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Heaven On Earth

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • May 28, 2011
    8:30 AM
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the without everyone are fantastic I am so excited to be there with you this morning the methods that will have to present to you today I excited it makes me really say I'm on this ecstatic I hope you're going to be excited to all who are going to be building on the theme we've been developing all week the very first morning devotional we had together we looked at how God has a plan for salvation for redemption for getting into heaven is better than just simply getting you to heaven he wants to develop his character within you so that when you get the Avenue will fit into heaven I knows is getting in but fitting in I'm character development but then on the next day we look at how they are seems to be this and all of the dichotomy and seventy was thinking about what will actually finish the work what is the work that needs to be finished and how do we go about doing it is a preaching the gospel to every nation or the simply developing the character of Christ within us but holy living and apparently what the Word of God tells us the spirit of prophecy guidance it was a concept where both are vitally important that there's a higher ideal of a higher standard than either one of the other there's an end there's an entirety to God 's mission for us we can't just bypassed rightly there is a glorious mission he wants us to accomplish then we saw how revelation factor fourteen is the mission statement of the seven Dennis Church it's what were to be preaching but there's another chapter in the Bible and this is what refers to continues repeatedly of her and over about how we are supposed to do the work in this time they may remember what chapter that was Isaiah chapter fifty eight is not just simply the recitation of doctrine is not simply discard people to repentance but it's a revival of the Reformation if it in expresses itself in care for those in need they actually being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to those around me soon yesterday we left off with the concept that if this is the idea of Revelation fourteen is what were supposed to be preaching you can hear her but I live and work together in a way that completes what Isaiah fifty eight was talking about what would that actually look like in practice and what would a body of believers who are each individually representing the character Christ in their personal lives with a mission to tell the world the important truth of the gospel we all brought together is a fellowship and community in a church order look like a sort of studies of a heaven on earth is the topic for this morning before studies are any study of award-winning begin with the word prayer generally father is a privilege and honor a blessing to have the Sabbath day of rest thank you Lord for the Fellowship it provides the break from the toils of everyday labor and in this special time in this special place on your special day or give us the information that will transform us into your special chosen people opposed to represent your character the world spread the gospel of three Angels messages and see you consume sinners pray this all in Jesus and then please turn in your Bibles to Exodus chapter nineteen exists after nineteen where were going to get a good chapter nineteen this is just before the famous exodus chapter twenty one we find an exit chapter twenty but think again of the law God spoke in from elsewhere now find out the people I have at the foot of Mount Sinai okay the Lord has led them to this point and we pick up the story right here in Israel's history and exits chapter nineteen starting with verse one Scripture readings in the third month after the children of Israel had gone out of the land of Egypt on the same day they came to the wilderness of Sinai where they had departed from the vitamin come to the wilderness of Sinai the wilderness so Israel kept there before the mouth and we know that is really the large entity at this point right hundreds of thousands if not a couple million have made the exit is a cross out of Egypt across the Red Sea been divinely kept and now they're the foot of Mount Sinai where God is going to establish them as a nation and we gone first first three and Moses lifted on the Lord called him pronouncing bus you shall say to the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel you have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagles wings and brought you to myself now therefore if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant then you shall be a special treasure to me above all people for all the earth is mine if the Lord later that night I own a hole at the online but you have a special purpose on the earth you're going to be on the form you into something special treasure infected with opposite verse six and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation in just a nation euro what kind of nation a holy nation to spiritual kingdom kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel and so this was the Lord 's intent by bringing them out of Egypt upbringing to the foot of Sinai he was establishing them as a nation but not just any other nation a holy nation most people think that Israel was enslaved in Egypt for four hundred years of incorrect just throw that out there right now but what leads up to this event with two hundred and fifteen years from the time of Abraham got the call in Genesis chapter twelve until the sons of Jacob went down into Egypt at the direction of Joseph and so from the time a friend started trying to know make this greatly it