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The Fight of Faith - Part 1

Steve Bauer


Steve Bauer

Professor, School of Religion, Southern Adventist University



  • January 7, 2012
    4:00 PM
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is this our heads thank you Lord for this time together thrown our schedule off a bit but we're glad we have some more space for the extra folk so speak to our hearts now we pray in Jesus name amen so as I have started introduced before we moved in them reboot here for the recording I discovered the second dimension of righteousness by faith that deals with living by faith and not merely receiving biface and that this is a kind of face that the word of God is sufficient even if I can't see it or feel it is very crucial in the house in different directions with this in a very practical sermon fodder for this one to me is that Centurion where they came to Jesus and they said the youngest serving a sick and he's deserving because he built us a synagogue so forth and so Jesus says although he'll and so Jesus asked about what happens he sounds messenger you don't need to come to Jesus ignores him he keeps going so finally he comes himself and what is he say to Jesus he said I also am a man under authority and I say to serve in Golden Eagles I say to a servant company comes what's the point he's making I don't have to be somewhere to make something happen I just have to give orders and gets done I'm also man under authority I don't have to go somewhere to get it done I say a word and somebody carries out and he says all you Jesus needed to speak a word you don't need to come in what did Jesus say I have a final face like this and all Israel set second dimension face okay that's second dimension face and call in my opinion uses Romans one as a double entendre in tempting for you to get both dimensions out of and what happens is that basically the rest of Romans one to three four into early five is first dimension you don't earn it you believe etc. Romans six seven and eight is where you get second dimension of Paul has both dimensions in there and of course Hebrews eleven is about the group seek a specific of their Hebrew before I go to Romans here switching midstream here Hebrews eleven nail down this principle and then we wanted a little overview of Romans goes as a key element I haven't covered so we picked up at that's second dimension for yet a little while I knew who shall come you really believe that in me try that again he who shall come that sounds better and keep you away from no less activities now the just shall live by faith response one but if he shrinks back response to my soul is no pleasure in him we talked about that this morning but we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed but of those who have faith in their souls now faith is to not divorced Chapter 11 from chapter ten because we're talking about this faith that even though it doesn't seem doesn't feel trust the word more critically to trust the giver of the word as I noticed right as a teenager whatever slinging Bible promises around like David Stone did not help me because the power is not in some mystical issue of the word is because of who gave the word making that were effective gay but too often we treated more superstitious Leo and I just quoted Bible text that will magically disappear please offer me right so is ultimately faith in the word means faith in the giver of the word now Chapter 11 verse one now faith is the assurance in my translation I think King James has substance of things hoped for the conviction of things why I know are certainly good to think the mix of something what is not seen not perceived by the senses now let's break this down just a little bit now faith is the assurance or the substance is a very unique Greek word here is only three times in the New Testament who both facets now football in medical terminology we get the prefix hypo like hypoglycemia solute medical people what typo love really means under an Greek bank Google under law star system put in place to stand something stood under put under anesthesia used in school different ways and of the three biblical uses two of them go one way and one goes the other enough and again and all those justice the reason the King James chose substance is that the post office is used of home sometimes of the stuff something is made out of in particular all make an example when you have awesomely domains a pint of blood if you hang that blood up in refrigerator or room or whatever for season of time what happens to separate certainly solids precipitate on the bottom and you have a clear liquid on top and so for most tosses what's under when you have a sediment like that that was who post office it was down below and hence the idea of substance something you can actually get a hold of them you will manipulate with your hand like you can't do that with one of his runs through right and so has the idea of the substance is this substance that sinks out of the liquid that you can get all the book we also know from Jewish community in Egypt that we escalated their documents known as the elephant themed papyri we have a whole library of these documents that were deeds or titles of ownership the land control over for Steve owns this piece of land from that rocked that broke today right and this collection of titles or deeds was called she's the plural resist the fundamental it is grounds you're right of ownership now they make an illustration when I moved to Tennessee twelve and a half years ago from pastoring in Connecticut you obviously have to change your license plates registration and proof cars were set in Tennessee they call it tag and title now I'm from tag is a hunting tag with Tennessee at your license plate and and so shortly after getting to Sutherland buying a house and getting semi- settled we collected our documents we had two vehicles and we drove one vehicle about eight miles to the motor vehicle place right and we fill out applications and so forth and you step up to a nice lady behind the window and you give her all this stuff patient gives you new license plates etc. right here's my question now did the clerk have to see the car no one cars eight miles away now the other car was in the parking lot but she did not fill out and look at the car what did she look at the title and the title was sufficient proof for her to take action without seeing the car and