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Isaiah 58

Ray DeCarlo




  • August 19, 2006
    11:00 AM
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will be back with all you again and this he so many new faces society was saying to Norman and others this morning what a real privilege and enjoy it is the see so many common this being only their second year of above organizing this together really I I'm I say when I'm a I can't be more please is so great to see God moving on some question the young people I I can tell you what it really is to know that in Southern California thank God there's still some left outsmarted and mentioned about bringing your Bibles and I'm hope you did bring them in I don't mean to be meddling but I suspect sometimes this proper to do so I hope you brought the TJ and yes I didn't say the new King James I didn't say the NIV the RSV you are any other video applications is on will have time to get involved in Bible translations but we are of Protestant heritage not Roman Catholic heritage and if we are yet to understand the difference between the two we cannot give the three angels message is clear certain then Hiram and understand the heritage of our faith traditions of those items on the floor and let us a legacy that we should be proud of the salon but assume you got to King James for those of you who don't I brought mine so you can hear the King James before we begin though that we've already had prayer I like to offer another WordPress a father in heaven we come to you on your Sabbath day to ask that you will visit us in a very special way you have sanctified this day you've made it holy you've made it very clear that this basal Memorial for all mankind remember that you are our Creator our Redeemer that you have save this by your grace so please dear Lord help each one of us as we now take this time to meditate the study of your holy Bible please do not send us we pray the Holy Spirit give us open hearts and minds not only to understand the truth but the love and to follow the truth as we understand give us we pray to God and anointing help me do more to speak the words that are only essential that would uplift and encourage and challenge rearranges the witness now we pray we thank you in Jesus name amen another read to you some statements from the spirit of prophecy I don't have time again to do what I did last night to clarify the spirit of prophecy those of you were here last night and you know what I'm about the review don't is not good advice not good down not a good suggestion of divine revelation and infallible commentary on the fruit was listened carefully was just what has to say about it in the chapter found in the Bible primarily on the book of Isaiah the special testimony series B number two page five she says hold on the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah is to be regarded as a message for this fun and is to be given over and over again the message to what this time anything he given how over and over again testimony to the church volume eight page one fifty nine Jesus saith the Lord of the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah the whole chapter is about as important not some of it not most of all of it is about five years before manuscript seven nineteen awake users I have been instructed that I have been instructed and please don't tell me was really one of them they want to be skeptical about the writings of the Circuit Court and anyone they want to relegate it now to the issue of that money why don't like the great controversy or give her some of the other states are not visual you can put Willie Weizmann together with your buyers than all the others and Clinton by a paragraph of the spirit spirit promises divine revelation from the Holy Spirit I been instructed that means the Holy Spirit instructed I have been instructed to refer our people did that the eighth chapter of Isaiah reason this chapter carefully understand the kind of ministry that will bring them life into the churches read this chapter she says and then you understand the kind of ministry that will bring life into the church couple more times that we had a message already on the legacy churches approved drawings was if there's one search of the seven churches that means life Waterloo is the latest in church and we has a Seventh-day Adventist people we are that church beholden to the problem legacy well I'll get into little belated but the vivid problem latest to it is there unaware of their true condition testimony to the church volume two page thirty three to thirty five and read everything just a little section of it speaking of Isaiah fifty eight she says this is a special work now before all operating abstinence from food will avail nothing unless we resolutely lay hold of this work all of the appraiser knowledge or abstinence from food all of these will do nothing unless you lay hold of the work as described in Isaiah fifty Jesus sacred obligation resting upon us are doing is plainly stated the Lord has spoken to us by his prompt special testimonies series a number ten page three she says quote the works specified in these words Isaiah fifty eight is the work done requires people to it is the work of God 's only point in the work of God is appointed Austin is the work that we should be engaging and we want to bring life into the church letter twenty four eighteen ninety eight she says I have no fears of the workers who are in gangs in the work represented in fifty eight chapter revising this chapter is explicit and is enough to enlighten anyone who wishes to do with the will of God and his calamity revealing what we ought to do if you want to be enlightened of course that's assuming you one of the testimony to the church volume six page two fifty six to sixty five into sixty seven she says I cannot too