was one of fifteen years until Jacob was there and then the sons of Jacob went down into Egypt working okay and continue right one in fifteen years since God called Abraham in Genesis chapter twelve and the sons of Jacob went down into the land of Egypt at the direction up under the care of Joseph and religions is that this is not for adversity you didn't mean to harm me but this was God 's will that I might reserve around right after they come down in each a projected two hundred fifteen years it takes from you and and and with that name after the takes for ever to know this great nation by the County people went down into Egypt the Bible records does anybody know if the document seventy two hundred and fifteen years and a great nation was seventy that the next two hundred fifteen years ago to exist chapter one UC was recorded that apparently when they got in the land of Egypt or those Israelites just look they were fruitful and multiplied exceedingly strong but I got to the point where they were just was occupied the land of Goshen be some shepherd is that I got to the point that the generations after Joseph who didn't know just of the pharaohs after that looked around at the Israelite visit what are we going to let these people do so many of the name right right left and that's when the oppression started keep them down to give them their place so the bulk of it is Egypt's book about four hundred years leading up to it was just simply you can think of is to basis there's the two hundred and fifteen years with over seventy next winter fifty years when they became almost two million and basically the Lord he was injured as an incubator for them in their he filled him up and now we take some of the nineteenth the foot of Mount Sinai to form them into his holy nation interesting the creation week God as he formed the earth and then he feels it but when Israel he felt it up me but about life and now the most you into a holy nation is where you pick up at the chapter nineteen of the God direction here and of course we know what happened the next chapter he delivers the law of God were to come back to that in a few minutes exists at the twenty fourth of the ten Commandment logon the benefits after twenty five turnover your mileage this chapter twenty five we see the thing that occupied the entire entire rest of the book of Exodus starts exegetic twenty five starting with verse eight event will look at two versus axis twenty five North eighty nine severe and let them make a sanctuary that I might do what dwell among them individually living into their living room portable have you got that I will be their God I would than be a holy nation I wanted to be above them I want to dwell among them she said making me a tense to wander around with you I want to my dwelling place right there with my people Susan have to make a sanctuary for me that I may dwell among them and he goes on says according to all that I show you my friend that will be crucial momentarily according to all that I show you even if they are what you may need a house we create those silly with it making it deeply and finally I may need to glue you know make me whatever fashion you make it into any shape in the design is all the colors to make it open I don't care to say that he's a even if they be created either the faithful even when I want you to do is make me a sanctuary don't you build after the blueprint are yet here's the blueprints execute this plan and 's of the shore according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings shall so you shall make it was very clear about that and how we wanted his sanctuary form in fact if you go with the exception of breath as exits after thirty two victims of Moses time on the mound was interrupted with the at the foot of Mount Sinai with the golden calf the rest of the book about this is the conversation of Moses and God and implementation of this plan for the sanctuary docility competitively instructions about you know that the different like pieces of the Saints were the curtains in the beautiful piece of furniture the Goldsmith father solicited the engraving authority on any forming is exactly like he wants it according to that pattern given in fact that I get that the entire book of act this is all about I go back to chapter forty of the very last chapter the book about this culminates with the completion of this project if you never thought about it they built the sanctuary in pieces it's like a modular home because they had pieces and parts and they assembled it so that engines like put up its output of the first curtain and go in there and start building and hammering away at all pieces lined out like a big set of blocks and that he arranged it in order to put together we think it's an extra chapter forty factor goes on if that's your then the Lord verse one spoke to Moses saying on the first day of the first month you shall set up the tabernacle of the tent of meeting you shall put in the market with money and producing optic art with the veil you shall bring in the table in arranging things are to be set in it on set in order on it and you shall bring in the lampstand and lighted lamps and you should also spouse of the altar of gold for the incident before the ark of the testimony and put the screen for the door of the tent tabernacle and he goes step-by-step how you're supposed ability to go through this chapter you'll see that they were supposed to build it from the inside out when you start with the the most inside a room which is the most holy place to build my room first and all his room to put this together first the park between the cover on it but that the law got inside of it then you got to the next room you put the candlesticks when