what Paul is saying here in Hebrews eleven one is that faith is the title to God 's promise and even though you can't see in the promise because you happen I know you can act on thank you got to keep me from sleeping after lunch you and notice now phrase is this title to something you can't see and each person in this chapter does something based on the promise of God they can't see but the integrity of the promise giver was sufficient for them to take action as if the accuracy you catch that as if they could see and second dimension righteousness by faith is about living by faith in something you cannot see as if you could see or feel so again you don't have to feel like a new creature in order to be one will is sufficient for action as so I think just two quick examples here by faith Noah being warned by God I'm in verse seven by faith Noah being warned by God concerning events as yet what Ayers bought legally what has Noah not seen after using one big bigger nearly a flat bellies of this magnitude I suspect they may have had something to localize catastrophes we got one chair at least over here if you want to slip on down through your welcome to do so no one is not seen a flawed and he is not seeing the kind of events that would make a worldwide flood so how do I know that you believe what got older because he acted like a flood was coming right we start building our tools back to this morning 's point Miller did not cause a flood by building an Ark it was a certainty that a flood was coming the maven build and is the certainty that Jesus is coming that makes us work I had a church World War III church I have World War III and Armageddon in one package a day the conference president with forty years experience a run for the money and what was I going to the train of thought just left the station I know I had to live by that Ezra got sent me to test this theory out all I could see was war and strife and it teaches people how to live by faith in something they could see when they are effective experienced a stop fighting how I trained just came back we ended up in a situation where we had a group of four five folk that have made it clear that they were very hard to get along with and they were another three or four focal a different theological persuasion who had demonstrated that they were quite difficult to get along with as well and alone group was moving out how to plant their own group and the remaining group says we don't want to go we want to discipline the young church discipline will and they were so fixated on this and was really beyond our control this point was in the conferences hey remember that board meeting I said to them we have five hundred thousand people to a million that live within a ten mile radius of this church was in Connecticut had a population we got I hundred thousand at least to live within ten miles of this church and maybe a million and we got around fifty active members when the Lord comes in glory the one who explained to him why you ignored five hundred thousand fixate on five for me I thought I was going have a rubric a replication of the stoning of Stephen but the Holy Spirit leverage that and became a turning point for us to start saying look we've only got so much going to work let's get working we really believe Jesus is coming it onto affect how we live auto affect their priorities and too often withhold price can't come until we finish a work and most the people I have look at look at how the work is going and what do they conclude about Jesus coming and coming for a long time and were living like every person we have to finish a work because Christ is coming not to make them come and when this church started to believe that you live by faith system by feeling instead have effectiveness in their personal walk and when they started to believe that Jesus is coming whether I'm ready or not so I better get focused and working it was amazing what feelings in the church and the most challenging church ever pastored became the most marvelous group the labor pastor in my last few months there they started discovered Bible school was funny to watch at the first Sabbath after New Year's when people were done with holidays saints and Jesus is coming we can't wait for you guys and they found a personal ministry 's cabinet we had a files and enrollment cards ready to go so that January eight or nine whatever it was Gino's to the cabinet gets the box there are fifty cards left she starts asking around but so well at said Jesus is coming soon we were sending them on our Christmas cards in our electric bills and we can't wait for you guys are amazing I have to legally Jesus is coming I saw and he can see Venus Paul's point is that you can't see Jesus coming but if you believe he's coming you can persevere till he gets here you give up back to Noah my face no being warned by God is of the events yet unseen so he and constructed of our saving of his household etc. now imagine need someone to pick honesty Jeff my former student will give them some grief imagine Jeff says that Ava Lord told me Lord is enough of the world he starts raising money to build an ark you what is Southern California to say about knots and minutes of a lot of faith or no to build that are no one else believes the flask let's face he doesn't do it at his own strength of what is his belief in what God said drove in two certain and it's our belief that were new creatures when we feel it or not that drives us one oh one Moses first twenty four by faith Moses when he was growing up refused to be called the son of ruling on choosing rather to share ill-treatment of the people of God and to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin he considered abuse suffer for Christ greater than the wealth and treasures of Egypt for he looked to the war what did Moses see what the text he doesn't see the reward that's a faith issue what is easy with his eyes know what's in between there he said that even though he saw this he went with that what was the worrywart held in contrast to write verse twenty six he considered of you suffer for Christ greater wealth of Van treasures of Egypt treasures of Egypt is what he could see he's the crown prince rang and every day his eyes are filled with the sites and sounds of royalty and I don't know how was it Egypt's but I know when I visited the tombs of the Ming Dynasty near Beijing they had solid gold chamber pots solid gold toilet running the