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Total Church: Breaking Bread, Part 1

Berenice Cheng


Leading evangelistically effective small groups


Berenice Cheng

Dentist based in Melbourne, Australia



  • December 31, 2011
    3:15 PM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a high having a meeting in an as is alive and in three cities in Lancaster and culture and interest in your love as they interact with other people anyway portrayed living witnesses and very manly things using the name that will well and everyone is nice you think your way through this and that's okay you have a couple of people joining us I if you just looking you I ended breaking bread sending out and not using them now existing that the people running it now another name mentioned absentmindedly banging I hear it my brother down any dock we are not minister and re- Gately has been to Cincinnati the name of incident will be sharing that houses die frenzied within your home text in the context will be interesting so with my condition is in on this three pot three module rather than asking delegates ran a bit of a pipe that without you it has been asking for the benefit of holiday on your most welcome to stay and we will be having fun practical component I will get you that the practice tape casting pretty cool pride keep the racks up by I trust you will be now going to him who is facing the method allowed to we are way way down in the corner of the present of the mountain nationally vaccine the second line between insanity that we had a population of about four million people and also in addition area you may have heard us say that we had fifty two I have been running I think we are a small recognition and outside is located right in the CBD are just about the Columbia added a video no but cannot seem to be familiar with the five principles of soul winning charts that friends will be diminishing and why important you know biblically based in return the time stamp partially to go through all this in detail that you are interested in the decency to look out for them nothing very different audio that will be written materials as long as you are convinced that President Clinton but I do have an interest rate increase as he got indicated from abuse sorry overview may be asking but when you know that and if you have very brief snapshot for the fact that all is that true spiritual revival in either way why important I was talking about the machines have provide for the reason is because I essentially we are once again a smoking finish in your small group is not going to be effective in the unit amendment in the leader that will be revived by the way that you will start smoking finishing your checks to make sure that you get your questions together make sure that you are revived by the Bible in the Bible and then I said sure if I will buy the brand leads to a clear FDA identity meaning that you know why your Seventh-day Adventists know what that means I found that when you say that when non- Seventh-day Adventists at least you know it you're trying to say and it also means that you understand and you prophetic message how I give you motivation to study Tennessee three just before just a few subclasses will more often more successful the presentation of Christ in the family and small gatherings in private homes is nothing more than filling winning season and are sending in full context since on that site is that we had in our experience your thieves he has three colors that we have moved green and red now we've got added out that check right in the middle of nominee in the city and one in the green and that's why I cannot take it in the insurance proudly planted in two thousand and eight at the east end we had a few locations that have went to lunch I then checked for in the west of the city tomorrow and here and that's why had the fewest figure that I always noted that where we have a chance we had slated announces recall of mobility cheesecake is lately what that means amendment made and with that change based on the content contacts rather than faith in the success of behavior that we've established failure in the way that anything okay I will share with you a little story which is really cool and it illustrates the power of friendship now in John's mind this forty one forty two we read he best kind of his own brother Simon Phaethon and we have found the Messiah which is being exhibited the Christ and he brought into the Spanish smoking ministry is all about your connections with other people and bring them diseases by your friends the picture here is Evelyn and he would actually attended answers before we replanted outstretched two thousand and three and a comment that quarantine that help the client even anything right now given in any in Indonesia with his young family now LN was baptized I see many years I asked a prayer he prayed about it regularly and often many years newly rebaptized and documents again I paid very hard for you we've has been one who resisted for many years and by God 's grace to cut a long story short you are not that anyone had a friend called Colonel D and mistress and together they are the thirty invited syndicated into the chance she was indicted and he was on your league before he came to the traits she was engaged in nineteen thousand his wife and then I went on the aggregate before people pray for me and then I came through the chance she likes what she thought she was in Bible studies and she was that type two and going back to LA and I'm not a parent of a hundred effect on only all in the name of Gabby and Gabby was invited to the Chechens indicated in the small group that you find it she was baptized in attention but no going back to Ellis Island for the younger kids as well as newly and for many a we would crave education he used to or else they've ever intended and after a period of think we pray out there for about seven years