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The Latter Rain and the Seal of God

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • August 19, 2006
    5:15 PM
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our father in heaven I asked for your own say that you understand your legal knife is in Jesus and if you are as you begin interviewing him Angela calls that have studied and guidance has been rejected as you will find a number of them that would attack you on the issue of the seal of God in our evangelistic series we changed that the seal of God is the Sabbath in the Bible there's not a single verse anywhere from Genesis to Revelation associates the word sealed with the word Sabbath however there are three passages in the New Testament to Ephesians and Colossians and associated work sealed when something is done with Ephesians chapter one Ephesians one and looking at verse thirteen Ephesians one verse thirteen it says in whom that is in Jesus you also trusting after that you heard the word of truth the gospel of your salvation in whom also after you believe you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise I was elected in on a solution that passes that doesn't look like the ceiling was once a him receiving Y was a later experience when they have to say you trusted him that you heard and who after that he believed you were sealed and maybe as question whenever my momentum is still God was one in the first century something else in our days look at chapter four of the same book chapter four look at verse thirty says and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption and then there's another one second Corinthians one verse twenty seven if you notice about half this talk about the end of time sealed until the end of the world second Corinthians chapter one McAfee verse twenty seven unless the verse twenty two it is that I've got an second current encephalon in verse twenty two it says who also who have also sealed us and given us the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts in celebrities one twenty two and eleven of the Bible says that Jesus was sealed and you should listen to him because he was sealed and maybe we can say in light of that that in the end of time God is to ask the world to go searching for salespeople to learn from them pray for him hath God the father sealed pastor forgot that reference let's look at affirmative John six John six verse twenty seven SS labor not for the knees which parishes member that means which endures unto everlasting life which the Son of Man shall give unto you for him hath God the father sealed where should you go looking for the bread of life from Jesus and wanted from Jesus because even sealed with an irrelevance of the universe history or should you looking for truth while from a certain class life in a certain class because receiving what I proved to you perhaps is that the Holy Spirit is the seal of God but I really haven't proven that to you no one passes remote asset the Holy Spirit was the seal of God all the passages we look to indicate that the Holy Spirit is that agents of the ceiling of the Holy Spirit is the one that feels us and it really isn't so that the first people to be sealed or sealed in the end of time there have been person ceiling this can get much more complex than I could unravel in an hour some of us get something for feral never get done with it but if I want to develop you is how to harmonize some ideas that we believe there don't seem to mesh like the seal of God is Saturday and the seal of God is settling into the truth and lifeless personalization can be moved and the seal of God is not receiving what you have one slaughter stamp on your character and these passages in Ephesians and verse Corinthians relay spirit is connected with the seal of God let me help you just a few ideas when we send a sound that is assigned we have a more livable support that would actually go get out the ceiling right to go the Saddam Husain and the circumcision was assigned and they seal and do we and this is our process seven the sign of circumcision science exigency also sedatives seal and it's okay no way but the words seal has a couple of different meetings on you might say that I sealed you but you wouldn't really say that I signed you don't agree since June I just said on a SCO can be assigned but a ceiling process is not quite the same as a signing process but really we don't think assigning processes although there is one of the revelations in Revelation chapter one where is that Revelation was sent and sci-fi return and the symbols for example it said I is the Styrofoam is talking more information at the top of my energy that is an exploded view of problem I very nearly let us help find alone a few more ideas Adam God and the Holy Spirit is the one that sealed us the Holy Spirit feels as day of redemption that God has given us his Holy Spirit and that was the earnest for the promise of what's going on which is what SCO is further your Bibles to Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter twenty I want to take a familiar passage it has to need with forty how reviewer are releasing very familiar with what you find in verses twelve or twenty in this chapter unless your hands while reflecting this chapter has like twenty hands and you haven't vaguely an idea of what's the train versus thirteen nineteen thousand one hand two hands I would like to know that also I like Ezekiel chapter twenty one to look at verse twelve the