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Two-dimensional Righteousness by Faith

Steve Bauer


Steve Bauer

Professor, School of Religion, Southern Adventist University



  • January 7, 2012
    10:00 AM
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good morning I just I have to do my duty here for my southern alumni 's posse sarabande that he several good figureheads everything I know he is right as Leslie yours they can see you all and hopefully in the break between services which were still on speaking terms you can come down and say hello to me so some of them I got to punish some preseason so I'm not sure if were still on speaking terms are not going is good to see you all here today appreciate this opportunity to be here why do people go to church why do they try Christ if I were to take signs to solicit answers I have often got things like looking for better spirituality looking for Fellowship Fellowship is a big one in the church or fellowship right and then I retort and I say that a lot of people get their fellowship at the bar at the model airplane club there's lots of places get fellowship and so why do I want church fellowship what's the difference about church fellowship than bar fellowship that I would come to church why do I want to try Christ my own personal theory is that all of us have a sense that the down in there somewhere there's something fundamentally wrong and we want it fixed and so we try the counselor and we try the bar and we try whatever else to either a slide or masculine you know that feeling that something is wrong that needs fixing and for some of us is more obvious what is wrong and needs fixing right thing for example my one church I pastor my pianist brother started coming to church at age fifty he had been raised in the Adventist church in a quote good at this home high standards solid churchgoers family worship both male somehow in Academy boarding Academy in the Northeast that no longer exist he got introduced severe by the time he graduated from Atlanta Union College he was addicted alcohol proceeded to destroy his marriage his career his family life and by the time I met him he was living in about a ten foot by twelve foot room with a little hot plate the cooking Ramen noodles on because when he can hold down a job it all went to liquor he's fifty years old his liver is on its last legs if he doesn't stop drinking his liver and it's highly unlikely he'll make fifty five to sixty and he can't stop he has esophageal varices in a fairly advanced stage being a medical tree you know you need to explain that one as I understand of those varices can run attorney complained that into your own stomach and he knows he's in this condition but he can't stop drinking and later on I discovered he had been through twenty five detox is and he can't stop drinking I'll call him Fred why was Fred suddenly coming to church because he wants transformation and he hasn't been able to find it and maybe if I tried that I can get and I would suggest that's why a lot of us are here church and maybe I'm treated to the wrong group but I suspect all of us here have any issue maybe Sue usually one is one area in your life where the devil seems to make a with you know you have a problem for me to change my sermons and Fran you've tried everything in the world and nothing seems to work or you have kind of a stalemate and I had an issue by becoming young pastor and lo and behold being a pastor doesn't help you deal with your issue you'll have some extra magical pipeline to God that no one else has seen as a funny thing happens is I am the company 's position in my life young struggling with pornography or I'm struggling with no foul language remember whatever you know and and when we say riding on the region but when you pray so forth and so on they come back three weeks little faster it's working I'm having more victory my life thank you for your ministries and I go home I kneel down I say Lord wasn't working for me none of you have that experience and yet we come because we believe God can do something the housing so I wrestled for years finally I went to the seminary the diminutive of my PhD classwork and somewhere in there I even wrote a thirty page paper on my settings and researching and writing about your besetting sin does not help you deal with effectively none of you know what I'm talking and I spent eight years of vendors doing I am due under sponsorship and then my doctoral classes and conscience stuff everything but the dissertation on self-reported the flight took six years to get that done so my wife had been the main breadwinner for eight years as a nurse and she was tired of being the main breadwinner so I said I would have to write a dissertation from the field and so the resumes goal helps and Steve Bauer is terrified me because I feel like I can stand before the people of God without a better answer than what I have not literally lay on the floor of my office and went to continue my face in the carpet and I said Lord I can't stand before your people an answer night out resumes out I'm tired of waiting I need something in a needed now and there is no voice from heaven no vision from the Lord and after a season I got up feeling utterly empty and forsaken and a vague sense came over me but somehow if Romans got Martin Luther going maybe if I went back to Roman cytokines may yet understand I've been reading everything I could get my hands on the ABC and I finally said Lord this isn't working I'm putting away everything is not inspired an effect on the put away the secondary inspiration is conveniently in Romans the line is in the Sam teach me the gospel and so I opened the Romans chapter one by the way I need to add a I always believe that I was saved by faith and that I was covered by price I didn't doubt I will save that would as always bringing dishonor to God 's name with the strong figure God knew the desire of my heart and is I didn't have the right tools and I didn't find anybody would give me the tools why anyone thought some of you don't have confidence that have the tools to help you I don't vote psychiatrist to talk about my gallbladder ailment right from these qualifiers and so I never really seen anybody I felt who had tools that help me so I suffered in silence as I started reading Romans one and I got to that glorious passage verse sixteen for I am not ashamed of the gospel it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who bought believes all I love that word by the way our English Bibles there was a bit of a disservice because the word now for face in the verb for believing in Greek are from the same step we don't have a verb for facing so we call believing but it's exercising faith coin of earlier a it is the power of God for salvation the home everyone who bought responded to know the length and the development the