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The Secret of Answered Prayer

Richard O'Ffill




  • August 19, 2006
    3:50 PM
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I thought I would give you an extra is a little extra for you and you like you're getting your money 's worth and I know we happened into this over here on the second row and I was like I just told him that I want to be his poster boy the cause is sixty five I had one locality on this island to depend on where you broken and you know so I'm hoping he's real economy and he's the one by the way I think I really mentioned this before as are several dentists here I'm hoping that he's going on Monday be putting a plaque on his office wall in the waiting room you know what I'm saying on the beetroot Junior achievement will be false to you and him and him and we always like that all right you know I think in the health talk under surrealist little short notes on because we had lunch and everything can I do that I know that a lot of your medical people using over here you know you think you are what your qualifications I didn't see you down at the medical school everything I watch this now this is really short and sweet we make a confession to I take rat poison in the record warfare now and I don't like the idea when I was about twenty years old the doctor remarked that I had a regular in the eye have atrial ship and I didn't do anything about it I was awesome tonight you know some people with visual sugar can feel it you know I can't feel anything there are either the Inderal for lunch while you know is a beta blocker what is electing on the Johnson I think that with my with my rat poison much like to die anyway this and this now this is the reason to this is the reason to live healthy I don't like the idea of taking rat poison everything but listen to me the day that I have a strong and maybe I have a one percent chance a year you know of having a stroke but the day that I have a stroke whose life was just run my wife my wife because obviously when she's messed up I see she has to pick me up off the floor right she picks me up off the floor she feeds me Dave's knee and all the rest because I love my wife number one number one we all to those we love and who love the little that is not enough the first reason to live a healthy life is whether we eat or drink or whatever we do we do it very wrong the second reason is for the sake of those who love us and those we love the third is the third reason is you know business and she's a fan of your family practice doctors and writers that I is the third reason not his with a little luck we drop dead we dropped that you know you know modern medical science is taken away all the easy ways to die and I needed to just plop and that was it now now they got you know you know your eighty five and I resuscitate you and you can't know the dogs tail piece of the time you know it with a little luck with the Lola so really one another motor for healthful living is to reduce the time of our disability which is a so is there it is so that you just drop dead who don't get it I saw a lady yesterday at the Ontario airport and she was smoking a cigarette bless her heart I thought you know to be smoking cigarettes these days is really gross knife she wants to know is if she wants to have the disease that comes from smoking habit what happened out in an and in the desert someplace where family doesn't have to bury their position family to get you started it's our family gets messed up and is not here it's so selfish to live an unhealthy life now having said that you see I can talk to you this week is on your grandpa and I know that if I was younger you get really mad and I know you get mad at me sometimes the seven things I say because some of you got mad at me this morning but but you don't get to Maddie grandpa is a long lashes before you know how they are an analysis of this letting people and listen to what grandpa telling me I wasn't born yesterday I wasn't born yesterday any way you know another thing and talking medical people some of your medical people I think what we call the ten natural remedies you know in Spanish oblivious than seven of life I don't open maybe I'll will remain real is kind of like a medicine or cure I is no effect on the beast kidnapped children radios while his chat show him in a fight they call it cannot show remedies are really not really their more frenetic and because certain diseases and they said and I never drank all the water you want and they're still there you understand what I'm saying and another thing and I also learned that I must be out of my mind to talk to medical people and when I went when I say this because I'm the minister noted in my trade business faith healers binning it would be one you know I was talking with the doctor yesterday you know there's thirty percent we have a very present in fact it is called the placebo effect in my right on that as it was able affect and when I heard that I thought to myself that's what keeps the faith because it was for some reason that we don't understand results Lamanite on thank you doctors do either diseases will suddenly go into remission and the lighting on why I did that is because I know night I drank twenty gallons of water a day but that wasn't enough meaningless until we understand what I'm saying there are new things as I'm sure that you understand for which there is no way to that we can weaken one's life improvement on to a certain degree by Philip as I was talking to the dentist I said no a lot of us are more rigid genetically inclined than we would like to admit this cancer the runs in families is there whose heart disease in and all it runs in families so we did we do have 's and genetically propensities and we do help a lot helpful lifestyle like that now you can hold that but I was not comfortable really and I think that we need to be careful when somebody comes along and says for example and I know this will they be bothersome to those you know there's a cure for cancer but they're keeping it secret and if I can understand the ethic you heard that before maybe in their giving as a result they can make money and save images up you mean to say the doctors whose children are dying of cancer forgiving and sacred meaning is that all the people there keeping it secret so they can muster I don't think so there are diseases that are just as some of them were able to hold back to repress or even once in a while within just new here somebody said I got a cure for