strongly urge all our church members all Watson missionaries all believe in the third Angels message all who turn away their feet from the Sabbath to consider the message of the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah and we believe in the three angels message the balloon then she says you know what you should pay attention Isaiah fifty manuscript twenty two nineteen oh one she says the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah contains present for the people of God truth presents with Elvis to find the truth of the Bible there's precious fruit and vendors present fruit present for his truth that is relevant to the time in which we live and presence and can change from one generation to another note during the Reformation the Sabbath was not present for your note I don't was not present for the issue during the Reformation that wasn't I is for that salvation justification but not with present for in our day in our date decided when we terms of the issues of a militant movement so you sat at this present is that right yes it was stated that those the sanctuary must so is there a problem at all this is while this is present for three Angels messages and so is Isaiah fifty eight its present from the people of God elected to want to read more on what I think is sufficient to see from the writings of the Civil War how important this chapter really is the Seventh-day Adventist people manufactured by a mortgagor in Isaiah fifty eight Matthew Jernigan let me give a little background Isaiah the pre- Babylonian proper at this time the people of God are in great apostasy God has for quite some time sent province to help them to see the errors of the way but I have a history of rejecting what God has said not raises a whole man by the name of Isaiah is known as the gospel Paul you can also consider him really one sense a little bit gospel of terms like Matthew Mark Luke and John Isaiah speaks of the Messiah constantly so God raised up Isaiah earnestly pleading with the people of God repented their way to change the course of action you know during its earliest phases of his ministry had they obey the words of Isaiah God would have stayed back the hands of the coming destruction but they refused to listen I was in the hardened your heart is nothing on once the sun judgment is not been done once you have you punished in any way that's not God 's will God would prefer that you would live a peaceful and prosperous life spiritually and physically but because of our choices that we may sometimes we make the wrong choice and therefore the consequences must follow an understanding of the case the confidence is began to escalate there were compounding the problems and they like to do before even noticeable or under a fatal delusion how can God reject us were the chosen people of God with the Jews Abraham is our father even in the days of the Lord Jesus Christ ever so our hotel Jesus Abraham is unlocked while the Jesus interview Abraham your father knew until the words in a rent but you seek to kill me Abraham is enjoyed by your fathers the Barker review shall know profession nothing but God Catholic Church has a constant notice apostolic succession they believe that the Pope is the head of the church and he is the rightful meter ruler of the church world why not just does include Catholics and Catholic theology they believe the book that I have an free one who names the name of Christ Catholic or Protestant they believe these delightful area than from the the apostle Peter LA-based Luciana falsehood succession starting with Peter will we know that's not true another as a fallacy we don't believe that a person is Colin God based on the fact that their father was a child not the just because your mother or father was born-again Christians out there in that make you want to do well even apostolic succession within the concept of Christianity in regard of those who claim to be God 's children will certainly she should be how many today have the same mindset of the usable our seventh address you have a lot of great great granddaddy was among those who helped start the Yahoo! but what does that mean is good for him if he's been able to the end it was different nevertheless anybody so finally dodging the Isaiah because of the hardness of their heart he had to give them astray tested very strong message appointed message nestled in the strength of the month straight to the point sometimes messages that are given to the point cut the yes they are very unpleasant from time to time no doubt about very unpleasant no one likes to be told they're wrong nobody but it doesn't matter whether we like to be told or not the issue is God loves us so much that he probably damaged version therefore those you love he does what he chastens and rebukes listen to what he says in Isaiah chapter fifty eight resources cry aloud spare not lift up thy voice like a topic and show my people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins not Bob right near Berlin wall and you have gone speeding Isaiah in Iraq is not true yes I want you to notice who speaking this is not speaking to Isaiah telling Isaiah what to do now and versatility continues on the want to listen very carefully to how God describe the condition of the Jews yet they yet made the Jews this is not speaking this is not Isaiah yet they seek me how they seek to gather everything and read that I have devotions and breathe in they go to the synagogue every day yet they seek me daily and the like to know my ways as a nation that did righteousness not that they are righteous but they act is voluntary all right did you notice and was not the orders of their God they act as though they had never foresaw the ordinance of God to understand how their acting I want you to notice the attitude of the Jews I want you to know that the condition