little overkill I read technical toilet solid build in its registry to make toilets out of and I suspect that's the little oh yes that Moses was surrounded by you talk about a compelling overwhelming physical reality copyright goal everywhere silver is chump change and some heavenly city that he's never laid eyes he thinks is of more value than on that safe now you can do this with each of the characters they each do something that seems a bit nuts because they promise believe a promise they can see and last night we talked about just the why is he in here because he went to battle on a three hundred plus year old promise of God against an enemy that has dominated them for eighteen years and superior instruct and he went because he believed God promised something decreased that and so it is with you and I see to have lots of meditation Reddit Hebrews eleven is each one of these is a case study where the sensory experience is contradictory to the Faith promise and they choose to go by faith and Paul does in the whole Hall of Fame list the site I want you to do the same thing even though it looks like persecution it looks like you're losing you got believe the crisis coming and that there is a reward so hanging hang in there and I just thought criminal might let me see if we can pull up the wonders of technology 's steps to Christ fifty one Holy Spirit is leading this direction Aeroplan but it's a good one the chapter 's face and acceptance for reading section here you've confessed your sins and an heart cook them away I think this is page forty nine yes paragraph three he resolved to give yourself to God now go to him and asked if he will wash away your sins and give you a new heart then believe that he does this and now she italicized as the phrase because he has promised this is the lesson was Jesus taught while he was on earth that the gift which God promises us we must believe we do receive and the desires and that she gets into the healing model that Jesus healed people that when they saw people heal they believe it could be delivered from sin on a skipped four from the simple Bible account of how Jesus healed the sick we may learn something about how to believe in him for the forgiveness of sins this turned the story of the paralytic at Bethesda the poor sufferer was helpless he had not used his limbs for thirty eight years in Jesus made him rise take up your bed and walk the next sentence is most intriguing to me the sick man might have said Lord if thou wilt make me whole I will pay my word now what why would he save Lord if you make me whole if you heal me away what does that imply about his experience why would a man say Lord you told me to get up and walk nephew here we'll do it you to theological be very pragmatic you're very literal why would you say that this theological topic by thirty eight years paralyzed right now Jesus has get up and walk why would he say if you'll heal me what does that tell you about his experience it tells me that he feels is paralyzed after the commands before and because he feels as paralyzed after as before it will be natural than to say I'd be happy to Lord he does feel me but no he believed Christ word believed he was made holes and made the first once he will to walk and he did walk he acted on the word of Christ I propose to you that the paralytic did not wait seal Shield the mental commands when out legs move arms move get up move because God said something even though he feels as paralyzed as he did before the command that's how works for you and me but the best is yet to come in like manner you are a sinner you cannot atone one page fifty four years past sins you cannot change your heart and make yourselves wholly but God promises to do all this for you through Christ you believe the promise believe your you confess your sins and give yourself to God you will deserve them just as surely as you do this God will fulfill his word to you if you believe the promise parentheses believe that you are forgiven and cleansed God supplies the fact so what's the core statement if you believe the promise God supplies the fact whose job is it to supply the fact what's your job too often were busy trying to supply the fact is to the believe that the best is yet to come you are made whole just as Christ gave the paralytic power to walk when the man believed that he was healed it is so if you believe it is reading this for devotion in the middle of World War III in the early stages looking for some constraints to cope with this mess I was glad that my wife was at work and my kids were at school because this when I read it I literally jumped to my feet and shouted for joy and my wife would've thought I had lost my mind when I give the punch that's italics do not wait to feel that you are made whole law but saying I believe it is so not because I feel that but because God has promised that his righteousness by faith in one sentence do not wait to feel that you are made whole but say I believe it it is so not because I feel it but because God has promised that second dimension righteousness by faith and for a lot of us we have power powerless wise because we have a one-dimensional gospel we have faith that Jesus forgives us in heaven but when it comes to moral development we see it more as me trying hard and hopefully God gives me when in reality sanctification is me stepping out on the promise that I'm a new creature even when I don't feel like and all of these examples in Hebrews eleven model those mechanics and so I have my Christian beliefs students I signed them know what Moses and then a couple of verses I say pick one person out of these verses and tell me what could they see what they see and how it you probably know what was the unseen promise that drove them what was the contradictory data that they had to fight through China get them to think about that dynamic in this passage is even study for weeks on this one if you want to write seven afternoon fodder devotional material and the like each one of these cases and it was because of that but I was intrigued with Jeff of the toughest one which I preached on last night now because of our move we started about half an hour late so it wears you read do we have a terminus on this certainly does run our sessions a little bit late all the way through and okay so full-time just a half hour late okay so I go a few more minutes here in this one then we moved to another theological point then with