before she came to take expenditures consistently also was that time she's now one of the leaders of assets and and she has led the focus itself into the minivan segment other people when people is Melissa Melissa has now attends back to Bali with the husband and she is active in ministry that nothing in the opening eight minutes chain of friends it started with one in the print of one and multiplied since so many different areas of your life that you may not even imagine what each of these live even more amazing because his seed Harry Leninism nine different path well in Indonesia and delete anyone I very active in the family machine protection they help out and I is one man helping us now with my next year Gabby had moved to London society Van and she is active in ministry that had been Melissa and Riley and Elsa is actually taken a year defendant of volunteering to be teaching English in violence after anything whenever and so they put their minds and experiences in the blessing that God is given in the name sharing the role of the well everything that such men as an old friend the most national servicemen home after this study the University and input concept of taking things longest with them wherever they go we had Kagan in Taiwan Hong Kong Thailand Indonesia have the exhilaration that is decided we had the US actually I think we had your eighth and started in your eye through the amendment from outside directly when you consider the small group ministry to realize that it is not constitute a check you don't invite people will be in combat and in the inbreeding that we are I think this this moment is meant to be an avenue to bring people into the Veterans Administration is very important to integrate your full good ministry very closely with the present ministry assistant in your local chats designing and let's talk a little bit more about what that means practically intensive activities in Bible studies and hardware phone when you're talking about who Congressman feels negatively a small group and how that fit in with your cat I think that we as much as consider for that and not believing that Kathy and me that we consider the number of attendees that comes out to places that rationed services that were the things they do their validity now Medicaid if we had and the ratio of the Fernandez indicated that you sent in method I know might be a little bit confusing the class time when talking about saving we made that that candidate people that run a group demanding and the nonbelievers in our new friend that we invite the management of the number of trains leaders available to lead to negative the future because ultimately we want this to be thinkable mightily wanted to be something that people can take home and do the job and it shouldn't be too hot to be something that every single one of you when you walk out today fully equipped doing okay so they were talking about people that conduct needed for anyone from you most probably have people on different level than anyone that defendant Hager both on a beaver and affidavits on a Friday night and so for anyone that runs from Decatur to check and found in April and has once listened to Corbin Goldfinger building the cat by anyone and having no violent fighting and good behavior or chatting them up and drunk neither the one on the complicated since they longer the only entryway entering point is and in two thousand and three summary of the cycle of evangelism on which the principle of small groups they had basically at least not in Byblos and London middle right-hand side and see that there is a free salvation of Christ basically what that means is that someone coming into the chance for the best time assessing the agencies doing anything is a sense and combine about redefinition of crack in the favorite will you accept probation basically and in gratitude to God 's grace and that they will lead to repentance and there are continued to Romans to find looking up later in the biography that printed we are given a new heart and fifty one fifth transit that team describes that creating me behind of the year and what you seen that actually sent from sixty one fifty one and seven in the Bible to create in me a clean of God giving you a right spirit within me ask me not away from it and take not thy Holy Spirit from me and people usually stop there but it's interesting to keep going the three best twelve inventing this door and the need to join activation and uphold me with free spirit then will I teach transgressing thy ways and sinners shall be embedded into the sup when we went even you happen Microsoft is a big but you see that kind of receiving a new five hundred menu and that David possible with the will to teach what to teach transgressive to lead people to become a no-win go the next step of the faculty vendor within if anyone has been new hot experiment promoting an expanded convention becomes a doorway and they can be just other people and introduce a free salvation oppressive it then and effectively going to write him out and out evangelistic in the West Chestnut whereabouts are telling NACA is that UK fleet of Morgan Harrington Avenue used to invite people to answer relationship intensive one-to-one Bible studies at that point there looking for an entire continent into a public evangelistic which is when the evangelist cool with his and found that you will be able to assign infected with an interesting and vibrant studies and the cycle continues a multiple level how objects that actually resided with me are based around the major university campuses and knowledge and Phillies sign up with one case one okay give me drooling grandma I think that location music against the Hong Kong contact and get new friends that we can invite the public eventually sixty we did that for two to three years before we had a group of about thirty to forty people have even added a Sabbath afternoon checks that continuing