility is the same that the gates are open you can go if you want what I want to become the prophecy stated that the case would never be so genuine that the devil and his demons China subjugate and can't do with God says you have to be in bondage art have to be bound the gates are open I am Cyrus consumable of having you are free to go if you so choose but if Cyrus was not just called of God to set the captives free you see there was a reason that he was called to set the captives free once a turn with me to the book of second Chronicles chapter thirty six second Chronicles chapter thirty six second Chronicles chapter thirty six beginning with verse twenty two when you're there please say that the Bible says now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia the word of the Lord spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah might be accomplished in order to start up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom and put also in writing saying the safe side risking a person on all the kingdoms of the earth has a large out of heaven given me and he has charged me to mail to him and want house where in Jerusalem which is in Judah who is among you of honest people the audience God be with him that can go up Cyrus W after he set the captives free him a sad time commissioned me to build him add a want temple in Jerusalem you've been set free so that you can go home now doing the work of building God 's house argue with me not we understand that this decree that sets the state and federal with me quickly she will turn to the book of Isaiah forty five bargain that would be put really well Isaiah forty five unnoticed verse thirteen I believe is Isaiah forty five verse thirteen zero forty five verse thirteen X as I love I have raised him up in righteousness I will direct and obvious ways he shall build my city he sounds at all my chapters not for price nor reward saith the Lord of house again verify that Cyrus was called upon to the captain 's bowl so that they can go and build the city now we are very familiar with a prophecy at Seventh-day Adventist there is a particular prophecy that tells us about the rebuilding of the Temple what prophecy is that while not the twenty three hundred day the rebuilding of the Temple would be the Army part of the twenty three hundred a prophecy which is the one seventy weeks prophecy it's found in the book of Daniel nine turned up with me quickly if you will Daniel chapter nine Daniel chapter nine verse twenty four your remember Daniel is here praying because he's he's wanting to know what happened with the people of God and the city of God and God gives him a vision don't lose me here please I beg to be very up set if your larger mind to wander Daniel my twenty four final says seventy weeks are determined upon my people and upon my holy city to finish the transgression to make an endless things to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy the first twenty five no therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restart and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and three scoring two weeks the street shall be built again to what everyone Street shall be built again and I want all even in Charlotte 's times now don't be confusing you read I personally found prodigal always got out whenever he does for us don't do that right now here's within the wilderness simply talk about them for the rest of our time on the fact that we would look at these decrees and within a recognize which one we asked Seventh-day Adventists they began accounting about the Creek the nasty just to test you how many victories were given it was actually for forty trees which the credo we count the Seventh-day Adventists all right but that's going to take a look at this all first century the first entry was from Cyrus that's the one we just read that decree was given in five thirty six BC it's found in Ezra chapter one verses one to three and what it would mean quickly if you will as wrote chapter one answer chapter one this is what I'm been a really really really needs youth to really pay attention as chapter one as of the verse one to three now in the first of Cyrus king of Persia that the word hello I might be all by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled the notch start up the spirit of Cyrus king of person that he may a lot they want everyone okay now you say not really poorly a what everyone proclamations out just right so that excited even though you don't know why you're getting excited just one thing they want everyone I may send one more time you want proclamation so that the decree of Cyrus gave was an proclamation notice what it says so on honest kingdom and also in writing that said Cyrus king of prayers is given me all the kingdoms of the earth and thus charge me to build him an house at Jerusalem which is in Judah so Cyrus 's decree appointing the people to a temple that have relayed while enrolling Zachary however was only pointing to the sample not the restructuring of the entire city are you with me right so by the way if you bought acted as her chapter two chapters over sixty four it says the whole congregation together was forty and two thousand three hundred and three score beside their servants and there made the moon there were seven thousand three hundred thirty and seven and there were among them two hundred singing men and single women so altogether there were fifty thousand shows that the Babylon to go back to Jerusalem how many journalists just going to say that excite me how many there you're probably wondering what this fifty thousand have to do with anything and what other proclamation with anything be prepared to be just excited in your heart right now I'm on warning all right so that they create number one and by the way at two oh six create or to carry out the part is that the creator was mad as a rule but that are right now let's