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The Loud Cry

Ray DeCarlo




  • August 19, 2006
    8:30 PM
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I will share with you this is not a loud cry and then so let us pray shall we father in heaven we thank you once again we have the opportunity to come together to worship fellowship and learn more the we do ask that you will grace us with your presence will help us to have our thoughts heavenward Lord forgive us of our season please help us to recognize what a wonderful God we have been doing all they can do bring us into a saving knowledge bless hype crazy meet your Lord in a special way to go help me to speak the words of life speak only those things a lot less than challenge each one here will help me never to compromise the integrity of the word speak the word with Melissa Clark family your angels watch over us of Jesus we pray in Jesus I wanted there was just the regions a few statements leading up into the loud cry deal with some issues of the preparation necessary for the latter rain as you know the early rain is to overcome your sins and cleanse your soul of those things that are contrary to the will of God latter rain has nothing to do with overcoming your sin you understand right now maybe memo latter rain is not for overcoming your sins you cannot be a recipient of the latter rate from the first overcome your sins and so the early rain is for victory over your sins to bring you to the point we you are now ready to receive the lottery rather letter rain hasn't multifunction purpose one policy to help the people of God to stand through the last plagues and I'm in trouble Jacob Sonnenfeld also to give power to the final necessary three angels message the loud cry and and so forth and it is to bring the Saints to the full maturity level with a party perfected their candidates is bringing them up to a complete fool ripening for the harvest of God but let me just read you a few statements from the server alone on this this is testimony to the truth line five page two one four she says quote not one of us will ever receive the seal of God while our characters in one spot or stain upon the it is left with us to remedy the defects in our characters to cleanse the soul Temple of every default then the latter rain will fall upon us as the early rain fell upon the disciples in the now what's interesting about the statement is one obviously the fact that we will not receive the silly got wobbly have any sin known sin or practicing sin in our life that will not receive the seal of God is a fatal delusion among some who believe that will keep sinning until Jesus comes well for some people and affect most people will that's exactly right else until Jesus God that defendant be lost in not been out among the Sega among the wicked shall so there will be multitudes you will be sent until Jesus but expect to get to heaven you got us up for probation was and the soul one spot or Spain will prevent you from receiving the seal of God now what is else is interesting about this is that it's left she says it is left with us to remedy the defects Doctor now she didn't say that we had the power to remedy the defects in our character she does Jesus of left us to remedy the effects of in our characters in the sense that we have a responsibility to God will not give you what is left for you to do for yourself you send out how to do your part for you so don't expect God to come down and do your repenting for you guys not get it do you repenting for you you have to do it and if you want to sniff once almost in a crusade and for the hour Missouri conference and I had this one lady come up to me one time when the end of one of the mediation she started crying you know she was really upset and she said can you help me I said was wrong Hesiod habit of smoking on a one to give it up she was an Adventist you want to give up smoking possible wanted to tell me how you stop smoking always you know you're your method of stopping the Smokies while all take but the cigarettes you know I'll crush them and soak them in the water and whatever she's belting to a three and put them on the shelf of the closet just in case assemblies I guess it is not because the money right there I said that surveys your problem a senior planning to fail in making provision for the flesh while I haven't come down think those three cigarettes whole amount of the house the market play you got a problem up and drinking yes let's not go on the liquor store you got a problem with your mind wandering in areas where it should not want to admit you don't consider what you watch and what you read that you have to stop doing certain things you know there are some things that are actually enough themselves they're not send but because they may lead you down the wrong kind of a path or maybe cause something to happen in your life in a sometimes some things that are good have to be cut out of your life all cases but sometimes it has to so we understand we have a part of play in salvation by cooperation we don't like that idea because I mean let's face it may not what would be easier to have God do everything for you sit back on a lounge chair soaking up the sun or you sweating but you know and getting out there doing something so without a remember that we have a part to play we got responsibility she says when these things that she says then the latter rain will fall upon then about a way to me make this clear whether we participate in this novel labyrinth you yet you mentioned is something of a meeting before the latter rain is going to come in the fall but we have to understand that we have a park to play if we expect to be recipients of the latter rain is going to come whether we're ready or not was in place seven oh two she says the latter rain will come in the blessings of God will fill every soul that is purified from every default it is our work is our work to date revealed our souls to Christ that we may be fitted for the time of refreshing for the presence of the Lord fitted for the baptism of the Holy Spirit it is not work we