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Message to Laodicea

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • August 19, 2006
    9:00 AM
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of all the churches that were in the first century it looks like the Colossae was the one that was most similar to the Laodicean church today I conclude that because near the end of the book of Colossians the classes were told to read the letter that was sent to the look with CNN's notice you are told to read the letter that was sent to the clients and chapter to looking at verse one for I would that you knew what great conflict I have for you and for them at Laodicea and first many as have not seen my face in the flash three categories of people 's tenacity and those living glossy those of the Valencia region of this further by speaking to allow her to quietly speak louder I can did refer the first violin with you this morning is that if the state of the Colossians of the original message that has been fine-tuned for the church in the way that it is today Colossians chapter two when going on that their hearts might be comforted being knit together in love and until all riches of the full assurance of understanding to the knowledge and of the mystery of God and of the father and of Christ what wasn't around to see an even classy even the first interventions is that they needed to be comforted in their hearts knit together and love plays a significant role in the end of time this passage that were familiar with is as many as an door to the anarchy that goes beyond the same so be saved what is it that must endure to the end it's the for this health is because in the real mouse alone at night it will last hold in our day it's an enduring love that will make a difference in the salvation of the last big people Colossians needed to have partnered together in love but for something I needed was a full assurance of understanding of the mystery of God what is the mystery of God maybe were more familiar than most people what's the mystery of God and is that from the same context of Colossians two Williams life five versus before this very verse in chapter one verse twenty seven Paul was saying that Colossae had two problems more than they have some disunion their hearts were even together log in the other they weren't fully persuaded about this issue that Jesus was beaten down all hope of the character that they could develop with them this was the problem is not our problem today is the same thing person your Bibles revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three the name of Laodicea is similar in meaning to the name Daniel Daniel means God is Josh I remember the load blessing curse on the tribe of Dan that Dan would be a judge of his people and Alice God Laodicea means a people judged the last day church were the ones were living in a time to just Colossians three and verse fourteen Revelation three starters fourteen and under the angel of the church Laodiceans write these things saith the amen the full and true witness moving the verse seventeen because you say I am rich and increased with goods the contrast between verse fourteen seventeen is that Jesus has something to say to us as a people also we have something we come to say to ourselves what is Jesus to save us as a people among other things he says I know your works what we can to save ourselves the people I am rich and increased with goods and no less not that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked will want to do for you in the next ten minutes is that if you take notes to become to take on my preacher and teacher is to give you and understand those five words something particular that they mean when Jesus says to us as a people that were wretched and miserable poor and blind and naked to understand the message is communicating turn your finger here you have a little piece of ribbon will help you turn back relations are quickly put their and in turn with me to Romans chapter seven Romans chapter seven or looking at this word correction what did Jesus mean when he said to us that we are wretched in fact the Greek word translated wretches only use one other time in the entire Bible and that is here in Romans seven Romans seven in verse twenty one I find that a law that one I would do good evil is present with me in verse twenty three but I see another law in my members warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law sin policy describe a situation of someone is person in Lhasa captivated the Lhasa the person wanted to the right I'm you must do the right thing to do and I find he's not an facts that is why he cries in verse twenty four old wretched man that I am one is wretched need in this passage it means wanting to do right but being unable to do right because were captive to the laws in general that describes our church today wanting to do right Jesus says that captive to the law sin to the law of our flesh the Greek word translated miserable in Revelation three is also used only one other place the entire Scripture you can find that in first Corinthians fifteen through their first Corinthians fifteen and first printers fifteen speaking about the resurrection Paul begins to reason what what life would be like her what would have to be thinking if there is no resurrection he says that if there is no resurrection than those who are sleeping are not first Corinthians fifteen verse eighteen they also which are fallen asleep in Christ Jesus our parish it is in this life only we have hope in Christ we are of all men most miserable life as miserable meaning first convinced fifteen that means living your life thinking you're going to heaven dying not going in first compass fifteen and be because there is no resurrection that's a hypothetical it's not that way for literacy and there is a resurrection and yet the describes her living all her life thinking that she is going to happen and then dying and not going if I transmitted Amos chapter five minutes chapter five and looking at verse eighteen Amos chapter five and verse eighteen says Laurel unto you the desire the day of the Lord what do they call people who desire the day of the Lord exactly right it's exactly right and if I can just read that verse again with that interpretation while onto Adventist to what and is it the day of the Lord for you the day of the Lord is darkness