go ahead and look at the second decree which is found in asthma chapter six four six and seven this one is by Harry S was given in five twenty BC Ezra chapter six as a chapter six verse six now therefore not count me out governor beyond the river are beyond the river shot five on the Wozniak bought my and your companions not forget about that word which are beyond the river being far from thence to the work of this house of God on all what's that God is doing here damages decreed his second intrigue is against the enemies of God 's people are you with me he's saying leave this work alone why because the enemies of God 's people had begun to make a completing the work difficult for the jewels they were trying to stop the work on war against the work so Cyrus says is the first walked decree or proclamation followed by working areas second decree against the enemies of God 's people now let's go ahead and check out the fire decree which is the one given Bible Artaxerxes we find that in as your chapter seven this one was given informed safety seven receipt notices me as a chapter seven percent cover things about this decree that when I saw the children of Israel and of the priests and the Levites not the names on to Jerusalem in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the king with reimbursement for up on the first day of the first month began who grew up from Babylon on the first of this month came into Jerusalem according to the good hand of the you are wanting this is all Artaxerxes decree when he left okay four fifty seven BC verse twelve if you will part of their success I meant that they create all we might say and they want everyone proclamation noticed this that may have the people of Israel and of his priests Levites in my wound which a mind of their own free will to go up to Jerusalem goal with the developing verse twenty four are rather rest twenty five Ezra after the wisdom of vide this is the still the decree now as right after the wisdom about God that is in the hand shack the magistrates and lots charges which may jot all the people that are beyond the river on such of no other all of my dog and teach them that they know teach them that know them now and who's I will not do that long bygone and the law of the king that judgment be executed speedily on theme whether it be on tick data on a banishment so the fact that tree is a decree that game is real autonomy they now became a narrow nation if you will again so the Temple is built enemies of God 's people are so that the third decree now gives Israel autonomy and South emphasis on the law of God the Commandments about access also refuse to achieve these commandments should see that and because I is anyone thinking with me right now is anyone anyone see where this is going most of you don't pray for Disney or excitement into the joy of knowing that you don't know what about this if it is okay so also that's the side victory and finally there is the smart victory with minimal message the fourth Creek who gave the forth to create it was Artaxerxes again but cool carried out that the Cree one of the profit but rather Neo Mondo Nehemiah not what was in the amount 's work to rebuild what the walls and the street actually everything else had already been gone are you with me this decree was given in four forty five BC so starting years after the third victory would mean the Nehemiah chapter one Nehemiah chapter one Nehemiah chapter one verse two and three my one of my brethren came Keynesian segment of Judah and I asked them concerning the Jews in the state which would let the captivity and concerning Jerusalem and things on to make the remnant that are left on the captivity they are in the province are in great affliction and re- prompt and what everyone can agree how the want of Jerusalem also is broken down and the gates thereof are burned with fire I came the past these words but I sat down and wept and mourned certain days and fasted and prayed before the dog of hidden at him I was under the impression that after the fire decree had been given Jerusalem was doing well no bark had been going forward but he suddenly here is that that that that's not the case starts in the wrong years have passed and the city the work has not been finished and so that many so you weren't were were going watch this Babylon is overthrown a man and then Cyrus gives a decree or a proclamation one proclamation the first proclamation bringing attention to a temple that had laid destiny but opposition arises to Cyrus is decree or proclamation a second proclamation must be given but in in essence read puking the enemies of God 's people so that the work can do what go forward but the cost to first to decrease only dealt with the Temple a third decree have to be given in order to suffer Ray God 's people and give them their own land at territory him him and autonomous people but between the third proclamation there must after-the-fact proclamation there would come a fourth proclamation which is really a part of the historic proclamation because the one that was to be finished under the fair proclamation the people of God failed to do acronym I got this for Aguilera this man was not profit that was not priest that was not a preacher just just a a a he-man if you will suddenly have the burden because he hears that the wife is not finish on the Nehemiah 's leadership he arouses is real on that I fought to create a sense of where medicine is this law and history because Nehemiah knew that I'm not a form of Southampton Jerusalem have to be rebuilt the Bible describes up followed by the name of Babylon in the book of Revelation she's he's also described as a city or as a woman that woman had told God 's people interested in for how long twelve hundred and sixty years known as the dark ages but pray for you something happened in seventeen ninety eight what happened I received our deadly when