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Teach Us To Pray: The Model For Prayer, Part 2

Jorge Baute


What does Jesus teach us about prayer? Learn vital principles from the Master Himself, visit the sanctuary to uncover the key elements of prayer, and discover biblical principles that will transform your prayer life.


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.



  • December 30, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a Iraq but I had the minor states is a strange expression is covered in mind I said a lot but let's get back and I think would be more accurate actually spoke right to get started here I I I I procedure questions like Virginia bringing on my category and because I have learned that if one person asked the question others do as well I discovered that both you and call you figure that out by now most of us don't ask questions thank you so because we think we're the only ones that have the question only to find out that Apple does another this is well I learned that in a sociologist sociology class housing college anything that smelled like extra credit I was on it like white on rice and I had a sociology teacher you probably to do I can remember his name now is Korean in taken and I can understand but he gave extra credit for asking questions this doesn't require brain surgery and it was challenging because anyway and if so I I would as he was talking and anything would come to my mind it's halfway intelligent I would just lie down in this remake of the corresponding depression and sometimes they were oriented to present at the very end I was the only one asking all these questions mother classicism why and what I want to do it safely thank you so much for asking because I was wondering the same thing as I began to realize that when I have a question I was really don't have a similar incident when other people do as well so people could ask for I decided my next presentation for many reasons I love the sanctuary what would make me interested in the sanctuary is because the answer as to how God is preparing us to the home someday and it spelled out in the easiest on your lots of people come to understand righteousness by faith New Testament I came to learn it in a secular and and invest in less intimate so I like to do is give this presentation and and share with you the things lawyers should have shared with me that if I didn't like to have some some volunteers to give you a little outline that you can take home with your spin in and utilize and maybe share thank you very very much right I appreciate thank you thank you and I want to thank Matthew to so much for being willing to step and is never seen this material before any Scandinavian and that the legal back in the mountains of North Carolina is a Navy man upstairs I have make a offspring would bring me someone you realize your nephew for any other reason and the Lord brought you realize that Internet of the our friend and unanswered prayer my prayer I appreciate you willing to do that now but dies or says I shared with you love it already I have a terrible terrible terrible time with my mind wandering in fact Rogers not here but Roger was sitting over here on I never mentioned it if you get the building at and why did that is really discouraging to see how quickly he responded and are adamant she lives that anyway must but the century prayer has helped me to my mind begins to wander to redirect it again where I left off with a drop nose but about Silverlight cells is important for a to really work at that and to bring our minds back didn't get my doctors minimize bring it back so know that you're not the only one that struggles with this and some of us more so than others so with that you all have the handout will begin by once again approaching our maker nineteen gracious father I I again thank you for the loving manner in which you have been visiting us speaking to our hearts and and making yourself not always present Llanelli real but but so so close to us we thank you and and father as we get into the sanctuary now I pray that you will direct my mind there is so much here Lord that I can expound upon but I pray that you will harness my mind to be focused and to present those things only those things that you want to present I want to thank you Lord for your son who gave his life for us I thank you for the blood that was shed give God the light given out to give us life I thank you Lord that that that it doesn't end there but the death of his righteousness is extended to us and so we ask that righteous is the compress we asked Lord for your Holy Spirit to fill this room that your mighty angels appear to influence hearts and that and a loving father every other voice will be highest and we will lock in I want is you trying to communicate to us we thank you for this we praise you for the language the would you do what you are about to do we asked the selling price precious name and the sanctuary was given by God as a mechanism of instruction to Israel and in the sanctuary God was the share with what was with Israel how God intended to deal with the same problem it's all around there in the century the plan of salvation is revealed their today the sanctuary points us by aid to what Jesus has done to what Jesus is doing and what Jesus is about to do and so if I use the sanctuary of prayer it's constantly keeping in the forefront of my mind what Christ has done and what Christ is doing and