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The Early Rain

Ray DeCarlo




  • August 18, 2006
    6:30 PM
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will this person will allow you to have the opportunity to be on following desire opportunity receive a great blessing when we come together to worship the Lord to see his counsel I only hope and pray that each of us will earnestly seeking a marvelous time as I don't think you really should have to elaborate into much detail of what is really taking place not only in this country but around the world I think if you're just have to wait to what God has said in the holy Bible and the spirit of prophecy you will come this season we are the end of time and so should place upon us a sense of urgency where we should begin earnestly read to rearrange our lives and set our priorities now I'm going to share with you some very important statement from the pen of inspiration and I'm not one to make something very clear before it begins I want to be able to clarify my position on this props of the reason I say that is because I think this of the utmost necessity that you know where I stand on that issue reason I say that is because I'm the one to be speaking to hear you're not speaking to me so you need to know where I stand I believe it we has people have a God-given right to know where the speakers stand on certain and there will not be apologetic when what is wrong Wednesday always believe that is after you receive an answer you can't quite figure out what is sometimes called upon to sometimes they leave the delusion that your great aunt the gospel is not complicated in spirit of prophecy is not complicated we may not want to is a simple clear telephone anything that is given to unit called human mind can be confused and questioned what was Justin sent in over one hundred sometimes we like to pontificate you know we want to be able to raise the show you with your college education recently or diploma didn't go to waste what do my very best to stay away from pontificating I want to be able to simply share your volunteer commitment before we begin though I know we've always wear when I ask you to pray with me now here is not something I want you to do you know I know when I'm sure you're aware of the fact that the Bible says we ought not covet my neighbor 's goods we understand the concept of the process of the Superfund amendments with human selfishness greed but the Bible does say we should covet spiritual things so there is an element of design firstly hungry after something that doesn't belong to you this is not your course coloring is spirit something being filled with the Holy Ghost and coveting the help of mind of Christ coming the third behind in the bottle and consider it an intimate character of the Lord Jesus we should collect these things we should do what you want we can do is strive to reach those expectations no you don't ask enormously so we need to ask God to bless us but all I can remember to pray for yourself and pray for one another and as we do that throughout this weekend and we anticipate that God God will give us precise what we anticipate if we place ourselves in a position where he can bless so let us pray father in heaven once again we thank you for the privilege we have to come together to worship you Lord we pray that you will guide us down my dear Lord will be open to understand the truth to embrace what we hear and mark the following longer please dear God give us a great help owned by homes LB took one of his to recognize oxo condition not to see ourselves as we want ourselves to be but rather to see ourselves as UCS help us to God this weekend will not be just another seventy two hours is been spent in vain that it be productive for the kingdom of heaven please once again the name of Jesus it wasn't will listen the precious blood for you we would be helpful to the words that is essential for eternal life of solitude your angels watch over us and keep us and we thank you and Jesus out of the low weekend together is on the birth of the latter rain when Norman called me shared that with me and I was very much pleased by that then it seems he also added that the you may preach whatever the Lord leads you to preach and I always enjoy when people tell me that because I must be honest I don't really like being told what the courage he must also be honest with you even if you did I don't really think I do which until you do I believe that you should do exactly got to you know you may anticipate one thing but sometimes we anticipate something that God is not wanting you to anticipate all buses sometimes common very strange and always but the weather they come in strange ways or whether they come in the way we anticipate let them come from the Narita you some state is from the spirit of prophecy on the latter rain as I mentioned you don't want to be able to clarify to you the my position on the servant of the more recent terms of us consequence for not a Seventh-day Adventist we are greatly privileged in many many Quakers and in one way is the gift of the spirit of the as we come to a position envelope church where there are those who run are very cynical person I regard the spirit of prophecy they have relegated the right to you counsel some even go as far to say well it's just good advice Somerset well you know if she were alive today she worked she would have written the great controversy differently she would let you know she was able to see what we see today also never when I sometimes hear those kind of comments I wonder what was will of course she's not alive in our name doesn't include her from speaking about our day on the essentially to say that because she didn't win and are they therefore it excludes therefrom terms of the relevancy of the ridings for our Day Will Benjamin I have to exclude the Bible I got news for you Peter is in the minimum if all of the spirit of prophecy is simply good advice of counsel nice you know opinions then that's not divine inspiration believe it or not once in a while I can give you good advice may not be as often as I'd like but was a lot easier than individualized for the written is written