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The Fight of Faith - Part 2

Steve Bauer


Steve Bauer

Professor, School of Religion, Southern Adventist University



  • January 7, 2012
    5:00 PM
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so you know I've mentioned this once or twice I'll write it down see you can read it hopefully this works from but I'm a member of the McDonald Road church here college Dale and McDowell Road has a website where they put all their sermons and so on I've been preaching on off there since about nineteen ninety I correction two thousand on my head a hiatus around two thousand three four five when I do my dissertation but from around two thousand six and on you'll find anywhere from one sermon a year to force her many years on various topics if you wish to pollute your pure minds on me W so McDonald like old MacDonald had a farm like the McDonald's restaurant without the S and him on the homepage you'll see sermon archive things as Adventist sermons in the Muhammad by year and you can use your control at the fine power in the list if you're so inclined and go from there and so on and on various things over the years and I haven't done as much I think the stuff I did my righteousness by faith is more prayer meeting that wasn't recorded but I did a little early on before about two thousand five it's a sermon transcript if the reader after around two thousand five her cell number I have MP3 and video on for it so here wants McDowell Road .org they've also got wired input instead it will still go there so so already that help Iraq really McDonnell room that is all one word is not based there knows a center at all and one of those sermons from McDonald Road on the priest but maybe a year ago was Alistair Hong of that one is also on whatever your group is audio verse and you listen to it so talk to me about it so so that when the Palos Verdes and want best-selling for audio verse real work that out it's on there so already let's get down to some of nitty-gritty this will be less and less preachy and will more seminar he in flavor welcome back to the end of chapter five where Paul's just said were all slaves of sin because a matter in the point is slavery to sin is an inheritance by birthright when Eve 's sin should become slaves of sin when Adamson they become slave of sin and slaves give birth to an inheritance okay and the problem is is that we are Greek in our thinking and in Greek sinking something does what it is because of its essential nature people really didn't think that way and so this dynamic of intelligent powers and war great thinking wants to turn into ontological nature so that's my sinful make sure you is real talk about in the Bible it's more the powers in the dominates me and the problem is if it becomes merely a matter of nature I can't change my nature probably got changes the nature of Christ comes right that's when the mortal puts on the immortal nor change in the moment and twinkling of an eye but we can change powers even though in the same nature and he now Paul having introduced these powers now comes chapter six after talking about sin reigning in the lawless love and grace and righteousness and he's just made the claim again that where sin increased grace abounds all the more and so chapter six verse one Paul asks the question for his opponent is there to criticize this so he anticipates their question any asset for that and was the question shall we continue in sin so grace may abound what the really asking how would you rephrase that thank you shall lease shall we commit lots of sin so we can get lots of grace sing it is said if Grace is a response to sin and it abounds where sin abounds that if you him are great you must have been more sent pulses no how can we who died to sin as a power still live in it do you not know that all of us with an baptizer the drive from is this in six one through eleven notice that Paul speaks in terms of declaration fax this is the way it is so we died to sin that's the way it is even baptized into Christ you are baptized into his death escalated we were very therefore with him by baptism into death so as Christ was raised from the dead to the glory of the father we consume might walk in newness of life for if we've been united with him in a death like his we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the sinful body might be destroyed and we might no longer be enslaved outside of the reigning language right to sin for Neil has died is freed from sin one is that me free from sin as well domineering power in the life if we have died with him we shall certainly live with them etc. etc. for we know first nine to eleven as the punchline here we know that Christ being raised from the dead will never die again death no longer has one and there it is again the death he died he died to sin once for all the life he lives he lives to God so also you must consider your cells dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus Miller mine says you must consider yourselves dead this is the same word as Abraham believed God and it was reckoned pulses you need to reckon your self God reckons you and since God threatens you you direct in yourself okay got imputed to yourself as dead to sin and alive to God by trying to since Paul the factual reality is that when we believe on Jesus written and baptized we are joined to his death resurrection experience when we die to sin and we see Christ died to sin in one condition right how was he raised different condition wasn't before he dies we don't have been walking through walls and appearing and disappearing right all this crazy stuff but then he dies he gets raised to life suddenly he appears the middle room a lot all these interest he lives in a more supersets of the superior state having lost a bunch of limitations did since Paul says in the same way you