verses before about God and the soul of Israel out of Egypt by great power enlightenment amount verse twelve moreover also I gave them my soundless abuse sign between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them the Senate is a sign of what is in the Sabbath of the finest transportation was given the people who last wormhole out of allegiance and were on their way to the promised land as the Sabbath the ostrich again it was wonderful I mean again I understand that he was off I was looking for and whenever pulling together on about when the form that out of that movement in preparation for going again to a family with the same time as far as the metaphors between the two stories verse thirteen but the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness they lost my starches and they despise my judgments was a man who you shall live in them and myself a favorite with limited than I said I was wrong on the wilderness to consume them having a relapse also those statements we now has God given also to our people some more statutes and judgments about how to live I can get to them back down that path analysis and how to get them to us Mister Galloway and testimonies verse fourteen but I wrong for my namesake it doesn't tell levels this is prior that Moses argued guys character or his name in his prayer and why did God answer Moses prayer because an argument that's what it says here I run for my namesake but it should not be polluted before the human exercise I brought them out yet also I lifted up mine hand unto them in the wilderness I would not bring them into the land which I have given them to be made about that for the June is the whole lipophilic the same people saying out of Asia are the as for here verse sixteen because they despise my judgment and what not in my statutes but balloons in my status result great on any movement he examined the Sabbath and they were soon discovered only a minority of them with the same idea what happened to the body verse seventeen nevertheless I spared them from destroying them we read about the other credit led to this neither did I make and enter them in the wilderness but I said unto their children in the wilderness walking out in the statutes of your fathers neither observe their judgments or defile yourselves with their idols I believe this for your study I said it last time and this is the recent evidence it is possible for a generation to be so wicked and delinquent that God will reject a generation his church but many people now understood how it works I thought when he rejects that wicked generation he rejects the church this rate serves me from my study of what Ajax is the generation and what does you say to the children don't do like your fathers verse nineteen I am the Lord your God and our words are not just a God of your fathers on the God of human children walk in my statutes and keep my judgments and do them and how the oh my sadness and they shall be assigned and feed me and you that you may know that I am the Lord your God will criticize the Sabbath we read earlier as a sign of sanctification I like talking about why this I was chosen for last time that will help us deal with the seal of God business when the Roman Catholic Church at half the ten Commandments they attacked the fourth amendment was another they attacked it was the starting grid even notice you guys are enough to notice that these two commandments together are more than half of the ten Commandments by volume this is the blog of information inside acceptance the ten Commandments the law of God is a perfect and what's its impact on the soul and taken versus all what is it about the central premise of universal soul it's not just the fourth commandment a lot of it in the second when I first second commandment the most concise and simple version of the gospel found anywhere in the description in the second commandment that says showing mercy of the thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments just a lessor sentence on estrogen questions the validity of the Commandments for another way to heaven no God gives them mercy to those that have a love of God and keep the Commandments are they on their way to heaven no God requires obedience to his commandments is a simple as possible God shows mercy unto those that is not to have a legal religion note you must love God is just one sentence is a Holstein mercy of the valve the regime of those that love God 's commandments and just wanted to go in the misshapen and when the whole commandment had to go the fourth commandment is another way going to just say keep the Sabbath is set out but he gave some rationale for he talked about creation and there is a connection between the sound of the creation and don't say I will follow recruitment when I made is that FI had hear a fellow screwdriver that the screwdriver can be used for a lot of things you can count the microphone and make funny noises you could looks excellent it's not like that on the steps and you can go like this and make holes are little difference in the desk you could buy the civilian children on the head I'm not recommending that either but none of these things are the things for driver was made for who has a right to say what it was made for an guide is eliminated that's exactly right creation columns with the rights to divine purpose in me several simple idea if you make something in it for a reason and if you made it for reason is and that is reason if all idea being creates or gives God is