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Approaching Scripture

Tim Riesenberger


Tim Riesenberger

Emergency room physician in the Seattle area



  • July 29, 2011
    4:30 PM
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happening in our online 's here Army we want to ask that you would not only open our hearts that you would open understanding to your word of how to study Lord was the most important things to know Lord the keys that unlock its mysteries and may we find a nose for the same keys that unlock your heart to us your mind to answer purposes for us Lord as I began I I begin with fear and trembling or because I am but sinful airing mortal man just like the rest of us Lord I ask that I would just be a highflying just straight from your throne to my brothers and sisters here to be just a mouthpiece for you I ask that you would use me now Lord to speak your words in Jesus name on it even the South America I love South America and this occurs in the country of Peru when we were in Peru it was a large group of professionals one of my colleagues is a dentist asked in September would you mind doing medical work while I do dental work will be doing evangelism will be doing medical missionary work I said sure of course I'd love to so we came down from every nation kindred tribe and people and we all stay together at the same hotel we we ate together and sometimes when there wasn't a building or anything we would just do evangelism on the open streets but most the time we had a building we often had to share the same space is only one room sometimes we had power point sometimes we had technology but usually we just had a chalkboard or maybe a white more race for us and what they did is that when we were done evangelizing in the city they sent us out to all the churches in the surrounding countryside and what they did as they planned it very in a very detailed manner they would send one person who spoke Spanish once one person who could not speak Spanish now the thing is is that they sent out by myself and I said wait a minute what water modern I get anyone to go with me visit while you're fluent in Spanish and English so you can go by yourself and they sent me to the most remote church in northern Peru this church was not even finished it was just like rebar sticking up out of the ground with the roof no walls no seats like just no floor just start and maybe a couple benches there are limits I do though is simple the hearts of the people were sold more were so open enough your bed a Third World country when you arrive on Sabbath school has sent a school for the more you do an end the sermon the children's story special music a Y Vespers if you and again UN again you the amazing thing is is that not only is it a busy day for you it's a busy day for everybody every singles as it is half full there is no such thing as you just go to church and then go home it's an all day affair it begins very early goes to Sabbath school the sermon you might get a small break to go eat lunch at someone's house but then there's a why this Vespers and the thing that touched my heart was a very small detail I will finish you notice that Calvin decided to have been now since before the sermon last night and he did that so that he would not contract away from the message and I really appreciate that but the brethren down in Peru were so much wanting to do just that to not take away from the sanctity of the Sabbath they had no announcement so the sunset on Saturday night fearing very reference of the South and one of the announcements was the book that they were going to start reading for prayer meeting now this book they held it up and the title of the book was cosmic conflict it's got these sixties graphics on it and it was an attempt of people to change the titles of the spare prophecy books to try to get people interested in them it's just a great controversy basically and when that didn't go over so well then they sold them to other countries and I remember very distinctly they were going through their plan for prayer meeting and I noticed that two of the church members were constantly talking about this book they would say stuff like wow really wish I could have that book I remember that this was Corey saying this that or I would give anything for a and another church member sitting next to me Heidi she said you know if I could only have that book I would be able to share it with my family I would be able to share with my neighbors and friends it's just too bad and I thought to myself well I turned them in as you note you can get the book because it's coming up for prayer meeting and they seek to understand we paid to have these benches here we have to pay for our Sabbath school lessons for our hymnals at the low cost us more money than we have I survive how much is that the possible that a soulless that's their dollar improve the soap son and they said we could work every day from now until the next quarter when trimming started we still wouldn't have enough money and I said well would you be willing to do for the book and both of them said in unison we would do anything we would be willing to work or do any sort of labor to get this book and I said what once you had it what would you do they said we would be ready every prayer meeting we would've read the chapter would've shared with our families and I would go to all my friends and all my neighbors and talk about and you know I went back to my hotel room houses thing about these two church members the whole day I couldn't stop so I approached one of my colleagues who was in charge of all of our literature I see you have a couple Spanish copies of the great piracy sure why well I want to give it