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SWYC 2006 Question and Answer Session

Eugene Prewitt Ray DeCarlo Richard O'Ffill




  • August 19, 2006
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity to sentence on on your wilderness father Lord we we we honestly Laura preface this Holy Spirit father that we want the Holy Spirit living our lives and we pray for the latter rain and we know father even out of the ceiling work is being done so we thank you Lord for being for a first for just giving us the opportunity to be able to experience his father we know Lord even if we don't want this father that you could get the rocks to do it for you I pray Lord that we would not become proud that we are sent that metaphor that we would not seek to both father but we would realize that this is not a privilege it doesn't come with responsibility separate father to do this now view the rest of this the services question answer session father may not be something that is seen from heaven is something that you wouldn't like father but maybe something is squeezing your eyes made the questions of the young people have your today father be answered and made a better understanding of her Bible be brought to broaden picture we present pricing agreement to third just question to get things started with the sort of based on our team one of the crucial elements necessary for the latter rain to be poured out in this generation Y are making questions more thanks if you have a question specifically targets one of the presenters put their name on it if not just is general and as if for the presenters you guys can keep your answers this is a concise as possible so we can facilitate and much more questions okay thank you this young woman me just say that I think that when you look at the parallels between the day of Pentecost and the latter rain it clearly indicates how they themselves were participants of the early rain by the grenade mentioned to the fact that no one other requisites of receiving the latter rain as the apostasy the early rain was they put away their differences and other repented of their sins they confessed in Passaic and made restitution to the best of their ability and making wrongs right side and it's very vital important issue of designing you have against someone a remain a Summit has something against you you're aware of in or under obligation to go that brother or sister and to try to reconcile that situation where they serve the Lord the mentions of those who are receiving A long though it's their Utah about that tomorrow well I can do it there's no doubt about there's a big beer because I think it has to do with expectations because members were saying that the strength of the A how do we get it with his wife says if you don't get it you will notice there the bigger expectations are different we've been thinking but I'll know what I'm asking I don't I don't have the answer that I had slower questions I think they need to be asking the questions of the lesson it it is a you know what I was at once or if someone doesn't want to participate in the REIT prerequisites are the recipient of a A and I guess that's something they have to choose a decide but in the end of your data make the choice in the end you got to decide whether negative or new life in harmony with Elizabeth and I can say is a thought on this you have your Bibles to your Bibles Joel chapter two Joel chapter two is the passage from which we get the phrase the latter rain chilled to starting in verse twelve this has therefore also now saith the Lord turned me even to me with all your heart and with fasting and with weeping in the morning and Ranger heart and not your garments and turn to the Lord your God for he is gracious and merciful as described in express of taking part in the day of atonement the experience of searching our hearts and put away sin we been told Tyler that no one overseeing the latter rain while large characters have one spot or stain will any Meadows North to distill God 's will than the moderates put on those that have the seal of God after this description of the day of atonement the bus goes on to describe the experience of intercessory prayer and the latter rain comes in verse twenty three it's following a succession of a growing experience of taking part in the day of atonement when we stand praying for her brother developing the character that God requires Academy of some other questions that have come up what you say to church members to stay we need contemporary Christian services such as rock music and other types of things to keep young people in the church we saw at a on on national ministers meeting for all five the promise keepers in the Phoenix and I was interested when the leader of one of the leaders of the youth specialties organization said that amongst their young people up when they get to they finish high school eighty five percent of them stopped going to church and when I heard that it occurred to me that those the fact they were losing our young people is not an Adventist phenomenon it's a generational phenomenon and that that that that that means that these churches these contemporary churches with rock 'n roll services are still losing their young people and so I think it is not valid to suggest that if we would have rock 'n roll churches we keep our young people another question here what what is your view on the belief that probation closes for better wafers is how do you sustain biblically the poor can you sustain biblically that probation closes first in the Seventh-day Adventist church and then it closes in the world at the risk of disagreeing with whoever I might disagree with probation closes for a man when he dies or when she is resisted the spirit Intel use senseless to spiritual things or when he receives the seal of God or when it closes for the world which is when everyone has received either the seal of God or has resisted the spirit until the Spirit is no longer able to touch them the misinformation closes for the Adventist church first all we mean