the rice the only writer defining your purpose if you didn't make yourself can you define your purpose existence is not your right to find your purpose is forever just say what it's for that last sentence didn't help I thought him dead in I really want to make is that God is creator shadow is the reason he has a right to give meaning to what he creates is because he made the seventh day that she has no right to say that it's the only purposes only no one can say it's for something else because they didn't make notice that it has or can have two types of holiness I also thought I talked about this and I hope to talk about this when you are raising your assignment has two types of holiness but in my diet is that it is wholly whether you use this day to listen to the sermon since lived your heart to God in prayer whether you use it to shuffle cards of the casino and away the day is holy is the fact that he is holy here commanded to keep it holy it houses one type of folding method finds the way it is by God 's purpose another type that refers to how you relate to it in respect to its purpose God said is holding my purpose and you can define that by the way you relate to it if all I'm saying so Santa can be filed and holding the same time defiled by human holy by creation that's why God made as a symbol of sanctification because the same as you when you gave your life to Jesus when you surrender your heart that God God has set you apart from holy purpose he sanctifies you at that point in the first sense what he in an is you are set apart for holy purpose and in that respect you are sanctified if you are Professor you can read in the New Testament is some kind of odd things like the introduction of first Corinthians was written to those that are sanctified you only have to read the book to know what is in Los Angeles identify the same way was God set aside to avoid purpose in what sense were they not signify they can treat themselves and would have in respect to the way God has set them apart in respect with respect to their purpose sanctification is living with respect to the purpose that you already I don't mean anything like that if you don't do it that your soul to heaven you are sanctified at a just and holy boldness is not so you're under greater condemnation for defining yourself that's like me so what we understand that this practice of treating a day of special and holy because God said because he created for that purpose and how it suddenly goes on as someone are life but that's honest to want to give her life to God indicating that special person is set aside for this purpose we need to live always outweigh the sentence is a special sign of sanctification because it's like you never want to go to another thought that your Bibles to the second Thessalonians chapter two him to him Thessalonians chapter two in Berlin in verse thirteen process but we are balancing it thanks always to God for you brethren beloved of the Lord because God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation that's a verse you are about to say something witty and idea you're preaching hitters I think you should know that I don't think so this is the first sort of looks like a Presbyterian verse driving by that that predestination idea what got you you're going to this verse from the beginning I'd like to modify it by looking at on what basis he shows you verse thirteen through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth that is God 's foreknowledge look forward to see the way to have two qualities that they would believe ensure that he was teaching them that they would allow the Spirit to sanctify them that class are the ones that are chosen or left and never chosen from the very beginning God sent this to his seal he knows those that are yes but before I want to pull out especially for a talk tonight is that sanctification is the special work of the Holy Spirit I guess you can try to prove it with the time versus the balloons to a but none of them were quite say it but made itself evident if you just think about regarding a lot of the Holy Spirit doesn't like just this first sort of shows it requires certification of the spirit upon and only mention it look with me at first Peter first Peter chapter one and verse two is almost the same idea just like different profit first Peter chapter one and verse two author work freelance shows chosen according to the foreknowledge of God that help you with second Thessalonians two yes I know about that verse for future reference how are we allowing through the foreknowledge that is about very helpful is not the same as for doing her for making this for knowledge according to the foreknowledge of God the father how through space vacation of the spirit unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ there's a lot they are undecided on that little thought against the same one sanctification is the social work of the Holy Spirit now said that as a sign of sanctification status is assigned a safe vacation in sanctification is the special work of the Holy Spirit the Sabbath is a sign of certification which is the social work the Holy Spirit the Sabbath is a sign of the social work of the Holy Spirit the Senate is the sign of the social worker publisher but with the social worker was recalled and first printed in Ephesians is the ceiling work this out there is a sign of the social work of the Holy Spirit in ceiling his people through sanctification yes the Sabbath is a sign of the social work of the