and drawn the Holy Spirit clearly he is the author of all yes now we know that person refuses after twelve Romans chapter twelve in Ephesians chapter four these three chapters constitute a spiritual gift of there is no one chapter in the Bible it feels all spiritual gifts are broken up in those three chapters you put them together and you've got much every spirit to give mind that I was interesting enough to tell me quickly in your Bibles I didn't bring a bottle right on he didn't come here to hear me I hope to continue to be disappointed using I hope pray to hear the words of life first Corinthians chapter twelve I want to show you something about spiritual gifts not undertaking there in those three chapters and an there are various administration hospitality pastors and teachers and profits and and and and and various gifts of healing and speaking in tongues insult with little visual gifts of the other others as well as I mentioned but now I want to show you something in first Corinthians chapter twelve verse eleven this is what Paul says but all these working all these gifts operate or function in the work they operate and function that one selfsame Spirit stopped right there according to what Paul says all and all the gifts are some not most all of them another no exceptions I want through while my agency always there and he is operating on shooting through the third member of the Holy Spirit not using and reviews originates from the Holy Spirit and originates from him not as powerful as the poet Thomas in one nine one you reunite in and find you how one man he married his Taliban the other two fellows to ANSI they use their talents right and what is not doing return that's what he multiplied their talents and needs your day now this is something very important according to the Scripture if you continue to read on his sense of dividing Holy Spirit is alive or just refuse to every man severally as he will the Holy Spirit determines who gets what yes and how many gifts it was not like a smorgasbord where you walk down the line and even a little bit of the corn you take some green beans new dates and fees while I really don't want any terrorist is not the way it is according to the Scripture you don't want you get the Holy Spirit determines what do you get and how many he will now you put that together with the problem it also teaches us that one no matter how many gives me receive an open not in the emphasize of it is that we never received novel multiply those gifts galore you may start out with one you may end up whatsoever which one you don't know what you know about it's called stewardship if someone is unfaithful with a little I give them more would not be unwise course with a flood is teaching us in regard to the spirit of prophecy that meetings the spirit of prophecy being a gift of spiritual in evangelism or teaching administration hospitality is that it originated the function and operation of the Holy Spirit not Ellen White update about this I believe that God 's given me the gift of evangelism that doesn't mean because I have backed yet that doesn't mean I am against Gaza now doesn't mean I ended it means what I'm simply recipient out to get the operation of the Holy Spirit in the right shelf that anything that comes as a result of economic negative blessing the folder converting Ruby operation of the function of the Republican Governors is to remove me or the Holy Spirit is through the Holy Spirit we should always give God glory so the spirit of C then sense is the same as all this in regard to function and operation of the Holy Spirit that means the spear from the as always in terms of the writing is very long and real-world the Holy Spirit bottom line if you see the writer in the meeting all the actual author where I exceed originator or her own life outside of the present of Holy Spirit is the opposite then the policy is nothing more than relegated to the distant humanity no as a human is not a divine origin by recording of only scheduling on the one we know it has to be in the punk in an alkylation of the Holy Spirit which means that for the spirit of prophecy I raced through the Spirit and he is from all of now don't misunderstand Allen Wyatt wrote to James why not please pick up a loaf of bread on your way home from the grocery store that's not a divine revelation that she doesn't need the Holy Spirit color youngest if the auto have found a blog of the system before the explained very clearly why God gave begins Melissa Saha we understand according to this the right and to disprove problems when it comes than the findings from when the spirit of prophecy the lines from work on absolutely talking about he suggested advised that the printout as I was or is important to the Holy Spirit is nothing more than give you good advice counsel party have become the third member of the Godhead of Italy in the Holy Spirit Kennedy and Morton believe me Peter said ultimately God spake as they were moved by what I thought about the nature of inspirational man or woman is inspired about in Iraq another skills with his right this is precisely what is talking about the concept of inspirational Bible teaches very promising for exercising his lesser degrees of inspiration sometimes we relegate a little drop of the minor Prophets you know as though somehow they were minor in their inspiration that they receive that's what he only got six chapters and eighty four three got approximately got more because little more spark is not true I know you say and always a little profit in this or that Justices spar design experience and your mind and just as inspired and sends the Holy Spirit doesn't change the same way when she operated through the nature of inspiration to the prophets of the Old Testament he did the same to the New Testament does the same in the last San Francisco why in the great controversy says that the seventh day Sabbath and the seal of God we understand that we can only understand but he's on the heaven is limited of the Bible is very probably that it is a divine father Bible commentary on some it is a corporation Holy Ghost is why there is an opinion it is unknown by the Honorable to outline why use