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Gaining Strength

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

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  • January 14, 2012
    10:00 AM
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him and Salinger 's family is technology overload for you right into the words of the and really reading for a primarily from the book of Genesis the thirty second chapter dealing with the story of Jacob so if you have a Bible nonattorney Genesis chapter thirty two and I read the first few verses before we pray Genesis thirty two chapter of Genesis thirty two first twenty two the Scripture says any rolls out that night and took his two wives and as to what women servants and eleven sons and passed over the forward job and each of them and sent them over the brook and sent over that he had verse twenty four says and Jacob was left alone now you don't understand Jacob really was never designed to be alone Jacob is a twin phone essence Jacobson always had a companion he was born with Esau and the Scripture tells us that even their birthdays they struggled in the womb to be the first to come out Jacob tried it seems even evident newborn to try and legal weasel his way past his brother to get out first in this conflict continues between Jacob and Esau all of their lives all of their childhood and was compounded by the fact that the parents take favorites the father favors Esau because the father is the spirit of properties that look was a meek and lowly shepherd and so he really enjoyed the excitement of the hog and when Esau would come home with these great stories of conquest and bring these great beasts back swaying in the wilderness I also really like that the mother really enjoyed the submitted CAM and reserve of Jacob and consultants parents of the favorite end of the lesson from its inception of this Bible story you have to take especially if your parent or artist will be apparently not been taken yet to meet all the treated children with the same fairness the God treats us the whole story is almost predicated on familial dysfunction something of a special event and often we don't like to talk about the fact that it is the home that must serve as the first sanctuary by the father must be the presented that is broken then you will raise children who despite the best diet in the best teaching real emotional problems and are they now describe what I'm well emotional emotions and inability to deal with difficulty and stand and challenge them installed spoiled and favored or neglected children and interesting story because again Jacob really should never have been alone should've been alone because we had to leave because he stalled his brothers birthright tricked his father and was aided and abetted by his mother he will to his uncle and his uncle it turns out turns out to be more of a shyster that he is and so all of his drunkenness comes as as as as one famous up of leaders that his chickens came home to roost because now his uncle gets in by having him marry the older less attractive I will use the word ugly that the older less attractive sister when in fact he was in love with her younger sister and so instead of working seven years to pay the dowry to get I was working fourteen years and in fact one of the interesting things about the story of when he marries RFPs of opening the window the value for them to start their family but in fact he has never given the money so all of history really comes back to get them is not supposed to be a log of Nottingham have two wives he had eleven children from four different women yet he left alone the movement of the story Genesis chapter twenty eight verse eleven takes us back a little bit in the story after Jacob have had to run away from his is his family and his running to his uncle Genesis twenty eight verse eleven the Scriptures have any light it up upon a certain place and tarried there all night because the sun will set in each of the stones of that place and put them for his pillows and laid down in that place to sleep and he dreamed and behold a latter set up on the earth and the top of it reached to heaven and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it and behold the Lord stood above and said it I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father and the God of Isaac the land whereon thou lightest of the will I give it until I see Jacob reaches out and get to a place where he has to rest and any has to use a stones for his pillows but God in his infinite mercy has to remind him of his future although his future at the moment is completely blank and soak in the stream he gets to see what he called the gateway to heaven angels ascend and descend upon it and God makes his great promise to him a promise that goes on in verse fourteen where God says and I you shall be as the dust of the earth this time he single know when an insight no hope of having a family yet God promises him not just his children but his children's children for generations while he is at the most unlikely place to ever have a family I would comment on it further a crowd of young people in school sometimes desperate to hurry up and get into a relationship with but let me tell you that I think God is trying to tell Jacob you can take your time and garage and because the old Russian verse fifteen seven behold God is speaking to him now I am with thee and will keep me in all places where the novelist and will bring thee again into this land for I will not leave the art that I've done that to have spoken to be of God makes a powerful promise the Jacob a powerful promise well with you and you've got to get to set the story up is that God 's promise to Jacob it seems to never be enough