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Just Do It

Adrian Zahid



  • November 12, 2011
    10:00 AM
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him and intimidating to stand up here with all these microphones I decided and we would talk about something that is common so that we know how to spend too much time explaining ourselves I want to make specific points and before we do in the spring the father asked you be with us as we open your word as we hear it maybe not only be hears the word but yours as well and Jason McCrae during your Bibles need to March after four Mark chapter four and understand quickly read through this passage is a familiar passage to most of us as one of Jesus stories that he told when he was starting out in his ministry and it is something that applies at once to Jesus this is talking about Jesus and his work but it also applies to us because we are trying to be like Jesus and we are doing the same work that he is doing and somebody give me some tips on how to be successful like Jesus so verse three says Harken behold there went out a sort of soul and it came to pass as he sowed some fell by the wayside and the fowls of the air came and departed up and some fell on stony ground where they had not much earth and immediately it sprang up because it had known depth of birth but when the sun came up when the sun was up it was scorched and because it had no root admitted away and some fell among thorns and the thorns and choked it and it yielded no fruit and some fell on good ground and yield and get healed through that sprang up and increase and brought forth some thirty some sixty and some hundred and he said unto them he that had years that in here him very first lesson to learn to be successful like Jesus is to look at this and this passage in the very first thing it says in now I guess it says another parts where this is also mentioned that the solar wind out to so there are many people who get all the training in the world but they never go out they never take that first step they never asked their friends if they want to know more about Jesus they never challenge themselves to do just something they never go out if you can imagine the US Army in the U.S. Army did the same thing we would not be a dominant force in the world that we are today the reason we are dominant force in the world today is because people that sign up to go into the Army and the going to the Navy England the Air Force and other branches of the military death after their train when they do they go out and they go out and do something end of the US military will guarantee that in ninety days making strategy of the particular part they can put you back together to accomplish what they want to do if we are the Lord 's army at some point but it will be on training at some point in going will be on that in the blood go out and if you could feel the juices life salvation is not a thought salvation is not an inspiration salvation is an action and whether things that Jesus did is that he went out he went out of the city he went out of heaven he left the throne room he left the father and the Holy Spirit and he went out there to save those who were lost each of the risk and we need to do the same thing many times we go to conferences you conferences UIC and NAD conferences and leadership conferences prayer conferences and we go there to these conferences and news conferences are kind of like what happens on the football field where you cuddle with a team titles but problem is that so many of my sweetest in the huddle we never take the field what we need to do is need of title me to come together we can get inspiration from our coaches and inspiration from God and then we need to actually take the field the harvest God says number one the first thing that God says the rule about the harvest is that what you so what happens you read but here's the other part to it if you don't so what happens you don't rape right and so in order to so you have to read in order to get the harvest you have to go to the field figures sitting here and you've been to six Bible schools and you been to all these but vital boot camp throughout the years if you haven't gone out go out the next thing that that it says is that he went everywhere he sold everywhere when I sell books as a young as young men in Pakistan we don't really sell books at home at home to sell books and in office buildings and on there were times that I walk when office building on look at that and I just be intimidated by not taking others no one in the building the probably wants to buy from the subject to pass off and I go to the next building I look up and it's a you and I think it was thereby here either to pass on identity a restaurant and let you know what is going to this event relaxants on the above listed for a relaxer about to either go out and going to talk to one person the person signal the restaurants it for another two hours every time to go home get up and that's how my whole summer went the first summer but what happened is that there was another guy that was in town and he was in the same buildings and invalidity itself from top to bottom every single building every single building itself and top to bottom because he had the principle of the sword he knew that he had to go and only goal the goal everywhere you always have greater success if you do these my things if you're been a be like Jesus if you do not go on a feminist so if you take the time you have greater success doing this if you understand these five things number one prepare the soil if you notice a leader Jesus talks about different types of soil there is a soil that has rock underneath there's a soil that has forms in which the the admissions default and the thorns grew up in and there is and there is another place where it falls on the wayside and the birds eat up his different types of soil and you have to be prepared for each episode if you're going to have a harvest you have to prepare the soil to give you an example of how to repair the soil you know why the things the Bible says that the always what prepared to give what an answer be always prepared a few weeks