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The Active Ingredients of the Christian Life

Richard O'Ffill




  • August 19, 2006
    10:00 AM
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him him a little better about myself not much but the feeling of the people speaking always say who is the year but right is often the drinking is invasive and so you get permission for that so I may start out by saying I was born very early age my father was a minister and I began the ministry in Ohio I went to Columbia Union College I married when I was nineteen hundred child bride I have four children and grandchildren I was ordained in Ohio when I was twenty six I got on the ship in the port of New York with my name three children and we went to the port of Karachi why weren't in the Pakistan Union and not in the days when Pakistan was East Pakistan and West Pakistan this means I worked in the in Pakistan and in Monday I came back to the states and was the pastor and have a vital department at Auburn Agnes Academy near Seattle but I have this thing in my mind that I wanted to go overseas again I want to go back to South Asia but I went to South America I went to Chile where we lived for five years and I landed there when I was starting to learn to speak Spanish I told you last night I've accidentally during my Spanish by a forgotten thing about but they say that the list on your visit of militancy and you know I identify I like it seeing them not speaking Spanish and have them but I didn't know they were is our year before that happened so anyway I think in Spanish my children almost vanish we landed and surely for communist revolution via the last year of Salazar in the so I know what the Communist things like the helicopter gunships in the long run inflation without percent year so then I went from there to the General conference where I worked for seven years I don't say this writing but I am seriously one of the founding fathers of agile I worked in or seven years of agile was called Seventh-day Adventist world service all industry days and I was out for three years as executive director so I've been all over the world and I see best and who works the refugee camps with people dying everywhere the war was just high I think it was an early eighties when I was eleven just after what happened recently but Israel and Concord Lebanon and it was in smoking ruins I was never that and on and I went to Florida understood accounting for my gray-haired so you'll know that when you gram-positive you better listen you understand what I'm saying to get wasn't born yesterday by the way contrary to popular belief the world and again in nineteen eighty it was here before that this generation phase that anything before nineteen eighty ever happen to him but equipment that we've been around a while is this is why this is why it's important that we don't let the culture divide is up because the human existence is a continuing is in some what is culture was five euros off from the rest of and make it say that we use are different you know you don't understand no we do understand we then that already is like you better understand is what you're going to be far worse and worse they are worse so I went to Florida where I worked for nineteen years as the personal ministries in health intemperance and a bunch of other stuff in the meanwhile continued with my work as a revivalist going everywhere I thank God for my ministry I now work with amazing facts in an empowered shirt I have all four children and the lowest ones older than most of you and I have a grandchildren and I like that by the way though having children you know it's interesting how it works some of you know the you know where I am then when I my children were babies I had a sermon I preached all the ten Commandments for raising children then when I got that old I change the title to ten suggestions for a new one and has now Jim questions I have about how to raise him to listen you know something that's that's one here's what I tell people not what I appreciate about young people is their energy their creativity and all those that I like that I think that's really great and you know son son I have that you don't have experience God save the words when I get on the seven forty seven flyover to South Africa on next spring in who I don't want people flying the plane you have you said all I'm saying is we got to see the long term the only really only need a job he left already is off we need a job or something there's something very rich about being my I want to bring him to bring up in the hundred and nine hundred and fifty but I'm not the guy has to be fifty I like that about the way in there you know you know when you're twenty five you never stopping twenty five is good but one on Zionsville twenty five but after a few years on but anyway we made each other because experience is really the most dangerous but you don't have to have your own experience learn from the experience of others in fact the Bible is true the news about your experience in the so when we go to the Scripture anyway I thought it was myself I feel about that that I know this is a special time because it's like being on top of the mountains on the top of the mountain so beautiful this age is the top of the mountain would you say this idea and the site you must go that night away on the idea my little introduction this is not my sermon on not understanding more about drinking water nothing you hope I would understand I don't how they got started going every any way I said last night and I was talking about how how how words respond these days remember the row is contrasting the word acceptance to know