have a work of work to do it is up to you to decide which of them you don't sometimes it's not easy it's not easy sometimes sometimes we have to do things that are well may be unpleasant to us maybe something we don't want to listen what righteousness is doing that which is right okay righteousness is doing that which is right I look righteousness is a principal money motion and other we do right because it is right not because it feels right judgment you don't want to write because it's the right thing to do not because you have a good feeling about what you do what's right even if you don't feel right you do it anyway because it's the right thing to do that's righteousness but we've relegated the issue to an emotional issue while I can't wait to I you will ride and then I'll do right we'll never do right without a remember that righteousness is a principal about misunderstanding love visit it is a motivating after I knew what I because it is right because I love to do what's right not because I feel right because it's the right thing to do and we got to come to grips with this but we don't we give as a people we don't not as a people there are exceptions no doubt about and are people who want to serve the Lord doing what's right reforming their lives changing the way they live making of their series about the Christianity for the vast majority are not serious about the Christian even in the Seventh-day Adventist church the vast majority of Nazis now many statements that clearly indicate that the bubble but greater portion of the seven editors will not go to that very clear that the vast majority of the untimed churches in the world so no this left us to remedy the defects of our care we can be a part of the finishing work we can but it's up to you you've got to decide testimony to the church volume one page six one nine she says I was shown that if God 's people make no effort on their part but wait for the refreshing to come upon them and remove their wrongs and and correct their errors if they depend upon back to cleanse them from the filthiness of the flesh and spirit and fit them to engage in the loud cry that their angel they will be found wanting the refreshing or power of God comes all the way on those who have prepared themselves for it by doing the works which God gives them namely cleansing themselves humble filthiness of the flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear critically I think so you don't have to make changes in your life if you've spent the recipient of the latter rain you have to make changes was a razor administration always been raised a Christian I come out of the Catholic community and I think of it you know I was into drugs alcohol it involves a drug or alcoholic onion I was whacked out by the time I was a deep my life was a complete wreck but when I heard the seven baddest message you know my life changed rat and I remember one of the hardest thing for me was keeping the Sabbath unit is always used one of my clubs on the in on one of the party Friday night and a day that was party time for me I remember sitting the Sabbath alone many a times all alone making me may not want Jesus but this is this is tough and again on the day I die you not gave in to temptation one time under August so bored out of my mind on you not just contain the eye to know what the ninety apartments of them is nowhere in the borehole in this way there's no way on member drove down to one of the microbes are you stupid the Friday night although all the while I'm driving you heard the same voice son you know you don't know where that was before I been regarded no town meeting heard that voice please so I never tried it but I never seem to myself a number of ninety is now a gun under talk to somebody on Fellowship something unusual Sunderland it is my club and I set the bar not with my fear and I took a couple of success at the event when it was the most one of the most depressing moments of my life I looked around and solid you know it only met when in the world you really don't notice people released your nonobservant in terms of human behavior you just interested in carnal things so you don't care about you know but people really are doing in life I sat there what's with that access us all people just drunk out of their minds and in whatever was going on muscle this is no place for me this is no place I let the fear on the counter I walked on I was never back on everything that they any of those places but you know I came to the conclusion you know what I I had this and our member one of the faults that I had to his occupation around my old drinking buddies that were good people not below the line the decent people out there who will just don't know that I just don't understand life I mean spiritual life doesn't mean they get premeditated murders just music just don't understand about them in a moral ethical spiritual life but I remember coming to the conclusion of him than a little bit for his last or least try to live a Christian life in all have some go at it on the map even cut them out of my life and I knew some of these guys when I was in elementary school amen what following on five years although when I was nine seven eight year low by newbies on the resellers and the just say goodbye but I can't weigh now what I used to do what I was like before what my life was like versus where I am now in the midday there was no competition so I decided they got ago Natalie says that if I seem down and you know what has been the streets or in the shopping mall somewhere say hello to be rude noxious or belligerent mother-to-be you know ignorant network in almost a low muscle befriending time but on the table and not one of them up and hang out with a minimum is not happening I sometimes you don't have to do that sometimes you have to cut friends out the system is changes and got a be made it's not enough to get away with it what was the point of coming here this weekend we call all weekend long at the Ranieri Jesus countered phrasal around Anna Gonzales and Emily go back to where we begin up and on the same old same