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Fatal When Taken as Directed

Richard O'Ffill




  • August 18, 2006
    8:00 PM
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all I think you're probably wondering here's oh oh one the world are using my newsroom newsroom and you will be done regardless of whom are you the reason I'm here is that as a warning to them as you are I will and as I am you will be the ideal inhumanity and Ecclesiastes twelve is is remember your creative when you're young because it doesn't the Golden years the evil day and by the way I feel little checking on you know Doctor Norm that he will he has access to all of all records and I just checked the records of everybody here before I came today and discovered that everyone on the norm is only positive in it you don't have something on someone you have symptoms but these people on the front row nobody willing to forty five and I appreciate it all what we heard a moment ago talking about our theme being the Holy Spirit it made me think of a thousand class I was in one nine and was zealously religious let's pray that the Holy Spirit will be out for an ice and sister it is being portrayed as rooted in our him true I think I have ladies and gentlemen were in right now Sunday right now remember remember one loses one percent when the when the latter rain comes those who know won't know exactly so don't you think that there is an announcement in the paper if you're not getting anyone on their I believe the Holy Spirit is being up for his never before among the people of God notice how things of you and him and change in status I do need to know and are you so I know I forgot what I say I I have simultaneous attacks of amnesia and déjà vu I anyway what was I saying before I was so I don't remember I is is is what is in the result nobody is any way without yes it's all this on because I want to a lot I think I need people like government will Wheaton Illinois doesn't like me as a and our spirits witness if you can say with rejoinder than what is going well I think the issue is not about the old days as conservatives uses a NOAA I haven't had to pick up from three weeks of the problem myself developers and said always to give an option validating user greater now her heart is one of doing as well we wondered to whom we want to get Mister from the spirit you want again even think about proposing a heavy end-user maintenance and his being wanting in Spain still living with the fruitless that's where were handling the same time there's a hunger and thirst after righteousness going on among the people of God is an unprecedented fall in the world remember the Scriptures as the love of many when West the last days that doesn't mean they would stop going to ensure that lovely on the front row and that these of your cloth is always generally people that they were in the club honoring the Sabbath school class arguing as to why they don't believe in a particular doctrine of the church anyway anyway were in the last days you know someone afternoon while in Orlando I like this one you know you know I think that we can see the last days is as visible as a legitimate and he is him and he and I that we the result is the last thing you about the physical person all right as quickly as our auto Gonzales were arrive in the and on the earth I is him I know the last name that will be a musical bar pain in my game because your mind is gone all you tonight I'm talking you a you know I'm not about the pillars of vague in the state of their evangelical thing as the foundations and hold them up are being eroded now we expected in the last date is no longer hurt relevancy is germline I live in Florida by the way I would be like the Volvo Volvo ninety degrees until midnight and him and will well or I come from I just hope you don't hold out the window because I is a way of allowing the floor here and I hope he doesn't get himself but anyway we expected the devil to come in like a herd of elephants in Florida begins her life anybody who is anybody undermine the diamonds are mined and you will one day my mom my guess is that I think you got your mind and there is little mold and trim over the garage door popped open the printer I will tell you it was all stuff I two thousand dollars later I got through my trash now bought your germ I don't have my computer had friends all around the house protection night is some eleven verse three and by the United Kingdom in the Bible you know why I brought the wrong Bible is his ability to him and you know are you is very remote you have him in any way style eleven versus reasons in the foundations being as I wobble the right to nine hundred five human being on who you know this is business as remote and anyone finally is my word have I hid in my heart and anyway in most of my life is changing a little but now but most of my life people say ten Commandments were nailed to the cross in my right on the recently missing back in the old days people moving them to you and I'll do you know are our great grandmothers kept the Sabbath they believe in the fourth amendment but it always when you don't forget is a you probably will what's he talking about Sunday as always people believe it is implemented lately is deciding whether or what once was there and we recommend that when Elizabeth came along and told her that I will they finally did you know that been in a politically undesired program will start in November was not in trouble in these first-day preachers committed to making the following Galway the to do away with a big and frightening it also ignores in this country well the problem is that it is and we don't have very public school no gentleman the problem we have in this country is a virtue generations of off to the low here as I not coming that will does not have data management government going back like they were going to present a more following the gender manifest think about anyway but for whatever Joomla! generations it was mailed to be drawn to talk to someone about this out of his cell is nailed to the cross as well as the fingernails were nearly wrong thing we only have an John love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself by the way you know I know successful in nailing fingernails and raw and eleven come along and housing going to get rid of them and him and anyway you come crawling in a way housing in red fingernail it encompasses the cross how you would get rid of those two great bilingual doublethink anything has to be regarding pretty careful and that is because our church group very easy to know and we went just preach don't you I don't make me with something as the work legalism Nelson our culture of nostalgia that means both of you that's legalism