Jesus exempt you the way you are with and receives you the way you are in the exception the way you are is way off if he receives you the way you are a change someone has said that if you want to make it impossible for your enemy to convey his ideology take over his language they I got a little battle has taken over our language he speaks of religious language used because this is where and tell dirty jokes but now he's gone the church is a member in bed and irregular staff when he talks our language and he spends our words and gives other meaning let me illustrate one of the words were hearing all the time these days is we need to have a relationship with Jews severer now the word relationship is all over the place have a relationship with Jesus lizard the one relationship is Manny it doesn't mean anything in this generation this generation will have a relationship when anything had got has a relationship with a prostitute but that will have to relationship with Jesus EA EI was talking to a young man one time who was living with somebody without being married by the way you know I don't need to tell the women who were here the daughters of God is there any girl that would move in with a follow up without being married has to be out of her mind because if she wasn't really love and care for her living living with him before his very exact not have to but anyway on target as guy and he's living with his girl without being married and I sent was July is as we love each other were best friends we share expenses and reasonable like that when I do not work that way you don't have to use another word I was not built I said I had that sound like that in me wanted to go ahead and get married but one of megawatts from that legacy let's don't talk in the twenty first century about relationships let's talk about it you do not have a relationship with the person you're married and went away we know what our relationship with you we want to make a commitment to and so that's why the devil taken all our work is changing the meaning one of the worthless and corrupt all over the place Islam no refill you know I unite with this note no review of the nearby homosexual lovers and knowing it was coming in your iPhone to dog naked love and while hoping a cherry pie for dessert unlimited you know God is love is love that's what you mean in so and so the whole thing has been just corrupted our language is named I stop for this reason you know that I can see why somebody said if you want to make it impossible for your enemy to convey his ideology takeovers my you know the Christian life some people I guess somebody synonymously wonders that it's easy to be safe and hard to be lost by hair and it was so immediately say why does the Scripture talk about it is the rustle of five Rockville all the rest come on now is to be saved my flight organizing something was a well you know I I think the reason I'm having some challenges in my Christian life is because I don't understand the book possesses nine I think I understand all the rest of Zephaniah hunt up when I can get over that and get it back microsatellite with you other brothers and I understand that Minaya for me I think the problem is that e.g. one stage I think they are not Lebanon overriding they locked up some stuff in the balls as they let just about they don't longer be over lesson plays and young I don't think that the challenge is the real Chicago where I have an undergraduate life because of what we don't know is because of what we do know that when I go tonight is one in his eyes again and it is what you get is naturally you want but I just want to say again that when conservative people get together to talk about everybody else let's don't do that this weekend is not my brother my sister but is why isn't he home or don't come here and talk about their last come here and find out what we need to have an online bank is really critical to present one of occupation have any way of real residency again whenever I go home on those tangents I lose my train of thought as I have sermon notes and then I jump off of those and what was I saying that before I can run and forgotten are not listed this is a test Israel everything is was a you've got to shoot the evidence was and what I said last night that women are the ones that set the standard for morality I hope you girls talk about women are the literal gatekeepers of morality and culture and a song about love and how it's gotten corrupted now it's got corrupted but anyway let me go on with sermon is what is wrong with them I started I started on the I started on the line believe it or not I was just saying that some of the same that the problems are what we don't know and I said the problems are is what we already know that window may not know what would our lives if we were doing what it says in Matthew six thirty four sufficient for the day is the evil thereof which in plain language names little more than five him as very few people know that most people have how many days at a time at least three to five and Wednesdays are they and tomorrow God is omnipotent and his grace is without limit but there is not enough we raised our power of God for the presidency is on limit related to time but if you just knew today was no temptation taken you but you give his prayer what would our lives if we were just doing Ephesians four verse twenty six which says don't let the Sun go down on your wrath in plain language don't always think that if we get that you couldn't get a divorce you're going in the margin allowing two five you can get bad enough in one day to break up a whole it takes days of just mostly magical betting I been married for love