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Teach Us To Pray: The Model For Prayer, Part 1

Jorge Baute


What does Jesus teach us about prayer? Learn vital principles from the Master Himself, visit the sanctuary to uncover the key elements of prayer, and discover biblical principles that will transform your prayer life.


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.



  • December 30, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a thought you gather this place is in this lord our hearts are encouraged as they come to these meetings father or being reminded of your great love your power to save and to transform which thank you Lord for the information that we are receiving you have said you will know the truth the truth will set you free we are grateful for that we're also more grateful for the encouragement were receiving as we're being reminded that we serve a God that said that not only hearers immediately but also cares deeply and we thank you for that and found I think you I have been humbled to see you are working herein Lord I petition for the continuation of that a father that the that all of us are here because we want to hear word from you we want to understand more fully how and what it means to connect with you and to remain connected to you someone will be looking at a couple models of prayer here and I pray that you will bring to my remembrance of things you taught me and then father I pray to the organizing a way that you will will be made manifest to each one depending on their experience and there in their place Lord at this moment in its history what's going on in their life I don't know others may not know that you and they know it's I pray that you'll meet the minor at and give them Council encourage hope and strength someone at this hour we asked for the outpouring truly of the Holy Spirit in its for vessel upon us now shut us in Lord of the suit replace the most high we wish to set your feet in the top of you thank you for this we ask it on the name of our Lord and Savior are ours art our God and Jean Jesus amen and amen you love your Bibles to the book of Mark let's look at Mark chapter one Mark chapter one before we get into that I just been reminded I'd like to share something with you you know I like to pray because I'm not helpless at least most of the times perhaps it is this a sum of its onset I am anyway but I bet I'm coming to the understanding more more of my total dependence upon God for everything they would invite elated you let that brings peace if you get stressed out to work out your one-stop nut job but I find I have more monkeys in my life because I can trust God more and I am learning those those wise words from unlike you it is rightly the consequences with God and early in my walk with the Lord when I began I have ever shared with you when I greatly attempted to take my life and and a moment of despair when I was trying to run my own life I just invest on it and and how God stepped in but with in a man then within thirty hours of when the Lord pulled me out of that mess this piece of paper was brought into my hand this is these paper out of the trash can in the last year of college miracle I don't mean there within a 24-hour period my life is going nowhere and he swept me off my feet and yes he put me in last year at and where I where I was a life at that time I could've handled anything else in my guide is a wiseguy and and as I pulled us out of the trash can in one of those moments when I was pleading with God that I didn't I can think of to really make it but I share this with you this morning is unaware you are what you doing with I believe this is speak to you there is question in this misquote is is credited and we written our life and there's debate about the fact that you are knowledge we don't think that she did nevertheless the Lords and listen to prayer is the answer to every problem in life it puts us into with divine wisdom which knows how to adjust everything perfectly so often we do not pray in certain situations because from our standpoint the outlook looks back nothing is impossible with God nothing is so entangled that he cannot be remedied no human relationship is to strain for God to bring about reconciliation and understand no habit so deep-rooted that I cannot be overcome no one is so weak and cannot be made strong no one is so ill that he cannot be healed no mind is so tall that I cannot be made around whenever we need it we trust God it will supply if it anything is causing worry and inside of the F stop rehearsing the difficulty and trust God for healing love and pop that was my inauguration to walk with God this morning we look at prayer and want to look at it our introductions and because Jesus what time does this session and I had a paper in front of me right to our time with this one and the listener and ten thirty next week ago I was one of which is in essence perfect Mark chapter one ethic look at verse thirty five in the morning writing up a great while before day he Jesus went out departed in a solitary place in their everyday assignments that you know I I I can't wonder me know even just start that when you got a ministry that was his habit and I can't help but wonder Jesus waking up long before anyone else did it was yet dark and there was the air was chilled you would go out the house out of Nazareth and out into the hills they are finding out his familiar spot perhaps next to a stream and and I just I just picturing in my minds eye sitting down there and not solitary place in closing his eyes drinking in the sound around him and then opening is hard to spot beginning to pray the disciples many times when they went they would wonder where he went they knew where they just had to go find it and and him and they would be amazed at the way that he would pray they would listen to what you love hardware they would just sit there and him with his father we seem to be totally oblivious to the process and one of those experiences when he was done praying they look at him I asked the question which teaches to pray we want to pray like that and