is the table show credibility of the incense altar and you get going out with the ability from the inside out so that when you get outside of our completed and we see what happens in a very close object exes chapter forty says it would happen verse thirty four when you finish the work we put it all up it says in verse thirty four then even the cloud cover the tabernacle meeting in the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle God moves in an adult 's house got moved in and Moses was not able to enter the tabernacle meeting of the Gloria because the cloud rested above it and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle and build it from the inside out so that we got outside the landlord to fill it it wouldn't fill in good standing right next to Shekinah glory builder from inside the had a very distinct plan we know about this new study this we know the outline of the sanctuary holy place the courtyard to the holy place and the most holy place all the pieces of furniture is built on this pattern analogies something else is interesting is go to the book of numbers numbers describes it we know the Lord wanted his tent established and just so but let me say what else did not happen God is not just say I build my house to the specifications in and for your houses you go everyone is a good creative they are either he based that on a pattern as well and he based when you are supposed to live how they were arranged in ten in a certain way you're the numbers after one you read the first chapter number seven one and you'll see the divisions of Israel are outlined the twelfth on the twelfth family of the twelve tribes and then verse fifty one diversity two of the book of numbers chapter one the children of Israel shall pitch their tents everyone by his own camp the first of all you were supposed to stay next to your try next your family in your camp your area okay so that the Levites out of place the data in Asher and Manasseh and an Issachar and Zebulun Rubin and get all of them had a particular placement resources that everyone by his own hand everyone by his own standard we don't use that term often one of the standard the banner in the flag and emblem of the insignia it's a thing that you look at anything that represents my family without words is not just that they don't get a fabulous picture of something right if it's an emblem standard here's the details next to every family had a flag and that's your family flag and you live next to interesting those on verse fifty three but the Levites shall camp where around the tabernacle of the testimony of there may be no wrath on the congregation of the children of Israel the Levites charge of the tabernacle of the testimony to believe that had a special job that they were put in a special place they were the ones that was surrounding God 's house because they would be ministers and caretakers for and in God 's house and the other ones were arranged around the capital we feel it is not just okay you sit with your family and your family can go over they want there was order beyond that back continue under the chapter two verse one and the Lord some of the and Aaron saying every one of the children of Israel took him by his own standard beside the emblems of his father 's house and they shall camp some distance from the tabernacle of meeting the building were close to the Levites all the other ones some distance off these as on the inside for the rising of the sun those of the standard of the forces of Judah shall camp according to the Army 's and he goes on to describe how many are there any coupon outlined exactly where each of the twelve tribes would pitch their tents according to the pattern that God was going to show them in relation to the sanctuary so you get the picture and if you go to your scene in England say that this pulpit is the sanctuary this is the centerpiece of the children of Israel's encampment and then you have a thing where on the east you have showed up and in fact you have two other camps but this was the main one therefore three drives on each side North South East and West but there was one drive that was the main one of the leading tribe of left side of each cardinal direction and there is shown in along with Judah we also have Issachar and that Susan Juda Issachar Zebulon on the east and across here on the west you have Ephraim G is the leave and try and template then you have Asher and Natalie and this is the website then you go down to the north on zygote in order you have Dan that is the main drive and then standard everyone will look for and then you have Benjamin and Manasseh will be kept within and finally in the south you have Ruben and with him would be Simeon and dad and thinking what in the world of the federal character development and finishing work were getting it's a really really cool now Jewish tradition tells us what at least those for May flags with those emblems were they were on their just a digestive process we would have the Bible property we had a nationstate what country is represented by the Eagle in modern society no states of America without the bear Russia without Dragon China right you understand that you could implement with all that that nation makes it the same thing happened the children of Israel with the tribes they each had the standard and with the four main tribes know what to do with the standard most likely were with Ruben the Judah on the east does just what animal you think we go with Judah aligned you know the lion of the tribe of Judah the mixes take over on the other side on the West you have Ephraim which was a half worn off and that was the picture being on the south side you have Rubin in his look like a man with than on the north