of the fundamental issue itself and with trust and he always wants to pull a fast one on someone else in this case watch what he does even to Almighty God after that makes this kind of promise and you think that God appeared to you and make this kind of promised it would be about with Jacob does just a few verses later Bibles of the Jacob vowed a vow saying if God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go and will give me bread to eat and raiment to put on so that I come it come again to my father 's house in peace then shall the Lord be my God Jacob pulls and then clause on the Almighty God is called the dangerous thing to do with someone who has all power in the universe because it was really challenging God remember we just let the dog made a complete commitment to Jacob and is even physically far because I knew and I was planning the validity of the berry was silent when comes the same all of our lives would come through him Jacob would be part of that process it would be one of the faith fathers of the lineage in Jesus Enzo and out of promising him because God knows the end from the beginning even with Jacob it's not enough because they look at that you want to put me up I'm an American right car you know why this pretty enough about hereof I have gotten finish school with no a C+ or better in on that asking too much about our meeting valedictorian at Loma Linda Adventist University of you make sure I can teach and and and and and take care of the log house served new you can do for me and I can do for you you cannot approach the Almighty God with an if then clause we trust God because he is God understanding and he knows better than we look at the know for ourselves in fact this mindset has now permeated Christendom running beyond Adventism Christians all over the world is a way when I visited southern Africa and and and and the Caribbean and even Latin America now you're walking a finding that there is a new mindset in Christianity and it's a mindset that says if I sound down he had best the blessed me advice that he owes me something it is not what we call of the gospel of prosperity and so what do you believe that God is more in the business of making you financially rates are then making you rich in faith or eternity that descriptor puts it like this perverseness feelings of men first Timothy six five first Timothy six five versus feelings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of July to this supposing that gain is godliness from such withdraw yourself the script is that when people come to you once say that you have no evidence of your whole of your of your order Christianity are more on or on your relationship with God because you can show me oh well I'll be golfing people running people like Russell dollar much of what happened no one team in this is a twisted kind of truth because God 's people I had a little at time of difficulty and trial if you believe faith is in excess of what you want what happens when the time of trouble problems in fact Paul goals for the second review limits begin about the gospel of prosperity this idea that there was a positive have whatever I want because I serve God this this this this this unbelief because the truth of the matter is Christians are going to have struggles and troubles just like the world will in fact the Scriptures and God will cause it to rain on the job and on the unjust the grade eleven thirteen says for such are false apostles preaching these kinds of doctrines deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ and no liable for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness whose end shall be warning to their works we're living in a time when the people will be probably multifocal and visible Christian leaders in fact according to Paul will probably not be Angels all messengers of life they will invite me the servant of the enemy they will be double agent committing spiritual espionage upon the people of the world will go back to Jacob Jacob Farley now gets the break away from his uncle and had his wives and his children and by now in fact as the Spirit of prophecy described it is a master himself great wealth and self-interest Kurds entitlement and Sarah Vincent and Eddie I like to sneak away from the uncle interesting three-day letter to uncle catches them in an and is upset with them it is a legitimate challenge limits of looking at the usual payment would pay me back without paying you because that's the way as opposed to work with a big they wind up agreeing to disagree because God actually takes such good care of Jacob followed any guesses of vision I dream to uncle that his uncle know they cannot harm Jacob thought uncle Regis in a region of them really just to say goodbye to his daughter that is grandchildren God will turn your enemy if someone was once wishing you a bon voyage because God knows the Lord knows you know weapons and his uncle was coming to doing harm why not make an agreement within the infamous book and a separate as stone monument to the representative no network across that monument with ill intent forgotten you but it is going back and he starts to see the hills of where he well this is where the nose is not far from his father and his mother and it is moving towards that area even imagine the anxiety begins to well up in Jacob because Jacob is not really been converted fully yet to be converted is the wrong word but that experience that probably transformants forms and I'm not experienced of justification I believe that if we run a parallel insane maniac that backed up a when you got the promise from God but something is missing in Jacob 's life and becoming still trying for one over on God as he thinks about the fact that his brother to