and not light as the Son of Man did fleeing from a lion and a bear net him we talked this way we can't wait to go to heaven because the government to be free from the devil you know is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour we go to heaven he's not there anymore this passage says it's as if a man was looking forward to getting away from the double acting that's a bear where in the Bible the salmon the aberrant judgment why it's a number of young people it's a number of views to treat to God 's prophets without proper respect if I as random passage interpretively Jesus had told what and is the second coming for you and Dennis you think you might get away from the devil which are going to mean judgment for the way you have disrespected the profit verse nineteen the last half or went into the house and leaned his hand on the wall in a circumvent him we talk about Satan under the figure of a serpent in heaven under the figure of our home in fact these metaphors once we understand easily Jesus has administered you think that when I come back you can be going home with you to find out you've been missing I can summarize what you said so far when Jesus speaks to live to see the faithful and true witness sense to us that your captive to the lawsuit you think you're going to happen which are really facing a serious judgment for the way you've treated the prophets you've been to see Jesus said wretched and miserable poor and I remember what we can save ourselves that we are rich but our spiritual riches in your Bible and James chapter two James chapter two and will begin looking at verse five James to verse five the first word is Harkin that's meaningful look at it in the next it says Harkin my beloved brother and has not God chosen the poor of this world then assess the rich and the phrase will know the ones I'm not sure this is where they written faith faith is the wealth of spiritual life faith is the gold of the spiritual people have these people are chosen such that only characteristic in this verse these rich people notice what it says rich in faith and heirs of the can down which God has promised to them that love him the kingdom is going to those that love him and those that are rich in faith entertainment they do in this verse so those are rich in faith must also love him and in fact if you do your homework studying some point you find a faith and love go together in the New Testament and the old faith and love are the gold of lunacy and needs Faith and luck faith works by love and faith is worth anything is because there's long there is love the together there the richness that legacy needs and Jesus such legacy you are poor than the CSS herself I'm rich she thinks she has a great deal of faith and love why would she think so I say she should say we use the same why do we think so is because we don't understand faith and we don't understand law on the issue of love we have confused sentiment with love if I can say this in a way that we can all understand if somehow we could push a button and this half of the audience would be would disappear and be replaced with an entire group of sincere atheistic people especially young families with atheistic children and atheistic parents never be some commonality between the two sides of this room for one thing I would tell a very sad story mothers and both sides would cry in fact I'd ask everyone who loves her children to raise their hand mothers and both sides would raise their hands and in fact two different children on either side were threatened with death parents and bolts I'd be willing to give their life to save their children and if I can summarize what I'm getting to there is a certain type of love has never distinguished believers nonbelievers Jesus talked about it is that if you love those that love you what reward do you have don't even the publicans the same the love that distinguishes God 's people from others is the love for enemies and unlovely and those that we could easily excused herself for ignoring God 's love is not the sentiment because all classes will cry sentimental stories and if you see if we showed a video of starving children everyone's heart would be talked believer or unbeliever conservator not consecrated we would all feel for them there's nothing wrong with sentiment we ought to have sentiment is a good thing but never has it distinguished believers nonbelievers it doesn't what distinguishes them is going out of your way putting your own needs behind for the benefit of someone else lives he has a great deal of sentiment and so she thinks that she has a great deal of love but she's lacking in this thing could go do what people need when she doesn't want to do it what about faith I suggest you a definition of faith for you to study the just shall live by a that is in the Bible three times also Man shall not live by bread alone but by that passes in the Bible twice directly and indirectly another time are two different ways to live or else living by faith is the same thing as living by every word that proceeds from mouth of God that your phonological medicine either there are two ways to live as both describe ways to live or else they're talking about the same thing I'm sure it's the latter thing faith is living by every word that proceeds in the mouth of God faith is not a set of opinions the idea statements and opinions came in the Middle Ages and we have inherited it to a certain degree when you talk about the faith or when the Roman Catholic Church talks about defender of the thing they been defenders of a certain sense of opinions this legacy and have a good set of opinions not at least the part of the party lunacy of that sanitarian the effort to say that Revelation three is a liberal Seventh-day Adventist that would be accurate the term of the CFI 's Christian them in general but the part that reverses Seventh-day Adventists we have a good set of opinions that's not faith as it is not a way if you believe that Jesus died for yourselves if you believe that he loves you if you believe that were obligated to keep his law but they were saved by his grace your opinions are right but not one or all of them together our faith faith is living by the word of God what does this look like Mister is not part of the word of God is being considered by faith is looking out a warning the flood is coming faith looks like building our faith is