die to sin you have to believe that you've been raised under new power in a different condition where your free to do the right thing instead of the wrong and he says this as a statement of fact this is the lead is you are joined to Christ in the decision so there's no call this the indicative grammar and now Paul moves to the imperative because you are with Christ and were joined to Christ so forth and so on and you are raised to a new life with Christ act like it and that serves twelve therefore stop letting soon continued to rain in your mortal to make you obey the him she's not healed your members to send estimate threads of wickedness but yielding ourselves to God as men and women brought back from death to life and your members to go on as instruments of righteousness for sin will no longer have dominion over you the more negative here because why you're not hungry you're under grace by the way to be under grace is not to be free of obligation is to be under the power that opposes same what a pulsating Titus and instructed to the saving grace of God is appeared to all men teaching us a lot renounce ungodliness God 's grace is not a license to do whatever you please is a new slave master to become slaves of Christ right now Paul's favorite title for himself and you have this repeat in development again verse sixteen do not know that if you yield yourselves anyone is obedient slaves you are slaves of the one you obey either of said bidding the best or of obedience which leads to righteousness and people read this text I sent a letter will be slave of sin on the field Christ by faith they find themselves in Romans seven it's not merely a matter of choice the choice is crucial it's being in a position for choice to be in effect for the little words as we keep popping up especially in thirteen and fourteen and sixteen do not do not but was the word you once healed notice Paul doesn't say go do something he says what you like and summarize the growing Christian experience in one word that's it you not my will but it were to busy praying the prayer of Jabez when he departed a prayer of Jesus make me rich lords I can bless others and live like what we need to pray is not my will but I was in a sealed right now let's unpack that a little bit because if you try to out argue the devil you will lose right now if you try to dialogue like you didn't even end up liking so what's it mean to you first up is we don't have to cite seen we only need to yield I had a professor who quips sin is real but it doesn't exist I still think about that quick but I think there's some truth to what he meant as soon as not a thing as God created all things in their Ugandan creates sin is more the absence or deprivation of good the point is sin doesn't act like a thing and if you try to fight it like it is a thing at the very moment you think you've got by the throat and strangle is there something in the hands to fight scene that way that we don't fight soon yield Christ I make an analogy the we got a fair bit of Wilhelm teetered with a fairly young people right and he never suffered the tension between knowing what's right and peer pressure specially the teenager and you want to do the right thing but you don't want to get your friends any back near the station right at it know about you but one way I got around about it was same as I'd love to do that with I know mom and had never let none of you little my mom and dad and asked him and they tell you I can go with you although now my parents my friends knew my parents they knew to be a waste of time to glass but only have a heavenly father I can't we say to the devil look Avenue go argue with him not my will but thy will be done so since it's going to God 's will that happens if you want this to happen again to go get God to improving your garden with him is wonderful and I got a summons pressure delectably sweet the same thing the powers by faith in Christ since I'm a slave of Christ if you want me to I can't argue with you go out there I was able to replace arguing with an little later here you the Christian life is not about fighting sin it's about yielding Christ by faith not mine I will be done no notice Paul first twenty when you were slaves of sin you were free in regard to righteousness was sent me with free mean in this context procedure right Millie activity Wes is free in regard to righteousness was any no obligation right your obligations to the slave master when you're a slave of sin you've got no obligations to the your free no demand what return did you get from those things of which you are now shaming of those things is death but now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God the return you get his sanctification and attend what is Christian freedom if your slave Christ is the freedom to do what God wants us to do what she wants is not free to do whatever you want its freedom to do with the new master what and when you change management you have no more eyes all now we have another metaphor beside slave master from Paul as we also have the metaphor of adoption and this is more of an adult adoption not a baby adoption sometimes people about the people in order to free them from slavery especially deep in your slave any are you doing a close relationship whatever it's amazing I really like this guy I like to be like a son to me you're not a part of the adoption procedure in Paul's day for this kind of case or sometimes you have a poor man or maybe even a slave who has some an rich man takes interest in your son and you see that he could be the rich man's son your son will have a much better life and could be wealthier happier knowledge stuff right in adoption to key parts of the procedure the authority of the first father is emptied and re- applied to the new father or father has no more parental rights no more legal rights in reference to that son the