come and get them in and in and you can imagine of the devil begins to walk even and he saw killed feelings about his brother and as Jacob is coming the Bible says in Genesis thirty two inverse three and Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother out of the land of steer the country of Edom and he commanded them saying thus shall ye speak under the will my lord Esau by servant Jacob say about I have sojourned with Lehtinen and staying there until now and ability trying to do now remember he's the one with the birthright but these coffees calling himself a servant to his brother Donizetti got another call was brought the Lord Jacobs looking reflects that he understands the power of words and I started telling you that I have oxen and asses Floxin service and women servants and I said to tell my lord that I may find grace in your site Jacob is so twisted that he thinks grace from his brother was already received on the Gracie would need from God Philly officer almost as if his belongings are the other playoff watch this receipt seven and and and a messenger 's return to Jacob then we came to thy brother is often a method to find his brother and also we the the four hundred men with him the trouble around rebels really trouble because of you send out a message of peace and they don't even respond to be loving this enemy was outcome in the kitchen as a silence in the message I sent to one part is that your brother is coming with four hundred and then just calmly greasy that your brother is coming with his wives and his children deprived of a great family reunion set up the tables the food will become one and all I know family reunion the Scripture says and Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed remember that God already written the promise and he divided the people that was with him and the flocks and herds and the camel into two bands and feta cheese I'll come to the end one outcome to the one company and smite it than the other which is left shall escape Nazi guy planted is a look at the live event the one of the life bettered publicans are closer right with his wife who I write an insult is present law and anything is enough if the little one at least I think it the other one the contingency plan want of anything I'll always have been in verse twenty of of Genesis thirty two and same to you moreover behold by start sermon shakeup is behind us in observance go back for you that I will appease them with the present the goal of performing at App Store I will see his three-phase peradventure he will accept me so when the present over before him and himself lives that might in the company is the as a loving someone this way someone wrote this way and down the middle some presence was like that with the world rather than standing up to send out God 's called me to have the birthright God is calling me I love you brother when God called you to do this think about and experience with God and and and this is what happened is that sometimes that is speaking the world and shall we try and appease the world with a lot the enemies of God can be bought and give us peace what I want to submit to you that that peace only comes from the peace that God grants you can compromise that you believe you can even watered-down would you believe what you won't get peace and compromise within a compromise in the feeling that you gave up a part of yourself that often you can't get back on the young ladies and in relationships and it gets the point where it begins to get a little more heated and and and their closing and the young lady wants to hold on to her file to the state sure until she's married but but but but like Jacob facing he saw he wanted to you want to give something to the pool the situation I submit to you stay strong because you cannot get away our righteousness Jacob save the become company but I want to show you that Jacob had no reason to get where you want to keep showing up how much trouble Jacob have a trusting God because if you go back a few verses to Genesis thirty two wanted to the Bible says and Jacob went on his way and the angel of God met him and when Jacob saw them he said this is God 's holes and he called the name of that place my having given understandable form Jacob even meets all got out of the splitting of the team then and set in the presence of all the things in England the argument tool bands of Angels wonderful and one behind the you would think he would understand that in all the Angels in front at mingled behind would be enough to protect you from four hundred million the Jacob Bill doesn't trust God even though he has met the Angels some of us have let the Angels the Angels of truth the Angels of God 's word I even know where to come face-to-face with divine inspiration and an something supernatural we still don't trust God fully and is the unit that Juan Angel is all right Hezekiah was sent one angel when the Assyrian in C I want angel in one night so our one hundred and fifty thousand of the Assyrian soldiers wanting anyone and everyone liked in Egypt one angel went through and got all of the pertinent one Angel is not columns of Angels and he still doesn't trust God 's spirit of prophecy the magnets it was this that provided the ruling of the Jews this idea that I can save myself with trickery in all of this planning and it will prove the ruin of many souls in our own day thousands of making the same mistake I did the Pharisees when Christ recruited Mathews feast rather than give up some cherished idea or discard some idea idol of opinion many refuse the truth which comes down from the father of light they trust himself and depend upon their own wisdom wisdom and do not realize their spiritual poverty they insist on being saved