side you have Dan and he would look like an eagle and the lion ox man Eagle around the tents of God Tabernacle the Lord bigot is what we live in Florida will I live in Florida most of you may be visiting Florida whenever you are in the land it has perhaps the largest parking lot in the world the world Disney World Epcot Center you name it is not just a few parties the anchors and while the parking spaces have you ever find your car all the cars look the same I drive a silver SUV was only twelve seven million other people and after all required babe riding roller coasters and look at all I have no idea where I am back there to take me in a little car to go to Michael Wright is him will travel benefit in the middle of nowhere what are you look when you look for your car now you look for giraffe six right you look for when N/A or something like that you have family to feel a bit icon and that's what you look for you know where you live in relation to the Phillies seal right that's where you parked your car the know how to find your way home amidst all those millions of other cars because that's the emblem you're headed to that I was with children of Israel to win people are camped out in some other perfect order at an idyllic system had a way of doing so you put all these pieces together in your picture that looks like this this is just me doing this this is not to scale it could be wrong in several areas but this is what the evidence in the Bible seems anything you have here the centerpiece sanctuary with the hobo poet courtyard around this area you have with you is tenth closest to it the Levites who they work for and in the sanctuary and you have a friend over here should overhear wrote about here then up there and you look out and you see these different animals these different standards and that's how the hell was organized it was not just an organized sanctuary can ever be enough of a way want not have the bigger planet is having his house in order he wanted his entire nation to be in order and this is what's important that we know keepers chapter eight was looking very quickly we know why was the pattern so important when it came to the sanctuary why God wanted built exactly like that pattern what was the significance there he was chapter eight verse five in fact the book of Hebrews is all about price work and I watched heavenly sanctuary right emerged after eight with that author with verse four okay he was after a phone number for four if he is Christ were on earth he would not be a priest since there are priests who offer the gifts according to law who served at the copy and shadow of the heavenly being with the NIV version is that I may serve FSA through the copy and shadow of what is in where heaven where the blueprint come from why did God what his tabernacle built in this way the fabric of earth had to look this way because they were the tabernacle in heaven it looked that way and it is as affected by both of the language who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle for he said see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain we know that's why the sanctuary look like that because of the heavenly sanctuary but my friends there's a reason why the patient look like that the whole thing will look like that because of my fifth attempt of God there's an entire kingdom of God Revelation chapter four Revelation chapter four if you were to take a tour of the campus agent is really starting the most holy place you think okay there's the Shekinah glory that new mercy sleep in the ark of the covenant which is the throne of God right and of course around that you have the servers around that tent the elders that I mean that the priests right we need to get you out into the holy place in using different pieces of furniture there including the seven branched candlestick then if you finally came out of the courtyard he looked around you and see a mass of people you see these pictures of we go right please flag these banners beside this there will be the animal representations of the tribes of Israel relationship before starting the first one after these things I looked and behold a door standing open where in heaven and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying come up here and I will show you things that must take place after this immediately I was in this spirit and behold a throne sat where in heaven and one sat on the throne and he was that they would like a jasper and sardius stone and appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne in appearance like an emerald around Lebron and around God 's toys there were twenty four thrones and on the ground I thought twenty four elders by the way you go to first Chronicles whenever they got a permanent setting in the promised land the priests of God were divided again into guess how many subdivisions twenty four for the order of service you step out and use the twenty four people suspected a really cool and from the throne proceeding lightnings thunderings and voices seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God as a visit from the people who work around the throne is that by the next room is all the candlestick the seven candlesticks you keep going for six before the throne it was a sea of glass like crystalline in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures full of lies in front and back the first creature would like a lion the second living creature was like a tap the third living creature that had the face of a man in the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle John was taken and made into heaven and God showed him his kingdom in heaven and will hold it with identical to the kingdom got established Israel to be it was exactly