to you and immunoglobulin ninety nine Ruby on the same day on the table and it is going to lock the car September sixteen but were not the same age one of the one year older than the other but I can't tell you this she gets mad and wanted anywhere the main that he and I have and have had five fights they went from one date of the next in forty six years not bad on the last thing I said before that before I go to sleep at night and I love you and the last words that I hear her I love you too listen to me on the ride told you before if we're not be Christians et al. were not Christians no place I know when I by the way of your English teachers here I know when I do that anyway but were not Christians at home were not Christians you are not likely to talk about Jesus words were done on the inside you all anyway hi I've discovered that my relationship with my wife about my relationship with God and vice versa you can regular back to you we were to talk about visiting you got a problem with people in your life don't talk to me about God by Jesus himself said if you're on the way to church in the morning and you remember you got a problem with somebody all I wonder we reinforce than how many would be while in our lives we would do Matthew six twelve forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors the okay was driving you know somebody said what just ignore him when they do that how can I know that you're not ignoring it those Muslims obligated phases I anyway on our lives if we were doing first John one nine if we confess our sins he and just to forgive I want to talk to you about the active ingredients of the Christian life is when you brush your teeth this morning the advantage is you looked on the back of a toothpaste to you it is saying I know we got a bit of students here you would have seen some small print is an active ingredients I want to talk to you about the active ingredients of the Christian life true what is forgiveness of the other and when I thought about forgiveness I'm not talking about God giving you what you forgetting those who know you well I never had an embodiment of your life you know and I should ask another one and most of anybody else's life let me tell you when somebody messes up your life the natural reaction is measured as a result is just as natural to feel bitterness and resent and resentment when somebody messes you up as it is to believe when you can't know when you get caught if you don't believe you must even lock your spouse do but listen to me the medical students would have to correct me on this delay but that God has given us an important clotting factor because of that clotting factor wasn't married you may did that in the same way when people mess up our lives we feel instinctively our default is bitterness and resentment but unless we ask God for the gift of forgiveness we believe to death emotionally and spiritually we did we got to do something about this Jesus puts incredible in importance on this matter of forgiving those who have wronged us in fact he even goes so far as to say if you will forgive those who wrong you don't even talk to me about my run in with a story told about a guy that went to the Virginia is that they forget the twenty five million dollars again forgive those outside the North only a twenty five dollars had been thrown in jail the guy could get rid of this guy is in forgiving dollars was wrong and wrong God is not an option in the Christian life is an active ingredient without it life is it no matter what you say that you might say to me Dick I can see forgiving somebody who's sorry why should I give forget somebody was not already I might answer the question and that is that you can get on with your life because when bitterness and resentment sets in our lives I was talking with a young lady one time was that I don't know how I can forget my mother for Washington to make I said how long ago was that she's at twenty years I was talking to another woman whose husband had been unfaithful to her party here's the bottom of your eyes it's still happening throughout the meet is a visit with the businesses that they disable your lot about sexual abuse in the supposing that a young girl was sexually abused when she was just a little thing it's natural for her to field to feel guilty and and and everything else but she also feels bitterness resentment she's thirty five despondent bitterness and resentment unless this girl as she gazes slide of her gift of forgiveness she's being sexually abused every day of her law ladies and gentlemen forgiveness is not an option in the Christian life without it it has its own starting around one five okay to my office and in his granddaughter had been raped and murdered now I guess that's about as bad as you can get it at it again to tell me they had caught the guy again to tell me how this bitterness and resentment just overwhelming they began to tell me how it were and he began to tell me how you had to get down on his neighbors ALJs goes on for me because there is a resident consuming I want to tell you that if you have bitterness resentment against your parents and your here today for any reason your marriage is not if you've been in a marriage before you got the residuals of bitterness Senator Kerry is married he is not going to play I was talking with a Libyan capital one time and whose daughter had been strangled by her daughter 's husband and now she was raising her grandson who was thirteen years old fourteen or whatever it was is beginning to a grandson usually got another characteristic of bitterness resentment and I send you stay on the person who's done a training and jobs around and I said to her