in some way by you may perform some important task some important work when they see that there is no way of leaving self into the work they reject the salvation provided sometimes was and trying to figure out how we can save ourselves that we actually get frustrated with God we come to realize that we can't save ourselves from zeolite Boulanger and Larry page doing same thing feasible a legal religion and leads souls to Christ for the loveless crisis religion has been a prayer that is actuated by self-justifying spirit is an abomination in the sight of God with solemn assembly of worship the round of religious ceremonies the ex- startled humiliation the imposing sacrifice proclaimed that the two of these things regards himself as righteous and is entitled to happen but it was all a deception are all works can never purchase salvation the top word was a true word because the secret in my opinion of Christianity is a secret that is the religion that requires humility and a problem for a lot of people of that self-righteousness is sold tempting to let down another book because I don't do what they do I didn't just another public event on the truth that I have and we must be careful about like Jacob we don't begin to try and plan our salvation when in fact we already let the Angels Bible says in Genesis thirty two twenty four Jacob was left alone back to where we started the Bible says and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day and when he saw that he prevailed not against any touched the hollow of his five and the hollowed I was out of joint as he wrestled with him and he said let me go for the daybreak of any set I will not let me go except thou bless me the final analysis take Osama always abandoned women is abandoned children involved we think you'll be the safest because at the end of the day Jacob is more concerned about his own survival than anyone else's and yet in a desolate part of the desert where these unknowns to run through life Jacob is there by himself I logged on and how in the middle of the night and eating junk and streams and begins to fight you are from the story to Digg is not a weak man with a strong man and that he is wrestling the pre- incarnate Christ and the arousals with God in the form of an angel and any wrestling with an additional strong and Jacobs desire to hold on it when the angel needs to leave the angles of the budget in the five and Jacobs thought out the other dislocated fever as that of the hip joint and any any golf now they still won't let go and in that moment Jacob begins to realize that he can't save himself and he cries out he believed he agonizes on the legible until you bless me and it wasn't a request of arrogance it was one of humility when he finally realized just cannot save himself busy Jacob means the plantar trickster and Jacob realized he couldn't trick God so many people live their lives in secret standard and Internet pornography and a visit so no tell motel and quiet since of alcohol when no one's looking thinking that they can get a I will not let me tell you that I see what you do you do take up comes to realize that he must deal at all with God and it is going to do it Jacob must release it from himself hello I said like this stuff the Christ page sixty two use of the warfare against cells is the greatest battle that we've ever fought the yielding of self surrendering all to the will of God requires a strong will of the soul must submit to God before it can be removed in holiness when we submit to you but some of us are going to struggle because struggle is required the challenge is required for us to get into that kind of relationship with God that will get left off the kind of relationship that gets of eternal life it can struggle and this is reminiscent of them what is your name Jacob replies take up trickster true and the mercy that is Christ he replied that Main shall be called no more Jacob your shyster David Dunn the player they've done your new man now you come in contact regarding a different man your name will now be Israel for as the Prince of power with God and with men and hast prevailed Jacob one the battle when he surrendered to get that if you are struggling with something individualism and have a challenge in applying your life I want to tell you the secrets of victory in the fight harder the sophomore at all it's not about a final work at the fire about a fight of faith and trust in God while he is to spend more time in his word and spend more time in prayer and even fasting calling on God and asking them to give you deliverance from the think of focusing not only a problem which is what most of us do with focusing on Christ because when you focus on Christ as the only instead of the things of this world knew what they grow strangely p.m. seat with a victory in the be a better fighter is to be better at surrender Hosea twelve fourth of the leg this week 's reading of Jacob J had power over the angel and prevailed why because he went and made supplication to him also that like this when you get it what is born in his pleasant dealing with his issues also the largest and last I should be exalted above measure the abundance of the revelations there was given to me a form in the flesh the messenger of Satan to buffet me lest I should be exalted above measure but this thing are the sophomore price three times that it might depart from the father last something that I can't let go of something that isn't moving from external tables of blindness as I troubled manual something else all deals would express nine ease respect the response upon is that my greatest is sufficient for you my strength is made perfect in one weakness most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities Paul