that entitled me less I is not a person who wants to go the whole purpose of the gospel is always a vital milieu we were say to be able to American and is moving or was not inhabiting early with on your way is okay I do things and then he worked with regard to the income of eleven and then downloading the salvation of humanity and God will be the life of anyways we got the ground in the face of the people and no one hates obedience lovelorn with on a regular that will not want in Zimbabwe the company is just not in your war because you suggested you don't do away with you that one of her people will say no it was involved on all our hearts and our neighbors are so in order to be able to do that you yourself have you heard that Al will play you yourself are at home call has been born around that is called the work is also being and everything about everybody is not a mother killed her children and in the computer will study thank you all I will that is only child killed his parents because he moves self-esteem I tell you ladies and gentlemen the self-esteem called is based on Allawi and I like that we don't love ourselves the fact is we know you're born others as I know it was something you mathematician and here will recognize what I what I want is a twenty two thirty seven love your neighbor as you love yourself I will bring a possession in the along that we know how I got home and what about the golden rule in Matthew seven twelve your dog is a you and you and I will repay but the presupposition is louder sound than on Ephesians five twenty nine is no man ever hated nobody is going because I know a man whose he hates himself so going to because of being really a development environment as well I say all I live in the developing of the byway someone's going to buy it away not the way down the line does not have died advertising says Ruth Martin Don was pretty hungry tells you what hard drive or close to where and what can be more loving or so what about second Timothy three verse one the last days perilous times shall come me and we got and women will be lovers of officer ladies and gentlemen we are not the first generation of these salvation but one of the first generation I overheard off the dictation and its Irish literature talk about a film history this is my love is regularly own self and now the mothers with removable one one one twenty one thousand and one and five when you get when you visualize your marriage is in only one selfish individual he was always so far the first thing is and is over twenty five years let herself Thanksgiving diner where selling is having said that but were born loving ourselves we are by the way is very I'm standard newborns will be here tomorrow the Lorenz load and no appointment is one of all liabilities the size is so I thought that anyway with more loving ourselves felicity to be please emotionally spiritually we must below someone beside backslide the purpose of the gospel is not to love yourself working for the church to hear that God will heal we're not sure still learn to love that you know that they are well known as yourself first you probably no one is skewed as has been said in his self-esteem they reportedly there really is messed up because you know these women are nationally selfish there are mothers who stay up all night learn where self checkout guy who thought along I is a you are is where my wife and I wasn't well enough but not now the music alone was his friend is reading the rest of the Nasonex is you cannot talk to you you will want to Muslim he is him and I see what the weather unneeded to mingle with in the way the button when they wanted to being when the van picked aridity will likely become equally in our Limburger they went with us and were together custom until individual a woman would come as well they would not want anymore with percussive and telling dirty jokes is like this is off the subject but who says tomorrow fund for culture is not in my right on O inventing the Scripture is talking about is losing this is another video of the softest cautioning against the woman is living she is I think it's time for the daughters of God is otherwise great is the culture where you anyways and so far this is the selfsame thing on yourself you know you know we usually just got out and just had out was when I is against the Scripture but I like better than others but when you're good enough to worry about anymore the more we love ourselves worse so what we need to his word you know a stranger so that's the best of first strike against the foundation will help another one is connected by using the way he noticed that his books upside down at the Dragon Chinese banks of the evening I don't know Sylvain Valente this is late at night anyway so the first the first punch at the foundation of our faith is a self-esteem thing is that vibration the second one has a word for word this is your network is all two enjoying life will allow me to say I believe in this book since this phone but this function is used by this generation and even in the Denver Christian context even in our is really is a everything were all about me and everything in time in my life in which we bear and we are standing up and giving parents the way we are we all killed in the Jackson Proverbs thirty years eleven and twelve this is there is a generation that hates his father and disrespects his mother says in a phone on Wednesday this is crazy anyways they will fill in you don't know my dad and business owners my mama she she was I don't know what is seventy on the front for an opportunity to when I want to tell you that God is your parents whoever they were to get his story and bring in fact Jesus is one you hear some way so he can take you where your using don't let anybody tell you that what you are today your parents may isolate Chinese ladies and gentlemen that what you and I are a side there are other option this is crazy whether telling us that everything wrong about us as our parents using what this does this is a strike I did and brings the gospel into gridlock if I believe these teachings this is reaching out self-esteem and is changing and dysfunction makes it impossible for the gospel to operate because the gospel is based on love and not only will we our responsibility this is why you almost never hear anymore anyway the word is used to where were his exception just the way knowing he received vision drift away but not horrible I came home yesterday except to you I gave is all litigated and that is low using this as a the the the the work is a status quo where the world okay I is you learn as I don't understand is that the next generation is trying at all changed when Iran were the work is in Miami Republican woodworking and hundreds