the Reverend pray about that I know for your for your former son-in-law was imprisoned and you know what she said she said I don't try anymore go back to win always work bitterness and resentment jobs around and will finally if we known as Jesus for the gift of forgiveness will finally eliminates our connection with God it does that deny I was talking with a lady one time and whose former husband had really messed up relying on it if I told you what he did it was just really bad I sent you ever pray for for you is that I sure do I said what information design trade-off of giving money concerns that's how one obtains when Jesus says thank you your enemy is you is what I told you last night they were not on his mind talking about the enemy and praying for them is funny he's Osama bin Laden but it is your data your former husband or wife on your private husband or why the one you used to sleep with but you now in the same building on together no more Jesus is love your enemies talking about probably our biggest enemies are people in our own thing that's the truth you know why I was a young man I'm up and I've got old enough to work I went to work on a plastering group they don't plaster anymore the stucco you know but they do drywall let me say this to be minimum Jeff I appreciate Norman who studied to be a neurologist with business and nervous as they can about what is studying about but but anyway I wish in our church that we can get past this thing is a well was so glad welcome to our church in a result probably got we've got six doctors for dentists and belted three lawyers I think that's but don't forget Buddy Jesus was a journeyman can't because I respect her presence but we are using the judge ought to be the place where you're somebody outside a jerk you committee on nobody and enjoy nobody outside intrusion you can use him but we ought not play by the same rules of the church play but anyway I'm so glad that I got to be a plaster and even now I know where I'm staying in the room I'm unlimited textures and it's angled I got a got in my system one day we went to work this early in the morning the stucco house we got there before the boys got there were counted check it out make sure everything was good but Jerry was there a cement mixer was there it was electric it was those it was like his you know how that's the way they mostly are these days so my body he plugged in over the power poles he plugged in he ran a big extension cord over to the mixer and he plundered and in the next was turned on and then it were just checking it out who understand just check it out so when he plugged in anywhere long the problems began to go on Google and start around woman he let the thing down it dropped on the ground and became unplowed and so he reached down he picked it up he started fully with the time to know what we call in the times so I would stick when you plug it in while he's spoken with the times I looking down inside the mixer and I think the next down and then I thought you wanted to data we call it the mud so while these children without I raise my not in the mixer and just as soon as I get into the bottom he finds it in my arm broke instantly disliking break and rising in time I had ice cream in that very instant thank God he unplugged it because in the next second it was not I rest off on the bottom and pulled my shoulder off on top and first there was this there was his deep pain it was a sharp pain it was being paid and and and I reached down I took my almanac undistributed out it was always medical students it wasn't a compound fracture didn't break out but boy they just do it he knows we got so many from the Loma Linda area let's have a little anatomy and physiology please would you wake up with a list of this is your wrist is going on don't do that is your wrist doing this is what you try that everybody everybody was here submission to doing this isn't doing that despot my arm was doing this hair and was and how is reached down I grabbed that they took me to the hospital now I know that those medical people here today honestly to make a personal appeal this is not from the heart when you go back to the hospital to work nurses are doctors or whoever you are technicians on Monday doing anything go over there to that place where it says emergency room and tell them to take down and tell them to put up a sign that tells what it really is waiting room I decided to try come on gimme a break emergency room I thought anyway there was an emergency then they treat you like that but you get in there my lands a punch on the gurney Roanoke to corner man that's what they did with me they put me over the corner and blood in the pain starts consuming and I start crying I don't remember much of the riffs I woke up I was in hospital and in my arm was really swollen that the orthopedic surgeon was there is you said we couldn't get the Boston matchup he said no go ahead and heal but when they're done you will be able to do this is as it is to make it work would have to do open reduction would have to put those still run down the center mega crossover lineup I say go ahead and do that he said it was scarry I don't mind I know what I'm about to do I know this is kind of obscene and everything because if I was if I was to know your age of twenty five or twenty six announces shall not be carried in a muscular knowledge health club are in hundreds AOL but the fact is not even been putting out after deck some are lately for sun damage you know the whole of the word of God like yesterday I would be applied to the light it explodes there is it explodes since I still got some of his nephew digs this feeling that what I wanted to say