says that the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches in necessities in persecutions in distresses for Christ's sake I was that's when I'm strong to try and do what an invoice marital superhero that's when I realized that Christ has done it all for me and although the way the truth rings with the realization that I need again stop off when it's time to get up in the power of Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit trusting God reduced profits to look to them to agree is the wisest thing Satan leads many to believe that God will overlook their unfaithfulness in the minor of fears of life the mortals in his dealings with Jacob that he can in no wise sanction or tolerate evil all endeavor to the excuse or conceal their sins and permit them to remain upon the books of having unconfessed and unforgiven will be overcome by Satan the more exalted their profession and the Honorable of the position which they hold the more grievous is the course in the sight of God and a more certain the triumph of the great adversary to goes on as they had Jacob 's history is an awesome is an assurance that God will not cast off those women betrayed into said would return within with to repentance it was my self surrender and confining state that Jacob game we had things failed to gain by conflict in his own strength God bless Todd is serving that divine power and grace alone could give him the blessing he craved but it will be with those who live in the last days that revelations of the largest unit of the last days of religion twenty two an verse eleven he that is unjust let him be unjust still and he that is filthy let him be filthy still and he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is is holy let him be holy still fifty seven behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work should be what I'm speaking of is that we are coming upon a time of Jacob 's trouble I was evident in the last days left and rely on God my Jacob learned to rely on God to be tested like Jacob was tested she says is dangerous around them in despair seizes upon the soul they must depend solely upon the merits of the atonement we can do nothing of ourselves and all our helpless unworthiness we must trust in the merits of the crucified and risen Savior wants this line not will ever perish while they do this we've got to be preparing for a great time of trouble because we must learn to do it Jacob shoved into so many times we must put all our trust in God any atoning blood of Jesus Christ my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus 's blood and his righteousness I shall not trust the sweetest rain but wholly lean on Jesus 's name on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand all other ground is reduced that's important because it gives hope to the most desperate and arranged sooner if all it is about me figure a way out of us and what I can learn to put all my trust in Christ if I can get to know him as my Savior if I can get along fine with him and dwell with him and love with him I didn't get into relationships confident relationship with my daughter with my with my Savior I could be delivered to them from the Dodgers of sin sounds and did it but what was in the last of the Lila is finally cut off his dreadlocks and got some baldheaded I think you have the strength he had before just as that sounds and did not know that the spirit of God is to go to a place where you think McGovern is the spread of God let you read the story of Samson D Cleveland over the top of the story of the dynamics of Christian living class at Oakwood University at that in the spirit of God will damn thing at the struggle would like that it's a struggle at the heroes of the blade grinding corn and being made a mockery by children sounds and sly little humility and finally surrenders from fighting we call on God 's name again spirit of God falls on him and he does at his death already did in his life last line time of Jacob 's trouble describe the events as such by Jeremiah as we have heard a voice of trembling of fear and not of peace all please let turned on the paleness alas for that day is great so that none is like it it is even the time of Jacob 's trouble watch this but he shall be what seemed in the Janesville you been given a prompt promise at Bethel you now know that if you stay in the camp of God you go to be saved if you can stay faithful to God if you can put your trust in him the Cuban relationship when you're worried of the needed me whether or not to be saved are you worried is the him the Christ will recommend that the price along was with were committed to him and additionally we build a relationship when denying self styled himself having the right and feeding the spirit of the Holy Spirit dwells in a IQ give you the biblical charge that God is faithful to say that we begin this new year let me a year we trust God will regain real strength we screen strength by surrendering everything we are to an Almighty God amen let us pray father God we thank you we pray Lord to be humble teachable simple Christians even father God is so much truth that was the truth help us Lord to surrender to you giving everything over to you what we do on the Internet that is given over to you where we go we date what we eat not because what we think is somehow we can figure out how to save ourselves know Dick of the lesson is taught is intended that instead father God let us submit everything because it is an surrender that will gain victory below us as we go through this new year we would be servants of you and we would be ready for you soon coming the prayer Jesus is precious and holy name the church saying that an event


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