what Christ is about to do I do with me this is the century message and in everything and calculated in it is present truth you take this away hear me there is nothing the Baptist Church it's not there when I read that does that say they don't believe in the sacred message that's like F leaving difficult it is a logical it's it's it's a logical move there is no evidence church without the century message and so so this this is very helpful to me that's also very practical for me as well I've mentioned one of the reasons why I use this method in my in-house they keep my mind focused and also have to do to to be aware of what Christ is doing right now but it also tells every idiot it helps me on to know how to approach God but also what to pray for the sanctuary really dies shielding out what to pray for a few with me so far pleasing than now I want to stress that you don't have to bring this way a human neoliberal points for apprentice what this is a mandatory is mandatory we pray and study the Bible there are several models for prayer this is just the ones that I am most often with an angular event the witness of our boys get so with that I want to begin one hundred zero is on the note will get a look at this in three phases first of all the instruction that God gave to Israel regarding century services they look at it is how it points to Christ and how that's you then thirdly how we choose me to pray a Whitney repeat that outburst related to the services with the priest how it points to Jesus and how accused me to pray so let's take a look first at the scarlet decedents Satan well knows that how many how many of all is all that a company has a single well knows that all whom he can read to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures will be overcome by his tax therefore he invents every possible device to an grouse though my how successful is in your life he's been awfully successful in mind and so I'm asking the Lord to redirect my thoughts and that is calling you to do as well one of the first things we learn is that the sanctuary is a model for when to worship for went to worship and here we find the timing for prayer is found in the sanctuary the priests at the start of the day in Israel would would be looking at the horizon in the morning the sun as the sun broke the horizon it would blow the shofar because it was all to pray that you have the time nothing will be looking towards the sanctuary for the beginning of the daily services consecrating themselves to God for the day that I began and so it's a reminder to to to eyes that were sent our art are coming to Christ begins when in the morning and we find its example in the light of Christ in Isaiah fifty first bored by it says the Lord God has given me the time of the land that I should know how to speak a word in season to him and was wearing he awakens me when morning by morning he awakens my ear to hear as a learning and so my devotional life begins in the morning on automated over to fill I love Astro Phil and he says of the wintertime and chuckling said he inoculated the awarded emotions at the end of the day didn't end up with the loser 's prayer Lord and sorry for having done this on cyber having done that but doggedly but before you enter into the battle that's what you put on your armor and so in the morning we come before the Lord and you know I remember hearing a very godly man say I thought it was Jerry that he he he asked the Lord to wake them up in the morning that you can use an alarm clock and from then on I took up the challenge and God which in the morning except that diligently commemorating late I shared with you within a test but the Lord had other plans in mind and then mocked of the Lord wakes me in the morning and I spend my time with him in prayer 's analysis of the sanctuary as the model for praying how to pray the first and we encounter is the gate to gate to the outer court there was one entrance to the sanctuary and I was located at the east end when the humble repentance Hebrew Sandra for forgiveness of sand he would come to this day they would be there by the priest and the priest when I explain in the role that he was about the play with his sacrifice but the Bible tells us that I didn't represent something and then John ten nine first tennis as I am the door if anyone enters by me he will be what St. John fourteen six says Jesus said to him I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me their friends you know all roads do not leave the room all rows on the heaven is surprised in Christ only enough lesson there and and so is the entry in the song has been dated as fast and getting to understand appreciate more and more data 's understanding of the sanctuary did have a profound understanding my son 's one hundred percent five versus one through five David really tells us that the mindset in which we come in and hear what he writes make a joyful shout to the Lord all you lands serve the Lord with gladness come before his presence with singing know that the Lord he is God it is the resonator and not we ourselves we are his people and the sheep of his pasture enter into his gates with what thanksgiving and into his courts with what we pray be thankful to him and bless his name for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and his truth endures to all generations we are to begin by crazing and as we mentioned in the Lords prayer that praising God and thanking him prepares the mind