other thing that was asked of the adoptee is are you willing to recognize that change of legal obligations and authorities so forth and so is your nineteen -year-old father basically not just be friends because no authority submission relationship anymore because your new father was the video so when I adopt us the previous pair the power of sin loses its parental rights for and we got a remember that my faith from the story of each gig or the test pilot back in the days before the Army Air Force etc. were worked together they were very compartmentalized in an right after World War II a few years later as he's a test pilot at Wright-Patterson for much of his horror they brought in the blue Angels to do an air show at an Air Force facility now why was that much to his horror as their Navy he wanted the Thunderbirds Air Force during the blue Angels come and sell yellow balloons were busier time of less regulation a little bit before the show was the starting just before those guys were pretty taxing out he jumps in one of the fighters and Air Force fighters on base and he takes off he goes way up high and loiters around the watches below him as they deliver loops and twirls me while the crowd that he knew the basic routine and he can listen on the radio as well any realize now that they are getting ready to make their final act was a low speed gear down landing configuration flyby in formation just off the runway right and from the crowd as slow as they can go then the lucid car around in my site is a slowdown this sucker dives his nose the ground kicks the after Vernon he comes in your home when he goes by them at supersonic of hundred feet off the after he passed them like they're standing still he pulls up into a vertical role of the focus on what's everybody watching he got approached by an Avril afterward who was purple with rage he said young man if you learn the name you have you drawn in Florida Nader said yes sir but I ain't in the wrong jurisdiction and the brass and particularly in them there and happy somebody stood up for Air Force the company too happy about it he my point is jurisdiction right this the Admiral had no power because in those days it and chucked it your new click management we have to remember to be delivered by faith and remember who were under and then it's a matter of saying go argue with my father one more story illustrates that the argument my father point my doctor father near Slough quiche from the seminary travels quite a bit and he was going to Russia for seminary and in those days you had to get on the Russian airline in Europe because would allow the Russian airlines in the US and they didn't let ours into Russia you know city flies to Holland but he's got like all twenty twenty four hours until he can get the next flight cycles up in a hotel seven due to the seven hour six hour difference in our jet lag he can't sleep is the wee hours of the morning does for him authority six or seven a.m. when he gets up and saying decides to walk off some of his energy so he has out of the hotel and the streets and start walking and not being familiar with Amsterdam what he did not realize was that his hotel was on the edge of the red light district which was legalized as I was walking down the street and suddenly a female form steps out of the shadows and walks with them and says and he says no thank you figure that was helpful I can clear all come on you is no human could really have some fun known as she keeps pestering finally he stops and he pulls out his cell phone he says let me call my wife finish it gives me permission she is not meant to the class he added and if my wife said yes I will say I was wrong my wife my heavenly father with your heavenly father give the all you got a doozy now I want to get to some practical mechanics how do we pray we were under temptation see I used to pray something like this here comes again I can see it coming I never get this thing please help me help me help me help help me help me help me to write that lawyer be careful what you laugh at right is the judge do the same thing I help me help me help me help me out with one praying wrong trick question wording and question what is the sword of the spirit thank you for playing you're halfway home what's the rest of the sort of spirit word of God and what this photo is at Ephesians six take the helmet of salvation the sort of the spirit which is the word of God pray at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication so that start with basic with the other edge of the sword prayer but not just any kind of prayer we keep reading to that end keep alert with all perseverance making supplication for all the saints and also for me utterance may be given me opening my mouth boldly etc. etc. what kind of prayers that intercessory prayer what should we pray Lord I'm weak I need help help help we do pray that prayer don't when do we pray that we were not under attack that's what you pray in devotional time when you're resupplying with God and the quite time you understand Lord enough to listen to me mind-boggling on weak and sinful support by phase I need to claim something to vastly talk to God about your weakness but when you're under attack any say Lord here comes help me help me help me where is your focus on me and folks I don't know about you but when I look at me it doesn't go very well so I have to look at me when I'm not under how do I pray under something like this Lord you promise of a new creature I sure don't feel like it but you said so I think what you said is more reliable than what I feel so by faith in the new creature and so because I'm a new creature in your slave large with God about this as this is a not my will but your will be done case and no Lord the neighbor of mine because if I could just win than the price they would be the next apostle Paul and especially start