commanded to offer up an only son faith looks like going up not where I am and I and phase reads a beautiful promise to look a lot like joy in a phase reads a command it looks precisely like obedience in short it's not that were saved by faith in one passage and saved by repentance and confession of another order saved by my following Jesus or by the words of God is living by every word that proceeds the mouth of God and no repentance is a manifestation of faith what does this look like one considers the story of Calvary faith looks like repentance it looks like a militant Jesus says to live to see that you are poor meaning you have very little faith you have very little love you think you have it because you have good opinions and sincere sentiments which are not living a selfless life for the benefit of those that you dislike you and you may dislike you're not living by all the counselors come to you from the word of God wretched and miserable and poor and in July for your Bibles at twenty six acts chapter twenty six Rubin read that part of the call of the apostle Paul X twenty six in verse eighteen six verse eighteen says Jesus said to Paul you are called to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God that they might receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me if I just had a thought simply those that are blind and twenty six have they received forgiveness yet they happen there's still under the power of Satan in effect these words wretched and miserable and poor and blind all say the same thing they say Laodicea thinks is going to happen but she's been deceived she's not on her way yet learned to see wants to do right but she catches and captivates the loss in she still under the power of Satan she hasn't been turned yet from darkness to light she has a good set of opinions but she's not living by the word of God her her faith and her love are weak at best early in simpler words Laodicea is unconverted unconverted unconverted unconverted wretched miserable poor blind and the last word is the easiest of all naked to describe the church of Jesus as naked is so sad what the church be wearing the righteousness of Jesus and if she's not wearing it is she on her way to happen is that the most simple and understands inverse eighteen Revelation three verse eighteen Jesus as I counseled the divide of me gold tried in the fire in the first before you said that you are for and it is a valid question how someone that is poor can buy gold tried in the fire or how some of the half gold combines turn in your Bibles to Isaiah chapter fifty five Isaiah chapter fifty five and verse one the first point in the notice doesn't even exist and so my translations of the Bible doesn't exist and yours just ignoring the rest of what's new is that first word of it needs a lesson or pay attention not on your Bibles is the it says hello everyone the first to come to the waters and he has no money come need by and eat as a helpful passage for us Jesus Edward Borges and work to come by your passage to help poor people can buy verse two wherefore you spend your money for that which is not bread and your labor for that which does not satisfy there something more you can spend your money was something else you can spend in this passenger labors when looking for you can spend your labor and it's a valid question Jesus asked what you do with the energies of your life and with the money that you have what acquired using them for things that don't bring satisfaction fulfillment Harkin was away unto me that is in your other Bibles it is the second thing is how first one said Howell verse two is that hearken diligently unto me and needs that is good in verse three said incline your ear incline your ear means the same thing is hearken diligently unto me which is the same thing as home incline your ear and come unto me here and your soul shall live here means the same thing as incline your ear which was the same plane as hard and diligently and to me which is the same thing as hollow what God is saying what you can do if you need to buy the gold of faith is less and pay attention to what he has to say you can pay attention what you have when you're poor that you can pay attention you read this in Romans right so then faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God if the question is how glad to see against faith and love fishing and so that when she doesn't have it the answer is shaken diligently apply herself to listen to God 's counsel to hear his words to go after with her heart the things he has to say are not in Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter three verse eighteen I counsel the the body of me gold tried in the fire that you may be rich and white raiment that you may be clothed but for something more than being closed in Revelation three eighteen is that and the shaman and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear in the judgment mission of our nakedness most certainly appears your member that parable meant within a half on the wedding garment suggest you a thought for your consideration that our nakedness appears even here and now that the world looking on can see your nakedness and what I mean by that I can show you to turn with me to watch this chapter three Colossians chapter three addresses the issue of the road of Christ's righteousness there is an imputed road and there is an imparted road but it wouldn't be accurate to say that their different ropes in fact there is such a difference between the word of Jesus and my word or your word your closets three were to read and minute but just listen if I were to say to you that the ceiling is blue I would be wrong human words are descriptive they are either accurate or inaccurate God 's word is creative and if God were to say the ceiling is blue though it might not be true when he started as there would be true when a sudden if you understand what I mean is the same with you when Jesus says of your faith that he counted for righteousness when Jesus says that you are righteous though it's not true when he says his word has power and it goes on a mission to change you the mission has been filling this verse with scenes and plans for six thousand years will keep working in you until the day of Christ appearing the word that says you are righteous begins to work in you to make you righteous you have to check that out to see if I'm telling