of the Jews I want you to notice how their thinking and their minds and studies of the writer in God speaking here is seen giving an opinion or is he declaring the reality of what is a declaring the reality that is annealing around the fantasy we do ever since the fall of the money mankind has always dealt in the realm of fantasy you don't want because we don't like to see reality do not want because reality simply tell you that you are a sinner your corrupt from your head to the toes there is no good missing you and you need a certain your name is Jesus Christ that's reality no one wants to be told that corrupt their people almost beautiful this psychiatrist and that is in the world that the mechanisms of a misunderstanding there's true science mental note health exercise Ethel God 's way of understanding human the not relate and involve the psychiatrist themselves seems like I could go to a psychiatrist debate not in all cases but in most cases is like going to a priest asked him to hand your sins forgiven please spare me you must be cheap they act as though they had not been seeking God 's work you state that has given me the ordinance of justice notice what they estimate the patient not do justice a person will be wrong with that is not is there something wrong with going to God daily not another Roman training on every day to make that the merchant something you should do nothing always asking God for justice since they take delight in approaching the got notice that there are actually enjoy one church they can go in approaching God this is their attitude unless the condition is the reality of their condition what is the first first-person their limiting what the elimination they're not a rookie of the people that are righteous they are not there living in sin if they won't like this and actually were doing well in all aspects of your life why would God tell a endocrine algebra one and limited in a rather hypocritical on the account so God says no this is how they act this is how they behave this is what I would've burst rate now from this one I got the juice the smug not speaking now the Jews are saying this I want to listen to what they say about themselves and what they say about God 's individualism of the limited white figure out why God is treating certain what question of what they say wherefore have we fasted wherefore have we lasted those nasty the Jews of that so they go to church every David prayed a ascot for justice they take delight in approaching and act as though they done nothing wrong and actually fast level have we fasted say they and the house is not lose the battle yet gone so you know what they say about it prior why won't you answer our first God was vast at three day we go to church with they are part of the licensing why won't you answer our prayer whenever we have afflicted our souls most bank than themselves certain that that's all they deny themselves certain things behold now this is not speaking of watch this is usually a significant arsenal and validate is no knowledge of the dog doesn't recognize him we go beyond long way with what we deny ourselves and I will not acknowledge that and he says there's beholden that they will ask you shop on pleasure and expect all and exact all your legs now notice gotten out and commenting about do what they're doing behold ye fast for strike not want to notice their attitude now this is what they're doing to one another behold ye fast for strident debate and smite with the fist of wickedness by doing one another what's their attitude to people the way have you what's the shape then doing what strike they are the backbiting seeking revenge taking advantage of one another that's what it means a lot more the exact volume later language you have to take pleasure in the knowledge of ripping people off your spelling problem done did she hate one another by alumni doesn't answer your prayers doesn't recognize your good work on one of these you consider to be good I want my guy doesn't recognize how there is no was the sad thing about it they don't even recognize that SysAdmin is one thing the section on the just put it this way in a deception as it is in very fast thing that you wish to be deceived the second comes into that one is external outside of you know somebody else is bringing the deception that dangerous many people will be lost because of that we know what Jesus said in Matthew twenty four manual my Embassy in Iraq than on Christ to save money so that will be great deception startling me know that but there's another set in the wireless and external the second and Melissa when you think yourself to be right when all the wall while you are actually wrong the self-deception you deceive yourself it is rare that anyone comes out of self-deception I mean how you convince yourself out of the deception injury and that you think you're right Monroe only God can help yet and so they don't understand yet look how they act he goes on to say you shall not pass as you do this day to make your voice to be heard on high is at such a fast that I have chosen Madonna thing is this how I want you to behave is this how I want you to act as now I want you to live now this is not the will of God is not how we dispose to behave in a he goes on to say a bayfront mantle that the soul is of the bow down his head is a bulrush the spread sackcloth and ashes under the will not call this a fast and acceptable day of the Lord is not this the fast that I have chosen not to this point by now the reverse is that this is how you been behaving this is how you are this is what your life is about promises this is how I want you to behave this is the fact that what you end up back to say something on this is very interesting these earlier verses in regard to the condition of the Jews they think themselves in the all right all is well