to the church members is okay Diego now three days later we had a medical missionary event that brought together all the churches and I had given the books to the pastor a few days ago and I had told him listen these books offer to your church members he said thank you so much this is what were setting for prayer meeting all you want about I said I want you to send one to Corey and the other one to hide so you sure as of yet cited visible thank you for your generosity now of course when all the churches got together I was looking to see if that remote church was present fourteen area churches some were helping with the VS some were helping with evangelism some were helping with hydrotherapy some were doing massage and I notice that there were some familiar voices in the hydrotherapy station and I caught the voices of Corey and then later I heard Heidi and I walked over to the station and what you think I wanted to know the rest of the branding Avenue given a book to somebody sure yours want to know what they read it I mean if you received above and how many of you don't read the hotel that you always wonder that right is this the end of the meaningful to them was again end up on the shelf gathering dust and when I asked that question they immediately said we started reading it the moment our pastor gave it to us and I said really and I absolutely love it in fact we shared with our families and I've shared it with every person on my street we really appreciate the fact that you sent us this book this is the most precious present we've ever had and at that moment I see have to step away from a while and it wasn't because I wasn't happy I was very happy that they read it and that was impressive to me but I actually went back to the station where we were seeing patients in and I went behind one of the partitions then I began to cry and the reason I did that was not so much that they preach the book it wasn't really even so much as they shared at our start reading it right away what touched me the most was this is high court Heidi 's five Corey was not Heidi was awaiting the arrival of her two front teeth these were the church members one of the great controversy and I knelt in humiliation before God because I knew that I do not love God 's word I did not love the principles that he has graciously given us in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy I was humbled in the depths my five -year-old girl who love God 's word more than me but through that experience from their experience sorry they don't I learned the three most important things to understand the Bible open your Bibles with me to solemn Chapter one nineteen verse one ninety nine one nineteen verse one ninety nine is the longest chapter in the Bible it's an acrostic David has a section for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet this is Psalm one nineteen verse ninety nine and gave it says that I have more understanding than all my teachers why because thy testimonies are my meditation but what does it mean to meditate as a means to meditate well let's talk about biblical meditation what is when the Bible also edited on something when we do we think about it exactly we think about it and we sell our minds with what yes with its key teaching of the concept we look at the verses that have to do with that subject and we put it in our minds now this is the opposite of transcendental meditation because what you trying to do when you do transcendental meditation and to your mind you see the difference they both have one similarity and that's focus your to focus on one thing from a biblical standpoint you're focusing on that one verse or the verses that have to do with that subject in transcendental meditation you focus on a mantra they were not a mantra and Pearson Google boom boom right home is the mantra it's a word that they repeat and focus on in order to empty their minds I really appreciated the fact that Martin mentioned the Army does not support this type of thinking you know what centering prayer is right centering prayer is just another name for transcendental meditation you guys know that I is that you focus on one were in martial arts nice to be in Baltimore flights we focus on a color or we focus on RTI the thing you say when you strike a blow it's all the same thing it's all New Age and it's also can from a biblical standpoint God is asking us to focus on him and to fill our minds with the concept that verse how many things did Heidi and Corey want him Frank they didn't want a Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 or iPhone right or anything like that they wanted the great controversy and nine -year-old and a five -year-old they were only focused on that they were willing to place all of their efforts to obtain that goal my question is are you I really appreciated what Doctor Parker shared he shared that when we have one focus when we concentrate on one thing in the Bible we are able to understand it more clearly I think Psalms forty six percent tells us this concept to be still and know that I am go ever known someone who can't be still they got a Shaker play with something or fiddle with something riot or after hand there are other people who have to be doing something constantly your people like that I leave it there like doing the dishes all the time or they have to be vacuuming not I think above one of my friends is a pastor and this is the most important lesson I learned from him when he talks to people he did not answer his cell phone he does not look at his pager he does not say okay to someone else actually pastor Telstra so you know him every time I would talk to pastor Telstra he was focused on me and says that lesson is so important