like these the same thing there was a reason God wanted Israel to look the way it did because he wanted it to be a little piece of heaven honor okay Israel was designed to be little piece of heaven honor a buy when the sermon is two parts we just discussed the physical layout of the organization of the camp of Israel by the Mrs. White tells us something paychecks from commenting on his ordination is that God is a God of order and everything connected with heaven is in perfect order subjection and thorough discipline mark the movements of the angelic host by late this comment in the patient's brother three seventy six one paragraph after she describes the divisions of the camp of Israel around the tavern that he said that in the pattern based on heaven God requires order and fifth in his work now no less than in the days of Israel all who are working for him are to labor intelligent where Israel failed Christ succeeded a Christ came to be the embodiment of Israel and he didn't just come to explain and expound the law became to embodiments not to destroy it but to do what fulfill it pertaining to the filming of the law in his life on earth Christ was the perfect representative of the character of God and the only true ambassador of the kingdom of God for instance as the Lord on the Sabbath kept the Sabbath faithfully and young people to deposit parenthetical statement here there were times I'm sure it wasn't fun for Jesus to go to church you think it's bad if the elder looks down you are what you wear which I would say is not a nine percent urban legend but anyway they literally would try to throw him off of cliffs throw rocks at him he can go to church as with the tradition as an example for us he kept the Sabbath faithfully when he declared to me all ye that are related to labor heavy laden and I will give you rest he was a flesh and blood sabbatical year by casting out demons he said at liberty those enslaved to the dominion of Satan in so doing he was the day-to-day year of Jubilee for such people with tax collectors and adulterers Jesus with a living breathing city of refuge in fact this was his reputation to such an extent that he got the pejorative label brand thinners is that I will hang out with anybody Jesus accepted foreigners need talk with societies outcast like Samaritans the poor the unclean like the Israelites were to welcome into their fellowship any believing stranger as though they were children of God the children of Abraham Christ the Bible says to as many as received him to them gave he power to become sons of God he not only healed the sick the lame the lepers in the blood but he even raised the dead John September ten zero seven I came that they might have what life in heaven how more abundantly in his life and ministry Jesus was the personification of God 's law which is of course the transcript of God 's character to such an extent that Jesus could ought in all sincerity said he would see me has seen the father never my character personality likes of Asus ethics twenty two the same year his entire life was characterized by disinterested benevolence and the beauty of holiness he is our pattern of goodness from the beginning of his ministry men began to comprehend more clearly the character of God he was what he was fulfilling what Israel was supposed to be and how did he do that he carried out his teachings in his own life what he talked to you live what he said he actually did how the world needs a Christian church who live by that simple principle whatever you preach practice that's how Jesus did that's how Jesus did like Israel of old gods people on earth today in its organization and ended laws governing character is supposed to be radically different than any other organization or government in the world in fact the way the church operates should be so striking so different so you need the strangers who come into its association and some small but significant way can actually sense that they have glimpsed heaven when they see the church patients the patients the a little glimpse of the kingdom of heaven the purpose of the church is to show people the kingdom of God I believe this is what the apostle had in mind when he echoed God call ancient Israel River and exes chapter nineteen of ridicule holy nation a special people in first Peter two nine you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light each of us if we genuinely have a Christian experience should have come out of Egypt at some point we should have a testimony to shares when people see our lives without a will that happen quickly payment got usually right started from an outright to show forth the praises show forth the praises and called you out of darkness into his marvelous light snow and put all the morning worship off together one sentence and is bolded in my notes that it is God 's plan for Christians to develop the character of Christ individually and by and for the work of giving the three Angels messages to the world through organized service to others a review and Herald Gallagher Connecticut is God 's plan for Christians to develop the character of Christ individually by and for the work of giving the three Angels messages to the world through organized service to others and highly several possible women impacted review and Herald figure sixty nineteen eleven only by order and harmonious action can success be obtained I think God requires order and system in his work now no less than in the days of old he desires his work to be carried on with thoroughness and exactness that he may like the feel of place upon the field with approval Christian is to be united to Christian church to church I miss him Dennis churches work with other syndromes churches on the