they can't understand why God will not answer their prayer they don't understand why God is treating in the weightiest and and and so that confuses him I won't go to church every then we do what is right and reasonable I met with a bank why God will answer our prayers thereunder fatal deception thereunder the deception they are deceiving themselves this is the same condition of the Laodicean church exact same condition there is no difference between this condition and out of the latest feature was the problem the legacy nonentity or early what I say what the Jews are the latest in church say what they have to say about themselves were rich and increased with goods and I want need of nothing now that's what they say what they believe is the reality of their condition and has a question is that really the reality of their condition not the reality of their condition was what does God say now a wretched miserable poor blind and naked that's reality that spiritual condition of the legislature but they think themselves to be the opposite of the nurse so the same why do you think God gave is a remedy to the latest is the straight testament don't understand what they've ever been in a deep sleep I'm really a deep deep sleep I've only been in a very few times but but I remember of sometimes you knew that previously you know it takes a bomb to wake you up there is sometimes you're so exhausted the body just cannot take anymore you've got arrest I see you in a very deep sleep but if you run a very deep sleep of whisper is in and wake you up you understand a whisper is a governor I'm sorry hated to put on the pulling out of bed to take a big picture what now you may not like it because you know you were a comfortable sleep you are enjoying yourself but you see the problem is that when sometimes unit your next speech versus begin as a metaphor easy to the problem is in the house is burning numbness in the house is on fire the only thing that will make you want is a strength has been the only one there and is you've got to wake up before you should before you start casting stones at the wonders of discrete testimony nor to prevent you from being or not you should thank to say thank you for not allowing me to give birth to a crisp rest until the several more that the destiny of the church the entire dust and dirt hinges on the street that do not invest any of which have the same problem in Isaiah 's day in a single landmass and on how young the same condition in Isaiah 's being and we had the same argument thousands of years later what was that these lots teaches the same thing the Salomon rose along with others nothing new under the sun human nature is human nature hunting what is negative three thousand years ago he looked at right is still the same in terms of human nature human nature doesn't change over times change human nature on time I was a mostly new in a series of meeting the majlis a series of regional standards remember hearing about that so I preach a lot of regional standards make Anthony Mason old brother raiders and you know this is Australia's monomeric I asked the same way I felt so I said in Oregon was eating breakfast at the you know you're in trouble when you're sitting in as you notice anything the moment you feel defensive people the other side of the table it doesn't when that happens just eat your meal to let N be the first of long the Molly got a standalone seen anything known in my trouble so I saw for myself I'm understanding and so they stay dating my mom with this you know this is Australia you know this is not America I understand that this is Australia I realize that message I know I need to be mindful of different cultures and situations that make sure you are all which are right for you you know I later send to some people are sitting on it and no that some portions of the Bible written exclusively for the Americans and the other parts of the knowledge and know their example you know the other cultures and races of the world I thought the Bible written for every race on the face of this earth now it is important to say that this viable some of it is written for the Americans young American people ought on the budget but I'll take great pride in their that got actually sent me home to the song just for the American desktop the way it works is not the way it works God has a message for all of us what are cultural background they become unaware we were born or raised the word of God is for everyone the Laodicean church is in series from serious condition just like the Jews of old I want to notice what God says how disposed to act and behave verse six he says is not this the fast that I've chosen to lose wickedness to lose the bands and what binds us down nice speaking metaphorically what is what binds us what sizes down spiritual courses of course to lose the bands of wickedness is a part of this one is going to want losing the network tightening the bank and adding bands of wickedness want sure they were one of the responding blocks to one another were actually to be helping one another out of the sinful condition we find ourselves help encourage one another to lose the bands of we can undo the heavy burden not to be a burden to one another unless likewise sometimes when I travel around the world too often I think that we're too much of a burden the one which a judgment to critical two high in Alabama I had a friend he says best way that it can chew things David Sinclair energetically passed away I was talking them on the phone and I said things throughout this tour moral you know you've gone through us and not what is the one thing God is really late on your heart is to get outraged the one thing that keeps coming back in my mind uses is when you have national and has never left me when he said in a just and just a thunderbolt out of the sky compassion