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The Call To Persistent Prayer, Part 1

Jorge Baute


Join Elder Baute for an in-depth look at what the Bible teaches about prayer. What exactly is prayer? How does it work? Is praying once for something enough? Discover biblical answers that will transform your prayer life.


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.



  • December 29, 2011
    2:30 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a thought I want to thank you again they had originally asked guidelines and I thank you so much Lord because you don't unless and Lord you go through great pains to make things simple for us and we thank you for that we thank you Lord for the things that you have taught us to this point everyone to think that things are going to teach us father can we we invite your presence is requested asking the Lord to forgive us to cleanse us to encircle us in your presence such a bright shining angels Lord will form a ring of fire around this room the difference of darkness will not harass or bother us and what I pray that you will give me the words to speak can bring to my mind what it is you want me to say again I guess you continue blessing upon each year that they will recognize and able to receive precisely what you have to Lord I pray that you will hide this humble instrument behind the cross and the Jesus and him only will be magnified lifted his arc thank you we asked the surprising you know on that as I stand before you here I don't I don't consider myself an expert at all not by a stretch of the imagination but night but I enjoy sharing with you the things I'm learning about about the Lord and about following him and died I hope that it's a blessing to you and I believe in being very practical eyes I mentioned you before bottom line person and if I can't see how to make it work in my life I'm not interested I want to know how it works nearly say that the children at age three entry into the terrible threes where they ask all the questions and I don't think I come out of that yet and I like to ask them asking of questions they were to ask in our last session it seemed to really there still ringing in my mind and I know that I said that I satisfactorily answered them but but one of them was the idea was the difference between victory over sin being us in the state of having a character cries and I want to say that I will see how goes to the more I think about it the two different things for the connected in other words how my going to reveal the character of Christ one living in rebellion against ideological I do with and that the only way to had to be innocent mistake is to arm the Holy Spirit and to the truth of Christ's power working in our lives and I be holding we become changed so we are developing more of his character so I estimate is that a lot of handles a new question for me I never quite heard that puts me that way the more I think about it we're looking at two things but the one thing the two-sided one item justification sanctification the two different things whether one is an offense I hope it isn't muddy waters and another one was asked and and that was the idea of whether or not you have to be a Seventh-day Adventist essay yet that's that's a tricky question because in the last days the devil is going to with the attack on the last days what is the focus of that was attacked on the Sabbath issue that's the dividing line a Whitney who civilly was getting a message on the Sabbath today that is predominantly the evidence the other one has stated again five what is the most effective weapon the devil is using today Mister Johnson the Adventist church blocks those two deceptions are there true hearted Christians and other denominations without question the absolute is true as we began their salvation is in jeopardy unless we get the disinformation because what's about the deceptions when their dead grandmother shows up and says that even in another another line of truth that is only what it walked out if they think the United States have so so in other words I am not saying that also Dennis again be saved I address that issue already but it's the message that we have with the world has got to hear and that's my point the world has got to get a message that can be ready for translation argument and the message of the hour right now as we have a high priest in the most holy Place who is working to give us victory over the power of sin to reflect his character so that will be ready for translation and nobody else had that message via and that's the message of repairs of people for the second coming of Christ that except the selling process to deal over to look at today with a look at the call to pray I believe that we are living on the threshold of the second coming of Christ I believe that you were living in a very unique time in its history because those who are nonbelievers recognize the reality that we are living in a virginal monumental crisis are you with me but as Bible believing Christians we know that behind the crisis is Christ so we know focus on what's coming but rather on was coming okay so we we make sense of what is going on in the house as many are looking at I'm going there are many honest you realize something is about half something is wrong and we're told that the spirit of prophecy that the final movements are going to be rapid and we have not seen the light of that yet were going to these things than Arapahoe quickly by the grace of God so the question is how do we maintain our faith through the challenges ahead how do we do that in the way that it happened your friends is through a prayer program we were talking about how I need before the fall had a connection with God in a the fall they lost that connection and through the plan of redemption Jesus came to reconnect us and then the word and through prayer we maintain that connection so today when you take a look at prayer and I have some handouts another law Sierra friends help us with