that's compare Babylon steadily willing to Cyrus overthrowing literal Babylon are you with me now if we can compare those tools we might expect that sometime after seventeen ninety eight proclamation proclamation what about directing the people 's minds to a temple that had landed desolate are you with me I argue that we may not be called it those SARS Angel 's messy this into the statement wrong I just understood half of it is what it is and read half of the sentence if you are the proclamation of the first Angels message what is the first Angels message a proclamation our proclamation directing the minds of the people to a sample of a heavenly walk temple that had been isolated during the dark ages under the reign of Babylon well if that's the case we might say that that message that went forth from eighteen forty eighteen forty three forty four Mike the people who brought forth a message would represent a symbolic sense the work I hope about are you with me by the way guess how many new rights June really excited all by myself there's a thousand rights under the five Angels message walked what it settles also and that of the first decree we might rightly assume that a second decree would come that we might rightly assumed would be the second Angels message which the Claire back along to the want Solomon the enemies of God 's people who were wiring against the work they were doing in eighteen forty eighteen forty three and nineteen forty four and is the exactly renowned writing skills to thirty seven of the charges refused to receive the first Angels message they rejected the light from heaven and fell from favor of the big shots into their own strength and by opposing the first message just like the people under Darius 's decree were upholding the work of the sanctuary and opposing the first message finds themselves where they could not see the light of the second Angels message but the beloved of God were Oprah has just like the Jews were being except the message from anonymous formant and left the church first Angels message unfortunately we've is okay second Angels message and then a third decree the third Angels message get this it's under the third decree that is real received its autonomy deal in the Flint settings Mrs. began to go forth and eighteen forty four and a third Angels message that there had been a search in the first and his message out it was churches with it was it these words tools scattered throughout the province of Babylon just like under Cyrus 's first entry that were actually start the province of Babylon it was not until the third to create that Israel became its own separate nation and entity just like the Seventh-day Adventist church under the third Angels message that's when we got our name seventh day Adventist that's when the people came out and became a movement in and of itself that's when you can say is the birth of the Seventh-day Adventist movement money correct that we get the main Seventh-day Adventist until seventeen I'm sorry eighteen sixty three but it was under the third Angels message that we became an autonomous church so all that being said what is the point of my message we are saving between Astra and Nehemiah there is a fourth decree to come to create is the fourth Angels message the message of Revelation eighteen where the Bible so that's on Angel come down from heaven and his glory is likely the whole world is a beloved Neil Longe was pretty side because he thought the third grade one of them enough to finish the work and when Nehemiah heard that the work had not been finished he realized that it was a reproach to the people of God and he safely every new year that we celebrate is a reproach to the people of God where are the Nehemiah 's incessantly do you know how lights in the amount of finish the wall fifty two days at the same thirteen years the walls lay in ruins Nehemiah says okay nobody else other than what I was doing an extension fifty two days Holland we been here since giving up authority does message the last time that you didn't address my messes caused the clock is running out here but listen me among his focus was on the wall and the street what is the street it gives you directions it's the way yet the template has been built we've got that but the street needs to be repaired you see nothing we've got to learn how to give better directions why are you here to study the word of God taught me to be able to give that and more concise directions so that the streets can be rebuilt it takes me to allow you to explain the Sabbath it takes me to a blog explains that sometimes only when I'm talking about the heart I want to learn how to stay doesn't like it because somebody teach me how to study what are some I can do better direction so that the street will be made plain this is a work that the people of God must take up not just the minister not just one guy here and one guy there Nehemiah came and he said guys I want to convince you of something I believe that if we all work together we can build the streets and the wall and we can do it in under two months that I know the mathematical compare them cook him can comparison but we've been here almost a hundred and sixty three hundred and sixty four 's of my debt years since the beginning of the third decrease how long would it take us to finish the work if we really believe that we could finish the work he seemed over there were people there who are looking at the boss and now look at the walls there broken down this aside this is discouraging but no one did anything about tackling something like okay Tracy but I actually believe that I can help hasten the Lord 's coming is a beloved not only was the street to be rebuilt but the ball was also to be rebuilt and what is a wall where the walls are for it serves for a defense is a good of the time is coming where enemies of God are going to surround the city praise God he's not