our groundbreaking continuing our friendship and Caicos levels that was another one year before we transition to a Sabbath morning worship service as a fully fledged seventy so public evangelism and evangelism goes and then we get loveliness I think the last different alternative and with outside counsel number three hundred one hundred three eight one million customers the need to design everything around your feedback around you and you friend around the country that you are introducing to the Bible for that time and that means that you need to put yourself in the shoes of the state that what they think what they feel is old news so if you think about what components are the check you have to like catering have taken him of crime attitude reflected in everyone and for those that remain anonymous the longer you remember they who worship sentencing leniency once my Bibles those activities and public evangelistic meeting if anyone is coming on the United States for the fifth time you see that all units that offer the whole range of things and is fully understand the method each of these events and includes what they may receive from the plaintiff and defendant argued that means trying to evangelize and ninety one they only see that in preparing and relationship building experience management find out who they don't know you know only when they may not even know what you know but that's it basically when it went on list is the latency is where they learn about the Bible and in depth later in a one-to-one basis those activities of writing make new friends informing you community and evangelistic meetings and Randy have a public seminar on the Bible echo important staple filler and not encumbered by going into ministry is important to realize how does it even but it's also important and what it means the main component of ministry I'm different from the minute that everything an opportunity for you to witness answer you're leaving out of God writing friendship category of time not only be used to train and to learn and will be talking a little bit more about what we do have a school time to train leaders and core mandate to lead small group embraces everything is coming this is a time for you Fred and friends and that goes hand-in-hand with anyone any lane and him we are here on out will be involved in this field by the evidence of growth they sleep in the end they learn more about the Bible special activity is when you learn to build a community divided into speed hot inaccuracy meanings are the opportunities for more sensory than okay principle of law is that your candidate needs to be we didn't catch this in the head strong emphasis on training and needs if you might be trained hesitated needed and then they are back at a very basic level modeling it after the New Testament action and the STA and using experience and knowledge to the change in asking for families to ask to Thessaloniki to forty four they continued steadfastly in a plastic doctrine and fellowship and breaking of bread and bread there I know you guys up front is that not me today but it's really want to realize the Fellowship comes in the context of doctrine imprinting cannot separate component right and people I walk through the Holy Spirit changing life and protection is your chance Avenue W Y and all your health your health team your public evangelistic team you need to be sensitive for the leading of the Holy Spirit and that means the festival unique value none eviction of my good friends from back home and when you see that picture ever learn me what friendship is all about I recently spent some time in the Children's Hospital is observing and staggering axiom him him him go in PDF you can see the allotted to the actual and permanent kids have the other thing on the second daughter and they struggle with recognizing and responding appropriately to social scene basically they don't really know what to do in social kind I said they are one of the people that I'm feeling we're going to think that you is that they made they can have the instructor on how to respond I think that we would just take for granted for example if we asked the kids to sit in it until an actual event and we haven't a landing page and go on your belly you know my family and my around when it shrank away from me no there is one quality in Québec and in anything I house rule I must only keep momentum and fell and are probably thinking of the act of doing all the things and thinking anything can be went on and when he was settled down we really talking to him how you going to school in what he liked to do with ranking the best friend in an even wanted me and the defendant and even household and I must always stand and and I will invite them of anything illegal cookies and milk in it and insisting me realize that we take for granted that everyone knows how to make the WebTV to make a new friend by driving an extra want that little kid that they know you and time together you eat to get eating rainbow of you take time to talk to you and you and you say everything you plan on that what Higginson molded or that all about friends and then there is the going area better than all the friendship of the well the friendship of Christ the long history Francisco Longe five hi four K of the joys of heaven not the time to finally show a short video which will give you an introduction the component of the case what we actually doing each section of the meeting that we had everybody and then we'll go a little bit into the details of the things that you will have a little practical and birds and family as we switch the computer settings so you is on the job in a smile on there I him him I is in and out he made overvaluing Ilene and ninety eight the London and he is not a young man in her and he and he and he is he is he is he he he he he he he he he he he and he is he he he he he he he he he he he is in my and my eye and life and he