Holy Spirit of sealing the people of God that is assigned to find them what we read in Peter was that God shows that people through certification the Spirit and belief of the truth those they shouldn't surprise us because we read in some testimony somewhere maybe for public commentary page eleven sixty four and maybe not that the ceiling is a subtly into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so that you cannot be moved which of course according from somewhere else I hope that there is a concrete idea I just know I lose a lot of people somewhere in this process so I say again is a little different kinds and if I earnestly for myself I wouldn't say the Sabbath is the seal of God I wanted unless I next the sign like seal the circumcision lies but I wanted me the Sabbath is the ceiling I would mean that only the Sabbath is a sign of that social worker that will Sarah which has sanctification sanctification is also Holy Spirit and water be sanctified you are being sealed when you are sanctified then you are sealed members of the work is honestly sealed and so the seal of God when we talk about the service have not yet been sealed we made is that they have not yet been completely sanctified that the revelation seventeen ninety the relation townhouses it will happen as it says in the nation the Southern Pacific in the sound Mister God will be finished that happens to be finished so I decided I wasn't established is the seal of God unless I clarified when that assessment is that sign of the ceiling all in that respect isn't the seal of God or if you want to say it is close to standards must say the Senate is the seal of God and that it is the sign of the special work of sanctification God is doing in the heart why because it's a holy day and we are to be a holy people weren't relearning that they have to keep ourselves fully what it means to treat as holy someone's been set aside as holy for God 's purposes tersely with Ezekiel chapter nine of Ezekiel chapter nine him I don't want to put anyone down I'm not going to I just want to know is there anyone here that is starting with there is a number of the Shepherd 's Rod you will see nothing but I'm not that I know better helping them a signal line is the one other passages as an aside to what were talking about Ezekiel nine is quoted in the fit for the testimonies and this is a favorite passage with the Shepherd 's Rod it would be a trick of the devil because of that it wasn't the vapor passage with you than access to a docent that would be a dirty trick the devil can take something I'd made and make it dirty by using that he do that with the rainbow we can you get a chance we as a centralized passage got to understand looking at verse three student introduction of the writers a corner and then sorts and the glory of the God of Israel is gone out from the cherub whereupon he was to the threshold of the house and he called to the man clothed with linen which had the writers in corner by his side and the Lord said to him go through the next of the city to the next of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the four heads of the men aside and that cry for all the nominated him God tenderness thereof while we cry aloud it's very nice were not doing as an angry way were crying we really were very concerned about the sense and it would really not be a useful thing to priest and root a about the sins of group B and group B about this is a good way to make a sense UI design so wouldn't do any good for me to cry loudest are not telling about the citizen you're not likely to be involved in but we ought to be very concerned if we want to receive the seal of God with us since it are in the church that's important feminists isn't in the manual in the Midwest Ezekiel nine we really ought to be concerned to understand and also we see going on it will sadden us if it doesn't anger us are being used us we don't make life events or distance ourselves from it if we were it will as he shall not have looking at verse six slay utterly old and young both natives and little children and women that's hard to read that when the judgments upon our church our children too young to receive them the children are too young to be taught the truth children are too young to be taught to obey the time if nothing else to be said about their own sense as you know watching the suppression had heard God say not to destroy anyone upon whom is the mark but when he wants to the slaughter progress she seems to have forgotten that it looked like it was getting everybody and he asked an interesting question music and find its verse eight and it came to pass while they were slain them and I was left and I fell upon my face and cried with you happy to see the wicked people slain and said all Lord God will you destroy all the remnant of Israel and the point out of a fury upon Jerusalem we must be run on the same thing the question should make you think if it looks like that when Ezekiel is watching the opposite side of that question is answered until chapter fourteen look there within Chapter fourteen Chapter fourteen is forgot to answer the question about this business and where God establishes the limits of the power of intercession Ezekiel chapter fourteen are looking at verse we could look at verse twenty one is not part of back go back to verse nineteen OR if I Sunday past the length of the delay on and pour out my fury upon in blood the cut off from it man and beast don't know what Daniel and Job were in it as I live