going to let that happen until the walls are rebuilt Zechariah tells us that God will be like a wall of fire around his people he's talking about the Holy Spirit how to get the Holy Spirit we have to pray for me how do we build a wall of protection it is to pray the Holy Spirit part of the people sat around this be our defense so watch this this street studying the Bible the wall prayer the work will we sit back and just lament that it was broken down man the streets look horrible oh well Ted is a you know what people call me if you can call me a dreamer yet pastor really getting all the churches the Ray for attendees at the same five o'clock from the Holy Spirit sure that will never happen really faster organizing a you know simultaneous worldwide evangelistic series were reprising at the same time is not one person preaching but many different peters preaching around while the same time off stop dreaming Democrats on something if you would only dream like Nehemiah journey if you would always say I'll care what the record is before me I don't care how long this later role and I believe that I can help hasten the coming of the Lord the work must be organized it must be systematic that's what Nehemiah did in fact you will know that me and my enemies were continually try to get him to calm down from his work because I can't come down on doing a great work what is it that has you coming down from the wall what is it that has you coming down from the work bloody what I'm trying to share with you is that the mission of Army is to see Jesus come again the mission of army the vision of army is to raise up a generation of Nehemiah hears that say that us finish the work Nehemiah 's who will say I'm in the study my Bible so that I can make the way clear for somebody else on the pray that God will be a defense around his charts we can do this in the main Nehemiah encouraged and he riles the people to do the work and beloved the work was finished I want to read just a few statements to you in closing I work will soon be cut short in righteousness no one just as in the minor completed the work it was cut short because of his faith and his you that's why the work can be quite certain like this there will be a Neil Mañana in the last things I'm not talking about one individual I'm talking about thousands of individual will receive that spirit of Nehemiah and the work will be cut short in righteousness we must become more persistent and more difficult in our efforts to charge forward to completion the time has come that we must not only be active but we must concentrate the activity so estimated ten if we spent more time in the mount with Don on what work would be more ineffectual there must come more convincing power into our preaching the soreness that must be added a new and sent forth with power shall we put ourselves to it then with all the realities of ahead of eternity before then we want the Holy Ghost power to go forward and complete God 's work in the earth who was one that completed the work it was Nehemiah you hear my whole soul was in the enterprise yet undertaken his head his energy his enthusiasm his determination where content Joss inspiring others with the same high courage and multipurpose each man him him I just tired and help to make stronger the heart and hand of his neighbor Constantine 's page six thirty his mocking of forcible to appeals you came here by track build the temple I can't build the Temple component I'm bound to my past sins on Parliament to sit to the situations I have at home I'm proud to these things and today he heard God 's voice say my son my daughter I set you free the gates are open you are free to walk out I'm major walkout because I need all hands on deck to finish the work so that I can come again and today is saying that walkout from the bondage at its opening injuries and a second view Lord make me in the MI praise God for the next regeneration that was before it's praise God for the generation that was before us by now now everything depends upon Nehemiah this please let me a market that fourth decree may be granted and God will grant that will increase to those whom he knows will call out and finish on my being a minority making a name I no longer what I sit back and talk about attention and what's can happen when I retire and whatever no not talking about that what I'm talking about it's finishing the work of God so that Jesus will come what to eat if you come to my car at gunpoint and then bargaining as though he were coming in my time in the fund we thank you thank you Lord for being a descending side arrests outside the city walls to get it straight the domain of death and him to open the gates that we might be set free by the incest redeveloping set us free so that we can finish the work Lord created trees have gone forth and we are waiting for the for the treatment shot towards the fourth decreed almost came in eighteen eighty eight when we rejected so Moore was still waiting for that for the dream nor give us the spirit of the MRU that we might eat ourselves with the school of the word of God and with prayer that we might mean video to the stream and the wall will just be in shortlist and soon he was setting will be revealed thank you for for what you are about to do now through movies from the Emory in Jesus name we pray amen and this agency were introduced in our Atlanta ministry and mission is to help prepare people for the coming of Jesus Christ likely into the supernatural power of the Lamb of God they at hearing Tori 's Chris time for more information on our multimedia resources incurring on speaking to these log onto our website at www. power lamb .com www. Howard homeland .com or call us at area code eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero eight oh five six zero six eight zero zero thank you and God bless you


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