in response to the request Jesus taught in the Lords prayer but they look Luke chapter eleven Luke chapter on if you need more times immersing the Chapter 11 and I'm going to pick up verse two verse two the eleventh two so he Jesus said to them when you pray say our father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done under as it is in heaven give us to do day by day our daily bread and forgive us our sands for we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us and do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the evil one in this invisible prayer with Jesus and keep keep yourselves there was still time there but Jesus was a saying repeat this over and over again but what what what he was doing as he was teaching the elements found within prayer was a model for prayer but if the elements that are to be found in prayer are found in this prayer the disciples wanted to learn how to trade you feel that way I need to just able to look this model prayer that Jesus taught it will be defined as the prayers of Jesus are simple earnest and comprehensive that's wanting to discover that what you discover also is that that this prayer is broken up into three parts the first is how to approach God the second is how to address God and then there is presenting our needs to God a living if you are saying so the very first things how to approach God and it begins by saying heebie-jeebies began by teaching them to say our father which art in heaven not would look at this particular step how totally revolutionary this was the disciples this blew their mind the prayers that they were used to a very formal prayers and and God seems so distant and far away in an personal you sometimes get away with a subaccount and then James us blows them out of the water by saying call him our father and more than that in Aramaic it's Danny was an imagery here Jesus was presenting of God the father to the children what imagery here how how heartwarming e-mail as a dad I love to hear daddy no deciliter of the New York Times and even fathers to hear daddy is his music to me I can tell you it is no way to communicate to you except to look at another data will not there is something about hearing Daniel my kids are growing up they'll say that you see my six-year-old scalding death I miss that dog of the parking of your children into this day say daddy else been altered to his precious digital living in a day and age when the devil is doing every intent to perverts the relationship Robichaux identify at an end some of us undone to some pretty awful experiences and when we hear father we don't get warm fuzzy the Prince of darkness as Internet homes are broken up with all kinds of abuse in the home and we think a father it's not a warm fuzzy it's hard to relate to God as our father when that's been your experience God understands these patient and you know what I have learned to do with young people this experience by connecting with Jesus than later I let them make the connection assure more about that with you my dad as I shared with you was an atheist he wasn't just an atheist he was an aggressive eight he was an angry ignorance and if you mention religion my dad was in your face right now you can imagine those like growing up my and I didn't do much although that's just might write with any luck than is normal and and then later when when my wife gave birth to her first child I began to realize that our concept of God is built largely upon a relationship without sick and having difficulty connecting with the Lord you understand why okay in the largest you just don't give up persistent object and a little break due through but anyway I began to understand this and when I when I began to realize that it scared me to death because now I was that and I realized that my children's concept of God is to be based largely upon my relationship with him and that still scares me I have to be surrendered for their sake and the anyway if I thought that again within about my dad and got in his anger and I thought you know I wonder if his eighties and hasn't endured and lived with his father and I thought about it I didn't realize my dad never talked about that is very unusual so my sister gives birth to her first child a flight of the West Coast and this is right to my mind and thinking I want to ask my dad this question only tell you that was risky business day my dad never rarely ever opened up to his past those feelings by that is wonderful Mandel just dealt with a lot of baggage is is as good as it could be considering I love my father and that so when they were driving out praying to the Lord given this opportunity you were on the freeway and I said to him bad I'm curious was your father religious and my dad turned to look in the newest five in his eyes he was furious and he went to attend right now and I said his dad he why he was a hypocrite was an all of a sudden my dad began to open up to one four was such a sad story it was so that it was awful and in the worst thing is is that he would go to the church and to go to the confessional and ethically did the fitting he wanted he wanted it is this grandfather my graphics tablet ahead of an associate asked forgiveness and blood into it again and the backing of the Vatican that's about it so my dad figured that if God was involved in any of that he wanted nothing to do any and I and and and Dennis and when I turned my father 's opinion of dad knowing a wondering yes and if I was you I would be an atheist to exit the bad guys got been embodied in those men who are doing this in the paper and began describing in the God that come to know and do you know that my father snow underneath by the grace of God he hasn't accepted Christ yet but we're working towards more working towards anything yes I did have but the reality is that Jesus wants us to know who his father and his father is our daddy and I don't know what experience you have but I have a father is he is much more match heads in approaching God the very first step is to realize their pushing someone genuine love and care for genuinely in fact the apostle John