both sides are recorded I need some handouts to be handed out I can have some volunteers thank you thank you thank you no one is being passed out I dislike share with you by the way it's so awesome to see how God leads we are and we saw each other was when someone years ago and then we run into each other and which is the May to see what God is not in our lives and and I am so excited about the publisher one more thing with you can I do that I want to introduce you a very special friend and I have a very special friends here but the special friend plays a very special role in my life and her name is Melissa we shot and Lewis sought tonight when I first became when I came back to the Lord I say I went to was working at first you mortgage Corporation over the seconds become a view of the tightest in later him embarrass you again Melissa hello again not another nap and I knew if I was in those working here at the temporary attempt agent agency Melissa was when the team leaders of the controversy mortgage Corporation and I would was the only instead of the evidence there and doubt one day she noticed I asked my time often in whatnot and the Senate I was puzzled leaving early on Friday one day she came to me and she said why I need on and I said because of the day is the Sabbath of Gaza by Mossad and she said to me group and you know I don't for schools and I couldn't encounter and I just look at her and I said sure father things together numbing effect you would would create no hard I should like to know if I believe this you can see that I could prove it from the word so I got my concordance I got my Bible and I immersed myself in this study and I created my study and when I came out of that study I said now I know for myself and then I went back and I shared it with Melissa and she studied it and a long story short we began Bible studies and gosh she she loves the Lord Jesus Christ and recognizing the Sabbath except the Sabbath and has been a fatal member for many years now my season was twenty years of database ear it did bring such joy to my heart and anything was to be like on your thinking it when those people that we were willing to share we will see from what a joy is that something you dislike of anything I just want to know everything but the Lord is good all right let's take a look at what would a look at today it really is not as I like to call the world 's greatest wireless connection and that is prior in Mississippi just a very simple will science of prayer I appreciate the fact that the unwillingness of making obligated and he will make it complicated as we wanted to be a net but I found there is power in simplicity facility look at three things here at this session that is number one the invitation to pray when you look at the conditions to answer prayer and able to look at the timing play and the content of prayer and the severest blessing to you I missed the question Roger freelancer is wreaking that will get you but let's begin by looking at some clothes in there when I get into the word and figures on the finisher with you experience as my own prayer life we sever real God who is interested in our lives it is very much interested in our issues and I'm sharing with you my journey in the development of this in my understanding holes that the Holy Spirit will bear witness to some of these things and give you courage and strength in your walk with Jesus and honestly look at some thoughts here thoughts to consider as we begin education two fifty seven in the prayer of faith there is a divine science it is a science that everyone who would make his life work of success must lot understand and and in the appraisal ability in a time has left the stuff out there there is a compilation that's entitled the power prayer by online thinkers you look at it gives you a good overview very very encouraging and educational course in the Bible there are a number of prayers we can be looking at will be looking at one tomorrow the Nexus found in gospel workers page two fifty five or some more if you looking for some handouts for this study was you don't think he said Goss the work is two fifty five Nicolette the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer hi spasmodic leg now and then that seems convenient elegant happen the ability to hold onto so is prayer optional the Christian is about as often was breathing varies as optional as breathing and death that the Christ page ninety three prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to what is to a friend note that is necessary in order to make known to God what will what we are but in order to enable us to receive him prayer does not bring God down to and brings us up to him the beautiful the seven also God and prayer is not the change God 's changer it will talk more about that but what is God 's invitation to last we talk about prayer Hebrews four fourteen to sixteen seeing then that we have a great high priest who is passed to the heavens Jesus the son of God let us hold fast our confession for we do not have a high Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as we are yet without what without sin let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace in help in time of need and so went when the challenges to come how baldly that means with confidence confident that were going to some other really understands on about you but I'm sure you had this experience we went into something and you try to share that with someone who is never been through that and you don't receive much empathy are you with me as a pastor when I try to give you lots people come to me with the challenges in their lives I think of everything but when I do is when someone comes to me and their and their struggling in the midst of something out in the paper would remind remembering someone who think that that has come out and I worked to connect in because they can speak the language that the other can understand I remember one day I was passing a kidney stone and never positive