towards one look friendly patient runner it doesn't take much mental capacity to convince someone I think much of it's easy to condemn it's easy to cast the spell but they want it's awfully hard to be a good summer we understand Christianity isn't about castings that Christianity is about when you recognize someone is fallen and him and honor the ability can help my mother got up if you see someone in the gutter doesn't mean you have to consistently visible Disney buffet of bleeding heart liberals they feel somebody's in the gutter well in order to have compassion on you yourself I get in the gutter you know while in the Monmouth now that is not compassion still is insanity the thing is almost in the gutter one of me to cope and understand their situation and I went visiting the online about the wallow in the mud of the daughter of this in the airline in order to try to help them out and listen a acting out at that someone in a boat and you see someone out there in the end what is drowning in water meter understanding I haven't in a while unless I got the infection we only play Ambleside and I'm when a rover that will pull the howl no longer assume you wouldn't want to be say without great regard that was lumpy bumpy and they got one of these are not noticeably you wanted to say the knowledge on LB on Monday and you take me now I mean if you want to go to hell that's your choice but what you do should have no bearing on the choices and decisions on all women go to heaven so sometimes I think without admitting really messed up in our church we got this idea that we need to placate the sins of those immature listening one arena stopped placating for the sins of those who have no concern whatsoever about this message in the strip is celebrating to their deficiencies and her unwillingness to conform the lines between what we ought to do is raise the standard dial-up ashes of a marriage is not really an option allowing him single people here so the severity of the when you consider someone to be the potential spouse and has become a standard the fellow standard the Yellowstone for the potential spouse jet winning the wide you want anything and will repair visible I don't envy has no job I don't care if he beats up his mother not overly little just as when a man owns I'm okay I was wondering about men like you are the one oh four four one exam which it will auto care she sleeps around the bonhomie on she was Wellesley women I really want look it's amazing when it comes us personally you are not realized on no no no you know when it comes the woman in terms of spouse abuse as well I think you would want to become a perfection glycinate and envelope not talking about she's perfect in everything I'm talking about that example you are in trouble son is a you you within Brentwood you you want perfection immorality don't you and that's a sure you knew that he knew you wanted on the one at the limited knowledge he was not aligning marriage this you bring down the most common than them is built on trust you break that you have a marriage all you may be together and you is built on aspects more you want a high standard and nobody criticizes you write if you visit their site while I'm looking for woman is moral ethical these wealthy from your beautiful mother wife and beautiful person it says you're just too straightlaced extremist are just too far to do just too extreme and often you just to wrap up what he says that to you actually want to see what noble of some wonderful thing to have offense will we expect why is it that we lowered the standard when it comes to God why why all will still take Manhattan online cheats you little bit of reasonableness on one human alive who just months and while listening to this kind of music only from Captain Snape and music art addressing away a one address it and where we acted where one act of God or goggles doesn't have you must think God loves a war you should read your Bibles are getting it is true that the church metaphorically speaking fissile core this note on José should teach you that I wonder what it had many of a lot of the other lovers is known as seen but I got news for you when Jesus comes back to his breath the holy Bible says about me this is not my word the holy Bible 's issue be spotless spot she will not deal for Shelby on Virgin we should take the burden off of people not add the net you're oppressed go free is telling us what to do how we should act our attitude towards one another I guess you don't know where the standard to accommodate the center you don't lower your moral standards your ethical behavior if someone wants to become more and you want to help you become the world you hold yourself farming show if they wish to go that way while that's their choice but you don't will vacuum break every yoke preaching the truth standing up for what right what's right living a moral and decent ethical life is doing all to come to break the guilt of bondage Doris to this world and and and the simple life when we got a break that this message of all of the legacy message and envy talk about the latter reign of the early rain this is what it's about it and I'm writing to you for sentences is about the Dubai bread to the hungry to meet the physical needs of those in Rob is not enough to meet the spiritual needs it is also enough is also most visible element Jesus you know this as well as I do I should remind you but you know full well that Jesus most of the time of the physical you see somebody who has a physical need you can help here under obligation went on to help an individual market the local law eight oh County area agency that could be noted in order to relieve you of any responsibility if you can help and you want to help doesn't mean you won't be able to help by using other agencies that will be able to remember the London area