street were not if I let you apply what the Holy Spirit to the applicant does reopen Christians United Christian church to church the human as a mentality while operating with the divine every agent subordinate to the Holy Spirit and all combined in giving the world the good tidings of the grace of God that God 's ideal for his people so here we go what when it actually looked like if individual Seventh-day Adventists with the truth that we have decided to teach it in the wake price each of them were told the Christ method alone will bring true success in reaching the people there's a way to preach it not difficult to purchase a house what would it look like a seven Dennis churches were taking this multifaceted work seriously and through their harmonious organized service they were giving people a glimpse of the kingdom of God to have any examples of what that looks like very very few commissioner to it as we close San Francisco nineteen oh one Mrs. White gives an insight as to what those churches were doing to take this organized service as a missionary mindset seriously not just a local church but the whole area started working together and harmonious action would put him out she says there are many lines of Christian effort being cared for by our brothers and sisters in San Francisco these included what I have listened what all the things they were doing these include visiting the sick and destitute finding homes for orphans and work for the unemployed and we send out a surgical unit but will again I'm not applicable these included insipidus to find homes for orphans and work for the unemployed she continues nursing the sick and teaching the love of Christ from house to house the distribution of literature and the conducting of classes for healthful living and care for the sick a school for the children is conducted in the basement of the meetinghouse in another part of the city a working man's home with a working man's home in modern lingo and rewards against it's a homeless shelter the homeless shelter a working man's home a medical mission is maintained on market Street near the City Hall there the bath establishment a hydrotherapy center operated as a branch of the spring lettuce sanitarium the hospitals would open a small little branch hospitals and just making services to the community when crazy concept by the way there is a need for that kind of thing in the world today with health care that is we perhaps attract people snarky deployment in the same locality of the people of the health-food company where health foods are not only sold that instruction is given as to reforms and I hear the center of the city she keeps going our people conduct a vegetarian café which is open six days a week and is entirely closed on the Sabbath here about five hundred meals are served daily and no flesh needs are used five hundred people coming through that that that the restaurant stock the restaurant with my coworkers when overseeing the to savor the nearby city work for the Lord again sealed on Doctor and Mrs. Doctor Lamb are doing much medical work for the poor in connection with a regular practice matter regular practice anatomist or homicidal religious service Brothers brick and Doctor McCain is doing much free work at the working man's home we earnestly hope what is now mythological that we earnestly hope that the steps taken in the future and work in San Francisco will be steps of progress wife with the work that has been done there is but a beginning she looked off topic that you're starting to get good start is but a beginning San Francisco is a world in itself and the Lords work there is to broaden and deepen what would she think of our churches today one final illustration is not a is not unknown at this world is getting worse and worse there's natural disasters devastation financial crisis people in need their desperate need we could use a little picture of heaven in a recent issue that open a recent natural disaster which I had to you think there was a Tommy's a rumor that one big natural disaster now that the qualified is which one for which month right is almost so far back that I gave it the other years it will go in Haiti is seems like forever ago now right of the quarter million people die the whole place was completely disrupted definition the weeks following the devastating earthquake in Haiti I was struck with the brilliant of this God ordained plan for ministry when I read this article in New York Times with the carefully folks Port-au-Prince Haiti their holy books vary widely and so does the disaster apparel devotees of supreme Master Ching high Vietnamese spiritual leader wore fluorescent yellow vest on their way to earthquake damaged Haiti Mormons whether trademark white shirts and ties and an array of other Scientologist Presbyterians Lutherans Jews and Muslims each printed T-shirts on a different shoe declaring which faith and inspire them to help state Haiti moved by the awful images of January twelve earthquake a broadband religious groups has swept down here in recent weeks but rather than fostering a universal spirit of interfaith cooperation the hasty assemblage of religious organizations has sometimes created tension among the theology is fine with things to divide the missionaries and most is how long they have been working here some of the missions have operated here for decades converting generations of patients and helping to develop the country and that has made for some skepticism of the newcomers motives and methods the locals are saying where were you before the earthquake Delwin put fifty one a volunteer with give me shelter ministries and I shall more Florida which is been providing the food and medical and dental care in Haiti