and you can see from the back with you on the front row can fit living over here is your prize residing on Rundle they put on his glasses he knows God listens to me I've started here and here to hear into here I start by know about prayer and fasting makes us God is no way that you know what I don't have to day I don't have paid and that's what I want to say to those of you who are here today if someone's messed up your life and your full of bitterness and resentment your sky Angeles bar until Jesus comes to Jesus wants to do something special in your life today and as the gateway to pay dildo that so you can get all with July listen I want to just tell you something I know what it's like to hate people and the behavior I know about that I can tell you the story anyway I was down in Miami in the hotel one night but right it when I was in the middle of that bitterness and resentment hating and being hated and I don't not really happen to me or not I don't know where there was a drain my imagination was real but in the will not I think I thought you meant by my bed and they were laughing at me when I saw the light began to cry and cry I pray for my animated God gave me the gift of forgiveness than on July and that he gave me the gift of forgiveness so bad that I was thinking of one of those guys that most of my life one time in the library I pray to be my next door neighbor development will is no secret what God can do what he's done for others shall do for you understand that the active ingredients this is what makes the Christian life golf you can talk about the time I travel coming Sunday all you want but the fact is young a UNH reran it every day is here and come on them unless market victory today we not convicted no time don't talk to me about the papers in the Sunday laws of the small time of trouble to debate time ago but you would use already from come on now is forgiveness the gift of forgiveness you don't have a video different in forgiveness is as much a part of righteousness by faith is anything at but it's hard to forget that it is developing you understand what I mean you're okay can you take this kind of stuff I this is big last night we pray for our parent we pray for our parents because most of the enemies that we had article and unless we get over this ladies and gentlemen the loss of medical because it means we would have rejected the forgiveness of Jesus of we refused we wanted to forget hots up another active ingredients of the Christian life his first John one nine if we confess our sins is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness you know I'm not a poet or anything but it never heard that little poetry it goes like this to err is to forgive divine Google here I then asked to outline not doing that is payday is either that that the real problem was not that we made a mistake the first time the real problem is we keep on going about going to simply you understand by the night is noticed to be able to on the back row though I thought I told you a little bit I'm very sensitive to where the people are listening I can tell with either asleep or not by the way you know when I give seminars sometimes right after lunch we give a seminar the people try to sleep you want out of the church and was laid off on one side and she would sleep in the first meeting and she went to sleep it wasn't the street was like yeah and I looked over there and I saw her I said the congregation looked over the eye she didn't say no more than I did when I felt it was sometimes I say if you insist on going to sleep in church do me a favor paint your eyelids open your eyes open on your eyelid so the weather the open and closed they always look like you gave me anyway Jared human not to admit it is down you know we may especially bad about not wanting to admit our mistake I made him to try know you are just of urban Mayberry we just would hope when the demand would do that but the Jedi was to oh one five and he said well if we abide in my mistakes my family when you lose respect for me I said some they already had us the way to get them back I was the leader prison ministries in Florida for lots of years one day I asked me to go down to the Okeechobee penitentiary for penitentiary and speeds down there to the inmates I had been down there before but you know me I I just have to timeout and I have a dominant or I met you know obviously something is attributable delays were on him to know when you're in a different place all the time you don't know where you're at any time this old saying so anyway I have been built the prison before but thought I knew was two hours south to join the Florida UK Gleason was too much with you both North and South quite a bit so anyway I knows himself and I figured how to get there about two hours and so I just went found route twenty seven and started going to Okeechobee and after our yacht was worried about the liberties we now have not hour fifteen minutes I thought I should start seeing some indication Juno hour and a half I thought all and didn't begin to look like the Everglades and when I saw that I started the first convenience store I said when we go to get tokens when I go to get the Okeechobee because it never him he said you're going to Miami now I guess right there I had to make a decision by visiting the Wichita and then put me down a EMS EMS and my self-esteem I like nobody but me done that way even absent in the parking lot was that of the meeting but was he put me down himself and me out as a ride on that writer in that moment I had to decide when I was in stay on the wrong road repair you know what repentance is really is admitting you're wrong it should make Iraq this