old so what do the dispensary days doing what proving what the judge of the hypocrite a scientist pocketed that are not what I come to California and am sent either to stay home tomorrow doesn't work for us to do we got to get busy what you say I love there's no mistake about it we have a responsibility by Moses God will work you both to will and do what you place yourself in a position where he can work his will through the editor is out of the review Nelson statement on the loud cry needed to this is under my time is going on a short here you know anything about three Peter Simon and Eric clearly indicates all about the latter rain their verse nineteen and so forth and then you cross-reference over the revelation eighteen one through five that you have what was to describe Revelation eighty one through five what's it's a describing a loud cry no doubt about describing allowed but both of those prophecies and in acts three and in Revelation eighteen go to get policy wine opens the way for the latter rain the loud cry and then when I want to listen what's everyone says about the loud cry and when it will thrust forth to the world because he regularly Revelation eighteen is the earth will be lying with the glory of God the whole Earth will be line with the glory of God now you can bet about to leave that one the loud cry goes out Satan isn't just to sit there and think is a matter of fact it just as a point of reference you go to Daniel with me to Daniel eleven Daniel eleven forty four and if you look there it's good to pick up on that loud cry and I want you this is a show you what number you see correlation between the priesthood three angels message loud cry the Sabbath message all of this coming in the playlist is readily are fuming at eleven forty four but tidings out of the East and North shall trouble him now this direct reference to the papacy the trouble him and make him upset why because this message is going to undermine his authority the three angels message challenges the authority of the Pope challenges the audience a and that is so he will he will feel that message come upon anyone troubling is that all you shall both want with what great fury to destroy and utterly make away many persecution is a critical element people about the wonders of awareness when you know what happened when relaxing to get our act together when we got about to the world that we are no different than the Jews of old when did they ever go out willingly to the world and preach the gospel that's right they never did for one no not once in the back of the Old Testament history dumpling with the Jews go to the world a little work everything they refuse so what about the quantity of the input them into captivity didn't be sent in the captivity and we did it when he set the Egyptians dead on it I was interestingly to the unit of Egypt Assyria Babylon Persia Greece pagan Rome what were the ever they will world powers they will world aged minister went to the extent of Babylon Persia Greece Spain Rome we know that that's for sure note that about that but still they were very dominating power supply very powerful nations why did God allow these nations to take the Jews got one on another nation because these nations were as were the home of the wheel well rotated around these nations what took place in Egypt would take place in a fast spread of land all over the region what happened in Babylon would take place all over the then known world and meet a person recent pagan Rome listening God said if the Jews want over the world I'll bring the world of the optic them captive at all for student I will place you in a position where I will make you tell them honestly what we fail to do an atomic peace and prosperity we wanted one of the most debated and disagreed Mister you know that one of different vintages at your note right now consequently have as the rhetoric like the same in aware corporation I don't like to use that word I deny that the pictures Corporation is also try like Internet Corporation sold on spiritual I'll like to consider ourselves a movement movement of Preston but the present in other like that they want to call themselves a corporation and we got literally billions of dollars in assets you know that Jesus had administered you know that you aware that the nominations I said Billy importantly the brethren were too interested in figuring out what's optimistic that it will prepare them for the another administers retirement fund is just giving and how much they cost then almonds are therefore under a more now to sleep on the streets so I'm okay no matter the make if we wanted to if we wanted to if we want to have the financial means to buy one Howard prime time TV on a Sunday evening if we wanted to and present the three angels message reminding clear-cut no uncertain terms the three angels in a day when the program was over that's assuming the network would allow prefinished but when it went and when the program was over the next day you have the rest of the drive what we can finish the work we can but the vast majority don't want just the wife says this in testimony to the church volume six page four when she says when the person when the storm of persecution really breaks upon you know persecution works in stages I mean persecution can come in many forms I mean for example you know when music together were persecution automatically online goes the physical know we think of being physically harmed but let's be honest you can be persecuted with words Friday night for sure you'd be persecuted with words not physically harmed you may be emotionally or mentally you know challenge in terms of the persecution of the words which are physically but nonetheless still a formal procedures when she says one person can really bring supplies listen your beyond words here in the realm of physical matter and if my members these man on the one ninety nine I think several Lord in many monitors many martyrs at that time many modern many of God 's children lay down their lives when the storm of persecution really breaks upon us then will the message of the third