if the Delta drink lots of water and diabetic educator that a couple ladies tell me that they would rather have a baby solid magazine inside to get Mister but I can see that they said I did nothing but many eliminate when I first went getting to the emergency room they were to guide their and him it was told him what I was going through a lot all over me and responses hi there can you there looking for medicine each student man turns out the capacities of an interest aroused by their later on I went home and get Estonia come back I thought it was gone that nice doctor told me it was gone but it wasn't I came back what I said at the receivables that guys were gone and I had to example I think ever had a baby because they were not very sympathetic and I lay there and suffered they weren't in a hurry to get me the nice medicine but as I was laying there I was thinking about Jesus adjusting panels the pain and listen what went when we think about Jesus going through everything we do that as human beings go through the had a lot of meaningless you would like to hear you had a computer that had a kidney stone and act on the fact that Jesus went through an experience of a human the whole gamut of human experience it has a meaning you realize about an event that there will never be a time when some is to walk up to Jesus and say no you don't know I went to your staff the reality is that when you and I go to our needs there may not be another human being on earth understand what you're going to the Jesus Jesus does understand that we does he understand he understands so well that he calls the company that is a standing invitation to everyone of us here to pray God is calling to spend time with him he wants to spend time with you and I it's amazing to me when you think about the fact it was children growing up how exciting was it to know that our parent want to spend the day with your heavenly father today talking about calling he wants us to spend time any understands her experiences in first Peter five seven we're invited there to cast all our care upon him for one simple reason the campus that awesome syndication is found uncaring listlessness little bit upon what condition we promised the needed blessing Matthew seven seven eight said ask and it will be given to you seek and you will want not in it will be what open for everyone who asks does what and he who seeks what and him who knocks it will be what one invitation is planning with us will you please come talk out of inoculating for you it doesn't but this guy was so busy that way you know I am in the habit in fact I'm in the habit of losing my glasses you know what you take them off come on you can't seem to find and in its awful and die but I'm so thankful that I can go to my knees and ask God for I cannot find those lefties and doctors to Betty got God is constantly and I don't get a flush my mind which elected on the now had three over nineteen the Lord has done but you know what really got me praying for those little things was an incident that took place early my walk with Christ I was working in Northern California for a computer software company and I was doing training is outfitted trainer software trainer and I was doing and my trainer we're near the Bay Area and she wanted a phone call and she took me she took us to this this plot it was huge and hundreds in California recently in Florida again parking lots are no longer part of our group was given about five o'clock in the day and people coming up work and as I was I was I drove in chief she went out to make the phone call I was sitting in the car ride in the air were cars at the country apart Edward Americans cars and luckily I had to move and I had to go through this maze is just like forever but around Beretta by connecting to a storm of authority should be standing on the sidewalk into the house like no other and as I had to keep doing it was going to create a school nervous and I know the area was first and a second run in the fun of it going to run my pestering me for a property place whether working to be great it is a privately friendly why has and an image is done to determine the car but I thought how silly the father God for parking I mean here God is trying to save humanity and keeping the world and the universe colliding into each other easily worry about my parking appraisers that and so I did pray and I can run again I didn't delete my spouse will just be conscious of talking but every American scan and distinctive pestering me to finally I said he said because the text in the nineteenth or two you do not have because what the source said Lord I really don't want to bother you I know you've got some really poor things everything right now but the stocks with online so I thought you would like you know that I'm really fairly nerve-racking for me to go through all this it would be so helpful if you just gotten a parking place and I can do is you created the universe this is a video editing in a parking place of the great fit in if you get it I totally understand I walk with a I thank you and I do not I looked up and as I looked up at my grade I looked up in his lady nipples electric door things opened up and walking out and rise me as walking out and drank it little Ford Mustang back so I had to back up she backed up leave eligible for an right lady on the telephone etiquette in this world in which it is a coincidence you and if you're Christian you don't believe in coincidence that with CIA's motto and it should be the Christian models well answered me and it blew my mind he's not interested even in the little things in our lives the answer is yes yes but I had a lot to learn I thought of the tickets of the parking places Fiserv trainer with that I was working out in order to show me that you looking at the end and sometimes we mistake mistake needs for grades for the development and understanding understand that is a wise father that I began to understand a little bit here that God is interested in the