writes us in begin reminds us beloved now we are starting Prince of princes his whole room is filled with royalty it is a stuff I is a matter of fact it's a matter of fact the first thing we learn is where approach I'd been extended Jesus wanted us to remember is how to address God how would be good what does that mean how to hollow the name of the Lord requires that the words in which we speak of the supreme being be uttered with Reverend holy and reverend is his name the psalmist tells us we are never in any way to treat lightly the title of the name of God and prayer we enter into the audience chamber of the most high and we should come before him with wholly all the fact is that we don't know what that is within a society that is so readily a reference and disrespectful that these words don't have much meaning to us today we burn our own flag on television we mock the family God it's pitiful we have to learn how to be relevant in a we have to learn and and and and that has been a real struggle for me because I was very much a product of office culture and an absolute no and I think of authority I think of someone very distant the doctor for you I have been very distant Hezbollah has difficult time connecting with the father because the father to me with a big heavy at all he showed up when you get in trouble to lay some discipline that saw the father that's what listening so I connected with Jesus very well and but I stayed away from the father in my part-time and then one day I was spending time with Jesus in his conversation with Philip and when Jesus said if you see me seen the father and that messed me all I mean honestly I didn't know how to prevent it became very distant very distant very formal and I did not know how to connect with God and fights confessed and I said I don't know how to relate to them on how to and a little belittled the Lord began to teaching I have no azido without God there's nothing for me there's nothing for me to the world I would never be a happy center in my live that life I want I've never be happy synergies as their debt it's it for me and and I asked the Lord to help me and also began to study the Bible I would see how people responded in the presence of God so realizing on it made any to do that but it wasn't until I combined the authority with that daddy thing that began his stepfather really is the perfect example is a father supposed to be only authority that a friend ideally that I was supposed to be the only authority that a friend and soul of father figures really the best analogy that we can get to the father it's the best analogy we have and as I began began to have this installed with this and when I look back and I think back to how I used to pray to God I Corinthians something about understanding works with the best venue to do and he worked with me but we don't remember you know I was literally definitely angels come into his residents were told that they are the phases in the fall democratically by the way they love to do that it's a joy and is one of the ways that I have learned to prepare my heart and mind forward shut in and being respected God is to praise him and thank him to praise and thank him for some of you may not know it what's the difference appraising is is acknowledging his attributes these kinds holiest jobs merciful patient I like this where tender islands that were tagged he is tender in his treatment 's dealings with us since praising him for his attributes and then thanking him where we're at knowledge in his works in our life the things you ventilate very interesting that when you study the Bible and God describes up the people we would like to say God is love he can't hardly do that anymore because that word is so perverted that there's no telling what comes in among the person you're talking to but with interesting that when God describes in a Jesus himself to people he gave her very rarely does it that way he normally introduces himself based on his acts on your creator I'm the one that brought you out of Egypt I am the one that brought yet another way with me it's on his acts and so people can identify with vaccine and and so most designs that so he identifies himself as we think about his character and his act it has an impact upon us and actually prepare the hearts and minds for worship and by the way I will note even in our worship in my family with my family I don't I I don't believe it is healthy for us to be slouching around will have English I really don't think so because were teaching ourselves something that is not healthy for us you know I'm not it is it God is holy and just ended by beholden to become change it's been in practice for the better but if God is like us it saw it was you always run on the second finest tax advocates in the Psalms fifty if it's not then it's in Isaiah in your moment here the ex- American defined in the event on Psalms fifty eight you don't if you have a lot of problems and then we had a lot of problems and insults if you try but God is is pointing out some of these things want three cents very interesting these things you have done and I kept silent sausages you thought that I was altogether like you were a mess if we turned out in your body that will not save God is pure holy and righteous and if we train our minds to think of him that way it will have a transforming effect upon her mind worship in a church and in our home we have to conduct ourselves in a way to train ourselves that we're approaching a being that is far superior than us and only that will have a canceling effect upon us in an international prepares a highly much appreciate who it is that we are approaching I believe that in worship at least one time I would ensure no convention here and I think if you visit researcher finds rare prophecy I think we can pray in any position but we come to worship without any we have to kneel before our maker we have to so hallowed be your name prepares the mind and the heart to come into the presence of our great God the next thing that Jesus taught us your kingdom come your kingdom come we pray for the symphony of