you know I have done something out of the redundant spot when I've been really discouraged when I was in the Bible I like to highlight all the promises unless you do that but I will claim promises for situation onion and I will right next to it my problem for the Lord come when the Lord when he answers that I think that the date of I and I have always a memory stones Ebenezer sounds in my Bible and they don't understand I will go through an angle through each one of those praising God remembering the things that God is done in what happens it's really strange eye problems shrink them I got the and deluge the leaders of whiny complaint and then our problems grow and I got shrinks and so as we pray as with before you bring up bring bring their petitions to the Lord as were praising and thanking him our God is going to proms are shrinking and faithful God I love Ellen White has to say here in profits and gains page two oh two she says it more praising of God were engaged in now watch this whole encourage and think when Stanley walked out about you but I need hope courage and faith and grace about you amen I don't pray God praising and thanking the knowledge of the things that he's done but also for who he is absolutely and recently have much to thank them for you know I have a pastor friend of mine who is when wings there's been overcame and he was looking in the wrong direction seventy pounds of cat given both of these invigorating appraisement that he was struggling at the time I think you and in that it will do the opposite hate to get something to be eliminated principal and interest of the and and only strengthens us but it prepares the heart and mind off the worship and now we enter into the outer court an error to find the altar of burnt offering and the labor is look at the brazen altar first and this is where the animals the sacrificial animals were brought and done you know I don't have this right now to try to get this picture the sanctuary the way it was set up was in the center of the camp of Israel is going through the wilderness I would him and him was setup of an individual small the tenants and staff were set up all around it but there was applause not in between the of the tabernacle itself and the chance of the nation of Israel there is some discussion as to how how how being a Plaza was theirs to instances in Scripture where God told Israel to come no further than two thousand cubits which is about two thirds of a mile so many seem to think I was probably the size of the plot I want to picture in your mind might die here and there that the camp of Israel and you committed your sent and in the Holy Spirit is not human you realize what you've done and not the new feel remorse as you grab your landing begin walking to that the tabernacle to offer your sacrifice and then you get to the end of the Plaza and is two thirds of a mile and everyone is watching was it a pressure back into the assembly was more concerned about would not thought and one man thought he went up last night and he went to the Plaza he went to negate the priest greeted and there gave him his instructions there he was to confess his sin upon the laminate was a transfer that took place from himself to the sheet to the land then the repentant sinner was to get the night and slit the throat of an innocent lamb and then watch as its life and the way the priest would have variable to capture the blood signifying that they understand that was on the individual now transferred to the lamp is now caught in a bowl and decrease than would go into the holy place and he would sprinkle it before the veil in here signifying that that Dan was on the individual has now been symbolically transferred to the sanctuary eyewitness that symbolic because when it come that is very important because were to come back to that later on but what but when God was trying to communicate Israel is it was there at the altar that the sin and the sooner parted ways through the blood of the land in an and so the land here points us to the Lord Jesus Christ when John seeing Jesus to the bank in John one twenty nine cried out and said the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and edit I come to the brazen altar in my mind ice I think about the last twenty four hours if there's anything that I have said or done that I need to bring before the master and asked for forgiveness hopefully through the day if we do something wrong the Lord will impress us and we do it again and lots of notes out of ideas of agreement day and I'll think about my day and there's some things of you with them but I'm usually so tired I like it it was like and dump it in the morning and I really just sink my teeth into an even more and I spend more time with him and if the Lord of rings of the human mind then I make a notation that I have got to do with that is I confess the sins to him and so on drink up in the brazen altar is what is where I I confess my sins to the Lord and then I go on to the labor of watching by my mind here I think about the service of the priest and the priest before he did any work in the sanctuary he first washed his hands and he wants to speak in that it was a cleansing before he entered the service for he went into the tabernacle according Mister at the altar he washed his hands and see that water experience was a cleansing was symbolic of Ray Shaffer service and Jesus before he began his ministry at a water experience as well and we