little things in our lives and youth instructor nine and in nineteen hundred love this one little sentence the Lord invites us to ask you even if what you're asking is incorrect specific and opportunity future something in that other wrong with that but with anything about the Lord is that when he has what he says no to open the door to yes in something but it will do little things with Olympic things to a number three what does God promise to do with my needs and that definitely qualifies us as as sinners to come to God in particular it timely eyewitness a great need is what qualifies inability is for nineteen to love this promise it says in and my God shall supply all your walked your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus all of your knee you know when was a pastor in Hendersonville church one of the things I wanted to do in my youth was to take them on a mission trip optimally got there I knew that would be an experience that would strengthen their walk with Christ as things go wrong on mission trips to and you get to see the power and not to cry out to him for help every direction but only that it is such a joy to be of service for others and that I love it and got anyway and I was we were so busy and occupied a very busy department there are no belongings evangelism and I just couldn't find a way to do a mission trip resume tried to go to clubs or just turns out that in our church the founders of Mirna and Richard Freeman 's precious people and a Cantonese is one China thought and I said okay and so he you know he he how do we do this under the imprint of Lawrence and Lord I will have time to do a mission trip I need you to lay a burden on someone's hard to be really willing to be the liaison to get everything started that he wasn't deleted from their but I will have time for this guy will you please limit in the great Northeast conference was heart is praying jaunty my mind that he's all of eighty six result these are real fire and he is still going on and I felt like I never on his favorite that they were endowed with the office they are not the senior pastor Charles and I is a knock on the door and incomes John has this look he was a man on a mission he comes in and says to us gentlemen with this church needs is a mission trip as a judge Charles iso Visio would you recommend to a leading up the proper mommy said I'll do so he has a connection because they are not the I have come out into this incredible kickoff he has Dick Dirksen variant of the whole team and it was an amazing advanced it was wonderful and we are moving right along they were waiting for them to tell us when we were been exalted to start planning right and this is not necessarily it would happen in a way the economy K and suddenly everything was was an stance the winner was the and we can hear anything or not because they were ceramic to redirect their emphasis because the cost and we didn't hear anything until three months before it was time for our departure and we had made no plan because there was will be available we know we're going and three months we had to race the five thousand dollars not including airfare for fifty five people now view a charge that particularly gifts at their skills in front of me I knew what he was wanting me to say all and if I wanted to say I felt deep within my heart that the Lord was saying to me this is not your call so John and I we pray tonight an end and we said we both agree that if God wanted us to work somehow it was in a work and if he wasn't content with their work if you let us know in two months the Lord rates were seventy thousand dollars I wish I can share with you the details of how there's been fleshed out and the way you guys the tickets were amazing the miracles that God did for you we watchdog change the weather for us on four different days in front of our eyes it was amazing to me by the way later I know people think of anything once and got work for us like this back in the states and I said because we don't work for him like the second that's the reason God is ready we need today but the reality is that whether it's big or small we can not out ask God resources how supply our needs and that she is in steps the Christ page one hundred we find these words keep your want your joys your sorrows your cares and your fear before God you can't unburden him you cannot weary him people numbers and hairs of your head is not indifferent to the wants of his children nothing good in any way concerned our peace is too small for him cannot could anyone be that good innovative in our lives we haven't had that example that you come to know God better you will not be disappointed he is precious to us but in these answers to prayer we have to come to the understanding that God is not irresponsible there are conditions to prayer and meant it I'd like to take a look at some of those now how must we ask in order to receive James one six and seven says let him ask in what they went with no doubting for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind for let not that man suppose that you receive anything from the Lord God wants us to believe him it was hard to trust someone you don't know and then and getting to know him would find abuse very trustworthy and that is a testimony to others who are watching RPC was eleven six but without faith it is what impossible to please him for neocons to God must believe that he is and that his rewarder of those who diligently want to ten I can share with you so many stories about faith by now we can just go all day what an adventure to nine when I was a chaplain at an Academy know our young people today are going through him him okay I will travel you know we see them in with your church and you know we say happy Sabbath one another and cyber nine I send out this campus that was on with young people coming front with broken lives coming from broken homes everything from homosexuality from molestation condoms are not accounted I can just go with you and and