is why subcritical sea in all of this on this two phase active ingredients is a long line I don't know but immigration life of functioning Christian life is not so much it is not about the past and in the future 's not here yet is all about today and if we're failing the quizzes this time and talk about the final we get ready for the final test by being Christlike every day and that means by being Christlike at home is where not like Jesus at home don't even waste your weekend when I like to do if you don't mind last night we pray to buy choose this one I like to just do one by one just you not allow and I would like to invite you to look into your heart today and just be honest do you have bitterness and resentment in your heart today against anybody for any reason remember this we can ask God to forgive us if we don't forgive those who wrong us it just says that in the master prayer is his forgive us our debts as one members is that they still own then saying I'm sorry is neither here nor there they still owe we forgive them anyway so I'd like to invite you everyone you look in your heart you have bitterness and resentment towards anybody anything well I think I'd I think I used to way back when I was five I someday I might not want today you don't know what he did I I I can hear my care but that's not what it's about because the active ingredients that which makes appreciably go is asking Jesus for the gift of repentance and forgiveness interest to the everyday wickedness everything we didn't stop there when I talked to last night this dysfunction things that ain't your daddy and enjoy Jesus is you better not what you don't know what he did to me makes no difference if you also have come to this weekend and you've got things you're doing your life you know you should I want to ask Jesus today I invite you as a minister the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ asking today they didn't just see another probably not a washout is that if we are not addressing the real Senate outline we will tend to splatters it are two little girls were talking one day one which the ministers of you know I enjoyed your sermon on repentance and asking people to forget I got a seventy six people are going to make things right with the other ones that I thought I got a hundred and fifteen and the pastor looks at those numbers he says they are too young for that they haven't been around that long so he just has a hunch and he says is your mother included in that list no way I never asked my mother to forget you see a lot of things we do are smoke screens and never heard the Killdeer this burden is on the ground has dismissed to get near that bird becomes a startling and then you start following and he lead you away from the net this is what we've got to watch out in our spiritual lives unless we face the real him alive we will try to put up a smokescreen I heard about a fella and I want to start how did that someone comes when we all got mad she regularly went I was telling us of his brothers I said when you ask the spirit to lead you have to take whatever comes not really anyway anyone run into this debate on the nature of Christ I know a master that was likely the fingers on people 's lives anyway this pastor I preached on weekends and afterwards he was a guest at their house and they discussed the major prices one o'clock in the morning that the in the mail went to bed the next morning the guy gets up he tells me he's as I'm walking down the hall from my guestroom on the way to think that the breakfast custom made the big master bedroom he says there was the entertainment center and their own entertainment sister works at center were pornographic video to see what I'm saying the nature of Christ was a smokescreen the real problem was pornography and impurity we got to watch out for this is why we we ought not be theoretical hypothetical let's be real I think you can fool you can fool some of the people some of the time you could fool your self all the time but you can't fool God and this is why I want to tell you if you don't take a bad mistake if every day were not doing forgiveness and repentance we stink spiritually and emotionally so I would invite you today look into your life you have bitterness resentment or anybody for any reason at Jesus today so that when we leave this weekend we can have more than the Fellowship that we can have got some real victory hard-core picture and innocently and asked as you were real problems not the imaginary one obvious lot in your face you know a lot of you know you don't have to do this were really tired but we need the news of this river silently got here a lot of prayers at the same time I talk to them about what you need to talk to him about piggyback piggyback go from this place is scarred yes but without the pain Jesus wants to do that and then I'll close heavenly father oh Lord we are scarred no doubt about that and we discard other people prayer what we think of what's going on in a home the way we talk to each other the way we treat each old heavenly father today answer our prayers give us this gift this gift of love forgiveness that as you forgive us that they would treat others the same way so that we can we can take back the smell sweeter reread what you ask us to repentance if we would just mention this demand will wrong with your faithful and just enough to put us down to put us on the right road and appears to where we really want to go because you promised that you would be gone this good work in us will finish it thank you for hearing our prayers thank you today for giving us a new start in Jesus name amen


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