find here in Luke three verse twenty one and twenty three the these words it came to pass that Jesus also was what that's like a lot he pray the heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him and a voice from heaven which said you are my beloved son and you I am well pleased now Jesus himself began his ministry at about thirty years of age and so this water experience was the beginning his ministry data S invited by the way them is the fact that he was filled the Holy Spirit for service first very interesting isn't it we are here one of the Lords work we heard this morning about waiting for the Lord asking for nothing in the spirit upon a awesome we are being so blessed but here we see that the labor is a call to service it is a call to service and during my prayer time I recommit my life to Christ you were to recommit our lives to the Lord everyday friend is in an is not just once it's an everyday experience so if I pray to the Lord here and I recommit my life to Jesus I asked him once again to enter and to remain on the throne of my heart I asked him to write his laws upon my heart and mind into creating me a clean heart and to renew a right spirit within me I want to be fully surrendered to him that's my prayer every single day I want to be and so here at the labor is where I pray for that in my mind then in my mind I entered the tabernacle into the holy place there we find the land standing Alderman says the children by the way if at any moment during my parents and I might should wonder I can backtrack and they go to a second where was I and I know what it is for and I continued as a success and so that my first stop is going to be a Latin lampstand it was the only lights source in the holy place now course the Shekinah in the most holy answers filled over but as far as life in the holy place emanating from the holy place we have the candlestick and the candlestick a part of the daily service that the priest was involved in was to make sure that the light never went out he was constantly checking to make sure that the wit it was plenty with their and down the audio was being poured into each of those little vessels so that the light was constantly eliminating that the light was always online I was disappointed Jesus Johnny twelve reminds us of Jesus that he is the light of the world he who follows me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life and of course the oil is a symbol of what of the Holy Spirit in which Jesus was failed in so doing this for my prayer life I am asking the Holy Spirit the film I am asking for new feeling I'm asking the Lord to fill me with the early rain as to prepare me for the latter may as I promised I can't I ask that Christ living in the hope of glory I asked for a hike this meant that is yielded insensitive to the boys of my Savior as he speaks to me to do something or to not do something that is guiding hand will be more distinct and clear to me each day I pray for this sanctuary reminds me to do that I asked him to fill me with his spirit because Jesus is only one call to no one in the world we are called to be allied to the world as well I went but we don't make our light shine we let it shine if Christ is in us in China and so I ask for Christ to live in me involving six testimony one seventeen we find these words we need and must have fresh supplies a lot every day all heaven is what is not some easing of their anxious to be be borderline invasion there waiting there waiting for somebody to pass that also encourage you does me all heaven is waiting for channels through which can be poured the holy oil to be enjoying and a blessing to us that's what writing for young were great for revival and with reliable were praying for Reformation one of my students and want to talk came up with revival Reformation and continuation and not just the stop the reliable Reformation continuation in preparation for translation no right that begins with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we yield to the leading of God in our life and we ask for this portion of her life I am praying for that experience in my life also how we get the English the way I also asked the Lord to use me and and to give me into many opportunities to share with others the next we come to the table of showbread of its English children decreased every year or every every Sabbath rather would bring seven are twelve loves him every Sabbath it was odd to be made fresh and it kept all through the week as as and as a reminder of God in the one who supplies all our needs you believe that he got knocked out how does this bread point to Jesus in John six forty eight Jesus said quite simply I am the bread of life so metal industries supplying us with the physical Brenda keeps us alive every day but supplies also with the spiritual bread to Cuba spiritually alive everyday event God is the one supplies and and during this time in my prayer life I get to the table showbread I'm asking God to give mean all strength to face today's sensations and trials I have no idea what's waiting for me in the day but this guy that actually does I am asking the Lord to strengthen me and to prepare me for the challenges of today and what I do during this portion my prayers I will get my day planner and house are going through every meeting or a class and I have challenges in those classrooms while cut challenges in those meetings or maybe a job or an assignment or something deadline in so