Angels while the loud cry and the whole Earth will be line with the glory of the Lord why why will then be done but because we refuse to do so what happens since the life experiences that Jesus today we are not noticed is that this will not always be the world doesn't recognize there is an Al Qaeda large you which understand below the eyes amazing to me how some of the evidence are oblivious to what's really gone were wholly ignorant about the political arena is an ISU well-rounded George Bush button or whoever you want Clinton whoever you feel you you've lived litigated fully admit that you know that look in the point we ought not to be ignorant of the political system and what goes on in regard to the walls of the land yield on another with going on reality on the forefront of what's going on with the laws that are being passed today will come to haunt us tomorrow if you think otherwise you will soon be in a dream reason anyone signatures sentence lesson the first Patriot Act was passed in a patriarch one of the first password this only and that is gentleness if there's a auto line given up my freedoms and find BLT real estate auto I think is wonderful we can be kept safe about developed through my freedoms I sat there I did all I could of been a lot you can if you could harness my energy trust me I was so infuriated that that's the I I was in the Mrs. not raise my family to make a come and I said that statement implies that our freedoms of the problem but that's what's causing us harm in doing so in order to keep you safe authentic leaders reasons that are preventing you from being sex offenses Senate ludicrous thinking as I think that is absolutely you know I think we need to teach him from elementary only up a meeting number that we needed to to suffer cold logic you know rationally thinking something through methodically calls to affect because I guarantee most people have not announced of logic at all I mean not announced what not to give up my freedom to keep the same as though your free difficulty or danger this is Christ freedom is never called any danger is those who hate freedom who caused this thing no then Franklin God bless all that we doesn't but you but he's one of my heroes on I marked than Frank OES Dale Ben said you know what if you're willing to give up your freedom to be safe easy to deserve your freedom believes in here here for Mister Ben God bless Mister you see he had logic persecution breaks and of course is in a position to testify under one of two things must be honest to convey right now at this moment nobody turning off nobody harming us you come to a meeting like this but the cost all right a few gallons again and do not in the Bible and the New Testament when the Bible says believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved in an evangelical use that is predicated back to the Nepali government executive belief animals this technology in your favorite born-again Bundesbank they don't understand complex investment you go back and read the context of why they said no believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thus appreciate you understand the meaning of that word believe because in those days to believe that the moment you believe you could be put to death the hospital being put that just bicycle I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to all who profess that you are a follower of Jesus Christ to cluster your life the mass of the all honest and money on SQL I want you to ask yourself if there was actually a law books right now a federal law that said if you professed the Lord Jesus Christ with an approach of that what you profess the Lord Jesus Christ was as you do it now obvious directly your eye you don't go about reducing your debt if they are so worth it cost is not a but you put a price tag on your hand and was soon seen on time to story from the former Soviet Union Lisa soldiers said they were sent Monday KGB in opposite effect on Christianity Soviet Union they found out the group of Christians meeting together to certain building all in all every week so the formal rating Officer Joe Cella Chris is assembled they were singing out of the gutters praying and studying the Bible I number them all the sudden the front doors will open homages and companies storm troopers urges Rolen and other shotguns and or machine guns and whatever they got been pigeonholing in the everybody off the season as they shot which can imagine and they tell the people this influential lineup against the wall facing the end because they do they got no choice they line up facing the wall all of a sudden they start hearing the guns were known as talking triggers and everything so that think about obviously that then the captain of the guards said the soldiers came and he said the identity of your chance to save his yourself beginner have to deny the Lord Jesus if you do that I'll let you what so one by one people started denying the Lord until there was just a little group left then the captain of the guards told one of the soldiers he said I want to lock the doors of matches your thinking if you very well but that's the only witnesses to you know what it is so they won't lock all the doors nobody can see nobody knows what's going on when the doors of bowl when they were all locked up since you than the captain said now we know who the true Christians let us sing praises to the soldiers one of the worship God but they wanted to find out who the real Christian vitamin worshiper hypocrites we don't know who we are until a trial comes you may think you know who you are but you don't know yourself and to your test in a Peter thought he knew himself and and we love Peter God blessed Peter I was beyond for Peter before his conversion in the fellow was on the hell a good intentions but not good and you don't make you a Christian but Peter thought he knew himself in but Peter did not himself at all you don't know who you really are until you are try then we see what kind of character they were all nice with one out we laughed and we 's alley good to see that she was so glad to have you well