blankety-blank you know just roll your area when the doctors my pretty right on that I'm not saying we should I'm not saying we should live a healthy lifestyle but but but but we must not must not just fall for anything that comes along her historian and that was both a continent in the and die maybe you've heard the story that there was a charlatan came down and die and he claimed to be able to turn up a pebble in the goal and he would take his even give you maybe heard this in itself right in the middle of the of the buildings there in the he set up his pot and mix these oceans of course he assaulted them in the bottom before he started the next and that all the villagers they gather around and die and he may start watching and he's doing hocus-pocus you know what and that he takes these little pebble two thousand and the pot he reaches down he pulled out the gold everybody for all the richest man in town for now how much you want for the formula not for sale on now and I want to buy that can and I do that is not negotiating you know how it goes so they get up to some ridiculous drive and ignited gives for this money is this recipe to how to turn it on and go take his money and he starts walking away and then he turns back I know one thing I forgot to write on the paper if we knew Mrs. Anna Boleyn the red Monday it will learn to get when you're making the next potion if you think little red monkey it won't work with me fly is available to rent month every time anyway and I don't know what do with anything I guess you don't offer everything I just don't bother with I believe in it and healthy lifestyle about the way the knock them around so I actually I sometimes actually humiliate myself and take antibiotic I don't think I feel that I don't believe in God community rebaptized in New Orleans and so is I I think that they would give your grandma talk don't know if they narrowed these days then why they lie on things wrong now here here where I'm coming from especially in good faith and moral somebody comes along and says this is the key this little thing is here to give you the flexibility nothing ate in the Christian life is not Ms. Mankins this may understand that so now the one thing I hesitated to say this morning and I think you did that was necessary to say a person 's theology tends to be a reflection of their personal morality is that a person 's theology tends to be a reflection of their personal morality which means that that if we have no sand in our I send that we know about they were protecting we will be attracted to an hour like a bee is the honey we will be looking for ideologies that cover our lifestyle this is why don't they be the active ingredient and I talked about the pendant is essential if we're not repenting every day in confessing our sins and putting it away we can be drawn into error like me is the honey look out for that you want to grapple that are detected no she said she says I'm not because I got a photographic memory I have a photographic memory to but is out of focus you know that's really is like having a ballet of technical knowledge to have as good as I wanted this means he am about to start talking about prayer in just a minute or two just an observation I written down and he noted that his parents rejoice when their children get they are I'm so thankful God save my son when you add that his parents say I'm so thankful that Jacob got baptized is there a difference yes because wanting we had been to gym to look at it salvation is being catechized learn the list raise your hand and say yes and your let me tell you this we were wrong in the past this is another thing I've been we were wrong in the past when we've had we said the only passage always shut off the already made we were wrong when we fed the seventh day Sabbath but we shall also invented big guy me now were preaching on the main generating traffic right where we're bridging the time and the Sabbath onslaught in other words in the past we were wrong on the narrow and shallow were still narrow and shallow we've got twenty eight doctrines we should have at least thirty but the twenty ninth which should be no meaning in the thirtieth legend big big time I is just that that our tendency our tendency is submitted in evidence before was a startled community would have to be born again to be one and now that now the conflict comes were vignetting the same we need to be born again and many of them are washing down there partly why Jim Enright our standards are standards by the way I was thinking one day on the way to charge the standards of our church are the roof that protects the rest of our Christian life I used to live in South Asia although they have all kinds in any of the information you here tonight and is an incredible way everything is about religion you can tell by the way a person luck about their name everything is built in the last name will tell you they are in your missing mistakes we had thinks over here and got the turban you know and by the way that he had with you consider not you got a turban he is gone there were bangles and goddesses are going someplace originally it was real now he might be carrying a little ceremony one but that makes you think his name is always saying not that I gave the thing that means lie that's what makes you think that those things often violent anymore in other words using you think people you can be a son or daughter of God without looking like one that used to say that you could tell it had been just by looking at you and him are I don't think it's wrong for God to expected sons and daughters of his will look different from those who are no were not stained by the wayward press but when you get saved you just never seem to realize broader standards when when we learned that were saved by grace through faith this doesn't make the Sabbath go away against me and Hannah and I want to think it's not been start doing prayer and the organism to pray about an hour on island until I hear that the Sabbath is at risk in the seventh they administer I was the redevelopment on on when and Mister McCall more than a day off the Sabbath and risk in the Seventh-day Adventist church if we keep going when I mean collectively if we keep going the way were going and five more years for the average Adventists terminals maybe I'll am I doing spending not know that were the together there there taken us over man you better learn anyway and anyway anyway if things keep going the way they are in five years in the average business contacts it's very likely