doing my prayer life in this portion I am listening to the Lord everything that is that that might day it is is entailed with and asking him to give me the strength the wisdom that they and the courage that I will need to supply my needs for the day and of course the Lord is willing to do that in Philippians four nineteen we find this text and my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus but remember we learned that you don't ask so I ask you then use helps so that's what I do in that portion of my opera like the way I want to encourage you to look for that but the power of prayer by Ellen White's and if you do not compilation you can see a number of things in their that is recommended for us to pray for and listen when someone inspired by God is recommending you pray for this take notes and vision aren't you glad I have come to appreciate the work despair prophecy more the longer I live the more I appreciate I know a few phytates that you like but it just makes things so much easier instead of trying to figure the ourselves now I am so glad for God 's leading online in his willingness to give us all that many okay so our next stop in is the golden altar the golden altar stood between the art and is not marketed I suppose you can say this to run it against the curtain and aside was the ark and of course this democide with the menorah in the table showbread and here the priest as part of the daily service the morning and evening sacrifice would bring incense and would place the incense there on the golden altar and King David reminds us he says let my prayer be set before you as in sentence out that he was mediating for Israel during that time when Israel turned the morning and sacrifice when they were looking for the Temple in prayer bringing the petitions for the Lord the priest would then place the instance as a symbol of the prayer ascending up and over into the throne of God symbolizing the dog was hearing those prayers be with me and when the Israelites now the incentive they walked into the camp it was an encouragement to them that God had heard their prey but we do for we can believe in here's if we meet those conditions that he has set before so clearly when we pray God does hear and how does this work remind us of Jesus after his death and a set resurrection ascension to the holy place in heaven first Timothy two five were reminded for there is one God and one what mediator between God and man the man who Christ Jesus and Jesus as their meetings as you pray having seen the painting by Harry and it shows the globe the world in a little family a man father and his wife and the children gathering and other praying you see the prayer walking up and you see Christ in the most holy place by the art of the covenant here Xena is awesome that's a beautiful imagery but that is the imagery because women praying there is a mediator who is receiving that enables seven twenty five is a beautiful description of him this is therefore he is able to this learning hang on that he is able to say through the outermost hockey top of your mouse becomes a negative it is submitted that therefore he is able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through him since he always lives to make lots intercession and that is during this time that I got my micro request to others by the way I would encourage you have a prayer list if you don't have a prayer journal it has belonged just with what you need is needed short and if the Lord answers it you can put the date by it and then you can cross that one out by the way right thank you but what will happen is you the island and the people all the time singing about the rest is my prayer and essential but a lesser something really going on in her life but usually what happens is we pray and we get up and leave and got answers what I'm paying attention how sad that you have about any I have feeling you know we've got has feelings I would venture to guess about and has been hurtful so let's remember the things I was thinking but intermittently to strengthen your faith it's different strengthen your faith to do that but still when I pray I always begin by looking at my wife and my children that often there I lift up find the priest of my home and I lift up my wife and my kids before the Lord and very shared with you that I'm already praying for my children's future spouses and their in-laws asking the Lord to bless them and to protect them and us in this perverse age I'm praying that those parents what was their vigilance I'm praying that they will be courageous and diverse world but there have the courage to swim against the current listening if you make the decision to follow Christ fully know playing Churchill following Foley you're going to be swimming upstream everything is going downhill to follow Jesus you're going upstream but thereby home as a string whenever I feel sand and noticed that I tend I cry I asked David giving the tenacity the tenacity 's home is up is upstream and such I pray that those parents have since starts the courageous and willing to stand up when it's what is required for their family stick ridiculed to protect the children of Bengals kids will follow instruction and and and and keep themselves pure follow Christ fully is my prayer I know where they are those kids are real-time a last that long I don't know if it dies an appointment as children and praying for the salon I prefer my own children I pray for my wife and I