in the way I see the room on Wednesday week I mean you know students will then Jesus came preaching repair John the Baptist said that Pentecost is all about repair but not lose ground would present his statement is a good because I is will listen were messed up he allowed that our homes are falling to pieces once you lock these kinds of things that will you marry this is the way I know something 's wrong not what's going on the role or Lebanon God help him because what's going on in our hole in our homes a phone appointment you know young people that Jesus greetings from things and begin the creation week one was the Sabbath and one was in the home we knew we were the Sabbath is no legal ethanol that's the way I know something is wrong because it were not Christians and doing the gospel at home we doing Christian life and I talk about Islamic about tomorrow you know Jesus is love your enemies that's okay to talk about Osama bin Laden if I were to say after the meeting tonight were to pray for Saddam Hussein using him to I cannot deny what has only to do that you know I was always on a shuttle bus lady next to me I said he got them I love you she's working on California and we see job is residual once-in-a-lifetime cleaning the site on another but I hope you have what you need I hope she knows is possibly cellular nine you come from some pretty rough back and read you will have every greater word mother lives in who knows what but I still think the physical man apply we honor them because God is to get as in one hundred or less you're asking Jesus to forgive you your sins are the ones your daddy is Rachel we go one way pastor said to me and said that he knows so-and-so is my church is not she's a young adult in she thinks she's being harassed by demons would you come and pray for her I don't go for that stuff you know as I don't looking for a consent no so we netted area knowing that I'll talk about this tomorrow the bitterness and resentment is where the devil hangs out I said you have bitterness and resentment toward the money for anybody Houston and I similarly asked for forgiveness I learned that hurt her there is was encouraging her to hear your prayer she began to cry hysterically and with all our judges name Jesus he will do to enhance listen ladies and gentlemen were the last day it's a mind game that will go after I had is telling us what we want here love yourself self-esteem you see you see if I say to you the path you want to love yourself I'm not shooting myself in the foot I'm shooting myself in the head because my emotional and spiritual here you will spirit to help comes from your low so the more we tell each other to love ourselves the more we deprive ourselves of the very thing that it takes to be one document for the church was in place learn what it's like and I was like but that's not what we're going by the Raiders were repentance is a big word we never hear but repentance is critical to a different gospel to work when God created is when he covered it with a layer of oxygen for there was anything really how are we going to live by oxygen or by breathing on how to get it in in the same way God covered in this planet with a layer of forgiveness before anyone said I'm sorry how are we saying my forgiveness of vibrant and forgiveness how do we get in the pennies we have to all who we are this generation refuses to do that by the way this whole dysfunction saying don't go there don't hang out their dysfunction phenomena is not your path thinking rubbing our noses in the past Jesus want you to leave the past behind he wants to take you on taking from layer actually want to be we got our rearview mirror but if you look in the rearview mirror or go forward and so anyway examines overnight as well below you will find that now is the returned a month and I thought I'd flown that you get the idea that you understand let's don't talk about self-esteem is wrong less leaving the dysfunction thing out and left and left on who we are so Jesus can change your eyes lungs were vividly that I will never be chain to understand well the sermons over what to renew praise the word for what should we pray we need to ask for forgiveness for our self this selfishness is making the gospel of Jesus Christ were in our lives and in our homes and ensuring my way to church can never be more than a hundred percent factor of his home to pray for revival in the church without having a revival at home is the whistle Dixie the only way we can get this right is the right home hardest place in the world integration is where it's at home were not Christians and all representatives or so let's pray for forgiveness for our self how many people here tonight is so home and I wonder who is unanimously not only are you selfish on this on him and you forget is what else should we do this in thousands of why don't we pray for our parents to my are proud now I know when I said this before people always go cross eyed as I don't know what they say when they walk out my parents and then I pray you not because of the violin not because I believe we should pray for them but to keep my head I gone behind for you you understand that keeps my head right as opposed to that girl who's that I hope she was in I think tonight I would like to even if your garden is not to say thank you God for bringing the online and I'm praying that you save me so I what you pray I want to pray to your same mom and that the right now get it right because all failures and I'll say this again tomorrow if you going to American problems your marriage is going to put them down is going we've got a room the last days you know I we know what the literature we need to learn how to love and we only hope that we just need to get a new heart UK only Jesus and the Holy Ghost is so this weekend create in me a clean bitterness and resentment selfishness renewal right spirit within what closer tonight I recognize this is you are but I don't think me too much I know he can distinguish one was from another when we turn to the person next to them this is the tool is pretty good to have two buttons were not the right and what are we to pray and ask for forgiveness for our selfish and if you want praise God bless what I'm asking you do for my folks and Jesus is less the showerheads for our closing prayer he heavenly father create in us a clean heart a new heart some of us are here tonight have been through some pretty rough stuff but by the Holy Spirit and by the healing grace of Jesus let us forgive and forget those things which are behind and in the Holy Ghost let us through Jesus his grace strength press on toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus in whose name we pray amen


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