publishing with YouTube many of you here is no surprise that it was beyond my ability to need that stuff and got been attempted it was so much pain in her staff was trying to need it it was burning us and rigorously if you know what a school schedule is like it is this was years ago by the way this incident many many years ago but you know how a wild school schedules can be in an dispute in school anyway and anyway I again printers with Dolores and Lord something has to be done for these kids and I know what it is you need to bring someone here that could connect with the pain in a measure that with your earlier you need to bring someone father who can connect to the pain of these cases of as much as I feel for them I cannot speak the language of the opinion figuring out now I can speak hope for them I haven't been to what they think of another by you need to bring someone on and the name of this person kept ringing in my mind and like parishioners in a previous district had mentioned her name I've never heard her speak at your pastor your always really nervous about bringing someone you've never heard state that surprises there are not good and I thought I I had never heard her talk about and she can come to my mind she was so busy and I knew she flew all over the world and that is when he is in the unaffected one who was you know no oh you thought anyway I looked at my calendar I only had one weekend available life and I thought yesterday on a circular color finisher repeaters administrate why I love you but I would hit a culture he a nice act nudges us up to her and she had to severely top of it and I said you can can you come out here I really would legalize his life and she says in the outside like my calendars is sold loaded the student just check please allow confusing I know we can open the leaking is a two-time it was the same weekend anyone other was the consequence of object is happy to see the much younger so you just as I was in a cot bring out all the stuff is yet another it was a lot of money now my budget was not essential but if the Lord place that in my mind and if you lined up the day will God supply my need time to make a decision and she had to make a decision were we willing to trust God to provide the finance I said you come and God will provide you what you did above and beyond anything I can ask what God unleashed that testimony in the middle school and even in my church was under the we serve a God that is we will go phone interleaving he will meet you will you will need a settling out this acoustic resentment from American owners say presumption and faith faith is when you know God 's leading in the next step this is a step into Ottawa presumption is when you're coming up with your own plan financing unless delivered when you know that God is leading you in the next step is in a call for a given at the trust in this ideal that's a following your every outlander nothing unless your plans after the extent God was leading it has asked me to trust him so in this goddess God is reminding us that if we will trust him he will reward you he will report inside the designs nineteen oh three it says but without they own on site is likely alone that we can claim this promise saying I received the thing I asked for my word is sheer I cannot fail you know I am learning I'm training my mind to do this more and more in my life is a growing area for me growing area and I submit to you that in preparation for the crisis is coming upon us soon if we have not learned to trust in the little puny stuff we're dealing with now for laying the groundwork for what will you do in a crisis of now is the time to start cleaning those promises and moving forward in faith trusting the Lord will continue under what conditions does the Lord answer prayer first John three verse twenty two says and whatever we ask received from him because we keep his commandments and do those things that are pleasing in his sight and in Psalms sixty six first eighteen it says if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will watch the Lord will not hear I used to wonder why this is an unusually good illustration Hope this makes sense to you I think Iraq dressing up or something but their sin and the like anyone passing your prayer that almost sounds like you do it my way or I take my toys with but there is a larger issue here the wages of sin is what is that okay God is given with a life-and-death issue so are praying for needs but they are seeing the light one of the larger issue is the same so you may use this analogy you right now it's wintertime my daughter bought a horse shoe that you slept well known to not award and not in one of my friends wants to Jacob once the seahorse is a defense demand he wants to visit and want to see some sort is on staying here and and in his winter we have the radiator here here are some sort of heater furnace and Jacob comes up to me says Neil asked about I would really like to go to your house and got busy working on because in his coat at the close leader is in his codefendants fragmented and ignore his request to go to the horse if I love him I will ignore the because there is a larger issue his life is in jeopardy we have got to do with a larger issue is something that doesn't care about the request like my friend if there is a large issue if there is soon going on in the life that matter has got to be addressed are you with me that in humans I don't have prayer being answered I will go to this in my mind I see Lord is there anything going on in my life that I'm not coming clean with your and you know one of the biggest areas look at is our relationship with others for the various at such a little bit more on that night I asked whether through and show me that that's one of the issues inward rebellion against God God is in a stop and deal with a large issue in Christ object lessons one forty three it's a prayer prayer can never take the place of duty those who bring their petitions to God claiming its promise