that we remain those those types of parents and then from there on I pray for the people in my world I figure my students in my classroom and their struggles that they have a staff when working at the radar weather for my friends another churches I lift them up in prayer eight and step into my classmates whom I give my life to Christ I still pray for them each and every day that they'll come to know Christ and also this is why do minor sensory prayer for others watch these quotes on the show announced costs and that at the sound of fervent prayer singles whole host tremble for me every major freight making him tremble a little bit I like that idea of a World War II did the United States military had a strategy that was very effective first thing he did he brought in the Air Force he took control of the air once you do that then you brought and the artillery and began bombardment from a distance and you brought in the armor then you brought in the ground troops and that she was taking control of the air when worker control the air control the ground and the devil is called the Prince of the power of the prayer is Air Force for Christians and the only level to win this battle is to take control of the air and so is leaving in the prayer we start launching off the artillery which is our radio which is our television and that we bring in the armor which is our literature definitely bringing the troops which is our Bible workers orders and the witnessing that we do in our workplace the success depends on taking control of the air we have to be in prayer one is about private banking unit obtained what is prayer accesses have an strategic air command and put them into action for the ground troops are you with me we must pray prayer is not an option if it makes him do this we've got to figure out what he knows that you and I don't and we've got to be praying got to be bringing cheap handshaking the next quote this imagery here blows my mind this early Angels are waiting about the throne to what instantly obeyed the mention of Jesus Christ to answer honey prayers and good prayer offered in earnest living fate and I cannot get into active imagination I am picturing Christ on this throw up their surrounded by these majestic beings these warriors of light and as somebody somebody needs Lindsay Neals for worship and prayer and pours out her heart in prayer and now she is praying Christ is listen in those angels are watching watching Christ watching Lindsay and her muscles muscles are just twitchy waiting and Jesus Post a one and its ID with me but how often do those angels when they because we don't pray because we think we can do ourselves or because we think our situations hope in about their friends they're waiting for us let's not let the weight and pain God is ready to and willing to listen to every prayer that is offered in faith and okay then we move on into the most holy Place the ark of the testimony this is where the very visible presence of God dwelt in the trees the high priest entered in once a year on the day of atonement and here he worried he came to cleanse the sanctuary on all the same that had been transferred to the sanctuary throughout the year a cleansing work is done at the end of the year signifying the work of Christ in the last days and here we find in the study of the book of Daniel on the twenty three hundred days the prophecy reveals an eighteen forty four Christ entered into the most holy the patient for the work of the high priest the investigative judgment to bring an end to sin and a controversy concerning the criminal dear friend of mine who died of cancer he argues like a modern digital the things that happen to him they will one day almost lost in thought I heard them say the longer I live the better heaven the how to how to heal I once heard so many say Gil you can be so heavenly minded you can be no earthly good it's a lot no earthly good unless your heavenly minded friends in the theophany video now and our minds our thoughts need to be on what Jesus is doing the right notes we can cooperate with and we have to understand what is going as he wants us to so we can we can cooperate with continue to work that we do not hear a man so Jesus is then it's interested in meeting imagery in Daniel chapter Senators McCain is recorded for us the event that took place October twenty two eighteen forty four and here we find the word I was watching the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and they brought him near before handles excellently to eighteen forty four similar finding the beginning of the investigative judgment in heaven and today that reminds me of a document of people to the home and when I in my mind as I come into the most holy place they are to meet with God I began by asking him getting him for permission to search my heart over and to leverage whatever experience to show me if there's anything in my life that is standing between my soul and my Savior with me I'd ask him to examine me and you and the examination is called judgment and David brings the stock runs out for us in Psalms nineteen to David asked the question who can understand his errors cleanse me from what my secret faults I think I were blind to analyzing and but they're not blind to God is sometimes coming for people that without spot or blemish so even if they were not aware of harassing a lunatic and a number around borrowing guilt just do with the study shows you in just deal with what