if you told your car or some other event takes place I come walking by it is in conflict to raise previously what a wonderful day anonymous understanding doesn't mean you're happy with the car direct but he retested the contracting community fly off the handle and start cursing and was essay about you whenever you to store this one girl she was being this is work fellas you may get after death of the store you may be tested on this this one girl she wanted to see what kind of this man was you know she was dating and and there would be pretty serious maybe I'll scissors considering marriage now back on the things you wonder what how character didn't really have much easier if you say all sweet things all day long and then you know all day long that doesn't mean you know so she wanted to picnic she she planned this is what she did one of the far network Manny was under pressure so she devised a plan she's within a market piece of fun she said that I would leave my car unbeknownst to him he she she allowed the needle being that the investigation of the run all the way down to almost eat I mean it with barely make and the destination she knew she calculated based on the mouth per gallon she knew that it was not gas to get there for safety reason I get for her she put some gas in the trunk I would recommend that by the way not at all but I'm just telling what she did so she put up a gallon gas in the trunk of a car knowing this you say something in the car they drive down the road all of a sudden you know there were fishing when the customer what would we do we finish the story doesn't matter what event but you see it's on the pressure from trials and tribulations come then that's the kind of person you are missing I would hope and pray to God he passed the test but the don't know sometimes people don't and I think it's a good thing that you should test the personal care you should walk you should be in the book of person I got nauseous devices when and when you look in a man to treat his mother Mister enough amenities Yelena 's mother God had mercy on you persecution will bring us the position where we will testify we will testify when we finally get our act together when persecution break that's a sad commentary you understand that don't you that is a sad commentary but it is reality now there are exceptions no doubt about it she's begin in the generic woman terms of the church as a whole you understand that right this is not speaking of individual altos today right now is just what does they are enough to disarm they they are doing the will of God they're not waiting for persecution that always yet going out right now doing the will of the masses of people we will not do it early thirty three she says that commencement of the atomic trouble we will fill with the Holy Ghost we might want to proclaim this applicable only at what time trouble we went forth going to set up more fully Bible commentary volume seven page nine eighty five season this fall Sabbath is to be enforced by an oppressive laws but refer to one Sunday loss right is a Sunday Satan 's angels are wide-awake and intensively active but while Satan works with his line wonders the time will be fulfilled or told in the revelation of the mighty Angel shall analyze nearly with the Dorian will proclaim the fall of Babylon and the call of God 's people to forsake or so again you see the timeframe don't when will these things from when she Sunday laws easy persecution venue to see these things from the past thing started about the things being brought about in Revelation eighteen and the loud cry the preaching of the Sabbath and so forth when these things take place the same once again we don't have to wait individually for that the time to do it now model commentary nine seven page nine eighty four she says as the members of the body of Christ approached appeared of their last conflict Jacobs trouble trouble they will grow up into Christ and will partake largely of the spirit as the third Angels message swells with a loud voice and as a great power and glory attend the closing work the fateful people adopt will partake of that glory it is the latter rain that revives and strengthens them to pass through the time of trouble their faces will shine with the glory about life that attends the third angel it revived and strengthened us to go through the a man who has been a new testimony to the church by seven page seventeen he says that the third Angels message swells the loud cry great power and glory will attend its proclamations the faces of God light of heaven review and Herald December twelve she is me December the thirteenth eighteen ninety two she says that again approaches the testimonies of God servant will become more decided and more powerful no I'm sure we've all heard the sermons in our life at least at one time but we have never heard of reels when the latter rainfall you want to hear a real server hopefully you be the one for each but I mean you're going to hear a real server a powerful message that if that the cost could move thousands in a day what will the latter rain is going to be more abundant we know that were told that it would be greater not equal to or less of them but greater than the day of Pentecost great controversy page six eleven she says the work that will be similar to shooting the work that the work will be similar to that of the day of Pentecost speaking of the anti- mouse as the formal rain was given in the output of the Holy Spirit in the opening of the gospel and calls the offspring of the precious seed so the alarming will be given at the closed for the wiping of a harvest break out of her space for six for he says before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the Europe there will be among the people about such a revival of prima donnas that has not been witnessed since apostolic now again in parallel go back to my safety than just the same way in which they prepare themselves for the early rain so the day off so we must do this and it brings back apostolic charity I remember back in those days Emmanuel back in the terms of asked