in this day and age it so fast we have a very difficult if focusing on one thing were always distracted by Heidi and Corey at the age of five and nine at the ability to concentrate and focus on one thing and that focus was the designer to obtain God 's word Luke chapter ten verse forty two we see the same illustration played out in the lives of Martha and Mary you know the story Martha is preparing the meal right she wants to provide for the comfort for the disciples and for Jesus but she gets really really busy and so instead of talking to Mary directly which would be helping right she talks to Jesus and is what tell her that she come and help me now Jesus is so awesome he's so gentle he's so fine he doesn't rebuke Martha because they allow you on your gas and you're treating me this way it doesn't say that were told in the spirit of prophecy that he spoke with gentleness he said Martha Martha you are troubled right about many things but only one thing is needful and Mary has chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her novel a second firewall was married doing sitting at the feet of Jesus where's Martha was probably like in the kitchen doing some like this right probably preparing a dish trying to catch something here something there right what was married doing other than focusing on Jesus nothing else one thing is needful in others if your friend of mine him he sometimes has to help heart-to-heart talks with her mother and this time she was going to talk to her about relationships and her mom was in the kitchen and her mom was preparing a dish the other was going the water was running shoes shopping and my friend comes her mom and she says mom I really need to talk to you about this guy and eighty yes yes that's crazy I may like it he's a really nice guy well mom I'm a little concerned when she turns on the blender cheese I can still hear you got a guy I'm listening to think he was really listening but how many of us tell God you keep on talking I can hear you but can you know we've got the blender the dryer the washer missing going we got so many distractions from the word of God I really appreciated what we share my own Parker that when all other voices are hushed this spirit makes more distinct the voice of God I believe that that's true with all my heart and as I look at the devotion as I looked at the earnest desire of these two children I understood that they had a grasp of God 's word better than any adult gay controversy page five ninety nine understanding of Bible truth depends not so much on the power of what intellect right well you know I'm not as smart as all the speakers and he needs Kaiser professionals there were pastors are and gives or whatever the lawyers you know him brain power but you know what you don't need the brain it does not depend so much on the power intellect brought to the search as what the singleness of purpose how many purposes in hiding pouring out one to get a hold of Ray Connery speaking out Heidi was five and she's reading with her mom so Vermont could explain the big words to her but she wouldn't be as amazing it's a miracle of God as the singleness of purpose the earnest longing after righteousness as is then shared with us already the purpose of the Bible is not so much to give us information or to answer questions but to make us righteous by Jesus what are the things that I struggled with the medical school is that you're so busy and I know many of you have Artie spoken to me about medical school and that you're trying to apply to medical school in fact I think I think there's several of you in here that are facing the enemy tell you you think about college right college you do what is it every hour of class is a unit right according unit and standard full load for colleges what twelve sixteen units right medical school is thirty six units a quarter with no summer and no vacation we get one some I think that you get a summer between first year second that is the amount of information and let me tell you you have no free time and you get so busy but there was one point I came across this passage in eight testimonies and it made me understand why Heidi and Corey with the way they were excessive treasure every ray of light and to cherish every desire of the soul after God was a need to treasure some right what you do you might protect it right yet a treasure at home you put it in a safe right or put it somewhere that people wouldn't interfere with it was a needed chair or something to love it that's right to have a desire for also to protect it when you are cherishing every longing of the soul after God something will change and I made that choice as it was an okay got appears the practicality of every time I get the impression that I should pray or read the Bible or Spirit of prophecy unstinted take a break and do it for just a moment in the first few days I didn't think I would get anything else done as God answers their prayer but I can tell you that as I began to do this eventually you get the experience of Nehemiah because when Nehemiah was before the king when he was asked to the king of a well-worn he sat it says I prayed to my God do you think is it called on King and he knelt by the civil worship and then he got up you think that's what he did know he says that Ferrero while he was doing his work while he was about his business when ever that ray of light comes she's just paradoxical treasure that moment I mean it might just be at posted you without your Bible right and read a verse in Cheshire that but listen to God 's voice and follow this I believe that you will find your religious life change the second thing that I learned from hydrogen chlorine is what they do as soon as they