he shows you the shows as I asked him to show me there's anything there in Jeremiah seventeen ninety can we find these words the heart is deceitful above all things that relate and desperately wicked who can know we can't naturally be coming to investigate the Lord search the heart I lord search the heart I test the mind even to give every man according to his ways according to the fruits of his doing so the Lord searches us to show us what's there and then so when we asked in the search it's a request for an investigation for judgment in Psalms one thirty nine twenty three and twenty four we find these words search Neil God and know my heart trying and know my anxieties and see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting the thing is that many of our sensibilities that we do that we run into young people that are doing so they should be doing what I'm discovering is more often than not they're acting out of paying and if you just deal with the pain issue the behavior should take care of an entity types were doing the same thing their stuff in there asking the Lord to get to the root of our problems many times were trying to deal with symptoms you can't do that you got to get to the core issues in the most holy place of Lori asked the Lord to get to the core issues in our life where inviting him in there to take care of it because once you take care of the core issues you take care of the sentence is that it says so it's an invitation for that local desperately wicked we all know how bad we are but as we come to know Jesus better and better he begins to reveal to us himself in the light of his face we begin to see what where the boat we keep our eyes on him not on ourselves and because the Republican change add venison in the Scriptures in my mind as I'm talking to him but this is the most intimate time with God in my devotional life it is here that I really open my heart to him and I share with him my dreams I share with you my concerns I share with him I hope I talk to him as my friend you know and I just laid out to him and I wanted his opinion response on things Lord what ways is this something that you would agree with and so this is what I just open up my life on you I know that the time of the end is coming under this and I did not say what I just said the time to be an easier and I realized that we are living seconds before midnight Mister went oh eight came to us this thing should have hit us like a town of bricks it stopped not as but this is coming and I price it out and out as the Lord I want to be ready when witnessing it I want to be one of the troops it's on the ground ready to go in of course that takes place every day as uninvolved services equipping and preparing a net but I look down the road and sending a letter have some money in the bank not a lot but what you want to do with WMD no it's time to sell in the meantime would you want to do with these things how can I better serve you this is what I'm wanting to know each day sought in this kind of practice is where I get into my world my person I pray for other people but now I'm paying about the things that are burning my heart this is the intimate time that I spent with my Lord and my Savior and DOS of this is the century prayer it helps me to keep my mind focused its console reminding me what God has done in the past when God is doing right now and what he's about to do it keeps it fresh in my mind to stay in tune with what he is doing and I hope that that is a blessing to you as well at this time understand short prayer Novell open up the questions but the Q&A and then we'll have a moment of prayer let's saw with this particular moment if we do join the father I went thank you so much for the sanctuary and make the presentation so easy for people like me I am grateful or father is the kindergarten in understanding how individuals and problem and makes so much says it also makes sense as to why the Prince of darkness hates and wants us to think it doesn't exist what does it matter it's not real or whatever so that we don't pay any attention to it the Lord upon discovering a studying etc. the whole New Testament comes to life in a reliability test was immersed in century terminology and in and in and just the whole thing becomes real to us the Lord is a model for prayer it's a reminder to us of the island which we live and what it is we must be praying for now we thank you so much father for the to do the things you have revealed to us in in in Natalie what you've done but what you are doing and what you're about to do with father has to be continued blessings as we end up the segment as each one of these young people leave our treatable with and empower hello you happen to remember the things that that you have taught them here and then you get all the praise and glory and credit I pray to father and utilizes and use them Lord to lights are unreliable in their life and through them set their world around them on fire thank you Lord he also know that there are emergency and Lord I pray that you will listen more than an individual work in their life and bring the healing father is saying is really only one choice among past is he dismisses him even if he is G Y see someone's ministry the second thing is him by Michael Mace price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase the resources this is online and you want to see when not in the launching


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