and he and he is a you and him them him my new are not a you down to the only moment we are very a will as in an and twenty on you not the newly raised in a non- and in a you a you is that you get what you know you are raising all in he will and him and I and I you and you and I handed him another night in a will and you and I will be able to pay going on in my and I see how you blended in and my guy in Long Island New York linoleum and in how is your life was as an him from an event like that you learn to and feel he is known in the family library you and I and he and he he is and he is northern and a money on the link he and all he will one and he and he literally had he I mean numbingly nice I is is is an on him a thing or not on the hunt you down on a limited one one man is one and he is one that and I will and I and he on his is is who him him or that he had to not to chapter two as well and would just go through this story of how messy things that convinced me that they send back to another view I think you through the principles underlying why and how we had the number of people indicated that we have to think that we get them to Captain of the case file and I'm sure most of you are familiar with the story this is a story of the fall friend that worked there targeting and diseases and that on their site and it was to pull in the room in the house so they have to go through the roof event open to that story then there is the problem Great Britain Oregon just a couple of things I would highlight every good let me happen back to insanely many Magana together insomuch that there was no room to receive them know not so much as about the door and decrease the right computer and nature to him bringing one think of the policy which was born of all in our highlight there were many corporate and it was one remedy and will bring down one night you greens and she says how many people does it take for granted that we won't recommend a pavement seagoing vessels and when they could not come not in you can have in the roof when he was and when they had broken out they let him down the bank wearing the think of the poor delay I present myself but I imagine that if you were to remove the root aisle and carry someone who will not exceed any of that debris from Lincoln Caesar is not necessarily as simple it takes effect in one thousand twenty four brain that imprint will it take affect of incoming diseases that keep going back business so they he said and is seeking the policy that I find the beginning of how you bring from her diseases and how he brings diseases is very important that the testimonies and then you're witnessing the oath they wanted to write the answer is actually retold in lives if the contents of the chapter five is one more time or more point that when in the states of the chapter five twenty new chapter five twenty five in the end of the story actually invented and immediately he rose up before them and took up at where I'm anyway and departed to his own house glorifying God that is the team of our ministry the indeterminacy from me solely Christ medical glorifying God himself you bring failing to do this and I think their harmony if they block at me for more debt and it's the essence of income into Jesus just a very active you bring from it and even the way into accident during that time very important and is a testimony we want to make sure when that glorifying God in the book that you can hide highlight from this passage and it will how we base our principles of an will you think I would have an impact in visualizing and then basically one goal authenticated and retreated probably born in thinking them of God as a missionary see three drinks in the living water to cover the fountain of life they received their fecundity of a small group administering last year and it is depressing that you are inviting the water in now and gain all their favorite simple home assessment that we were felt to be wanting people to be that there will be one hour the goal we wanted groups rather to grow in natural gas and then maybe what attributes to be able to grow in number and multiply it by him will talk about that critical number and only used it to a friend of my thinking she says yeah actually came from as very still and agnostic family and my father actually was very opposed to hack getting to know the Bible and getting to know my bad incident was actually two different lifestyle changes that she is making her laugh CNN that as a kid I was way that seven or eight and my mom spent many days free I think Agamemnon was the Bible and about four minute later the parent amount exceeding said yet and Justin correctly earned and so she has since grown so much surgery she has become as such a powerful witness for God and is a leader bit of this method of this life is having other people so if we look to the middle lot near Phoenix he actually had both phases accounting great graces from China and she knew nothing about Christianity whatsoever before she actually studied within racism that had been chief you can leave whenever you going you will find she actually is assigning the high school friend Natalie and Natalie had found laissez as unwinnable as names arranging you were in high school was so excited that I hear on the environment there is pumping out Innotek underinflated negative leaders about with figuring and she studied the galling for many years she and Dolly went today and had the care of escaping and that meant the principle behind that for a living relationship since together with that name brand designer Cialis when Billy was effectively mentally dull even to the group about how this train and he believe that thinking to they continue to just work together perfectly because of that principality uncertainties used her friend Angeline the Bible as we know everything is clockwise to see evening five is my drought the front of the light in one way that you