you the truth Bible gives no evidence Colossians chapter three and were going to look in verse eight but now you also put off all these there is a road to take off and murder read about it anger wrath malice evil speaking my version does a blasting of you know that's just what it needs evil speaking filthy communication out of your mouth not one to another scene that you have put off the old man with his deeds is our brother take off there's a robust takeoff can people see if you're wearing that robe know they can firsthand and puts on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him this is a profound concept that I can't prove it to you the same as I can tell it to you when God traits of an Adam was made in the image of God and when he was corrupted she was changed and one significant way there was no good at all he came to have a knowledge of good and evil by experience he arty know some transition into the new evil by prohibition but now he knew evil by experience and would like to renew us and knowledge after the image of him that created us so that again we would know evil by prohibition and no longer know it by experience I told him a teacher as opposed to the preacher one of the effects of that is that my voice is not exciting enough to keep people awake and and you're going to sleep on so I had to stand up for just a minute I'd appreciate you doing out our you may have a seat that's enough you're awake I guess please have and I didn't do that to be funny it assimilated that so you would listen causes chapter three and were looking now at verse twelve Colossians chapter three and verse twelve says Flexon therefore as the elective God holy and beloved bowels of mercies kindness humbleness of mind meekness long-suffering business or road that people can see what it's a tricky question perhaps but I will tell you that you think you don't see any of those things and someone as someone is living the kind of life you read about Colossians three the shame of his nakedness will not appear verse thirteen forbearing one another and forgiving one another if any man has a quarrel against any infamous price for gave you so also do ye what you put on verse fourteen and above all these things put on charity which is the bond of perfectness on to summarize the thought and say the robe of righteousness that Jesus wants to give you when you live by faith he will say your righteous than his word goes on a mission to change you that imparted righteousness imputed they come together but there's something you have to do with it is to live by every word that proceeds the mouth of God that's the face and that faith makes you look a lot different and reacts differently that the world doesn't see the shameful state shouldn't have to see person your Bibles to second Timothy I think it's actually first Thessalonians chapter three first the Silurians chapter three is first testimony in chapter three and looking at verse twelve first Thessalonians chapter three and verse twelve says and the Lord make you to increase an imbalance in love one toward another and toward all men resume and to forgive Loughran this practice is growing in three directions it describes a love among the charge this growing so that you love each other more and not just this much and now this much but it's a growing love you love each other more today than you did yesterday this kind of love doesn't a growing love doesn't match well with statements like I love him but I don't like the understand because that very phrase and you say I don't like him as a cause your love for him to grow or does it minimize it really dies in this passage is not talking just about a static love but about a a growing love verse thirteen what is the end result of this kind of love to the and that he may establish your hearts on blamable in holiness before God even our father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints this is just another tidbit or tad bit of thought for you maybe at some point in your life you've done a study on the word perfection maybe you haven't maybe you've never thought about and maybe you've heard individuals priests of the last generation of faithful people is going to be like Jesus in ways that no other generation has been likening character but if you went looking for this word perfection in the Bible when he would find her a number of verses that look like you're talking about people in the days of Jesus the days of Paul the same as our days and holidays it's all about the same thing another study looking up words like blameless and without Wayne and holy and without spots and I think as you look at those received quite a few other ways of processing the very same thing you'll find these passages connected consistently with Christ coming in the last generation look at chapter five permanent versus loan in chapter five you wonder how to recently get to this Laodicea the rally started noticing yet needed that a couple times just to have our hearts in it together in love and what else did she need a full assurance of understanding regarding the mystery of God and surely she doesn't have that general versus alone in chapter five and if we are going to read as much as we wanted to we might read like versus fifteen through twenty two one fifty and twenty two are are a number of councils to us face to face created pray without ceasing rejoice evermore despise not prophesying try everything hold fast that which is good when you get to verse twenty three there's quite a change in the nature of what's going on verse twenty three says and the very God of peace sanctify you wholly holy they are spelled with a W the verses before us was being commanded to do the things why the command for us were the ones that did this this this another sign but who's doing the doing in verse twenty three he is one responsibility for sanctifying new holy and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body breathe be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus who is doing verse twenty three in case someone missed that little thought Paul repeats it again verse twenty four faithful is he that call with you who also will do it if I could summarize these ideas so you can see it that I'll share one one-stop God gives ten God gives you things that you can do I mean you can do it by yourself please I didn't say that finally he gives you bargains that are burden