Christ in an and I was like a year I wanted a home baby praying but but not only does the change of the illness where knowledge in this were saying that that this change them there is a change in the desert kingdom the chain and a reflection of our change it through the law and Whitney were acknowledging that if there is a king our father is the king there is the kingdom and does not get stimulus Donovan is established by law and insulin were praying where were acknowledging ourselves as a citizen of this kingdom and selecting the need to be in our hearts that longs to be in our hearts right and so even though were not in the kingdom now were on this planet but were here as ambassadors other kingdom I see where this is going their friends we need to be representing the kingdom correct me in our stocking a youth pastor one day and I I really appreciated the things that this man was saying because he really wanted to live right for the Lord take a look if you will in Leviticus eleven with the goal of this text limited the Leviticus eleven because this is God 's call to you and to me and to all those who claim to be his children Leviticus eleven forty four and what of God tells us for I limited his eleventh year the pages turning eleven forty four for I am the Lord your God you shall therefore consecrate yourselves and you shall be holy for I am holy so we pray your kingdom come this is to be coming to our mind am I representing the kingdom of rights is so that you him us there I wanted to be effective in reaching young people she is praying earnest for the Lord to help him in and in one time during a time of the most using Lord what can I do to be more affected at and reaching young people and I thought into his mind very clearly it said get a consistent message and not really troubled him this man began to think about the messages that he had been getting all the sermons is the all you guys going to write configurations anything that was wrong to begin to pray what I don't understand what's inconsistent about what it is that I'm teaching I don't understand as you continue to pray the Lord began to reel the juju revealed to him there's more there's more ways than just with your mouth to give a message the way we dress is a message the music we listen to get the message the way we spend our time and money sends a message the way that the video being the weeds in the message and what he was telling in this sin a consistent message that if we believe Christ is coming the way I dress in the West and nighttime audit reflected in with me if we want if we really want Jesus to come we have to reflected in the life not just something we preach but something really a man excellent James us in here reminds us to pray thy kingdom come if they take inventory up a whole lot in a not only with our words but with online reflecting the next Jesus said you will be done on earth as it is where and how that suddenly gods will is not being done on earth as it is an inhabitant but here Jesus now turned their focus to God 's will not will look to his when our hearts are yielded to the authority of the kingdom of God invisibly established and that begins with you and me yielding our lives to him you know we did the most awesome example we have of this is of the Lord in our Lord Jesus our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as it was in the garden Gethsemane and he was going to awful experience and he did not want to go through that again then there ever been dog called you to do something and you just didn't want to do it will Jesus identifies with you when you're not experience study examining the study helicopter that he finally yielded to his father 's leading three times and he surrendered his will to his father so Jesus understands and that's what he calls us to do you know when I came to know Christ after that experience and I went to Aussie Aaronic into the Jesus will not harden your forward were my friends in the Academy we were always getting into trouble murder city we always doing something wrong happened they went looking for us and they just knew somehow we're involved and and that the Michael class we were all a bunch of hurting kids homes are being broken up and we just became a family we were we were supportive of one another because we were getting support from anywhere else and an enemy member in this is not intend to be critical or anything and not remembering it as an eighteen -year-old okay but I remember sometimes those rare moments when a youth will open up your heart and ask the class question in class and you knew you the reaction by the other students are meeting with silence and he returned to the teacher to hear the response and many times the response just inhibits you know you can tell that the issuance was not in so we lost interest but but when I came to know Jesus began to be my Bible many of those questions came back to my mind the mice might make my friends would ask in my heartburn because I now have the answer and I wanted to go back to that deal I pray that the Phuket is in the computer things are forgotten I said Lord Wheatley in time I cried I pleaded pleaded sending back in time I now have the answer put me back at that moment so I can answer that question I have been indignant but instead he made new teacher and I work with young people and another when answer but I didn't give up on those kids in my class I continue to pray and every year reunion I went back to spend time with them and I tell you with the exception of the last reunion I hate to say this but that we had a bar in everyone under the very honestly don't save my school but then not at the school but they would go off campus and there was a bar to this gallon in the whole nine yards and I would go not to participate but in hopes of reaching one in my mind if I could just reach one and an extreme individual effort I was thinking so I would go and and sometimes associate I knew the miracles that think they got there during these visits and it is just amazing but my twentieth class reunion and it is time the Lord 's name your pastor and I showed up