that the Sabbath will mean the same to the average administered Sunday means to the average Sunday keeper which means you go to church and that's the end were almost there already the Sabbath is at risk him sure and let me say this one is reporting in a real lesson the hard obviously well I wanted tell you who are new to me is the buzzword now I don't mean all the youth leader someone the word is being used to be great the Sabbath is the word it's long been going on that is an issue was never it alone but on the Sabbath Christians do whatever a man to me about and he kept doing it on the Sabbath the ultimate test of Sabbath keeping the text was the man who done support his family is worse than it had been help in the ultimate guide to the beneficiary is not involved in new blood on the Sabbath the issue is how do you keep the Sabbath holy not the one that the big filling of your people is a well-informed and on the Sabbath and that was never the problem the challenge that we face is how to keep the Sabbath holy and so just look out for that the Sabbath is at risk and the Seventh-day Adventist church is going to be degraded it is being degraded by the banner under which it's happening is not good look out for that by the way if you are not thinking for yourself means they others will be begging for you but another thing I want to just tell you to our natural tendency and I think I'm talking to Orthodox people our natural tendency is when you find out and you look at what's going on and let's say that the majority dependency could be to get mad and I want to say a business that because those who receive the seal of God are not mad they are signed and cry so you can get him when you finish unit manager bastard dropped on one case is done who lives ever to make intercession for were supposed to being sought in Lebanon going so we should be next in the charges bringing a new ad and feel in themselves and I think we've got the baby happy but this is one thing that worries me a little bit nicer to people maybe I mentioned this last night when somebody says that you believe this is because they're probably getting into real unacceptable option when people said to me I think in the other option but I don't think you know I love you I someplace out anyway were in really incredible you are right did you take the unit was supposed to be thinkers you know regardless of the thinker it I really appreciate the people who set on the front row you know you know when I saw when I tell you notice I'm talking to somebody nontarget review is terrorizing the guy anyway you know we ministers will say to people will say sit on the front row we always done one day I was going to workers meeting in Florida there were two hundred ministers and I walked in the room I went right for the back row I said it sounded to me I'm doing it and I figured out exactly how seating work I was the one I was just being honest with myself I realize that where I sat in a particular meeting depends on how much I intend to participate I see is that none of the back wall their game if there were wild in this building the guy descent in the swimming pool I just think he's got the why is the one you sent I don't know about you know what you have and then I'll make up my mind later his values play in the death of the ground I need to talk to somebody when I bring you get when you're talking to everybody and don't anybody you know to develop hagiography started embarrassing but it's a lot more energy you don't want to .net well anyway I wrote I wrote two books on prayer we've advertised that one of our dogs would be the secret of answered prayer and the other one would be how to keep the devil from all answering your prayers the devil is answered prayer these days big time I wrote two books on prayer one is entitled and maybe you seem to be a VC is entitled transforming prayer praying to me and not to get you that the other was called if with all your heart of God thinkers guide to effective prayer if there was ever a time in a can you know in which we gone through a change problem in our church we estimate of people very much into the word rework my gender prayer but now we're probably more into prayer it am talking about collectively that we are into the word you know and let me say this I said this morning that I believe that administer not the only true Christian I believe there's more people going to go to church tomorrow regards children went to church today I really do that otherwise would we did this come out of her my people come on give us a break talk about the people of God this don't talk about ad that's really narrow in a way one thing I do and very uncomfortable about and that is that it seems like we argue is Karen is now a large temp living room not everything they did they write our song on vacation church and relevant big changes on the brain they knew everything and I know I was telling someone this morning about the small group you everything about mold come join my small group small Methodist Church had small groups of other charismatics and what it was about but we didn't call it that we called it Sabbath school class I didn't have to take all the next United weight you are there and want again recently well we knew we were doing Sabbath McGrath it was the center of learning God 's word it was a prayer unit it was a missionary unit is in you all remember this you would like to hear really old I can tell you but what you are you are even born yet now he looks like I was saying I know what these guys think people noted that young people may bring man the world that didn't exist before about nineteen eighty I think that was when creation game by the way you know why people are age why we never say it whenever the basement does let you know young people will say you don't some of you will set must try this and see what happened and why we never say that our crowd we know what'll happen you in the right experience is so much anyway I anyway what was done to the Sabbath what if you have influence in your church try to try to don't try to build new system is the same we've got to find delivery systems that already exist no need to reinvent the wheel in other words that didn't mean the begin time of this is not a revolution is a Reformation and revival so one thing that I can remember as a young man you are and him one could and then you you have a plan wizards when I am not sure with you been somebody when I will have the hardest time Stanley insurance by the way it is doubtful if the devil can keep you