plundering Satan 's kingdom with prayer I caught dropping programs you see we tend to get it wrong we retaliate with each other and we turn the other cheek of the waves are shapely each other and fight for them and we fight back not by fighting but by prayer bombs and you start praying for others particularly evangelistic leaf though I have discovered it doesn't have to be fully evangelistic and you say Lord to take over this fight is rewarding at the victory by a separate man you start off in Provence on Satan 's kingdom it's amazing how fast he backs off sensation is electric and getting hit and get your mind off yourself so you affirm by faith whose side you're on who's in charge etc. and handed over no argument my heavenly father now father being this person that person be a pastor so-and-so below my kids be my wife part of that get your mind off yourself also get your mind off the temptation you're busy and little things and so we yield the battles of Christ and we replaced the battle was intercessory prayer and promises of the I have found this to be a true then does help in time of trouble but this morning or last night faith comes by what who actually attended faith and with my iron it are noticeably over here faith and with my wife say why were they here because they are impressive so it was read to the congregation and therefore faith came by hearing the word of God read now we can read so faced with my reading and if I don't single space with the word in regular devotional life then temptation comes I do something like this I know I can consist of Christ start praying for someone else I don't feel like it and I go back to living by feelings as to the living biface but when I go to my Bible and I read how a boy loses Iraq's head and Elijah throws a stick and learn afloat these don't get it that gives me hope God can do something in my life and when I read about the cycle sinking on a ship and crying out Lord save us and something happens and gives me hope that they will happen like right etc. etc. right faith cometh by reading less the fuel that makes the rest of his work now let's wrap up this way so my face we have to me that one new feature don't have to feel like it guns were to sufficient my face least refer to the temptation of argument to our heavenly father and we yield not my will but thy will and we start praying for some airline offers right etc. etc. one more angle my personal experiences is that my besetting sin tends to be where I want to go when I'm feeling hurt wounded down depressed and my besetting sin is besetting because it's my pick me up almost like an addiction model within the power of models to the physiology as Southern del Sol will let you know a time and be vegetarian and go to church on Sabbath Hill tell the truth all sorts of stuff but easily get ACLU over temper your pornography in you overlying skin right he's a difference for this is the same dynamic we turn to it for comfort when our emotions are raw when we're down and that's why it's so cold because it makes us feel good and we're addicted to losing by feeling instead of my faith and so we feel that we go to this activity we know it's wrong to do it anyway because it makes us feel good but then when we're done doing we feel that right I feel bad because I just be filling the blank right and so you tend to do what because you feel that go back to your laughing when you have this experience cannot friend finally came to the place where he decided he was ready and on compensation with his alcohol again I happen to have a retired alcohol counselor who was a member of the church who vaporized out of nowhere I had my first Sabbath she was there and then she went to a hospice situation with a relative and was gone I knew who she was and suddenly that person died and she reappears she is an old drug and alcohol counselor from the prisons and she so we went to visit together he gave her run for the money she was a wise old and she would talk about seeing fortunate each pass and when he figured out that he couldn't make seeking the system better than the people in the system is twenty five times he was not done and when he saw that he couldn't bamboozle her he suddenly became dizzy why because if I can't flummox her maybe she can help me cope and hold meetings getting finally she got into the point where he was ready to talk and I stepped in I said Fred you're not addicted to alcohol you're addicted to feeling good alcohol was truly you happen to use feel-good because your slaves into your delivered by Kreischer new faces what this means is you come to Christ instead of hiding from your pain and alcohol you're going have to face and I call that suffering for Jesus in suffering for Jesus to persecution but you're going to do some suffering countrymen have to face that a I believe it's better to face to be in the fire with Christ and outside the fire without and I proceeded then to give him an overview of this faith versus feeling how to pray etc. etc. he decided he wanted think about it two three four days later I had to go up to the conference office at one half cluster I while I multiply our conference office for workers meeting Fred calls my counselor he says I'm ready so she went some of Metropolitan area and the first place was full second place was full the third place somehow he didn't like in the fourth place and he was with her for three and a half hours in her car under constant observation when he got into the car he wreaked of alcohol he clearly had a final binge three and a half hours in her presence until they finally found a mutually agreeable place and he checked in and after at least three and a half hours without drinking alcohol his check in blood alcohol was four five five he showed minimal to zero the effects of intoxication that's how hard-core he while he was in we arranged for a self-supporting