there keep about fell out of amounts they could believe it who and and and I knew what they were planning the events for the weekend and somehow I weaseled into the planning committee and an insufficient of guys who really needs of Vespers on Friday night is call everyone together in silence it that would be a great idea George and who willingly get the speakers out there and I wanted to do was to make us they can argue that they knew what I was like before but it argument and they said that's a great idea as I knew a few days later they called me back and I said I do what we did this survey and nobody wants to do it what I find it kind of interesting I never got the survey but nobody wanted to do it to the Boston I really disparage name and embed they were going to been the start planning for stuff on the Sabbath and I think I inwardly go into me they were praying before this and I think I'd is associated with praying and returning breaking God 's law so they mixed me for the extra fifty thousand Internet and so I wasn't going to go until I talked to the principal friend of mine in the Battle Creek Academy and he incursions the Georgia legislature like this are slicing okay so I went and I ended up at the very end of the weekend sharing with one of my closet we just it I just entered in my honor how it got started as a few of the many and of sharing my testimony with him and not a monolithic communal George I'm in charge or I have I have a part to play as that we have as alumni speaker would you be willing to come to be our speaker in oh eight and I said consider the like might my thumbs unsought by the way our MSN radio and so anyway the years pass and donate that I was counting down I could not wait and and then down it we have are our art out of my weekend on the first week of May as we're nearing it was January 's Windows uncle and no Mikami took eighty nine ideas and plan things wait last-minute then nongenuine but in February and there was no one a single concern and then not March went by and those in the margin I had a bad feeling and so I called so looking at the website and have nothing planned on their site significant got only called I said young curious nut job with your speaker for the alumni weekend and they said they didn't in the speaker and I said okay and help from my friends I believe fully we'll have much time and one have I I I I wonder to myself and my last opportunity to speak to my plasma last chance I can't tell you the burden I felt them and I went for a walk and I talk to God a nice of you know I wanted that I thought that was for me is that you get into this other person as a father if this person will reach my classmates for you then glory to your name I don't want to go by it that position was for me if I'm the one you want to speak I am asking you to override what has happened put in an anesthetic that I went to my wife and I took your money I think of the last time I'm not going to the reunion this year she said why not a signal is so disheartening to see the things that go on and I sent a note back but right now I'm in a have to take vacation time the conference as I can acidification times it's a timely manner with the holy one and then on top of that of the paper my flight out and right now for crimes and on top of that when I get out of the Rent-A-Car in a more expansive unstable a few days later I came home and there was a message on the ants machine and it was the principle of this Academy and I thought that's odd items will command my life by you calling me the phone I called him and then run of voices is best about this again I'd like a message from you he said listen would you be willing to be our speaker this year I severely speak he said we do but normally we like to have a speaker that is that as one of the alumnus and we can find one but somehow eat wheat we don't worry about you and so we like it is I said absolutely I said was an innovator can you call my conference office of a familiar inviting Michelle Chai communication science is absolutely is is will fly I love you roam an XML still my brother 's executive car I wish I can tell you more about that is I wish I can tell you much more but my point is this when I surrendered the Lord worked I was willing to let him do whatever he knew to be the best but when I surrendered the Lord work and what God wants us was her 's will to be done here and for that to happen we have to be willing to allow God to take control of our for his will just as Dennis Heaven to be done here and that begins with me so far in the Lord 's prayer we can look at two things the wine we recognize God as a loving daddy and number two we acknowledge his goodness and his Lordship in our lives and the third thing now now their hearts and minds are prepared now we bring a petition before the father and here we find the words of Jesus give us this day our what our daily bread and you were finding that the Lord is interested in our needs is very interested in an Eastern with me the very familiar text Philippians chapter four Philippians four in his first sex I know you know this effective you don't have it memorized you need to Brazil encourage you in the times of challenges and difficulties Philippians four six either be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God this is an invitation to the Lord also says my God shall supply all your how often is not do we really believe that do we believe that but but the thing is to win Jesus says get him out as a visiting me this day the thoughts and we have to remember that as God shares with us and meets our needs he wants us to do the same to share them with those around us by the way how did you notice that we have your grandma devotion life and you walk away and you really can't remember would you have for worship that morning at your soonest it in your mind share what the Lord shared with you family if you share what I did to you if you stick in your mind remember my words because God everything in nature is designed to receive and to give the only thing that is messed that up as a put down as we asked us remember the next