while they do not comply with the conditions and some will get a sense about it for instance in that it would make insulting so that's another issue never since when praying all what must we do in order to be forgiven Matthew eleven twenty five and whenever we step we where and when ever you stand praying if you have anything against anyone him after father in heaven may also forgive you his trespasses and and I wanted to build a senior because you know this just be honest Norse were sitting here in this in this convention and were praying for the infinitely Holy Spirit and many innocent people in our lives that we are refusing to forgive the past and understand what was done to me that's true but we don't understand what we do the Christ and that's bigger than enough the reality is that forgiveness is not something that you and I can generate these another look at forgiveness and island as an illustration but the look for at forgiveness is oxygen our loans do not generate oxygen the only taken it with me we have to breathe in the atmosphere of walking around us recently having to receive oxygen and end in forgiveness is the same were told that God is is it has totally immersed is planning forgiveness but it's up to us to receive it I cannot change our hearts with the person who has injured us by God can if we are and I have prayed this prayer many times Lord I am not willing right now but I am willing to be made well if you coming to him the Lord will work me like the prodigal son I do with people with the use of horrible things and God I have lots generate forgiveness and heart you can do that for you and me but if we refuse to forgive someone else it will torpedo a communication line we have to the Lord and ask God gives us in the Senate it with me for saying us that steps Christ ninety seven if we expect our own prayers to be heard we must forgive others in the same manner and to the same extent as we hope to be forgiven and that except I really encourage you to look on the Internet him a lot when the last presentations like Corrie ten boom the greatest of these is love it is audio you cannot even get a beta but what a tremendous presentation and this woman had to forgive the murder of her persistent and also the whole family they fit the Lord to meet a woman to forgive the murder of her family any fifteen the union forgive the people in our life event absolutely asked forgiveness forgiveness is one of the things that will block and schizophrenia the focus is going now time place and concert of prayer what example did Jesus give out how to start each day Mark eleven thirty five now in the morning having written a long while before daybreak he went out and departed to a solitary place and there he walked he prayed he prayed it's amazing to me I love to read about Christ prayer life but he started like when the morning one morning as it is documented in the remember what a wise man once said to me what does the soldier put on his armor before or after the battle before the events on its own and as we start again we begin with fantasy example that Christ gives to us to possibly fifty six morning nine morning as the heralds of the Gospel kneel before the Lord and renew their vows of consecration to him he cries will grant them the presence of his spirit with its reply being sanctified as we begin our day with the Lord in prayer he does liberate what did Jesus say concerning secret prayer Matthew six six but you when you pray go into your room and when you have shut your door pray to your father who is in secret place and your father who sees in secret will reward you how openly in the print and with a lot about walking in and people here like that I'd like to print because not a healthy one my focus I have several attention span of fun with a more pleasant I love to do that and it kind of the person you want as people 's houses and missing a report by Nina watching a lot like realigning of those going on not done as an opportunity with a certain level of this quote from education to fifty six family prayer public prayer have their place but it is secret communion with God that does what it sustains us all of life devotional life for someone is getting ready for the second coming is not is not option number nine what would what with what should our prayer be mingled with his four six be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request is made known unto God by the way continues on in the piece which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and in Christ you know we shouldn't be anxious because we serve as auditors with established when I was a student number of eager students and I was not sought and was in another master 's program and in the middle in the Mexico Inuit it is too difficult tedious and I will say that they are because of the theater but I got the ball back to back in the same summer session volumes and volumes of material and so anyway the first in a night the Lord has blessed me and academics and utterly my life later he really did relatively well and that it was time for the final in the amount of information with a meal now we are ready the group of others are all pastors and in the group of us were rorty fearful of the test following this we had got no handouts in the hunt and down so anyway has us taking out one task it was in the afternoon it was the next morning on taking a test first times ever happened to me so much information might if you have ever been there is pumping out in your hours and all the settings I don't not innovate ever had I've never had happening in my whole life and you just let me I praise the Lord we were grading on the current psychotic but I want that are so happy that I was always done and just in the reader of the other test comes with the material study twelve essay questions each with fortified question to prepare and it's five o'clock in the facet block there were already ranked right whose company I'd never seen a group of pastors wine in my whole life