place of the main that since folded to incubate them away from temptation Christ I drove them up to that place myself for half five hour drive we reviewed the principles of righteousness by faith again how to pray and everything dropped them off happened to be near my mother-in-law 's house the next year I was up all the place he was there doing what second-year I called up he's not there but they had some turned out he'd grown up they decided sentiments found its stuff and several trips finally went down one David is no hardware suppliers over the place happened to go by a liquor store in the old medicine Rosa and he bought a bottle and took a few sips and when I go so he found a way he came back and he confessed in the city note the deal was to live outside in community and he says I can't do that or I'll fall flat on my safes with any of you so he went out he was so scared his letter rejoin AA any help so you join a support group outside the homes that whatever was on spring group there on the inside and for the next six months he was kind of open now and I caught them again a year later and he started the heat started back out even three or four months free we review the principles and cradle them and so forth in the last I saw Fred he is been seven years sober now if God can take a four five five drunk and teach them how to trust God instead of how he feels and deliver him from our sin over time what can we do for you one other point when God delivered Israel out of Egypt he read somewhere there in Exodus he told him not to take them by the road of the Philistines that you see worn repent of the road of the Philistines was the most direct 2K and when we recognize something is wrong we say God I want the most this is not right and not suddenly companies does not plan a road because you're going to overwhelm us take you different way and I know will be unofficially for we got to meet some lesser foes to help build your face before when they and then in the judges he says I'm not in the drive out all the king 's because the land will go wild and overwhelming and he basically says you're going to have to stay engaged in an ongoing process of conquering King 's and so it is with the Canaanites in our lives God does not deliver us to unbridled joy in everlasting peace because we would stop depending on him so he leaves some Canaanites for us to continue to have to engage to help us stay in the practice of dependence and I think the thing that saved me of all those years of frustration was I never stopped engaging the Canaanites felt like I was was defeated but maybe the old rate my mother used to say that I was not stubborn as a mule on the stubborn as a mule train and I was too custom to give up for whatever and so don't give up stay engaged but if you put the fight to God pray for others in temptation etc. etc. I think that you'll see soon you also progress like a joke Florida and then you start to see you solving the basic movements and enclose by reading an interesting quote from the wine which is the section and part of me if I choke up a little denial is the noise gets me to get this right and read it it's a little better what is this from signs of the times April eighteen eighteen ninety five like to read the first two parent apologized just as I read this in class we are finally assurance of our acceptance with God in his written promise not in happy flight or feeling were we to ground our whole body joyful emotions there are many of God 's true people who would be without assurance there are in the fold of Christ not only the shape that he leaves and green pastures but the lambs the shepherd gathers into his arms and carries in his bosom Jesus cares for the weekend of people in their simplicity and we can their life by his own heartbeats that science always gets me lost my place Jesus cares for the weak and feeble in their simplicity and would quicken their life by his own heartbeats one for the fall has strong assurance and what would they differ from those of more advanced experience the word of God is rich in pearls promise that they are weak and trembling souls who dare not venture to think that they are precious in the sight of the Lord Mary Magdalene was very near to Christ yet she stood weeping and lamenting crying they've taken away my Lord and I know not where they laid them out for here it goes it would be the ruin of many a soul always to have unclouded assurance in joyful feelings as they are accepted by God with our ceiling we must learn to lean upon his word we must learn to grasp the promise because we can never perish if we come to the feet of infinite love signs of the times April eighteen eighteen ninety five I pray for you that God 's word that you choose to make God 's word more real than what you see and what you feel you don't have to feel like a new creature to be one of your new creature because God said so and it's gone create a world out of nothing nice speaking he can take my nothingness and create something by speaking as well but I don't always see him heal creation but I trust the word enough by his grace to say go argue with my heavenly father claimed the victory by faith and move on to some an accessory makes all the difference in the world I'm telling you Mrs. field-tested by yours truly is how it works for me existential but faith cometh by thank you by reading the word of God so that you have fuel that gives you hope that God will keep his word for you Kelly thank you Lord for whole of these dear souls in the quest to be more like Jesus to find the glory of trusting your promise instead of their feelings and help them to remember to pray for themselves when not under attack and to pray for others when they are in Jesus name but God 's people say thank you for having me perhaps the local brings together again


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