from going to church he wants to put you all in the Philippines somebody was that the medieval spirit and and they started talking with the devil I would suggest that and they said the WMO to churches that I go everywhere and this is what handling charges of a negative label ghostly and I thought and that will let the was the father of lies told for the first time because you can set watch the television and watch until the test backdrop in order to watch the four hour spectacular but fifteen minutes in the sun anyway anyway I think I have this back in the old day is why sometimes I forget Doctor get a lot of both I thank you droppable them anyway back to the old days when you went to Sabbath would like to ask you how many times you study and they run on a car it's what you did you study that with nausea also have a missionary report in the class they would ask you how much literature you distributed how many missionary conduct you may get limited there was accountability but that you know what we did we done down the Sabbath school class to the level of illusion well you know of your people have begun to study about it in consultant so guess what nobody isn't what we got to do is is we've got to raise the bar you can lower the bar so low that you don't even need Jesus to jump over anyway I just don't think we need to him the and as models or mentors in fact when we called an invitation they come in the big Trojan horses they come in bearing in we think that thinking is hot how does one New Jersey Road they also by the way the charismatic he had maybe an unwritten agenda and that's to do away with our distinctive doctrine he wants to see that happen on doctrine the doctor Seventh-day Adventist church is the dishes because it called by another I think they feel about that anyway let me say goodbye when the going talk about prayer is this is extra this is extradition they now is as I find something anything by Disney to anyway anyway so the music they ride not to talk about the rock and rolls I do not preach a lot about that I've done a lot of sermons I don't say much about that anymore of my sermons are with Americans that ministers have a lot I said about worship of life in the butt I want to tell you this when I hear people say it's not they do this because the words hit me a break you know it's like the Dennis over here it it it it it if it's the words that make it you know it is not the music that he could be playing in his waiting room the pain from Alfred Hitchcock 's psycho don't tell me it's the words in other words in a horror movie but what scares you out here nor is it is another word I learned by you know strangling each other just don't tell me it's the words that sanctify a military that run me your child and you know regular music you have your foot while you finish the words before you finish the music I another we just got meter high but but while with regular music into your blood to keep the manner together with with with raw open and life somebody send me one time you can worship God with your pelvis that's where that this music anybody know is about one thing it's about sex the sex now and suggest that we would year is that in the worship of God is blasting is what it is let me just say something about the number of his new music being written it's real sure you notice that is just little and by the way don't think those two liners for half-hour to understand everything those three lines over and over when you notice the pronoun that use the notes were it I is made and is not let me tell you I is religious experience until we walked in here when we're outside it I need in my when you walk in here it's ours and we see that's what worship is about private devotion does not meet my high but when you walk into the house of God it's about five hours and we one time I was in the church and I was in they had the new money the worship leaders help by either of the minister I'm not comfortable with if there other worship leaders than whom I don't unfortunately I worship regardless on come on out anyway these guys bless their hearts they been doing that music was on the screen and they were about to step down for me to preach him they were not what is now I said nothing those same songs again but every time the pronouns that I and me and mine they and we and our residing in again you can't believe the change that comes with the whole feeling interesting though the basic Windows on three around that telegram was voted eventually won't get method in a lot of the white-haired guy said he was really old but is that something was really interested me know they're not all crazy gullible people I thought it was a good idea let's try it out try it out see what a blessing industry I think it's a good idea anyway prayer is big-time taken over by the charismatic exorcism is the thing that their big and too long and I won't talk about that anyway prayer should should be a habit but it easily becomes a routine I wanted talking about the anyway you keep going and not worry about our anyway the prayer easily becomes a routine items would be doubted you out to California because Schwarzenegger pays him to wear that shirt I think it's what is to rebuild the day or something like that is advertising it in a way have you ever been saying your prayer before you go to sleep at night and had to wake yourself up with a van outside a funny thing is in English I don't get somebody over here in the ninetieth minute episode where I'm going with a laugh what happens if you love much there really a serious person have had you ever been saying a prayer before you go to bed and wake us up to and beyond yes forcing you of course we all have we all him for now you thought you were the only one but it all I know one day I came home from lunch I came home for lunch and I said down and not an and I in I started eating and not about halfway through my meal I thought I wonder if I said what I did that now I know I do all the ones I sent I don't remember and if you find it I don't know what I is that I thought I was talking to a lady who work for the telephone company gentle machine came over lunch one day Jim Donovan said hello telephone company job fairs in the habit but he has never obtained a number on it I was talking to somebody I was on the somebody said I don't want for every day he said I did say same as yesterday and I can get them they are in the right addition they rotate out of Tiger starring Minnesota L the story that happened to me the most is that when I was five years old you didn't