ago I was sitting in the barber 's chair and this ladies that you know she was cutting my hair he's anything every time you come is less hair on your head for me to cut out one of these days do we know there and I would go out of business and wanted to know and I think you know I said last night I said Maria Helena becoming here just as you and I know the company does all my life and I wanted to be different is that we wanted to buy one work in the hospital visible here's my number when we talk about what it would take to get you to work in the hospital you can stop cutting people 's hair and you can be less dependent on on my hair and other people 's hair you know that's falling out just be prepared conversations can happen anywhere if you're just ready if you're just prepared for the mindset nowadays when I go to places I always think about what I'm than to say and when I initiate a conversation with somebody I I tried of guidance somehow towards Jesus H will I I start a business with a friend of mine and his name is Mike Hernandez a Bible worker and or for my worker and be in the beginning we had to work really hard and we still do we were making our days sometimes but read we work really hard and I we should go to Denny's you come down from San Diego to go to this Denny's right out here and we sit there to like two o'clock in the morning just doing working out and and there's this girl that was that would service and her name is Cynthia and every day our conversation to start out with what was I getting injured while the latest Boca burger with the enough fries on the side and whatever else and one guy dissenting us until our things going for you and she said you know I'm losing my hearing going to and I said you do have health insurance and she said no and I similarly show you how to get some cheap health insurance we can find out what's going on with you here and it turned out that she's living in with her boyfriend and a point about that you know you will never find a perfect prospect you'll never find someone who has it all together is always something that needs to be fixed as we work on something so anyway so here she is seasoning with her boyfriend and her boyfriend DJ and so she goes with him on her on his concerts and she sits right next to him and he has the earphones on but she doesn't and so she's getting blasted by this music up close and she's losing her hearing some senator and audiologist and in Loma Linda and they took a look and he told me the assault on his concerts and so once I want to learn back guess what her hearing aid and improved by Lisa stopped from the law Seo we stuff the last incisor as we became friends and me we talk more I just told I say hey how about what he do something else if you think you have been thinking about it so we sat down the research and career options and now she's working for Bank of America copied equals money is telling but what's interesting is is that she's coming back now and she wanted to find out more about what you should do very create the next step is used to take and one of those steps is going to lead to I hope is going to lead to would you like to invite Jesus as your Savior and you are able from would you like to have was that you eat to what you like to have Jesus in your heart it takes some time and you have to prepare that so as every place I go when I go to need a different different cities I travel all over the place trying to sell our services I I know all these restaurants that I go to eat but each of those restaurants and working on some I know somebody and I want to go see them on thinking about them all go to that restaurant I'll find out if there there that day and talk to them figure out where they are in life and how things are going take interest in people Jesus he aligned himself with people he aligned his interest to people and when they realize that he truly was interested in them they began to be interested in him and what he had to offer prepare that sought number to concentrate on one week at a time if you start it up too much of a good thing is what to watch you can just go in and just start off on dresser form and Sabbath than and that diet and everything altogether you know that a complete makeover I want to maybe too overwhelming to concentrate in one bead at a time and if you concentrate on one meet at a time sooner or later that patches and be ready to take that seemed number three use multiple tools God has given us only different tools to work with people and I know that people talk about the health message and how is the entering wedge and I really believe that myself but I'm telling you that there is other tools as well because you just go to build the house of the wedge is something that built you need to build it with the with with the hammering Billy with a screwdriver and need a building with nails in ultimate boards you need to build with a bunch of things a wedge is one of those things because a lot of times we go to people and be off only two solutions prophecy and help in the problem with that is that if you wanted to help a prophecy and reconsider you lost wages was here Jews were going different ways but with Nicodemus he went in using what theology when you talk to Zach and psyche as he talked about money and he dealt with him in the area of money when he talked about the lady at the wealthy talk to the user that the wedge of what relationships we talked about relationships there's different ways that use approach people never once did he use the same way yes he use help in a major way but there's different ways to do it now this is what I do and some of these in my church members to do when we go to people 's homes we knock on their door and gas and we can pray for very few people signaled for prayer even if they are Christian and so when we say when we asked them for Claire Mize what would you like us to pray for and until say well you know I'm stressed out what you stress out about while United got bills to pay and whatever else are would you be interested in financial peace University by Dave Ramsey as we begin by looking at their debt and their past history and that type of thing and we