is on your shoulders action focusing your mind on you can get your mind around the idea of rejoicing evermore pray without ceasing you pray talk to God and ask him to work with you IW and those are commands to you but the command of becoming like Jesus entirely is enough to crush you God doesn't put that burden on you the burden he puts on you solidify everywhere the proceeds in the mouth of God the burden he puts on himself is to finish the work the version he puts on you is to hold onto your faith in the bargain he puts on himself was to be the finisher on if you understand the contrast between the two burdens you won't be overwhelmed by the work that you have to do congressman your Bibles Amos chapter nine are we already in the shaking writing are the word but on the outside looking for yes were in a time describes the shaking described that way insulin always Fridays but the metaphor comes from the Bible it comes from this chapter Amos nine also comes from some things that were sent by John the Baptist John the Baptist talked about the judgments in terms of a floor of weeks and Jesus comes with a fan in his hand and what is the fan do you have blows away the chaff and then that the chap makes a big mess in the illustration so does it just felt the wind what happens to the chap was burned up with unquenchable fire and shock was very burnable we are reading is not in the again listen for second Arthur Sainz and you can think of the New Testament that are are compared to men's other than the Holy Spirit okay Ephesians four and Revelation seven both were said at the same time and seasons for its whims of doctrine islands of doctrine taking out chaff they are taking the chaff out in some of the chapters holding on tightly but it certainly is being blown by the winds then there are other pieces of chaff that are taken out by the winds Revelation seven those winds of strife I heard a story I don't have any way to verify it just I read the publication I trusted I recommend trusting publications but the story was of our publishing house in China where we had a hundred workers when the kindness Revolution over and nationalized the printing press and as I heard the story when the calmness came in they gave the employees of the Atlas publishing house in opportunity if they wanted to to request Sabbath saw but I'm sure the Chinese suspected that like you went to the distress of trap anyway even if it is a trap request sabbaths off but one of them to what happened after that is utterly insignificant to me that's the second the first winds taking people out the second when does that take more people out that's the scary thought of the shaking I want to leave with you encouraging thought the shaking and that's found in Amos chapter nine verse nine Amos Chapter nine in verse nine for low I will command and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations like this one is sifted in a sea there are ways that Jesus compares the shaking experience to what farmers do and there are ways that he contrast the comparison is this a farmer wants to get rid of the chaff so he throws the stuff up the wind blows he catches as much as you can and he's not Reagan's concern if he loses a grain or two underground Jesus says it's a nice second respect to the shakiness so different yet so now the least grain fall upon the earth are finally sent in a different way the shaking that does not shake out we Christians it shakes out false questions if you're a struggling soul train for God to help you and baffling the powers of evil in your life the shaking is not something comments blow you off your foundation the smallest grains don't are taken away with the shaking but Laodicea in general is not a collection of small grains is a collection of chat and it's worthwhile for us to deal truly with our own souls and make sure of where we are and what were doing before struggling soul the smallest kind the shaky is not going to take us away but for big chat we just go away anyway some writers have said so far and be done we are a people judged as a poor Laodicea means if you want to find a book that's written for Laodiceans the fibrillation 's Republic would you look at I highly recommend Laodicea has a couple problems one of them is that she's not together in love and another one is that she doesn't really understand this mystery of God business she needs to fully understand and have full assurance that so Laodicea is describe the five codewords that all men unconverted but their informative they need it she thinks is going to heaven in general which is not headed that direction we think that they were going there but we've been deceived by the devil we think that we have faith and love because we however good handguns and when I taught myself stories we love our children our friends so much but we don't have the kind of love and distinguish his Christians and non-Christians and our faith is not living by every word that proceeds in the mouth of God we haven't been turned yet from darkness to light the power Satan to God we can buy this thing we need but we can't buy with money what can we pay we can listen to what God has to say and apply our hearts to have she wants to close this when we do with our righteousness that will make a difference and even how we appear to those on the outside in fact you send it Bill know your Christians by your last defendant above all things were to put on his chair love is the issue in the last days if it's growing torsos or without results notwithstanding for leaders for the others that is the condition that God places and personal history for him finishing the working you is given to certain things to do but what brings you take myself and as the furnishings sanctify you wholly don't be worried he's going to come before he finishes the work he says he doesn't come in person fourteen and tell the harvest is ripe ensuring said he has long patience for it Peter said these not limit any should perish taking so long as the shaking a solemn thing this is Windsor taking people out now and Wenzel takes more of them out later it's scary because were self to see the think were grants were not but if will deal truly with our own souls it's not that hard to become a drain God is made simple provision for it the shaking will not shake out the least grain that's good news for us


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