gospel is not powerful to the unbeliever right what if all same Corinthians to the unbeliever to the Greek it was what foolish say but to us who are being saved he said it is the power of God and so whether the gospel is powerful or will this be on your belief so it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes to the Jew first and also to the Greek for in it what's it possible for in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed through faith for linking dreams they are from face to face as it is written the just shall live by faith not a doctoral student here and I know that this is going to Sy have some context and I say Lord I know that's Martin Luther made it clear you believe on Jesus it's not your marriage is not your works you trust price to cover you you're available to heaven I know that that is not doing anything for me right out of my frustration and I started the long diversity the for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against in the Holy Spirit so do you really know what this verse means yes Martin Luther etc. do this from Scripture now your column Martin Luther he's not inspired but online endorse Martin Luther as she sure she has no online is not Scripture build your doctrine of Scripture not align on right so I grab my concordance and have electronic concordances you but it didn't take me long to figure out that this phrase the just shall live by faith is three times in the New Testament so I said let me go see what the other field do you do to your Holy Spirit Scripture Scripture and so I went in the water of our New Testament found his relations with the next occurrence happens Galatians chapter three the key verses eleven but we need to start inverse defendant get the full import for all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse what are they relying on the works of the law right standing with God justification so the context of Galatians is an argument over how we get right with God Galatians says very little about the actual Christian life it's an argument about how do we get into salvific standing with God and we had a group in the church who said you have to get circumcised to become Jewish before you can receive Christ works of the law so Paul says so numbers are context is how we get right with God so they are relying on the works of the lock to get right with God and also sitting in the here curse because cursor is everyone who doesn't do with all what's his point if you're going to rely on your performance did you into right standing with God you cannot afford to make a single mistake because there is no extra merit in obedience obedience only fulfills present duty it leaves nothing left over to make up for past mistakes and so if you're going to do your own righteousness through your performance you can't make a single mistake who here has never made a mistake so Paul says in verse eleven is evidence that no one is justified by God by law you will get it all right if you have to did a perfectly and started we morning we eliminated that possibility now it is evident that no man is justified before God by the law for jobs shall live by faith now my method here is I believe Paul is contrasting the just shall live by faith against righteousness through works of law and we agree and therefore because he's contrasting it with one method of how we get right with God the just shall live by faith is the other alternative for getting right with God and so lo and behold Galatians gives us what classic Mark Luther I know that Lord and is not doing anything to change my life I got the same struggle that I'm in a stalemate we knowing that unjustified my faith doesn't seem to help me improve my performance in this area and he said he had one more verse now here is where the Lord and his mysterious ways sometimes years ago you have to work out another biblical problem and when you workout that problem ten years later suddenly becomes useful for something else sociopaths pastor I got baptized in the fires of the Desmond Ford controversy and the result is I had done some very heavy study in the Greek of Hebrews seventy nine and ten and had gotten very well acquainted with Hebrews and its purpose as overall theologies of all that came back is lessening because the other use is in Hebrews ten as we go to Hebrews ten is this book written to what kind of Hebrews I believe in Hebrew believers in Jesus from what they are first century probably before the destruction of Jerusalem the comments in the book about don't backslide don't give up your face don't walk away from Christ etc. plus references to persecution suggests that this book was written to convince first century Hebrew believers not to abandon phase Christ in order to try to reduce persecution there are currently getting persecuted by the Romans as when the sixties media filling out the revolt that brings the destruction of Jerusalem so that June rolled tensions are escalated and Rome is clamping down on anything Jewish but then the unbelieving Jewish community is also ratcheting on you and so you're getting shot at from two sides and so tactically if you're in the middle getting shot at from two sides it makes sense to Lisa joined one side and get shot only from one direction right and so apparently these Hebrew Christians are thinking about renouncing Christ and re- assimilating into the unbelieving Jewish amalgams of the only shot at from one side and this book is written to convince them not to do that and it spends on the theme of Jesus is better possibly to the Gnostic influence on there was some kind of iteration of angels and so Paul starts out that Christ is better than the Angels for several reasons no Angels called son so forth and so on and and then of Christ is better than Moses as he will accomplish bringing God 's people under the rest that Moses did not write any better than Josh and then he has a better priesthood the better sanctuary with a better covenant with a better sacrifice with their promises that's all you heaters like five to ten the basic logical argument it is why do you want to give up the better and returned to the inferior and in logic Hebrews ten Paul is bringing it to the hey thanks all of his appeal is solely up here in verse thirty two just to get our bearings swimming in the first thirty seven and thirty eight that we actually get to around zero live cells for little reasons here why not to give up on Jesus winning the first to set up the second is the second one that interests us for the sermon but recall the former day is when after you are enlightened you endured a higher struggle with sufferings sometimes being publicly exposed to abuse and affliction has sometimes been partners with those so treated for you had compassion on prisoners joyfully accepted the plundering of your property since you knew that you yourselves had a better