the word infallible pretty strong word is on the word and found one predicated on who is the author is the author the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit infallible a better because it is not this model is not monotonous to integrate Conover said a lot of places and in other places where the settlers set eight is the market would be okay and not relegated to a position where I sounds good but I sound legal existence of divine revelation and will declaration the Holy Ghost is similar to the hardest to you through a well deserved award in the right conversation on the place speaks of the first beast Revelation thirteen is the papacy and an antichrist antichrist but is the antichrist and the second beast of Revelation thirteen is the United States of America is not an opinion it's invaluable as I will class by you to speak like that asleep and you don't go to heaven or hell waiting for the resurrection a lot for the resurrection of damnation that's infallible truth will now is with us today among many which is because they do not understand the nature of inspiration because I believe it never really sat down on the Bible and hammered out from the Scriptures alone the biblical position on the nature of inspiration regarding spirit of prophecy they don't understand the because they don't understand when it comes certain statements in this prayer property and have taken conflicts with their lifestyle instead of an repentant confessing executives and performing a lot the harmony of God will they rebel against the sleep disorder the validator to the past shall see when you see what is somehow now what will please all obscured always on right mind would not put them all together or make one very and the Holy Spirit was still run circles around the city little did we realize and to whom the stones of criticism against the sermon the Lord you're not criticizing her I mean really do you ever walked into a sanitary start argument the person buried in the ground what I think you've lost something that we do it from a distance we may not hover over her grave but we hurl accusations from a distance the policies you should speak to I think it's called romancing lunch understand that when you will lose down the lowest common denominator Jamaat fighting against system one she's not feel that really you have a problem with the Holy Spirit as the Bible says Jesus it is sin against me I'll forgive you this in addition to the Holy Spirit or not be forgiven you in this world neither in the world of the unpardonable sin is relegated to physicians you can donate away why is it doing I actually know persistently refusing to conform to life to the will of God after he reaches understand and know it's hard when you're horny comfortable you see your conscience is also their first Timothy four you can actually see your conscience I asked one way is another way you can committee unpardonable sin when you pull the workers gone the work of the government an excellent something done in our church the spirit so the next time you start criticizing the statements of the spirit of prophecy if you should even venture to have the nerve to go that far so no more all right so now that we've got that out of the way number reviews and status was very processing testimony to minister going to listen with certain more necessary accommodations of the church as a town meeting the assemblies of the home church and all occasions where there is personally sold art God supported opportunities for the giving of the early and the latter that means meetings such as this that God is actually a porn places over these occasions upon when he's actually set on these certain occasions I've appointed for the given an early and latter rain so we should expect there to get it early in the program now we're here together we love I always something you know sometimes when I get into a rather strange predicament my life and I always know the Scriptures us and you said about me you said you don't I could live without sin I like what you sent your site without me ye can do nothing you also set well with you I can do all things when you say with on or is in the business of doing impossibility sometimes I had saw so much that I need to remind him I think is what it is I need to remind myself about those things great controversy Jesus eleven one Gospel is not totally the last manifestation of our God then markets opening praise the Lord needs it imagine a sometimes when you're running a race is true you do we do not issue no no one cannot race in the further you go out receiving more cards you become yes you don't have the same strength as you had in the beginning of my solid preaching the gospel in the giving of the early a lot of rain that is weakening as it nears the end shall at a real reach out to see the pinnacle of the height of glory revolution chapter eighteen whose one five when the Congress will be like the glory of the lottery servo says the prophecies were fulfilled in California will arrange the open of the gospel are to be fulfilled in the lottery and closed so that means unit jolt chapter two in acts chapter two and three other prophecies relative to the issue of the early latter reign of the liberal not a regular look at infinity while repeatedly canceled at those properties member look at them as though they were in the past as though somehow another finished infinity repeated here are the times of refreshing of which the apostle Peter Laporte when he said repent ye therefore be converted back to Cindy brought about when the times of refreshing to come from the presence of the Lord so what will be someone in the day of Pentecost so we now know where and what you said clearly accept to three million represents the three worst nineteen thoughts about the computer may not beautiful declaration it was similar similarity between the two events are paralleling all of these two events are harmonizing when you parallel begin to see the same characteristics that apply to the nasal of the early rain will apply labyrinth you know as well as I do will look at the live event around November the really listen you know as well as I do the latter rain do not or in