can't imagine how God got very practical level I think you need to look a little neglected and ten zero feed you somehow got the invite but these are some underlying print it send anyone a group of about eight to ten people may want to feel like a family we have one leader in one care and my brother will be talking a little bit more about who is the leader what do they do what do they need to be live and who can be a leader in quality and accountability to elite educated and complicated it's a little behavior kind of band from thy silly CCW way that the lead I wheeled to have a parent that is the leader and we have clung in this empty visiting and taking every meeting I care him promoted at Kagan and basically they look after or definitively that and actually comes in every morning before school and then pray and a report I haven't seen a figure greater than hearing a report about how ornamented going anything again in that state to pray for one another with one another and also to other people in attending things that could negatively think that's important not to neglect my family and community the officer are the principle of the pagan that you need to people needs and the Holy Spirit will revealed it to you it rained over at and because the what I mean if you look at our map of stages and are planning to different demographic so we had when the FSU anything started out we had to locate as we had a distinctly unit of FEC and figured that we had a younger figure and then as he grew we have a tiny negativity somewhere in and at one stage we had a life yet many people so it had a guinea pig about we had been thinking again and a well-founded current neocon is coming in town that they related added people that had liked my and they were able to especially getting to chat sometime and we'll talk a little bit about what I am able able to share about the same thing so for example he began adopting dedicated and they had a hot weekend where I was at an event easier for another year working professor and what they mean rather than the having said that it's very important to the example that you are then picking and recognizing me absolutely have to put people into the cages in which you think they belong one practical example might help him away so I recall no his one nine training meeting is using innominate for several months in the year grandmother would actually come to visit again at high noon in November we just got home and internal management I think there's anything with her daughter is not that she might be better suited to attend the training cases because you need anything and so we thought that might be the pitching and must enjoy it more like that earned that mom actually took so much joy out of looking out and that she just every Friday night she took them I still haven't seen people enjoying food and application initially be there just be sensitive to how I believe that from our producers I find it really gets even practical and what the model program meaning if you have it what recession they once a week on a Wednesday night and Friday night awakening I there was yesterday that three equally important though the fact that you want to share a meal together break down old thought and and it is arena kind used to mingle and get to know people 's feminist idea that they tried in our candidate to have been dealt me how if you see that you would want but wanting now and check and so they like to have fun in local goals of the African faith records is history because and a weaker agency anyway another thing that we tried without me having at hand if you may have seen on the net L update and so they decided one night to have that AE is been meaning to owning a propensity that indicate and I him only a month and they really are there was a lot of when you are when you're doing you and we are preparing an immunity went into using people to the house is shown that vegetarian food can think you and people I see the girls like to get involved in helping you to prepare the food and don't be afraid especially after you've gotten to know you seated in the Congo while if they are really and they offered help you to prepare for the big left-hander because I think that I think of belonging so often sometimes especially if you like to cook though think why he traveled there on Friday afternoon will prepare something altogether and it will be and usually to blame for this officer brings in three five is a good way of integrating and spending time with you sat in a wet nap saying when we sat away with the and using very simple we have a play group songbook and that you can look up on our unanswered website if you're interested in some of the variability in Fayetteville waiting for people to come in our example of the action looks silly I know but it breaks down all kinds of bags and it can be I predicted it will be a and then after that you go into any of the Foley do that I went over to the viable talk a little bit about what you do when you're feeling and what it actually when you're in your mealtime how do you talk honeymoon will end me by with your feet and is a very simple painful and being in Texas you may be able to remember all the good you have brought with them all and for family and friends occupation what occupy that I really didn't know what you I believe the Santa Fe belief and I saw a half-million if you share in the morning you I think that North radar preference for learning I don't want to glorify and wider fiber body and avoid Kristin out very simple very relevant to what you think might be applicable to any testimony that you share half incorporates freezing AE is your life the point is is how you came to know Jesus especially in the area and he is alive now I found one that is a fair money coming okay give the best time and I will have how do you find it and all one of the all you know I hated living in Canadian law before I knew about stated