guy and then whenever the only one struggling public you want if you want to get a real quick the process out of depression is the realizing of the only one struggling thereof this too as he spent time helping others you'll be amazed at how it will happen in our life not a subject that is not just another says that I was an amount of blessings below to find by the seasoning one oh five we find these words referring to God he shares and me word that is spoken listen to every prayer that is offered change the sorrow and disappointment in every soul in regard to treatment that is given to father mother sister friend and neighbor he cares for our necessities and his love and mercy and grace are continually flowing to satisfy our need continually give us this day our daily bread God is interested mother blessings one zero five so as we asked the Lord for our needs let's remember the needs of others around the segment but the enemy he says forgive us our dance as we and our dentist when we pray and ask God 's forgiveness we need to remember to be very specific how many of you have ever been offended by someone someone has done something that really hurt your feelings and it was obvious that they cannot do it and they say you know if I done anything to offend you sorry than a laptop and is likely to develop again they really like knowledge you know what they did wrong and what we do Lord Lord please forgive me my sins if I committed any sins no God wants us to be specific just as we want people to be specific with us but as a reason for that were taking ownership of what we done and only that but now we're really inviting God into the situation Lord I should never spoken to my wife that way Bush and the smoke into my child that way I am sorry Lord for giving away on asking for forgiveness who's next then a man that was but by being specific were allowing God into the situation so that when he says bringing things to bear in our life we start making the connections and realize what he's doing and working for us in a evidence are cooperating with them so when we ask God for forgiveness we need to be specific so he can be involved in the situation but the fact is we got to remember that Willie asked for forgiveness God gives but we ask if we confess our sins he is faithful and just a pastor I do feel like it on so I had to see that in the facts where was that of faith it's knowing who were praying to does not live but we can't forget either that is a little where he has very powerful AES forgive us our debts as at we love to be forgiven settlers is remember that the the summertime that we need to extend the grace that worsts were sitting for my heavily fun and then and again nothing has nothing to do with feelings when I would feel Jesus in imaginative Gethsemane Jesus made a decision based on feelings in the game over and imagine what it would be anything and and and nothing has been little anything based on feelings won't last long assay based on commitment and then in it my question is which is when Doctor mine 's elite delight our last I hope those are before anything are normally heard when God brings about the transformation process in our life stay with a lasting the change are feeling some lasting change do not make decisions based a feeling based on principle based on the revealed will of God do what is right with the consequences with God but hear me the feelings will be the last thing that will change but they will change the things I is the love I know hates our children we do the things they said he had a lot the last thing the change are make decisions based on principle for getting out is interesting that in the Lord 's prayer is only one aspect that Jews are so elaborate saunter with me and Matthew become the whole electrical saying that he flushes out in the Lords prayer Matthew six fourteen ninety six first fourteen for if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly father will also forgive you but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your heavenly father forgive you and the thing is we don't understand the issues involved a stunning statement by Jesus it what it is as it isn't always effective were ignorant as to what's going on we decided that I would not talk unforgiveness not down with you just as we receive it he wants us to extend the next thing Jesus says he is not into temptation but deliver us from evil that temptation we understand the enticement to Sanders got enticed this dissent know and James one thirteen it says let no one say when he is tempted I am tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does he himself tempt anyone what's going on here talk about testing in other words with the idea being expressed here is a request request in other words help me Lord not to fall into it when I am tempted to let you all I love this quote signs of the times I sent to the Times nineteen oh five God sometimes allowed Satan to tempt his children that they may be proven tested if they rely on their own strength they will fail in the trial if they realized their inability to help themselves and trust holy and God she will provide a way of escape there are times when it is necessary for men to be exposed to danger by the way that God choose that time had to be placed among corrupting influences but a sense of independence on God will lead them to keep their hearts uplifted to him in prayer every hour for strength to resist and grace to overcome the experience gained in these fears conflict fortifies the soul to pass unscathed through more trying ordeal and I hear people say it I I raise kids and in and I sealed in as much as I can your shielding your kids I think that's your best to shield your kid that was defined away in I'm guaranteed so make it easy for an ankylosing name the second you should be doing that now they they should know what what what life 's about their openness to heroin on where you stop there is there anywhere in the Bible that that when we are admonished to have a knowledge of good and evil yes in the voice was the principal of the tree not tonight it's funny to me into the