for the past four years and that the long-term one event among four years for the missionaries were mostly interested in returning to their churches with grand stories of good works quote these people are so zealous to get out of there and they look like they look at these kids that I think and care for a bustling suburb of Port-au-Prince the cat hello search of the Seventh-day Adventist which has worked in Haiti since nineteen oh four run the hospital a waste water purification plant a bakery a radio station and bookbinder even before the earthquake the church was considered to have far more of a presence in Haiti then the government but other religious workers are operating in a far more bare-bones manner with whatever they managed to carry in their luggage you had missionary doctors parachuting inherent doing amputations rather than setting of treating wounds because they knew their charter jet was leaving in two days they would not have time to observe all said Doctor Scott Nelson American orthopedic surgeon and Adventist missionary as he lifted a moaning man onto the soil structure the community trust us when other groups may soon make shortsighted decisions it undermines everybody's credibility if he had Doctor Nelson and other veteran veteran missionaries faulted the new arrivals were frequently acting on their own instead of collaborating with more established ministry groups that plan on staying in Haiti for the long haul is attention some experts say they can arrive from the differing reasons that missions have for being beer the new or short-term groups see themselves as being there to save souls first and lives the second thing Jonathan J Labrecque of overseas miss a ministry study Center New Haven missionaries along for the vacuum left by an impoverished and historically unstable government missionaries have always participated in the product profitability eating a big pain in this country said packet Delacorte the top government official Christian missionaries were more than two thousand primary schools in Haiti five sixty six hundred thousand students roughly a third of the country school-age population according to Haitian education ministry the bulk of that seven and in the case of the Adventist and care for more than two thousand children attend a cluster of Adventist schools binary through university level they sit on a sprawling campus of palm trees and tiny white buildings perched on a hilltop even before the earthquake this was the city of its own and mycotoxin resident thirty six as he entered a huge tent city set up by the Adventists in the administer the mayor the police everything friends the reason why so many people are distrustful of organized religion is because they've never actually seen it they've heard the claim in a single lack of follow-through God works with order with structure harmonious action each individual reflecting the character pricing when they come together into something more than naturally supernatural it's a picture of the kingdom of God on earth this is what we are to be back to the same Satan knows well I like that organization of Israel that was based in the pattern of heaven Satan had been one of the covering charity what is the power of organized religion thing well knows that success can only attend order and harmonious action he well knows that everything connected with heaven is in perfect order with injection and perfect discipline mark the movements of the angelic host any of his studying efforts to lead professed Christians just as far from Heaven 's arrangement as he can therefore he deceives even the professed people of God and the only one order and discipline our enemies the spirituality the only thing they prevented to let him pursue his own course and remain especially distinct from bodies of Christians who are united in or laboring to establish discipline and harmony of action so maybe it will tell you I might be spiritual but I don't like religion I'm against organized religion again my friends the reason I believe there against organized religion for they've never seen it so is my simple appeal the power of Jesus Christ dwelling within its let's show them piece of heaven was go beyond the typical understanding of church as a place to come in and check out with Kobe on the idea personal spirituality just try to get into heaven friends we should be trying to fit into heaven by the grace of God and when we do that will be able to show heaven to those around the radical concepts paradigm shift the thinking but I believe the Lord will bless this work the messages will go to the whole world and Jesus will come soon and very soon is my prayer that we hasten the coming by working under the banner of Jesus Christ Stanley thought or change our minds simply thinking about attaining a place in heaven to actually creating a place like heaven here on earth transform us into your image help us to get in and out of the van into heaven society and in this life that you've given us this probationary can't let us not be concerned merely with our own salvation the Lord make his workers for the salvation of others send a outlet age every person is rooms they lowered here and I think me and if it takes a change of where lived with my career where I'm going to live or what I would do with my money not whatever it takes for all things are entering your image and let us be united under your banner the week reflect Christ to the world in such a way that people will see through us with the prayer we ask your Holy Spirit 's power to make it effectual solicitor very soon Jesus will come in Lord when that day comes let not be missing the print all this in Jesus name and


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