a little more seminar than preaching style here on now that we've nailed down the two dimensions of righteousness this comeback to Romans now is is one other key element that will take a break and they will get to the story of the drunk and some practical mechanics for how this works in real life as I argued I believe that Paul includes both dimensions in Romans roughly one to four first dimension though the tail end of four introduces second dimension and then a fourth kind of a transition chapter has some of each and then six-day to deftly secondment that living by faith on the word now there's one other issue though that we need to reckon with and listen to it in summary fashion Romans one eighteen so the end of the chapter what is Paul doing I would like to suggest is that Paul is establishing the guilt of the Gentiles before God is why do you need a Savior if there's no guilt that you need to be delivered from right so we got to define the problem first and so Paul starts out the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress while with the definite article the truth on something specific in mind for what can be known about God is plain to them because God has what shown are revealed to them ever since the creature a creation of the world his invisible nature namely 's eternal power and the enabling clearly perceived in the things a been made so they are without excuse verse twenty is crucial ever since the invisible attraction of the creation of the world he is in visible nature in visibility of God is something Paul says he has revealed through nature and his power so the two things that Paul focuses on supernatural revelation is God is invisible yet all this power we will make all and yet so these are the doctrines about God indivisible powerful now he says the Gentiles have said press this truth any artists among paper sculpture to a medical people know what later he is fine British and I come to you this I want painting of invisibility everybody laughing once the problem how do you detect invisibility with a visible canvas and in an invisible pink trying or if we came with a young block of marble or letters and I want you to carve me a stock of invisibility we got automatic problem right what's my point if you know God is invisible what's the minimum that you are not make an idol but what do the Gentiles do they make idols anyways these are and so they are guilty before God because they have refused to rebuild against and rejected his revelation of himself to nature and they made idols when they should've no reason visible and therefore they stand guilty and hands them over to their choice and all this other bad behavior comes out which adds to the guilt and he says they know the people who do this deserve to die but they went ahead and did it anyways and the Judaizers in the audience are saying yet all they love all three children at Mendenhall says therefore you have no dispute as own man who was the old man has to do whoever you are when you judge the other who was the other a judge and for and passing judgment upon him you condemn yourself because you the judge are doing the very same things in the Judaizers have a hissy fit all we will follow sexual stop there stealing is thought and talk about their out and you say were doing the same and he toys with them for half a chapter before he finally gets to the punchline first seventeen eighteen if you call yourself would you rely upon what the law most of the relation to God and know his will and approval what is excellent because you are instructed in how has God revealed himself the Jews the Torah law books of both they have specific revelation and in Mentor all we have ten Commandments from the so-called goes down he says you who say that one must not commit adultery do you commit adultery with the implied answer yes some of your polygonal cure you of our idols do you rob temples you most in the law do you dishonor it by breaking the law what's his point the Jews have rebelled Vince God 's revelation to the law in the same way that the Gentiles rebelled against his Revelation through nature they're doing the same thing now the question is why are people doing the same thing to cut to the chase we come to Romans three versus nine how to say this he toys with him three verse one what advantages it to be a Joe much in every way we got the laws of the covenant smallest unfit inherited in the local bubble up now he comes back in verse nine he repeats the question are we Jews any better off and now what does he say no why because I have already charged where did he make this charge chapters one to I have already charged that all men both Jews and Greeks or Gentiles are caught under sin please notice that is not under sins it's under sin in the singular now what does it mean to be under in this metaphor what is soon being depicted as it's in the similar used to being under the law what's it mean to be under the law subject to under its dominion under its jurisdiction sin here in Romans almost always is in the singular because Paul treats sin as a supernatural domineering in slaving our and his chart is that all men Jew and Gentile are under the dominion and power of sin what does that mean in another phrase he calls it being sold under sin what's that metaphor slavery how much control over his own life as a slave very little slave says I want to write a song today slave master 's vision of a whole what happens because court slaves doesn't stop being a thinking rational moral being but he's in a position where there is something more powerful than him that he cannot do what he wishes to do and this is part of the issue with besetting sin is because we are born slave of sin and why is that now Paul leaves this alone now to nail down first measure righteousness by faith exists in June Gentile are both understand that means they had the same problem and therefore if they both have the same problem commonly solutions do we need God doesn't the same Gentiles one way and you another way why because they got the same problem therefore they get the same so so the rest of the way he has gone solution is you can earn a enough believe on Jesus Christ even though you Romans doing three oh three nine offer that stuff and leave that to you the reason that we are all under the power of sin comes in Romans five with a major transition in verse twelve and this is an often misinterpreted text because of the influence of Saint