this out assertive more quickly before the rest of the world come to either the seal of God or the part will send more ahead in terms of license overhead in terms of hardening or softening and it's not that there is one date and then another we each have our individual dates with that our destiny and then there's end of the whole thing the last person has reached that point for his protection and a visit in Peter Raven says something about the judgment begins at the house of God is that while referring to another I think that's used for it's in first Peter Judge Jutta begins at the house of God was really end of those two and in fact isn't there the one about go place the mark and begin without a begin in the house of God in the yellow and so it kind of gives you the impression that it begins over those who registered no most in his farewell of those other questions this is a good question I've never really studied my vitals how do you recommend I do about it when you are start adding Ellen G White if you never stay to follow for I have just a simple couple simple recommendations that you start with first shot in the book of James your couple books are practical and doable things can get your hands on when you start reading that I testimonies sooner than later is better and it can be before your converted and it won't hurt you I mean anything can hurt you if you resist but statements us was not a substitute for studying your Bible is now so you do instead of for this than that start your Bible every day I know that's not how the criminal finance the question I will say this enough all you had were the conflict the ages series and your Bible you have a better understanding of the Bible the ninety plus percent of those profess to be Christian the complicated series was actually designed to be a divine commentary for the Bible it starts the genesis of ends with Revelation monopoly comments on the ceiling every passage in the Bible we know that but it gives you a great overview one thing I will say that sometimes when we study the Bible we have a tendency to one another details first and we bypass the overall general themes or concepts and that's an incorrect way of studying your Bible you must first learn to capture the theme of the concepts of what the book is saying and then as time goes on you will begin to pick up the details and more precise understanding Simon the envelope is one way or method as you can see you know really how to study the third I think I feel if you take the coffee ages series start with a truck and profits march away through in a systematic way you'd be amazed what you can learn I heard someone say one time I guess I don't know that there is interesting that there's a way that must be done because they're asking us for him however some say that the Navy in the Gospels in fact reflect I find the one of the greatest most comforting blessings to me is the book desire of ages Octavia desire of ages and working with the Gospels you can go wrong and I know I preach that we ought to learn the gospel of Jesus of of Jesus before we learn the gospel Paul you understand what I'm saying because many start with Paul and Peter said be careful that you get messed up so I think we ought to begin with the four Gospels and the desire of ages and is pretty hard to get bumped out of line when we do that that's my pinky this is an interesting question how does one honor and live once parent when they walked away from the family and the church in now or at a different now have a different religion and values are under grace I understood the question of the question is is very practical is how do we honor apparent who's basically abandoned the family and abandon the faith and gone really off-the-wall well I'll take it we don't honor our parents because they deserve the honor but because the fifth commandment says honor thy father and how it is a command we honor our parents and in honoring our parents we honor God because you never I told you last night he used our parents to bring us here and you see I think true there's a principle here all of the intercession number I mentioned this last night we're praying that God will save for save us and forgive our sins are we pregnant when she wants is for your daddy no matter what words used in our family our biggest mission field if you're praying for the salvation of the models it's not somebody in an ding dong land value dollars on if your daddy if your daddy were supposed to be intercessors now I want to tell you that I get tired of praying for my boy desire the faith I just wish he would just become a minister and his wife a Bible worker so I could get all of my life but I want to tell you to be an intercessor you have to hurt you know that they should live the body I'd especially know if you start your hands are soft you do calluses to keep from hurting to keep from getting blisters but we can't get calluses and spiritual vision it were better the intercessors we have to keep hurting as bad as what happened to your dad the gods called you to be an intercessory and to pray for your daddy that's that's what you're called to honor him because I thought we got here and you owe it to daddy and the God the nineties you know just of the implication of the question is how do you love them when her out of faithful that implies those conditions on your love and you should love them whether their Christian nameless I got a do it to me what this crisp in terms of where parent is in their spiritual life have to do with how you treat them a lot of money and isn't that rather insane to think that I will love them if they meet certain expectations that I have for them and the like I can tell you something though with my bloodlines taken drugs and never had a thing with me and in any anyone's race in South America and those of you from South America will know about the apostle implement a hug and kiss out into the air that Boyd never cease even so the worse the giving of us but I might say that sometimes we give you I was through nothing would be doing if I