got the book they read it I started reading it be immediately acted on God 's word saw in Chapter one nineteen verse one hundred it's the next verse from the one we just read in the beginning one nineteen verse one hundred I understand more than the ancients why because I see thy precepts there is a direct relationship between reading and acting on what you're reading my father is a very wise man and one of his favorite sayings to me with Tim to know and not to do is not really get to know and perhaps this passage was for proxy will help explain in order to arrive at truth we must have a sincere what I desire to know the truth that's the first step but we need something else right what is it all willingness of heart to obey on outdoor reading a passage in counts and that's includes the accountable we can handle the truth that's why God can't send it to us we don't have a sincere desire to know it nor a willingness of part two of a that's why we don't understand the Bible Christ has said if any man who wills to his will he sell what Sean the Internet interesting if you will to know this well what happens no knowledge is directly connected to action the passage goes on instead of questioning and traveling concerning that which you what do not understand to them I don't understand the seven trumpets and what is the daily was the king of the North you know what I tell people I don't even go into that as it is there something that you understand the Bible that were not acting on and you know people say all of us yes deal with at first and I'm including myself in this you know I came under conviction at one point that I needed to be a lot neater with my room you know your college student medical student if everything goes everywhere and I mean and I read a passage that says that the Angels can't be in your room if it's messy you know that is very all spare you the quote but my point is is that I can go around doing this and doing that but wouldn't it be better to act on what I'm learning first and so at that point I started going through my mail us or to clean himself off the floor and I can tell you that God is so merciful he so gracious he leads a step-by-step but instead of questioning and traveling concerning that which you do not understand give heed to the life that already shines upon you and you will what receive greater heights by the grace of Christ performed every duty the at your understanding and then you will be unable to understand and also perform those of which you are now in doubt you see how that she understand the Bible I think there are many of us who read the Bible and believe me some of the passages are just too plain to be misunderstood if you want to understand the heart passages obey the simple ones that make sense be like Heidi and Corey they got a hold of the book they opened and immediately they started reading on it they acted on the work I do health presentations in the physician and I enjoy presenting the principles of our health message because I believe that not only are they inspire but they're very practical people will recover on their illnesses as a result of following the precepts in the Bibles for prophecy but you know it's funny whenever I do a health seminar for Seventh-day Adventist audience I always get one question it is inevitable it always comes up I'll be in the middle of presentation and a handle co-opted state Doctor receiver can you tell us about mushrooms I'm serious this is not a lie can you tell us about mushrooms because is it it is not a fruit it is not a vegetable or grain or a being or not so you don't is part of the diet for the remnant church and you know what I say when I'm asked about mushrooms don't worry about the mushrooms why because the person is asking me about the mushrooms is drinking alcohol is actually doesn't get any exercise is eating meat but you know that's exactly what all of us to all of us ask about the mushrooms because when you ask about the mushrooms and you're careful about the little things right it's because often that you're trying to avoid the big things don't worry about the mushrooms focus on the big things focus on the things you are you know and then you know maybe at the very end God will teach about the mushrooms if you really want to ask him questions you can actually afterwards and all I'll tell you the thoughts that I may have on steps the Christ page one seventeen whenever men are not in Word and deed seeking to be in harmony with God added value right now I need more help than probably anyone out there I need the Lord I need his patience and his mercy I am very far from where I need to be but you know what I'm seeking by God 's grace to be in harmony with him in every part of my life and if I'm not in harmony with him I ask on a regular basis that he would show me where I'm not you know God doesn't care if we are only one percent there as long as were willing to go on a percent but by the same token he can't say the person is ninety nine percent there but not willing to go all the last one percent whenever men are not in word indeed seeking to be in harmony with God then however learned they may be right they may have an empty JD whatever D right but that doesn't mean anything however learned they may be they are liable to err in their understanding of Scripture and it is not what not save to trust other explanations it's not what you say is what you do it's the desire of your heart to bring the theory into practice with God and his word your was presenting in another country about our health message and I remember that someone was very interested in a certain aspect of it they were interested in this force and about the little white the next year I was in