that it ate before I knew about it you I I thought religion was strange but I found that the best way for me to get to know the Bible in this group setting there was very friendly everyone very friendly and they didn't push the eleventh time to study the Bible at my own pace and now that you see now I love to study the Bible by myself and I'm going so I hope that you enjoyed it take it and know that you and everyone can go okay then a volunteer that would like to chat the first is a crime yet and I think January my understanding is that so how not and I believe that even if indicator and failure you can get to know me now Mason you can examine them know you'd lose your parents very friendly to you what I mean I think some people and they haven't yet figured I'd is all kinds won't make you one way that I use you in the brand-new and keep going pretend like nothing happened I will not tell you now and barely great while next week would be religion so if you have occupied me what is soon to be good to do our I like to do and you will you go to give her units soon just natural places him to trespassing upon the more lastly I had to do and I opened what is thinning out we had a nice beaches inefficiently on some of them to you like I do enjoy doing that I'm not very good very and will go maybe you think there is a host to join out some of those living only because the majority of the latest findings one hundred fields above rocks and stuff not that no dining area felt like I like that I love that there is nothing able to send the electric him and why you are waiting for pilot heading on some sodium and school use in the weekends you a good day I fill out my friend 's video to local places them local rivers and stuff like that okay so that he is a university close to the rigors of all you and I go to an I have my schools and hundreds with the immense and great outdoor area is full of the sinful while in place I love you what you I studied chemistry in or out I only like copywriters you thought I is the study organic chemistry and like that but I like to go in this is different Francis Xavier was messaging with him and you killed under him and him and well I how do I see you that building anything on these that you own with no friendly yet again is the link to the full one for going to be mastered something similar to the ongoing since you have taken a half and I can be found that like any of the new decay you you again and regret on my links are directly to F have you attended a long time love I was brought up in the eminent surgeon of a perfect fit well you know I think you'll really enjoy allocated as needed exactly like to accept a lot more I him and him and he alive alive alive we hadn't had to laugh a lot more pertinent is that you and that that love you again at any time and let me know if you have limited group of friends going to ask limited in Tennessee and everything we send anything and he I meant I will donate over diagonally even over them I haven't had a visit that new Philadelphia Annapolis area of the maintenance the little pride the name is amazing is that you get that way yet you accumulate over time and the fancy when not often and all you get is one that you know you like a big if like that in each instance presenting unintended seagoing lenses that are mentioned in an interview from your dental practice that has become a meet and mingle he defeated Babylon even if you found the allegation weekend knowing that even Wagner paint and so that people that Google print with a rethinking from of them were in the video already the fact that unit is sure this is the acronym from people and open the Bible even you need only scan them away straightaway twenty six any minute and a video explaining why main principle and if you are studying Daniel to maybe if you have any energy saving management and will be ready over several weeks that it can extract and one hundred and eighty one make sure that people had access to the Bible studies and indicated that I only bring that along and anyone of the grammar Bible I was will you do with a fitting monument or pylon everything we remain to be having use of curriculum that we use and based on the need for fast efficient and the age of active planning people have configured a long time and people have not the way to have a curriculum that needs anything that is undervalued off parable of the parable it we had Christianity one oh one which is things like you do any morning devotions recognizing me how do you pray what you need to have a greater why do you need to get together and have fellowship with honest I think we sometimes do how to study the Bible character studies on the light annual think we did Jesus really did hold everything and all that he is not doctrine is not meant to be in men's and teaching people how to develop relationships with one another eighty two four hundred developed relationships with God and then you cultivate spiritual interests to then going to one five with anything from adopting your share of time one easy way to get going to prepare a study is to have an observation will print the application that the ligament practice safe and if we can have a look at one of the heart anywhere to favorite parable of the lack of racial loud and long we went from even to the click okay though that's probably the last thing a young daughter three hundred fifteen fifteen okay I know what woman having the business owner if you want the young right-hander and leave the house in general first find Lindsay and she called my friend needed to get a thing which I think will I be if I had okay got confirmation that you can draw is just ugly these two glasses in my extract for example relate to remain involved in the story the origin of motivation okay anyway enjoy the principle and principle or something that you can I get used to summarize a group of operation that evening had that happened from that pain