saith the Lord God shall deliver neither son nor daughter Michelle but deliver their own souls by their righteousness know what Daniel so for interesting people are mentioned together that is God sat about and a lot behold a perfect and upright man decided about Joe behold the upright man one who is evil I don't know how to pronounce that word and with Daniel unlike most of the spiritual men of the Old Testament you do not find a single record of one of his sins he did send we don't know when or how but so the Danielson Joe Minnesota New Orleans Joe but here's the point where there is no record in his life made sense and values in the highest political office under the greatest scrutiny by jealous man when they evaluate your knowledge they say that he's faultless but I don't expect there been unable to find any fault no matter how much they did you know that's incredible even they at least would've been optimistic that usually opposite people want to get behind one of the character Daniel with thoughts that they knew that they wouldn't find any fault with Hendler how are they would day except in relation to his obedience to the law of God I'm just paraphrasing the first two verses of Daniel six notwithstanding similar to Job and similar to know and God says in the last days if these three men were in the land they would deliver neither son nor daughter they would but deliver their own soul by their righteousness what kind of people stopped looking for in the last day a high level of holiness one corresponds to the seal of God which is a sign of sanctification which is a special work of the Holy Spirit or something else those three men have in common in the Bible the Bible does not indicate that Noah's wife and sons and their wives were especially holy people is that it were that they were it says that no allies and God spared him and his family also Joh we read earlier today those were here for both sessions remote models indicate themselves friends were carefully holy people the why were they spared because it is not because Joe and Daniel Daniel two Daniel opens right up with the Wiseman about one only their skin to Daniel the Bible says in the end of time God is looking for the same kind of man Noah and Daniel Joe is going to be the same and now that those could bargain and be delivered for the righteousness this can be different enough and often deliver anyone else but themselves verse twenty one for thus saith the Lord God how much more when I send my four sore judgments upon Jerusalem the sword and the famine and the noisome beast and the pestilence cut off from it men and beasts verse twenty two yet behold there instantly left a remnant shall be brought forth both sons and daughters behold they shall come forth unto you and you will see their way and their doings and you will be comforted concerning the evil that I have brought upon Jerusalem what would comfort Ezekiel or costs we were saying the people that were left over after the slaughtering process was done verse twenty three and they shall comfort you when you see in their ways and they are doing and you shall know that I've not done without cause all that I have done a nice saith the Lord God this guy look like a terrible thing what's the conference when we see what's left over rested it was worthless the purity of the people of God is set aside for himself by a seal of God the zoo of God the side of the SCO is the Sabbath and the seal is the special work of the Holy Spirit and sanctifying the heart what time is it right now and the end of six six fifty good okay currently her vitals to Isaiah chapter one Isaiah chapter one I once heard a sermon preached from this chapter in my home little church in Antioch and saw I didn't appreciate it and how as a result of that sermon the speaker was never get invited to speak there I don't do that I was just twenty one years old I was not part of the church verse twenty one it says how is the faithful city and harlots as for judgment righteousness lives in but now murderers by silver is become dross by wine mixed with water night phrases are rebellious and companions of the everyone loves gifts and what were they like the unlike the money from verse twenty one is it possible that a faithful group of guys people could become harlot like it is possible and even described in this very passage a faithful city becomes a harlot I don't think that's what happened to the papacy lastly church history it doesn't look to me like it ever was a faithful city that hasn't happened to the church I heard once among Windows person at the gas but you have to believe me perfect you should destroy the people safe specimen make any sense I want to show you the part of this passage that wasn't preinstalled by that man starts in verse twenty five perversely for the pretty sound him to listen verse twenty four therefore saith the Lord the Lord of hosts the mighty one of Israel all I would easily undermine adversaries and avenge me of my enemies when I read that verse I cash a feeling like I was about to burst and destroy this harlot life used to be faithful city is not really what he's saying but that's the feeling I got when I read it the first time verse twenty five and I will turn my hand on the end purely purge away thy cross and take away all night if you ever read this passage in a quiet place by yourself automated cross how does God avenge himself on the devil by purely purging away the dross of the people that have bankrupted verse twenty six and I will restore