possession and abiding one assist take a timeout here you got people who are thinking about giving up their faith because of persecution and false version reason not to give all is look at how much you persecuted what kind of logic is that is going to push them over the edge what's the point I think what he's saying is look at how much you've invested in Christ why waste that investment in those suffering already metal finish the job right I like different running a marathon rightly give up at mile twenty six with five hundred yards ago we should think of all the training and exercise you put in the last two years for this thing you know why invalidate that by giving up five hundred yards it is not finished Paula your so the first reason that they need to hang on by the way then what is the context of Hebrews this is not an argument over how we get right with God is a discussion of what how we stay right with God right how we persevere and so the first reason to stick to it you invested to let you muzzle finish the job and get the reward second reason now verse thirty seven and this is the one passage that quotes a bit more of a than the other two four yeah a little while I like the King James on this one and he will show comment will come as shown the chair not in the context of Hebrews what is this he who is this he and what is this coming what event is being referenced here second that you have it's a vision that's coming Hebrews more fit into a person who's coming in a little while he clearly Christ is coming he who shall come will come and shall not harry I see my enemy is at five till the hours I can unpack that in order to get to the punchline except that for Hebrews is the coming of Christ is certain and we have a generation who prepares for the coming because of the certainty of Christ coming he who shall come will come Paul does not tell the Hebrews you don't shape up so Christ can come he says you need to hang on because Christ is coming to the difference K for Christ is coming and we have a work to do because these not in order to make them no one did not cause a flood by building our it was the certainty of a flood was coming that got no working and is the certainty that Jesus is coming back is also working an opinion what's the logic here in the context of Hebrews now Christ is certainly coming so you don't want to give up you could hang on the weekends now we get to verse thirty eight we have two possible responses to this response number one the just shall live by faith of the rack response number two but if he bought drawback my soul has no pleasure in him was drawn back threes are segmented Paula 's holdings the just shall live by faith now in contrast to not righteousness by works but to drawing back so what's drawn back giving of your friends in Christ therefore in this setting what is the just shall live by faith this is the opposite of drawing back what is it was the leeward persevering hanging on and I'm scratching my head and I said no wait a second load this has nothing to do with Galatians the just persevere by face we don't only get right by faith we persevered by faith and the Holy Spirit unlocked my mind because what is perseverance lifestyle choices and in the implication that it is that lifestyle choices face not through effort and it hit me why I wasn't getting through my struggle successfully because I was waiting to feel a sense of empowerment before I could say no to besetting sin and when I did not get that feeling I would fall flat on my face because I was trusting in my feelings not in the promise and we get a whole chapter I could spend all day we tested last night wasn't about just about people who took a promise they couldn't see pretty easy I was I saw a helicopter coming in this morning I'll cc and above the glory of the right idealist coming soon promise you don't have empirical data the righteous are as follows who intrigued the unseen promise as if they see it and start making choices in spite of what they see in spite of what they fail and what that means is you don't have to feel like a new creature to be a new creature and I was waiting to feel like a new creature before I can behave like integrate and I fell on my face every lollies and noting that this experience now I will say this besetting sin many will be your form the flesh that the Holy Spirit is enough to think that for now because this is my way of teaching you that moment by moment reliance on my promise we may have struggled I think one of the beams of evidence is in as we have these groups come to us and will give you the struggle for euphoric experience and Elimite says that the business one of many social what this means that you sent when temptation those who are righteous trust the promise that their new creature and that unseen on sale promise becomes the governing power of the choices and telling you the first time that temptation came to me after that answer to prayer is one when this is very good I'm afraid I might let me know let's give it a try I don't feel like an infringement but you promised I am in the Lord brought to mind a couple of practical techniques that would get into this afternoon in addition to bring it back we did some actual happy to pray and temptations to set and you step out saying I don't see how this is the work I've never been able to this before and you step out in faith and you feel like you're stepping into a black hole will and just about the time you're ready to screen all you find yourself hitting handhold you willing we want to see the hand right now I didn't suddenly and immediately overcome my besetting sin but I did have a quantum leap in progress with but if I don't keep my devotional life and spiritual life of like the old bones of Ezekiel the old medicine starts reassembling and that the settings in the first two make itself known again and so faith comes through reading these the hearing because they can have mass production print so faith through reimbursing so there are actually then sue aspects of righteousness by faith and we intend to have a one-dimensional gospel justification by faith alone and site notification tends to be trying hard and hope that helps you but the reality is identification is not me trying hard and hope in God helps me is me stepping out on a promise to run a new creature even when I don't feel like the rest of those mechanics who were running this afternoon but right now you have enough tool to recognize that the righteous then do not by feeling they have feelings but they don't live by ceiling they live a lifestyle by faith in God 's unseen promises as if they could see you May God bless you a you experiment with what I call second dimension righteousness by faith reliance on the words you can't see and letting it govern your sense of reality and choices


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