figure out that an increasing and all-you-can-eat on a lot less would you like us next week to come by and cook you dinner on ten dollars or less and will be on us look at some of the noted that because then that what I happens is that opens up a conversation on health it opens up a conversation to talk about Holly wiki can end the things we put into our body and the principles of of health and vitality it gives us an opportunity to offer another solution and is so much easier so much more fun leader that way when you have different tools in your toolbox you go and then depending upon what the soil is a penny and what the mean is you know what tool to pull out and use it and use it frequently as you evaluate results like God 's God is not dealing numbers he deals in percentages if you look at a creature like marked in the markedly increased aroma of a hundred people in ten people will convert thirty yes what ten percent conversion rate and that's really good but if you talk to three people three of your friends and one of them conversely Jesus you have how much of a conversion rate of thirty three percent who is more effective the only reason why Marcus more effective is because he bridges all over the place and he reaches over and over and over again but if you did the same thing you'd be more effective the person in the Bible who is the most effective other than Jesus is Andrew every time his name was mentioned is bringing somebody Jesus yet the hundred percent close rate I wish I could have a hundred percent closer when you look at the soil unifying people there's maybe three different types of people the very first type of people are than to be just not interested they just suddenly interested in what you have to offer no matter what tool you offer them there just not interested and a lot of times we just offer that we just keep we forget that need to keep going off but if you continue going on you'll find somebody else who may be interested lady visited and not interested in health may be interested in prophecy tinnitus and prophecy made interest in finances of many relationships meeting parenting maybe in something else would you keep finding you keep looking till you find something that they are interested in but sometimes you get to find people who soil is just not right they're just not interested and just move on and you find people who just don't have the time the cares of the world just over twelve and you ask them to to have a positive unit is a yes is yes this do it and you sit down with them and you do one I'll see you next week you you you want to shop at Starbucks are you going to show up initial convention shall we say what happened John and John says you know the screen door broke and have to fix that you know what happened the birds got the birds now here's the thing if you look at the source even though he was sowing the seed and you could see some investigating getting to the rocky ground people and pick up at sea no he left it he kept going on when he saw the birds take some obviously to be run after the birds no one kept on and here's a lesson in that for us there many birds there many things that can pick and take us away from what we need to do there's cares of this library 's issues in the church there's our pastor and whatever else is going on in the church you know of people in the church but if you chase the birds you won't be selling in the field anyone happy harvest Jesus he never chased the birds he just kept on doing what he needed to do to compass what he needed to do don't chase the birds and finally the third point is you have to follow a there is no use going all over San Bernardino and passing of low tracks if you aren't going to follow-up if you want to go back and say Hades you read that was it worth it was if you want another track is it something else I can get you there is no use if you don't follow-up there is ever because if the former were to go to the field plant the crop and then leave he won't have a harvest he has to stay through the whole year through the whole season and you know when you when you plant in the spring guess what comes after spring summer and when summer comes is hot and no one wants to be out there digging the weeds and no one wants to be out there watering the plants but they have to do and so we have to do it in the same thing with winning someone for Jesus you have to follow up you have to follow-up every single time number how hard it gets better how hot it gets no matter how miserable you are you have to follow up if you say you're going to be there you're going to be there if you say that it all need you at seven p.m. you'll be there at six forty five waiting for them you have to follow-up you have to be consistent if you're going to expect the harvest because guess what Jesus is very consistent Jesus was consistent with you and so is the Holy Spirit whispered never gives up he's always waiting is always there he's always ready he's always ready for that one chance to offer you Jesus Christ that you can accept him he never gives up always and finally the last point number five sin number one is prepare the soil number two is use multiple tools number three is concentrate on one meter time please number four is follow-up number five is persevere through adversity be patient patiently persevere through adversity I can tell you that if you want to win ministry you go to do some things if you want to win and this and this in this harvest in this game of the harvest you have to do some things and I recently I watched this this YouTube clip that discussed your business but it's its sole relates to ministries will someday take some of his words and then it change it to what what I want to say in terms of ministry and then redone my father 's front can't figure out why not here O he said and I say this if you want to win in ministry if you want to have a harvest you got the leader there so many people that are smart there so many people that are successful but I'll tell you behind every successful church behind every successful ministry team but it's on this campus of club or whatever it is is there is a leader someone who was always there