don't believe I would never fight involving pipeline guide there were four of us eventually but there were only two of us and my sister Diana of this event is that a lot of math okay this is a math question I was how high five my sister was three years younger than I she still is not she was three years younger which means she was or as now as I know I know when you've been asleep when admittedly bizarre doing of the anyway she was two years old and that we were playing with the neighborhood child and not a gametime for lunch my mother invited the child to come in and have lunch with us and we know table and mother said Dan who was held she had been counting on him and that was very dramatic in a way that you to choose advanced would you offer the blessing and I like to tell you what benefit did I do that but I would have to do two -year-old pop do I still have your permission we closed our eyes and Nana said that you understand what you said needed in a neighborhood child labor Jonathan what do you say I like you said but I heard that purposeful that's the prayer you pray when you break the same prayer everyday fashion let me slow down a little bit and will that help them is slowing down again and will give me one more chance is a you see what happened to the job one day next week is what is the reason I tell my story to say that since it's ridiculous no it's not it's not because many people say to me that's made him I would fail fast story I was abundant and I was a job high school and I bonded this is a is is is a Muslim country and but where we were with Hindus and it was nothing about the Hindu thing at all but it's really far out stuff here the drums beating at night in the sacred trees and everything else anyway one day I was taking a nap together I was teaching summer school to shoot pastors and it is I would teach so about noon we'd have lunch and then I'd take a little nap resulted in a doctor three o'clock so while I was taken a little nap it was about time to wake up and there was a knock at the door and bear bear was there were these students of mine and they said the pastor 's Radeon gave and she says we ought to do something because the devil has been and is about to kill her daughter this was a Christian family of seven the administrator may would have lots of children and they were really poor and what happened is that this like thirteen or fourteen -year-old daughter bears and fallen EL she wasn't getting better and somebody suggested that maybe they took her to the Hindu guru or saw they were whatever they call it should get better now they know they should do that but listen to what I'm about to say young person many times what we do when we get in trouble get this into bigger trouble and so they decided that nothing else is working they go to do whatever it was and he said she was endangered well if they would pay additional this year might reflect you know what workable compound this would feel comfortable and well if if if if they went what do sugar-free not her body weight and Days Inn will pay but they didn't want to bore and so the up-and-coming way surpassed human across the river to visit her uncle and one day the girls went to the well to give water to buy I mean well well I don't be one of this way are this way I mean this way and so they were pulling the water up and suddenly out of the ground coffee they and it says you all and and and and and and and and and and and if you don't gently at the child drops of pottery or whatever she has she begins to cry hysterically and she goes running home and she says mom dad and we got appears on the go to kill but they were too far until they had not even an update on taking a nap she's walking along by the banks of the river in front of the school river on one side these bushes on the other she's walking along out of the bushes comes if they anything says the things that you didn't pay so I'm going to kill you and she falls into a coma and they become the mother you got abuse on the go to kill my daughter now I had heard a story like this report in Sabbath school missions Spotlight vision coordinated on a letter and I know that this is a problem McMichael exorcism of demons they and by the way you know the prayer that you use for the demon what the magic words are one of the magic words in the name of we command enables a person to partner I know that that was what we would finally do but what I felt when I want to do valid busy I figured I would take all the nations story that I never heard and I make a check list and do what they do for the mission stories always have a happy ending so I made a lady a recipe so the first thing all the money in the first pictures of the Bible could I heard that the devil would refrain the Bible in one of the biggest scare him away now later I found out that someone again in Sri Lanka was being harassed by evil spirits I'm going to put the Bible under your pillow it'll keep you say she did she woke up the next morning and the Bible and the director I didn't know that fortunately so I just got off of my mind not someone else do we do now I know we were going to have to go through the home and through the magic prayer you know the magic words and so I thought all one other thing we better do I've heard that if you go into the presence of the devil with unconfessed fan he tells everybody out loud in fact I heard that in New Jersey one five it was a pastor in the lady was obsessed by demons and she came running down across the backs of the few figure that one out she was landing on the backs of the viewers she Johnson she lands right in front of the public she starts Damon office said the weighted by everybody and he said it's true that Jesus is forgiven from Wednesday anyway we gathered around you I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases we gathered around than we confess our sins are checked at all I couldn't think of anything else to do it wasn't too far as we came down toward where the weather people live I can hear loud wailing and what I mean by wailing member when Jesus went to the house for the little girl was dead they were wailing so as I walked up about this crying and wailing and everything that I walked up I said something to somebody and and and it was quite unique as your dog bark in the distance and then I walked over there beside the door she lay I will never forget she had her hands crossed to go across her breast and she was unconscious and I went over and I look better than anything you want to hear talk about that they said