to rate so what you look at what they were doing towards one of the alleged to study the behavioral attitudes about people was started just from that perspective energy dividing up on people making restitution no apologizing and wrongs like the best of their but they went beyond they went beyond that we know for fact that somebody was homeless that were invited into their homes they were taking care if you have any clothes that get you closer grammatically expensive they took care that brought you in they look at you as though you were some distant individual you know just someone they knew you know from a distance they considered you a brother and sister who actually is a family stronger I think that's a really spirited me I think spiritually the bond should be stronger than physical thing I would should be a closer bond of a link to us and end so that people were making sacrifices they were providing to the physical needs and they weren't asking for interest in charge anybody rent somebody needed something that yet with the same birthday and more power should you need it Bush and those who were asking for closer food listen they were thinking of selling you the needed they were selfish and a request radon of her spacers eleven six twelve he says there's something on their faces light up and shining with only consecration will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from Heather Henderson complaint and by thousands of voices all over the earth the warning will be given miracles will be raucous it will be signs one of the following leaders Satan also won't work one was even bring down fire from heaven and the sight of men not the inhabited earth will be brought to take this man imagine a climactic moment thousands of people bought houses and all of the world golf people will run from one place to the next morning the people telling them in preaching the three Angels much of the loud cry shame to perform miracles and I thought people who also brought forth many Americans politically this brings in the end time the entire lot will be the great test what will be the great text will miracles be great Americans will not be great what will the people of God do as the evidence that they are really proclaiming what is right what will they say was that Bible Belt was required what I've done saith the Lord of the estate the Lord of the essay below another day when this happens miracles would be wrong save in a counterfeit and part-time spiritualism unlike anything we've ever noticed a witness in the history of mankind saves you to perform the crowning with told outcomes oh Lord and recovered that Satan will person they the disciples genetic yes the disciples will be presenting now think of this climactic issue will be one Sunday start in the right shoulder of his Sunday subdivision now have all the apostles was the number one upon will you thought any evangelism reviewed by many balls as I witnessed there anything on and you felt a Sunday Sabbath is closed on one apostle that you always go to the viewer position of evangelicals will will will always quoted but this is the issue who was is it John know if it's honest that's right it's all is the number one the number one man dressed in a date is a view Satan the smartest thing to do is the first of April nonnegative just just think of this problem here you are preaching the word of God you will be Paul Colossians two fourteen to seventeen your clarifying what Paul said I hope you understand Colossians two fourteen percent late don't give me the Bucky of the interpretation Colossians two fourteen through seventeen listen please listen right now you've got other Scriptures throughout the Bible with him pull all that are pivotal critical that I now here you are preaching and preaching collages to fourteen through seventeen you're selling is not the seventy seven that was nailed to the cross but the ceremonial sadness divestitures Avenue earlier anchoring but here you go all of a sudden major regional war was walking on the dusty roads of Loma Linda air come fall hair comes up all and he is the human person baseball he says all Mister Smith is a wonderful man he's a sincere and honest in what doing but if anyone should know what I wrote in order to be me I wrote Colossians so don't tell me about what it means Paul and now you want to tell me what you contend with it was just a license within the group when Satan impersonates Christ within them the people on issue it using of Jesus Christ no that the antichrist that state my reasoning is that of the people towards you there angrily sells to a fever pitch on unlike anything you could ever but luckily have to do with the state with one bus saith the Lord thus saith the Lord thy same alone you have to enter your zip you know your senses will betray you if you let what's the only thing that will prevent your senses from from being busy with holiday it is awarded up on it it's its enjoy mine in your faith of the word of God is this you can see the interview sight hearing taste you feel on you since writing that you can be the butt of faith your identity fixed on the word of God the Word of God that until your eyes know what you see is not really in the actual it just use it yes you hear it yes I'm feeling yes but my mind says no means wrong because the word of God controls my eye this Internet now allow your senses the controlling on my you always must allow your mind to control your sense my mother one time came to make we were talking and I heard that she heard her mother had passed away and my mother never got a chance to say goodbye and it really bothered her you know really and I can understand never given a chance to save number five two mother and so it is really plagued my mother and so one day one morning are leaving the morning I remember when it all of a sudden my grandmother appeared in my mother and there she was talking to my mother and I was talking back there my mother was angry grandma was allegedly a lightweight before its IEEE issued going back and forth talk so when I found this out I knew I had to talk to my mother not