that now for example if we had the last observation is that the moving fertility if we don't invest nice immune system see that she called my friends and neighbors often so this will was very the negative observations I believe that diligently the second one is that she called her friend so that they can draw is that these women were very Corinthian shares in one of his that are neither two observations that we have connected anyone to move into an application and application is something that basically you will you join and then I found below using movable on the engine in fact in my daily life I'm from time to run struggling to get for example Q morning device for producing for this week will be to set on an island sequence hinges and wake up every day and the applications easily need to be specific need to be achievable I may need to be valid but to never get volunteers to send a observation for so I loosely into green observation from me to the weekend of the month without Dorothy height one observation in the two thousand fifteen eight nine we have to volunteer to let the staff than in that one malt maybe now to guide brave souls out there are not in brief nine students and found the cause of freedom in the name of the average was written from the law school when we discovered it sounded like one's life so the human information is extremely active principle is something that you can use upon different applicants I've learned that she called her friends together and reduce the SSO this week I will call about two of my friends randomly a makeshift and good news fantastic optimism is what Windows laments goodness it was left staring at the principle is that anything you that you had is well start the season of everything on spaces and fun because as you go through this study I think you at dining the whole chapter only the regarding Mark to like what we did it have a list of thank you very much and out on the Internet is the quality that I got if you have a home visit and observations from the story that action if any women in the media with what you want wine main lesson you have one bowl per minute order and observation with and after that you can help Vodafone applications based on what's relevant government and our birthdays he Teflon lined researchers carefully and so she finds that the any my life I feel like sometimes it viewers feel like you lost a day and within the next week if I feel like I'm often point out into the word and try to find something in it it helps me find my way okay so the observation is thinking this way the Clintons they are now in the landlocked sequence a underwater are the observation window will concentrated on the limits and the only what you are asking a lot deficiencies in your life should be a focus of rep Nathan the applications as they can he said the fairy is very applicable and very relevant and achievable that the state you want to pray and identify one area to live I thought reveals the one area of life you live unique growing and ninety one he can often be about the benefit of the brain icon revealed that one Thomas Clinton anything that you certificated study because they are not I'm thinking an estimated o'clock and it is not based on making sure that by the end of the day Galway nine nine the lost coin the study is based on knowing that when they take away it went it remains to help them build a better relationship with God along with the people are our where we did the last section on this on your playgroup is sharing time so be the keeper studies twenty to twenty minutes so that you have more and him sharing is when you ask earned you help in each of your feedback to access those applications for himself by hanging and you'll see how he has grown more threatening than minimal Integra thirty three and more and more relevant and fifty feet application for going to be anything any samples that administratively different in Matthew is complicated by the fact that I am entitling me when you get them if they're going to probably say after adding their and ninety nine vanadium on your mind might have a very simple and generic application something like all cases a friend brought that printed sheet so I want to see God in my life eating out in the article train of thought and it's irrelevant application someone had been never few months baby Bible studies on why they are more comfortable with you my faith as well the rental and that they had abandoned and they needed to be into Jesus I want to learn how to carry my bag into Jesus when I want to eat but it's not the number twenty five the time to be a problem someone with a generic application that is an growing more efficiently and you need to monitor the level of level of application I guess when you share it especially when you go running the sample might shed something like this even though I have heard the story so many times I realized I have not been a friend to my Arab friends like those four friends so this week my application I want in my mind and I know I have neglected to encourage him one eighty three family back in the line of new thinking on it you know how it using I will adhesive and said no relations with one another and build relationships with my okay what long lines is leaking current volunteer to share an application from the story is different than mine who is an application could be when looking at most coin we can find ourselves perhaps even being lost within the save church hung God hundreds of being in the room is okay the application hybridizes to find out in my even on the church and I actually found Jesus okay so you want to pray about this week and I have like Lord my really in your arms even though I do all the things do not go to church goodbye was that even like my authority that am I actually in your arms of mercy found by you or my juice in the house of fantastic you see how it if someone sets up and I love is excellent with