we put a special meeting under her nose tall I didn't know anyone here who's who might you be talking to in talking to the devil now I did something nice which I'm not sure I would do again another time I called the family together and I I did some pastoral Council I really ball them out that's what I did I told them they should make that the firstly I don't think either that another time by the way when somebody makes a mistake you know in other words of your also like a little long in this case in okay with my grandchild at the lookout not even that I will look out the window drops that's no time to say I told you look out at the time to help the little things clean up so I think I was all on Matt I think I should talk with you later I should've encouraged but anyway I want to get everything right check with finally came around we made a half circle around her and the first person on the left for a graded Bengali I don't know what he said when he got to the place where I assume he was saying in the name of Jesus we command evil spirits of the part I had my eyes closed when he said that I knew and on the same literature sure what also happened in the measure stories without nothing happened I thought all was wrong grade nothing like your I thought of him at the window everything was no I thought that I know what it is the prayer you can just say the name of Jesus recommending the spares in the park in the first to offer a long prayer use the word picture really make it lot last long and then when you come to those words in the name of Jesus they got the same with our lactose charismatics given the name of Jay updated on anything is I figured you got to do with how so I bow my head and Oliver Delong 's bracket parade as I is used on the big word Viagra and think of anything else to say and I said with power name of Jesus we then these evils visited the park I want to tell you fellow something happened in this never happened beforehand since I began to cry not who the tears begin to come down my eyes like a river and I forgot all the magic words and all the checklist and I visited oh God please help us in that instant she opened a broad and I reached down and driven by the hair and I lifted her data is not keywords you know use only you fellas work on those construction crews eyes were gone plastic group were those always good to clean words together use the magic words all day long is not the wisest of your sales professional a firm and Fred Bill 's untimely daylight opened on your library right right and who's not was within maybe it's no wonder it's no wonder that that that that that people get him to be the same as yesterday because work for most people got not asked anyway so you're in other words all pray about it and I can plan the guy to do what you gone now other people say God answers all my prayer of really what the thing known this is no better than Thunderbird right you know another person rally there's no reason we use the baby or get in line water is enough guy and I don't think I don't think the Jesus who has more to say about prayer than he does about preaching is going to tell us to pray so he can say no you don't like me saying to you may I give you the Bible asked me for going no I don't think it is I guess that ass and I know when I get it all out of it I doesn't make any sense now I wanted to some people are comfortable with God answered their prayers no long time I'm not I have problems with and you know the Scripture says someplace that sometimes you can use the things that are seen to understand the things that are not the night table my wife and all his sweetheart I I don't know well I look down when married a girl like that she's those nine hoping you'd be as nice as you but anyway KL I've been married forty six years it in the right told you then I have had five finds it went from one date in the next not bad deal sometimes the savings they should be married for forty six years they want to give you a standing ovation but I say don't do that like general I promised him that was part anyway your not married yet that's the biggest thing you hear do that right in fact you're not married yet remember when I said start praying for her for him you know you know if you're not married are you begin on I know she's due Thursday remember I told you about that she is willing to get married you found the money to marriage and his guidelines about it and what you know honey he's out there somewhere today hope is not in jail I thought by the way by the way let me just say that the girl let me say the girls nude girls when you relate to up to a boy you have two instincts you have when you're relating to avoid not married you had to Wednesday the mother instinct in this regard is an many times the mother instinct will go down one you will go you will go down because you know a girl with a digital unknown reason is really sure what you mean I think I can help you girls in a unit aggregation I hate a fellow of fellow what you see is not what you get yummy last and he is now not more and if you think you with all rental honeymoon I and many volume reversed the ball UK UK okay that so girls look out for that make sure make sure that he's a man of law that would be singled that the mayor many rounds killing about thirty one anyway I told you how long we've been married you forgot already thank you bring them remember I told you this morning that our birthdays on the same day did you write it down in September sixteen because I want lots of car number I told you that were not the same age the ones one year older than the other but I couldn't tell you which are obviously because she gets mad you know of any good anyway anyone doesn't know I'm about the sacredness is that you don't keep thinking when I talk in other words if you just get hung up get lost in your doctrine amounts in ways you never listen lives nine times out of ten when I asked Betty for a favor she says you observe amazing so what's the video because nine times out of ten I asked God for something he says no wasn't it who loves me the most what's the problem now I want to tell you I got the answer did not figure this out is it I got a problem with prayer it were not getting more yes this member this is about the Sigurd answered prayer it were not getting more yeses and those where entrée arrived not until you know what we've been married forty six years you know if it occurs to me to have Betty for a favor after forty six years I already have a pretty good idea was invented and if it occurred as