Annapolis initially my life a broken evidence I was always interested in health and so the help message really intrigued me and one of the things I began to study in the spirit of prophecy was Ellen White and who she was and you know what she's always been quoted on microwaves this person you know is is some Coulter profit there are whatever and then I realize that yes she was believed to be a prophet she was believed to be inspired and Excel come on but then as I began researching her writings I started finding things that were I guess pretty elementary to me in the twentieth century but did you know she talks about viruses you know she talks about the correlation between the as viruses and cancer you know that she talks about cigarettes and how harmful it is and when you look at the days of her writings eighteen sixty three eighteen eighty eight you know where our medical system was at that point when you do the research not only on the environment she lived in but the education that she had a third grade education you start wondering and I can tell you that I presented an article from the strongest Journal United States was the Journal of the American Medical Association and I pulled the article from about nineteen thirty five and the article said of cigars cigarettes and smoking a concern as far as asthma is concerned we find that there's more benefits to smoking the negatives for us that was in nineteen thirty five Ellen White knew when in the eighteen hundreds almost a hundred years before and I remember that a physician in this country came up to me and he said listen I want all of the references that you studied about the spirit of prophecy because I believe with all my heart that if people only could see the wisdom in the insight that Ellen White hat that they would believe in Mister Prosser they would believe in the help message I never gave him the reference to another another reason why never did that is this colleague of mine this physician was living with his nurse unmarried and I felt that it was more important for my colleague to marry this woman they know about the nineteen thirty five JAMA article on smoke him and has friends what we do is we focus on the things that are our sins when we read the Bible and we think about the things we need to read we sometimes avoid if our issue is gluttony we never read Minister feeling when the external whenever a Council on health accounts on diets right if our issue is a critical spirit we avoid health and daily living at all costs is true friends Heidi and Corey showed me the importance of acting on the light we receive and to do it today you still have today the third and probably not the most important thing I learned from Heidi and Corey is to share God 's word did they just keep that book to themselves they shared in a society shared this book with all her little friends and is just amazing she was like saying they asked if I had a dollar maybe a little game but I kept wanting to show them the book is just incredible that this little five -year-old girl with more effective call quarter than all of us combined Luke chapter six thirty eight is a great illustration give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom for with the same measure that you meet with all it shall be measured to you again if one of these three is more important than the other I would say it's number three does anyone remember the woman at the well the story of the woman at the well she did not the entire Old Testament memorized the Pharisees she did not have the grass for the understanding of the education of these learned men which he was given light right she was given life that the man at the well before her was the Messiah and what did she do immediately without life she shared it and the entire town came out to meet him if you only do one thing from the three that Heidi and Corey have taught you it's the third to share what you have you know you may only have a little bit but you know God can take your to fish and five loaves and he can feed thousands with you may think well I'm just in high school you know I'm just a cat but you know what you know so much more than the person who doesn't know Jesus at all and when you share that grows in your heart it multiplies you know I actually went back to do medicine after I finished my undergraduate degree in art he finished my Masters I went back to do premed you know when I applied to do premed I had no money I had no way of paying for my undergraduate let alone for med school I got off the plane and at five hundred dollars when I went away from home and I can tell you when I was at Andrews I told him this is a listen I don't have any money and you know my parents have disowned me I don't have any way to pay for this but within a few moments they had asked a few questions of I can access the question on national merit I was a finalist again your full scholarship with a full scholarship is only for one year so in order to take advantage that full scholarship I was in a have to do all of premed in one year now normally that spread out over a four-year period I would recommend this to you I had to do general chemistry biology organic chemistry and physics in nine months and normally are not allowed to do this because GM is a prerequisite for all that make sense when you can't take them both simultaneously my advisor said Tim if you make it through this medical school will be no harder and they also said listen be willing to drop one of these classes if you start doing poorly because if you do poorly that will be a lack of judgment when they look at your application and taking all them together but that's all the money I had this the only shop that I had so I took him