painful for her and uncomfortable opposite for me I got a tell her that you can see them when I was in Yuma because all of the and the I didn't tell as I love my mother I don't want her to be deceived on the mother to go to hell I don't know whether to make it to heaven is not for me I don't know what but when virtuoso got to know this I do know that she heard the truth is up to her to decide that's all you the main body Christian but you can tell them about being a Christian and I decide miracles and be wrong we've got a stick to the word of God and a cultivator had now not when the crisis breaks when you hear people preacher teacher or your professors and school of mindless don't just sit there be sorry saps and taking whatever they tell you how and and and and and and anal allowing a mindless day for yourself a limit on about this earlier bozo with Bobby freethinkers independently mentally made independent freethinkers dividends in Google roundel you don't repeat what your professor said all you are to take recorder that's all you are not enough rethinking into the tape recorder demanding your theological classes demand apostate below the man who don't visit Sudan and FHA basically when I login on the professor are not visible this is our respect you been a professor and out of respect you but sorrow one thousand you can remind them of one thing you're paying the college colleges and pay you in Iraq are not as we unify how you do a job take up my grass you can promote a cup progress believe me if I'm paying you are not cut the grass that you will cut the grass at Pompeii and the college tuition on paying the fees on here to do your job for you on one make sure I get my money 's worth review and Herald December twenty fourth eighteen eighty nine up close with the uploading Tuesday when the crisis comes many will be prepared to make a right to seek to make right decisions even in the face of formidable difficulties that will be brought about through deceptive miracles of Saint at the beautiful promise many most even despite the fact that the full many will still make a stand for Jesus she goes on to say although these will all confess the truth and become workers with Christ at the eleventh hour they will receive equal wages with those who walked through the whole day there will be an army of steadfast believers will stand as firm as a rock last eight great covers basics twelve she says the message will be carried out not so much by argument as my deep conviction of the spirit on the arguments have been presented the seed has been solid and now it will spring up and bear fruit the publication is visited upon missionary workers haven't exerted their influence yet many whose minds were impressed have been prevented from holy fully comprehending the truth or from yielding obedience now the rays of light penetrated where the truth is seen in his cleanest the honest children about several other bands that have helped him family connections church relations are all powerless as they now truly is more precious than all the sign notwithstanding the agencies combined against a large number take their stand on the Lord without actually a million good people I backslidden on the really sincere these people but you know the lingo when they come in the church and they see what goes on in the new walk right up now my fugitive behavior is justification for leaving the crew did not run the justification for leaving the crew left I said this the default what other people do should not determine what you do it what if they want to leave if you want to Georgia they want to wear their jewelry in the makeup and listen to their worldly music whatever if that's what they wanted to why should you allow them to determine what you will not unlock them to give up Christ because you've already given them up because you go to church doesn't mean your Christian doesn't mean your born-again shotgun because you sing a hymn at present predicate the issue of Germany who's a Christian or not in him to sit by it by their fruits you shall know that you love me keep my commandments registered as a unified young when he went when he returns it looks upon a circular which is well done nothing that will serve as a well sent out with maple syrup now you sign your name so good somebody says this is well done I will send some of this sixteen four one she says many who have strayed from the fold will come back to follow which may recommend that you know the sad thing is how many of us criticize those who have left and we don't realize they may be coming that he knew maybe going out as possible I hope it doesn't happen but it's possible Jesus is coming with Mrs. did you without a work to do this weekend has been dedicated to the concept of the preparing for the latter rain getting ready to do the work of God but we already know the will of God regarding the lookup required not as though were ignorant of that relationship we are wholly aware of what God requires only got to do is simply to document as the power got given us the willing note the size of what you'll do it to be there with we decided to him and what assay would mean more not been the Christian that I should've been I'm not the person that I should while one arise higher holy in the state that I now find myself but I want to be a deeper completely committed to you deeper than I've ever been before have me to be a difference in the make a difference in my school and my home and my church it must be much amenity want that want to make a change in different God bless it's up to you you got to decide to make that change that is pretty fun event with thinking please bless us and keep us up was to recognize our great need of the cleansers of the Lord we pray help us to recognize the longer work that lies before us the earnest about once again we've had a long long day but please give us a good night 's rest comfort us heavenly thoughts waken us in the morning the Lord to begin a new day we can once again serve you continue to bless us we pray we thank you Jesus and


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