reason I bring this up is little place yourself in harms way unless the Lord is calling you that the people sitting again a look at Chen ignition Pentagon Daniel Aaron Doblin it's not like they bought tickets and went there you know or Joseph no one knows when the Lord places you there you can trust him to keep you but when you place yourself there is presumption presumption I'm so grateful in first Corinthian 's turn with me their first twenty ten I love these words words of encouragement to the devil is the blindside us and yell have noticed there and he loves the blindside us at you know the Lord is really the blessing the dirty socks that I trust a is you as well hear my prayer is this morning Lord when I'm done here don't let me lose my vigilance it's not over until we get home first Corinthians ten thirteen says no temptation has overtaken you accept such as incontinence a man of God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation also make a way of escape that you may be able to bear the encourage you this or the devil slams the door that opens when look for the window look for the layout large I was expecting this out I got is now just provided one for him knowing I was going out as a child to share with you that the violence and in the challenges it a little bit anyway just and in and in large drugs as a child in an ideal stuff like that as a way that I dealt with it is I escaped into a world of fantasy as we only do it manually do it and download your those a certain TV show that God would just die I just immerse myself into that later I like to build models and they be made out a models of some of the things in the show and I would make doesn't I was I would lose much I can really shut out reality like industry out there was nothing happening around the fidelity and in later life as I do often I came to the Lord I was still attached to this little by little the Lord began to show me that I needed to get that up you're the one thing that brings you comfort in this imprint was the one supposed to get stitches this thing was taking the place of Jesus the Lord and black it right away until I was ready to do with guns kind of had enough of an attachment with him and now he's saying to me look I've got to let go and die and I are really struggling and on top of the Lord began to show me between the squeezing and show me that that that that that the programs I like soloist blasphemer Sally my my my hearing was tuned into what was being said and done they listen don't talk about my parents not argue that way though my parents I love them in a perfect annihilate a stock numbers and wanted to talk about how the father in this respect the way and when I heard that I was it shows up out of them upon me every time I went to the mall or when I went to a store something or selling TV sets it just so happens when I walk by there was a commercial for myself but John Meriwether gotten one day Michelle you will know my characters and that was a high I struggled until and advice and its inability and done I knew I should also go see it and the days are leading to announce intimate of the most out of the movies at all anymore there's nothing there but the garbage am sorry I don't go to that anymore and I stopped that long ago anyway and I knew is wrong again over the call I need help so I called my mother mom I'm struggling I share with her the whole story medical see it and she said to me in a very monotone voice resist the devil and he will flee from you praise God quoting Scripture to me at that moment I felt something left for me and I was able to say no and I didn't know I was able to say no I didn't know I pray to God that God has provided for us a way out if we look for warming tent Democrat on the legendary with right now that I know you are turn to Jesus stimulus words turned to godly friends and family to pray for you and God is there he will make a way of escape for all staff course this is assuming that were not willingly placing ourselves in the pacification I like to use this analogy my my senior pastor had had done but if your thing is donuts don't show up to Krispy Kreme in this are praying for deliverance stay away from it when in the grocery store in the checkout line guard your eyes there's nothing the garbage lines beside report the voices inside his cell you don't look listen to guide your eyes and lastly turn with me to Matthew chapter six Matthew six we find that this in Matthew 's version of the Lord prayer we have this element added that we don't see in Luke 's but this is how Jesus closes the prayer nephew six thirteen for yours is the kingdom and the power neglect rather on those closer we began by praising him we end by thanking acknowledging increasing Jesus teaches us to the elements of prayer things you study at their other personal Bible study interesting but here we find appears to be simple earnest and comprehensive God is good what we closed the segment by repeating the Lord 's prayer we do that together our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on your as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen father thank you again for your kindness towards us thank you Lord the right within the Lords prayer you are teaching us the elements of prayer how to approach you the most amazing was fantastic they know that all is you give us the privilege of calling our father daddy but helps understand more fully what it means because it all begin their misunderstanding or deeply what it means but also Lord help us to get to you the respect that is do you and as we approach a holy God that we may become holy as well father we praise your holy and righteous name I pray Lord that you will help us your trip him into law by your name in these meetings the more the greatest blessing press is only after they remain to you this message was even as she wisely supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by William Bible -based pricing to Christians the downloadable purchase another resources this is online and CYC when not in the lodging


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