but I'm trying to say is that when Donna's given your responsibility don't pawn your responsibility off on someone that thou bring forth that are cast out of the house place on the right also pretty tough on those beyond silent on the very unfriendly one for me I got to be the greatest of the automatic within me the ability to carry that out believe is what I like anybody come in my house is just the way Obama might be left alone and I tell another sound effect in the public speaker he and I can't stand being around people I sister you know that's the way of always been raised on just been a little yes they probably does but we only God can help us fulfill these things only got will have in ourselves the ability to do these things human nature left was some recoils at fulfilling this he says and when now sees the naked covered behind us and that thou hide not thyself alone once again that was on all responsibility misses opportunities now when this happens a watching to see what God can do for his church now remember earlier verses clearly lays out the true condition of the church does yes then in the latter verses when just when he tells you what you should know which one of solvent dilemmas of your problem here's what you should do now when we do that looking processing unit of the church verse eight then then always when you do this then this will follow then I might celebrate what does the morning and the health shall spring was speedily and our righteousness shall go before thee and the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward versus does that remind you of your light will go before the glory of the Lord will be a reward it should in the book of Revelation somebody on a nominee made reference to it in any a neuron little talk and listen readily safety verses one through five Florida law will live in the homework when we carry out this then in the light of God will rest on his truck and it will break forth as the morning when we do it then this will happen then verse nine then shalt thou call the local answer notice prior to this he wasn't answering their prayers wasn't watching now he wasn't answering their prayers and support if you do this you repent you capacity for site you bring your life under the will of when you call me then I will answer believe it or not publicity people sometimes think in their mind that God will answer them no matter what petition what condition they may be essential that is not little colossal they know that if you violate God 's law that God will not hear your prayers that you will not hear your prayers God doesn't listen to everything you additional if your life is not in harmony with you about the only person will hear actually the only one in is if you're living a disability life is department when your printer manual and then he'll answer you and you and give you a new heart and my God shall call and the Lord shall answer now shall find you shall say here a lot if thou take away if nothing was these are conditions that we don't like condition I'm sorry the Bible is full unconditional prerequisites Deuteronomy goal over the reality letter word over and the company and I'm individually predicated on the board and if you meet these conditions then I will do this for you if thou take away from the Mister DeVito the putting more than the finger and speaking of vanity twenty four the offender condemning speaking of vanity self righteousness holier than thou attitude verse ten if thou draw out my soul to the hungry and satisfy the addictive so then shalt thou like rising security and darkness as the noon day then the darkness around you spiritually speaking the humbleness and doctors from your mind I know people as I travel around the world they say they're Christian they should consult the price I'm slowed down and soon the darkness of distress initial God 's own loneliness I cut right to the chase our human I want to let you know this gentleman gone on and on how depressed and in the long distance so that is possible what you doing with your life what comes of minorities in the pornography 's and this isn't one of your depressed and lonely no one while I'll remember your mind and your soul at if you respect God to enlighten them on the free you from the darkness certain you believe the very thing that causes the box is called singularly you sometimes when using it we want God to do for a something that he has never said himself that he would will bless you in your since he will not overlook the conditions of your life and your life is on the harmony of the willing I will anyone possibly play taking humans in December on the question anyway not true but misunderstanding is the bowels of the rain falls on the just and the unjust what is that big guy will continue to bless even though you continue outright disobeying him listening to music God problem and it's perfect that all should come to repentance God is so long-suffering so merciful that he's doing everything he can to save you even though you yourself may not be the condition that you choose to be safe God is making ample provision for you to be in heaven if you're not in heaven must be unaffected were not intended as one gospel is not possible is our fault we chose not to be there it's as simple as then he goes on to say this and the Lord shall guide thee continually satisfy thy soul in drought and make back by bones and thou shalt be than I has come to the latter reign over this this is really an early both early and rent now shall be like a watered garden like the spring of water whose waters fail not you will overflow with water a metaphor for the Holy Spirit in the overflow lesson number and the Holy Spirit new duties that if you do remember that while the prophecy of the end time people they feel the Holy Spirit and receive a lot of rain litigated in a shopping