thy judges as at the first and by counselors as at the beginning afterward usually called the city of righteousness the faithful city that's incredible I got to take a citizen went from faithful to being described even by him as a harlot and before he's done with it what is it the faithful city turns in your Bibles in Jeremiah chapter twenty three Jeremiah twenty three look at verse one I really not ashamed of crying for the target talk to you that but those are very touchy passages ought to have meaning to us will be under the pastors of destroying scatter the sheep of my the Lord does notice who scatters in verse one as pastor developers to therefore invest that the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that be my people you have scattered my flocking driven them away who scatters them in verse two as the pastors now look at verse three and I will gather the remnant of my fly of all countries when there have driven them who drove them away in verse three that is very interesting it has a parallel elsewhere in Scripture the second Thessalonians chapter two second Thessalonians in chapter two for beginning somewhere around verse eight verse nine speaking of that wicked man of sin etc. Ibrahim second Thessalonians two verse nine even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all powers and signs and lying wonders those you taking notes about getting another list of Scriptures seven of them are not lookup except we just look at this one this is one of them the other six are in Matthew chapter seven in Matthew chapter twenty four and Luke chapter thirteen and Revelation chapter sixteen and I forgot the other two and what is this how uncommon is there all about miracles in the end of time our seventy thousand passes a talk about miracles in time and unless you count actually I'm not counting talks about the part of the spirit all of them associate miracles in our daily deception you should just know that thirteen that way is one of them thank you nineteen might be the other second Thessalonians chapter two and were looking at verse ten and with all the suitable nest of rough of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not a love of the truth that they might be saved intent who is deceiving the people Satan through the papacy now look at verse eleven and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they might believe they lie that they might all be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness who were to see the member state content and then God is the one who sees the next want to help with these ideas together the Jeremiah and service lawyers idea of your last point for tonight look with me at Jeremiah chapter fifty one Jeremiah fifty one is the precursor of Revelation eighteen much of the contents from the nineteen ideas in order of this file from Jeremiah fifty one relish thinking is the cause about one were in the beginning verse five is relevant to what we've been saying four Israel has not been forsaken nor Judah of his God of the Lord of hosts listen though their land was filled with sin against the holy one of Israel and the Congress of the caught about one half to be very interesting to you God is about to condemn that once they come out but before you got to set something on his own land it is a land full of sin when he says it is because it was about to he makes a distinct contrast between Babylon and Jerusalem even in the context of employment people out outlet the next verse fleet out of the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul be not cut off in her iniquity for this is the time of the Lord 's vengeance he will render under her recompense if you critically speaking is familiar to you come out of her my people that you become partakers of her and that you receive of her butt look at verse seven that one has been a golden cup but isn't that part familiar to us it's all over revelation and where in the Lords that made all the earth drunken what is the cup doing in the Lords I just put these ideas together for you Jesus said he came to the earth for judgment that those which see might be made blind and those which are blind mice see she is going to use Babylonian error and the miracles of the ignorance that is seeing Adventists with the dilution stronger than what they're ready to take and they will be taken out until this church is against your going to the power of the pure being purified church that Paul has Faith Lowndes unbound one and how can be said about one that she has the occasion of our three unclean and hateful bird how many false teachers will be invalid the end every single one of them and if Jerusalem is a harlot like organization now is it like that so the end she has been rejected of the light of God but he does have a plan to restore to her counselors as at the first intelligentsia is called holy city are part to select the Holy Spirit do a special work of setting us apart the holy purpose and he will make should we received a single but still for a closing prayer our father in heaven I think you're a beautiful promise of Isaiah one that you would purely purge away our cross but she would take away all our ten I cannot promise Amalekites religion will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver that you ensure find the sons of Levi until they could offer to offering in righteousness I ask only that you do those gifts of jewelry promised to us and we ask in the name of Jesus and


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