something that can't maybe able to be quantified a little bit more if you are comfortable with them and they actively getting to be crazy encourage them to become more and more efficiently grow and they all think of you want to be adding a devotion to call you up and expanding in the morning that they could find out coming up so that you make and I will and reason have application for the hot sharing time saying is we shaft how I'll reconvene and if there is anything to pray for now using the article increase in prayer and so in our grand in our protection one of the paragraph evaluate needlepoint frame for the missing bit the application people and names and then after that we transition into just asking them to share crazy and prayer that we so find it and that independent-minded offense the management incentive to get vacant and uses an indented shape bathhouse to facilitate sharing time so we decided to study and then we sat down in a circle we used a breakout hit about your faith in people make more readable they get more painting and painting in my belief that antithetical with all shared a application of the current iPhone application for the info of illegally sharing a family from out from objects and mountain goat even absolutely confused as a safe at the end is finally done the study will be displayed in praise and prayer time before we pray you but this is the last components of nuclear fusion and smoothies we generally become into groups of threes and fours and fill a cat in your paper three and four and I just told you my application but we and not very talkative so how do you encourage me to consider Gray's son thanks so much for sharing this great day to join us today okay house you read this passkey and old people and tell me again how to hear back character on so I called it can't nearly three hundred and eighty nine hundred and ninety that it can't hear I see of a very long before I gave up on so that you could join us some braces anything that's enough you this week that we could pray for you not really I had found it then you go out I'm pretty tired of sure and dumb luck would degree are you doing dentistry Re: first-year second-year scientist about settling for a single scratch you are my ideas and yet but only the halfway point is there anything from the lessons the nested up to her I mentioned my application link that I I wanted to frame on it we know I get that was when I learned feature article led by the recent events are not fantastic using cellular and wonderful people and I think you because they are hard to him and every thing back I went ahead and the easy anything easy-going feeling me uncomfortable to have one of friendly base how would you be in anything I can pray for and usually is a consultative effect on second I think I was in the band 's assignment and what they'll ask you to pray for my event him play is that they get more and more comfortably view Italy only pray for health and happiness and handling no end in facing send a difficult friend I record my project and immune event in regard and twenty that went slowly and slowly grow and your teaching them how to depend on God is okay so your primary feelings and keep in mind whenever you talking about taking the one keeping agents and people you one nation and the family is meaning to it into many people to view people it's really hot and interact with one another on the family if you had twenty five people that you need to cook for a clean floor holds every Friday night Japan is sharing the panda study from recovering and get forming affinity and it's hard to talk to everyone and everything high for the ninth of you have that whole family and running the government enact and multiply you can do when you go out and it's a good problem to have my bio become a little bit more about that but secretive people get a little bit separation anxiety when you are I think you know I did like all white with that women in together and definitely enough for the second all all coming to see no combine I want the sentence that anymore the fighting I only see them about it now people get a little bit anxious about me trying to transition that multiplication by having you were combined taking the potential event like we had a mean a thing the Wii on the extent of my Christmas combined take it where you get it in the open and then after that I really modify any of the people a few make the effort and I went outside of fingerprinting consolidate I think it that they will find a sense of belonging and identity within your home with anyone and everyone are the afternoon I began counting a number I have felt and they will be available on able identify with that you can donate their motivation and got the absolute size it's always a good idea to keep in mind the number of minutes he had an impressive number of people you know they are not meant to be member will be out if you don't have anything extending the ignorant placement on Friday night be that but the evangelistic lobbies and healthy smooth I think I have too many teeth as you than his strength to manifest anything you think the needs are that critical balance the needs with a closely with law chats I would have to initiate leader such as the Carolina that standards are meant to be found people want to earn multiple to be able to spend time together so like other guy you if you all and I had trip they can integrate and test may be swimming together or something like that you hold an event with people I agree with the following training and might even become the tour and he only now Lehigh for a refund moving from doing anything the minute you can do more and him him him him him him him or see him supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by Young Bible -based price-sensitive Christians the downloadable budgets and resources visit us online and CYC when the locking


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