Augustine Bishop of hippo from around eighty four hundred and it's the Augustinian translation interpretation of this that brings us to the original sin you sinned in Adam and therefore are guilty of eating the apple and even you know you had no volitional power in we got problems with that is at I can't believe that problem now therefore though therefore here is not acting as if it's a roughly translated to English it's more of a I'm switching subjects now I'm done with this I'm moving on to something else of this is not a logical therefore it's a transitional layer moving on as sin no singular citizen power came into the world through one man and death through sin so death spread to how many men because now this because the logic as because we see everybody sending we know that the rating power of sin is spread over all men that's the logic right and start by telling us were understand he showed us how overall rebelling right and out of that he says I've already charged your understand very important point now we have to define what we say what do we mean by the word sinner we intend to say someone who is committed soon focusing on it had a choice he blew the choice to and there is true for the but I think for Paul via center is first to be a slave of sin and therefore in Paul's mind we commit sins because we are first a slave of sin so if we defined center as being slaves of sin we sin because we are sinners in that sense right now if we define sin as the choice then were more sinners because we send the protocol there is this issue of the supernatural insulating power and this is what Romans seven is about because remember little question of the end of chapter three do we then make void the law no way we uphold the pretty leaves the Judaizers hanging us to why the chapter seven and we have a lot of argument over Romans seven five allegedly Romans seven just noticed the language of ruling and reigning force in unrighteousness because what happens in as for Paul Adam as the last unfallen human by his fall introduces a universal supernatural power that impacts all humans called sin and a parallel power a partner power this so we have the same desk there who came in through the agency of Adam okay agencies very crucial concept likewise he now holds a second Adam why is he second Adam because like first Adam he brings a universal power pair into this world and what is that our pair grace and righteousness and grace and righteousness target all men in the same way that the power of sin targets all men and so is because Christ is the one who introduces the three am the anti- universal universal power that he's the second and then Paul as the encouragement at the end of the chapter that and then notice he has both of these is ruling powers verse fourteen yet death reigned from Adam to Moses verse seventeen death reigned through one man righteousness will rain through life in one man Jesus Christ verse twenty one so as sin reigned in death race might also rein in that language keeps on going into slavery language football these are enslaving supernatural powers and guess what as a slave of sin you can't break its power so we come the Romans seven for mowing at six and a minute Paul remembers arguing against Judaizers in the city how do we get saved etc. etc. and we have this big argument about who is Paul talking about in Romans seven right when we just let them tell us in the key verse about who he's talking about is verse fourteen and we know that the law is spiritual scholars recognize that in this passage starting in verse nine to the end of the chapter about half first two thirds of the time that you see the pronoun I in English although something unusual in Greek not every tiny CBI would have to search will just say that in Greek normally I is part of the ending of the verb you don't have a separate word for I if you use the separate word for a high as well as the ending that's putting an emphatic I and Paul does that here and I think what he's doing is he's personifying the think of it as our concept of self so I self and carnal with we know that the law is what spiritual not under the power center but I sell and want what's carnal slave of sin the power said Paul's very clear he's talking about someone who is under soon sold as a slave and this person who is sold as a slave to sin city is God 's law says that's wonderful I wanted to a trust but what happens the slave master to enhance the struggle of Romans seven so what's calls point I think what he's saying is you Judaizers you claim to love the law and you think that righteousness by faith undermines the law but the reality is if you don't believe in Jesus you are under sin and you're going to be a slave of sin who cannot keep the law he loves and hence what was Paul's solution O wretched man that I am who shall you're not going to diddley squat folks until your delivered and how are we delivered by faith you may not feel delivered but if you have God 's promise of deliverance that's enough to act on so before we can change any behavior the first thing we need is to claim by faith belongs deliverance from the power of sin and be replaced by faith under the power of grace and righteousness here under new management what was Jesus turned Nicodemus for that morning we born again is being delivered from the power of sin and being installed under the power of righteousness and you can do all the willing wants but if you're not first delivered from the power of seeing through faith in Christ your will is going to turn and Roman set so in addition to the second dimension will be the trust that word we have to at the beginning of second dimension and as part of first mention we are transferred from the kingdom of sin to the kingdom of righteousness Colossians one thirteen and until the transfer happens by faith you will be a slave of sin in Romans seven the good news is that the power of grace and righteousness is more powerful than the power of sin and that also is where sin increased what race increased even more so sin and death and never overpower grace and righteousness but sin will overpower you if you try to stand up to it in your own power and aren't first delivered by faith and people come to church looking for deliverance from that power and Fred came after twenty five detox goes he needed deliverance and will finish that story but I think it's time for a break


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