you know brother no new man is not done by someone you have to be how you say they don't have that information she is a known but on the new anyway value got been any in a while it are married nine times out of ten I had an exceptional and anyone that our relationship with God sometimes goes money is on friend life at all nothing happened you knows it well because I'm not asking I need that you know Mahatma Gandhi fasting use the tool in all you know fasting asking the part of spiritual life doesn't impress God he's nice anyway you don't have to do like Gandhi nothing like a Mahatma Gandhi did say you don't do what I want I'll start myself to write I don't think the prayer is the process by which we try to get God to do what we must I think the other way around anyway to find out more about the minute anyway so he's able to reason I'm not getting is good I don't fast or maybe I need to pray all night was that brings up another question that God answers prayers and three o'clock in the morning that he wouldn't answer three in the afternoon what is ancient prayer online now for your sake you pray all night for three essay what difference is it me here I'm coming from she will invoice the trick just tell me what Butler's Matt County wetlands were implemented and the magic word so I get all of my life any way on the children not been each year using always says yes God says no what's the secret to getting Betty wanted to know your favorite you know I know it is the no what would be the secret to getting God is our priority at the Bud Light it is using how do you know that thing that you do not move values she was certain that he bought been ready when you were what you know the word of God I can't seem to listen Jesus tells us how to pray so that we get I guess that every time that you sent last month to check and you've been there lots of time the disciples were talking the Jesus of the must of been really hung up as Jesus as the take no thought for tomorrow remember that and what you eat or what you drink or what you normed in and how you going to call yourself because he said we can cure their disease now James out there God take care of them he closed the main themes and he takes care of the event is as sunny as your more important genomes world out there will take care of you but if you want to have a priority in your life you seek first the watt kingdom of God in his line righteousness and everything else only one added on the view know less about the Romans fourteen verse seventeen because you can say what in the world of the kingdom of God the money gotten a response but you discharge what I thought you turn to for anyway anyway there's this chapter Romans fourteen verse seventeen tells us what the kingdom of God is and it tells us what is okay right here's is what is said Romans fourteen verse seventeen says this for the kingdom of God is not in line meat and drink what do we usually pray about that you know it's not able to move more with pray for our cars you don't get up in the morning to say God help my car to start I know I need a new battery but do a miracle in my life are going on the highway has been trapping is a safety repression that we didn't know that we get a job it with Vista that we use there are praying about what I call the flash support but Jesus said that we should be praying for the kingdom of God and the kingdom of God if that is not in meat and drink but one piece job I righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost here's the point the point is righteousness and peace and joy is not something you have in your pocket book and so you are that's why I said I we've got to learn to pray and be not forget I know in my ministry in alternate under any request for prayer tonight is not my grandma 's in the hospital and she's been answered as learning that will pray for that my grandma surgery is not in the least except that when a successful guess why we don't write anymore or art you were not plan to get well and that will stop it where Branda get rich maybe not enrichment you know get a job not a WordPress to bring the latest in England on his advisor my son is not a Christian he's on the word Trinity find work it was using immersed again on God 's righteousness tell me know because as she washed you to set my boys out of work he's not a Christian I will use this experience in his life to bring it back to you many times we are praying that God will take out of our lives very thing that would bring the near to God I never prayed the Lord would help vision you want the curriculum for that is frustration with the inpatient person the one that gets that way all so when you're not praying for our patients were really thank God I give you permission to bring into my life any numbers of trying up frustration I never pray the Lord would make your home phone bill it is the worst critic you know what you want the curriculum for that is instead annual and they say these days I know that nobody woke me the only way I know where that we could ever be humble is to be humiliating busy I'm convinced in my ministry by the way you may not believe it may want my autograph when this is over I rose out of court by the is on the fruit of the spirit but it comes out in two thousand nine it is older than me when it comes out in that something makes one hundred to hold my breath when you know when I studied the fruit of the spirit I became convicted and convinced that the from the spirit comes from suffering and the in other words your memory is nervous Katrina said if you love those who love you what's less of the white cases say love your inner and when you go down the list of the further speared you can see that in that in order for that to function him fly in the face and when the once sacred of answered prayer is to pray to be at an end and what he learned that once you and I did that and I had been settling the accident that all things work together when we get to because they were praying to get an estimate that we didn't think we'd is not always what I love about an alignment or everything were praying to get rants and we lose our job is done oh I know this to me when I went to tell you when we're praying to be righteousness and peace and joy in the fruitless I don't care what happens is it possible that nothing of separation from the mountain on in fact I found out since I've been praying to be and not to get I'm praying more and more about less and less resisting he does not make any difference at all but before we just hung up on his printable