all in I didn't have any money other than the full tuition scholarship I had to live in what ended up happening is I became a true order for general chemistry organic chemistry physics and biology every day I was teaching someone else in the very classes that I was taking earning money for my room and board and got a four oh and nine months all the classes became so much simpler to me because I was doing what I was sharing I was teaching I was doing what God designed us to do with his work you know God 's word is no good if you just keep it to yourself him to share with others and I saw you when you do that you will receive much more than you ever have before Seth Christ page eighty tells us that this concept is not just important for understanding the Bible before salvation itself those who thus devote themselves to unselfish effort for the good of others are most surely working out their own salvation when you take time to serve others to save others who are you really saving yourself do you know who gets the greatest blessing your army who do you think we do we do because not only are we hearing God 's word or writing it were typing it were speaking it and you know what we're hearing the testimonies of what it's doing in all of your truly to give is to live it is always been that way and always will be that way in the word of God you will understand best those passages of Scripture that you share most and that goes with not the Scripture but anything you realize God is teaching us what life is all about it's about other people and helping them to find their way to God one thing I'd like to cut it close here is the concept of Heidi and Corey you know why does God use children why does God I use a five -year-old and nine -year-old to share what life is all about what understanding the Bible is all about first Corinthians chapter one verses twenty five to twenty nine because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men for you see your calling brethren how that not many wise men after the flesh not many mighty not many noble are called that he noticed for a moment for those of you who are professionals like myself it doesn't say not any right that God 's would be toast it does not may need now why do you think not many lawyers and doctors and professors and scientists and also the people what you think not many of them leaving God because you know what we become too wireless to need salvation we become too strong to lean on the arm of God would become too wealthy to need the riches of heaven and therefore we are lost most of us if you think about it the majority of people in the Bible who follow Jesus with a all educated no and it's not that God can use education right the one really educated person Paul was used to write over half of the New Testament he realized that praise God for that the Natalia they were mostly Paul he was an exception that's why God has sees children God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and God 's chosen the weak things of the world to confess him the things which are mighty and the face things of the world and the things which are despised yes God 's chosen the things which are not to bring in ten saying the things that are and what's the purpose that know flash should glory in his now illustrate that with taking the entire world and shrinking it down to a four inch diameter sphere does anyone know what the highest point on the face of the earth this non- Everest that's right about the lowest point on the face of the year as well on the face of the earth yes that's correct can always have the right answer that's okay but that's truly the lowest point of this is on the face of Europe not in water Bethel sure when you take your hand and you runneth over Mount Everest and compared with death Valley do you cut your hand maybe feel a rough edge did you know you feel a surface that is smoother than a pool ball because my friends the very mightiest Angel compared to the weakest most wretched sinner are both dependent on they are both alike one hundred percent dependent on the Almighty are whether you are a saint or sinner you need to lower and in fact you probably need the Lord more if your mount Everest that makes sense Ellen White tells us at the flower of the valley that needs to fear the storm that is the oak on the mountaintop it is not the glass that is almost empty that we have difficulty balancing but the glass that is filled to the brim and forcefully friends we don't feel our dependence on God like a child thus we don't understand that in God 's eyes we are all children and we will always be a child in his eyes no matter how mighty matter how educated in a matter how wealthy we are will always be his child the ground at the foot of the cross is level we are all on equal standing dependent on the blood of Christ even to understand the Bible testimonies to ministers page one nineteen gives a very similar instruction God can teach you more in what in one moment by his Holy Spirit and you could learn from the great men of the earth wow if we could only get a good speaker here arming right would only get in a clever Meier 's keynote only get like some of these quick guys really can explain Bible then will understand the Bible and yes that's helpful please got I am thankful to be given the honor to speak and I know all of the speakers are honored to do that but it's not about us friends who is it about his holy spirit because God can teach you more by his Holy Spirit then the greatest theologian that ever left because Jesus Christ him only greater than any of us know when I was a child on about you but I love to climb things that make you look to climb things appraisal Lord I'm not alone but the problem