was taking a personal see that's what we do we think a person is not about it in fact later later he would tell me that he is not about you was you is easy when I send them away to a drug treatment place and date and they said to take up a teddy bear and beaded and pretended to that lasted three days because he said I didn't like being on teddy bears the tenant was that he said that it was never you he was I was having problems with God but I like the stingray that that I can understand man it's I know what it feels like that it's hard by Mister with this person saying this just really rough and only the grace of God I think it's looking to Jesus I was interceding for us no matter how we treat them he lives ever to make intercession for us about how we treat thank you here's another question is the start of a different question the different subject what you think of things like being involved with things like martial arts kickboxing or yoga for the court positive aspects of these activities I think the clip begins to fourteen let nothing be done through strife or vainglory and I think those two words summarize martial arts strife and vainglory and instead let nothing be done in the next passage indicates that it has less to do with them regardless of doing you and here's another one what you think about mega- churches is it possible in an anonymous church or in the we go to church on the wrong day is not right those who were under him in the lineup to keep the commandments of God and I've also done research on these big mega- churches by the way these the big mega- churches cannibalize little churches that's the fact of the matter they just cannibalize of them churches in fact even in our own system for some of our contemporary large church is a grown large identify cannibalizing the little church you know you know I I I the conference any one time to a creek of your father and dog never forget I had seen once a news broadcast really interviewed one of the members of Willow Creek is one of those who tend to agree that he said I like this church because it doesn't require commitment and you know I thought to myself to this is why I'm not at all comfortable as I told you this afternoon with using these baggage these evangelical churches as templates for church growth these people haven't said rate do they really made me uncomfortable these people have two basic ideologies that are fatal to the Adventist mission in and and an ideology one is that there there is a generic by doctrine and secondly that they are their congregation and so the more we use them and more leaders of his models the church is that most clearly imitate the Adventist churches leave the the the evangelical models are most likely to be both Congregational and generic and I want to tell you this that if our church you know what cognition is lasagna it means you keep all the money at home that means you don't believe in the apply if we had been Congregationalist as an early church in New England we never got out of the secondly let me tell you this many times they criticize our church organizations and conferences the union him all of that we say that's redundant and not cost-effective when I wanted to you folks that bill it might be redundant and not cost effective that organization of ours has protected until now the integrity of our God of our dock because a Congregational church creates its own doctrine it uses the Golden rule he was the golden rule and so as you will see Congregationalism spread in art and art in our Adventist culture you will see two things happening the shrinking of mission and the fooling with about an issue here the question when it comes to standards how important is her address community to conservative you can't be too obedient but you can certainly make things got never sat in practice those what you know it on the meal but it's real can of worms brought the Scripture is clear in the Old Testament that women should dress like men and women don't seem to worry about that and I want to tell you this that I might be a dirty old man but I just resent the fact that I have to pray and turn my eyes when girls look past in the pants of the you know what that's not right that's not right in and in and this is why I say that I think that the daughters of God ought to get together and talk about this because because I did I believe that that that that generally speaking that our women are are not sensitive that they are using you know they're using the worldly standard I'm not suggesting that that that the girls here using the worst but I him Bruce here in addressing this weekend it is not always been modest if you just take your pants off I'm not doing that you know to say here note that your all the problem but if were going to really talk about modesty in this talk about that and I've even noticed there's a new cut now for blouses and I don't remember if it's cut low now I resent that I really do I know I would have to stand before God and give account and I can't say it was you know it was even made me to see what I believe that the daughters of God all to get together and talk about about these kinds of things not so the filter is to be weird or whatever it is that you know and again I told you last night women are the ones that set the moral standard of a culture they're the ones in a and you know I I was setting it I get it a dinner table once there was a young woman about thirty two and she says I want to appear Jesus I want to be pleasing to other men and I thought to myself you know what you say in other words is there any girl in her right mind that once a man to see her and look and think man I'd like to you know what that is that what you want lady is that your real goal in life it would seem to me and in fact this is why I think Greg I think one of the most women's Lib text of Scripture is the one that says Lot let it not been outworked on because from the time a girl is just this big she's a little is that she pretty is the GQ and she grows and she's pretty and she's cute and she's sexy and