ring today was a next-door brain window is all messed up we're praying to seek first the kingdom of God is right to give along with anyway that is if I got to the invention it went on this post feel the whole thing was over five four seven five Y one hundred days in jail before we talk about more about it will take a break and out of this note we ministers are paid to pray phone rings and hello pastor there my sister is in the hospital which it will pray for you and Beth I needed to pray would you pray for me Wentworth but his job description we pray with anybody and everybody thought he was easily walk along is a film about her guest in Uganda however in a manner that's our job you know you know son one time I realized that I was praying with anybody and everybody with anything and everything in my life except one person gets to my wife how many married people who have related to how many words you are married anyway you put other hand than we can if you raise your hand yesterday to have after sundown kind of the get-together on the so this is the married people but it's been those who been married some day it works this way is that many of us men on talking to the men who were a single bill many of his men have subcontracted spiritual things to our wide Bowen thought about the computer I thought the man about the product of the demand talk about the ballgame I thought would I want to talk to Jason talked to me she has a contract for I stayed in the home one weekend every time we sit down at the table to play with the head they did every time we send on the bright she always pray and I want is a member of our human residency where are you what's going on around here she's not begun to contract anyway listen now been in I had family worship I'll be praying when we get in the car and we would pray before we ate just the two of us bring together alone know I thought to myself with everybody else my wife and I went you young men were going to get married just get this straight just get this straight you're to be the spirit him a him this other than later women are little more spiritual than men got put an end of the race the kids that's not the ways of being not very good argument of those married to the interference married do not married if you're willing to get married right now him and we can find somebody to do the ceremony right yeah I know I him anyway I think you I think you must become inlaid with his or that anyone who relate any way what I'm saying is that I decided that I was praying with anybody and everybody not ordinary people about anything and everything but my wife Betty and I decided I wouldn't do that more than the last thing we would do it night that he mean would be praying out loud all in each other 's presence in the unit on your marriage this girl what you want to do that is not sexy it's not romantic bond funding in fact if you're praying with you spout out loud every night you can't divorce is because it is impossible to be praying with them and plant plotting to divorce them and they give gentle families at one writing as a so I just want to challenge the married couple who not many of them were here just do this when you go home tonight you go home if you haven't prayed together out loud please try that I is a little embarrassing if you never done it before but with your engaged in your here get this started with your fiancé get to start not taking it it can be a little I think that you never done before but I'll never forget what one lady said to me one time he said my husband went home and we prayed together for the first time you should have heard what he said I have so much respect for him now that you know everything we had one respect from our live more than anything but women have to earn nine oh one some of you may give you that you married people including men apply go home and started the spiritual leader in my home my wife will soon be preprinted contract on the go to court in reviewing no she wall just Dalton I think I contract to rip it out and save money by the grace of God on the be the spiritually and infuriating gays are you wishing you were put that on your wish list and make sure that when he popped the question to you little sister you just say you know I hope you make it known to know before I answer I want you to know how you get the idea don't you and and and so what did you hear me say on the sermon is over before we take our great doctors and here he's looking really certain Hopi series when he does his teeth but I wish he was smiling now he looks like this is that one of his own TV looks I just accidentally pulled one of his own team what if you are missing a talk on prayer a few things a few things that that was really profound by the United just CNN in dental school taking the final test the professor he just puts the professor what I learned a few things about what did you learn well I don't remember but it was quite a few things one thing come on son gimme a break sat up straight I sat on him what do you say to you walk out the door somebody wasn't there knows they were worried when I was oval fields talk on prayer what is your online and know when I think of it you stubborn fellating now anyway what can I say you know I don't have a police force and army so this is the guy over here from promoting music this is the problem manner not used to if I ask a girl this rancid and those that should be discussed to be an exception just get it in your mind I give you say you're ready and when I get from your messages to pray for one another and in order to build a relationship with that person this resistance build ROI from per by praying for payment only okay Frank B to be no we pray that it will get you that we can go get a new job are we pray we get well we pray that we do whatever it is but it's time to pray that the that the fruit is fair will be manifest in our lives but everything is everybody I feel better words PRI can you stand this kind of thing now this is about real life is I'll probably do know what's right here we're going to take a fifteen minute break and not he'll probably never come back to some it just doesn't get this doesn't get worse it is better anyway let's just know our heads for a break prayer heavenly father work that you always hear forgive us for not listening so much of the time is like the disciples of Jesus that day when he finished praying Lord teach us to pray or do that for us teach us to pray like Jesus Fred we asking his name amen


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