Navy shall be additional building a nice place to raise up the foundations of many generations and off-topic repair the breaches were stormed past the dwelling of the lower crime rates and finish of the work in us was the one primary issue that you restore repair what's the one pocketable Bollenbach convince enough that that's right because there's the next verse verse thirteen not only will it be preached but also the admission of an optical digital son is not your day my job today is a doctor when I put the Sabbath pleasure my holy being call the Sabbath a delight holy Lord Honorable and shop honor him not doing on always more finally nine on pleasure nor speak and I own words Southside sacred and holy but sound with reform is a part of the condition of the blessings of God then he says he finally closes in verse fourteen then shalt thou the like best of luck and I will call upon the high places New York and feeding heritage of Jacob by father for mouth of the Lord this is what God wants to do for his church this is what God requires this is what God wants from us unless we begin one of opportunities weekend to begin a new day in our life if we so choose to do so in a single brotherly love I don't really know about really not been limited in old Babylon actually recommitted my life six months ago whatever a bit live in a pretty decent like what price will be our ability to very good moral ethical life hope your life at this point wherever you may be on the scale I don't care where it may be is not good enough without the rise higher and regional Holy Ghost we now find ourselves in I really don't believe we as people understand what's about to come I don't admit it I'm reasonably we understand was the scene within the system I says this Jesus we should be comparing ourselves to be arrested we should be preparing ourselves to be arrested recently I saw a documentary on Nazi Germany is called the things on the history and less Nazis Nazis a history lesson a lesson in history is given a lesson in history and that you watch and documentation run open your eyes on human nature is a sociological study of not only Germans with the Jews they asked all these German people why did you turn these people in they found out you know whose journey and who from Poland and the Czech Republic retinal jerks a white determinant in trouble one person they had one later they are generally given with that but because they turned this people and these people killed because it is one person so they found this one Hernandez you feel any remorse usually need to plan was the time in which we live on sorry but it's awesomeness the cold I couldn't believe I is will it just listen Cisco White says a great time and was recently six she said she felt about what's going to come as the storm approaches a large class profess faith in the thirties of the opposite will be zip it up and position and join the ranks of opposition you want to read which he says not only acted before she talks about son will be exiled Jesus I'm will be put in prison and some be treated as slaves right you heard sleigh in this juice is almost seemed now impossible he's as but not so when the Holy Spirit withdrawn from the weight I'll do what I always heard him him with human nature what will happen to us when he is with if you see people couldn't do as Jews and other people while Holy Spirit was abiding what do you base go to take place when the Holy Spirit taken out of the earth by using negative units is licensed when officers withdraw that time those are unaided mind on who is the zeal of Jesus Dean Winslow Fielder so they would be absolutely under the control of the possessed the monthly possess a managing billions of people on this earth literally under the control of demons by then we got chaos in the Middle East absolute catnip Holy Spirit syllabi when I passed leaving some heaven over there when Holy Spirit was wrong I think we as Son of Man ascend the fungicide beer of what's really coming one of the things of the documentary format was reduced in the middle of like the Germans and if they knew what they were doing they weren't stupid they were not dumb people they were smart intelligent they knew how much manipulate and calculate the moves of people regularly when we grab the people will most of him in the middle of the night why will understand the suspect psychological and sociological effect on the human final human being and all night that's when you're least expecting anything to happen giving your bed fast asleep during your pajamas right comfortable lie without warning and was an advocate you know when you are not losing a whole lot away from the with becoming restive they just plow wood doors down while I had it put you in a state of shock we remind you start camping straight all I could go on and on sociological study about human nature regardless of Nazis did was replace them right now if you think what David is something there were strange you are under the delusion just a lie says get ready get ready get ready May God help us to get away but pray father we thank you bless us now do more than help us recognize our great need of the Lord awaken us from the illusion we may find ourselves in and help Islamist know the width of a loving Savior what a friend we have in Jesus Lord willing to recognize that our daughters and will abundantly above all we ask or think so Lord we come before you right now I ask that you bless help us do more with full for several more that we cannot give our hearts to you so we invite you to come and take me give you permission right now we make this covenant with you at this moment we want you to take possession of our minds our hearts muscles we want to be filled with the Holy Spirit not an evil spirit so keep us now in Jesus and


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