someone who is always pushing against the grain there's leaving but more than that you know I see look at I used to look at some people some very smart people must be like Mandy can presage good sermon such erudite sermons eloquent sermons I can never be like that I found out two things about smart people number one Smart people are listening to figure out how to change something to try to do things quicker try getting shorter and the second thing is that they never get to doing anything to never start doing anything you know they're always talking about above and never do it they never do it as a problem with smart people and the other things that smart people Dennis sitting on committees and they sit on committees and is a you know he can do it she can do it and she can give a guess what they do it at a doing better than you and you keep doing this another thing you know this this this epidemic and art and art in our church in all his people that are almost there there almost Christians are almost converted them all will learn enough of revelation and they can go out live almost learned enough of Daniel that they can go out but he never quite get it never quite get out of debt there almost out of debt it almost well to almost fit them almost lost weight of almost learned enough but what's good happen is if you're almost doing almost then your been almost getting to heaven you would almost say people and you and almost twenty six to be almost persuaded but I tell you if you want to get something done if you really want to get something done we need leaders and many members who can do it the General conference is looking for people who can do it heaven is looking for people that can do it every place I go every place I preach every time I recruit people people come up to me this Adrian you can count on me superduper Justin Adrian you know I know we need we need to help the something in Loma Linda you know some something of ministry in Loma Linda wilderness Center and Melinda just do it Adrian we need to be converted just do it Adrian ready to go out and we need to see people just do it silly people they can talk a good game but when it comes to doing the counting and you know the sad thing is that when they realize that they can do everything they don't want to do it they sometimes can hide behind different things they hide behind training so they're always training other people but he never do it themselves you find this to be very true there always you know hiding behind organizations are there hiding behind things but they never do and people like General conference present are sitting there waiting and looking and hoping that someone is someone's been sentencing all due in a you want the city done it's done I'll do it you want to street my street to be covered if you send someone from Africa to do it I'll do it and finally I was taking about the harvest of the real harvest is good to come because in revelation it talks about Jesus when he's coming back and he says that he has a sickle is a harvest that we are creating units at the harvest of her life and uses them to come back and he's been a trust to sickle into this earth is to figure out and decide NICs are decided you can let you know where your harvest ends as reading and great controversy about the resurrection the second the second resurrection and there's you name some people 's names Napoleon is one of them was going to be the second resurrection is lost but I'll tell you what in the second resurrection there's got to be three classes of people that would be the most miserable even be the most miserable number one the Jews some Jews are going to be there for there to be the most miserable because they knew so much of the Old Testament they knew more about the Old Testament and Peter did but Peter did more than than they did with less this would be a second class of people in DC by them have actually know excuse enemy Seventh-day Adventists and be there they knew it but they're going to be there and the third class under those fallen Angels who know just as much as seven Baptists they know just as much as the unfallen angels and they are there as well I'll tell you what do people get so mad when they find out that there's a scandal with Bernie Madoff when they found out that he had been doing what he was doing they sold everything he had down to his underwear they sold his underwear to try and get money back for what he did and now they're going after their sons because they think that the sons knew it but what would happen to you if you are in the second resurrection and you're there with your friends and they turn to you and they said you knew this you knew this and you didn't tell me you rob me of eternal life when you do that until either the fires of hell can't come quick enough will come quick enough for you and for me if we are there on that day but I can tell you the other side and that is that when you're in this sealed glass if you have if you have done your best if you really done it if he just went out instead of talking about it he went out and you get you prepared the soil you work the multiple tools you are patiently persevering you want to the summer he worked in the fall you collected the harvest and you have a harvest of people to show Jesus you be singing a song a song that the tells of what Jesus did in your life and those people will be talking about what you did for the and you'll be able to enjoy for eternity revealed to see your the results of your labor and you'll be satisfied the choice is yours today what kind of harvest are you creating remember the Bible says that God is not mocked whatsoever a man or woman so it's he shall also make up a safe ministry the father we thank you for this simple but profound story of the of the solar how he went out and how he so despite the birds despite the rocks despite everything and thought he got that harvest thirty percent sixty percent hundred percent Lord we also pray for harvest just like that the Lord help us to go out give us the courage to go out and help us just to do it through your strength and juice any pray and


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