I can imagine the one girl in her right mind that wants to be looked upon as a body I think you want to be looked upon as a person I really do in fact this is what Jesus is saying to you he says honey I love you as a person him the so I think that it's good to come upon the daughters of God to talk about these things because I'm not saying that you're like Madonna but there's a lot of our girls that you know dress you know in that direction they really do so talk about don't thought the odds get amongst this and talk to yourself now know were not pleased I got to be attractive well just well you know I indulge him give me a break then if that was what you mean by attractive sexy you know this word should not be used amongst the come on you know that's all about the ESA what sexy but sadly give me a break so no girls talk about that sometime we were not here to thank you along the same lines on some of the questions in the past pattern is for non- for not wearing jewelry very rarely we ever see is wearing wedding rings was there a biblical basis for that or was it a cultural thing and was what is it now that has made it through that allows anonymous to be wearing a wedding band and he all the scriptural bases amid this plenty of that I mean I can imagine anyone not knowing the biblical evidence that Isaiah three in Isaiah for that's just some of the texts of it clearly indicate about jewelry and wedding rings things of that nature you know we used to be a peculiar people and gotten away from the integrity of our message and why people do what they do I don't know and am not here to you in the cycle logical analysis of why people do it but I believe that the biblical position is solid as the Sabbath truth and you know I know Melanie notes the evidence of his overwhelming will but maybe to go without too great because this is real concern number one the church is pulled the rug on assignment you know that his ministers we used to not be able to baptize people they had to take off the rings and so the five brothers and sisters in Europe argued that if they did wear a wedding ring innovative so now the hotel knife traveling Europe have you been you we've never been shown how the hotel for the so whatever reason they had for that but but but I do say hi and I guess I'm just saying respectfully that we don't want to put this in the category of of of of of one of the ten Commandments you know what I'm saying because obviously in the Scripture you know the opinions of the Israelites and all were pretty heavily loaded with some of that stuff and so I think so I think that I just put it this way and in an and maybe this is a job biblical enough or something I just think that those who love Jesus ought to look different than those who don't don't you think so I think is reasonable to ask that we used to say you could tell administered by the way they look what you can't anymore and I just think you ought to be able to I don't think we ought to look weird peculiar is not really weird assistive extinction these Amish people they are not afraid to six are not afraid all the hinges put the little polkadot on their head you know that I'm a Muslim whatever they are they put all this stuff it was everybody's being OES about that really blows my mind nobody's afraid to be whoever they are except that I've been unable to me what's wrong with that in the Bible certainly saw the dark passages that talk I will read him his first swings are used to question the biblical position the fact that when the day of atonement is completely related to this issue in the day of atonement is the time to humble ourselves in the Bible when jewelry is taken off by God 's people for the time when their home in themselves the time and they're trying to come closer and in repentance the special way that describes our generation that lives in the time the judgment is because red judgment preaching church that the jewelry is coming off of your notice that those you love dance you don't describe the way they look describe the way they are you don't know somebody you say well she's pretty urgent Alderson storage or use miseries that the person you really you would appreciate you describe the character person protectively and I think that's the way we want to be known as until we do want people to notice how we look we want to become invisible physically so that they can appreciate the things of the characters thank you guys very much in that way I think I'll probably run you guys join us yes any a couple more questions what if you can't see anything but passive filter ha ha ha ha you're always thought I decided that we had a question for you this is addressed to either want either of the presenters what about military service is it okay to serve your country for the right reasons even if you're in a noncombatant role I think right away seven the amount when Jesus said if you compelled to go Mario go with him twain speaking of forced military service when the Romans would come by and required you to carry the equipment Jesus did not hold his followers responsible for what the Romans might do with the equipment for what might happen secondary causes but in the same sermon he said that they strike you on the one she turned them the other also John the Baptist said to no less than soldiers do violence to no man in shorts God has two types of ministers in this world ministers of the word that are sanctified set aside for holy purpose this tribunal teaches that war is not holy purpose and administers the world from the circuit examiner set aside for the dirty work we shouldn't confuse our calling men are needed to fight wars and to handle funds and to be a police force but that's not the work for God soldiers to do I agree with you not when I was young men it was a compulsory service the selective service when we were thinking we all have designed and we got a number you called us up by number but we had by the way we had we were greeted with his conscience as objectors you can't do that in fact we had the Sabbath and we were in we were