was is it when I was a child I like to climb things like when I was four and five I would like to climb things we live on a three-story house in Hawaii on a Wahoo and what I found out is that I could sneak out of my window and get up on top of the roof and make why way up onto the other roof and then finally to the very top roof with not too much difficulty and I remember one day my mother who is Chinese by the way the lot of you asking why my recent burger and I don't look like recent right it's because my dad is Germany my mom is training so my mom was looking out her bedroom window one day which is on the third floor and eyes of four -year-old kid hung my head down and said hi mom anxious to see you get down from there right now as they like there I love to climb and I would often put myself in very dangerous situations without even knowing it because I was the kid in fact my favorite thing to climb was on the side of the sidewalk and interview ever seen this I want to have walls next to them but the wall doesn't start off with full height of the wall starts low literacy needs the wall starts low and yes actually taller I so you walk on the sidewalk and I got my dad right and so I want to go on the wall and keep walking with him and he's decided in a global higher it would keep walking and I go up even higher and higher and higher into you come to the end of the sidewalk and the walls like six feet or taller and we got to the end the wall kind of drops off so what do you think you told me to do so and what I do I tell I would actually illustrate the jump put things in a falloff if I jump from a fear I would jump into his arms and he would catch me but then I got older and as I began to get older when I would come to the end of the sidewalk and that wall was six feet tall my vet with a job we think I did when I got older that's right I climbed down that evening my dad could still catch me when I was eight nine sure you could he was just as able to catch me when I was a little bigger as when I was five years old when he could Bobby McAfee now maybe not on but why do you think that when I became older I decided to climb down instead of jumping my father son at my father changed who had changed and that is the secret of understandable is as we get older as we get wiser right we have more confidence in at and less confidence in one God and his holy spirit can do we have more self-confidence and less God confidence and let me tell you it's not because God changes is because we change it because we have forgotten how dependent we are on God you know I'm a clothes with this last verse Matthew Chapter eighteen verse three is really the bottom line you know I've enjoyed sharing with the Air Force Pentagon over there the Air Force praise God that's great you know I really enjoy sharing because it helps me to understand salvation Jesus tells us what the bottom line is to understanding the Bible he says verily I said to you except you be converted and become what as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven you know this secret that I learned from Heidi and Corey is that children are humble children are simple children are dependents children have faith in the me tell you every one of us has to be like children when we come to the Bible or Spirit of prophecy whether we are five or fifty five were always good to be dependent on God and the most important ingredient is to have that childlike trust the next time you open the Bible at him you would remember I remember Corey you know it's funny a lot of people ask me somewhat half that I mean this is like two thousand five and recently I ran into a student at one of the academies then we compare and she's like dude I just saw Heidi and Corey last month I said well tell me to tell me about them what are they like there exactly like your story just think that I was in two thousand five so now they are eleven and fifteen she said I've never seen to young people is on fire as those two little girls and I can tell you that the fire that they shared will always burn in my heart I will always remember their childlike trust their humility and faith in approaching God and I just pray that as you open God 's word you would remember that the principle that opens the Bible to you is becoming as a little child laying your preconceived notions at the door and asking for God 's help and his Holy Spirit that she even opens the Bible to you is the key that unlocks the gates of heaven to you as well remember hiding Corey their example that when they heard about God 's word they wanted it more than anything else they had one desire one focus and then when they received it they acted on they did what it said they opened it and read it but they didn't just keep themselves what else they do they share as you remember nothing else I just remember to become like a child is to become a saint to become like a little child is to be dependent on God and his work not only for your life over eternal life but never letting father in heaven thank you so much for the lesson from the five euro from a nine -year-old thank you even more Lord that their testimony continues not only when I share this sermon but in their own lives I pray for those two precious children of yours wherever they may be made of faith and hope and love burn brighter with each Bible study they share with each person they come in contact with an x-ray that their example will be followed by every person in this room that we will remember their love their devotion their earnest desire as we open the Bible Lord and may that were change our lives just as it changed the lives of those two children in Jesus name


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