the early Reagan awful upon the disciple until they do later differences until they came together in harmony with one another yes they humble themselves and looked one another yes you know I apologize for women and young sorry not sometimes got understand what friends pride isn't everything but we expect the hand of God to be moved in a mighty way on our lives individuals and we humble ourselves before the woman for one another not smart easy it never is when you have the Samsung is targeting many good if you continue in your life singles songs you want you can pay all the ties and offers you what you've been going to all the missionary work you want to do everything you want unless you repent of your sins you're not going to have one more have we not done many wonderful things about you and you look at the list Aaron Johnson enough to send you look at that list you know the will the law is as evidence of their and cannot not one there's not one single Melissa you can think of is the reason why you're not having everything they actually sent and uses were supposed to you know that don't you haven't outlined back in the missing tournament they said was true everything they say they told him in regard to that list was was approaching was an honor it was not in terms of the minimum and they didn't I am not one of them was alive and yet he is not receiving one hundred week here's the reason why I never knew you it were new the great intimacy of close relationship by a husband and wife to visit on a very serious close union notice when the same rest here hearts in Niger was the big one with the point the Jews many times when you offer me ten thousand rounds what is needed to strengthen my muscles in a wide spot in the nostrils of God you know why first of all wasn't the will of God that they should offer the Rams yet was the will of God so when it initiated a restaurant disobeying they were doing the will of God so why would doing the will of God in this particular aspect the Spanish in the nostrils of God can apply because it was done anything they were hypocritical so what is in your hands that you are alive is to you she is talking forty three we use what is it every time I can apply commit fornication the same ten hands all somehow balance of fornication I will not qualify for a lie cheat or steal what is revival studies and balances that out so what happens so what did you do all of Bible studies so you will be material in which at least means you should be at least reducing more like a critical measure testimony to the church volume eight page twenty one the Alcorn in the spirit in the days of the apostles was the former rain glorious was the result and we saw back where we quickly reddening you know thousands were converted how in holdings in the case of a collateral removing more on funding limits I have done evangelism all over this world then evangelism over this world my favorite privileges doing evangelism in iPhone it's always a jaw when people come to Jesus but I cannot imagine preaching are one sermon on a England they are literally thousands of the movie converter in the thousands you know it was grateful you have that privilege will have the privilege goblin were long gone and were faithful while the privilege to see actually to be a participant not the selected messages page one twenty two for select the best page one twenty are we hoping to see the whole church revive always hoping this will revive that day will never come as I see the whole church revive that they will not infer you know it's not that we should pray for the church to be revived that's not what she's talking about is the false anticipation of assuming is that something could happen when something will not happen at all you understand numbers there are those around the false illusion that it is this mindset all of which can and will think having an unmarked into the world can evangelize the world no one is you do when Scripture and will is she goes on to say there are persons in the church were not converted will not imagine owners prevailing prayer we must enter upon the work individually we must train more and less before that last line on before I get that I want to come back to this concert see this is the real crux of the least in terms of previous and but we have to enter the work individually it was Christmas and it's nothing wrong and rightly so we should pray that God blesses people my sister absolutely but listen stop worrying about Bill and Sally Jean and Sue want to start were so you will know Jesus as God is and what are you building from one human to build a problem problem when you don't have the problem you're examining why why why is it in the summer I see somebody out there is use holding up a wheelbarrow full of blocks uphill well-liked sympathizers of human ability but a minor major problem on the number seven is not that IRA is often I'll do what I can and in the end units that are not the something was sometimes is something that will leave alone and sometimes some people have certain problems are right or not you may not do certain things in the I say this and you know what you hear me out before you come to conclusions that listen or care that we often hear it's us versus them I don't like to talk that's not responsible talking on the Internet very immature and it's in is responsible us versus them was that he lost versus then notes the conference was a self-supporting work once the others the bad course panel which can't hear you are you know who the other it was bad with the good right showing yourselves a point where in person I think that's a very serious and I think a dangerous attitude reminds me of what the Jews you know it's a it's a terrible attitude phosphorus is that you know in I always thought of you know when the original cadre Barbara got everything while Christ and say using it and Satan that he even the real issue today's truth versus added always been true that and as far as I'm concerned I don't care who preaches the truth as long as I look at what happened me another one I know I don't hear a lot was it a little child came up in the Allah Presbyterian faith and daily truth using on average