medics but now that it's a volunteer army when you volunteer for the service you give up both the Sabbath and you and you and and you have to do whatever they say no I heard the dog someone say one time that the Army is a killing machine and that's what it is I don't care if your medic could still enjoy fishing the guidance potatoes as part of the killing machine and so and so therefore I think that him or we don't have to is not something we scope of the plate and say I want to get into that killing machine that's my reason you the chaplain well you'll have to ask them how they feel about that you know it got me because they had their minister do we've got how many Adventist military chaplains I know I spoke at the military of the school does not screw with the retreat facilities in Frankfurt and we have one where they go on samples we have a civilian chaplain is there to minister to the and so I I supposed I don't want you brother thing but I suppose that while we have Adventist men in the service that we would think we could probably have been doing this chaplaincy ministry in all the enormously when you deal with chaplaincy at me that for us and that in this country started always back in American Revolution and in and it continues to this day chaplaincy is obviously to meet the spiritual needs of anyone tonight I'll be honest of you that that's I don't have a problem with chaplaincy to be very frank with you but but Ray I did talk with one of his chaplain visits to put America back spin on this end and the chaplains are not only chaplains of administered job as a whole business on so that means that a job with others have told me that when the Wiggins when we get together around this thing tonight chaplains at the seventh of December twelve again if that's the case then that's then that's a different issue but I made as you know what it if you volunteers involved instead enough operating license in all you do forfeit your right you are nothing more than to understand that the documents you signed legally and technically the moment you sign the document and are in the military service you are actually owned by the military by the government you you are now federal property and that's why even after you get out of the service for four years that going up anytime so but yeah like you I thought that's very good most of thank you guys for that is that a little circuit any settlor to that I actually am going through something with the military are now just put a little of personal experiences that over the past two years I've come to the conviction pastor affiliate mentioned that regardless of what job you're in you are part of the military machine and that's a conviction icon to whether or not that's correct I believe that I don't believe that like having gotten to be mad at me because I decided to stand for conscience objection excited still being right so and I don't now qualify and that's his personal experience my son also the question by the way so but I'm ready apply for an irony did answer my month but we do need to wrap this up I know you guys level there's a lot more questions may be maybe amended other times it isn't like this tomorrow but were not overnight Zach was sure but this is a big enough needed it a lot of people are really asking for if you guys are like you know pressing for it maybe what do another like this I think it is beneficial this latest the speakers didn't know what you guys are thinking about what what what you guys want to know of the same time you could date you could be here from from godly men of experience and study to their Bibles while but it was thank you gentlemen for this at this time would like to go ahead regular sound people a few times a few a few minutes actually take the stuff back up actually if we could stay here for about ten minutes I want to sound people get up and so elects wants one then I will sing a few more songs and embryos are heading back to our Bard our last meeting will be bypassed Ray DiCarlo and middle school guidance they will start that approximately a twenty twenty minutes so there's people eating anywhere you said say it was going okay let's have a word of prayer as as a question-and-answer session was occurring I you might have noticed in seven peninsulas gotten in the seventh as well this would stand for the worker our father in heaven Lord we thank you so much for the opportunity to have our questions answered father were there are many questions that we know won't be answered until we see you father on a sea of glass the Lord while we have the time now Lord help us these questions for the Bible study Lord about how we should live our lives Lord so that we could be seen that we can be unique father to not be ashamed of being Adventist father am also father to choose to live a life that you you want us to the father 's questions father that the young people here at this conference really want to know their searching father to truly want to live the lives that you want until the father not because they're wanting to work the way to heaven father but because they want to be obedient to the one that thought for them so I pray father that you bless us now thank you Lord for the Sabbath which is a which is a memorial father into the promise that you will sanctify us father and you will finish the work for us our pray Lord that you continue to be with sophistries conference we salute little over halfway through the father but on approval of the rest of the meetings Lord will will inspire convict and bring Iraq to bring about conversion for those that are still between two opinions father may they choose this day to serve the Lord be with this now lowers the as we continued even though the Sabbath has not ended father the holy Sabbath I'm sorry the Sabbath holy Sabbath is the father the son does not set on a holy life so helpless father to continue deliver lives the way we do on the Sabbath father Lord help us to to put everything in your hands we pray this in Christ naming


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