like I did at that moment but one of them broken action is the leader and he said to one of us you find the answer to question number one you find that you don't and we did that we broke up with her researching that we give the one guy to put it all together at eleven o'clock at night we were ready to study so I went home and job and I sat down to read to start studying and I've eliminated through the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and what nothing is retaining so the Lord this is the biggest waste of time nothing am I getting anything out of this largest and happen under the sleep and it has to wake me up in Atlanta Hanoi phone log we can have each way acid like you with me and in Dallas that he acted like an computer with the above two or three in the morning I have a good shot at this thing but I'm really scared of this test is really really bad now the program and so it is great I woke up in the morning I had like thirty minutes to take a shower and try to school I was like I'm sleeping right I had woken up yet like what happened was going on them on this test and got another program for this text into the night and him him a versification with if you have requested I got some impressive and am working on my time is a beautiful little continuing until it was this what he was the son and that's what you think in my mind over and over I kept playing on my mind but again singing and I thought to myself like you to do something for me I don't only come in particular sick as a show out of getting a test by Centenary wasn't healthy I thought okay but not at since I sat down in the testing of running out of those I learn my education is actually an education you read all your questions persons financing is not that units of becoming the philosophers question I read it is now president question that the answer came to my mind anyway way he is deviance is a touchy he gave me the answers to the Mountain otherwise they didn't do that before nor since the second without putting you all try my very best God is a thousand ways to provide a providing of which we know absolutely nothing so we can take our art are requested to do this by I test my three seventeenth it's a living in the lovingkindness of God called for more think getting appraised we would have far more power in what in prayer and the whole joined the school I was praising God for what he was about to do I was crazy I was singing it does drive you to do something usually today about his program and Obama now that you know it was good getting the answers to the test so when we pray with nature we can the Lord for hearing and answering how often should we pray Ephesians six eighteen says to us praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit if so our attitude and prayer should be very thankful what do this quickly and looking at her time and I still hasn't got all my life today three sixteen D'Antoni cannot overcome the humbling of Christ the one who walks prayerfully before like a very good father the China overcome the humbling of Christ the one who walks perfectly like this is something that's really been challenging me as of late I am seeking now I dismissed this by now and start revisiting it I am trying out consciously to maintain an attitude print about the day whatever I'm doing I involved running it as a student before I started I asked him nicely for children classes I would pray as also defined that way lies and I would pray and but now seeking more and more to invite him in every area of my life and try to remain more and more manager prayer I want to maintain a connection son still learning and developing why because I was a religious rent the enemy cannot overcome the humbling of Christ the one who wants person for the Lord I want to continue my connection with my heavenly father in a timely gym okay never let it be know that God wants you to pray for something what is it telling you how eager is he to get it to you what's the holdup is that were not praying but take a look at some distant examples of the things God wants us to be praying for what I saw here are some examples the one for the forgiveness of sin forgiveness yet he wants to pray for the Holy Spirit does the Lord Monaghan is the Holy Spirit the victory deliverance in the oxidation endangered number four these are tax you can look at father for wisdom and understanding fight for healing for safer prosperity of ministers of God by the window back up on the ceiling you know I have seen God you people amazing that a part of many annoying services and this is what I tell people serve as a ready I tell them for the fit for the credit for that not the child of God when they asked reviewing the answers always was only going this way you could be right now beginning a process fricative the second but if you look we need to trust the Lord for the timing and it we do it another way we need to get drinkers getting on something that actually would be bad for us we can trust in a image is very well be that you and I been praying our love was one of the keynote and adverse ecosystem upon us like the only reason you with me so we can trust in the night or in the net but for the think the believer there is a resurrection of deficits in its interaction guys can continue the Liberals advocate wisdom and understanding healing prosperity of the ministers of God and that when I talk about financial planning the work of the Lord percent of those who suffer for the truth signature drink for those for our rulers especially a conference president I would encourage you to keep in a prayer is courageous and he's gotten an entity object that men in all of our leaders in prayer for our enemies newbie great for them for temporal prosperity at the work of God will not be hindered and eleven the Lord that gives cause in which well for laborers working for the harvest on the reporting for the coming of Jesus and fifty four needs a negative thing God wants us to be praying for you must answer never twelve