at all I can't talk about it because he put you in size your little child now don't misunderstand me as Seventh-day Adventist people have gone through this I think we need something a good look at our own lives a series Lebanon individually doing all the weekend when I was talking with a woman got any effort of doing that then were able to help the product is not a wheelbarrow of rocks rolling up the hill she says we need to pray more and talk less I think if we were depraved as much as we thought we are to be had too much gossip and pictures too much gossip killing one another with words Chris's and Martin twenty eight and those who make no decided effort but simply by the Holy Spirit to compel action what Irish inbox are you waiting to listen in on this unaware of Holy Spirit the honorable alike in heaven and that's a very unaware governor Rabat Martin you'll never be revived the reply she says we are not to sit still and do nothing in the work of God and that was what prompted your mind in daily life of common sense what is the already been given the declaration of what I will if your boss and employee your boss told you what the good of the previous day was to be done the first thing in the morning you has to be done nothing but your boss think of you again in the more simple what do you want me to diligent on the one thing you're not up for promotion I guarantee that I'm not making you to supervisor your so incompetent you can't even remember what I told the day before and frankly if I find somebody else's more qualified guess what I will find you there's no reason for us to what went on his article was what the group is waiting for us and I will say this though if he has to you know this I'm not telling you that you don't really know I think the lesson if he has to have Iraq's crime novel with no press you read Romans nine to eleven one more time sometimes we get this mindset that God will never pass us by Ogilvie is not being like the Jews of old you know one of the reasons why they rejected Jeremiah 's message go back to read the book of Jeremiah you want to know why it rejected Jeremiah 's message they kept saying the comfortable are the temple will attempt will now flatteringly whatever site that was and the Jeremiah result in a slow because the Temple of God skills and there it is it stands as a monument of God 's covenant was auspices of Knoxville and then they had another guy by the name of Hannah Graham crafty and I'm not as evil cell phone every time Jeremiah is not of the present because they are under the false delusions this set the column dog will never reject us never turned his back on us Islam Jeremiah said John will make this house like Shiloh and was so angry and took them out of the church and agreement shall but they were so nice that one of the churches United want to get the Temple bloody and selected available will murder them outside the church this make it more appropriate holy orthodoxy so will take him outside its reasonable murder in God and then Jeremiah was telling them what was in happen to them you'll remember what happened Charlotte for the students to not related shy willing to remember that story is from Ghana syndrome on the people that can help us to see someone friends don't want you to be in heaven don't want you to participate in the final work got close out this awesome list that's what he wants but is not amazing you do something that you don't want to so if you choose not to do it find someone else to do garnishment will find someone that will happen people ready for the coming of the Lord I pray to God you and I will be a part of but that's up to you losing ultimately end the choice is yours you have the design you know Paul talks about running a race the book of Hebrews in adults but that running a race right sometimes I think in our minds we feel that we have to finish first Melissa competition is not an issue of competition is not initial letter who finishes first I thought the issue of the gospel and has a lot of crosses the line for STI when they had and that will line of the same so in the last one walk and a natural so I listened I will let you what and so will I be the last caveat take up the rear notice how they will will a dozen hundred and eighty a lot of the stopwatch will come in at his will and I want to the Southerners the move is the issue of involved by surrendering that is the issue of who finishes not who finishes first perseverance determination on your mind and your eyes fixed on the goal that you keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ modeling and continue one hundred some of the things Isaiah is very important in common is share with you tomorrow but other issues as well and printed by the software service provider really even decided which one will decide moment to moment with you great this Jesus is given by God 's grace what you say we do all we can to get ready for that glorious day in which he draws a Lorne on one another doesn't mean he don't worry but one doesn't you don't pray for one another they are concerned about one another's it just means you're not to be so nosy into one another's affairs Leslie God is greatly to be priced in Iraq listen I know God is good to you the question simply comes on this have you been going to go that's the real issue is what you say this week this weekend was we spent time together we made a covenant with the Lord Lord did you not just for this weekend but I must thought crestfallen which are only view how many of you want to make a commitment tonight for the Lord Jesus God bless you Lord price of lettuce pray father we thank you for the privilege once again we have him who works in Linux and Honda was a long one we reserve Omar Hansel sign with another bottle so you do not war supportive horses but according to your nurses that did not bless us and keep us many this message I predict on one's inborn once again blessed this weekend we pray you have sent it is your special time when you will pour out of early in life arena so Lord we now claim that promising great expectation we expect to receive not lesson so we thank you Jesus


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