in an attitude of art in an answer does not come at the time in the manner expected what should be our attitude Psalms thirty seven seven says rest of the Lord and what one patient in have I I I I I rather be presented in his planet I will be locking up I'm not writing the Internet can't because it takes much time I went to Saturn 's southern and I took a whole a course on computers and I get great and requested that this is a toilet another he learns balance link and I thought there was many ways that it coming up a drop in any decision to let other people be real technology and that even my students or are smiling and then I decided I need some things and some help but when I'm in the ministry I do notice that laptops were going to be a big plus I had a desktop was watching after using lattices I can use one of those gizmos in evangelism I think that would be really good I similarly know my heart you know I'm on my request is a selfish one I really believe what I can use that if you believe that my request is an honestly before you would you please give me a laptop and I really need to have one in my house in my home in Kansas Houston I physically and actually working on electrical and he stuck something in the wrong place and anyway I was working inside on my computer and are just and I thought that's a normal but was that and I looked and I noticed that the single-family speeding faster as an electing writer really really rhyme I thought that this was a having I walked out of your conditioner by MoveOn and got annualized really slow right now in his house and the like to really get and I thought that the grounding in the house broke and the guide explained all you can to empower study house and out of the other side of the computer and I walked in smoke coming in it has fried my computer and dog houses I was a total panic because how to backup your computers thank you David have frankly I didn't and I just knew I fried everything am I a my computer and then Justin craigslist report in the Lord 's issue with it to my prayer that's okay can you please save my hard drive and so I took my computer to some expert in the seventy million listings fried by fear the survey got and so then I called the injured people make the media device computer New York City and five years ago on iPhones and welding machine assembled and we can reimburse you according to what it would cost today I got my laptop I had winked at that moment I had to trust that God was working things out for me this time in nine lifetime that is his time God knows when the timing is the best use instructor eighteen ninety nine we are to rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him the answer to our prayers may not come as quickly as we desire it may not be just as what we have asked but he who knows what is the highest good for his children will distill a much greater good then we have asked if we do not become faithless and scare a net positive or thirteen what if we don't pray just writer worse I don't know what to pray for Romans eight twenty six likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray for as we got but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be matters of the Lord delivers her prayers is if we knew how to be intelligently I was visiting with you I just discovered is in the new living how many of you know you need help with always been fun how many of your finding a struggling be persistent in your prayer I am learning that persistence is a different I am praying for the Lord to create that urgency within my life if you next year I'm pleading for urgency I think Lord of the him your high I want in my heart is that if you will need to be filled I love you place in my heart in a so was these are things that we can be praying for never fourteen what is the secret of spiritual power gospel work activity for two fifty five prayer is the breath of the soul it is the secret of spiritual power no other means of grace can be substituted in the health and so be preserved prayer brings the heart into the business for the needy contact with the wellspring of life and strength is the seemingly muscle of the religious experience we so forgot his real it was a community with a similar communication he began to draw us closer to him there is a science the prayer we have to understand how to print intelligently and as we study begins to show us what's blocking our prayer it was a short with much of what he wants to give us and as we cooperate with the Windows of heaven are openings able to work with many cats will close on your give you but decided it many mortified the site is good but if you get them over to do a little of an element of prayer is vitally important to us and that is persistent we'll talk about that element traversal while trying home is close out father we are grateful that we do not serve a God that his son some faraway place that is barely even noticing with having allies for not following it will ratcheting about his interest in a reveals that me would find out that when we pray this is each graph as though there is another salon God was person that was real God wants us it's more than we wanted he said I pray that this is very humble study will come to much of her understanding that there is a science of prayer that you are not irresponsible irresponsible God and in your teaching us to be responsible in your teaching us to do it to prayer even if we pray for the arrival of her something goofy you don't give up on activities that teach us Lord what is wrong with it and then you corrected loving vibrator will come to understand the money is just arrested okay nice meal and bigger homes and comparisons thank you for you this message was removed even when he was utilizing symbols and ministry moments and then he seems to inspire young I Bible makes price and the Christians the downloadable but just the resources visits is online and you want to see when launching


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